Hawaiians Panic As Lava Reaches Offline Power Plant, More Lava Pours Into Ocean

by | May 23, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 21 comments

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    The Puna Geothermal Venture in Hawaii is secure, and if lava did encroach on it, the danger of a toxic gas release is “very low,” authorities said.  Not only that, but the power plant was taken offline when the Kilaeau volcano began erupting earlier this month, so blackouts are not expected.

    Nonetheless, the lava is threatening to destroy the power plant. Hawaii Electric Light officials confirmed that if the lava does take out the plant, no blackouts should occur.  Older, diesel-powered plants have been brought online to provide electricity in the wake of the erupting volcano, Jim Kelly, a spokesman for HEL, told ABC News.

    On Tuesday, officials said that efforts to plug the Puna Geothermal Venture’s plant’s 11 wells were successful, but that no test for what could occur if lava made contact with the wells. But as of right now, the wells are stable.

    Ten wells were “quenched,” which cools them with enough cold water to counter the pressure of volcanic steam coming from below, said Hawaii Governor David Ige. The last well was plugged with mud because it had remained hot despite the infusion of water. Metal plugs in the wells, which run as deep as 8,000 feet underground, are an additional stopgap measure. “All wells are stable at this point,” Ige said.

    “The probability of anything happening if the lava enters the well field is very, very low,” he added. The public “should feel pretty comfortable that there should be no untoward events from Puna Geothermal Venture. Assuming that the lava doesn’t change its pattern or its flow. Each time it changes we have to re-evaluate and look at other issues.” Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Tom Travis said: “the well field is as safe as we can get the well field.”

    The lava has already destroyed a warehouse near the power plant facility. “Fissures near Puna Geothermal Venture are active and producing lava slowly flowing onto the property,” County of Hawaii Civil Defense said in a statement. “This activity has destroyed the former Hawaii Geothermal Project site,” it said, referring to the warehouse.

    About 3 miles to the east of the plant on the coast, noxious clouds of acid fumes, along with steam and fine glass-like particles billowed into the sky as lava poured into the ocean from two lava flows.



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      1. “Panic”…always good for clickbait, good job.

      2. “Sometimes you just have to cry and get it out.”

        True. But in the future, don’t build on a volcano.


        • Don’t know where you live in CA but the chances are extremely high you live close to an active volcano and/or an active lava field.

          Also anybody who lives near Yellowstone, and west of, has that super volcano neighbor that can blow at any time, plus well over a hundred volcanoes scattered across the other western states.

          Not good at geography? Here’s a map:

      3. I’m not panicking
        and I live here. Shame if we have lost the Geo-
        Thermal plant, but the locals hated the thing anyway.
        I’m going all solar this year so I really won’t care,
        when they increase our electricity from $0.38 a kWh
        to what ever. Plus I’ll get a tax subsidy from mainland
        I pay taxes, way too much, but I do pay them.
        I probably have more correspondence with IRS
        than anybody on this site. I always win my case.
        IRS does make mistakes.

        • You live around Pahoa? Puna? That’s where I’m from with family still there. I couldn’t find work so I had to move.

          Good people in Puna; I hope everyone think good thoughts/prayers for these people.

          The stress of 2014-2016 lava flow caused me current AND post traumatic stress BUT this is WAY worse. Talking to people on the phone and hearing giant BOOMS in the background. It is a nightmare: watching, waiting, will I have to evacuate? Will the roads get blocked? Will I be able to come home? Imagine having your house still standing, but surrounded by a lava flow and you won’t be able to access your home for who knows how long? If the lava didn’t destroy it, the gasses probably will.

          Lastly, these kind of events you can be a super prepper but they will bite you in the butt even with all your preparedness.

          I have provisions for a short to medium amount of time, but in the end, it is good to know that I’m in good hands with “the Man upstairs” because there is none of us who can outsmart the evil that is taking over this world.

          Blessings on PUNA – lots of people praying for you all.
          Let the church say AMEN!

      4. Mac, come on, quit scaring trolls like Jim in Va, he may call BS on this post. He said this will never happen. The power plant is now about to blow, and the rest will go up. Hawaii must be evacuated 100%. Watch it unfold. As for you John Stiner, I wont even acknowledge you BS comment earlier, You are and IDIOT, ONE SUPID FUCKING IDIOT. Mr know it all. You will be chocking on your bullshit comment in the next few months. After 2025 Houston Tx will under 100 Ft of water, Lousianna, Florida, Mexico, the carribean, gone. Hawaii is not one massive volcano, right in the middle of the ocean, the Texas gulf, another massive volcano lifts up literally right in the middle of the gulf, then the floor collapses, the continent shiffs, the crust collapse, drops permanently, resulting in the entire cost under water indefinitely. Yes, this is the end result, then yellow stone blows, splitting the continent in half opening up the great lakes and sea water flows right through the entire united states, that map is the real deal its going to happen.


        • You can’t even spell “stupid.”

          • Or “choking” or “shifts” or “coast”. Every one of his posts are full of examples.

      5. HCKS, you deserve a participation trophy.
        For peddling doom porn baloney.
        Nibiru didn’t kill us 2 years ago. What went wrong?
        Chinese troops in Mexico..
        Blah, blah.

        • Ketch,
          Off subject kind of,
          How is your power system doing?
          You are one of the few on this site
          that has gone through a SHFT and
          are still recovering.

          • rellik, the island’s power system is ok and it only goes out when high trade winds blow trees down and take the power lines with them.
            The power co. is gov. owned (there’s your problem!) and they do no tree cutting maintenance at all–until a tree goes down! (They would be trimming trees 24/7 there’s so dang many)

            Our little solar power system is ok but I’m in the process of upgrading it with 3 more panels, larger charge controller and bigger batteries when the current golf cart batts. go down.
            It will never be a replacement for state supplied power (it was never intended.)
            I’m a fan of solar power but am not willing to spend the thousands to make it so and wait for several years for the payoff.
            Not when one well placed lightning strike would wipe it all out. We get a fair amount in summer.

            We have 3 stand alone systems, though. One powers the electric gate, one powers water pumping, one lights and powers fans in one bathroom, and the biggest is backup and powers clothes washer and the propane dryer motor.

            • (Actually 4)

            • Hi Ketch,
              I’m putting in about a $20,000 system Tax subsides make it around $14,000, I figure an 8 year payoff. Our electricity here is VERY expensive.
              Rather than buy a nice new 4WD truck I bought an old one in very good shape that I can pop an newer engine in any time it needs it. Like most preppers I have tools.
              Better to have electricity than a brand new truck.
              Beside it is almost impossible to find a 4WD manual transmission
              truck these days.

        • This

          (Mac says so.)


          • Blame-e,
            Something wrong with your display?
            Perhaps I can help you.
            No insults intended.

      6. You keep telling us the sky is falling for a long time now. you’re gonna give yourself a stroke. Go ahead and move if you believe something is going to happen. Nobody can stop a volcano, Yellowstone or any other natural event. I’m still waiting for your non existent planet to show. Doom porn! I know next to nothing but I’m not staying awake waiting for the next catastrophe that may or may not happen.

      7. This article treats lava flowing into the ocean like it was radiated water from the Fukushima reactor site. For crying out loud. Let the volcano do its thing. If people were stupid enough to build homes near a volcano, well that’s their problem. Can’t fix stupid except with red hot magma.

      8. If the geothermal plant is destroyed, take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t nuclear. The cleanup would be far worse. It is the same problem as elsewhere. The authorities reassure the public that the problem is under control and that there is no reason to panic. However, the public has been lied to in other situations like this. Are they telling us the truth, the whole truth? At this point, the people who live on the big island can only be concerned with evacuation and where to go to, if necessary.

      9. Good one the blame-e. If you idiots don’t like it here, then leave. This site was not built for good news, its for negative SHTF events and all negativity. And other things that preppers need to know. Our survival is beyond BOL’s and bug out bags, its a lot more involved, its about who and what aliens our governments are allied with. A lot more complex, that just running for the hills and crawling into you hideout holes up north.

        When your like me and you have lost your house, you car, and you ass is on the streets living outdoors 24-7, getting my ass bit the fuck up by mosquitoes and your stinking and cant take a shower. You gain a different perspective. The very site that helped get out of this has trolls attacking calling me a fraud. Then I met the scientist guy, and learnt what was really going on this planet. He told me to listen to Peter Peterson, that this guy disclosed some damning information about what will happen in the next 10 years. Then the US air force did a mock bomb attack on this property just 25 miles from my house, other people saw the F16’S go down in the area, they jets almost ripped his open foundation house of its straps, then when he taught it was over, the sons of bitches showed up on at his door, 4 officers telling him to shut up. I post what he told me on this site, and get attacked and am being called doom porn fool.

        I don’t think what happened to him is funny. I don’t think when that Russian agent and chi-com female agent showed up on me the 1960 copperfield area a few years ago, when once of my friends said that we are being watched, and go scared off his ass with his girlfriend and left.

        On nibiru, this still ongoing, that planet is out there, it will show up, and you will see it up there. The only way to get out of this is ww3,and the cabal knows this. They have no intension of disclosing the alien contact and what is going on. All the info on our solar system that is being taught in universities is a total lie. DID YOU ALL KNOW THAT. most of the pictures of the planets and what they look like are fake, did you know that? Neptune is a water planet with life in the oceans. did you know that. They keep taking about Mars, and its seems that Neptune in none existent in the Bullshit media, why is that? NASA has been going to Neptune for years, did you see anything about this. They keep us focused on Mars. Neptune, oxygen, nitrogen breathable atmosphere, islands with life forms, on them big ones, lots of mammals in the oceans, trees, and tons of great stuff on Neptune. You people know anything. You don’t know shit fools. Jupiter is not a gas giant. Its a solid planet with a mountain 85,000 feet tall. You have a big rock solid planet. And Extra terrestrials are on Neptune, and the rings of Saturn are bring mined by space ships over 150 miles in length, did you know that? You would not believe what the hell I going on in our solar system. We have more gold in this solar system than you can ever imagine. aliens mined the grand canyon and carved up the entire area mining minerals, did you know that. We had trees on earth that over 25,000 feet tall, did you know that? You all think you know everything don’t you. You don’t know shit do you.




        • HCKS

          You really should start writing fiction books because you have one of the wildest imaginations. If you ever do start writing and get published let me know because I will definitely buy them and read them. Very entertaining stuff.

      10. ‘Fake news”…..again.

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