Here’s What Movies Forget to Mention About What Happens After Society Collapses

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    This article was originally published at Tess Pennington’s

    Tess is the author of the highly rated and widely popular The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster.

    collapse-ruins2 collapse-ruins1

    Post-apocalyptic movies are popular for a reason. We live in a world that is brimming with long lines, bills, traffic jams, bureaucracy, and stressful jobs. So even though we intuitively understand that living in an apocalyptic hellscape would be an absolute horror show, in the back of our minds we kinda wish that we had an excuse to blow off all of our modern responsibilities.

    In that sense, post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows provide the perfect fantasy for us. They give us loner protagonists wandering through the quiet, windswept ruins of our cities, scavenging for food and fighting off zombies instead of working day jobs. These films try to convince us that post-apocalyptic living is an arduous but simple feat, in much the same way that Old Western movies romanticized the pre-modern world.

    In short, these films depict the death of everything we hate about modern society, while downplaying the consequences of that state of affairs. They portray the leftovers of our society as a playground for charismatic misfits, but neglect to inform you of a very important detail. If the modern world falls apart, never to return, it’s going to leave behind an abundance of ticking time bombs in its wake.

    They don’t show you what will happen to millions of our abandoned pets, who will revert to their wild instincts after we stop feeding them, and begin competing with their former owners for food. These films don’t show you what it’s like to walk through an abandoned suburban city, where ten thousand swimming pools have turned into breeding grounds for disease carrying mosquitoes.

    They rarely mention the dozens of nuclear power plants that litter the United States. If no one is there to operate them, how long before they melt down and bury millions of survivors under a radioactive cloud?

    Then there are the 12,000 facilities around the country that store large quantities of toxic or flammable chemicals, and reside close to residential areas. 2,500 of these sites contain chemicals in quantities that, if a catastrophic accident were to occur, could affect 10,000 to 1 million people each. And let’s not forget the 2.5 million miles of oil and gas pipelines that can be found in every state. They suffer hundreds of leaks and ruptures every year, and are much more likely to explode when they aren’t maintained. That detail seems to be conveniently forgotten by post-apocalyptic films.

    And finally, most post-apocalyptic movies will forget to mention what happens when there aren’t any functional fire departments. Aside from the obvious consequences, like whole neighborhoods routinely burning to the ground, who’s going to put out landfill fires that are occasionally radioactive?

    Another product of the modern world is the poor management of our national parks and forests, which has laid the groundwork for some of the largest and fastest burning forest fires in history. Even with the help of firefighters, these conflagrations routinely burn more than a 100,000 acres at a time. How many rural Americans are going to have to flee their homes from the veritable tidal wave of wildfires that would scorch the landscape?

    Frankly, this is just a short list of some of the unexpected disasters that will be waiting for us if society collapses. There are probably plenty of others that we haven’t even considered yet. So the next time you’re enjoying a post-apocalyptic feature of some kind, try not to get too wrapped up in the fantasy it provides. If the world falls apart, traveling through the ruins of our dead civilization will be less like a whimsical action packed adventure, and more like traversing a mine field without a metal detector.

    This article was originally published at Tess Pennington’s

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page or on his personal Twitter.

    Joshua’s website is Strange Danger

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

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      1. I am worried about Dam water levels. Being down from a Dam and on the flood zone.

        • Don’t all damns have a manual ‘wheel’ for opening the side-gates for overflow?

          • I guess it’s safe to say there won’t be any beer. Damn.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

            • “Even with the help of firefighters, these conflagrations routinely burn more than a 100,000 acres at a time.”

              This statement is not true, and the author has randomly picked a number for the sake of sensationalism. Between 1999 and 2015 there were 20 fires in the lower 48 states that were greater than 100,000 acres. That is hardly “conflagrations that ROUTINELY burn more than 100,000 acres. SOURCE: the national interagency fire center.

              • over once a year seems routinely to me

              • This is misleading . There have been fires that have burned more than 500,000 acres like the Bisquet fire in southwestern Oregon.

            • Nooooo

          • I work at a couple of dams. Some will just let the water out, as the gates are held up by hydraulic cylinders. With no power, the pressure would bleed off and the gates would creep down. Others are not so well designed. If water is not released in a controlled manner, the lakes would rise above the safe load limit on the flood gates and most gates are not designed for ‘over-topping’. THey could collapse. Not all at once, but I would not want to be close to them. Most dam collapses are not the ‘wall of water’ seen in movies.

        • Nobody give a Dam about that.

          • Exactly what the heck to the Zionist running Hollywood know about realism?? No worry the IRS will find you post collapse, and this is one reason the Government keeps the Bankrupt Post Office in business, so they can keep sending their tax bill to the remaining living. Remember Death Taxes and Cockroaches will always exist.


      2. …not to mention a lack of municipal services i.e clean drinking water, no power for a/c or heat, no waste pickup. Rodent and insect populations will explode, along with the diseases they carry.

        The weak will go fast. Only the strong, and strong-willed, will survive

        • +1

        • Excellent points there about lack of clean water and lack of sanitation. Post-SHTF, more people are going to die from disease than from any other cause.

          The vast majority of people have no clue in regards to how things really work when they turn the faucet and water comes out. My understanding of the process may be a little on the complex side

          Most important thing to remember is that our water utility is hard-wired into our power grid. The logic behind it is very simple: if the power goes out, the backup generators automatically kick on, and life goes on without missing a beat. Thing to remember: the backup generators run on diesel. If power is not restored, and a fresh supply of diesel can not get to those backup generators, you now have a major problem: no running water. That means people who were not smart enough to build a stock of bottled water are going to head to open-source water to somehow manufacture a drink of water, which is when the real problems begin.

          People have it in their heads that they can just boil open-source water, and now they have a drink of water. Absolutely wrong; boiling will kill parasites and bacteria, but it will do nothing for the raw sewage and other biohazards which will backflow into the rivers and waterways, the very places people will go not only for open-source water, but for fish to eat. Why will backflow occur? The waste water treatment plants are hard wired straight into the grid identical to the water utilities. No power and/or no fresh supply of diesel equals backflow; whatever goes into those plants for treatment is going to discharge straight into the rivers and waterways, which is what a functioning waste water treatment plant does with water that has been treated.

          The thousand to tens of thousands of cases of crippling diarrhea that follow will only be the beginning.

          • Our water is a spring high enough to gravity feed the house with no pump. 3000 gallons of storage. Been working fine for the last 30 years, my guess is it will for the next 30 unless the law of gravity is repealed.

            Sewage disposal is septic tank. Had it pumped after 25 years of use, didn’t really need it then, probably will never pump it again.

            Got years and years worth of soap/toilet paper/etc put up. Lots of pool bleach tablets to make bleach as needed.

            I think we’re covered.

            • I also bought some of that pool bleach – very concentrated stuff. 6 pounds can cleanse 125,000 gallons. Do you know if it has an expiration date?

              • H,pool shock until made up in liquid form has a multi year shelf life,but,at under 20 for a 5 pound container get another,am sure at some point even in it’s solid form calcium hypoclorite can break up.When mixed into for lack of better term liquid bleach good for a few months,I believe 1/2 life break down by 6 months but research,could be wrong.

            • Well for PO’d Patriot and FTW I have some news lol. I gave some samples of my wheeesky to people I am working with from Virginia, Arizona, Ohio and they all told me today that it was the best they had ever had! Nothing but the highest praise saying it beat any whiskey they ever tasted! They absolutely love it and want to learn to make it. I don’t mind teaching people but I want a patent on my recipe first. With all the reviews I have gotten so far I could sell it for a lot of $. I must see what it takes to run a legal small operation and see if I can afford it. It wouldn’t get any better than just sittin’ around the mountains makin wheeesky all day lol. My retirement plan just changed 🙂

              • Hey G, I think you can make up to 75,000 Gallons to be a small operator. Genius, I will give you a great marketing tip for your brew. If you cann and sell it in these containers, slap a label on it, you will make a fortune. My idea for this is:…..

                Masson Jars with Handles. You will make a fortune as many people will buy the brew for the drinkable container with a handle.

                Go to: ht tp://

                Thank me later with a case of brew.. lol


                • Whiskey is a distillate, not a brew. Just being a stickler.

              • Your retirement plan has changed,being a retired alcoholic no longer has a appeal?!

              • Genius be careful out there man. Some lady down here in DFW, TAXUS just got nailed for making and selling tamales from home. If the government can’t figure out a way to slap a fee or tax on it they’ll just fine us. I can’t possibly see how you’re going to be able to make your “shine” without ATF breathing down your neck for fees.

            • Now the question is, who will actually control the water supply. The water wars of the West, ostensibly to conserve water, are nothing more than a front for the Globalist Agenda 21. Coming to every state if we don’t stop it now while we still can. ‘They’ control the water, ‘they’ control the people.

              Nevada Water War Update on you tube
              “A sample of how serious this issue is and how these hearings have ambushed a lot of usually in the know people.”

            • My 100+ year old well suddenly went dry 2 years ago. Went from being able to supply 100GPM for half a day to just plain empty.
              When your diet changes due to the lack of certain foods, especially sugary foods, you will find that the septic tank dosent work so well anymore. But they are easy to fix at least. The well is an entirely different matter.

              • Did the aquifer level drop? You just need to have the well bored down deeper

          • Excellent dissertation Peter! Our environment in a post SHTF/TEOTWAWKI will become a “closed loop” system of disgust and pestilence. One factor will trigger another event, and so on…cause and effect, except it will be literal hell on earth. Don’t be in an urban environment!

            All of the “Mainstream” TV shows can never portray TRUE SHTF!!! Too many factors – too many variables. One thing is for sure – it WILL be 100% worse than we can imagine or plan.

            Great info on boiled water!

          • Get a good test kit. For practice, we boil, filter then test it. Not all water sources will be contaminated with municipal sewage, don’t watch the fear porn. Amazon sells some pretty good test kits. We’re kind of lucky, our neighbor works at a municipal waste facility and part of his job is water testing so he showed me exactly what to do. P.S. When you take a dump, bury it or burn it.
            Stay quiet Be smart

      3. You worry too much.

        • YES!…i worry too much….but am i worrying ENOUGH?…PERSONALLY, i don’t think so.

          • When this sucker goes off it’s going to be epic. So let’s write the epitaph.

            Without food coming into the cities, latent societal fault lines exploded in a chain of sympathetic detonations. The young pushed aside the older generation that they blamed for sucking the system dry. The urban fought the rural when the cities were first emptied of food and then hope and then people. The devoutly religious battled the strident secularists. Big-government socialists, including most law enforcement, battled the libertarians and conservatives. Cross-racial tribalization fractured the fragile multicultural checkerboard.

            • dude you don;t want my epitaph lol…

      4. The nuclear power plant thing has always worried me. I don’t know anywhere you would be safe if it all starts melting down. I really don’t want to live in a bunker for 5 years which is pretty much out of my reach, to come up to a wasteland. Maybe if, when this happens this will be our extinction event for humans.

        • Ted

          Nuclear reactors melting down don’t concern me. That is not the problem. They actually can shut themselves down. They have back up systems for back up systems. A melt down is litterally what it means. They meld down into the ground. The dome should protect it. It is designed to do that. An extra foot or two of concrete was added as well after 9/11.

          The concern would be the spent fuel rods. The ones stored in cask should be alright. The ones left in the pools would be the concern. After about a 30 day supply of diesel fuel they lose the cooling water that supplies the pool. It won’t be the radiation that an unused fuel rod will have but they are still hot. Then you have to watch the wind direction. It won’t distroy the whole country but it will contaminate much of it.

          • Thank you for posting this. I was about to explain that. Most people dont even realize that a nuke plant cannot explode like a bomb.

            • Oh REALLY?!?! Ever see the pics of Chernobyl?? It may not have been like at Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but it still blew the roof off the sucka!! How much more of a bomb does it need to be?
              The real question to ask is “How much of a future do you plan on surviving into?”. Can you imagine two or three months of slowly dying due to starvation and thirst? Going for sleep for days on end while trying to fight off marauders and the starving hordes? The stress of not knowing what’s going to happen next will shorten your life by several years at least. And one wrong move in a close encounter with someone who wants what meager amount of stuff you may still have is all that it will take to put your lights out for good.
              The electricity is the lynch pin of everything. Pull that out, and no natural gas will get to market, and the pressure in the lines will go down to zero after a few weeks at the most as people use it all up. The nuke plants will be the final nail in our coffin, I think.

              • Chernobly

                Totally different. Plants are built different when there are not the same regulations you have to go by. Not the same building codes.

                Totally different country. I don’t post things I don’t know. I am a supervisor in the power industry so trust me or not. It’s your choice.

          • Weren’t they supposed to sequester all those fuel rods inside a concrete box at the bottom of the ocean or down a super deep mine shaft or something?

            Instead they sit there in the “kiddie pool” up on Floor 5. Great idea too, let’s elevate them (going off of Fukushima here).


            Cost? I have to assume…

            Look if you can’t play with your toys responsibly…

            • Yes they were supposed too. In Yukka Mountain in Nevada. No one wanted them. Imagine that. So many are stored in Concrete Cask on site. They are stored after spending some time in the cooling pools. I don’t know the time. Maybe someone else on here has that knowledge. I have worked with coal and natural gas. The knowledge I have is from those who have built or worked in Nuclear Stations owned by the company I work for.

        • With all nuke plants, they already have enough diesel ‘ON SITE’ to shut down the entire facility at the pre-determined speed that averts an overflow/overheating of the rods.

          So, unless the fuel supply was interrupted or the genny killed, there wouldn’t be a problem that I am aware of.

          Those rods can be extracted to a cooling pit almost immediately, or placed deep in the Rockies, north of Nevada and West of The Big River.

          • Equorial

            Each station has a 30 day supply of fuel for the backup generators. The concern would be the collapse of the trucking industry. Then no delivery of backup fuel. The units would be shut down and rods removed. That is if enough employees were still going to work. Those are the concerns.

          • The spent fuel and nuclear waste was supposed to go to a facility built in Yucca Mountain in NV built for that purpose – will Billions of tax dollars…

            Harry Reid put a stop to that – AFTER it was built.

      5. i always tried to think of those movies as training films.

      6. Mars is looking good….when is the next flight out?

        • I’d rather stay here Jim. Yes it is a slower burn but heh man lets try it.

      7. Was looking into corn–and found this little quiz from:

        Modern Marvels Film Quiz–CORN

        This question and the answer was very revealing to a potential danger for mankind in TEOTWAWKI.

        All corn has been ______________________ meaning it can’t exist without human intervention.

        The answer, according to The University of Illinois is:
        -domesticated- One of the traits that was highly selected for in the domestication of maize was non-dehiscent kernels that stick to the cob (farmers don’t want to spend all this time growing corn just to have the kernels fall off onto the ground).

        Without human intervention, the cob would eventually fall to the ground and likely be eaten by a predator. Germination of seeds off a cob is possible, but the plants would be too tightly packed together to successfully establish a population.

        The corn you see growing each summer across Iowa, Ill, Neb, etc could not exist without human intervention.

        I believe I read once that in the short space of two yrs, just two yrs! corn would revert back to it’s original form, the teosinte plant.

        According to “Modern Marvels” on History, corn would go extinct in a few years without human intervention.

        Something to think about. Be very careful how you save your heirloom seed corn.

        Take the CORN test:
        ht tp://

        • Interesting. We’ve been growing Hickory King, a white OP corn, for years using the same seed and manure for fertilizer. I’ve been saving the ‘double ear on one stalk’ ears for seed for several years, trying to improve the yield from single ears to mostly double. The % of stalks with double ears is now about 40%, more than 2x what I started with.

          I see no reason I can continue this indefinitely.

      8. Ok. We have clean nuclear. It’s called fusion. There are two ways to release nuclear power, either by fission (cutting) an atom, or, by fusion (merging) two atoms. Water can be used. Hydrogen power is all we need. If TPTB would stop knocking off inventors; we could have clean safe alternatives. Swimming pools should remain covered when not in use. And forest fires can be prevented. We know the reason for massive fires is because we put out the small fires which causes one big fire instead of lots of little ones. So selectively cutting down trees even in protected areas, might simulate the useful damage and barrier needed to prevent massive wildfires. As far as wild dogs, what’s for dinner. Just make sure to be armed. We need to develop safer methods than current gas pipe system. They are old and dangerous. There was more than one big explosion caused by these accident waiting to happen system of dela pirated gas pipes.


        • B from A

          Regarding forest fires. Many are started by people. That is true. Many are started by lightning strikes. This is natures way of cleaning up. Environmentalist forbid controlled burns and cleaning of the underbrush. They say it disturbs the environment of the forest and hurts the wildlife. Therefore when nature does its cleaning it is a lot worse.
          Gas lines that shut down after a power outage have check valves in the lines. Only parts of the lines that fail will blow up. You are correct in saying that they are old. They are also not large enough for current demand.
          The reason we almost had rolling blackouts back during the polar vortex was due to this. In winter the home owner has priority over everything else for heating. You can only put so much gas in a line. There were gas power stations that could not run for any amount of money. They just could not supply the gas to them. Our current governments war on coal has put us in a dangerous situation. If we have a prolonged very cold period then I am not sure we can keep all the lights on. Many new gas power stations have come on line. Many coal stations have closed.

          I so hope the people in power have figured out this problem. The whole transmission system needs to be upgraded. Both gas and electric.

          Just trying to be helpful with my post.

          • For anyone who hasn’t read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen
            a story which can be all too terrifyingly real…a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages.
            VERY good, fast read!

            • sarge,if you and others have not read 1 Year After do so,the story continues,with many in supposed at that time govt. acting as we figured they would,will be a final installment in that book series in the works as I type.

              • Warchild

                Have not read 1 year after but plan too.

            • I’ve read One Second After and the sequel One Year After. There’s a third book in the series (making it a trilogy) coming out in January and I’ve pre-orderd it. I agree with many others in that every American should read it. It is the book that inspired me to become a prepper. I’m not at my goal yet, but I have definitely 3 months of food, water and other supplies such as ammo. My first aid kit would be the envy of many a small hospital and I am trained in many medical procedures. I even have 3 months of food for my cats. I’ll keep working on my supplies because I do believe there will be a SHTF or a TEOTWAKI incident within my lifetime.

          • Just think what a Great job of fixing usa pipe lines and roads and bridges could be done instead of wasting so Many Multi-Trillions dollars on fraud Wars to blow up entire mid east region eh.

            Not to mention tons of good pay jobs to do it all.

      9. Some are going to live…….
        And some are going to die……
        For thoughs who believe in GOD, will go quick it’s his will.
        For thoughs who do not believe in GOD well……….

        Anyway you look at it it is what it is so why worry it’s his will RIGHT ?

        • You’re supposing people believe in God? Open your eyes. I’m not saying believe one way or the other, but shit man…..

          • Save me jebus!!!

          • Of course he would be supposing that people believe in God. Isn’t the believe in God the #1 REASON MUSLIMS REFERENCE US AS INFIDEL THAT MUST BE KILLED (TOTALLY)? Yes, it is.

            He’s only quoting “The Scriptures”, not his own words.

            So, “but shit man..” what?

            The more of God that we allow driven out of The USA, the more we see increasing and undesired peoples from all walks of life, entering our country intending to destroy and change it to suit THEIR lifestyles …and we, we are slated to be annihilated in totality. Christians all “go South” too.

          • Everybody believes in God, but not everybody is a Christian. Even the demons believe.

            • Acts 19:15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?

              indeed, “Even the demons believe.”

      10. Well Riley Martin in the BOOK
        The Beovans have a spaceship hiding in the rings of SATURN
        Will come, and rescue us if you have your symbols.
        They have been watching.
        I got mine, I got a long time ago, and I do not have to put on a aluminum cone hat on my head LOL.
        So I am safe.

        So beam me up.

      11. These are some of the factors free adult people take into consideration in their choice of where to live. Make your choice. Please… no whining thereafter.

      12. As long as I can still get my cotton candy blizzards from Dairy Queen!

      13. Simple worries that drive me nuts. Knowing that in my own neighborhood as well as everyone else’s there are going to be problems. Just watch the series Jericho.

        The people around you even the people closest to you will cause problems. How will they really react when the world goes to hell in a hand basket. How will we react. Truth is that is unknown. Will we become barbarians. Will we go into a shell just to protect our own little family. If so every neighbor will become your enemy.

        I live in a rural area. It has an extremely small town 6 miles from it. I know all the people that live close to me. Some have farms. One owns the local hunting and fishing store. There is much knowledge of old ways and country living in my little corner of the world. In small problems caused by nature I have noticed the kind ways of people here. It is due to the way we were raised.
        This will not last if the world collapses. I know this. Then it goes to the haves and have not’s . It always has and always will. Due to the nature of man. Greed, power, jealousy, dislike, prejudice, lust, envy, and pride. They will all come into play.
        The true character of people will come into play. Some people who seem strong will become week and some who are week will become strong. In some you will see the opposite of what they normally are. Examine how they act in a small crisis now. If small things cause them to go spastic then imagine what would happen if there world turned upside down tomorrow.
        How are women going to act if the world goes to crap? Not meant in a bad way. How are the men going to act? Again not meant in a bad way.
        I fear what I may have to do to some people.

        If this happens then all of our worlds will turn upside down. We will watch those we love die in some cases slow due to one sickness or another. We will watch close friends go to pieces. We may even go to pieces then what. What happens if you actually have to kill someone up close and personal. What happens if all the ones close to you turn against you in a decision. What happens when you are short something that you need badly and a loved ones life depends on it. What happens if someone you are close too gets hurt or raped by someone else. The life we know now will look so much better. What happens when roving bands come to neighborhoods to take everything. Will the community band together.
        Even when you are at your bug out location there are always those that are somewhere close by.
        I dread what is coming. I don’t want it to happen. I know it is coming though. I keep prepping. If I can help some people I am a lot better off than someone who has just enough for themselves. I know I cannot help all though. Then what happens.

        I know question marks belong in most of those spots. I got on a roll and now don’t feel like going back and changing them. Hopefully it provokes some thoughts on people’s parts.

        • MIke, thoughtful post, thanks. You covered a lot of things we’ll have to deal with.

        • Yeah, sobering post my friend. I’d rather things not happen so quickly myself, but it appears things are speeding way up.

          • Mike,very hard times bring out the best in some and worst in some.Hopefully,we will cull the ones that are evil,or will die trying as I will not hide while evil moves about me in the guise of rape/murder ect.I will as I have stated before perhaps (probably)die in these efforts and have thought about it for years and though not suicidal am cool with that,then,off to the rock in hell for a visit!

            • Warchild

              Hopefully with good leadership small communities can survive. There will always be those few that have to be let go. That is the part I dread. It could be your brother or sister. If they are not let go then it could cost others lives. Tough choices but they have to be made.

        • MIKE IN VA.
          hey man this is actually snowman.I live in VA. also.I live near Richmond. You and my family should meet. your statements are almost a mirror image of what i tell people around here who have begun to ask what would happen,what should we do,etc.
          It is amazing how many people are now realizing that something bad is coming our way.

          • Sasqatch

            Many on here worry about OPSEC. I within reason stopped many years ago regarding this site because I figured it was better to help people. I also realized that I am small potatoes when it comes to upper echelons on alternative media. Also people who have been in special forces and retired ect. It is impossible to come to all of our doors. Everyone in my small area knows me. Pretty sure we would be aware of the government trying to round up people. Most of the trouble would start in the cities where they could get more bang for there buck.

            So you are welcome to email me at mdoftilt@yahoo. Anyone else is welcome as well.

            • yeah i know it was basically a rhetorical remark mainly because we seem to hold the same values and ideas plus we are in the same state ;but then again most on here are of the same mind set lol. You have to be careful. I do appreciate the email however.

        • Thanks Mike. Insightful.

      14. So, according to this article, were ALL fucked no matter what, so why prep? Ridiculous!!!

        • Some people will just get the tip and others will have to take the whole shaft.

          Depends on how much you prep.

        • Dmonic,why prep?Well…..,final act of defiance,that’s why!

        • DMONIC

          Not true. You are assuming that the entire country dies due to these threats. Wind direction, storms, and your location will control how things go. The article is just pointing out further problems we will have to deal with if the entire country goes to crap.

      15. the last sentence in the first paragraph is dead on. we do want to blow off our modern responsabilities. enough is enough with modern responsibilities

      16. The 2,500 miles (which is WRONG, hes a dumbass, more like 50,000 miles total) gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, butanes, hexanes, nat gas and crude oil lines will explode, the nuke plants will melt down causing a radiation plume the size of Africa, etc. WHY BOTHER THEN??????

        suck it assholes. NOT gonna happen.

        Stop posting this shit MAC. I’ve looked into it, read about it and being in the oil & gas biz, can tell you this is TOTAL horseshit.

        Try posting an article that isn’t FEAR PORN about the multiple FAIL SAFES put in place for just such an occurrence.


        Talk about sheeple….

        • DMonic! STFU! You’ve now brought me back to reality a you’ve screwed up my fantasy! Oh, well. This piece was yet another “deepening of the fantasy”.

          While the financial collapse may go quickly, the rest will go slowly and we’ll adjust on the way down. Its more like being kicked out of the plane with a parachute. You fall pretty fast for a while then you realize that you can pull the cord. You do. Its still not a soft landing but a heck of a lot better than one without a parachute.

          We prep in hopes its all a waste of time. But, my saying: do do anything for the collapse that isn’t a good idea anyway. I don’t know how long I can survive, but in the summer without power, probably quite a long time. In the winter, maybe not as long. I have to have power to run the circulation fan.

          • Net Ranger

            The question that came to my mind long ago. What would cause the power to go out? EMP, Solar Flare, terrorist attack, were some of the answers.

            Then I realized in an economic collapse I would not go to work. Why would I for a worthless piece of paper. Then I realized no one else would either. We would all be looking out for our own.

            That is when I made sure I prepared for the power going out. This is the most likely scenario to cause the power to go out.

        • DMONIC

          Read my post above. These are legitimate concerns but there are safeties in place. It won’t be as bad as the article implies. MAC is doing a good service in pointing out further problems that people ma have to deal with.

          Every problem should be considered in prepping. All opinions should be considered. It is for the good of all. We are all going to forget something that is needed. That is just the way it goes.

          I commend MAC for all his articles. That is why I am here to learn, to help, and to consider all post and articles.

          If you think it is just for MAC’s profit then why stay?

      17. read carefully the last line in the first paragraph. does it apply?

      18. has government coruption given us cause to blow off all off our modern responsibilities? just asking

        • We have no more responsibilities any more. Lie cheat and steal is the new American dream.

          • Just try not paying those taxes.

      19. Only three groups will survive in this type of world –

        1. Clusters of government officials and soldiers – who have stockpiled or will seize resources.

        2. Clusters of ‘Raiders’ who will attack others and seize everything from weaker clusters.

        3. Clusters of different sizes that are ar least semi-autonomous and minimize or avoid any contact.

        While we talk of loose dogs and swimming pools – you will likely see more walking skeletons of those without resources – who will be left to die of starvation and disease.

      20. A complete collapse of society will bring a severe thinning of the human population. Modern American people are not mentally prepared for this and many will off themselves. No more electric, welfare, fuel, ammo, Walmart, easy food, water and medicine, the results will be horrible. The cities will burn first after their three day supply of food runs out. In a month if you see a fat man there will be a herd of cannibals after him. If possible have a plan to lay low rurally with a enough family or people to defend the homestead and food supply. After a number of months of the great starvation the herd will be greatly thinned and people will start coming together. You will be living a hard primitive life style, primitive farming, fishing trapping and hunting like our ancestors did many generations ago until this country comes together or is taken over by another country. Never give up, a bad attitude will kill you. Have a plan and a back up plan and you may just survive this with a little luck, old swamp rat says.

      21. Look I just honestly don’t think you can (reasonably) lose enough people for all this to become a serious problem. I mean you’d have to lose 90% + or something.

        … yeah watch me be wrong on both assumptions there…

      22. I do not prep for the end of the world, I prep for a world we can live in. I trust the Lord will provide a path for those that choose to get off their butts.

        We prep for the long dark winters that inevitably come.

        Be ready to dig in for the long term, or run for the hills, don’t be limited by attitude or weighted down by possessions. Stay flexible and have plans within plans.

        In the movies, the government is always there to help and save people. The reality is the government can act unpredictably. During Catrina an LA sheriff and his deputies held a bridge at gun point, turning back hundreds of New Orleans refugees trying to escape death. The Sheriff who committed humanitarian crimes never faced charges. Helpless people trying to flee the hurricane aftermath were put at huge risk. The Sheriff was afraid the refugees MIGHT commit crimes in his parish, which was also devastated. Thus he refused access to the only through PUBLIC road!

        Mean while the governor and mayor of New Orleans were playing we hate Bush on TV. I watched them live tell the Federal government was not needed or welcome, especially the president. I so wish I had recorded that press conference. Bush nearly declared a state of emergency without state authorization, his admin was debating the legal precedence, they would have had to declare the Louisiana governor incapacitated by stupidity or something. The governor quietly without public notification filed an order declaring the state of emergency, then walked out to the press and demanded to know why the Bush admin was so slow to respond!

        People died because of politics during one of the worst natural disasters in US history. Expect to be made political cannon fodder when it suits political agendas or coup attempts.

        • Plan,this go around the people’s of La. learned and did it themselves for the most part.The Cajun Navy.then the Cajun Army,proved folks can get it together on their own and do the right thing.Per usual,not a lot of msm coverage as doesn’t fit the govt. agenda,oh,and fuck the govt. agenda!

      23. being downwind from a thousand rotting corpses will not be a picnic either

        • I remember an African country where a Muslim insurgent army came through and murdered tens of thousands. They killed most with machetes because they didn’t have enough bullets. Their victims were unarmed anyway. Hard work hacking apart tens of thousands of men women and children.

          There were so many bodies thrown into one river by the Muslim terrorists that it formed a jam damning up the river like a logging jam that happens when rivers are used to move logs cut for lumber.

          This is Islam, and they are here in the US now, in vast numbers because that is what Obama wanted.

      24. “how long before they melt down and bury millions of survivors under a radioactive cloud?”

        6-9 days

      25. I think the movies have missed . The suicide rate.

      26. One of the many things that makes me smile wryly about “preppers” is the concern they have about stocking up on toilet paper! WTF for? Nature provides natural toilet paper in broad leaved plants!

        Or if that’s too yucky for your sensitive little botties do what the Roman soldier did….use a sponge on the end of a stick (the original wipe, wash and repeat). Much more hygenic than paper!

        In the same vein, an article or three back, some girly boy was advising people to stockpile deodorants! If you’re worried about how you smell I would suggest that you ain’t ready to survive Armageddon!

        • Yanon

          I live in the country. Have served in the military. Have done without. Never want to again. It is a creature comfort lol.
          The bottom gets more sensitive with age. Unfortunately we do not get the sears catalog anymore either. Creature comforts will be great for bargaining as well.

          I so enjoyed this post. Very funny. I meant what I said too. Can I go without. Yes. IF I have the ability then I choose not too

          • Mike in VA – a few years back I was in Borneo and got speaking to an old Dayak tracker. Most interesting old boy (he proudly showed me his collection of trophy heads).

            He worked with the British army at the Jungle Warfare School in Johore Bahru (Malaysia) way back in the mid 60s early 70s where specialist American troops were also trained up before going to Vietnam.

            He said he didn’t need his tracking skills to locate American soldiers as they stank! I asked him what he meant. He said American soldiers smelt like women! Apparently too much after shave and body deodorants!

            He could locate them from over 100 yards away just by sniffing – the equivalent in dense jungle of several miles in normal terrain!

            I still prefer using the sponge and stick myself though – especially in places where sanitation is an issue!

            Try crapping in Crete and you’ll soon know why?….and that’s supposed to be a 1st world country!

            And Africa…please don’t get me started on sanitation on that continent, the term shithole denotes the whole of that misbegotten land (or country as Ms Palin would have us believe)!

            So you can see why “preppers” make me smile wryly. They don’t have an inkling of something they seem to be wishing on themselves! Americans really do not know what suffering is. Suffering to a lot of Americans is going without coffee and a big mac (and, for the older generation, toilet paper?).

            Really for a lot of humanity the shit hit the fan a long, long time ago.

      27. For anyone who hasn’t read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen – a must read, just the tip of the ice berg of what society may have to deal with in the near future – VERY good, fast read!

        “a story which can be all too terrifyingly real…a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages.”

      28. Movies are meant to entertain. They may give us an idea of what to expect but I don’t think they cover all points.

      29. For a Real actual Events historic accounting Book thats FREE to read in Full online….Try “Under the Sign Of Scorpian” by author Juri Lina (if I spelled it correct? Think hes swedish guy).

        The Book fully deatils most all that happened from the start in 1917 up to past the Ukrianian Holodomere event. In which at Least 7-Million in ukraine was Forceably Mass satrved to Death and many turned to cannabals.

        It will take a Very strong stomach to read it due to the horrific details on how the peoples in russia and every east euro nations were tortured and killed when the Red Terror of Bolsehvik jewdeo soviet kommies machine passed thru their lands, and then remaind in full control under a total communist govnt and society.

        it is one of the Few books that actually Name names and does Not hide the Facts about the Massive role of that era and of communism itself as played by mostly jewish folk that did it and ran it and are the few that profited from it all.

        It may be The main best book one can ever read since america today has the exact same type soviet bolsheviks and zios already running usa totally.

        Only real difference now is it is the grand kids of those orig bolsheviks that we have here in usa now.

        That and the fact that they realized long ago that to hyjack usa like they did, they had to re-invent communism into a Cultural Marxism form and do so withOUT the Sabers-Bullets and Bayonettes and blood…For…Now that is!

        Even the strongest of Men will find it hard to not feel a few eye tears begin at eye corners as they read thru the horrific details of what transpired then.

        And most shall also wonder in wide eyed amazement as to just How could ANYBODY act in such Inhumane ways to anybody else period?

        And thats why its also a good thing to study up and read of some of the actual talmudic based teachings of a tribal superiority and self chozeness that leads to such mindless mass tortures and mass murderings.

        Such Terrors may be what soon every american will face if enough folks continue to refuse to awaken to these prior events and whom perpetrated it all.

        I 100% Guarantee you that regardless of what you prior heard or read of even the absolute worst of all forms of tortures and mass deaths…Includeing even all the too many hollywood Hoax movies you’ve seen…What you read of in this book will totally blow your mind and all prior pale in comparision to all things heard or read or seen of.

        Nobody elese ever has so mastered the methods of terror and tortures and mass deaths, and the Only event that comes even remotely close to it was the early Roman coleseium gladiators and Lions Vs christians thrown into the frey back then.

        Actually even with that to compare its a far second far behind the bolshevik red terror reign since they mass killed Far greater numbers than ever in all of histroy prior. Almost a Third of a Billion Deaths!

        No other events or wars ever comes close to such numbers.

        Maybe a good time for a Re think about how lucky usa is to be the Host nation this go round eh?

        • Humans are very evil with few exceptions, if left to their own devices. I’ve seen it first hand and I’m not hopeful nor will I depend on them!

          • Agree. Humans are also very apathetic and allow such things to occur that “Them Guys” book is describing. The perfect affect of evil occurs when good men do nothing because it does not affect them today , so they stand by and watch as the monster slowly engulfs humanity. This is exactly what is occurring here in USSA today and few grasp the full capacity of the failed and corrupted system to do harm on a massive scale. The agenda 21 globalist schemes are very real and the control freaks we call our government are part of that nightmare. This is why I always refer to the illusions we all live under here in USSA. Because they are very real and they are very dangerous to all of us for many reasons. The illusions are how TPTB can continue their agendas and mind eff the masses rather easily. So they are critical to fully understand and be aware of !

            This article said absolutely nothing new at all, just rehashed ideas that refer to valid points but at least 5 years old or older ? and all from a supposed expert who has never experienced any violence first hand or likely even any real life and death situations ? She does put out some reasonable homesteading ideas, but that is about it. I am always amazed at what prepper types will buy into and who they think is an expert since most have zero experience in any real life and death events. Most all of it is pure hyperbole from people who could not run a mile or fight their way out of a wet paper bag and will not last long in any real emergency event for many reasons. I am simply pointing out the obvious. Also a lot of bad info here about water and nukes as well. I have built water and sewer plants from the ground up and know a bit about such matters. Like all possibilities, the people in the cities who are dependent on those facilities will be most affected by a simple long term power outage. And nukes will melt down given enough time(which is not very long). That is basically what is happening at FUKU today and we have many of the same exact designs right here. There are so many factors in all of these potential events I doubt we can cover all the bases 100%. That is why I know it is critical to focus on the most important issues first and have everything else prioritized from there.

            We will all be tested sooner than most realize. I am convinced the coming election, if one actually occurs, will bring things to a head one way or the other here in USSA today. Never underestimate what TPTB will do to keep their power and control. We have all been setup for chaos for a reason ! All the pieces of the puzzle are in place for a reason.

      30. Imagine everyone coming off their meds at the same time. Lunacy.

        • That too is a good point, but nothing anybody can do about it except be healthy and don’t participate. Many millions of people are on some kind of drugs, legal or illegal. and what about the pharmaceuticals that kill millions as well world wide ? So there will be a thinning of the herd for many reasons, some necessary ?

      31. Glad you are addressing the nuclear issue. No one really talks about it, maybe because it is such an Endgame issue. All the prepping in the world isn’t going to help when the nuclear plants start melting down due to lack of cooling.

      32. The new exchange medium will be water. In many countries it already is. Store, clean, purify and sell or share. i.e.. make your own currency, perfectly legal.

        • Water is easy in rural east Texas, where I live a hand drilled well down to twenty foot and a hand pump gets clean ground water. A kerosene lamp furnishes acceptable light. There is always fire wood in the wild. That was the way I lived as a kid. A trap line with different traps will get you small animals, yes possums, coons, rabbits, squirrels, bobcats, owls, ducks, birds, hawks, fish, frogs, crawfish, ells, snakes, turtles, deer and wild hogs can be eaten. Some have to be seasoned more than others. Be aware of skunks though they will hardly be worth the effort. If possible have enough salt to salt and dry extra meat. You can wipe your butt on a lot of things but you can never have to many .22 shells, good knifes, fire starters and anti- bionics says a old swamp rat.

      33. Short list indeed! within 5 years games over, only the bugs left!

        Oh happy days!!

      34. When the trucks stop bringing the commodities into the cities they will devolve into anarchy in a few days, and the preppers will eat the unprepared (Google “long pig”), then the preppers with the most bullets will eat the ones with fewer bullets. Then too remember all the federal agencies that bought up bazillions of hollow-point bullets, even for the Post Office! Those who can live in small, isolated agricultural communues, upwind from nuke plants, will probably fare the best. However, the very best is to cast your helpless soul on Jesus’ mercy and obey His 10 Commandments, then “a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.” Psalm 91:7-8

      35. What about the CDC ???

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