Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Destroys 26 Homes In Eruption

by | May 7, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 36 comments

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    As lava continues to spew over 200 feet into the air, homes in Kilauea’s path continue to be destroyed.  The number of homes destroyed by lava shooting out of openings in the ground created by Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has climbed to at least 26, and five other structures have also been destroyed.

    Authorities have told CBS Honolulu affiliate KGMB-TV that Hawaiian officials say ten fissures have opened since Thursday and some of the more than 1,700 people who evacuated prepared for the possibility they may not be able to return for quite some time. “I have no idea how soon we can get back,” said Todd Corrigan, who left his home in Leilani Estates with his wife Friday as lava burst through the ground three or four blocks from their home. They spent the night on the beach in their car and began looking for a vacation rental to stay in for a longer term.

    On Saturday, Amber Makuakane said she received alerts from her security system that motion sensors throughout the house had been triggered. She later confirmed that lava had covered her property. Makuakane, who 37 years-old, a teacher, and single mother of two, said her three-bedroom house in Leilani Estates was destroyed by the lava. Her home was across from one of the fissures that opened Friday, when “there was some steam rising from all parts of the yard, but everything looked fine,” Makuakane said.

    Leilani Estates, where Corrigan, Mukuakane, and their families resided is a subdivision in the mostly rural district of Puna and is still at the greatest risk. But some residents have returned to the area affected by that lava flows.

    According to CBS News, Hawaii County civil defense administrator Talmadge Magno said at a Sunday news conference that some residents did indeed go back to the area. He also stressed that anyone returning should wear a mask to reduce chances of breathing in any contaminants. Officials also warned about wearing the right masks, with a warning posted online.

    Magno told CBS News correspondent Carter Evans it’s not known how long the volcanic activity will continue. “That’s the sad part about it,” Magno told Evans. “It could be happening for a long time, or on the other hand, like I said, mysteriously it could just end,” he said. “Unfortunately we are up to 26 residences taken out; There’s no sign of things slowing down,” Magno said earlier Sunday.

    Hundreds of small earthquakes continued to rumble through the area Saturday, one day after a magnitude-6.9 temblor hit. That earthquake was the largest one to hit Hawaii in more than 40 years. Magma moving through Kilauea set off the earthquakes, said geologists, who warned of aftershocks.



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      1. rellik

        Are you close enough to smell the SO2 rotten eggs?

        • K2,
          No But I know people that live around that area.
          I’m about 1.5 hour drive away.
          Thanks for the concern.

          • simple single question to ‘rellik’ – you okay? Here in Florida on the news, all talk is that Hawaii (the volcano going off) is ‘end of the world’ stuff. Way it sounds is like Kilauea is really shaking things up and not going to quit for quite some time. Hard to get a good picture of the truth. Same as you most likely heard when Irma (hurricane) was coming into Florida last year. Sure’d be nice if they’d quit getting all hot ‘n bothered and just delivered actual news.

            • I’m fine.
              I’d ignore the news.
              I know people that are profoundly affected
              by the Aha, but most of us are fine and dandy.
              Keep in mind that can change very quickly.
              We are used to dealing with about every natural
              disaster you can imagine.

          • rellik, Its time to sacrifice all those commie lefties out there and throw them in the volcano as a sacrificial offering to the Volcano Gods. Pass this on.

            • I think Pele is the volcano god in Hawaii.

        • H2S is rotten eggs. SO2 is sharp and burns the nose.

      2. Somebody forgot to toss a virgin in to appease the gods…building your home on an active volcano is beyond stupid.

      3. Hey Honey….
        I have a great idea….

        Lets build our home on an active volcano in the path of lava streams….

        Then we an be shocked and surprised that our house would burn down during an eruption.

        • If you look at the pictures of the people displaced, they are mostly people who moved here from the mainland anyway, theres a few locals, but very few, its mostly white, older, not from here people

      4. Rellik, Nailbanger, anyone living near the excitement, wish you well.

        What’s in your evacuation plans? What’s in your evacuation (bug out) bag?

        __ I doubt many are as prepared as you two, but during times like these, we find just exactly how well we planned and prepared, and where we could do better. I look forward to your posts.


        • All good here,
          Is a ways away on a different island, Rellik is much closer,
          Volcanic activity could cause problems if it goes explosive but historicly these are not explosive events here. The gasses from the eruption can create problems, but generally the trades blow the emissions out to sea. Areas on the big island have real thick Vog but even they get the trades making areas affected spotty. Something to keep an eye on as there is potential for large earthquakes and the fallout from that.

          • Glad you’re a ways away on a different isle. Stay frosty tho!


            • Thanks GM
              Is definitely something to pay attention to, the quakes and massive geological changes are always a possibility, there are huge cliffs along some shorelines here and huge boulder fields from upheavals in the past, it could happen again! Nobody knows! Would happen in an instant too, no prepping for that

        • I’m about 1.5 hour drive away from the mess.
          I know people that live in the area.
          I have no plans to “bug out”
          there is no where to go.
          I need to inspect my houses after the last
          earthquakes, but nothing fell down.
          I suspect my main house moved about 1/4 inch
          to the west. My second house has so many Simpson
          ties in it that it could fly and not break apart.
          I was in my shop for the 6.9. Having been
          through many earthquakes, it seemed tame to me.
          My steel shop is well built( since I personally built it).
          It moved a lot! But no breakage.

        • What’s in your evacuation plans?


      5. Yr in my prayers, Rellik ??


      6. “Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Destroys 26 Homes In Eruption”
        That’s about 1 millionth of the homes destroyed by American Imperialism.

        • oooo…. that was convincing.

      7. On TB2K there is an article that says a chunk of the volcano about the size of Manhattan island has cracked and slightly moving towards the ocean. If it breaks off it “could” send a Tsunami 100 ft high could strike the entire West Coast within 5 hours of the event.

        Something to watch, although the likelihood of this is probably low. With that and Yellowstone are acting up as well.

        • It is interesting that Yellowstone and Hawaii are acting up. Maybe something bigger on the horizon?

          • JS,
            My local volcano has been
            erupting since the early 80’s.
            I’ve walked across part of it.
            It was warm.
            This while interesting, is normal
            for us in Hawaii.

        • Look for the Famous Hawaiian Bone carved Fish Hook, the Hook that pulls the islands up from the ocean, as the native island historians say how it was all created.

          Actually, Volcano’s are a sign that tells us that the Earth’s plate crusts are moving and shifting and opening up new crevices to the surface, which then spew this molten lava. Been going on for Billions of years. All the Hawaiian Islands are in a row, which all originated from the same Volcano, which shot off and formed and island, then after the earths crust moved farther west, then another spout and then another island was formed, then again and more, and that’s how the islands were formed. I learned a lot about this and how these Islands were formed, when on VaCa in Maui back in 2006. Should have bought more of that Pineapple wine.

      8. I know things that none of you know on this site, and a lot of you here have not even asked yourself, why HCKS is getting attacked constantly. Really read the things that I post, really ask yourself, what if he does know something that we do not know.

        The environment. Lets see the reaction to the trolls when they finally see up in the sky whats causing all the planet to act up, it prepares for its pole shift, because of planet X. If you occupy the top a volcano and make it a state, this is the result. the continents will spilt, like how it did 12,000 years ago when planet X passed and dropped off a comet that triggered and ice age on earth, forcing (Homo Capensis) to go underground, yes the enlongated skull heads, the very bankers that are running the banks today.

        Yellow stone is next, that’s why they sold to china, to use as and excuse to deploy the chi-coms in America in that region to use it to attack the patriots.

        Did you just read what I just posted. Read it again. Like I said, read it again.

        What ever happened to Nibiru. WW3 must start to prevent the government of the countries, especially the United States, which does not want, no way in hell to have to answer to what that big Blue planet is doing in orbit next to the earth, and why its there. start a major war, trigger ww3, and the US and all major super powers do not have to answer those questions. Get me preppers. You either get ready, take what I am telling serious or go back to sleep.


        He who laughs, laughs best.

        • HCKS,
          If you are going to quote get it right.
          “He who laughs last, laughs best”

          • Actually its,
            He who laughs last, laughs the longest.

            BTW Hcks, tell us how the invasion of Chicoms across the Mexican Boarder into Houston works out for ya. Any photos you can post? lol

            • My source was Merriam Webster.

        • Where have I heard this nonsense before?

      9. Not sure if this posted.

        Its He who laughs last, Laughs the longest.

        Tell us how the Chicom invasion into Houston went for ya Hcks? heheehheheehehehehehe

        • I think the phrase is actually:

          “He who laughs last, beat that skank commie Hillary in the last presidential election and made most libs cry like the pussies they are”



      10. Funny,but not so really. As soon as I heard a volcano blew in Hawaii, my first thought was, I “know” someone there. My thoughts are of relik and Nailbanger,whom I never met,may God in his mercy and kindness,protect you.

        • Nailbanger and Rellik, my thoughts and prayers are with you also.

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