Here’s The Information The DNC DESPERATELY Tried To Hide During The SOTU Address

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 20 comments

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    During Wednesday’s State of the Union address, elitist Democrats were desperately trying to hide some information.  Not only are they still burned by Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton in 2016, the information they filed with attempts to conceal it is probably also a source of some chapped hindquarters.

    Filed during the State of the Union in the hopes of getting buried, was the fundraising numbers for the Democratic National Committee. Ken Vogel of The New York Times picked it up where he noted the Democratic National Committee had raised a little over $5 million, finishing the year with a whopping $6 million in debt.

    On the other hand, proving democrats know next to nothing about basic economics, the Republican National Committee has no debt and raised over twice as much as their Democratic counterparts. For 2017, the RNC raised $132.5 million to the DNC’s $65.9 million. Regarding cash on hand, the RNC has close to $40 million ($38.8 million to be exact), while the DNC only has $6.3 million.

    According to Townhall, this could be the reason Democrats looked so sour during the section of Trump’s address that declared the economy is doing well. It should be evident that the left is ill-educated on fundamental money management. Remember, these same politicians are of the party that wants more of your hard-earned money to distribute as they see fit.  Considering they can’t even manage their own affairs, it’s got to be getting tough for everyday Americans to trust them with ours.

    There will probably be an excuse though, and the mainstream media will sweep this under the rug like they do every time a socialist is caught in a compromising position.


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      1. Hcks is back

        • Where? Hicks has been gone for awhile. I was hoping his delusions of Chi-Comms everywhere finally materialized and they kidnapped him….

      2. To the snowflakes, this article points out that Demonrats cannot fund and financially manage their own organization. Why would you ever think they can manage the tax money they take from you BETTER THAN YOU CAN MANAGE YOUR OWN MONEY. You earned it – you should spend it.

      3. Democrats are not ignorant just dependent on political power for their revenue stream.

        • Maybe the other way around. Democrats are ignorant and independent of political power without a revenue stream. Couple of points – 1. as they espouse socialism or communist ideology, they do not understand the concept of free trade or capitalism. Money and how it is earned and saved. 2. they are hypocrites to the core and honestly think that they are a class above all the electorate. Classic once again socialism/politburo thinking. What I fear is that this is a prime opportunity for any person or group wishing to control completely the Democratic party by surreptitious funding (ala Soros or any of the Davos cabal or others hidden away that we do not know of). I know if I was ol’ George S., I’d be buying me dim-oh-crap politicians by the basketful right now.

      4. Thank God for President Trump! The left will never control a thing in government when ALL the people are awaken and even the low IQ morons are beginning to open their sleepy eyes

        • Pelosi needs to retire, folks like Schumer and other dems are pure Marxists morons and want invaders in here from third world hell holes. Dems were a complete disgrace at the speech, would even stand up for Vets or the flag. I cannot believe the hatred between the two parties. Congress is dysfunctional to the max. Schumer made a face on camera.

      5. 100% of the nation becoming awake is impossible, there are some that can’t open their eyes to the scourge that is the political arena. Trump is doing well, for real American’s. Especially when he is being blocked by the democommunist left and the neocon right. Only those that are still American’s are helping, Only those that work for a living have seen the left for what it is, (Antiamerican) are awake. THE LEFT wants what we American’s work for. So I hope we can get at least 60% awoken. then we will have a chance to save the country, This Republic, this Constitutional Republic that was blessed by GOD at its inception.

        • 2 Thessalonians 2 New Life Version (NLV)

          Some People Will Chose To Believe a Lie

          This is exactly why the LEFT is so opposed to the RIGHT !! You see it in their faces !!

          Sheep vs Goats

      6. once again graphically demonstrating socialism is great until you run out of other people money.

        • once again graphically demonstrating socialism is great until you run out of White people’s money.

      7. Lest we not ignore what the ACLU said last night…

        “Tonight, President Trump said the word ‘America’ more than 80 times in his speech. Yet, after a divisive first year, we hear and feel how exclusionary that ‘America’ is, with policies that have harmed so many vulnerable American communities. The ACLU stands ready to protect these communities, both in the courts and at the polls.”

      8. Trump actually doesn’t give a flip about you me or anyone else. He enjoys winning. He would do anything to win. He would sell his soul to the devil rather than lose. And He is on the side of the Countinuation of government folks. And that is comprised mostly of the military brass. He is their current puppet. And that’s why GITMO isn’t closing and in fact is being expanded. The military will imprison Trumps enemies. The real deep state is the military.

        • One of the other deep states is the military.
          There, fixed it for you.

        • The real deep state is (((the jewish monetary hegemony))).

          • The Moslems have your brain twisted with Oil Money. (Islam is the REAL Deep State, and they’re coming for all of us!!)

        • trump tole me i was gonna git TIRED of winning, but i aint YET!

      9. Maybe they can just borrow some money from the Clinton Foundations. I hear they have Billion$.

      10. Lets hope the dems continue to be “poor” through the next election. Goes with their moral compass….

      11. What is the Rino NC raising all this money for?
        They (RINOs) did not support Trump.

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