Health Ranger: If Hillary Is Arrested, The Left Will VIOLENTLY Revolt!

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 113 comments

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    Mike Adams, commonly known as the Health Ranger, has sounded the alarm that we should prepare for violent civil unrest.  Should Hillary Clinton ever be arrested for her crimes against the United States, Adams says the left will launch a violent uprising.

    Adams has been at the forefront of the political scandal surrounding democrats for some time. He’s been decently accurate when predicting which moves the left will make next.  Now he wants everyone to be aware of what he says will happen in the event of Hillary Clinton’s arrest. A couple of months ago, Adams reported on contractors being told to brace for a domestic deployment.  He now believes he understands why these people were put on alert.

     One or both of those people [Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama] is going to be arrested and indicted for multiple felony crimes. And it’s most likely going to be Hillary Clinton. Obama has more immunity as a former president; he’s got more distance between him and the crimes that were committed. Things may reflect poorly on Obama, and Obama was certainly in charge when the felony crimes and the illegal surveillance was being conducted on the Trump campaign officials and transition officials. But Hillary Clinton…her hand has been caught in the cookie jar.

    Adams admits that this may take months, if not a few years before all of the information comes out.  “Fact-finding” is slow in Washington, as to be expected with never-ending bureaucratic red tape in the way, but the wheels are grinding.  But what happens when Hillary Clinton gets indicted?

    This is where the riots and uprisings come into play. At that point, the left goes nuts! Because you’ve got to remember these brainwashed left-wing feminists, mostly, they love Hillary Clinton. They think she’s an angel. Oh, my god, they think she is the most honest, upstanding, ethical person.  They have no idea she’s a murderer – that they ordered executions of people like Vince Foster-when I say they, I mean Bill and Hillary Clinton. These sycophants have no idea what Hillary Clinton really is in terms of a mafia boss, and committing felony crimes and lying and covering thing up and having people killed at Benghazi. 

    If Hillary Clinton gets indicted, the same lying left that tried to steal the election, that tried to push a fake Russia hoax collusion narrative on America…that same left will call for mass uprisings and even violence nationwide. 

    Adams then says that the same media that helped propagandize for Hillary during the 2016 election they attempted to rig, will call for the uprisings. There is more and more evidence emerging that the arrest of Hillary Clinton is probable, and Adams says if that happens, the left will lose all credibility for decades. Instead of losing credibility slowly and peacefully though, they will revolt and cause untold chaos.


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      1. f-em lite the fuse…..=kaboomie…

        • Kill Em all, let God sort them out. Well maybe not, they don’t believe in God, so i guess there just fucked.

          • bring it we true American are ready got rope/feathers/tar hurry up

      2. Hillary is untouchable.

        • That’s true in the sense I wouldn’t touch the ugly skank with a long pole.

        • Agreed. The Clintons will never be held accountable for their treason. The fix is in, has been for a century.

          • Let them revolt. It’s beyond time to take out the filthy garbage littering the streets.

            Make America Clean Again.

            • I’m with you man, bring ’em on, lets get this over with.

        • There will be no civil war here UNLESS Soros funds it. Americans are stupid, they have short attention spans and likely won’t care a bit whether or not Clinton is prosecuted. The Dems will give a phony announcement to the population they they found nothing on Trump and others, were filthy liars, and are willing to drop all charges. The stupido Republican electorate, bored to death, will go along and there will be no jailing of this horrid witch from hell.

          • bahmi, I agree on much of your thesis, but not all and Adams is at best maybe correct, but I doubt it ?

            Both left and right are fat, dumb and lazy in USA today. Beyond obvious the big ANTIFA threat many of you were fretting on last year fizzled as I said it would in advance big time and are not even close to capable of any real battle rattle. On the other hand how many stood up for Finicum in any way on the supposed right ? So talk, bluster and bullshit is abundant across the board ! Also realize Hillary can be convicted and never be arrested per-se ?

            Adams is just another internet marketer, this time with fear porn which he is dabbling in more and more in recent times to drive hits at his sites. I wonder occasionally when many will wake the hell up and get their own shit together and quit being led around by the nose and simply reacting to the stimulus like Pavlovs dogs ?


            • Mr Finicum’s cold-blooded execution was ordered by the disgraceful governor Kate Brown. When will she be held accountable for that and other scandals she has committed against the people of Oregon?

        • Comanche, not really ?Bill and Hillary have both been completely destroyed in just one year or less. Even the DEMs are speaking against them these days. And the many crimes have been exposed which remains to be seen of the outcomes. The only reason she has not been arrested is because of the DSA and PRAVDA/MSM protecting themselves of their own crimes and hers as well.

          My main question is where is Sessions ? Why are Peter Strzok and Lisa P{age still working at FBI, as well Bruce Ohr at DOJ and Rosenstein. Worse yet Mueller himself is implicated in the Uranium One schemne and also a criminal ? And McCabe should be in jail not in early retirement? And these are just the short list pf criminals inside our government supposed law enforcement agencies !

          The problem now is people with a give up weak attitude. Think about it and it will sink in. Sessions is apparently 0ne of those people as well and needs to go 6 months ago !

          • Sessions is RIP, retired in place.

      3. … and that’s exactly why it won’t happen.

        • ARREST THAT BEECH NOW! Get rid of some leftie nuts and get rid of her too.. a 2-fer!

      4. Bring it on!
        A dramatic reduction in the number of Democrats
        can only be a good thing!

        • I think pretty much everyone on this thread is hoping for the same thing, Rellik.

          Target practice!! ?

          • Like the Klingon said to Captain Kirk, it would be glorious.

            • James T. Kirk: You fool, look around you! The planet’s destroying itself!
              Kruge: Yes, exhilarating, isn’t it?!

        • rellik, you took the words out of my mouth. You ESP’in or something? Damn, it’d be a glory to finally have good cause to purge these bastards out of my/our country.

        • Great news !!! Flush the Left from it’s spider holes, and take remedial action against them. Engage !!! 🙂

        • Rellik, it’s coming no matter how we look at it. An abundance of bullets with libturds’ names on them.

          • Let them revolt. I’ll start killing them.

        • Dam I couldn’t think of anything else to say. You all nailed it perfectly. Maybe this is the perfect thing we need.

        • Hell Yes!

      5. Haha…

        Bring it, libbies. Feel free to try and step right into my home with your “violent revolt”. You can be guaranteed that you’ll leave more ventilated than when you stepped over my doorstep.

        ?? ?????????? ??

        • Grunty, same here. 00 buckshot does wonders on the human body.

        • They will not be kicking in your front door. There will be mobs of people going block to block with gasoline bombs. You will need to form a perimeter around your neighborhoods and disallow the mob free roam.

          • Those idiots that form mobs will by far be the easiest to quickly kill.

            • Yup, target rich environment.

            • yep, when the first head explodes from bullet trauma, they will pee their panties and disperse.

      6. Until we have rule of law and sound money, all else will fail.

        • @ Horse,

          Ah Yep, been sayin’ that for 40+ years. Dishonest (fiat) money makes for dishonest politics, law, business, society. Honest money will get us honest society, business, rule of law, etc. I don’t expect to ever see honest politics but we can try.

          As far as the left’s violent revolt in the event that the bitch is finally brought to justice… How would that be different than what we have been seeing from them for these past years, nay decades?

          Just sayin’

      7. Oh my! Fat, ugly women, wearing foam, pink, vagina ‘helmets’…..flinging used tampons at Patriots, we are DOOMED!

        Finally we get to shoot at dangerous live targets to protect our LIVES, PROPERTY & REPUBLIC……..

        • Whose afraid of the big bad bush, the big bad bush? isn’t that a children’s rhyme or something?
          I can’t really see how a left revolt will be anything but more embarassment for the left.

      8. BRING. IT. ON!

      9. I BEG and DARE the Left to do a god damned thing period!! God I hope those fools act up boys and we can finally mow them down like the paper targets we have been tapping for years and years. Again I DOUBLE DARE those pussy clowns to do anything, go for it.

      10. If that’s all it takes, clap her in irons and let’s get this party started !!!

      11. If that’s all it takes, clap her in irons and let’s get this party started !!

      12. Well if its going to happen might as we get out the wheelbarrow and load up with ammo. Time to clean the firearms,oil and lube and polish. No sense in doing the job with a rusty gun.

        • Be sure EVERYTHING IS ZEROED. Nuff said

          • ALL of my stuff is ready for business 24/7, plenty of mags loaded and ready to go to work. Be ready my fellow Patriots.

      13. If the evidence is clear enough for the average American to understand it by all means arrest her. The left will destroy their remaining credibility with the majority of the public that will not tolerate violence for political gain. The Democrats will have to distance themselves from the violent progressives or cease being a party that can win an election. Conversely all of their riots will have to be handled with the upmost care so as not to have a Boston Massacre / Kent State that creates sympathy for them.

        • Kevin2, offensive violence has to be countered with defensive violence, not the PC garbage. Antifa and company already have sympathy and support from the rest of the left. No one on the right will sympathize with them. The Democrats would be better off distancing themselves from the ones committing acts of violence but I wouldn’t count on that happening.

        • K2,
          “Kent State that creates sympathy for them”
          Means you have to kill the MSM journalists first.
          I despised the anti-war protesters as they
          were killing more people than they saved and
          they elected the people that were ordering
          and conducting an illegal war. Yet they
          were exalted because they were Democrats.

          I’m a Vietnam era vet, so don’t get me wrong,
          But I had NO sympathy for protesters threatening
          a bunch of children armed with M16’s.
          I went into the Air Force at age 17,
          so I can comment on children with weapons.

          • The Vietnam war was illegal and immoral.

            “they were killing more people than they saved”

            One the US was on the wrong side, we broke a promise to the Vietnamese allowing France to return to rape and pillage, it stopped an election in 1954 because Ho Chi Minh would have won; hardly an example of democracy. The US killed Vietnamese who posed zero threat to you or I. Thats murder under color of law and a very ugly color at that.

            “But I had NO sympathy for protesters threatening
            a bunch of children armed with M16’s.”

            WTF are you talking about? Thats not Kent State.

            If the war protests would have not occurred the result would be what? If we won I ask “Won What? Another cheap labor supply for globalists? What nations policy’s facilitated the rise of Pol Pot? It was the US. What nation put and end to his genocide. Vietnam post unification. The place wasn’t worth one US life nor the death of one Vietnamese.

            • And on another note the Vietnamese fought China for 1000 years to gain their independence. The VC (popular front) would have nickel and dimmed the US until at some point you would pack up and leave. As Giap said, “I’ll lose 10 of my men for every one of yours”, ” you will eventually tire and leave”, “I cannot leave for I have nowhere else to go”. Their supply lines could be temporary impaired but the VC needed 19 2.5 trucks per day to keep their effort going at a minimum (Pentagon Papers Analysis).

              Three Things

              1. You wouldn’t win
              2. You shouldn’t win.
              3. You couldn’t win.

              • The Vietnam War Protestors performed a vital service.

                The Pentagon Papers, a US analysis of the Vietnam came to the conclusion by 1967 that the Vietnam war was unwindable.

                Equally prescient and independent was Under Secretary of State George Ball. Unswayed by the technocrats around him, he kept warning respectfully that their course was wrong. His memo to President Johnson on July 1, 1965, took account of souls, and French history, as well as weapons. It concluded: “No one can assure you that we can beat the Viet Cong or even force them to the conference table on our terms, no matter how many hundred thousand white, foreign [U.S.] troops we deploy. Once we deploy substantial numbers of troops in combat, it will become a war between the U.S. and a large part of the population of South Vietnam. U.S. troops will begin to take heavy casualties in a war they are ill-equipped to fight in a noncooperative if not downright hostile countryside. Once we suffer large casualties, we will have started a well-nigh irreversible process. Our involvement will be so great that we cannot — without national humiliation — stop short of achieving our objectives. I think humiliation would be more likely — even after we have paid terrible costs.”

                • K2,
                  Did you read what I wrote
                  “they elected the people that were ordering
                  and conducting an illegal war”.
                  I was a soldier at age 17.
                  I personally don’t think ANYBODY
                  under the age of 21 should be in the
                  modern military.
                  Shit, most the country won’t let them
                  drink till you are 21.

                  • “I despised the anti-war protesters as they were killing more people than they saved”

                    They put pressure to end the Vietnam War which even the Pentagon Analysts determined in 1967 that it couldn’t be won.

                    ““they elected the people that were ordering and conducting an illegal war”.

                    The protestors had to be 21 in 1964 to vote for Johnson. Voting for Barry Goldwater wasn’t an option to thwart US military involvement either, Hence, I have no idea what your talking about with this or this.

                    ““But I had NO sympathy for protesters threatening a bunch of children armed with M16’s.”

                    • K2,
                      Most people in University are in their twenties.
                      I’ll give the voting age stuff for that time.
                      The war was won, but politically we lost.
                      The pen is mightier than a sword, unless
                      you are dealing with me.
                      I was taught to not shoot unarmed people
                      unless I feared for my life.
                      500 people threatening you would
                      be un-nerving. Remember the 7 meter rule.

                      Soldiers are trained to kill, not suck
                      some Democrats dick.

                    • “The war was won, but politically we lost.”

                      There were two wars, one against the NVA which the US could somewhat prosecute the other against the VC who weren’t stopping. As long as they sent home foreigners in body bags, sooner or later, they will leave. The Chinese didn’t outlast the tenacious Vietnamese, the French didn’t and neither did we. You don’t understand the nature of that war and neither did Westmorland who focused VC part focusing on fixed battles and heavy firepower which alienated the civilian population making the “Popular Front” the VC even stronger. John Paul Vann (A Bright Shining Lie) understood. Even fighting the NVA was a strategy of attrition which in military terms is the absence of a strategy. Surprisingly the Ford Motor Company “Wiz Kid” Robert McNamara had a problem with simple math as the US never killed more NVA / VC (and the VC numbers killed were highly inflated) than the birth rate replaced. If the US never left Vietnam the VC would still be fighting us. Your not going to outlast them, your not cutting their supplies effectively because they need so little, the harder you fight them, the more firepower you use, they stronger politically they get. The Pentagon Papers addressed it.

                      In 1964 there was no candidate for President that would not have put US troops in Vietnam. Thats a fact.

                    • Last but not least even if you did “win” what did you “win”? Nothing but a leech to bleed the US of jobs, industry, lives, wealth. Of course the point is moot. Its was literally un winnable.

                  • i read yesterday that you are RIGHT…..the new recruits won’t WORK….they are lazy, entitled little pricks.

      14. Attack of the pussy hats. I’m scared. Let me go run and hide.

      15. I think Mike’s being his usual hyperbolic self about “chaos” in the streets. That said,I can’t wait. Bring it on.

      16. You say that like it’s a down side…

      17. Hillary Must Be Arrested, and let the shitholers burn down their shithole cities!!

      18. America, don’t be afraid of her or her snowflake, cowardly minions. She is not one single bit better than anyone, she needs to go to jail, so be it, see yah and your Arkansas Mafia associates all go to jail. America first, to hell with the traitors who want $$$ and control over all of US!

      19. Give Lardassity the BIN LADEN treatment, kidnap her in the middle of the night and dump her body in to the Indian Ocean.

        • I like that idea!
          Can you include several other prominent Democrats too?

          • yuuuup, me too

      20. In my personal appearances, I am generally masculine, dominant, and admired by praetors. They are usually, extremely respectful of me, in a platonic kind of way, when I am looking sharp, speaking only when I spoken-to.

        But, there are two kinds of Communism, folks.

        Some are subversive, useful idiots, used to break the resolve of a people, degenerate, and wallowing in their own crapulence.

        At the stage which Bezmenov calls “normalization” (he says, cynically) they are lined up against a wall. The liberal left is the bad kid, which the teacher uses as an excuse to torment the rest of the class, sadistically. Revolt (generally, in the form of controlled opposition) is an excuse for police statism. It has always been in their ability to stop petty criminals, also, to spot the odd-man-out (profile).

      21. To those imbeciles that want to be weeded out of the gene pool, make my day. You think you can endanger our society with no repercussions? Forget about it.

      22. I do not believe the “left” will do much is a physical sense
        They are stupid and use the minorities for their dirty work but I doubt they really want a serious clash with us. They know they would be crushed like a bug

      23. Hillary will not be arrested.

        • That crooked Killary should HANG for all to witness period!!

      24. Large scale false flag event more likely than Hillary being arrested.

      25. What else is new? I have always found Hillary supporters to be revolting!

      26. riot over Hellery? – you jest …

        Obammy? – if it means Christmas looting in July – the blacks would be more than glad to be outraged over their New Black God on Earth being arrested …

        either one being arrested & jailed with all the proof necessary and even a confession of guilt would just be excused by the leftist as falsehood – to this very day Billy Bob “Give Me BJ” is innocent of any wrong doing screaming about women abuse …

        it’s called bullet-proof ….

      27. Lock her up! Lock up her violent radical friends. HRC was instrumental in creating FEMA re-educational camps that are perfectly suited for her “friends”.

      28. If violence does come, many Lefties are going to find that they are nothing more than cannon fodder and very expendable by those who have been manipulating them.

        • “If violence does come,”

          The self described “progressives” will do everything possible to create a situation framing them as the injured party with full support of media manipulation. For the people who can’t wait for the opportunity to retaliate against them you’ll play right into their hands. In relatively short order the violent progressive actions via alternate media will erode any public support of substance. The picture of Bull Conners sanctioned actions did great service for the Civil Rights movement. Likewise The Boston Massacre of 1770 and Kent State in 1970.

          • Kevin: You sure are a fucking know it all, of a cunt.

            • Its a product of reading history and geo politics.

              Just a short list:

              None Dare Call It A Conspiracy


              The Art Of War

              On War

              Best Evidence

              Secrets Of The Federal Reserve

              The Creature From Jekyll Island

              Numerous books I sent for from the Government on Vietnam

              Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man

              Trading With The Enemy

              Economic Collapse (Argentina)

              • I suggest reading, “A Bright Shining Lie” by John Paul Vann too.

      29. I am checking the price for bus seats because we don’t have enough libtards where i live to make for even a good target practice. we will have to import more libtards! this could also help the entitlement programs and these people would probably bring new AR15s bought for them which could be put to good use later shooting paper targets and pop cans

      30. They won’t do it. For the same reason Comey/Lynch/Obama gave her a pass. They’re afraid of what would happen (Civil War). Of course if you could corner them and ask them, they’d tell you that they’re “protecting our democratic institutions”, or some such BS.

      31. Stop teasing us!! Best I can compare it too would be telling a kid they are going to Disney world. ..

      32. Death by a thousand cuts, or a quick clean culling?Hopeing for the tribulation, seems like hopeing for a disaster? What’s the alternative?

      33. Actually hellery is already under house Arrest. She is wearing a ankle bracelet under that medical boot. Broken toe? And the DOJ will never arrest her. The military is preparing a place for these VIP Traitors at GITMO. and then its a Military Tribunal. And the left will not do anything that amounts to diddly squat. If they try the national guard will take care of them. Its the Military Who are really in Charge. Trump is just a puppet.

      34. Boy, this is going to be embarrassing when people look at the archives of this site and nothing like this occurred. Or maybe not– how many times have they predicted doom and gloom on this site and nothing is ever happened? But this time, you should be veeery scared. If you’re not scared, they can’t get you to buy stuff.

      35. I do not believe America can move forward. Libtards and conservatives are to far apart. We can no longer live together without an understanding that libtard ways are for libtards!

        • Dave: I agree…they ALL must no longer breathe.

      36. Truth is. If they are that close to war that arresting one of the most corrupt criminal traitors in history is enough to push them over the edge, then it is time to do so!

        • Reality is. I would assume that the big mouths on the left who say war, don’t speak for much more than a few percent. Same on the right. Most of us have comfortable lives. Most of us realize war would be a disaster! Not only the end of the U.S., but very likely an opening to our enemies to destroy us completely. Who would russia and china support? Who would they air drop weapons to? I’m guessing they would support the libtards, and probably help with a latin invasion. I’m guessing they already are. Who is leaving crates of AKs in the hood? We assume CIA, but is it?

      37. bought more ammo recently

      38. I really find it incomprehensible,( except maybe for the fact that these would be good moral men at heart making up the teams thus they morally wouldn’t), that there is not an elitist hit squad out there eliminating those causing all the pain and misery in our world like clintons, soros, Rockefeller, obama, all members of bilderberg, etc etc. even if they only took out a few of them, the rest would be so scared it would maybe paralyze them with fear from doing more damage. I just can’t believe there doesn’t exist a group of warriors who aren’t risking it all to rid the world of the most evil.

      39. Hillary arrested? The only riots will be in the usual suspect cities. Nonetheless, I’ll be ready.

      40. It can get worse? When I watch the world news and see all the starving children , children being murdered , people shot in the streets , I can’t help but think how much more violent the streets of Detroit are, and that’s just one major city out of the 100 + in America .

      41. Bring it leftists. We’ll stack your dead bodies like cordwood.

      42. If they start a fight with the Trump supporters, they will LOSE!

      43. Be careful what you wish for, my friends. Assuming there will be a massive breakdown in social order should the Hildabeest and her minions be facing criminal prosecution, is assuming a lot. If you look at the history of those two Marxist criminals, the Clintons are pretty much untouchable.
        Let’s just say that a federal grand jury chooses to indict. There will be waves of protests from the rent-a-mobs, which will be handled and contained by the police and National Guard, if necessary.
        Should this happen, don’t start running around in your camo and LBE. Watch and see what happens. Should the Orcs and Orcettes with badges see you hanging out looking like some Rambo wannabe, you will be taken down. Have a plan and stay away from crowds. Take a lesson from Charlottesville and Berserkley.
        During the Rodney King festivities, there were gangs of looters who did not know Rodney King from King Kong but they took advantage of the upheaval. Rooftop Koreans defended their homes and business. Whole neighborhoods in North Long Beach turned out with everything from ball bats to .22’s to defend their hearths and homes.
        Do not get caught up in the frenzy. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouths closed. Have a plan. It would be wonderful if those two evil criminals could be truthfully exposed and brought to swift justice. I do not see that happening. One can only hope.

      44. And on this day…..a damn thing didn’t happen to Hillary.

      45. BS.
        Mike Adams with another massive FUD/fearporn article.
        And I’m getting sick of this deliberate mischaracterization of the ”threat’.
        Bythe time Hillary and Obama ‘get theirs’, most people will KNOW exactly what they have done, and even lifelong lefties will be so pissed at having been SO lied to, that they themselves will be calling for heads to roll.
        BEYOND THAT – and you all know this to be the case – without a Soros to FUND demonstrations, there is no GENUINE, violent anger out there on the left…just snowflakes and trouble-makers-for-hire. Barring a payday, the glass-breakers would keep to their usual street-corners, and the snowflakes wouldn’t know which end of a molotov cocktail to light.

        Screw Mike Adams and his fear-mongering, imagined street riots. It’s mealy-mouthed and ill-informed and trepidation-inducing blather.

        • I disagree. Liberals are mentally incapable of processing the truth. They will be in constant denial. Their beloved queen Hiliary could never do wrong, in their limited little minds.

          I’m certain that is precisely why Hiliary and the other scoundrels will never be charged and arrested, unless they want a bloody mess in the streets.

      46. sounds good………how about Thursday afternoon? I have a couple of hours free Thursday afternoon………that should be plenty of time…….

      47. works for me……..I’m free Thursday afternoon… shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours to clean house

      48. Hillary and Bill are not gods immune from the law. They are just two people good at bluffing cowardly clowns in law enforcement. so what if the left throws a tantrum. Lock them up get them off the street. When the crap hits the fan people need to make choices. submit to tyranny and mass crime or throw off the crime bosses and live like men again Time to put on the war paint and sharpen the tomahawk

      49. I do not think it will happen, nor will there be any target practice on snowflakes. I remember recently that big antifa event that was supposed to be anarchy and fizzled. Snowflakes are too lazy, spoiled, busy with social media and tired from their meds.

      50. Democrats and Republicans are the same thing.

      51. The left will fizzle out again. Welfare recipients did nothing for ANTIFA. Just a flash in the pan. When the deep state wants war they will cut the EBT cord with no hope of recovery. Then bullets will fly.

        • This^…Sam W. is right..We’ve experienced violent protests and riots dating back at least to the 60’s,and sooner or later they all fizzled out and things returned to normal..Cut the EBT cord permanently and the shit will splatter the fan like never before..

      52. From all of the replies…..the conservatives are fed up and are ready to engage them. But my thoughts are they will tuck tail after the first sign of trouble from the government. It won’t last long.

      53. I don’t think we have anything to worry about since Sessions will never arrest that horrid woman!

      54. Bring it on!!!!!! Molon Labe!!!!!!

      55. The way I see it, Soros will hire a group of mercenaries to start riots… but as soon as the money ends they will be gone… the crazy left and stupid puppets, have no guns.. the Right has the Freedom loving NRA… The individual police forces in each community will have to sort out which side they are on. Freedom for their families or New World Order slavery for their families…

      56. I’m confused. People keep telling me that leftists are a bunch of weak, cowardly pussies who refuse to own guns because they’re scared of violence. Now I’m being asked to believe that leftists are bunch of powerful, violent, well organised, well armed thugs, and that conservatives and libertarians should be terrified of them. Can’t have it both ways!

      57. I think people only went for Hillary when Bernie got knocked out. Most of them will see what she has done, If there are rioters they will be paid people.

      58. I have suggested ways to stop many of these demonstrations that wind up as riots. all gatherings must have permits. all people that are bussed for demonstration must have individual permits. this would be done with identification shown and listed on the insurgence form that must accompany the bus along with the permits to park the bus. this way we would have the names of the people who attend so responsibility can be taken when riots cause damage. when the same names appear in several locations we can have a law that covers professional demonstrators that must pay taxes on the income enjoyed from these operations. No my answers are not perfect but when people must but their names on the demonstrations they must know what their responsibility are when damage is done.

      59. There is a recient article about the French threatening Syria. Laughable. And the Left would last not as long as the French in a real fight.

      60. Well if all plays out in a planned out manor, there rioters will be in jail before they pick the queen up. Sometimes things change and once there money power is gone,supposedly there accounts have been locked, then there less apt to be able to function. I do know that it doesn’t take a lot of people, or a lot of money to have people raise hell. Once she goes down they may be less apt to try to back her. With Obama, I think there is more coming on him, and if the country chooses to go forward with it all, he may have some issues to deal with also.

      61. I get what you are saying, but most of her supporters are too drug-addled or cowardly to to much more than whinge!

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