Health Officials Warn: 40,000 Could Die As Britain Hit With 3 Week Long Arctic Cold

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 33 comments

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    Britain is facing a three-week long arctic chill that will see temperatures plummet and significant snowfall, according to health officials, who are warning that residents should be prepared for the imminent threat to human health. 40,000 could die from the cold.

    Temperatures in Britain are expected to go as low degrees Celcius or 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next three weeks and extremely heavy snowfall is expected in Essex and London. Health chiefs have now issued a warning ahead of the prolonged cold spell, calling on the public to check on those who may be at risk.

    Britain risks a re-run of some of December’s 2010’s mayhem. This cold spell also forecasts snow and ice, meaning some roads will be impassable, trains will be halted, planes will be risking cancellations, and football matches could be called off because of frozen fields. December shivers nudging -12 Celsius (even in the South) were forecast by The Weather Company and The Weather Outlook.

    Dr. Thomas Waite, of Public Health England’s Extreme Events team, said: “As the weather is going to get colder everywhere in the coming days, this is a really good time to check on those who may be at-risk. People with diseases such as heart and lung conditions, older people and young children can feel the ill-effects of cold weather more than the rest of us.”

    “To stay well this winter we all need to play a part. Is there someone you know who could be at risk when the weather gets cold? Could you help them out by fetching shopping or prescriptions? When the colder weather arrives there are several things we can do to keep well, wear several thin layers instead of fewer thicker ones, keep parts of the home you’re using heated to at least 18C and keep a careful eye on the weather forecasts,” said Waite.

    It is feared colder-than-usual weather will kill close to 40,000 Brits this winter after 34,000 excess winter deaths were recorded in the mild winter a year ago. Winter’s average cold weather death toll is 25,000. The Met Office said Arctic air means Britain’s -7 C coldest nights of winter are possible on Wednesday and Thursday in both the South and North, beating the -6.3 C on Saturday morning at Topcliffe, North Yorkshire.

    Many who die in cold weather are elderly but these victims would not die anyway in coming months, the Department of Health emphasized. Twenty percent of winter deaths are of people under the age of 75, with 11 percent under 65, Office for National Statistics figures show.


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      1. Who would be so dumb as to live in NORTHERN EUROPE and not prepare for winter? Who would be so dumb as to sit in shit-box, moldy, damp homes in the 21st century? When will the British learn from the Scandinavians and upgrade their crappy homes and learn how to build and insulate? Instead, you can be guaranteed 100% they will whinge, whine and do nothing.

        On the plus side, 40,000 fewer collecting pensions and clogging up the health service would be a big win for the country. You could replace them with 40,000 hard-working radical Muslims de-mobbed from the wars to establish the Caliphate.

        • Many Brits are actually under threat due to what they call “energy poverty.” Viz., you either heat your home or eat. All due to the massive cost of BIG GREEN MONEY power and energy scams.

          • There is no such thing as ‘energy poverty’: that’s just another scam to get welfare payments (winter fuel allowance etc.). There is, however, something called ‘ really shitty housing made by morons who can’t design for the weather in the country and are still struggling with the concept of damp prevention in a damp country’. The country’s architects should be hung high from poles along with the lazy engineers and corner-cutting builders and shyster estate agents.

        • FT, no kidding huh lol. We have had 10 degree lows here a couple of times already. Big deal, let the unprepared suffer the consequences of their actions. I think it’s going to be a cold-assed winter here but then we are ALWAYS prepared for it. 10 degrees… baaahh, try -20 and see how they like THAT!

          • My wife likes it about 75 degrees in the house. No problem, another piece of wood in the wood stove. Pinyon Juniper wood burns hot.

            • Yup, thats our wood of choice. Just stocked the cabin with 100% juniper/cedar. Besides the smell of cedar is nice 🙂

              • We heat a 4 bedroom home with this…

                ht tp://

                • Genius,same stove we have. Love it!

                  Pancakes in the morning!

            • You do know that Pinyon and Jumiper are 2 different trees?

              • Uhhhm yes.

                • No you didn’t. Otherwise you would have put a / between the 2. LOL! Another “Genius” that thinks they are “Genius”!

                  • I didn’t even mention pinyon dumb ass lol. Maybe hooked on phonics can help you? If you had any knowledge at all you would know juniper and cedar are very closely related, in fact most people call JUNIPER cedar. And I did put a / in between lol…. moron…..

              • Yes I do, I should have put “and” between them. We live in what is known as the Pinyon Juniper Forest.

        • hahaha yep, a true socialist only prepares to take preps from someone else because they are owed something from everyone else. i would be happy to give them all a bag of snow to put in all their pockets.

        • “It is feared colder-than-usual weather will kill close to 40,000 Brits this winter… ”

          May they all be Muslims. Islam is Sharia Law. Sharia law is incompatible with Western Civilization Values. 🙂

        • Isn’t the earth supposed to be warming or warming up?

      2. Call Al Gore to shovel.

        As Dr. Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric science at MIT, Dr. William Gray, the #1 hurricane forecaster in the world, and John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel have all said – in THEIR own words, AGE (anthropogenic global warming is – and I quote – “a scam.”

        Go to YouTube and search for John Colman+global warming for a brief primer on the topic. That is, until the PC types at YouTube yank his vids as “hate speech,” or fill in the blank.

      3. “Many who die in cold weather are elderly but these victims would not die anyway in coming months, the Department of Health emphasized.” I think they meant “would die anyway”, UK has a
        managed health system, like the Democrats are forcing on America.
        They predict your death, with some accuracy.

      4. Hopefully there will be many islamic savage popsicle sticks lying around everywhere to be picked up and trashed. The muslim savages come from a much warmer climate.

        • I wonder if the Koran has some Sharia rule about burning the bods? A proper fate for those folks – raghead cordwood for sale.

        • Maybe they could let in a half dozen Muslim and African refugees to warm the house up?

          The death of 40,000 Europe-hating, pasty-faced, health-care eating cold-weather fearing people won’t be that much of a loss. There are always a few million Muslims ready to replace them at the drop of a hat.

      5. But wait…GLOBAL WARMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

        oh, sorry Climate CHANGEEEEEEEE!!!!!
        its all President Trump’s fault..the new stupid refrain from the morons in America.

      6. prepare,prepare,prepare! How often do we hear it? Do it, problem solved.

      7. They should try wearing sweaters and coats.

        I haven’t turned on the heat in my house yet this season.

      8. The Perfect Storm (Of The Coming Market Crisis)

        “Lose your capital, and you lose the game…”

        “Investors today, after having missed out on the first few years of the current bull market cycle, have now decided to throw all caution to the wind and ignore the repeated warnings in hopes of attaining the “riches” they have been promised.

        And, like the “Andrea Gail,” they are currently heading into a perfect storm.”

        ht tp://

      9. “or 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next three weeks and extremely heavy snowfall is expected in Essex and London.”

        10 degrees Fahrenheit lol

        Give me a call when it gets Upper American Midwest cold say -40 C

        I would gladly come & plow you out but I would need to get airfare & mileage for me & the Plow + a reasonable hourly rate .

      10. Let’s see if the Thames freezes over. Would indicate another Minimum is upon us.

      11. Lost in the translation.

        40,000 could die and its written as if those lives were acceptable loses and a normal occurrence.

        Something wrong with that number.

        Last year 34,000 in a mild winter in Britain?

        Not sure how many Americans, I do know the homeless are the most effected probably followed by the elderly and plus accidents.

        It has been written that while in The Current Solar Minimum that we could be entering a Mini ice Age and The population of Northern Europe may have to migrate south… Much debate about that but I don’t think The Brits would argue the point

        Changes in North Atlantic Oscillation drove Population Migrations and the Collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

        Far more implications for populations than seen right now but a three week Arctic event? This is a SHTF event for them and I ponder how many have stocked up food and other resources?

        Makes me think about my situation if I was in a three week Arctic storm event.

      12. Its been in the 60’s and high 50’s here during the day. My son and I put our 7th and 8th deer in the walk-in box this past Saturday. Perfect weather for deer hunting. Mid 40’s in early morning then warming up throughout the day. But I know it won’t last too much longer.

      13. Close the windows and eat plenty of Taco Mayo burritos. Wash ’em down with lots of Pabst beer. A few stinky megafarts will keep the home nice and warm.

      14. Wimps! 10 degrees F seriously. Ever heard of winter in Chicago. It gets to -15F here we all survived just fine.

      15. Based on the numbers given, they are apparently past the point of objective morality, when they would have been able to build, insulate, and gather their own fuel.

        In the cityscape, there is no social contract, providing for the dignity of labor.

        There was a time, under absolute monarchy, when peasants, tied to the land, and without sanitation, would have been able to make a living, from the commons.

        Is this social progress.

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