Here’s How to Tell If a Riot Is About to Erupt in Your City

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at .


    It seems like civil unrest has become an increasingly common occurrence in America over the past few years. Since the election we’ve seen a lot of protests turn violent, and in the years preceding the election, just about any controversial police shooting could spark a riot. As these incidents become commonplace, more people are becoming aware of just how tumultuous our nation really is. They want to know how they can protect themselves from civil unrest or avoid riots in the first place, especially if they live in urban areas.

    Coincidentally, I have firsthand experience on this subject. Though I have thankfully never been in a riot, I know exactly what it looks like on the streets in the hours before a riot kicks off. I was visiting Berkeley, California on December 6th, 2014, just before a massive protest for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown turned violent.

    I left the city a couple of hours before things got crazy, though not because I knew what was coming. Though I had heard earlier in the day that there was going to be a protest, I didn’t think that anything serious was going to happen, because protests are a pretty common occurrence in Berkeley. This may sound crazy now, but at the time there was no reason to think that there was going to be a full-blown riot.

    Always Be On the Lookout for Warning Signs

    Though I was completely ignorant of what was about to go down, in hindsight there were plenty of red flags. I noticed them as I was walking through the city in the late afternoon, on my way to catch a BART train home.

    For starters, there was a massive police presence everywhere I looked. There were more cops walking or driving around than I had ever seen in the city before before. That may sound like an obvious sign, but it was what the cops were doing and what kinds of equipment they had on hand that was significant. You could hear helicopters overhead, and there were several large nondescript buses parked near where the protest was about to begin. They were kind of like school buses, but painted white. In other words, the kind of buses that are often used to transport prisoners. They were clearly getting ready to detain a lot of people.

    As for the behavior of the police, there was one thing I saw that stands out. I distinctly remember seeing two police officers tell a homeless man to leave the area. That’s common in some cities, but not Berkeley. There are homeless people everywhere and I’ve never seen the police do that. Unless the homeless are being unruly and someone calls the cops (which most people rarely do), the police seem to leave the homeless alone in Berkeley.

    In hindsight it makes a lot of sense. After they close, the homeless often sleep in front of the shops where the riot was about to take place. And when the cops interacted with this guy, they weren’t being aggressive. The interaction looked pretty courteous. They weren’t removing someone who was causing a problem. They were removing him for his own safety.

    And perhaps the most interesting warning sign I witnessed, has to do with what many of the businesses in the area did to prepare themselves for the protest. I saw dozens of shops close early. Their owners and employees had boarded up windows and doors, as if they were getting ready for a hurricane to rip through the city.

    The reason why that’s so intriguing, is that before 2014 I don’t think Berkeley had seen a major riot in decades. I’m really not sure how these businesses knew that there was going to be unrest in the streets. Remember, Berkeley is practically the protest capital of the world. It seems like there is a protest going on in that city every week, and they rarely turn violent.  So how did they know that this time was going to be different? My only guess is that the police must have warned them ahead of time. Without that kind of advice, they would have been as much in dark as I was.

    So keep these warning signs in mind the next time you visit a city. Don’t be like me. I just happened to leave as the city was gearing up for civil unrest. I had no idea of what was going on, and basically avoided the riot by dumb luck. When you see the police and the locals getting ready for a street battle, take note and get the hell out of there.

    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition Website.

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page.

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      1. I live in a small rural town in Maine with a high senior citizen population. The closest thing we will ever have to a riot is if the old folks home runs out of jello.

        • Another way to tell if riots are about to break out is check yo see if the welfare checks were cancelled.

          • Gandhi, LOL! Good one! The FBI and DOJ statistics make it clear who is responsible for the vast majority of crime in this country.

            • Thanks braveheart, if the EBT cards are low they need to get Soros money.

          • Leftists ramping up their violence. How long until someone gets KILLED by these brownshirts?

            Remember: Campus safe spaces and microagressions are sacrosanct. But leftist violence is “justified” and macro-aggressions – like the Middlebury female professor put in the hospital recently, the Berzerkely riots, and the Rape Melania signs, which all are…. err… “justified” to the leftist brownshirt thugs. And it is not enough that the left MURDERED over 100 mm last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press (hey, after all, as Lenin said, if you want an omelet, you need to break a few eggs… and lives).

            Well known author William Briggs wrote at “Some friends of mine, Roy Spencer and John Christy, were shot at. Both men are bona fide atmospheric scientists. They have actually studied and contributed greatly to their field. They also express skepticism that global-warming-of-doom will kill us all unless we put the government in charge of all aspects of our lives.”

            Yes, just like the Hobbesian choice are given in Venezuela, it’s socialism or death. YOUR death, more appropriately. Chris Horner stated, in an interview with Sandy Rios on WYLL, March. 21, 2007,around 4:50 PM, that a number of scientists who disagree with global warming that he knows of personally have received serious death threats. Unfortunately, unless you are politically correct, you need not apply in this case under the hate crime bill. And in personal communication I (Jim) have had with Dr. Tim Ball – a peer reviewed scientist who disagrees with BIG GREEN MONEY global warming – he has received hate mail with such messages as, “If you continue to speak out, you won’t live to see further global warming.” Global warming is supposed to be “science.” It’s hard to imagine Niels Bohr responding to Albert Einstein’s letter questioning quantum mechanics with a statement like: ‘If you continue to speak out, you won’t live to see further quantum mechanics…’” Ball then added about the faux religion of Greenism, “Only a false religion needs hate mail, threats, courts of inquisition and Hollywood movies to sustain it.” (

            Dr. Spencer wrote: A total of seven shots were fired into our National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) building here at [the University of Alabama Huntsville] over the weekend. All bullets hit the 4th floor, which is where John Christy’s office is (my office is in another part of the building). Given that this was Earth Day weekend, with a March for Science passing right past our building on Saturday afternoon, I think this is more than coincidence. The UAH police, with lickety split speed, classified the violence as a “random shooting.” The bullets must have just showed up out of nowhere.

            Briggs continues about “the violent folks at People’s Action — why do communists always say their violence is done in the name of the people? — attacked the Heritage Foundation offices. Stormed right on in. Media accounts call the violent actors “protesters.” The proper word is, of course, thugs, though violent rabble would do as well. The media does not use proper labels because, as everybody knows, the media is delighted by the attacks. Why did these violent individuals storm a think tank? In their own fantastical words, “We’re shutting it down at @Heritage because it continues to be @realDonaldTrump’s think tank. #RiseUp2017 #Budget4ThePeople”

            We’ve already seen the well ensconced culture of violence on university and college campuses, now places of strict and unthinking intolerance. Just as a for-example, students, many with those dead-alive eyes familiar from social media posts, attacked author Charles Murray and a professor at Middlebury College. The professor was sent to the hospital…. (and) students at Wellesley penned an article that said, in effect, that if they have to keep hearing talk from people on the right, “hostility may be warranted” to shut them up.

            The mercurial Ann Coulter was invited to speak at Berkeley, ground zero for fingers stuck in ears, but was told by the university officials she couldn’t come, because why? Because of concerns over her safety. Now I ask you, is that not tacit admission that student violence is expected and seen as natural, and perhaps even desirable? I’ll answer for you: yes it is. (see for another article on this).
            Free speech is dead on the American campus. How do we know? Leftists tell us so. Dead, and good riddance, they say. The New York Times and the New Republic say students are right to insist they should not have to hear ideas which might cause them pain. Author Heather Mac Donald was chased off a campus by a violent mob recently. She noted that some students at Berkeley “opined that physical attacks against supporters of Mr. Yiannopoulos and President Trump were ‘not acts of violence. They were acts of self-defense.’” Yes, Newspeak lives amongst the leftist Brownshirts. And how else do we know? Fascist left hero Herbert Marcuse of yesteryear told us directly: “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

          • what’s the difference between venezuela and america?
            nuthin’ in a few more weeks.

            • You have a good point there Buttcrack. Smart Preppers do not live in the cities. Therefore we break out the popcorn listen to the news on the radio from our rural BOL’s and say “Told you so.”

      2. Arrest George Soros.
        Now you have stopped 75% of the leftist “riots”.

        If rioters loot, burn, rob, steal, beat people, send in National Guard. Hold these protesters ACCOUNTABLE for criminal actions. Burning and looting is NOT free speech. Arrest criminals.

        Hold Police ACCOUNTABLE for falsifying charges and planting false evidence.
        Hold police ACCOUNTABLE for shooting family pets.
        Arrest Police that MURDER people when Police “no knock” and supposedly go to wrong address.
        Hold Police ACCOUNTABLE for shooting unarmed people.
        Arrest ALL Police officers that MURDER unarmed civilians.
        When Police MURDER unarmed people put Police in JAIL. Every single time.

        *****Congratulations, Now you have stopped almost All riots in USA.

        1. Arrest George Soros INSTIGATOR of riots. Guilty of inciting riots.
        2. Arrest Protesters that loot, burn, beat, murdering the Police that are protecting them. These acts are Criminal. Put these criminal rioters in Prison.
        3. Arrest criminal Police that currently have NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Murdering unarmed people is Criminal. Put criminal police in Prison. Accountability for their actions.

        Stay out of Syria.
        Ignore North Korea.
        Congratulations, “You have now stopped NUCLEAR World War 3.”

        • Where do we sign your petition, John!

          So fitting that Soros was an admitted collaborator with the Nazis in WWII, and is again with today’s National SOCIALISTS

        • Well that’s no fun. My popcorn will just go stale then.

        • #3….arrest the BOSSES of those cops, and imprison them.

        • Holy cow stop trying to make so much good sense John, you’re pissing off the libtards! Words to live by, and a simple solution!

      3. “In your city”? If you have a city, you have already planned to fail.

      4. Q: How to tell if a riot or violence about to erupt

        A: Any fascist left brownshirts around? Anyone with a “Geo. Soros pays me” sticker on his back? You have a riot brewing.

        As a matter of fact, brownshirt is EXACTLY correct. Was just reading today two prominent scientists who don’t subscribe to the BIG GREEN MONEY AGW scam, Dr. John Christy and Dr. Roy Spencer (very major scientists, BTW, in prominent positions) have been SHOT at by the fascist left for questioning the dogma of BIG GREEN MONEY global warming. See

      5. I have not only been in a riot, I was inadvertently in the exact middle of one, while at university years ago.

        I was with some friends at Halloween, downtown at a major university campus city. We were just goofing around, wearing pumpkins on our heads, but right at the major crossroads where everyone was congregating. For some reason, the crowd thought this was really novel, cool, whatever, and started to gather around us as the focal point.

        What is interesting, and of use to you, dear reader, is how QUICKLY it got out of hand. We were just laughing, acting like 20 year olds, having innocent fun… then in what seemed an eyeblink, a window, then two, broke in quick succession. Within what seemed to be nanoseconds, a full blown riot started. I was amazed at how quick things escalated.

        The other thing was after the National Guard showed up, there were people throwing themselves at them, then getting taken away in paddy wagons. So the second take-away is that the fascist left will USE the young for their own ends, kids who still don’t have a clue that their future will be destroyed, as cannon fodder for their ends. The truth is, the fascists think their goals are so lofty that, as Lenin (I think it was) said, to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs – meaning LIVES. The evil left, which thought nothing of MURDERING 100 mm last century (Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press) will use these young kids, destroy their lives, and never blink an eye as they then go back to their Learjet leftist gated communities (see Soros, Maurice Strong, Geo. Clooney, Hilary and hedge fund baby Chelsea, ad nauseam.

        Key take aways: How UTTERLY quickly things can escalate, and how the left is so amoral that they will destroy – just like Che did – anything that gets in the way of their cult.

      6. John:

        Gtfoh you troublemaker !!!



      7. Here’s something to consider:
        It is the FEAR of riots, economic collapse, nuclear war, climate problems, out of control crime and terrorism that will cause the people to embrace the coming world leader (antichrist). SHTF does not happen until after he sets up the world government, cashless society mark system and one world religion and THEN it falls apart into WWIII / armageddon and the return of Christ. The whole thing is to get everyone to clearly choose satan or Christ. To receive the mark is an act of worship and allegiance to satan incarnate. If life goes on for a few years of false peace you cannot pay your property taxes and will loose everything in a society no more chaotic than now. To take the mark even just pretending to offer allegiance counts as allegiance with God and you loose your soul. Physical resistance to the system will get you nowhere because a follower of Christ is to trust in God and wait for his kingdom. Martyrdom for the name of Christ or survival depending day by day for the promises of God are the only two options. Preps are fine to give you a few days to figure out your next step but reliance on Christ is the only thing you van count on. Spiritual prep is the number one necessity. Most Christians are anticipating a pre tribulation scotty beam me up escape. Jesus said endure to the END.

        • Thanks Sean. Nice post

        • Sean, a very good post.

        • Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is spread upon the earth, if men would but see it.”

      8. I believe in watching the news to predict it. Its not important what actually happened nor who is truly right or wrong but rather the perception the main stream media disseminates. If their fanning the flames with groups likely to be violent the probability is high. Spontaneity is possible and largely unpredictable. Regardless mobility is your best defense so never be low on gasoline / diesel; always refill at 1/2 tank.

        • Yeah- good points.

      9. B from CA, John made some valid points, especially about Soros. Better yet, cut off the funding to all the lefty groups that riot and see what happens afterward. Take out the entire Soros family. They’re a threat as long as they’re living.

        • better yet, take away the EBT cards….won’t be long now until we are FORCED to take care of ourselves.

      10. Here’s How to Tell If a Riot Is About to Erupt?

        There are more than two black people together!?!?

        • From a rooftop you hear someone give the “Tarzan Yell”?

          • Someone spilled a bucket of fried chicken.

          • PO’d – that will only be if Ted Nugent decides to show up!!

        • Justice, any time a large group of YOUNG blacks get together you can go to the bank on there being some kind of trouble.

      11. Kevin2, spot on. Since I’m an internet junkie I use the world wide web to watch for the right signs and predict when something happens. Forget about MSM for any good info. Government propaganda is totally useless. You’re also right about mobility being your friend although I normally refill at 1/4 tank. I think I’ll change to 1/2 tank now.

        • Braveheart1776

          ” Government propaganda is totally useless. ”

          Actually its not useless, its quite useful. We understand that its propaganda loaded with falsehoods. Watching it, at least briefly allows the viewer to get an idea what they want you to believe, hence a sense of their direction. I gave up looking at the 6:30PM news and saying, “I can’t believe that they are trying to sell this”. I realize that its sold and bought line hook and sinker.

      12. With the rioting in Watts in the 1960’s and the riots following Rodney King’s beating, signs began to appear on stores advising “Black-owned Business”. The media are saying that the current riots are not race-based but on the basis of economic inequality. However, if you are white and in a neighborhood where these signs start showing up, it might be prudent to leave the neighborhood quickly. The same advice if you hear people yelling “kill whitey”.

        • Brian, damn right. Best bet is stay out of such areas altogether if you don’t absolutely have to be in one of them.

        • So true! These god damned black savage apes are just unreal. I have so had it with those apes and all of their bullshit nonsense. They serve no good purpose at all folks.

      13. With the rioting in Watts in the 1960’s and the riots following Rodney King’s beating, signs began to appear on stores advising “Black-owned Business”. The media are saying that the current riots are not race-based but on the basis of economic inequality. However, if you are white and in a neighborhood where these signs start showing up, it might be prudent to leave the neighborhood quickly. The same advice if you hear people yelling “kill whitey”.

      14. Watch Seattle on Monday, the only city in the US with a scheduled riot. This year sounds like it’s going to be a wopper, the masked demonstrators are having training all weekend, SPD usually stands down, & the first victim is always Starbucks. Go figure.

        One of the city councilwoman is telling city employees they could take the day off to go protest. She is also telling them to block the freeways & the airport. This is going to be a lawn chair & 6 pack event.

      15. When Ferguson blew up one of the first places they looted was the liquor store.
        So predictable.

        • God, does it get anymore typical than that, a liquor store or a KFC and a joint that sells fake horse hair weaves….such a bunch of apes.

      16. Looting is the modern day method of reparations. June Bug gotta get his. He wants free
        malt liquor. Big screen HDTV. 12 pack of Angel Soft. All the good shyt.

      17. Did anyone else catch the Bart Train robbery on the San Francisco area?

        A gang of 40 to 60 teenagers swarmed a train that had just arrived, some block doors open which prevented the train from leaving the station while the rest split up into large groups taking everyone’s wallets, phones, bags, bling etc. anyone that resisted was beaten and stomped. Five minutes and it was over. They fled disappearing into the local neighborhood.

        Crazy, like Indians robbing the trains in spaghetti Westerns.

        • PTPO, I caught that article. If someone had been packing and shot just a few of those young apes, the rest of them would’ve been falling all over each other to get out of that train. If I’d been there I would’ve definitely resisted and if it meant sending some of those young niggers to hell, then so be it.

        • yup….i predicted that when watching black-eye-day videos after crissmuss.

        • California is communist. Only Official uniformed goons and thugs have guns.
          Texas is ….. well ….Texas. Concealed carry is legal. And EVERYONE is armed.
          My grandmother is armed.

          Notice that Texas has few car jackings.
          Also notice that the train incident would happen in Texas Once.
          Then the perps would never do dirt again.

          Crime is dangerous for criminals when even elderly church ladies are packing.
          Not only that but they are good shots. Ten ring all day baby.

          Crime don’t pay. Unless you are a Politician.
          If you are a black Politician doing crimes, then no one touches you.
          To rob, steal, loot, run for Political Office. Politicians steal at will.

          • Been to Houston lately? Knee-grows swarm there as bad as any other ghetto-ized urban area. ‘specially since “Chocolate City” exported so many after Katrina. Or perhaps “Ciudad Juarez”? Just a different shade of skin tone. But not all of Texas is “Texas” anymore. Better start pumping out more babies before the cockroaches and cucarachas outbreed our kind.

        • This happens in all the major European cities as well. Anywhere where there are substantial black populations, you have widespread gang thievery and violence. It can include brazen street attacks on people with machetes and knives, scooters snatching things from people, swarming on subway trains, swarming in public parks, etc.

          It is well past time that technology and security companies start taking this on and using the latest in science to detect, disrupt and destroy such violent gang behaviour; we need this more than we need another tech company peddling crap online. The police are completely useless at it. They need to have all these youths in DNA detectors in real time and followed on computers. Whenever they try to assemble for this violence and crime, disruptors come in and break them up. The worst of them need to just be disappeared under national security laws and never seen from again.

        • Bernie Goetz had the right idea.

      18. The personal danger of exposure to violence can happen anywhere. Jennifer Elliot didn’t expect to be nabbed by her crazy neighbor and stuffed in a 3 foot hole in his shed. This is a good article for those folks who find themselves in the urban environment for one reason or another. But, the chances are higher that we run into a garden variety sociopath at the grocery store, the work or school environment. The college I worked at had a man running through the buildings stabbing folks with a knife. Gun free zone, don’t you know. Several brave male students stopped him before he stabbed more people.
        To be honest, anyone who chooses to live in historically protest prone areas had better be prepared to hunker down behind storm doors when these loons go to town acting out their destructive urges. Baltimore, LA, even Austin and Baton Rouge have had their streets already sullied with trouble makers who often achieve nothing but destroying the few neighborhood shops that bring employment and services into their area. I repeat the oft given advice here, that moving to less population dense environs (if possible) is a smart thing to do. But even in the boondocks, there’s going to be a nutter closeby. So, wherever you are- situational awareness is priceless.

      19. 2isone, damn good points. The neighbor would’ve been dead laying in his own blood if he’d tried that shit with me.

      20. Sorry Mac, just testing. I had my computer maintenance, and it wiped out my Upstate New Yorker handle. I hope your site will recognize everything again soon.

      21. How to tell if a riot is coming to your town:

        In LA or other major city-
        Businesses board up windows, close early

        SWAT Team vans ‘just happen’ to be parked nearby, hours before trouble starts

        Geraldo Rivera shows up, wearing camo flak jacket

        Mr Rubenstein of Ruby’s Liquor Store has his insurance agent on speed dial

        Channel 9 News copter collides with EyeWitness News 6 chopper who was making evasive move away from News 4 chopper which was trying to move away from Action 12 News helicopter which was…

        Mayor leaves town or starts drinking, 6 hours earlier than usual
        And here’s how we know if a riot is going to erupt in my little one-horse town (let’s call it ‘Okieville’)-
        Okieville Daily News truck (really a 73 F150 pickup with camper shell) collides with Corn County Times news van (a 1988 Plymouth Voyager with the magnetic Domino’s sign still attached) as they both race to the corner of Main and Oak street. They should have known the only traffic light in town has been out of order for months and the city stuck that 4 way yield sign in the middle of the road, with a note attached saying “Y’all take turns”

        The mayor sobers up 6 hours earlier than usual

        Ammo sales are brisk at the sporting goods store (this would be hard to notice since they’re brisk every day)

        Vern’s Filling Station And bait Shop closes early, but the sign in the window doesn’t say ‘Gone Fishin’. It says ‘Lock n Load’

        Miss Minnelee Stone, the high school literature teacher runs through the halls shouting ‘Alas Babylon!’… then remembers it’s Saturday.

      22. How to tell if a riot is about to erupt in your city…

        Well, the sun rises in the east and bears shit in the woods, and you live in a city, that’s how. When was the last riot to erupt in the country?….umm , never.

      23. Just count the number of black faces and/or the number of Muslims. If that ratio reaches 40%, then the likelihood of riots is at its highest. I lived in a city that had riots on a regular basis. In every case, it was the result of black agitators and youth, mostly to steal hi-tech crap and sports clothing. They live in a tribal, trinket culture and when they can’t afford to buy the trinkets, they organise a riot to steal the stuff. It happened every time.

        Look for youth who wander around with hoodies over their heads no matter what the air temperature. They are trying to hide their identity from the CCTV cameras.

      24. When you see out of state cars coming into town – they are the organizers. And they drive very nice cars. Hint from the 60s.

      25. While attending Fresno State in 1973 a riot broke out among registering freshmen who were attacked by hispanic protestors who were not students. The hispanic men attacked 18 yr old white girls with pipes and clubs as they were slow runners putting them in the hospital la Raza studies were threatened with cuts in the budget. I had registered earlier and noticed hispanic men standing around wearing serapis and sombreros which was odd and they were giving each other looks that i felt were a warning how ever several adult men were registering at the time and the hispanics chicken out. I had my pocket knife open in my coat pocket for protection. La Raza studies were not reduced and no arrests were made. It took half an hour for college police to arrive let alone city police. the slow running girls did not attend college

      26. A riot may be imminent, if there is no observable, productive activity, taking place, to support the needs of high density housing, and, particularly, when the mayor is a Democrat.

        Country people have a superstitious fear of the darkest part of the woods, where they would normally go to do bad things. Think, moonshining, poaching, and My name is Mudd. Panicked, urban people escape the cities, as a reflex. Dependent people ruin too-big-to-fails. It’s like they’re running from their conscience.

        If there is a politically-correct label for some moral vice, a riot is about to erupt. They’ll call it politics, and it happens over every small dealing.

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