The New ‘Russiagaters’: Right-Wingers Channel Hillary in Attacks on Biden

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daniel McAdams at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

    “Bad” Vlad Putin only “took over” part of Ukraine because of President Biden’s weakness. So says many in the US right-wing. A “real man” president would have imposed costs so prohibitive that Putin would never have dreamed of recognizing what has been de facto reality since 2014: that the Russian-speaking part of Ukraine wants no part of the US-installed government in Kiev.

    So goes the thinking of the armchair right-wingers. And I don’t even mean neocons: plenty of those now scoring body blows on our president-on-the-ropes are Trumpers and even populists. The question to these “weak Biden” jaw-boners remains: what would you have done to show how “tough” you are that would sufficiently terrify the Russian president into accepting US missiles on (what would be) NATO-member Ukraine’s soil? Nuke Moscow out of the blue? And sacrifice the United States in the process?

    That’s “pro-America”? Killing America?

    These are not serious people. In fact, they are carbon copies of their supposed nemeses like Rachel Maddow and Adam Schiff.

    Former (Trump) White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who I am sure is pleasant enough, has dusted off her camos and is declaring war on Biden for “showing weakness” that invited Putin to rampage through Europe reconstituting the Third Reich…or something like that:

    Oh yeah…that old Putin. He’s got a life-sized poster of Chuck Schumer in his bedroom. He’s got a collection of Biden bobble-heads.

    Of all people, McEnany should know how destructive it is to stomp up and down and scream “you’re Putin’s puppet!” After all, that exact mindlessness hobbled her own boss for four years, preventing him from fulfilling his campaign promise of “getting along with Russia.” It may well have cost him re-election. Nevertheless, echoing the absolute lack of thinking on the American Right these days, she chooses to morph into Rachel Maddow.

    Come on, Kayleigh. If you want to be taken seriously don’t act so foolish.

    Putin did not “get” Crimea and east Ukraine on Biden’s watch because they’re best buds. Crimea and eastern Ukraine were broken away from Ukraine because of the preposterously idiotic idea that there is any value to the United States in moving NATO to Russia’s doorstep in the hopes of “regime-changing” Putin.

    US foreign policy since at least the dawn of the Wolfowitz Doctrine – and arguably since Brzezinski’s brilliant idea that creating, arming, and training a bunch of jihadists (who became al-Qaida) would be a swell idea because it would finally give then-USSR its Vietnam – has been a series of own-goals. In other words, what is achieved is the exact opposite of the stated aim.

    This brings up a larger question of why conservatives are in the main so awful on foreign policy (and even on “woke” ideology and, frankly, everything else). A brilliant Tweet from a long-banned account best captures everything that is wrong with conservatives:

    Conservatives of our era are woefully uneducated, uninterested, and uninformed. There are no Sobrans or Menckens among them because they willfully know nothing – and care even less – about that upon which they opine.

    They stand for nothing but cheap political points. Twitter “gotcha” points.

    Right-wingers’ favorite, Sen. Tim Scott, likewise repeats the “Putin invaded Ukraine because Biden is weak” talking point:

    The big secret is that with a few exceptions. Members of the House and Senate are dumb as dirt. The only thing greater than their lack of intelligence is their lack of interest in anything at all beyond power. Someone should ask Senator Scott what he would have done as Commander-in-Chief to prevent Russia from accepting the request for recognition of the two breakaway Ukrainian republics.

    Better yet, someone should have shown him a map without place names and asked him to point out where these republics actually are.

    Here’s the new rule: You can’t call for war or sanctions on a country you can’t find on the map.

    The recently-embalmed looking Newt Gingrich also hits “weakness” as the reason for Russia’s “invasion”:

    The “Obama model” of weakness? Obama overtly overthrew a democratically-elected government in Ukraine, from one seeking a friendly trade relationship with Russia to one chock-full of Nazi weirdos maniacally hostile to Russia. It’s like China installing the Taliban into power in Mexico.

    That’s “weakness”? No, that’s cajones. Insanely stupid and “America-last,” but cajones nonetheless.

    Republican candidate for Congress and favorite of the “pro-Trump” wing of the party Robby Starbuck also channels the delusional right-wing on Biden/Putin/Ukraine:

    Do Republicans believe that the US government has the right to cancel business deals between two non-American actors? That Washington has a say on how Germany gets its energy?

    This is the “party of small government”? A government so big that it can tell other governments where they are allowed to get their energy?

    It’s “Putin’s pipeline”? Tell that to Germans huddled in their cold apartments because putting a bunch of natural gas on ships from the US across the Atlantic is about as efficient as a Soviet five-year plan in producing consumer goods in 1975.

    Why do these “free market” Republicans all sound like commies?

    And come on: “Putin smells weakness & attacks”? You want to be taken seriously with such a stupid statement? Robby would deserve to lose his House bid for the crime of being too foolish for office, but sadly the bar is set far lower than this.

    Similarly, Chairman of the GOP Ronna McDaniel, who no one accused of being an intellectual, jumped on the neo-Russiagate bandwagon, Tweeting scorn on Biden for failing to keep Putin “in check”:

    Is that really the job of the US president? Putting other leaders “in check”? It’s clear at this point that “American exceptionalism” is not only a mental illness but a highly dangerous one.

    Former President Trump himself also chimes in on how he would have been so tough on Russia that Putin would never have dared recognize a part of Ukraine disenfranchised by Obama’s interventionism which rejected the fake government put in place by Victoria Nuland and her pals in 2014. Is it Stockholm syndrome in a president who was continuously whacked in the head by the 2X4 of “Putin’s puppet” accusations?

    There are literally hundreds of more examples of non explicitly neocon Republicans singing from the “Russiagate” songbook over developments in Ukraine.

    None of them – with few exceptions like the Columbia Bugle and Darren Beattie – understand that “America first” means the opposite of “America tells the rest of the world what they can do.”

    Once and for all: It’s not President Biden’s “weakness” that has botched up US relations with Russia and Ukraine and put us on the verge of war. It’s the stupidity of US interventionism under Vice President Biden! Were it not for the US-backed coup in 2014 we wouldn’t be talking about Crimea returned to Russia or the crisis in the Donbas.

    It’s not weakness, but the stupidity of interventionism – a bipartisan affliction – that is the source of the problem!

    We are led by a hopelessly corrupt political class. A duopoly of dunces. As I’ve oft-repeated, Patrick Buchanan’s “two wings of the same bird of prey.”

    EDITOR’S NOTE: If you want the solution it’s simple. Stop advocating for masters of any flavor and slaves to serve them just because you dislike their beliefs. This ends when we say it does. This ends when we all wake up to the sad fact that we were born slaves. So were our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. We were never free, and never will be until we free our minds.

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      1. As Lombardi said “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”.

        If you get in a war you have to totally destroy your enemy, otherwise you just strengthen him.

      2. This article is another sent from the libtard thinking leftist scumbags, I think this site has turned into a pile of smelly crap.
        Audios, dumbasses
        This is no place I want to be, reading lies from scumbag idiots!

      3. This website has become an offshoot of the MSM and spreading half truths . Why is there no mention that bad vlad was forced into his actions due to actions of the US meddling in Ukraine and lying to Russia about no further encroachment of NATO on Russias border? The US is building missile shields all around Russia but no mention of that …..imagine if Russia put missiles on the Canadian border and Mexican border . Post facts not MSM garbage

        • Two sides of the same coin.
          Lots of drama, sensationalism, misinformation,speculation and fear porn being used to draw clicks and sale books.
          Best thing to do is stay off social media and get busy living.

          • 99rich99 said, “This website has become an offshoot of the MSM and spreading half truths.”

            Say something catchy and original; it might end up in a radio show.

            99rich99 said, “…imagine if Russia put missiles on the Canadian border and Mexican border .”

            Or, in Cuba. Would Russia do that?

            “… I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit. For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”
            — from Ecc 1

            “There is an evil I have seen under the sun, As an error proceeding from the ruler: Folly is set in great dignity, While the rich sit in a lowly place. I have seen servants on horses, While princes walk on the ground like servants.”
            — from Ecc 10

            No matter how informed are your powers that be, they have power and milieu control.

            Most people are in the role of the tail and not the head, while saying who will participate and what is their portion.

      4. Most Americans do not know this: Ukraine is the world epicentre of global crime networks (drugs, sex trafficking, cyber crime, money laundering, etc.). It all routes through there. Whomever controls Ukraine controls the world’s crime proceeds. It is also a world food centre that helps to keep the turd world alive.

        As a country, Ukraine was once part of Russia and has a heavy connection to Russia. The best option for Ukraine is to divide the place up into statelets that are demilitarised and neutral in world affairs. Ukraine being used as a pivot point by the US to take apart and harass Russia needs to stop.

        • I will agree Ukraine is a mess. It has also been under the rule of Poland and Germany over the centuries. Ukraine had a pro-Russian had a democratically elected government that was overthrown by Neo-Nazi’s back in 2014 with the help of the Obama Administration. It also led to the Crimea voting to succeed and become part of Russia. The two republics Putin declared independent have been fighting Ukraine for 8 years for the independence of to join Russia.
          It is US interference and meddling that has brought the war to Ukraine and the world to the brink of nuclear disaster.
          Trump left Ukraine alone to work out it’s own problems rather than meddling. Biden had to meddle again, because of him and his families personal gain coming from exactly what you said, the corruption and crime in the Ukraine.

          • I think most people are failing to look at this situation for what it is. Most people are falling for the Ukrainian nationalist propaganda which masks and distracts from the truth of the Ukraine.

            First off, Ukraine has long had a strong connection to Russia and was a key part of the Soviet Union’s military industrial complex (aircraft and weapons, bases, resources etc.). As the Soviet Union fell apart organised crime and gangs took over in Russia AND Ukraine.

            Putin rose high BECAUSE he is organised crime head number one. Russian organised crime early on despatched its key guys to Ukraine to establish strong networks for money laundering and sex trafficking. Things were going well until America decided it wanted control of all that loot (remember, America is BANKRUPT and needs all the income streams it can find). Obama obliged with a fake revolution for freedom and installed neo Nazis to head Ukraine and bully the Russians off the Ukrainian patch. Think of this a bit like what happens in every gangland movie you have ever seen: a bunch of guys turn up with baseball bats and bash in the heads of the rival gang.

            But, in 2015 the migrant crisis, or as Putin and everyone sensible remembers it, the great Muslim/African invasion of Europe started. This introduced a problem: violent Islamic crime gangs muscling in on long-established Russian and Ukrainian ones.

            Putin looks at things as a big picture and he sees the existential threat to European civilisation by this invasion. He sees how important it is for Europeans to become clear about what is at stake. He knows joining today’s EU (not the EU as it was up to 2015) isn’t about freedom and democracy but about having your territory handed over to migrants and the white population replaced. Once Ukrainians figure that out, they will turn. But this time they will turn with advanced Western weapons to hand and significant battle experience. Combine that with already established crime networks and you have a vicious weapon to counter Islam’s crime syndicate. All else is just propaganda and BS.

      5. McAdams said, “A duopoly of dunces.”

        No offense is intended to the cultural traditionalists or fiscal conservatives, who aren’t really a part of the duopoly.

        But, the *fictional, right wing neocons can be composed of whichever characters are useful to develop a Hegelian plot line.

        It would seem to be the East Block, which ruins Mystery Babylon and which Q-anon and alt right greets as liberators, which are proxies of the RINO’s against Ukraine.

      6. War is part of the grand plan for the great reset (NWO). Don’t expect the owned, blackmailed politicians to change their minds. I have read that many of them have headed to the bunkers, probably Denver. Expect cyber war to break out before long too….

        • Yeah, war is a part of the big plan.

          Read the back of the book if you want to know how it turns out in advance of it.

        • It’s just a place for luggage.

      7. But…but…but…I’ve heard many a tard say that Trump was the best president this century.

        Mebbe so…but that bar is only 2 inches off the ground.


        I wish the truckers would haul a couple D9s into DC and push the Capitol building into the Potomac.

        • The truckers are just commiting suicide. Bunch of idiots are going to lose everything. Canada is selling all the trucks they towed and snatching everyone involved’s bank accounts. Same thing is going to happen here. NDAA makes it all legal and easy. You think shipping is bad now, wait till these morons are out of work with no money and no truck.

          • But boy you sure showed them huh! The only thing they will accomplish is totally screwing the people while the masters have a good laugh and more excuses for draconian shit!

          • Same applies to all the “keyboard cowboys” that have been brainwashed into believing as long as they have firearms they can’t lose.

      8. Nice rant McAdams but it won’t make Hillarygate go away.

        • Hillarygate!? Hillaryarious! Are you dumbfucks still chanting “Lock Her Up”!? I hope you realize the way trump and his slow-witted band of nepotistic underachievers handled business for four years (and after when trump stole 15 boxes of files) far exceeds anything Hillary ever did. Unfortunately we have shit for a justice system in this country, but trump’s handling of classified material may very well land his orange ass in prison…and that is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the other crimes he committed while in office.

          • You may be right about that, but Trump’s real job was to set the stage for Biden so don’t criticize him if you;re a Biden fan.

            FWIW, we have no idea the extent of what Hillary did illegally since she, unlike Trump, was protected from any real investigations over it.

            In any event, Trump is the past and Biden probably is as well by 2024. Time to move on to the next stage of things by then.

          • If Hillary hasnt gone to jail Trump sure as hell wont. Dumbfuck

      9. Putin is actually auditioning for being the leader of the world as we transition to AI and digital. Think about it: is Johnson the respected leader of the world? Or Biden? Or Trudeau? Clearly not.

        Putin, however, has done the hard work to develop a stellar global profile and shown he is a man of his word. Think about it, does anyone think Obama is a man of his word?

        • If we transition to AI, AI will be the leader of the world.

          Ever see The Terminator?

      10. Well you can tell the author if this article is a trump hater. I bet #1 he was paid to write this article and #his panzy ass aint never served a day defending this country of ours. Typical keyboard badass.

      11. Brooklynsez
        Dan Mcadams makes very good points, U.S. foreign policy towards Russia and the Eastern block states has been sorely lacking these padt two decades due to our two protracted wars in the middle east we spent our capital a long time ago, retardedly blaming Biden because he won an election and your pissed is beyond stupid, undermining The sitting president because you want to score points with a washed up losers rabid base is like cutting your nose cause your mad at your face. Putin will not stop at Ukraine he is playing the long game he knew sanctions were coming he probably moved tons of money to special off shore accounts the man is a cunning Rat. The only thing I hope for iz the Ukraininan people fight and continus to fight and bog him down in a protracted guerrilla war this is where BIDEN if he has the Cojones will play and importNt fight f u c k the sanctjons that only hurts ths littls guys if Biden really wants to hurt PUTIN it’s very very simple :
        Funnel Guns Rockets Ammo bombs to the Ukranians do what the Soviets and Chinese dis to us in vietnam start our own ho chi minh trail and stick it up Putins Azz….
        Oh and to folks who f u c kin whine and bitch about us being aggressive to Russia and we pushed the. To do this cause se want to expand NATO. F Y Russia was never our friend if you admire PuKIN so much take your FU CK IN ass over to Moscow then.
        Nuff said

      12. I have never heard of Daniel McAdams and, upon reading this article, I understand why….

        • 😀

        • Ron Paul’s sidekick on the Liberty Report.

      13. Nice job on censoring comments

        • Which comments have been censored?

          • My first post which ironically took days to post and posted the same day as this post

      14. Toughness is a red herring. It is not about toughness, but about policy. The difference between Trump and Biden is policy. Trump’s policy of energy independence kept Russia from filling it’s war coffers. Biden’s policies ending the pipeline and all gas and oil operations on US land and sea paid for Russia’s war machine.
        Policy is always the difference, not some silly political posturing to “look tough”.

      15. If Hillary hasnt gone to jail Trump sure as hell wont. Dumbfuck

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