Health Ranger’s Theory: The Flu Vaccine Is Causing The Flu Outbreak

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    If there is any part of you that’s inquisitive you’ve likely wondered how on Earth this year’s flu could be so bad.  Afterall, we have vaccines and Western medicine’s advancements in technology to help people.  But the Health Ranger says that is the exact problem with the influenza outbreak.

    As the reports continue to come in that this influenza outbreak is killing about 100 people a day, many begin to wonder what the purpose of getting a vaccine that’s only 10% effective could possibly be.  “What you’re never told, is that some of those deaths are because of the flu vaccine,” Mike Adams, the Health Ranger said.  And Adams theory is that the vaccine is not only responsible for the outbreak of the flu, but for some of the deaths associated with it.

    *Before continuing, this is not to say you should get the vaccine or you should not get the vaccine.  You should, however, research the ingredients of the flu vaccine and possible side effects and come to the conclusion on your own whether or not this shot is right for you and your family.*

    Adams wants people to know what they aren’t being told about this year’s flu by those who profit heavily by injecting people with the flu shot.

    “It turns out that the flu shot, even when it works, which is rare because it’s usually the wrong strain but sometimes it works, but it creates vulnerability to influenza infections in subsequent years. In other words, there’s something about the flu shot (we can talk about what that is because we know) that weakens your immune system.”

    Adams has researched vaccines and the vaccine industry in depth. “People would be better off and we’d have fewer deaths from influenza if no one got the flu shot. And instead, people boosted their immune systems with vitamin D.”  Adams says there are plenty of other natural vitamins, such as vitamin C and zinc, that will boost the immune system without the risks of being injected with mercury or aluminum or squalene or MSG.

    Adams claims that the flu shot is more dangerous than just getting the flu. “Of course they [the vaccine manufacturers] twist it around and say ‘oh my God! This is why everybody must get a flu shot.’ They say ‘look at the number of deaths! Everybody hurry up, go get a flu shot!’ They never tell you that most of those people are people who had flu shots,” says Adams.  It happens this way in every instance of outbreaks, such as measles.  Those who are getting sick, have already been immunized.

    Remember to do your research, and read the inserts that come with the vaccines you’re being asked to inject into your body.  It’s important to know what is being put in your system.  If you do this, and still come to the conclusion that the flu shot is right for you, by all means, go get it! But take your health into your own hands this flu season.


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      1. As I agree with him on most of this. But here is the big BUT. I got the flu and my wife didn’t she got the flu shot and I didn’t.

        • I’d rather have the flu than Mercury injected into my body yearly.

        • I am sure you give the example anecdotally, but I am with ranger on this. the flu shot, more then other schedule vax, is full of the metals. I don’t think the flu is as big a problem with the flu shot as is the accumulation of aluminum and mercury. they decreased the particle size as well. now it has less trouble getting into your brain. How many other factors affected your situation? Nobody checked your vitamin d and compared it to your wife’s. she might have fought off the flu she was injected with and brought it home, incubated it, and gave it to you. She may have had that strain before, and you had not.
          The speculation can go on, but that is all we can do because the stuff isn’t really tested.
          but by their own admission, they are only 10% effective. I don’t really believe that either. unless they are referring to the kill rate.

        • Sarge, stop and think – the flu vaccine is essentially giving the recipient the flu – just a very mild form. It teaches the body how to react to the virus. And… because therefore your wife got a shot – she carries the virus. Most likely gave it to you.

          • Yup, exactly as i was thinking Heartless

            • I know an idiot that gets the flushot every year. And he get’s the flu every year too! What a moron…

        • Hey SGT
          i got one for ya

          I got the flu this year and my wife didnt , and neither of us got the shot …so………………………………

        • I got the flu and no flu shot. My wife did not get the flu neither did my daughter and no flu shot either.

        • You mean to say, she hasn’t gotten it YET. Flu season has another 6 weeks to go.
          I no longer get flu shots because every year I DID get the shot, I also got the flu shortly thereafter. I’m with Health Ranger on this one….the flu shot causes the flu.

      2. I haven’t got the flu and been around people who had the flu. I didn’t get the shot. I never get sick. I take vitamin D-3 5000. It builds your system up to protect you. Been taking for 8 or 10 years. Take several a day to start off then go to one a day. It works but people pay no attention to what I say.

        • me too. I take D daily. no flu. sometimes i get a chest cold. it never gets past the first signs of symptoms though. I can’t say for sure, but everytime it has tried to start (maybe 2x in the last several years) i take way more vitamin c they usual. just once or twice in a couple days. oregan oil, raw garlic, nascent iodine (infowars survival shield x2) and i curse at the cold symptoms and tell them to get the f88k out. 🙂 not sure if it is some or all of the above but flu shot is not part of the equation.

          • I take a sip or two of homemade colloidal silver daily. Never a bad sickness.

            • lol. we do that too.

              • Cool. They’ll never jab me again. I was a pin cushion when I was military, but I had no choice then.

                • Same here. Made us take the flu shot every year. Continued to take it after I retired until a co-worker told me about the mercury. Haven’t taken one in several years now and haven’t had the flu. My wife has never had a flu shot and doesn’t get the flu.

                  • I have to wonder what all those shots they gave us did to us in the long-run.

          • I take that dose of Vit. D too. I also have a few protocols when I go out. I don’t touch my face, eyes or nose and the first thing I do when I get home is wash my hands with hot water and soap. I usually change clothes, too.

            I stopped getting the flu shot ten years ago. I had gotten it a few times before then but I no longer get it, now.

            I never get sick. No flu, no colds, nothing. Then again I am not around small children and I work from home so my exposure to people is limited.

            I also like Vit. C and Survival Shield X2! If I am cooking almost everything I make has fresh onion or garlic or both in it. I don’t think I make very many things that don’t include onions and garlic!

      3. Oh boy, here we go again folks. WE really cannot trust anyone, especially the Gov’t and the “medical community”

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      5. I have never gotten a flu vaccine. I also haven’t had the flu in about 5 years. This year I did get a little cough, but nothing that stopped me from my every day activities (like going to work, or to the gym)

      6. I caught the flu last month, first time since 2002. I always handwash with handsanitizer before eating or touching my face/mouth/eye area. I think I caught the flu driving in a car for three hours with a kid that didn’t know he had the flu at the time. It was spread by simply breathing air. I never had a flu shot, and never will. I haven’t had the common cold for over six years now. knock wood

      7. It’s been 13 years since I’ve had the vaccine, and 13 years since I’ve had the flu. Every time I had a shot, I got the flu. I stopped taking the shot. My doctor said that I would have some symptoms, but what was in the shot was not living and could not cause me to get sick. Just my .02

      8. I got a pneumonia vaccine last April, and almost died from pneumonia the next day. I’m done with vaccines. I’m also done with high powered medicines for routine things. Homeopathic is the way to go.

      9. Me, I get something every year and it’s typically worse for me ever other year.
        Back in the last 90’s I had a hard labor job installing/building and removing heavy wooden piers, this flu it took me out completely for 2 weeks felt like I was going to die… was horrible.

        I honestly would rather get the flu than the shot.
        The devil you know.

        Besides I have enough problems without injecting more.

        I do have to laugh at people that tell me I’m being paranoid and stupid for not getting It.

      10. This article is wrong. Vaccines save lives. End of story.

        • You are a dumbass. Go back to msnbc.

          • Dumbass? That’s putting it lightly lol 😛

      11. In order to return to America in 1976, I had to get a shitload of flu shots. I got very sick. I don’t get flu shots anymore, I get every other kind of shot with no problems. I think I’ve had the flu maybe twice since then. Probably got it from the kids. Public school is a very dirty place.

      12. Who trusts big pharma and the assorted vaccine manufacturers? I don’t think any of their concoctions heal much at all. Have they really earned any trust? I believe that these corporations use the public as guinea pigs with no regard to the harm being done. I agree with Natural News that all healing comes from mostly your diet and exercise. The big lie is that grossly expensive chemotherapy is the only option for most cancers. No pills or shots for me.

        • Me niether. Other than to get a vasectomy (will save you millions of $) I haven’t been to a doctor in 25 years or so (other than an xray for dirt bike accident.) I just take vitamins and herbs and silver for any cold etc. Works for me! In fact now that I think about it I haven’t been to a doctor since my mom took me as a kid for anything but physical injuries… SEE! THAT PROVES MOONSHINE IS GOOD FOR YOU! 😛

      13. What about the shingles vaccine?…being over 60,I really, reallydo not want to get the shingles!

      14. What about the Shingles vaccine?…I really do not want to get the shingles and my over 65 age!

        • Just drink moonshine and you will be fine!

      15. Lately at night I make a detox tea – hot spring water, couple teaspoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar, a lemon slice & about a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Also helps relax me! I’ve noticed, even in the little town I live in, that more and more people ARE speaking out against the flu vaccine. Progress.

      16. I am a doctor and do not advocate flu vaccine. I have seen nemerous reactions. Numerous studies show no benefit and those that do are published by pharma trolls. Vitamins. Game changer. We keep a stash of elderberry and zinc lozenges for throat. Inhale peroxide spray. Other herbal and homeopathy. 10 years running no flu in entire family. Minor cold at most.

        The trolls who scan these sites paid for by pharma are having hard time indoctrinating the masses. The big lie is being exposed and they can’t slow this truth train down .

      17. I am in agreement with Mike Adams. I have never had the flu shot (nor do my 4 children or my husband) and I very rarely get the flu (same with the kids and husband) and only get sick (not usually the flu) once every two or three years on average. I did get what I think was the flu this year. Worst I have been sick in 10 years, but even then it was more mild that what I am hearing from others. One mom I know told me she was in bed for 3 days!

        I agree with others on here who don’t get the flu shot and choose instead to take good care of their health. That is truly the best option.

        In fact my 97 year old grandmother also does not get the flu shot, very rarely ever gets the flu or sick for that matter. The ONE time many years ago the Dr. talked her into getting the flu shot, 3 days later she got pretty much the worst flu she ever had. Of course she never let the dr. give her another one.

        Take care everyone and good health to you all!!

      18. Complete and utter bullshit!! The next thing you know, this fucking idiot, Ranger what’s his nuts will tell you that you can get TB from uncured weed!!! Has he tried to sell you snake oil? Maybe you’d be inyerested in some high quality swamp land in Florida? Or maybe a bridge in Brooklyn? If you listen to the rants of this complete and utter fuckinv retard, then you get what you deserve.

      19. Has anyone thought to research how many of the people who have the flu have actually had a flu shot vs how many have not? How about how many who have passed away have had the flu shot vs how many have not? It would probably be a daunting task, but would be interesting to know. I personally have not had a flu shot since 1966 and when I got it then, I got the flu. I have never had it since.

        • Best kept statistics are in kids. 80% of childhood flu deaths are in unvaccinated children.

      20. With both of my children when they were babies I only allowed for them to get shots that were mandatory not the ones that were suggested. When they were old enough to go to school that’s when the shots That were suggested as babies became mandatory for them to go to school and my kids rarely get sick I never get the flu shot nor do I make my kids. They are country kids that have played in the weather elements with all our animals. During flu season I make sure to make homemade chicken bone broth soup with veggies from yard raised chickens that are hormone and antibiotic free lots of liquids during flu season so the body isn’t working so hard to digest solid foods so if they do come in contact with a virus the body can concentrate more on fighting the virus instead of digesting heavy solid foods. I also add the immune booster vita-c to their juice and were good to go. We do have allergies once a year but nothing too serious. I’ve always been against flu shots I’ve always said if your going to get the flu you going to get it and your better off catching the flu while your healthy then while your already sick from the flu shot. Thank you for sharing!

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