Here’s the SMOKING GUN PROOF that COVID and the Plandemic Are All About Population Control

by | Apr 30, 2022 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    New evidence has emerged to show that millions of taxpayer dollars sent overseas by the United States government as “COVID relief” were actually used to fund abortion and population control measures.

    Receipts from a USAID grant agreement established in 2020 show that depopulation operations were disguised as Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “aid,” and that American taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for all of it (Related: USAID is also linked to Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance).

    The notorious eugenics group Pathfinder International has now been exposed for its complicity in a multi-million dollar federal government scheme to stealthily use pandemic “disaster relief efforts” as a blank check to push population control agenda in other countries.

    “A closer look reveals a corrupt, decades-long agenda at USAID whereby leftist elites have used taxpayer dollars to fund their ideological priorities at the expense of the American people,” reports

    “Funneling dark money through deliberately vague grants is a method USAID has used for decades to exploit world disasters and advance the globalist elite agenda. The federal grantmaking process is convoluted for a reason.”

    Most “aid” money is just laundered money being trafficked by criminals

    It is safe to say that most American taxpayers probably have no clue that their hard-earned money was spent this way. By funneling it overseas as “aid,” the federal government cloaked its true intentions, as it routinely does.

    Almost everything posited as “aid” or “support” is merely money laundering in disguise, in this case for the purpose of ending human life when the stated goal was to help save it.

    “Grants have become the mechanism of choice for bureaucrats to abuse their power, and use their ‘expertise’ to ignore the everyday Americans who pay them,” adds.

    “They are a Trojan Horse deployed by the Administrative State to divert funds to malicious activities, often under the auspices of justice and humanitarian concern.”

    One such grant was for $500,000, and it was sent to Pathfinder in July 2020 through a program called “Responding to COVID-19 in Hotspot Areas of Ethiopia.”

    “The vague title mirrors dozens of similarly-worded grants the government disbursed to various ‘humanitarian’ organizations which operate as fronts for population control and other globalist priorities,” reports reveal.

    A closer look into this grant shows that almost nothing was stated clearly as to the specifics of how it would be spent. Other than the names of the receiving organizations, total dollar amounts, and short, one-sentence descriptions, nothing further was disclosed.

    And this is how almost all of the grants were through this program. They were carefully disguised as being humanitarian, but none of the money was actually spent helping anybody in need of real assistance.

    “… while USAID claimed money was sent to Pathfinder to ‘respond to COVID-19,’ the grant agreement outlines what the actual intent was: to increase sexual and reproductive services for 1.5 million Ethiopians,” further explains.

    “The grant glosses over this by pretending that USAID funding would support the government’s efforts to ‘suppress’ COVID-19. But the real virus Pathfinder wanted to suppress was the number of ‘unintended pregnancies’ and ‘other adverse sexual and reproductive health outcomes’ it argued would grow rampant during the pandemic.”

    By manipulating the public into believing that these health services were “essential” during the plandemic, Pathfinder was able to gloss over the truth and effectively get away with spending American taxpayer dollars to sterilize Africans and murder their unborn babies.

    It turns out that one of Pathfinder’s primary goals during the plandemic was to make abortion an “essential” medical procedure in Africa. It appears that this was a success, thanks to American taxpayer dollars sent there by the U.S. federal government.



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      1. Blacks, East Indians and Asians breed like crazy and that’s what’s causing climate change, pollution problems and crimes in our world.

        • Are you forgetting the muslims? they seem intent on out breeding whites to slowly take over countries.

        • Yes they do breed like crazy and it needs to stop. Climate is controlled by your masters and they control the weather, you better believe they do. They just use climate change as a cover and an excuse to control you more…

          • Well, at least they haven’t caused another drought and dust bowl again, the way they did back in the 30’s.

          • COVID’s at the door, asshole. Answer it and breathe DEEP. Breathe DEEEEP.

        • You are a disgusting piece of shit. Fuck you.

        • We know you also.

          • What does that mean, Anonymous?

        • Any novelty in their environment would have been used to destroy themselves, but I think that waves of extinction (self-extinction) have occurred on every continent, prior to welfare statism and the relative comfort of the labor mill.

          It was not caused by explorers, diplomats and missionaries. The savages were found in their natural, untamed state.

      2. The first commenter is always a misinformation troll that pushes a horribly wrong agenda and makes it sound like fact. There is NO climate change problem, NO overpopulation issue and the States certainly have a crime problem thanks to elitist and leftist programs to divide and cruel lower class and poorer demographics.

      3. So make this a vote swaying issue in the coming elections.

        Surely there are enough voters concerned enough over this to swing the elections one way or the other.


      4. Leftists are a malignant cancer upon this earth and there is only one way to get rid of cancer.

        • Radiation?


        That is obvious to even the dimmer crowd. Or wait… maybe not lol. However it has to happen it does have to happen. Not that I agree with the methods. You would either love me or hate the fk out of me if I were running the show..

      6. Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance +
        Doctor Who =
        Dalek’s EcoHealth Alliance

      7. All the fedgov knows how to do is steal and kill. No surprise on this one. They couldn’t do anything constructive or good if their sorry lives depended on it.

        • That could be said about any government, and would always be valid according to the viewpoint of the one saying it.

        • Shouldn’t you be playing D&D instead of trying to form coherent thoughts? Fucketh ye??

      8. I hate everyone equally.

      9. The level of stupidity, racism, bigotry, hate, and evil put forth by the disgusting vermin here never ceases to amaze me. I hope every single one of you people suffer a horribly painful Covid demise. You deserve nothing less. You are all fortunate there is no such thing as hell. Fuck you all. ??

      10. Hello!? SHTFplan censor? If you could cease stomping on my 1st Amendment rights, I’d really appreciate it. Thaaaaanks ?

        • You got some serious anger issues Darwina! Did mommy and daddy not hold you enough as child you wanker!

          • This has all the signs of a person that was bullied throughout childhood and teens and never got over it.

        • Who is stomping on your rights? No one is stopping you from from posting your dull and boorish and childish remarks. No one is stopping you in your hell bent insistence to appear so silly. No one is stopping you in saying ridiculous things. Rather, you provide comic relief, keep posting. Believe me, a lot of people laugh at you.

          • It took almost a week for my post to appear. Happens all the time here. If you call out the censor, suddenly your post appears. Apparently that’s the way it works around here.

            Oh, and I couldn’t possibly care less that the evil retards who frequent this Russian propaganda site are laughing at me. I laugh at every single one of you fools all day long. And then, I sleep soundly and deeply with the knowledge that I am right and you idiots are always, ALWAYS wrong. And then, I wake up the next morning and laugh my ass off at you morons all over again. Fuck you. Keep up the asinine conspiracy theories, please. Nonstop hilarity.

            Btw, I hope the Covid19 hoax comes to visit you all real soon. Have a Covidful day!??

            • Shut up and get your 4th booster already idiot.

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