Here’s Where You Absolutely Don’t Want to Be “When It All Turns Ugly”

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    Map Shows Us Where We Don’t Want To Be When It All Turns Ugly h/t All News Pipeline

    OK, this is actually pretty obvious – but it is worth pointing out that the “archipelago” of islands across the vast expanse of the United States that carried the vote for Hillary Clinton during the election – also happens to be a ring of the liberal cities that:

    a) have exploded with crime, riots and unrest

    b) have provided sanctuary for millions of illegal immigrants that have destabilized the country

    c) are going bankrupt and will be unable to fulfill pension obligations, or pay their share of social security, welfare, etc.

    d) have been foremost in advocating gun control, and ensuring that only criminals and police have guns, while 2nd Amendment arm-bearing citizen have flocked to the rural areas where their rights are not generally restricted

    e) will be the first places to be become unstable during any major crisis – as soon as grocery store shelves go empty. Martial law will be the only way to maintain stability, and that will come at a further price to liberty.

    f) will be the first place to line up for FEMA camps and beg for food, shelter and rations, again, at a further price to liberty

    Of course, there are many more items that could be added to the list, but it gets tedious, and I think everyone gets the point.

    Liberal havens have become largely clueless about the real world about them, and have turned a blind eye to the destabilizing forces that are compounding upon them.

    IF/WHEN the SHTF, these will be the absolute last places you’d want to be caught dead.

    IF you were clueless enough to believe Hillary’s lies and endorse the collapsing establishment line, then there’s a very good chance that you’ll have no idea what to do when the system breaks down. You will either help fuel or be caught up in chaos, violence and desperation – don’t let that be you.

    As All News Pipeline reported:

    Getting as far away from the large population hubs in America as possible should be looked at as ‘survival rule #1’ as ‘population density’ is one of the most important survival criteria. And with America’s large cities overwhelmingly voting for Hillary Clinton and ‘snowflake’ after ‘cupcake’ having nervous breakdowns recently, finding a place out in the mountains or the country should be a priority for anyone still stuck in the cities or large suburbs. Should chaos strike, would you rather ‘already be where you’re going’ or stuck with 100,000 or more ‘cupcakes’ trying to ‘get away’ from the madness?

    And as SHTF noted last week:

    Places like Baltimore, Detroit, Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia and other cities across the map are still deeply divided often police and race issues. Many have seen serious riots, looting and unrest. These social wedge issues are still being pushed from moneyed political interests, while political divide after the direction of the country has become sharp.

    Dallas, Texas just suspended pension payments for some of its civil servants, a sign that financial insolvency could create an epidemic during the next crisis. Several states, like California, have over promised benefits to state employees in the pension programs, without ever planning to pay for them. If people lose it, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the whole of the surrounding areas could simply erupt. Similar problems have left Detroit, Michigan and Puerto Rico, the commonwealth island, extremely vulnerable to bankruptcy and economic apocalypse that could contaminate the nation and global within hours.

    If a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, hits the East or Gulf Coast, tens of millions of people could be caught up in traffic, locked in cities without food, and desperate to cling to order and survive. Likewise, if a major earthquake hit the West Coast, millions could be displaced and left without many options. That’s when things turn ugly.

    When these cities break down, you’re going to want to be far away from them, and far from the path of millions exiting them and looking for food, resources… and anything they can take.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays… and stay out of harm’s way, whether it be in these disaster zone cities, or any other known risk potential.

    Stay prepped, and stay focused on what may prove to be a difficult time ahead.

    Read more:

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    “Desperate”: City of 8 Million May Run out of Water This Month

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    25 Cities On the Brink of Disaster: “Don’t Be Here When Things Get Violent, Unsafe and Fragile”


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      1. I’m out of those areas but the masses will be going away from the hot spots looking for food and shelter. Arm up…keep them moving!

        • In the hood. Near military bases or police headquarters. Cities. Interstate highways. Etc. If you are any of those nice places have your battle rifle. armor and ammo with you.

          • Menzo, unfortunately I’m in one of those cities but I can be at the BOL in only a few hours. Most of my supplies are already there. The libturd scum don’t want to tangle with me or my family. They’ll get their clocks cleaned THOROUGHLY.

            • I have no doubt you’ll make it brother. I avoid the interstate highways due to the way they are set up. Most places we are trapped by steel or concrete barriers. No figgin good in my book.

              • Menzoberranzan – Sorry to digress from the topic but I love the handle name. I’m an RA Salvatore nerd as well.

            • Why do you constantly drone on about your BOL in almost every post? Just curious

              • Demonic, – The facts are, D-BH doesn’t even have his own BOL. He squats on his cousin backyard property in N GA, in his 2000 Odyssey soccer mom wagon with new motor mounts. He stores his fish crackers in the shed behind the house. He just likes to bloviate, and puff his chest up, like he’s somebody. Another delusional end of the world prepper riding the edge.

                One article he told everybody more than 10 times he was going to his BOL in Oct. Which came and went, when Oct passed. He still lives in TN, but now all his preps are in GA at Good Ol’ Cuz’s BOL place. Malfunction by delusion. Hey, if it makes himself feel good to brag about stuff he doesn’t have, just laugh it off. He’s pushing 60,,… you know getting crazy old man syndrome. Ask him if he carries a weapon for his security job/ aka: Walmart door greeter.

                That last guy on her bragging about some invented BOL he had, fell over with a heart attack from garlic toothpick he fell on, a week before the election. lol

                Bigger than life BS eventually gets called out on here. Some deserve it. BTW/ every thing I said above came from his lips and clicks. I am not sure if he is a Walmart greeter or a door knob shaker security night watchman. Still wondering if he carries a gun. I think NOT thankfully.

                • Zeus/WWTI, weil, I’ll give you credit for giving it a rest as long as you did. At least I’m still stacking and keeping all my options open. I’m not about to become complacent just because Trump won. We are not out of the woods by a long shot and may not be for years to come. I still have some reservations about him but I’m withholding my final judgment on him for a long time to come. I’m still willing to give him a chance to turn things around. We all know what would’ve happened if the hildebeast had won. It would’ve been like sandy hook all over again making runs on the gun dealers, etc. In fact, two of the handguns that were stolen from me last year I bought in that rush right after sandy hook. I’m still expecting the globalist to try something serious. We all know they won’t give up without a fight. I believe Jan. 20th will be a very dark and bloody day in DC. IF Trump is ousted, it will be GAME ON. You can still believe what you want. I don’t care. I know who my real enemies are. I’ll even wish you Merry Christmas, asshole.

                    • Zeus, had that been a WHITE woman it would’ve been OK. I DON’T care for any BLACKs singers, PERIOD.

                    • She’s wonderful mate, coming from a non sexist,non racist kiwi from down under. Very appropriate Christmas song n l hv the CD.

                    • We peppers like buffing our helmets to pics like this.

                  • but at least you DO have a plan, don’t you, braveheart….i AM sorry that wwti/zoos has chosen YOU as the next person to die from a stress-related death, like when he “killed” eppe(god bless you, eppe, and your family)…it sound like he’s latched onto YOU now. my advice to you is to just respond with “troll”, and never give him the time of day. when eppe called me towards the last, he was very tormented by wwti, and i tried to tell him he’s a tiny little person, who’s opinion shouldn’t matter to anyone, but i suppose eppe was just looking for “acceptance ” by EVERYONE. wwti’s posts just show what a mean-spirited person he is, and he should be ostracized. the simple fact that he showed no remorse when eppe died is proof enough for me what an evil jackass he is. and now it’s your turn. don’t fall for him baiting you like eppe did.

                    • BCOD, hope you had a good xmas. Mine was ok. You’re right about Zeus/WWTI. I need to just ignore the bastard. I did think about Eppe earlier. It really sucks not having him and his humor around anymore. On Eppe’s heart attack, that could have happened even without Zeus being around so nobody can ever prove Zeus was the cause of it. Yes I have a plan and I’m going back shortly before Jan. 20. Had Hillary won, I would’ve still been at the BOL and written off my home. That was my plan if she had won. I’ve decided on the same plan if Trump is overthrown, etc. It’s interesting that WWTI chose Zeus as his new moniker. He’s always claiming there’s no God but he chooses the name of a God in Greek mythology as his new moniker. Go figure. Take care.

                    • God bless what you just said.

                    • It really is sad that some of you assholes like zeus and dmonoc who have changed their names so many time it’s hard to remember all the names they have gone by. They have taken over this board and Mac has let them by not re-instituting the thumbs up / down buttons. Oh well, it was great for the years it lasted. BTW, Merry Christmas to all of you but a few idiots.


                • well said Zeus
                  of course now you will be ” just another troll ”

                  Bh is just another wanna be but what he wants to be is up for debate
                  he talks and talks and talks and never really says anything of use BUT he still keeps talking

                  ask him how he got robbed
                  i can tell you he practically gave the robbers his stuff due to his talking.

                  bet you it was a neighbor or some one who followed him home one day after his BS mouth got the best of him

                  he reminds me of a story i heard a long time ago about a drive way and a moped
                  the moped was parked on the drive way of its owners friend and after sitting there for about an hr the moped said to the drive way ” Gee i sure hope my weight is not too much for you ” and the drive way said until you said something i never even noticed

                  That’s BH has to make sure some one notices him all the time .

                  he cant stop talking about his ventilation team and how he is going to clean some ones clock or make them eat hot lead or any of the other big talk BS he pours out of his mouth.

                  and have you noticed how quick he has jumped on the anti Juden bandwagon ?

                  must have some deep seated issues with his mommy or daddy that he never worked through

                  you have to wonder about some one who takes the screen name of two of Mel Gibson’s shit movies
                  but what do you expect from a half crazy actor who is into child porn and women abuse. not too mention dressing like a clown

                  Zeus isn’t he a mall cop in Memphis ??

                  well i guess back to being a troll

                  skittle shittin unicorn

                  • Funny, SS Unicorn, You been here long enough to see the Repeating Parrot yak and yak about his BOL, aka: Cuz’s back yard shed on her property.

                    I recall BH calling his guns being robbed, as he called it a “HOME INVASION.” How do you lose our guns in a home invasion?? A home invasion is when you are home and your house in broken into. Most people shoot the perps with their guns.

                    So all I can figure is BH must have got skeered and just handed his guns over to the perps. All I can figure in a Home Invasion. A burglary is when you are not home and have your guns stolen. But he claims he has a gun safe, so why didn’t he use it? Its all blown OPSEC.

                    Well maybe a shopping mall Wackenhut kind of rent a cop? Still be he isn’t allowed to carry a gun while on duty. And if he talks like he does here, threatening people in the mall he’s going to waste them and ventilate them, he will be looking at lawsuits. He’ll have to bug out to his BOL before they try to serve him warrants.

                • WWTI: You’re such a limp penis

              • DMONIC..The guy is a dreamer.

                • Tacoma, I thought you lost interest in me. Just because I ‘m in a good mood, I’ll wish you Merry Christmas for a change.

                  • Christmas is pagan but thanks

                    • lol

                    • How is anything in this article new or any thing news worthy or any kind of useful info that has not already been discussed years ago ad infinitum ?

                    • YES, Christmas is “pagan”. It’s fake, commercial, worldly, traditional.
                      This holiday was unknown when “JESUS” was born. He’s NOT the reason for the season and many people are finally awakening to that truth. When we know the truth, the truth will set us free.
                      At least you know, when is better than most of the people here b/c they continue to wish everybody a “merry Christmas”, but JESUS was born at the fall feast of the LORD which was towards the last week of September. I shall only wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all…

              • DMONIC, what’s your gripe?

          • Only NOW will they admit…

            Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Were Part-Time

            “We find that 94% of net job growth in the past decade was in the alternative work category,” said Obama’s former top White House economist Alan Krueger.

            In other words, nearly all of the 10 million jobs created between 2005 and 2015 were not traditional nine-to-five employment, but low-paying temp, on-call, contract workers, independent contractors or freelancers.”

            ht tp://

        • Parts of the northeast and the west would be just fine in SHTF despite their liberal leanings because the population is 99% white.

          • Eisenkreutz

            “Parts of the northeast and the west would be just fine in SHTF despite their liberal leanings because the population is 99% white.”

            I was born and raised in NJ and then lived in northern Delaware until a few years ago and pretty much had the same thought that is in your statement above. I then moved to SW Florida and got an awakening regarding the capacity of white trash to vie for scumbag status. Don’t underestimate the tattooed dopers male and female capacity for robbery and murder.

          • Yeah…until you meet the moron snowflakes suffering from “white guilt” inhabbiting PSU and most of portland for that matter. They wouldn’t know a chard stalk from a rhubarb one, and the conservative white part of the state would be better off if they consummed the latter.

          • Laughing my fing azz off. You are so delusional. But that’s great. Keep that mindset. When the (white) people come for you, you’ll never see it coming. Just like a lot of other people on these threads.

            Kevein2: It’s not just the poor white trash that you need to worry about. The next door neighbor who can no longer feed his hungry family will turn on you.

            • I live in a 99% white area now, not an ounce safer. Maybe less so, because white folks are very full of themselves, they are not supposed to suffer. This batch is well off enough to buy everything in sight, I hope they are stocking up. Our local store is not replacing stuff well, a lot of gaps on the shelves, even after they reset last year and widened the aisles. I am keeping as low profile as possible on my property, and I like my indoor garden so much, I am expanding it to a second bedroom. I will expand my raised beds outside too, and well as increase what is in my food forest.
              Move away from cities, in a crisis is too late.

          • Don’t fool yourself. Whites get thirsty and hungry too and will take yours by force in a heartbeat even if they aren’t criminals. I will voluntarily share [some] of mine depending on what they have to barter but trying to take mine by force will surely result in the thieves deaths. I took the time and spent the money required to prep and there’s NO reason why everyone else can’t do the same unless they spend their money foolishly on ‘wants’ instead of on ‘needs’. I always tell people that Ferraris and boats
            are nice but they taste like hell.










          • Lots of good point Eisenkraut, ha. Get out all your gear and lay it out, Re-pack your BOB, and put your BOB on your back, and walk around outside your house perimeter 15 times just for kicks, carry your battle rifle and 400 rounds also. That’s a Quarter mile, now times that by 40 times, for a 10 mile hike. Can you do this distance in a few hours? Or a few days, Weeks? How do your hiking boots hold up? The heavier your pack and rocky uneven terrain, you better have taller laced up boots above the ankle half way up to your calf for ankle support. Uh broken ankle 10 miles out. Good Luck crawling home dragging your 75 Lb BOB. Try some walking trekking sticks. That helps keep your balance, and helps crossing creeks much easier as well.

            Think now where you live in the city, could you hike with your BOB on your back 10 miles out of the city just to get to a highway?? Considering an EMP just happened, and no cars or transportation are working. You will quickly consider a bike and a bike trailer for your 75Lb BOB. You can bike 10 to 12 mph on a bike.

            Think about weight, a Foldable Army Shovel? 3 heavy Lbs.

            Get a scale and weigh your gear. You will pay more for lighter gear. That’s how it works.

            I’m already at my Bug Out Location Homestead. And I wonder what I’m going to do with my BOB Gear. I need to go through it again, and consider what are the essentials bugging out from here for some reason. I think I will pack a BOB for a kayak escape via water way to some more remote area and set up shop. My “ALL Season Camo Hammock” set up will be great off the ground, warm and dry even in the swamps. I have a few other mesh hammocks I can hang under the sleeping hammock to keep all my gear high and dry off the ground and from insects.

            When stealth camping you don’t want to be cutting down hundred of saplings, it will just tell others, you are in the area. I would rather set up a hammock from tree to tree, and take it down leaving little to no trace of footprint or existence of any camp site, and that makes tracking someone like me a lot harder. I think the entire Hammock set up is like 4 Lbs total for a fully enclosed shelter high and dry. Watch out for deadfalls above when you set up the hammock.

            Respect nature and don’t destroy a hundred trees for the fun of it to build some temp shelter. Stupid idea. I can set up a hammock in 20 mins, and take down in about 5 minutes leaving no trace of a campsite. I think I spent like $450 for the Woodlands Camo Hammock. Look up The Four Seasons “Clark Jungle Hammock” ht tp://

            • RE: The 4 Seasons, Clark Jungle Hammock, Also get the Camo Rain fly and sturdy tree straps, and buy a few strong carabineers to last it to the trees. I have over $500 into my hammock set up with the accessories. Weight 3 Lbs, with the fly and tent stakes for the fly, is like 4 Lbs total. And can handle a fat ass up to 700 Lbs. 300 ideally max.


              Type: Solo
              Climate: 4-season
              Packing Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz / 1.34 kg
              Packing Size: 16 X 8 X 6 in. / 40 X 20 X 15 cm
              Safety/Comfort Weight Limit: 300 lbs / 136 kg
              Maximum Weight Limit: 700 lbs / 318 kg
              • Standard WeatherShield adds warmth while flexible poles offer spacious interior
              • Get interior access to insulating storage pockets

          • Eisenkreutz – I am right with ya! I can see some value to setting up bug out locations with extra gear, but on the move you better have a light pack and a cold camp – unless you want visitors.

          • Thankfully, I CAN learn to use the f-word from reading posts like this. And your points are already self-evident to everyone

        • Your next UN Head, Irina Bokova?

          Bokova was in the leadership of Communist Bulgaria, which, according to Statistics of Democide and Mass Murder since 1900, by Prof. Emeritus R.J. Rummel, Univ. of Hawaii, racked up a body count of 222,000, which is particularly impressive, since the population was just 7 mm. Of course, we aren’t counting those “just” tortured and persecuted.

          Bokova eventually became acting foreign minister for communist Bulgaria, and, according to recently declassified documents, was an agent for the savage Bulgarian branch of the KGB. The renamed commies are still in power today, and Bokova has never renounced her communist past, BTW. In fact, in 2015 at a UN “education” summit, she announced her indoctrination goal for children: “We have the collective duty to empower every child and youth with the right foundations – knowledge, values and skills – to shape the future as responsible global citizens.” Marx, Lenin and Obama would be proud, as of course these “values” will be communist “values” (in fact, as Dostoyevski wrote over a century ago, “If there is no God, everything is permissible” (i.e., there are no absolute values, ever, by definition – which is a recipe for yet another 100 million to be murdered, as Courtois, et al, note in The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press.

          In fact, the opposition Bulgarian media outlet (hey, at least they HAVE opposition media there – not like the US, with its co-opted, leftist Hilary shilling leftist lamestream media) said about the ascendancy of Bokova and her team that it is “…full of Chekists – the faithful guardians of the totalitarian communist regime in Bulgaria.”
          Oh yeah. Like all the other Learjet leftist hypocrites – such as Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and her zillion dollar vacations, leftist George Clooney (google “George Clooney mansions” for a real hoot), John “mega-yacht” Kerry with his five mansions (last I looked), Mikey Moore with his NY penthouse and massive mansion in MI, ad nauseam, Bokova, who as of Sept. 2016 was head of the UN’s UNESCO, this “woman of the people” – has a number of luxury properties (among other things), including a Manhattan apartment worth over $3 million, and own properties in London and Paris, worth over $1 million each, according to Bulgarian watchdog Bivol. Funny how she obtained all this as a “servant of the people” on a public servant’s salary. Kinda reminds one of fellow commie rich-nik former UN Under-Secretary General Maurice Strong, who recently went to his reward – or lack thereof – despite a net worth of over $100 million.

          Summarized from the Schwarz Report, Sept. 2016. Dr. Schwarz, MD, was, for all you Jew baiters out there, the founder of The Christian Anti-Communist Crusade (yes, he became a Christian). Similar to Christian Jew conservative Marvin Olasky, or others such as Ben Shapiro of Breitbart, David Horowitz (former “red diaper baby”, Jonah Goldberg, Michael Medved, etc. The issue of Jewish banksters is a valid concern, but a lot of you are too reductionistic in your analysist. To cite just one example, was Hank Paulson Jewish? (Answer: No, he is Christian Scientist, which of course is not even remotely Christian, or scientific, but that’s another story).

          • Test, Bulgaria was also the most loyal Warsaw Pact nation to the Kremlin during the Soviet era. I didn’t know Maurice Strong had died. That’s one piece of good news. Now he’s burning in hell with Fidel and the others.

        • I_am_screwed.
          But, no children here, so I will serve as a speed bump for you guys.
          May God Bless and Protect you all.

        • OFF GRID LIVING, I have my VERY Secluded Totally off Grid and Self contained 18 + acres in Montana for sale it’s in the Big Belt Mountains, Lots of Trees. 45 Mi S. of Great Falls & 50 Mi. N. of Helena. the area is very private with a yr round flowing spring, Lots of Timber. the Mountains are Very Solid Iron Rock that doesn’t move at all. there is a lot of wildlife, Deer, Elk, Bear, Grouse, small fish in the creek running next to the property, The Missouri River is within 3 miles & the Dearborn river is 2 miles away or less. the Real Log Cabin is 20 x 20 with a 10 x 20 Loft. made with 6″ – D – Logs, Solar power & 4000W Back up gas generator, 2- 1500 gal fresh water storage tanks outside, 1 – 100 gal inside. gas powered pump to transfer the water from the spring to the holding tanks. 1 bedroom, one Bathroom with shower and compost toilet, kitchen has sink propane stove, Propane Refrigerator, Propane on demand hot water, Heat source is Wood stove with 30,000 btu Propane wall heater. also a large outhouse, 8 x 12 summer guest cabin, heated 12 x 16 workshop, 8 x 8 storage shed 13 x 16 storage building with heat. Small garden spot close to the cabin, very good Cell phone service with Internet from the cabin, 8 miles to US highway 15 and 20 miles to Cascade, MT, Pop about 700, for groceries, fuel and ??? If anyone is interested reach me at [email protected]

        • Keep me moving? You ARE my survival plan and I will surprise you dead. That is right, you will never know I am there until the bullet rips through your body and two more follow through your brain and heart and I take over your survival shelter and food.I will survive at any price and eat your meat if I have to.

      2. Leftist “fact checker” Snopes CEO’s wife accuses him of embezzlement

        Just another in the long line of Learjet leftists and their preoccupation (since God doesn’t exist in their calculus) with power, money and illicit sex.

        The CEO of, the fact-checking website that was recently named as one of Facebook’s “fake news” arbiters, has been accused in divorce proceedings of appropriating company funds which he allegedly spent on expensive holidays and prostitutes.It was announced last week that Snopes would be helping Facebook to determine and label “fake news” with the help of ABC News and Politifact. The Daily Mail reports that the CEO of Snopes, David Mikkelson, is currently embroiled in a vicious legal battle with his former wife and Snopes co-founder Barbara Mikkelson. The couple divorced sometime around 2014, but legal proceedings have continued between the couple.

        Barbara has claimed that her former husband embezzled money from the company. Court documents obtained by the Daily Mail state that Barbara accused David of “raiding the corporate business Bardav bank account for his personal use and attorney fees.” Barbara also claims that David embezzled $98,000 over four years, which “he expended upon himself and the prostitutes he hired.” Barbara claims that David spent $10,000 from their business accounts between April and June of 2016 to fund an expensive 24-day holiday for him and his “girlfriend”…

        Cited from Breitbart at




          UN Security Council to vote against Israel

          Posted By: News Deskon: December 22, 2016
          The United Nations Security Council is due to vote today on a draft resolution demanding Israel to immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.

          Israeli PM Netanyahu refuses to meet Palestinian leader

          The resolution has been moved by Egypt.



          • Zeus

            Story up on Drudge. Obama did not veto. Obama is going to do the best he can to screw things up.

            • Ahhh.. Thanks anon. The report I got off the radio said it was a 10-0 vote, Here is a better description from Drudge. Out of the 15 member UN council, 14 voted in favor to stop Israel, and US/Obama team abstained from Voting or casting a Veto, which would have stopped it. After the Vote the UN council erupted in cheers.. So yes Obama said F-U to Netanyahu. Bravo Obama. And since Obama is a lame duck and has lifetime Secret Service Protection he played his Best Card for last with no repercussions.
              Obama and Netanyahu both hate each other.

              The Drudge article and link to full article: ht tp://

              Team Obama Lets U.N. Condemn Israel for Settlements

              Republicans and Democrats alike excoriated the Obama administration for allowing the Security Council measure to pass.

              In a stinging rebuke to Israel, the United States abstained from a United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution that demands a halt to Israeli settlements, allowing the measure to pass despite vigorous bipartisan opposition at home.

              In advance of the vote, Democratic and Republican lawmakers called on the Obama administration to block the measure, saying it would harm peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. The Obama administration, meanwhile, contends that Israel’s settlements have imperiled the peace process, and that a two-state solution cannot exist while settlement activity increases. ***I AGREE WITH OBMA ON THIS.

              Speaking immediately after the vote, Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., singled out Netanyahu and his allies for their continued support of settlements.

              “One cannot simultaneously champion expanding Israeli settlements and champion a viable two-state solution that would end the conflict,” Power said. “One has to make a choice between settlements and separation.”

              Of the 15 member states, 14 voted in favor of the measure. As one of the five permanent member states on the Security Council, the U.S. has veto power over any resolution. It decided instead to abstain, prompting rousing applause inside the chamber but vehement criticism from Capitol Hill and the incoming administration.

              As drafted, the resolution condemns Israel’s settlements as a “flagrant violation of international law” and as having “no legal validity.” Israel has long maintained that its settlements, particularly those in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, are legitimate and legal.

              President-elect Donald Trump had intervened in the process earlier in the week, speaking on the phone with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in an appeal to delay the vote that was originally scheduled for Thursday. Trump was successful, but the same resolution was put up for a vote by four OTHER separate nations—Malaysia, New Zealand, Venezuela and Senegal. After the vote, Netanyahu asked his ambassadors in New Zealand and Senegal to return to Israel. ***YOU SEE NETANYAHU IS A CRYBABY PICKING UP ALL HIS MARBLES AND GOING HOME. LOL

              Trump also personally offered his support to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose government vehemently opposed the resolution. The president-elect tweeted in response to the vote: “As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th”—the day Trump officially takes office.

              *** THIS IS WHERE I DISAGREE WITH TRUMP. The only way for peace is to start taking away Israel’s killing threat tools. Like the $38 Billion Free Welfare check from American Tax Payers. How about fix the water problem in flint Michigan first? And every time Israel says no to peace, we take a way another set of Nukes and aircraft from them. And I would make Israel pay the US money, for our military protecting them. Israel will run to the peace table like little beggar pussies when they see their guns being taken from them. Need to step on the throats of the occupiers and shrink them down to size. Where all they have left is rock throwing. They will learn to get along. Its gonna come down to Israel against the entire world. Russia, Syria and Iran get this. Wipe the crap off the map and 75% of the chaos and conflicts in the world stop in an instant. We can then put our resources towards world peace, and making the world a better place for humans and respecting other people cultures. Right now we have a pack of rabid psychopaths running the show.

              The shills we have like Graham, Mccain, and kick the AIPAC the hell out of the country. As its all strong arm bullying of American Politicians. Trump better get his shit together. Or he will look like a dope.

              Trump says this from the article:
              Trump also personally offered his support to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose government vehemently opposed the resolution. The president-elect tweeted in response to the vote: “As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th”—the day Trump officially takes office.

              Is Trump just posturing and playing chess? Keep your enemies really close, so you can decapitate them in an instant? We’ll see. Right now America is vulnerable for attacks from within, since we have a house full of occupiers. When Trump takes office he needs to clean the deck of the ship and that may take a year, then he can go to battle. So I think Trump is just playing his cards safe for now. I surely hope he is.

          • The US abstained. Guess where Obama was? On the golf course in Hawaii. He waited till after the election was over. All the Jewish democrats are pissed!

            • All the Jewish democrats got what they voted for. Progressivism (communism) they thought they had a leash on… funny the POS they helped emplaced ended up buting the hand holding the now dropped leash. Never raise an animal you cant control. Europe is finding that out with their imported rabid islamic animals, nObama is of the same contaminated muzzie blood. Thier frankenstien has turned on them. Too bad. Couldnt happen to a nicer group of neocon trash.

      3. If you have the time, here is what the left really think about blacks. – 4:23 min .

        You will recall, of course, that the last member of Congress to actually be a member of the KKK was DEMOCRAT Sen. Robert Byrd of W. Virginia, and that Frederick Douglass (no, leftists have ZERO idea who he was, and his significance in American history) said: “ I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.”

        Is this unique? Hardly. Consider these quotes by major leftists:

        “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.”
        Liberal USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux on Clarence Thomas

        “Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print on the phony insurance policies.”
        Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame

        Then there is this classic leftist racist statement. In Oct. 2015, Univ. of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler stated that as brain surgeon Ben Carson believes in the 1st Amendment as it applied even to Confederate flags, Butler wants Carson awarded a “Coon of the year” award. (Coon is an insulting term for a black person) See Probably not as bade as the H8TE filled racist headline form GQ in 2015, which ran a piece with the headline, “F**k Ben Carson” (except it didn’t use any asterisks in the first word).

        Wallace, Malveaux, Totenberg quotes above from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

        Then there is:

        “[Clarence Thomas] is a clown in black face sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry.” —Star Trek actor George Takei
        Garry Trudeau, he of dated, boring Dunesbury (wonder if he’s still wearing platform shoes and into disco?), caricatured Condi Rice when she served under Bush and put a label under her calling her “Brown Sugar.” Nice touch there, Garry. All you need now is a white robe with one of those pointy little hoods.

        Lib racist Pat Oliphant incredibly pictured Rice as a big-lipped parrot in one of his “cartoon” (yes, everyone finds racism “real” funny, Pat).

        But, as they say in the commercials: Wait, there’s more… Jeff Danziger has shown Rice as the servant in Gone with the Wind (frankly Jeff, to paraphrase Clark Gable – and as shown in the last few elections – no one gives a damn about anything you liberals have to say)

        Ted Rall referred to Condi as the president’s ‘House N-word’… however, Jesse Jackson has, insofar as I know, not had– for the first time ever that I can remember – any protest to lodge over this.

        Finally, one upping the former DEMOCRAT Gov. of Alabama, George Wallace, John Sylvester, in P.C. Madison, called Condi an “Aunt Jemima.”

        Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said last year that the Supreme Court’s lone black member was “an embarrassment to the court.”
        Left wing Democrat Ted Kennedy’s brother, former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, ordered the illegal wiretapping of Martin Luther King

        Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean suggested a few years ago that most blacks hold menial jobs in a speech

        Great stuff, isn’t it? No wonder African-American are abandoned Hilary and the dodo bird libs en masse last month.

        • Don’t forget LBJ, when he signed the welfare acts of 1965 : “We’ll have those n—–rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

      4. Some of you might be interested in this email (or using it as a template for one of your own) I sent to my state rep, in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, if you are STUCK in one of these leftist hell-holes and can’t get out for personal reasons, as I am. To IL. state rep. Stephanie Kifowit (Dem.)

        Even the WSJ is noticing what is going on: Illinois: Land of Leaving

        I can only assume Springfield will be raising various taxes yet again to “fix” this. Or if not taxes, weird fines, levies and fees as a workaround they think, in their hubris, us poor, unwashed masses won’t notice. I recently got a $125 ticket in Chicago for pausing for 30 seconds or so to look at the view of Chicago from the planetarium area that juts out into the lake as one example. Guess what? I won’t be going there again, nor will my friends or family.

        As Talleyrand said about the French nobility, and applies to Mike Madigan’s Springfield, “They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.”

        Thanks for reading this and listening to the concerns of your constituent.

        Signed xxxxxxx

      5. Mac.

        That’s a GREAT Map! A perfect visual.

        • Anon, I agree on the map. I also liked that name “Clinton Archipelago”. LMAO! Sounds just right.

        • That map here in the article reflect the 56 Counties total that Hillary won, out of 3000 Counties in the US in all the States. Trump ran the table and won the rest of the other 2944 counties out there.

      6. Is this a “fake News Story”….LOL

      7. Nice censorship

      8. Zombies @ 200-500 meters: AR15 w/ 4×20 scope, FMJ
        Zombies @ 50-200 meters: AK47 w/ 40 round mags FMJ
        Zombies @ 10-50 meters: 12 gauge pump. 00 load
        Zombies @ 5-10 meters: Glock 40 w/ JHPs
        Zombies @ 1-5 meters: Machete, TS surrogated.

        Bring on the cupcakes..!!!!!!!

        • Personally, I’m going to go old-school and restore the institution of slavery. All those gentle snowflakes and cupcakes will make fine field hands, diggers and earth-haulers and any other suitable task I think worth feeding them to do. And no, I’m not kidding. A good slave-owner takes care of his property whether cattle, firearm, home, slave or any other necessary item. The rules will be simple ‘do as you are told or die trying to leave’. Go long chains in the stock market.

          • Pragmatism at it practical best.

        • Zombies @ 500+ Meters: .30M1 Garand, M14, or M1A or even a bolt action .30/06

          “Reach out and touch someone” with a .30 cal

          They won’t be getting back up….

          • Non-violence is the only path forward.

        • J
          I like the way you have this set up. Very good choices!
          If you don’t mind I would like to add a couple

          30 Carbine at 10 to 50 Meters.
          308, 500 to 800 Meters. Can be done with practice.
          30-06, 500 to 900 Meters ” ” ” ” ”
          300 Win Mag/7 MM Mag 500-1000 Meters Can be done wit practice.

          Don’t forget the 45 ACP and the 357 Mag. at 5 to 10 meters. At the bottom of the pool is the 9MM.

          10 to 50 Meters a little 22 LR. works wonders.

          JUST MAKE SURE YOU PRACTICE. Maybe Santa will bring me some more AMMO I can’t get enough practice.


          • Sarge, good list. Close to mine:
            7.62X39 (ak) 10 to 200 yds.
            30.06 200 to 600 yds.
            .300 win mag 600 to 1000 yds.
            .45acp/ .357 1 to 10 yds.
            .22 subsonic/ LR with suppression close quiet stuff.
            Hope you get lots of ammo!

          • Sarge, with the right .308 you could ring steel @ 1200 yds.

          • Sgt. D,
            In the Balkans during the collapse, silenced .22LR was king. In the towns people would aim for the knees of anyone within a hundred yards of their home that they didn’t recognize or like. Neighborhood tough guys and bullies were not tolerated. Anyone that was a problem got one on the knee, anyone looting, got one in the knee. Bad people didn’t even report getting shot! They just left the area.

            The IDF dealing with rock throwing Palestinian teens, began knee capped them. The Ruger 10-22 is the most popular rifle they keep. There are now hundreds of Palestinian teens walking with a life long limp, but they don’t throw rocks anymore at the IDF.

            In a SHTF if people are killed, even a weak police force will hunt the killer. A pattern of knee capping of transients and criminals won’t be a priority, especially if this tends to protect the local families and friends of those police. With lousy medical services, knee capped bad guys will likely live, but they won’t be a threat anymore.

            Every prepper should have a Ruger 10-22, plus 5,000 to 10,000 rounds, magazines and the means to construct a silencer for it. Do not illegally own a silencer, nor pre made ready to assemble parts, just raw material and a plan committed to memory.

            • Thank you Plan twice, prep once…I’ve been thinking about picking up a 10/22 and you just convinced me of the utility of that rifle in a SHTF scenario.

              • I particularly like the Ruger 10-22 take down model in stainless steel with a polymer stock. It can fit in a larger backpack.

                Not all parts are stainless or plastic from the factory. There are however aftermarket replacements in stainless steel for the steel trigger group parts that will never corrode and actually tune up the trigger. An investment of about $25 for parts can really make it rock and impervious to moisture. I tuned the trigger further, there are YouTube videos that can teach you how. I did not make my trigger lighter than factory spec, it’s just very crisp and smooth, providing excellent control.

                It is a small framed rifle that even a small framed adult can handle with ease. If you add a scope it needs long eye relief.

                Since I bought mine there are new models that provide target quality accuracy, mine works well enough for me.

        • Violence is not the way forward. If this was a joke, it is pretty tasteless, at minimum.

        • I tend to try and simplify things, maybe to a fault:

          Zombies @ 10-500 meters: AR with 1X red dot
          Zombies @ 0-10 meters: 12 gauge police pump, Royal Buck 00

          Or maybe the old Ruger ’06 with a 3-9 Redfield with 150 gr. Speer handloads for the 10-500 meter, er…targets. It’s a bolt action though. Too slow, probably.

          God Bless all yinz and Merry Christmas

        • 10-50 meters with 00 buckshot???….PFFT!….yer gonna be in serious trouble! better get to the RANGE, and see what buckshot from a 12 ga does at 150 feet…..hint…..not much….never take that shotgun OUTside, it will get you killed….you hit a perp at 50 yards with one or two BB’s, he’s still in the fight

          • buttcrackofdoom

            I agree. At 50 meters a thin short guy could stand sideways and very possibly fit through a pattern that is about 4ft in diameter getting no lead at all. That riot gun dominates in a 15 to 35 yard zone. Thats about a 1ft to 3ft diameter pattern.

            • Pull the trigger twice ? Even a pump can cycle fast. Why does everyone not want to fire twice to double your fun. Three OO 12 pellet = 36 . That’s why I like auto shotguns . Boom boom boom . Fast and furious. Especially at night. During a power out . Shotguns rule.

            • Keep a 50 round 12 gauge shoulder ammo belt with 20 #4 buck in one side. On the other side 15 rounds of low velocity slugs in every other loop. Grab the shotgun and the belt. You can pick the ammo you want even in the dark by feel. If you can’t do it with 35 rounds from a shotgun, even so, the guys should be dying of fright before you have layed out over two pounds of lead.

              You can handle an intruder indoors with the #4 buck, or take it outside and be deadly accurate at 100 yards with slugs, all with one weapon.

              If your shotgun barrel is not rifled, add a rifled “Turkey Choke” it will dramatically increase the accuracy and pattern with all ammo. It took me almost a year of shopping to find a “Rifled Choke” that fit, but it was so worth it.

      9. We live just outside NYC, a very densely populated area. The worst place one could be in a shtf. So we have a BOL that we purchased cash many years ago in western upstate NY, very rural area, and numerous farms/dairy farms nearby (we are friendly with the owners) but it’s a little over a half-hour away on a good day. There are three ways to get there, one of them being the loopty-loo long-ass way.

        Our concern is that we will not be able to get there. We have had emergency drills packing up our ready-to-go bug-out-bags etc., in record time and hitting the road as if it were an actual shtf scenario to help us overcome unforeseen obstacles. But since there are so many variables and unknowns we have no way of knowing if we will actually be able to make it to our BOL… safely, and in time. And in one piece. With all of our stuff.

        • You should consider moving there permanently.

        • That’s why you need to have a DEFCON system. Don’t wait for DEFCON 1 to mobilize. Be ready to check out on a moment’s notice at DEFCON 3. When you feel 2 is coming jump, don’t wait. If you are wrong you can come back but err on leaving a day too early than 5 minutes too late.

          • FF,

            Excellent advice!

            Louisiana Eagle

        • Pre-position as much of your ‘stuff’ as you can, you don’t need to pack goods that are already at your BOL.

          Theoretically, your bugout procedure should be : grab the bags, get in the rig, and go. All boots, clothes, guns, ammo, food, water, medical, spare glasses, toothbrush, etc., is in the bags. Fill your tank with the two-gallon gas can in the closet, or just add it to the gear.

          I think you’re lucky, living OUTSIDE of NYC. You can get to your location by moving away from the danger zone.

          • Thanks Smokey. But since we only go there once every other month and it’s very rural, the houses are mile apart, I have this fear that when we get to the BOL it will have been broken into before the shtf, and not because the shtf. Even though in all the years we’ve owned it that has never happened. But if it did happen we could easily replace what was taken. But in a shtf we probably will not be able to replace items left at the BOL that were stolen.

            All of the food, ammo, first-aid items are very well hidden there. It’s the extra/duplicate blankets, clothes, boots, personal care and health care items that I have ready-to-go in our BO-Bag to take to the BOL in case anything has been taken from the BOL before the shtf by some kids or crazies or lost hikers hiking through the deep woods who discovered the house/BOL. Not likely, but not impossible.

            BILL R – We’ve had so many drills that we can be pulling out of here to get to the main highway within 10 min of making the decision to leave and after securing the place. Then it takes a few minutes to get to the main highway and another 30-40, depending, headed west on the main highway.

            Unless you live around here it can be hard to imagine that you can be outside of a major city and drive only 20 minutes and be in a rural area, the boondocks, but that is actually the case. The BOL and anywhere even before we reach the BOL isn’t practical for most people to live near due to an unreasonable commute to work. It’s boring as hell and there’s no work there, only a few nearby farms.

            So it gets desolate, and isolated and secluded before the end of the 30 min trip, that is, if we’re doing 65mph. It’s 30 min on a clear, good day, and that’s after the 5-7 min it takes to get out of the main NYC Metro population center and hit the highway, going 65mph all the way. Otherwise the BOL is almost an hour away. So it’s not as close as it may seem if you’re not familiar with the area in Upstate NY, just outside of Manhattan.

            Headed west on the right roadway and it becomes rural and secluded pretty suddenly and quickly. Even the GPS doesn’t work for that area once we are within a few miles of the BOL.

            Thanks Archivist, but we’re not going to leave, feeling like we were forced out of our home to live in the BOL, which was never intended as a permanent home, except in the case of a shtf. Then we have no choice.

            Thanks Freedom… good idea given our (worst possible to be in a shtf) location just outside of NYC, on the other side of the narrow Hudson Bay. We will look into DEFCON system right away. We’re anticipating another terror attack on NYC, which would affect us here, possibly just before/after the inauguration.

            Hopefully, we are wrong about that gut feel. Either way, unlike all of our neighbors, we are prepared for it. Not one of them is prepared, nor do they know about our plans/BOL.

        • A half-hour away from New York City?

          Your biggest problem isn’t getting there…

          Your biggest problem is your way to freakin’ close!

          NYC is going to melt into the countryside looking for food. And you are less than a 1/8 of a tank of gas away.

          • Bill R – Not exactly true. See my reply in above Reply/post to smokey, archivist and freedom.

        • Do you have to work in the city? But the bug out is only a half hr away? Gee, then you can just live there and commute to work. I wouldn’t take a chance living in the city all the time. I live in the country and many people here drive an hour to work in the city. That’s two hrs a day back and forth. You are closer.

      10. Where is Hawaii?
        Honolulu would have
        been white on the map.
        Granted, if SHTF, who
        cares about ~1 million
        Democrats starving to
        death(good news to me)
        out in the middle
        of the pacific, but for
        the time being they
        are there and should be
        called out for being the
        anti-Americans that they are.

      11. After they burn the cities even we swamp dwellers are going to have to deal with the splatter from the cities. Any place that is within a tank of gas from these people needs to be well armed, fortified, organized and supplied because its not going to be pretty.

        • Swamp Rat, my BOL is located right next to a lot of relatives ready and willing to come to my aid. And it’s definitely armed, fortified, organized, supplied, AND self sufficient.

          • We will see how well you do against tanks the air force and what ever you can think of.That little pistol and mossburg carbine and whatever.Dream on buddy.

            • Tacoma, you’re still an asshole. At least you’re consistent. I’ll give you that. In the area I’ll be in, the other side are the ones who need to worry.

              • At least i am something.What are you.

            • Tacoma
              Hard to defend a position when they roll a Abrams Tank or APC with a Fifty up on you. Have an Apache about a mile out lobbing rockets at your position.

              I do not believe anyone here has the defenses against that firepower. If it gets that bad you know lots of people are going to die. Or have died.

              What we defend against are the looter’s and raiders.
              What danger they pose is the biggest weapon they can get their hands on. A 50 cal. single shot rifle? Nothing to laugh at! Then the calibers and availability of ammo goes up. Rifles of various calibers, ending with more pistols than any other weapon that you come up against.

              The idea of it all is if you have to engage you must killed them or make it so hard that the enemy does not feel it is worth the effort to die for.

              I will tell you this Tacoma, and that is I have thought long and hard on this topic. The way the nation is I do believe it would not take much for people to turn on each other if things got bad. There are many things that can go wrong.

              • What do you think?

                If and when a disaster of major proportions strikes this nation. Will Americans still find the generosity and caring for each other as in the past or will they riot and go criminal.
                Think financial crisis.

                • anon, “Will Americans still find the generosity and caring for each other as in the past or will they riot and go criminal.”
                  Mixed bag of reactions everywhere. Some will try to help others, and be killed for it, or for what they have. Because without law, anything goes.
                  Like people have said, form teams, organize a group if possible ONLY with those you can trust and hope for the best.
                  “What we defend against are the looter’s and raiders.”
                  That’s it in one sentence.
                  No teams in my area and no one to depend on but the two of us. Isolation is our best defense. But we’re not defenseless either.
                  But I have considered for some time now taking in a family of 4 if SHTF. But the drawbacks are outweighing the advantages, i.e., they will have next to nothing to bring to the table, whether it’s food, ordnance, tools, clothes, etc. But they would be a help in harvesting all the food growing around the area, fish/shrimp in streams, fruit in trees, etc.

                  But, and I consider this important, and that is we need to de-program as many as possible, youth in particular, and school them in ways and customs of freedom, to be able to write what you want, bear arms without restrictions…all the good things the founding fathers wrote and voted on, before it turned to the dysfunctional, corrupt State we have today.

                • anon says: Comment ID: 3645966
                  “The idea of it all is if you have to engage you must killed them or make it so hard that the enemy does not feel it is worth the effort to die for.

                  Sorry to Say there is “No Santa Claus”. Santa is a Fraud. Same as “good” people. They are a fraud. Just a matter of Time-Circumstances-Pressure. Morals out the window.
                  Have you ever seen starving children?
                  Human beings starving to death? I have. It is HORRID.
                  Starvation gets real after about four days. Especially children who are vulnerable.

                  “Most Father’s would do ANYTHING to provide for their Family.”
                  Starving children would cause civilized parents to be EXTREMELY dangerous in an incredibly SHORT amount of time. That is your reality.

                  I have seen combat up close and personal. Been a prisoner of war. Watched the Nation State MURDER unarmed/unthreatening people once they are in Police custody. ——Yes there are USA government elements infighting within the USA right NOW.

                  Those subversive elements use Law Enforcement-Police-Jail assets to MURDER your fellow Americans. Patriots are being SLAUGHTERED. Their Financial assets/bank accounts/atm balance, confiscated.

                  These Dangerous USA Government elements are involved in human organ harvesting.
                  Prisoners heart, kidneys, eyes, liver, lungs, REMOVED and Harvested to be sold on the International Black market. The bodies are disposed of in the Animal Control creamatoriums located next to jail facilities in most USA municipalities. Have you seen those tall smoke stacks, at animal control? Few pets are re homed/adopted? When you take a family pet to animal control for adoption. MOST are killed and then remains burned. Don’t kid yourself.

                  Look at the google map of Reno Nevada. Airport-Sherif Office-Animal control, ALL on same property, close proximity. Police arrest you on petty violation. Run ID through data base. Government can Fly Patriots in-Jail them- Harvest organs-Kill you- dispose of remains at animal control burn unit. See those smoke stacks running at night? I’m not sure Reno is active now. It is all set up though.

                  Harvey County Correctional Facility in Newton Kansas USA is ACTIVE. They do EVERYTHING just as I have stated. They also irradiate-micro wave the prisoners in an effort to retrieve information. Prisoner issued blanket with metalic strands. Radiation used to target brain areas. They are microwaving brain areas to get a kind of mental disorder that will cause people to involuntarily verbalize thoughts. A kind of irradiated-microwave induced schitzophrinia.
                  After information extracted. Then prisoner knocked out by tranqualizers in food and drink. Once out, the prisoners organs are then harvested. Prisoners corpse disposed of in animal control burn ovens.

                  The Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility, Newton Kansas, jails also filter through individuals who are given haircuts, ID, documents, mission packets. The jails are providing these “services” to as of yet unknown individuals. Are they building an Army within USA?

                  That is happening NOW.

                  This is your USA CURRENTLY. These are Happening.
                  Now lets see if this post sees the daylight? This is ALL FACTUAL.

                  • you are referring to Communication Management Units?
                    I know a guy used to work at a CMU said inmates were sent there for getting too politically active in prison or for giving out legal advice to other inmates.
                    Prisoners only get three 15 minute calls a month and 4 hours a month for family visits, no physical contact.
                    They don’t get any warning before they’re sent there or explanation why. Once in they never get out. Yes this is in America.

              • Anon I agree with you.Average person has no chance unless he can get so far into the woods he has to pipe the sunshine in.

              • Anon, I should’ve asked Tacoma what makes him think the military would even target us? I keep hearing from others that the US military will be on our side but I’m not so sure. It also depends on what the military’s priorities will be plus how much of our military is left in CONUS? I’ve always expected to be attacked by feds, gangs, muslims, libturds, etc. Someone else’s military is also possible. I still say it depends on what the other side’s priorities are. If they stay away from me, they get to live.

                • Anon, BTW, there’s also something called ‘Molotovs’ which were used to great effect on armor in WW2.

                • DBh. It is simple the troops is being sent all over the world. Will not be enough here to help citizens.Surely if you are as smart as you think you are you should have that all figured out.It takes simple minds to figure things like that out.

                • Sorry BH had to go at this twice.Troops are out of the country..Russian,Chinese,mexico and some from Canada. Remember if you sleep in one place two nights straight your dead.

                  • Asshole, thanks for the reminder [SARCASM]. I’ve already known since the Bush era the vast majority of US military are overseas. How many bases we have around the world now? 700, last time I checked. I’ve ALWAYS expected there will be foreign troops taking us on. Along with muslims, gangs, all the usual leftist trash. Let them bring it. If they want to commit suicide, that’s OK by me.

                    • BH you must have not known it. All you have according you is a mossburg a carbine a 9 mil hand gun. Good luck taking out tanks helicopters and drones. Maybe you should consider taking your head down to a shrink and leave it a few days, you know see if they can figure out a way to make it work.

              • Abrams and Apaches ?
                I doubt it.

                What lies in store for a nation that uses military weapons against their own people after decades of
                condemning such behavior?

                My guess is it will be airborne -biological and blamed on terrorist or whomever.

                Who gets the cure and who gets inoculated with the disease itself?

                Well that depends upon what you have posted in the past over the net.?

                Now I’ve got that Blue Oyster Cult song stuck in my head…. come on baby don’t fear the reaper…?

                • Nomadic, that’s what I see as well.
                  However, Yellowstone eruption, EMP, a couple is mountain size asteroids and plenty of meteors is more likely.
                  Read THE SEVEN TRUMPETS.
                  That’s why, there is hardly a safe place in the entire country.
                  Those in the know have moved out to southern hemisphere.
                  A few nuclear power plants in melt down stage will devastate the cities and even rural areas.

                  • Sounds like the Philippines is the safest place in the world, right?
                    SURE. Absolute bull crap.

                    • Philippines are on the ring of fire plate boundary. It’s not a geologically safe place.

                      China is all edgy in a warlike way, their one child policy has created a nation of single men who have no prospect of a wife, unless she comes from elsewhere as a war bride! Woman have always been the secret prize of war. To be raped or even taken home as wives/spoil.

                      When China goes to war, it’s gonna be absolutely crazy.

            • The army or air force wouldn’t waste time hunting us down and then dealing with us.
              It would be a waste of there time and resources to engage in that sort of endeavor.

      12. It may come as a surprise to some readers here, but I live in California. I’ve lived in several locations here, and in other States. California has its draw backs, but there are advantages. Almost anyone can easily prevent ever being hungry. The soil is good, especially when sound organic practices are used. And the weather is ideal in much of the State. Everyone who has a brain is planting trees that bear fruit. If you don’t have food, you need to bust a move. Just because there are signs and laws violating the second amendment, don’t think for a minute that those, with the sense to plant, will stand by while others strip their trees, or dig up their gardens.

        If you live in an apartment, there are things which don’t require outdoor light, like ginger and turmeric root. Pick up a Rosemary Christmas Tree. Maybe you think you will figure it out at the time if things really do get bad, but just a few changes can make a big difference.

        If you like to eat out and like to keep your place free of clutter than use your head to find ways to have what you will need if the system breaks down. You can limit yourself to just the most important items.

        I am not nor ever have been, a die hard prepper. I do non-the-less have enough common sense to plant fruit and nut trees. I have beautiful flowers. Some are edible. Sometimes I plant a garden, but not always. I have mostly perennial plants and shrubs so they come back on their own every year. If I water, my plants do better, but even when I neglect them, most survive. I might go down if things get bad, but at least I made a half assed effort, and so can anybody else who wants to stay alive. Are you a survivor, or will you give up. Only you know the answer to that question.

        Merry Christmas


        • California really has only one drawback,
          too many Democrats. I grew up there.
          I couldn’t stand to be around them anymore,
          so I left.
          Where I live now has way too many Democrats,
          but we are so poor and our Democrats
          are so incompetent, that we can co-exist,
          eg. they don’t screw with me and
          I won’t kill them.

        • B from CA

          “Just because there are signs and laws violating the second amendment, don’t think for a minute that those, with the sense to plant, will stand by while others strip their trees, or dig up their gardens.”

          If SHTF is of sufficient magnitude that hoards are fleeing cities looking to strip the land for available food gun laws don’t matter. Under those circumstances government, even the most benevolent and benign becomes totalitarian in a last ditch attempt to maintain order. They’ll all ban guns by statute but there will be no conventional rule of law.

          The best place to be is away from people.

          • California is passing draconian gun laws, literally banning firearms as we speak. They seem convinced they absolutely must do this!

            We are in those desperate times. The California government knows this, but the population doesn’t see it yet.

            California pipes in 90% of their water. Cut that off and the state dies unless you have your own well.

        • Be calm my friend.
          Those newbe armed leftists won’t know which end to point, how to load a clip, how to hit the barn side of a broad.
          They may get a round or two off but we can use that to tell us where they are so we can get them before they run out of ammo just trying to get close to their target.

          • Within a year or two, most of the leftists who bought guns will have offed themselves or killed their own family. They really have no moral foundation, moral relativism will only get them so far.

            The left also has terrible short term memory and many will sell that gun to buy the newest hottest tech toy when the threat they perceive doesn’t materialize.

            The rest will have put the gun in a drawer and forget about it until their molested child goes all Columbine with the gun they thought was safe……..

        • They’re not concerned about the FSA, or anything like that. They’re concerned about you.

          I’m afraid a bunch of them will just have to be dealt with, the same as the roving gangs or such things.

          Hopefully the smart ones will wise up when things hit the fan, but I think some of them will just go nuthouse like some of us will and use it as an opportunity for ‘getting even’ and ‘social justice’.

          The lamppost is neutral.

          • Smoked, spot on about the libturds. Lampposts NEVER discriminate. LOL.

          • Smokey, lampposts NEVER discriminate. LOL.

        • TEST

          The thought that under any circumstance that there could be a change in government or social order altering what was into what is eludes them even though history is full of its examples as the only constant is change. The, “What If”, that thinking people, who buy fire extinguishers and smoke alarms subscribe to doesn’t fit their normality bias which is; the way things should be rather than the way things are.

          Maybe its the wrong textbook but they are getting educated. As someone once said a conservative is a liberal that got mugged.

      13. B from CA

        I am about as far as I can get from California and New York.

        • A
          Assuming you are still in America, I have you beat on the distance, and it’s still not far enough.

          • rellik

            Hehehe. You got me beat.

      14. I may be stuck here in town, between me and my 590A1, the read neck approach can solve issues when things get ugly because I will get even uglier. I am a Mossberg 590A1 fan.


        • HCKS

          Mossberg model 500 Marinecote for the boat.
          Mossgerg model 88 pistol grip for the house.
          Browning auto5 for hunting.
          Beretta 690 series for trap and skeet.
          Winchester model 1897 for a toy and fun.

          • rellik

            One of my shotguns has interchangeable chokes. Found a muzzle brake that has a modified choke. Fits like a regular tube choke. Helps with 3.5 shells.

            • i own a couple mossbergs, but the remington 870…best GUN ever made. the safety and slide-release are in the right places….and it’s tougher than a whore’s heart….while on the subject, it’s PUMP for ME…i will never trust my LIFE to a semi-automatic shotgun.

              • but the 870 has only one extractor and the mossberg has 2.
                Probably a non issue, but if that one extractor breaks it’s a club.

                • Ketchup, it’s 590A1 with 00 buck for me. And the two extractors are one reason I chose the Mossberg.

                  • one more thing on 00 buckshot…some manufacturers now put that shot in a sand/glue compound, and it keeps a VERY tight pattern clear out to 15 or 20 yards….shoot those rounds to see what that pattern looks like, and use the same brand/type so you KNOW what you got.

                • i shot my 870 for a lot of years when younger…it fed my family. i never heard of an extractor breaking on an 870…that sure as hell don’t mean it CAN’T happen. my 870 ejects a spent round EVERY TIME, maybe even more often than that…but the mossberg 88 has one slide, and the 500 has two….that just says to ME that it’s a problem for mossbergs?…all i know is that the slide release and safety is in the “right place” on 870’s, and to ME, they are in the wrong place on the mossbergs….both great guns, but i prefer the 870.

                  • Everybody wants tight patterns. But at night , the only time you can move without getting sniped. You might want a 3 foot pattern at 10 feet. And pull the trigger more than ounce to increase number of pellets? Try a rifled choke tube with buckshot. When the load hits the rifling it pulls the gun forward and almost eliminates recoil. And makes the pellets spread about an inch per foot. But the shot cup. Verses no shot cup loads are different. Rifled choke tubes are expensive and don’t work on recoil operated guns . Like Monefeltro Benelli ,stoger, A5 . But with everything else when you can only see twenty feet and want a twenty inch pattern at that range a rifled choke tube will do it. There are videos . They talk about donut patterns . With three round bursts at night . By the way . A shotgun with 12 pellet OO . Can put out 36 32 caliber balls .as fast as a AR can put out three. 3 verses 36 .at night the only time you can go anywhere without getting sniped. When you can’t see but muzzle flashes That might be a big advantage?

                    • i don’t even use 00…i like birdshot, and it don’t matter what size…8’s or 2’s, it’s gonna rip you a new ass from INSIDE my house…and if i want to let you get 50 yards away and then shoot you, it will make sure you don’t want to come back…..outside, that’s for the 9mm or 556, depending on situation…..but i got 00 if i find a need for it…..different strokes for different folks, as they say….happy new year to you warchild!

          • I’ve been saying for years here, to get the hell out of the cities. No brainer.

            .50 Cal Machine Gun Nest.
            Bazooka anti-tank arms
            Mines sunk in the channel
            Submarine nets blocking the lake access
            Anti aircraft shoulder missiles
            Fully operational IR and Night vision cameras
            Platoon of neighbors fully armed
            Armed drones
            Trip Wires on the perimeter
            Laser light show aimed into the skys
            ICBM for international terrorists
            Sandbags at LP-OP
            Trap door at the front door for fun. Below is a Lions Den.
            Imported Ukrainian Bikini Team to keep the troops here at the BOL in good spirits and high moral.

            Dep BH, You mean your BOL in your Cuz’s back yard shed in N GA, which is located next to your other relatives who are prepared. I think you get pretty carried away there in your descriptions chief.

            • Zeus/WWTI, I never get carried away on anything. Go take a flying leap.

          • R
            I like the collection. Very nice.
            I have (1) Rem 1100 12Ga. Tactical with 1+8
            (1) Saiga 12Ga. Tactical (my wife’s)
            (2) 879 12 Ga. Slug barrel with sights 1+8
            Close range Zombies will find a large amount of 00 buck coming their way.

            Hang in there we might just need them.


            • Sarge, I had a saiga 12 and sold it. That was a big mistake damn….

      15. Any questions?


        • Yea- What kind of drugs do you use?

        • HCKS

          There is a relatively narrow distance of 12 yards to about 37 or so where a cylinder bore riot shotgun shines. Too close and its a rifle with limited magazine capacity, too far and there is insufficient pattern density. In its 25 yards zone it beats anything else of its size.

          • Kevin, I ripped off a few 12g 000 Buck at 55 Gal Lid, about 15 yards away with a Mossberg 18″ barrel shorty pistol grip. The pattern was about 4-5 inches per round, and several balls the size of a 9mm followed behind the others making about 7 really big holes. The biggest hole was a good Inch Wide. I attached a laser light on the front magazine tube for night patrol if needed. An excellent weapon for home defense, where you can turn in a hallway opposed to a long shotgun rifle and full shoulder stock and barrel.

            You don’t want a home defense weapon any longer than your hallway is wide. Like using a Baseball Bat vs a 6ft Rowing Oar Paddle. Which do you think would be more effective for home defense? Either a baseball bat or shorty pistol grip 12 G Mossberg is what you want. Sure pistol as well.

            Its nice to have a shooting range on my property in the country to play target practice on. We all carry daily out here and we don’t call 911.

            • A J Frame Hammerless S&W thats in your back pocket when answering the door works wonders if you have to wrestle with a meth ape. I never experimented with chokes but the SEALs in Vietnam supposedly used a “duck bill” horizontal spreader choke to some effect. Maybe one day I’ll get a H&R Trapper, take the BBL down to 20″ or so and experiment with horizontal shot distribution. I would also think a slow rate of rifling, maybe 1 turn in 20″ in a cylinder bore would add sufficient centrifugal force to rapidly open up a pattern to 16″ @ 25ft or so. I think there is a lot of play room that has yet to be explored in this arena because the emphasis has been in together patters at longer ranges. Think blunderbuss.

              • I searched some data regarding rifled shotgun barrel and buckshot. My pattern size guess was close. The pattern “donuts”. If a “buck and ball” load was developed, with a center projectile .45 diameter surrounded with BB shot .177, I think it would be extremely effective at 30 ft (5 yards).

                h ttp://

                • I ripped of some 9mm and 5.56 today at the homestead. I used a paper plate about 35 feet away. Hit the plate every time with the 9mm and the 5.56 Pistol. Kicked up a lot of dirt behind the target. lol Louder than hell. The rounds were dual purpose; one to practice target shooting and the other was to let everybody in the area know, don’t f*ck with me. lol Lot of other gunshots in the area today as well. Some probably playing with their new toys.

                  • Also if you are putting all your rounds in a 1 Inch circle, you are shooting too slow. If some rounds are missing the target, then you are shooting too fast. Find the balance. I shot all of these rounds consecutively.

              • Got a SW airweight 642-2 with crimson Trace grips. Stoked with 38+p Fed HPs. Nice lightweight pistol. I could rap off five shots right through my coat pocket and no one would even see it.

      16. The worst place I have ever seen in the US is Camden NJ. Maybe its because Camden had its employment exodus three decades prior to NAFTA with its obvious results. There was a point about two decades ago that Camden Police didn’t go to Camden and the NJ State Police had to take over. Its Democrat political machine wrote the book on corruption. If visiting their aquarium or Battleship NJ go to Penns Landing in Philadelphia (pretty safe by all standards) and take the tourist ferry.

        • I was thinking the armpit of America is Gary Indiana. Looks like a third world country.

          • Zeus

            Thy all have one thing in common. They were at one time great manufacturing cities that had the manufacturers flee with no other employment of substance to adsorb the loss. Camden just got jump on it by three decades.

      17. Doesn’t matter where you are, it matters what you are.

        when the stuff really hits the fan, say the dollar as the world currency goes away or the pension runs start all over bankrupting cities and states as well as banks supporting those funds; will not matter where you are. if you are out and about on a regular basis in nowhere Montana, people are going to figure out you have resources just because you can leave the house and people that may be laidoff from the nearby oil rig because the company went under will be paying you a visit.

        no, it matters what you are. if you can farm and hunt, then you can take care of yourself; even living off stored food has faults because you are still used to being supported by a regular supply of something.

        farmers and hunters know how to go along by themselves until they get a life threatening illness; most others do not.

        everyone really prepping, should go a month on what they have using no electricity at home to really know what they need to survive.

        • Lena,
          AGREED!! good post

        • Lena:

          Good advice.

          Unfortunately, most will not even consider trying this.
          They usually “try the hard way”, or the “too late way” (which really means – not at all).

          The famous (infamous) quote from Mac should be a constant reminder to all – “When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

          Thanks for the reminder!

      18. all this talk about BOL and running away…sorry, but Ive worked way to hard for my property, home and things to simply grab a bag and leave it for those that want me to leave it for them so they can have easy pickings…besides your BOL is most likely either someone else’s backyard (your now the invader) or if its so perfect, will have plenty of others already there when you/if you do arrive.
        I will stay in place, I wont run like a coward. I will fight to defend what is mine and have prepared to do so. If everyone had this thought, there would be few to no looters in very short order. Ive seen enough %$#* around the world to know that running away doesnt work in the long run, its unsustainable and often a bad, irreversible decision.

        • Sgt7

          Same way. Going to harden a few positions and Gun Tub it out. Break open a few 20mm cans instead of 50 cal.. Spending lots of energy/research into stopping bullet penetration and improving stand alone capability. While increasing the means of sustaining concentrated firepower. That is being able to fire upon target, destroying it without increased exposure.
          Also hide these things in plain sight. Landscaping Hahaha!

        • The city is safer if you consider people working together. I have property in the county and city.
          In the city all of the niebors are like minded, some can cook, some mechanic, some are good earners. But when I go out to my country home, there’s always a problem, someone is an inch over on a property line or the neighbor is hunting “my” deer, or your dog is on my land ,I think it goes on consitly . After watching Tennessee burn , the woods are the wrong place to be.

          • I have lived in the country just before y2k. I only have one neighbor speaks to me and they are new. Everyone else is a stuckup rude redneck. No one would help me if i needed it. I am an older woman living alone. The people around here don’t care if i died. Sometimes i am sorry i moved here. I miss the city, but that’s bad too. Isolation is bad when you’re old and so is the city. So it’s a catch 22 for me.

        • Sgt. That all depends on where you are.
          Living in the City will be a death trap. If you live in a City, how many miles are you from the outskirts by the highways? 10 miles, now with your BOB on your back and tote, walk that entire distance through all the shitty neighborhood to get there. Many will have to abandon their homes as they are all torched. Never fall in love with a property. Its just a place, and it could all change with a knock at the door. If all you have is a thin door and a deadbolt between you and the street, you are screwed. Gangs with a dozen thugs will be pretty hard for you to fight and over come. When they break every window in your house and torch the place. What are you going to do?

          Go move now, out into the country, before SHTF, and get settled. Put a barbed wire fence around your perimeter. Smart people are already at their BOL’s. Off the Grid and building their homesteads.

          Amazing the cheap living out in the boonies with no rules. Go buy a slice and start camping on it. Buy one that is secluded off a dirt road, 3 to 10 acres with fresh water stream or lake, not some friggin corner lot by a highway.

      19. Eh,the hills of New England as good as any place,I mean really,what could possibly go wrong anyhow?!

        Fuck it,will fight till I am dead,best anyone can do.

      20. For what it is worth, I have property in Nova Scotia. No, it is not that cold for you warm weather snowflakes, as it is on the Gulf Stream. Besides, there is no poor weather, only poor clothing. But otherwise the advantages:

        – Well watered, good land. We are in Cape Breton, but the Annapolis Valley is very fertile; fishing is great.
        – One larger city of Halifax, ~ 500k pop., but does have two universities, major int’l airport, night life, etc. as it is the hub for the whole of the Maritimes
        – Even the Bolshevik New Yorkers and Bostonians can get across the border, it is quite a hike over; plus it won’t cross their mind as the whiners always equate Canada with cold (Vancouver rarely snow, sometimes not at all)
        – Property prices, while elevated in the rest of Canada, are still very depressed in the Maritime provinces.
        – If you are American, you can easily buy property in Canada (I used, which lists a lot of rural property), which gets you off the radar screen. You can’t really open a bank acct over $10k if you are American, but no limits for property.
        – How will they repatriate your property from Canada? Dig it up?
        – Easy to get to – Halifax airport is a major hub for the whole region, and in a TEOTWAKI world, where driving is dangerous, boat access is not too far of a hop from hellholes of socialist Boston and NYC (remember, most of these leftists can’t navigate and would drown in a bathtub)
        – Province is lightly populated, as all the people have gravitated to Toronto. Hunting, fishing should be fine.
        – Canada has stricter gun laws, but this ain’t pansy land were all guns are outlawed. People still hunt.
        – The Canadian dollar, aka the Loonie, is at historic laws, ~75 cents, now that Boy Wonder (whom my wife’s cousin was the nanny for back in the day) Justin Trudeau is PM. You get a lot for your money (but PLEASE don’t buy Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Regina, Calgary etc., as the housing bubble is still in effect there. But as noted, the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland (hard and expensive to get to) have seen none of that price appreciation.

        Just grist for the mill.

        • Hi Test
          I live on Cape Breton as well… that’s funny. We’re moving down towards Yarmouth in the spring.

          Merry Christmas

          SolarGuy out

        • Another great post. Thanks for the info TEST.

          Question: How long can a US Citizen stay there if they own property but are not a Canadian citizen? I cannot get Canadian citizenship (nor do I really want to) as I already have dual citizenship (US/Europe) but if the shtf doesn’t happen in the next year we are thinking maybe we could sell our BOL in Western Upstate NY and go up there instead,(not Vancouver though, or any other housing bubble)but seems it isn’t worth it if we can legally only stay for a month or two at a time with a visitor visa. We are recently retired and don’t need work there. Do you know how long an American who owns a home in both US and Canada can stay without Citizenship? Thanks.

          • Its time to kick out all of the Dual Citizens from American Shores. If you can’t decide on your loyalty to America, then get the F- out right now. I hope Trump get the culling of the Traitors out now sucking off our system.

            • Moron Zeus, Like many other ‘Americans by birth’ with automatic birthright dual citizenship, I was born in the US to US-born American citizens. I have birthright (European) dual citizenship through my grandfather, through the blood line. Automatic at birth. Birthright.

              I was born with it and passed it down to my children who passed it down to their children, even though none of us have ever lived in Europe. No application process. No sucking off of any system. Hey imbecile. Here’s a concept: fact checking, something you may want to consider. Tens of millions of American-born US citizens with American-born US Citizen parents like myself, have automatic birthright dual citizenship through their grandparents, through the bloodline, without ever having gone through the long, arduous application process or living in the country. Tens of millions. Feeling stupid Zeus? You should be.

              My post/question was directed at TEST, not you, but you decided to take a shot at me and use it to try to insult me (nice try though) by calling me a Traitor because of your lack of information = ignorance, and instead made an ass of yourself. Poor, ignorant Zeus. We’re all laughing at you Zeus, with your multiple monikers. Time to go away. Come back in a decade or so when you’re all grown up.

      21. We try to stay out of the closest major city, and live at our BOL. Unfortunately, have to go into the city a couple times a week. When we travel, we carry the battle rifle, two 9mm’s and the .45. And plenty of ammo. Only thing we don’t have, yet, which is stupid, because it could definitely be a lifesaver, is armor. That’s next on the list, in addition to working every day toward the goal of never having to go back to that f*king 9th circle of hell.

        I ask again, does anyone know the difference between a muslim jihadist and a liberal?

        I can tell what’s NOT different between them, and this is just a short summary:
        1. The liberals want more muslims to come into the country.
        2. These same liberals want us to be unarmed, so we cannot defend ourselves from the muslims or their dream of an imperial federal government.
        3. Liberals hate Christianity.
        4. The liberals voted for, and love their muslim president.
        5. Liberals are evil.
        6. Liberals are mentally deranged.
        7. Liberals hate the phrase radical islam.
        8. Liberals hate Israel and Jews (which never made sense to me, since many Jews are liberals, but liberalism also means self-worship, which ultimately means self-loathing).

        I am so unbelievably sick of liberals that I want nothing to do with them… I would love to see a mass strike of conservatives, including farmers, truck drivers, and the power companies, happen, and last for a couple weeks or a month. Everyone here has enough food and toilet paper. But the libs, who have absolutely no idea where their food comes from, would suddenly become a lot more conservative and might start to GROW THE HELL UP!!!

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!

        I generally don’t laugh that hard at my own jokes, but that was a good one.

        • Life is truly a paradox, it seems that many on this site do hate Jews and Israel,and as you rightly stated most American Jews are Liberals, but the nation of Israel is a whole nother story. God gave much more of the Nation of Isreal to the Jews than they now claim and many on this site on the one hand hate the muslims but they cheer when the UN says Israel can’t build on the West Bank and want to give it to the Palestinians who are muslims. And as for farmers being Conservatives, that day is long gone, and I know of what I speak because I have been one and do still own a farm. Todays farmers are almost as dependant on Government as most inner city blacks. Trekker Out.

          • MT. “God gave much more of the Nation of Isreal to the Jews than they now claim.”

            That’s a total crock of BS, Jews are not even from the land of Palestine or the made up Country of squatter called Israel. Jews originally came from the land and territory now called the Nation of Georgia. Only about 10% of the Jews DNA living in Israel today are even from that area in Palestine or Israel. Netanyahu is not even in that 10%. He’s a f-n land thief and Murderer.

            God who? gave who?, written by the human thieves to think the Hoax or any religion called God anointed them to be land thieves and squatters for their personal pleasure. That delusional. And oh they are so generous not to steal all of Palestine and kill their people. Where do you make up this crock of Babble?

            • What history book did you get your info from? The Nation of Georgia! Trekker Out.

        • great post, thor!

      22. DP-12. I sleep with her and my dog every night. Nothing more comforting than a shotgun with a 28 round capacity…

      23. We just like hunkering down, and being as “invisible”, as we can currently be, even now. We are out of California, (my native state), got my pension funds out of CALPERS, after a large hit, but, at least I got more than half of it. CALPERS! California Public Employees Retirement System, is hopelessly under-funded by the municipalities, counties and state agencies that employ their people. The only consistent “contributions”, coming in, are from the public employees themselves.
        California will explode into huge swaths of chaos, when the pension system collapses into a smoldering blob of taxpayers revolt.

        • California’s State Pwnsion system is more than $1 Trillion under funded. Gee what could possibly go wrong there?

      24. I encourage people to stay close to those “bad cities”. Don’t surrender land to the bad guys. Fight them on their turf. Make it a living hell for them. Bring a lot of matches. Pay back time. When the SHTF, the gunfire you hear may be those of us who stayed back to fight.

        • Those people that you hate because they are not like you, didn’t prepare like you or for whatever reason are just casualties of a system well beyond their control. Those cities, once full of manufacturing employment are now hollow shells. Politicians taking de-facto bribes allowed that industrial capacity to flee with trade deals having no tariff protection. No one in a SHTF environment will have time for retribution, you’ll be busy with survival. Those that caused the fall aren’t some poor at the bottom but rather nameless uber wealthy globalists. Fight among yourselves, your doing TPTB a favor.


          • Granted we will have out plates full just surviving. But it was the fault of certain kinds of folks the caused the quality folks to flee those inner cities. I know of buisnesses the left because the parasites raised the buisnesses taxes too high. They came south and got bribes to relocate and often got a rent free building. Every little town in the south is smoke stack chasing. They all have their chamber of commerce trying to lure any manufacturing plant,s to their location. The towns generate revenue from the increased sales tax. and the increased amout of tickets their cops write. more jobs= more money for their public coffers. And the quality of life suffers. The original inhabitants suffer because you get too many folks chasing too few goods. I moved away from Randolph County Ar. for that reason. The local elected folks have big city ideas. passed a 25 million bond issue to build a chicken processing plant. And the influx of Hispanic folks increased the prices of everything. And they must build bigger school,s. and the only to fund those schools is to raise property taxes. Crime has increased so now they need a bigger jail. They ruined a nice place.

            • Old Guy

              The folks did nothing. Camden NJ was a beautiful city until business fled. Its not the US South that interests them as even US minimum wage is too much to pay when 50 cent hr (or less) labor is available duty free overseas.

              “They ruined a nice place.”

              Identify “cause and effect”. The people are a symptom.

      25. I would agree in all areas except South Texas. That area is 80% Hispanic and has always been. They are conservative, Christian and family oriented. Not your typical liberal. They just vote democratic. You cannot win an election if your a Republican.

      26. Get all your gear and be prepared .

      27. Need to create the civil defense in your city. We have to have heavy weapons,community help and agreements with other civil defense communities close by with a great communication system connecting us to ,local guards and police. Stop the riots before by having major community stock piles. We also need not to panic about money.

      28. While the cat’s away…

        Obama is trying to sneak through gun control legislation while the people pause for Christmas. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” (Jefferson)

        The Federal Reserve (Rothschilds) Bank was created by Congress while the majority of potential voters in Congress were on Christmas Vacation.


        • Twas the night before christmas and all through the whitehouse
          Evil bills were being passed by every zionist louse
          Knowing that on the day no one would be there
          They screwed over the people without any care
          And when they were finished they brought out the small boys
          And passed them around, their satanic toys
          Then to what did their beady black eyes did appear
          The US Militia all decked out in gear
          With full auto fire they blasted away
          Killed all the scumbags and saved the day
          Then down to wall street to take out the trash
          Burned them alive the worshipers of cash
          Then on to the banks they marched in a line
          Killed all the bastards then all was fine
          The new found freedom it had a great feel
          Who the hell said Santa Clause isn’t real! 🙂

      29. Kind of curious with all of the BOL talk. How many have ham radio licenses and the ability to transmit & receive digital messages? Like different modes on FLDIGI? Have backup power for your comms? Aware of the CH3 project? NVIS antennas?

        • By having a license you are registered with the govt. It may be good if you need long range comms. Depending where your at and if you don’t need comms more than say 20 miles I would lay low and just use 5 watt handheld programmable radios. Connect a good yagi to a handheld and you can get 30 miles. Hijack a frequency that is used for business (do NOT use ham bands). Have your people setup with a couple of baofeng radios, a scanner, a shortwave to listen to the hams and other broadcasts. Never use your name on the radio, have nicknames and names for the different surrounding areas. You can get simplex repeaters for about 70 bux for the baofeng for longer distance. You can charge/run all of your gear on a very small solar setup. Get a list of frequencies in your area here: radioreference . com .

          • Since you already have the nickname “Genius”, perhaps I could go with “Mensa” but it sounds too much like “Menses”; oh well, Merry CHRISTmass and Happy Solstice, Genius. That there advice about license is excellent. Besides the money motive is the identifying anyone’s and everyone’s capacity to wage war or in any way fight or undermine tptb. That is one reason for not standing out as being the least bit intelligent. I give you kudos for your courage. But I’m sure in a SHTF you will probably go by something a little more humble.


        • Ham Radio License? lol I don’t think in SHTF anybody is going to play Ham Sheriff to go find some person talking on a wave band a few times. I have a hand held ham with a weather band, FM etc. Hardly ever hear anybody talking on the Ham in scan mode. But that sexy weather band radio chick can lul’ me to sleep. You may get better intel in a CB Radio, as truckers cross the country daily and pick up a lot of info. Just listen to their chatter.

          However look up your local area Ham Channels and monitor them. They sometime list their schedule times for check ins. And area ham clubs if you do want to pick up your license and talk back.

      30. When the shtuff does actually hit the phan, and since we already surround these bastions of evil, I say we lock them down. No travel in or out until we shake out the true culprits.

      31. When the shtuff does actually hit the phan, and since we already surround these bastions of evil, I say we lock them down. No travel in or out until we shake out the true culprits.

      32. Merry Christmas, everyone. BTW, top 50 prep sites, per one person’s take (not my own, but a good list). Just google to find.

        SHTF Plan
        2. Off Grid Survival
        3. SurvivoPedia
        4. Activist Post
        5. The Survivalist Blog
        6. The Prepper Journal
        7. Ready Nutrition
        8. Modern Survival Blog
        9. The Economic Collapse Blog
        10. WoodsMonkey
        11. American Preppers Network
        12. Urban Survival Site
        13. Survival Based Blog
        14. The Daily Sheeple
        15. SHTF Blog
        16. Preparedness Advice Blog
        17. Modern Survival Online
        18. Survival Blog
        20. Survivalist Prepper
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        • Hmmm….,list needs USCrow and Hogwartsschoolofmedicine at a minimum start.

      33. To all here!!!!
        I want to wish all of you and yours the very best Christmas that you have ever had.


      34. God rest ye merry, gentlemen
        Let nothing you dismay
        Remember Christ our Saviour
        Was born on Christmas day
        To save us all from Satan’s power
        When we were gone astray
        O tidings of comfort and joy,
        Comfort and joy
        O tidings of comfort and joy

        A very, very merry Christmas to Mac ‘n’ all the good ol’ Deplorables here at SHTFplan.
        God bless one and all x X x

      35. Best find ways to be invisible, well armed , and well armored

      36. John 1:14

        And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…

      37. OK,a little holiday music,Jethro Tull’s “Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow” : ,ignore the message at your peril,Merry Christmas All!

      38. Merry Christmas everyone..and have happy SHTF new year. Thank God that I am no longer homeless and sleeping out on the streets..I am counting on better things for next year and am still not convinced from what I have heard that America will be great again.. less hope that it will be. I just have a feeling that the bastards are going to collapse the economy on us and trigger and event… something is up and I can feel it in my gut.



        • HCKS, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and everyone here.

          I think you’re correct about something hitting the fan soon, probably before Jan. 20.

          Going to some friend’s house for early Christmas dinner today and must avoid politics with one…. so far left liberal he doesn’t even have a clue where center is.
          So I will hold my comments and talk meaningless sh*t…
          This is the guy who says if shtf they’ll just fly to New Orleans or San Francisco and all will be fine. Whoa!

        • Hcks, careful when your out amongst the English.

      39. Checking in to wish y’all a Merry Christmas.

      40. There will be crime in the National Forests and Parks. Tents are even less safe than houses. If you build a shelter that is better than a tent, you will have to defend it from people who try to take it. In addition, the collapse may not occur all at once but in stages kind of like in Venezuela. Things just get progressively worse. The moment to head for the hills may have to be before the gangs are moving through your neighborhood looting homes.

      41. Another Russian diplomat has been murdered. Shot while at home with his wife who was unharmed. Putin says, about it; “I am not Obama”.

        That makes two so far.


      42. I feel for the city dweller not burdened with the Liberal genetic condition.

        Question is. Why are you living in areas with Liberal concentrations?

        Good luck. You all are going to need it.

      43. Watched the movie District 9 Again. Made in South Africa. Read between the lines . We must live separated from the savages.

      44. I tell people who live in the city. To escape by water . Grab a sail boat . The roads will be full. Or follow the railroad tracks . You might get lucky and be able to jump a train. If not walk or bicycle out next to the train tracks.

      45. Bolt your average lib is a pussy coward and will just whine about not getting their way. They back right down when it comes to violent confrontation. They will protest and use politics and legislation to get their way. They don’t have any balls they are mostly flaming gays that cower to real men. Just dismiss them they are insignificant. Only the strong survive the weak don’t matter. When the balloon goes up reality will hit all they are not prepared to accept reality. There will be a lot of pissin and moaning. I’d suggest being able to identify a lib and do not for any reason help them survive. I will fuckin stomp libs that get in my way.

        • Why do you wish to hurt people?

      46. Maybe off subject …. In the movie . The good earth. They would boil black dirt let the sand settle and eat the rest like soup. Seems there might be some food in the decomposed boiled black earth?

      47. Proud to be a Finn… KNOW your ass is covered….The White Ghost taught many…..

        • Simo didn’t even use a scope?

      48. The more obvious that staying in your home is impossible, then the harder it will be to leave it safely. Sometimes, it will be obvious that you have to leave. You may face roadblocks of people demanding to search your car. Any ideas other than shooting your way out?

      49. New thread please

      50. Evil never takes a holiday. Neither should we.

      51. Some cities are also now FINING people who provide food for the homeless. Vey sad.

        America Has Unofficially Declared War On The Homeless

        “Police departments across the country have been ramping up raids on the homeless, stealing coats, blankets, and other personal items and leaving those on the street with no protection from the cold and rain.”

        “Anti-homeless laws are cruel, unconstitutional, and create more hardship for those targeted, making it harder for them to get back on their feet.

        It is unthinkable to believe that stealing blankets and clothing from people living on the street is justifiable by any legislation, and it is terrifying to see law enforcement follow orders to do so without blinking an eye.”

        ht tp://

          • Many Homeless people also have mental disease, meaning they want to live on the street and refuse to work. Well, when it becomes a problem like defecating on the sidewalk in front of your house and other sanitary problems, and many are also rabid with drugs, its loitering and creepy. That’s what it looks like, when you fail to plan in life.

          • KY Mom, Ever wonder why its Against the Law to feed Alligators? If you enable them, they become a nuisance.

            • Zeus – They are human beings not amphibians; comparing people who are down and out to reptiles = no empathy/compassion = mental illness.

              You haven’t been desensitized, you’re just insensitive. And mentally ill.

          • KY Mom:

            I feel for the homeless. More needs to be done to change the conditions that cause homelessness to begin with.

            When Christmas time comes, small and large businesses must make enough in sales to stay in business. Otherwise, they too, could wind up homeless. When poor people camp out like that it causes people to avoid doing business there. So, although, this is cruel to the homeless, it is a real problem for the city as well. Telling people not to feed them, is similar to asking people not to feed the pigeons. People will do it anyway. The cops are under the impression that the homeless should go to shelters. Often shelters fill up during the cold winter. These cops taking these chronic cases to jail, keeps them from freezing. There should be better planning. Dealing with the homeless in spring and summer. Many of these people just don’t like any kind of restrictions. Shelters are no great bargain. There are all types there. A person working on call or swing shift will be locked out. So, working poor take to the streets. It is a catch 22.

            Let’s see if Trump brings jobs home from overseas. That will help.


            • B from CA,

              You make some good points.

              It feels to me that we are being desensitized as a nation to the homeless. There are families with children who are among the homeless.

              We should not be surprised that the numbers of homeless have increased, when a former White House economist admits, “94% of ALL the NEW jobs during the Obama years were PART TIME.”

            • I read that the shelters have bedbugs and TB too. I know a friend of a friend here who lost his house cuz could not pay the morgage. He is in a shelter. I know my ex boyfriend is losing his house from not paying taxes for ten yrs. He has lived there for 50 yrs. He is not doing anything tho. NOt looking for a place, not packing up, just procrastinating, and he is supposed to be out in early Feb. He is a sheep.

      52. KY Mom – I’ve been told by credible sources that many LE and payrolled govt employees/officials HATE the homeless because they aren’t “contributing”, meaning paying taxes that contribute to their salary/paychecks.

        With psychopaths, instead of just leaving others be, they want those dead who are not somehow, and in some way, contributing to their existence and survival. Sick and sad, but true.

        In any case, if they think nothing of doing that to the homeless and treating them so cruelly, without an ounce of remorse, think of what they can and will do to us, without a second thought, especially post-shtf. We should all be aware and concerned about that reality.

        • Jules,

          I also believe we are being desensitized to the homeless and told it is ok to treat them cruelly.

          You make a good point!

      53. WhoWTF… AKA: Zeus Tacoma Dmonic, a regular troller here who was banned under WhoWTF IP address a few weeks ago so he keeps returning under different IP addresses to continue trolling, not adding content, just trolling along; thinking he’s insulting and one-upping other posters here. He has no idea we know who he is and are laughing at the shtf troll. Now watch, he’ll come back with yet a different screen name and change his writing style and continue trolling.

      54. Have 10 acres at 8000′ elevation with house, apartment, and out buildings. Totally self sustained. Solar panels, well, generators, celler, water system and surrounded by public land. Absolutely no one can move in next to you.
        Sits about 1.5 miles from closest neighbors and 1.25 miles from closest highway.
        Area has elk, whitetail and mule deer, bobcat, mountain lion, bear, coyotes and Mexican black wolf.
        Underground water well goes to 400′ to underground river from mountain. Beautiful. JUST $189,000.
        Sits on the Colorado, New Mexico border in the Rocky Mountains. send me an email.

      55. 97% of the sheeple aren’t prepped for any manmade or natural catastrophe. They don’t keep up with what’s coming or what our >>>inside job 9-11 <<< next on their False flag, Totalitarian agenda 21 & 30. Us 3%er's are ready when the SHTF and will survive.

      56. All you idiots do on here is fight and name call back and forth. You’ve completley wrecked any good that comes out of here. You guy’s are nothing but a joke anymore, the topic changes, but the name calling alway’s over takes and is alway’s the same. Little boy’s comparing penis size’s! Sheesh!

      57. All? Contribute something besides calling all Idiots ? Talk about name calling? Wake up . Look in the mirror . Little boys ? Publish your address little boy? Be a brave boy.? Who’s the joke? Put up or shut up. Little boys comparing penis size? Easy to say. While hiding .come on out? Be a brave man? Not a little boy comparing penis size?


      59. Not to state the obvious but understanding geography you do realize by your own map most of where you guys live is underwater right? The Midwest and south pretty much don’t exist. so you’ll be dead or trying to swim to these bastions of criminal laden illegal immigrants broken down societies.

        Just saying. … 🙂

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