Here’s What’s Coming for America as the Coronavirus Spread: MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    Now that the CDC has invoked its “rule by secrecy” mode by hiding coronavirus testing numbers in order to deceive America (while it quietly “seeds” infected people into the population), it’s abundantly obvious that the coronavirus outbreak in America is going to be used to invoke medical martial law.

    There are already thousands of infections across America that have not yet been tested — all by design, of course, as the CDC withheld testing kits from hospitals and local health officials across the country. By our best estimates, there are currently between 5,000 and 10,000 infections in America, mostly along the West Coast (Seattle and Northern California) with new outbreaks taking place in New York City, Miami, Chicago, and other major cities.

    Right now, domestic air travel is spreading the virus like crazy, since it spreads during the asymptomatic phase when people don’t even know they’re infected. There is currently no screening of domestic air travelers, and no domestic flight routes have been locked down (although that’s coming soon).

    Importantly, the coronavirus has already broken containment in America and is now impossible to contain. It will impact every major city in America.

    Here are a few of my predictions for where we’re going with this. So buckle up and get ready, because the coronavirus is coming to a city near you:

    #1) Hospitals will be overrun in regions of America – As the exponential growth rates cause an explosion in infection cases, hospital beds that can handle biocontainment demands will quickly be full. We are close to that condition at this very moment, in fact.

    #2) Entire cities in America will be placed under quarantine lockdown status: This may take a while to be fully recognized and declared, but it will occur. Once you are caught in quarantine, you will not be allowed to leave, for fear that you might spread the disease to other cities.

    #3) School closures will become commonplace: This is already beginning to occur, and the practice will rapidly spread.

    #4) Over the coming week, there will be tens of infections confirmed in America: By the end of this week (Sunday night), we should expect somewhere around 100 new cases having been confirmed this week.

    #5) Within 30 days, if lab testing is allowed to take place, you will see hundreds of coronavirus infections confirmed in America. Watch for cases to jump to 200, then 500, etc. If the testing is allowed to take place, this is inevitable.

    #6) Within 90 days, if the labs are legitimately trying to test everyone they can, you will see thousands of coronavirus infections confirmed in America. By June, in other words, there will be thousands of confirmed infections in America, and possibly over 10,000 by that time.

    #7) Unless there’s a miracle intervention, eventually the number of coronavirus infections confirmed in America will exceed 100,000. This is mathematically inevitable, especially with the widespread negligence, incompetence and even criminal maliciousness of federal agencies that are right now telling Americans to NOT prepare. The federal government, of course, may never allow these numbers to see the light of day, since the CDC and the Trump administration now appear to be modeling their response after communist China (basically just lie about everything and hide the truth).

    #8) Restrictions on domestic air travel, armed highway checkpoints: Once the quarantines begin, you will see armed roadside checkpoints and domestic air travel restrictions put in place. America will become a medical police state.

    #9) Forced vaccines and “show me your papers” police state protocols. Eventually, once the vaccine is rolled out, you will see calls for mandatory vaccines and restrictions on human rights for people who are not vaccinated (no right to hold a job, no right to travel on public transportation, no right to be a parent, etc.). Prepare to be required to carry proof that you’ve been vaccinated. “Show me your papers.”

    #10) The near-collapse of entire cities into lawlessness and chaos: Although it might take a year or more for the full extent of the coronavirus pandemic to work its way across the nation, at some point entire cities will seemingly descend into lawlessness and chaos. The U.S. military is already reportedly planning for up to 3.3 million deaths in America as a possible scenario. The quarantines, paycheck losses and the severing of food supply lines will wreak havoc in cities like Seattle and San Francisco, where homelessness and filth are already out of control, even without a pandemic.

    Just remember, you are told there’s no need for YOU to prepare, even while the military and government are buying every truckload of emergency supplies they can find.

    It’s criminal. When the Surgeon General tells you to STOP buying masks because they don’t work, and then says hospital staffers need all those masks because they DO work, you know he’s lying.

    Get prepared with gear, or get ready to die. That about sums it up.



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      1. Military manuals absolutely free to download. The first one you want to look for is FM-21-76. This particular manual covers basic short to med range survival. Including edible and medicinal plants shelters primitive weapons water filtration. If your on a tight budget you can print it off at the library. For about $5.
        There are hundreds of other manuals available covering everything from vehicle operations weapon systems escape and evasion sniping counter insurgency techniques integration.
        Wanna learn to strip down rebuild an Abrams tank drive it into a fight there’s actually a manual for that
        GOOGLE LIST OF MILITARY MANUALS PDF. this will give you the titles and descriptions.
        As I said these are absolutely 100% free to Download print and distribute, after all they were researched studied and printed with tax dollars. They are available free as most government documents. If you know where to look
        Oh , almost forgot. Your welcome folks

      2. This man Mike Adams is a charlatan! Fear porn is his name. Panic is his game!

      3. The flu has killed thousands in the past year in the U.S. COVID-19 has killed 17. And yet, SHTF has made jack shit in the way of articles about the flu. This article and the rest of them so far are nothing but conjecture, fear mongering, and complete bullshit! The only reasons to do this is an attempt to stay relavent and to make $$.

      4. You can have a room full of guns, but unless you have a house full of bullets, and lots of friends (shooters) to join you, I’m sorry but you won’t make it in what’s coming.

      5. Kind of a bleak assessment.

      6. The military cannot impose or enforce medical martial law. They do not have the numbers to do it. Keep in mind, soldiers are human beings and they will also get sick if exposed to the virus and will need to be quarantined. They will be rotated in and out in ever increasing numbers and this is not sustainable. This means the ONLY thing the military will do is continuity of government duties: protect most important infrastructure (military airports, water, electricity, etc.), government facilities, overseas bases, priority one corridors of travel to keep supplies moving etc. They will not be going door to door or giving a crap about what happens in the urban ghettos.

        The police will also fall back and focus on key control systems and that is it. In short, you will be on your own in medical martial law.

      7. As per online rumor —
        Watch to see whether Covid-19 is affected by warm weather.
        Pandemic bonds run out in June.
        July 4th is given as the point of no return.

      8. Hands up..don’t puke! Get back in your cage.

      9. * * Buy Bullets/Food, not masks.

        1. This chinavirus circus is a manufactured event.
        2. China communist CCP needed a cover to MURDER-Purge -Kill-Genocide disenters. You are witness to communist CCP Genocide MASS MURDER. And world media is helping to cover it up.
        3. China communist wanted a test of a bioweapon for spread and death rate. Note time of year when this came out. What was recently released is relatively mild.
        4. US/World, Politicians and Bankers need a cover story for the economic collapse. Politicians and Bankers are NEVER held accountable for their MANY/Unending, criminal activities. * * * * ChinaVirus is the cover story scapegoat.
        * * * * Politicians, Bankers, Corporations, 5g, is much more dangerous to you than chinavirus.
        5. Yes there is a flu. There is Always a flu. People in poor health often die as a result of flu complications. Nothing new.

        6. Use you critical thinking people.
        How many times have Media/Politicians/Corporations, Fear mongered the public?
        * SARS
        * MERS
        * Ebola
        * Every year peddlers of “Flu shot”
        * Now the ChinaVirus

        Did you die? Are you dead? You people have some of the best genetics. Why? Your ancesters lived. You parents lived. Now you are alive. And the difficulty you ancestors went through is much rougher/difficult than you have likely ever seen. Even on your absolute worst day. My ancestors had it much much much worse.

        Thank God in Heaven that you live in modern times.
        Thank God in Heaven that you are in America. A place where a poor man can arrive with $50, buy a hand full of used tools at a pawn shop. Get a job. And within 10 years own acrerage in the country with livestock, gardens, tools, clean well water.
        I Thank God For Every Day on American soil. No matter how much BS or mistakes here, it is MUCH WORSE in most of the world. So grow up people. Be Grateful and Thankful.

        Most publicised events are often False Flag narratives. All of your media and most of internet is now controlled. CNN is the Communist News Network.

        In reality flu situation isn’t that bad. Fear is often worse than most events. Fear causes more extreme problems. Politicians, Bankers, Media, ALL want you in Fear and Panic mode. That is how they control you. That is how they get you to fight their wars. Wars where you die and they Profit.

        Don’t be controlled by fear.
        If you are in good health, rest, exercise, take normal precautions You will be just fine. So Stop this fear mongering idiocy. My old man would say, ” Don’t be stupid. Think, ponder the problem, then act.”

      10. I suspect this virus was engineered to kill off the elderly and feeble(medical cost reduction) as well as give a reason for martial law.

      11. All types of martial law have been talked about since the Kent state mess. So at some piont it will happen just what type and when is the un-known. It will spread and as summer gets to the US it should let up and if it don’t than its woman made and won’t stop.Just trying to be gender inclusive,so what do we do and is there anything to do? Stay clean and no it’s just a super flu that will kill untill it can’t find anymore peaple sorry but we take a chance when we live our lives so be not afraid.When the shock troups cme to town and they didn’t get sick then it means sombody knows how to kill it and the story of the elites wanting to kill off 90% of us ar try. Basicly this flu will prove if they is a new world order or not so stockup and stay clean by not going to the seedy parts of town.

      12. More fear porn. These fags can’t lock me down. I have so many getaway routes they don’t have a chance. Fookin stupid asswipes and there flue panic crap, it’s a beta test for idiots. But then most people are idiots. FOAD with your flu panic crap, if you don’t already know how to beat it you deserve what you get….

        • Oh and by the way, silver is cheap right now so get some. Canadian is .9999 fine which is good enough for colloidial making. Use yer brain……

      13. I understand that people would think this is fear mongering, but what do you think it is for the 16 million on lock down in italy, or how about the things they were doing to the people in china. This all USED to be fear mongering. Now it is hear. The fact that you would call this fear mongering shows that you are incredibly fearful. Just get prepared because we are about to truly go thru some harsh things. Good Luck and God Bless.

      14. We’re going to hold you to every word in this article. If it doesn’t all come true word for word you’re truly nothing but a CHARLATAN!

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