Here’s What You’ll Pay for Neocon Wars: $5,900,000,000,000

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    More evidence the “war on terror,” now shifted over to a New Cold War against Russia and China, is nothing if not a money-maker for the merchants of death and the usury banksters. 

    According to a study produced by Brown University, since the attacks of 9/11 the US has spent $5.9 trillion on wars designed to last indefinitely, or at least until the empire implodes. 

    The Pentagon has lied to us for years, grossly underestimating the cost of its military operations against enemies largely manufactured by intelligence agencies. 

    “That sort of vast expenditure is only the costs and obligations of the wars so far, and with little sign of them ending, they are only going to grow. In particular, a generation of wars is going to further add to the medical costs for veterans’ being consistently deployed abroad,” writes Jason Ditz. 

    The report summarizes what many of us have known for quite some time—the wars are designed to last forever and represent an open-ended feeding trough for the “defense” industry. The authors note

    there is no strategy for ending the wars. The fact that the US keeps spending huge sums for wars that, at least in Afghanistan, are in a stalemate, and in Iraq and Syria, are unresolved, is a long-term budgetary problem which will affect future generations. The government’s pattern of reporting only DOD war spending obscures the magnitude of spending since 9/11. The comprehensive analysis of post-9/11 federal war and war related spending conducted by the Costs of War Project is only one part of a greater assessment of the impact of these wars. The US economy will, in the long run, find it difficult to sustain this level of military and war-related spending and the deficits it produces.

    Endless war and a financial scam worthy of a RICO investigation and perpetuated on the American people by the Federal Reserve and its cartel banks will not stop until the system collapses, an event that is far closer than many believe, that is to say the relatively small number of people aware of and warning about this eventuality. 

    Trump has kept the Pentagon charade alive, acting as an international death merchant salesman of the month. His MAGA crowd apparently believes spending billions on redundant and often broken military hardware will make America something again, certainly not great.


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      1. The fed is the biggest scam ever imposed on the American people. It must be shut down, the usury players executed, and the banks Nationalized….before the whole dam thing collapses, and these evil SOBs abscond with our wealth.!!!

        • re and these evil SOBs abscond with our wealth.!!!

          Psst… There is NO wealth left – IT’S GONE!

        • Politicians/DOD has privatised most services and logistics.
          Translation, there is much money in war. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
          Who owns the private inteligence, logistic support, Transportation, private security contractors. Politicians. Mr. Cheney. KBR, Haliburton, Blackwater, etc. Repair for heavy vehicles is contracted. Been there. Made my money.

          Money is scimmed, scammed, and some even made legitamate. But all the money is being made by DEATH and WAR.

          “War is a Racket.” RIP and God Bless Smedly Buttler.

          (everything spelled wrong but you get the idea)

        • Biggest scammers (*&^$$$%^& how about crooks overruns as well as cost by manufacturer overruns

        • “His MAGA crowd apparently believes spending billions on redundant and often broken military hardware will make America something again, certainly not great.”

          Obviously Kurt has never seen a TR3-B or recognized the existence of DEW Lasers. 🙂

      2. Endless Wars in the ‘Holy Land’ , but we can not defend Texas Citizens from drug gangs and human trafficking ?

        God Bless Texas !
        Please Protect American Citizens.

        • We have 3-waves of illegals set to come across our border.

          And Trump, who promised an end to illegal immigration is building tents. FEMA Camps for Americans who object to illegal immigration?

          Stop all immigration. All of it.

          Build the wall.

          Use the trillions of dollars we waste on a military that cannot win a war and deport all these illegals

      3. When the imperialists own everything and everyone who is to stop them? The sheep graze to stay alive out of the human slaughterhouse.

      4. And the flag-wavers went mindlessly along with it! Y’all know who you are.

      5. WHY aren’t these NeoCon WAR-CRIMINALS swinging from lamposts?

        Because the USSA is only financially but – more importantly – Morally & Spiritually BANKRUPT!

        It’s O-V-E-R!!!

        • Because Americans are cowards. That’s why nobody is swinging from lampposts. That, and lampposts are little hard to find these days.

          • A better question is. “Why do idiots fall for this shit time after time and sign up for the military?” If your stupid enough to put your life on the line for the bankers and NOT our country I guess it’s good riddance. I’m sure the global elite that own you are grateful for your service.

      6. Where is the gold?

        Is it still in the ?? United States, or has it been taken elsewhere, perhaps to Isreal?

        If we’re going to initiate a national bank and issue a national currency, we need to have possession of the gold. It can also be done without gold based merely on labor as was done in Germany during the 1930’s. But the gold stolen from the American people should have never been taken and should be returned one way or another, preferably by agreement.


        • Ask the rottenchilds, I’m sure they have it tucked away safely (for your benefit of course).

      7. As for Trump’s claim that $716 billion in budget authority for fiscal 2019 will be the “most amount ever,” 
        Actually the “most amount ever” spent was in 1945, when the U.S. spent the equivalent of $950.1 billion (in 2019 dollars). More was also spent in 1943 and 1944, and in 2008 through 2012, which included the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

        Brown University is more of a haven for beatniks and time warp hippies than ivy league statisticians so this intel should be processed accordingly.

      8. Is that the $6-trillion dollars the military lost; or is that really the $6-trillion dollars the military found?

        • It’s the 6 trillion they printed/stole.

      9. According to Project Veritas, the only things an illegal alien needs to register to vote is any kind of ID card and one pay stub from any company. The Dems had companies set up to get ID’s to as many as possible. Your votes were neutralized by illegals. Act accordingly.

      10. Illegals vote so many bogus ways, there is not enough space here
        to wite them all.

        Utility bills are sooooo illegal for ID.
        Since when can you do ANY OFFICIAL BUSINESS ANYWHERE using
        a utility bill as identification???

        I had to provide all kinds of ID just to get a phone….. and the phone
        company had all the answers BEFORE THEY GRILLED ME… But the govmt
        does not care WHO RUNS OUR COUNTRY. because they all cheat.
        The phone company doesn’t NEED THAT INFO…. they only need it to betray
        your privacy and security…and to SELL IT FOR BIG BUCKS.

        I guess you have to have a Mexican name before that kind of
        ID will work….. or not speak english…..or something corrupt like that.

        It doesn’t matter that our children and grand kids ” WANT THE AMERICAN
        DREAM” also…want jobs that pay well, want decent healthcare, want to live
        the freedoms their fathers, grandfathers for generations fought horrific, bloody,
        mind bending, dirty, WAR AFTER WAR for this country. For WHAT??
        Those that ran to Canada to avoid the draft…. were called dirty, rotten,
        draft dodging, cowards!!
        Ahh but they didn’t die…. did they??? NO …. they came back here
        for MOVIE FAME, paid college, the benefits the prosperity and the
        freedoms it brought.!

        Hmm isn’t that what democratic unions do..(.hold the company hostage)
        until they bankrupt the company before they bankrupt the workers?
        I’m beginning to think there are no good leaders who care about the
        country. Really.

        We may have a few jobs here, but we already have 180,000,000 + illegals here.
        That will multiply into 2,000,000,000 by next year when they chain migrate,
        sneak in, breed and breed and breed…..
        and what about the ones STILL WAITING TO BE ADMITTED? OMG!!!

        We don’t want that congestion, filth, crime, mafias, druglords, corruption, or the
        communist socialist kingpins, not to mention the lack of food and pure water.

        I’m not willing to sacrifice QUALITY OF LIFE FOR QUANTITY OF SLAVERY.
        Are you?

      11. Pentagon/DoD –> A MEGA $TRILLION Shakedown Operation masquerading as a Military.

        And ALL with the enthusiastic support of “your” gravy-train CONgress

      12. There are three legitimate causes for a just war.
        1. To defend the homeland.
        2. To gain territory to expand the homeland.
        3. To gain natural resources for the homeland.

        Since 1898, the USA has fought countless skirmshes, battles, and wars…yet not to defend the homeland. We have not gained an inch of territory that we did not give away (like total morons). We have not gained any natural resources.

        The fourth so-called cause for a just war is a holy war as a crusade which has been a miserable failure whenever used and is not biblically sound. The actual rationale was to stop Western Europe from attacking each other and fight Moors and Arabs and later Mongols.

        The fifth dubious cause is to aid allies, yet what allies has the USA EVER had? The French? The UK? Italy? Germany? Japan? We have zero allies and they not only mock us, but profit at our expense, aid our enemies, and now plan to protect themselves from our military forces!

        Wake up.

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