Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreads In Michigan, No Stopping This ‘Regional Epidemic’

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 26 comments

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    A recent hepatitis A outbreak in southeast Michigan has now sickened 457 people. That’s 14 times more than last year, and officials are having a difficult time stopping the spread of the virus.

    Of the 457 known cases, 18 people have died and 370 have been hospitalized. But this outbreak is puzzling health officials as the complicated nature of the regional epidemic continues to baffle so many in the medical community. The outbreak is overly complicated. There’s no single source such as food contamination and many groups of people are at risk, including homeless people, drug users, and now terrifyingly; people who are neither. There are even more cases than normal among men who have sex with men increasing the spread of the virus.

    Until October, only 10 men who have sex with other men had contracted hep A. Then, in October, there was a sudden spike of 11 additional cases. The state of Michigan is urging doctors and hospitals to vaccinate at-risk patients, but officials say resistance to the vaccine is too frequently a problem. Not only that, but those who are still infectious are leaving the hospital against doctors’ suggestions, taking the highly contagious virus with them.

    Adding fuel to the fire of complication surrounding this outbreak, some people living with a hep A patient have refused the vaccine and then gotten sick themselves. Another infectious hep A patients have refused to disclose the names of family and close friends, which means health officials can’t contact these individuals to inform them they should get the vaccine or early treatment.

    Hepatitis A is a serious and highly contagious liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). HAV is found in the feces of people with hepatitis A. You can also become infected with hepatitis A by eating contaminated food or water, during sex, or simply by living with an infected person. Illness can appear 15-50 days after exposure and you can be sick for several weeks. In some more extreme cases, the infection can prove fatal. Although not all people infected with hepatitis A experience illness, the symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, belly pain, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, yellowing of the skin and eyes, and pale-colored feces.

    The outbreak is still considered a regional epidemic, rather than statewide, although a small number of cases have occurred in Sanilac, Ingham, and Lapeer counties. Officials are still trying to determine if the virus causing the outbreak is more aggressive than usual with attempts to contain it. Without taking the proper steps to stop the spread of hep A, this could very quickly spread across state lines or worse.


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      1. Reading this article. It doesn’t state the location of the Hep A.

        One of the Larges area of immigrants to the country. Maybe they should be tested for this before they are let in. LOL Wish full thinking.


        • Sgt: First thing that came to my god damned mind, the nasty city of filthy, radical Muslims in MI. Just unreal. These filthy dirty rat bastards. Napalm all of them. Save America already!

        • Last paragraph

          The outbreak is still considered a regional epidemic, rather than statewide, although a small number of cases have occurred in Sanilac, Ingham, and Lapeer counties.

        • The scum muslim savages have brought it here from Africa and middle Eastern hellholes.

          • Menzo: definitely, Muslims spreading disease starting in the sanctuary cities. Also T.B. which includes those coming in from S. of the border. Then it will spread to schools on and on.

            • LA, we are being attacked from so many directions it cannot end well anymore I fear.

        • Probably Dearborn,Michigan

      2. Jesus H Christ here we go again. WTF has this country become? It is just one filthy ass disease after the next. And they keep letting all these wonderful, clean foreigners in and I am sure that really helps. And then you have the filthy trashy fuckers shitting all over the sidewalks, etc, etc and then victims walk through it and track it around and then the nasty mess spreads more and more. And the queers fudge packing each other like the good immoral rats that they are in life. I mean it is just so ridiculous. Just let the god damned civil war come on so we can just go at it. I am sick of it all honestly. One thing after the next after the next, every damn stinking day around here folks.

        • Come On People, Your post is the best I’ve read anywhere in a long time. Bless you sir

      3. To Sgt. Dale – my thoughts exactly. For those who wish facts – just look at the world distribution map for HepA: ht tps://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/images/map3-3-estimated-prevalence-hepatitis-a-large.png . It’s not too hard to see where it comes from now is it? You know? There’s more to terrorism than guns. But…. death and killing as concepts really don’t care how they’re accomplished.

      4. I live in one of the counties in Michigan. This Hep A is just another Obama caused problem. SE Michigan was overloaded with Muslims from Africa at the end of Obama’s term. This goes hand in hand with the nineteen refugees diagnosed with active tuberculosis in Michigan between 2011 and 2016 from the Obama refugees

        I looked into this active tuberculosis problem and my county refused to talk to me. I contacted a friend who was a nurse at a regional Hospital. She says the Muslims will not cooperate with public health or hospital officials. These Muslims say only a Muslim holy man can ask them such questions about family, make them take the Hep A vaccine or ask about people they come in contact with. They view non-Muslims with contempt even when they and others are sick and dying.

      5. Exactly why I don’t eat at McDumpster’s or other fast food. I don’t even like going to fine restauarants because you just never know if someone forgot to wash their hands or they may be sick to begin with.

      6. Sounds like mixing non toilet using natives with toilet using natives.

      7. God is good. The four horsemen will bring everyone their comeuppance

        • Truth

      8. This multi-culturalism crap really isn’t working out.

        • Hawkeye: America is truly without hope, and Trump cannot stop the influx of these scum bags.

        • Leave it to Hillary Clinton. One world. One government. One financial system. One central bank. A mono-cultural death camp. Globalized.

          We are the world, baby.

      9. Call in the CDC to trace the origins of the outbreak. Pass the information out to all.

      10. Uh, remember Dan Diego, any body?

        Had a Hep A outbreak there also.

        Paranoia comment: Some refugees being resettled have been purposely infected with various types of diseases that are contiguous and are being used as a Bio-terror weapon.

        Perhaps not so Paranoid.

        And if they won’t be vaccinated then remove from country, return to sender.

      11. I’d be calling for a 40 day quarenteen for anyone coming into the U.S.


        • Right now, I would shut down immigration, period.

          Right now, to the undocumented and illegal aliens, I would deny all social services, access to medical care (especially for undocumented teenage girls to abortions paid for by the state), jobs, housing, food stamps, the works.

          An American cannot get a job in England without a J-2 Visa. Why should it be any different for the Brits.

          An American cannot get a job in Canada unless that job has been offered to Canadians first. Why should it be any different for Canadians.

          U.S. Customs and Immigration is obviously broken, on purpose, and most likely beyond repair. I would institute a national identification system that states right there, upfront, who is and who is not an American Citizen. You cannot get into, or stay in the country without the card. Every time you buy food, you have to scan the card. Every time you travel buy air. You cannot buy a car without the card. And you sure as h*ll cannot vote. Period. Without the card.

      12. I like that idea.

      13. ” there will be famine and pestilence. Nation will rise up against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. There will be earthquakes in diverse places”

      14. WHO are YOU, to tell us, “there’s no stopping” this?

        Are we, then, to sit, and do nothing? Not try?

        And WHO of the Elite, and the Gate Foundation, deliberately injected the “peasants with this? Spreading the disease, for depopulation?

        JUST like they did with the plague in Madagascar?

        And ALL other diseases?

        Beause Nature of her own, doesn’t develop disease.
        It’s ALWAYS been the Elite, the enemy of Life. To destroy Living Things.

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