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Health Officials “Baffled” By Surging Disease In LA’s Most Vaccinated Communities

Ethan Huff
November 25th, 2021
Natural News
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This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

The most highly “vaccinated” areas of Los Angeles for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are also the sickest. And health officials are scratching their heads trying to figure out why.

Because they apparently believe the lie that getting jabbed increases immunity, the expectation is that public health should be going up rather than down. The exact opposite is happening, however.

Areas of LA where vaccination rates are low have a whole lot fewer sick people than areas where jab compliance is high. And health officials are blaming differences in “behavior” and waning immunity – anything but the injections.

“People in those communities may also have lower levels of natural immunity due to historically low levels of coronavirus exposure,” one news outlet hilariously wrote as another excuse.

Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer says that she and other “authorities” are currently trying to figure out what might be the cause of this disparity.

Ferrer personally believes that age might have something to do with it. In her mind, younger people are “driving this pandemic,” so that is her excuse.

“I will say the one thing that does jump out – the average ages were very low in all these communities,” Ferrer is quoted as saying.

“This is, essentially, in the communities with the highest rates, this is a pandemic that is in fact fueled by younger people.”

Wuhan Flu injections are creating another “wave” of disease in LA

Ferrer went on to blame young people for “intermingling both socially and at work sites,” which she says is “contributing” to the spread of Chinese Germs among the “fully vaccinated.”

“Whoever you are and wherever you live, whether you live in a community with a high vaccination rate or with not-so-high vaccination rates, the most important thing you as a person are going to need to do is get yourself vaccinated, the people you love vaccinated, and then be sensible about precautions around intermingling while transmission rates remain relatively high across the county,” Ferrer further added in a canned statement.

Hilariously, Ferrer was unable to explain why seven of the 10 LA communities with the most new “cases” of the Fauci Flu also have jab rates that far exceed the nationwide average.

“If you’re not vaccinated, you’ve got a much higher risk of ending up infected, ending up in the hospital, and tragically passing away,” Ferrer still claims. “That’s crystal clear and it hasn’t really changed for months now.”

Back in August, Ferrer was also unable to adequately explain why so-called “breakthrough” cases of the Chinese Virus were surging in highly vaccinated LA.

At the time, the “delta variant” was spreading like wildfire among those who took the jab. Government officials had no answers other than to continue pushing the jabs as the “cure.”

According to the latest figures, Lancaster, Palmdale, Studio City, and Santa Clarita are among the 10 most highly infectious areas of LA County. These four communities also had the highest rates of new infection during the two-week period ending on November 6.

Countywide, some 73 percent of residents are fully vaccinated, which should have been enough for “herd immunity” to kick in. Apparently, Tony Fauci and the other plandemic liars deceived everyone about this as well.

“Some of our communities that have right now these higher case rates are in fact communities that have really decent coverage in terms of vaccination … and they still have a problem with high case rates,” Ferrer admitted.

Statewide, California currently has 611 covid-“positive” patients being treated at county hospitals. This is down from 616 on Wednesday.

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    Author: Ethan Huff
    Date: November 25th, 2021

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    1. JoeRockhead says:

      I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the stupidity of the narrative, but I still have trouble wrapping my mind around how the filthy so called leadership in this world can continue to spew such utter bullshit with a straight face. Moreover, the blithering idiots that still believe it. One thing for sure is; when this finally ends, the mean IQ should be up a dozen points or more.

    2. Fran76 says:

      They know alright !!

    3. Apache54 says:

      If these people are scratching their heads i is because they have been brainwashed as al of us who know, the VACCINES (which are not vaccines) are the cause of the surge!

    4. Brockland A.T. says:

      Since the vaxxes only reduce severity of illness, and don’t grand real immunity like real vaccines, surging cases of breakthrough COVID should be no surprise.

      The only real change here is the shift of the narrative from fear of death to fear of catching the cooties.

      The vaxxed are more likely to incubate and superspread vax breakthrough infections.

      The suhuman unvaxxed are denied Aryan Card vaccine passports and aren’t allowed to circulate anymore, and unvaxxed immune systems aren’t primed to ADE vax-defeating variants.

      Unless the vaxxes really do permanently suppress the immune system, the vaccinated will also develop some abridged form of natural herd immunity.

    5. Let me help the experts.
      The vaccine diminishes the natural immune system.
      It also wains its own strength to fight the virus.
      The jab also causes – heart attacks, strokes, cancer etc
      This winter will be a nightmare

      Thank You EVIL Fauci and all the one world order goons

    6. desertspeaks says:

      oh my goodness, what could be making this happen?? what could it be…


    7. Leroy says:

      California Dreamin'”

      All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
      I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day
      I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
      California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day

      Stopped in to a church I passed along the way
      Well I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray
      You know the preacher liked the cold
      He knows I’m gonna stay
      California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day

      All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
      I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day
      If I didn’t tell her I could leave today
      California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day
      California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day
      California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day

    8. Jocko says:

      Nothing to be baffled about. Ineffective vaccines cause some virus to survive, those surviving virus modify to resist the vaccine. Then more people become infected.

      • Jocko says:

        Some recent headlines:
        Asian and European Countries, Alarmed by New COVID Variant, Tighten Curbs
        WHO to Meet Over Concerns About New COVID Variant
        New Coronavirus Variant in South Africa a ‘Serious Concern’ ’

    9. Anonymous says:

      More vaccinated->more cases->more hospitalized->more deaths->unvaxxed at fault.

      It’s only logical.

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