“Heads Must Roll”: Outrage Grows Over Epstein’s Mysterious Suicide

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    Update2: It’s been a day since the sudden, yet somehow unsurprising news of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent ‘suicide’ in a Manhattan jail cell after reportedly being taken off suicide watch, and people are demanding to know exactly how this happened amid conflicting reports.

    According to the New York Post, “Epstein had inexplicably been taken off suicide watch despite an incident three weeks ago when he was found sprawled on the floor of his cell, nearly unconscious, and with injuries to his neck,” adding “He was being housed in the jail’s high-security Special Housing Unit, in which high-profile or dangerous detainees are kept separate from the general population.”

    At MCC, two jail guards are required to make separate checks on all prisoners every 30 minutes — but overnight, that procedure was not followed, a source told Reuters. Prisoners on suicide watch get checked every 15 minutes.

    Former US Attorney Preet Bharara tweeted that he was “dumbfounded” by Epstein’s death.

    “There should be — and almost certainly is — video of Epstein’s suicide at MCC,” he said. “One hopes it is complete, conclusive, and secured.” –New York Post

    As we noted on Saturday, Attorney General William Barr is appalled by Epstein’s death – ordering the DOJ’s Inspector General to investigate.

    Epstein’s death comes less than a day after the release of a trove of documents naming high-profile individuals named in a 2015 lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre against Epstein’s ‘Madam’ – Ghislaine Maxwell, who says Maxwell helped Epstein traffic herself and other underage girls to sex parties at the billionaire pedophile’s many residences.

    Guiffre claims in the filing that she was forced to sleep with several high-profile individuals, including Britain’s Prince Andrew, former Sen. George Mitchell (D-ME), Democratic New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, longtime MIT professor Marvin Minsky, and investment banker Glenn Dubin. All have denied the accusations.

    “Heads must roll,” said Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse (R), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee in a blistering Saturday letter to AG Barr. “Every single person in the Justice Department — from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer — knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldn’t be allowed to die with him,” Sasse added.

    There’s no question Epstein should have been under continual watch, said Cameron Lindsay, a former warden who ran three federal jails and who called the death a “shocking failure.”

    “Unequivocally, he should have been on active suicide watch and therefore under direct and constant supervision,” Lindsay said.

    “It’s embarrassing,” one federal law-enforcement source told The Post of Epstein.

    “This is the highest-profile inmate in that facility, and considering that he may have attempted suicide two weeks ago — how could they let this happen?”

    Mayor de Blasio tweeted, “Some of wealthiest people in the world committed a horrible crime. If they think for a second that they got away with it because Jeffrey Epstein is dead, they’re dead WRONG.” –New York Post

    And now we wait for the official story…

    Update: The FBI is opening an investigation into Epstein’s death according to media reports.

    And according to NBC News correspondent Tom Winter, Epstein was not on suicide watch when he was found in his cell.

    “He was, however, housed in his own cell without other inmates.”

    Additionally, Robby Starbuck reports that:

    At MCC, two jail guards are required to make separate checks on all prisoners every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not followed overnight, according to the source, who was not authorized to speak on the record.”

    Does this sound like a suicide to you?


    Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials from news


    According to the Washington Post‘s Carol Leonning, “People close to Epstein fear he was murdered…as Epstein told authorities someone tried to kill him in a previous incident weeks earlier. He was described as being in good spirits in recent days…”


    Jeffrey Epstein has died after having reportedly committed suicide in his jail cell, according to multiple news reports, after a gurney carrying what is believed to be Epstein was seen wheeled out of the Manhattan Correctional Center around 7:30 a.m., according to the New York Post.

    The 66-year-old Epstein was was previously placed on suicide watch after he was found “nearly unconscious” inside his cell with ‘marks on his neck,’ according to a Post report from late July. Investigators questioned former Orange County police officer Nicholas Tartaglione, suspected of killing four men in a cocaine distribution conspiracy, in connection with the incident. The former cop claimed to have not seen anything nor touched Epstein.

    Needless to say, today’s news is highly suspicious.

    As the Wall Street Journal‘s Ted Mann notes, “Even the time of day in this story is shocking. The first check-in on a prisoner who had already attempted suicide once was not until 7:30 a.m.?

    The apparent suicide comes just hours after a massive trove of documents was unsealed in a case linked to Epstein, in which one of his victims said she was forced to perform sex acts with high profile individuals, including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell (D), former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), money manager Glenn Dubin and MIT professor Marvin Minsky.

    Virginia Giuffre, now an adult, says she was also sent to modeling executive Jean Luc Brunel and the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, according to parts of a 2016 deposition she gave. The testimony by Giuffre, who claims she was a “sex slave” for Epstein from 2000 to 2002, expands on her previous allegations, in court filings and tabloids, that she was forced to have sex with the U.K.’s Prince Andrew and Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz. Both men have strenuously denied those allegations. –Bloomberg

    He was arrested on July 6 at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on charges of sex-trafficking minors and subsequently denied bail.



    Meanwhile, Epstein’s personal pilots had been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan last month, which could be used to corroborate accounts from Epstein’s accusers, as well as his travels and associates.

    A conveniently timed sale

    While prosecutors claimed that Epstein owns two private jets, the registered sex offender’s attorneys said in a court filing earlier this month that he owns one private jet, and “sold the other jet in June 2019.” Considering that he was arrested after returning from Paris in his Gulfstream G550, per Bloomberg, it suggests that Epstein sold his infamous and evidence-rich Boeing 272-200 known as the “Lolita Express” weeks before his arrest.

    According to flight logs, former President Bill Clinton flew on the “Lolita Express” a total of 27 times. “Many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many times he did not,” according to investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff – who first revealed the former president’s extensive flights on Epstein’s “lolita express” in a 2010 Daily Beast exposé.

    Clinton claimed in a July statement that he only took “a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane” in 2002 and 2003, and that Secret Service accompanied him at all times – which Sarnoff told Fox News was a total lie.

    “I know from the pilot logs and these are pilot logs that you know were written by different pilots and at different times that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein’s 27 times,” said Sarnoff.

    “It would not be surprising to find that some of these flight logs…were likely designed to hide evidence of criminal activity—or perhaps later cleansed of such evidence,” wrote the lawyers for some of Epstein’s accusers in a 2015 court filing.

    Investigators may be interested in asking Mr. Epstein’s pilots whether they witnessed any efforts by Mr. Epstein to interfere with law enforcement, according to legal experts. In recent court filings, prosecutors have accused Mr. Epstein of tampering with witnesses, an allegation that Mr. Epstein’s lawyers denied in court.

    Federal prosecutors in Miami and Mr. Epstein’s lawyers in 2007 negotiated over the possibility of Mr. Epstein pleading guilty to obstruction of justice, including for an incident involving one of his pilots, according to emails that became public in civil lawsuits. –Wall Street Journal

    Meanwhile, prosecutors confirmed in filings that there are “uncharged individuals” in Epstein’s case – which has just gone away – or has it?

    And look what’s trending:



    Just be careful with those assumptions, citizen.




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      1. Arkancided! He knew too much about powerful folks in the gubmint. The names (past & present) that would have been dragged through the deserved mud would be astonishing. When concerned – they get rid of the witnesses.

        • I’m not convinced that he’s dead.

        • Madame Clinton’s reach is deep and wide ! Thought you were safe in jail??? Ha ha look out she can get you there too ! LOL

      2. C L I N T O N is his name oh

      3. Only low level employees will be punished. Perps will escape the investigation.

      4. prove it!

        these people think were stupid..he aint dead ….yet

      5. The jailers moved Epstein’s cell mate to another cell a few hours before his death. Well, you can’t say they aren’t a considerate and accommodating bunch.

        • “boyah, you aint gonna wanna see this…”

      6. Notice how suddenly we aren’t talking about Russian collusion anymore now that the investigations have turned towards who originated that particular fraud…..?

        If the Epstein thing comes even close to exposing anyone, expect more mass shootings if its someone on the LEFT or a quick war if its someone on the RIGHT.

        I called it a few weeks ago. watch for it again.

        • I once said “Hillary could eat a live baby on television and still get half the vote”. This is like a hair away from that.

          Nothing will happen. You know it. I know it.

          If something was going to happen, it would have like the last 15 times…

      7. He aint dead. He is a 3ew Mossad Agent. They switched him with a almost look alike corpse in the Ambulance. His 3ew superiors had enough blackmail evidence and money to get him set free. The daily stormer has a couple of articles.

      8. Whatever, who gives a dam. If enough TRUE AMERICAN “PATRIOTS” got together then MAYBE we could accomplish something. But, look around, nobody wants to leave their phone and t.v. long enough to do a damn thing. Those evil people who have stolen most the money, resources, etc. Are laughing their collective asses off at ALL OF US. Because we all are pussies when it comes to cleaning up our country. And a fyi, trump is part of it all! JMO…

        • Right on…Nikita Khrushchev said “one morning Americans will wake up and discover they are living in a communist country, and wonder how that happened.” …It has happened, just most people haven’t noticed yet. Give everyone a tracking surveillance device (cell phone) and have year round ball games on TV and you can rape, rob and destroy the country unnoticed.

      9. The obvious answer is a paid inside job.
        Our government is stupid and Government workers are not geniuses – but this stupid?????
        The guards and their “supervision” need to be water boarded to get to the truth

        • Whatever guard(s) took the payout to do this are well on their way to a non-extradition country as we speak. If they have any common sense at all.

      10. If you haven’t already caught this it’ s well worth the read…serves to put things in perspective. Up at the Hedge,
        “Complete List Of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously Or Committed Suicide Before Testimony”

        This list details almost 50….yes 50, people who since the mid 80’s have been ‘Arkancided’. The number involved here just beggars belief. IF the rather suspiciously delayed Coroners report due yesterday – and STILL not made public as yet – comes back with anything other than murder as the cause of death then I believe we might just assume that it’s ‘Showtime’, to put it obliquely.

        Eyes open wide and ears peeled full on this one kiddies…no shit, this IS the real deal, here and now.


      11. – another censor comment 1984/2019 –
        Demand the jail Video.
        Jails, Prisons, EVERYTHING is recorded:
        Video-Audio-Phone calls out/in-Visitors phone calls-Visits-conversations within facility. All mail In-Out, is read by authorities. EVERYTHING IS RECORDED.

        Why no media outcry? Why no FIA request?
        Where is the video?
        But remember, with modern computer/video editing software, you can no longer always believe what you see or hear.

        Did you really think Epstein would be allowed to testify?
        We are governed by politician CRIMINALS.
        Many American politicians are antiAmerican TRAITORS-Criminals-Murderers-War Mongers-Thieves-Liars-Pedophiles-Satanist. Above the Law. No Accountability. No Consequences for the Politicians/Police criminal activities. Many Politicians-Judges-Jailors-Police, are All Paid off by drug cartels. That is reality.

        What do you think a 50k a year salary jailer would do, if offered 3 million for a nights work? Especially with morals of NYC? But you better find out who was involved quickly. Because the perps doing Epstein hit will likely also be killed very soon. Life is very cheap to rich thugs in suites.

        Wake up to reality sheep.
        Politician Wolves are looking out for your “Safety/Security” of the American Sheep..
        Sheep dogs are Asleep/Paid off, or have been replaced by foriegner replacements that don’t mind killing Americans.

        Haven’t you noticed the number of Police with foreign accents?

        • You are absolutely correct except for one thing, “What do you think a 50k a year salary jailer would do, if offered 3 million for a nights work?”….Actually it was nearer 50 million. The two “suicide watch” guards had purchased for them (by who??) two mansions in China (no extradition), one for 20 million and the other 26 million.

      12. The AG William Barr should have had US Marshalls guarding Epstein 24/7. Epstein’s testimony had domestic and foreign implications at the highest most powerful levels. There was zero intention of having him testify. Now it’s one more incident that disappears into obscurity.

      13. They are all organized crime crooks, the whole lot of them. AG Barr and Mueller included. Above the law and untouchable. Like Trumps mentor Roy Cohn and this present gang of conspirators.

      14. “Just be careful with those assumptions, citizen.”

        The scientific method involves observable data, an answerable question, and a repeatable discovery. I have no assumptions, here.

        The Epstein character already has a narrative, involving faraway islands. If this is even an actual person, he can be un-personed.

        Some opportune piece of paper told me so (sarc), it came from the North Pole. Question me, and your name goes on the naughty list.

      15. #ClintonBodyCount indeed.

        Next up: the Federal prosecutor that said anything turned up in a search warrant can’t be overturned is about to have a “car accident”.

        I’m amazed the entire island hasn’t been used as an above ground nuclear test site by now.

      16. The devil isn’t done with them yet.

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