Hate Crime Hoax: Air Force Cadet Admits To Faking Racial Crime

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 36 comments

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    A black Air Force cadet has admitted to writing racial slurs targeting blacks attempting to generate hate crime outrage. The Air Force Academy announced on Tuesday that the black cadet who was supposedly the victim of the racial slurs was, in fact, responsible for writing them.

    Officials said the cadet admitted to being behind the racist messages that appeared outside the doors of five black cadets’ rooms, KMGH-ABC reported. The Air Force Academy has also confirmed that the cadet responsible for the messages is no longer at the school, but they failed to clearly state whether or not he left of his own free will.

    “There is absolutely no place in our Air Force for racism. It’s not who we are, nor will we tolerate it in any shape or fashion,” Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy, said. “I’ve said it before, the area of dignity and respect is my red line. Let me be clear; it won’t be crossed without significant repercussions.” The Air Force immediately began investigating the incident after it occurred in September.

    But these incidents keep happening. Hate crimes should not be tolerated, but neither should faking them. According to the Daily Wire, a similar incident happened just last week. An African American man alleged that someone wrote racial slurs all over his car when he was the one who wrote the slurs. The man, 21-year-old Dauntarius Williams, came forward and admitted that he staged the entire event.

    One should be outraged as Silveria says.  Not just as an “airman” but as human beings. Not only do we treat each other with condemnation and hostility, but we also fake horrible things, like this hate crime hoax in the name of creating more outrage.


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      1. Mixed race black and white people won’t have anything to complain about. Keep adding cream to the coffee to dilute the bitterness.

        • Aljamo, it’s funny you mention coffee. I drink mine black only; never have anything mixed in it.

          • If you get your coffee from a diner or coffee shop, you never know what is mixed in it lol.

        • A fake charge of racism…..gee what a surprise.

      2. This is the cream of the crop? Each Congressman gets two picks. Bet this guy comes from some inner city shithole. This is apparently the best they got in that District. I have two friends (actually a friend and an acquaintance) that graduated from Annapolis. One retired as a Captain the other is an Executive. Both were the most squared away gents anyone would ever have the pleasure of meeting.

        • Its likely that his Congressman thinks islands float.

          h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs23CjIWMgA

        • Kevin2, the ‘hate crime hoax’ is just the latest scam that some black people try to pull on anyone. In this case he chose five other black people as ‘victims’. The entire concept of ‘hate crime’ is totally illegitimate and is just another tool for the REAL racists to hurt white people. The only racism that exists in the US today is racism FROM THE MINORITY GROUPS AIMED AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. It’s all part of the illegitimate campaign to harm our people. We must unite and stand against it.

          • White people are the real “minority” on Earth, at less than 15% total population…

            Most people who fake “hate crimes” against themselves, and get caught, use some variation of the excuse that they were “just trying to start a dialog”. No. They want a one-way rant, which is the only form of “dialog” they are capable of. The leftist msm does this all the time, lying or twisting things out of context, to propagandize their message.

            Others do so to generate fear among their own kind, to justify power-plays.

        • Kevin2, the two people you mentioned must’ve attended back before Annapolis and the other academies were ruined by affirmative action. All of the ones coming out nowadays are about as liberal as you can get.

          • They were early 80s graduates. I don’t think affirmative action ruined any of those institutions. I knew of others that attended later and while not personal friendly (age) they were scholar athletes. If you have a district composed of the lower social economic element the Congressman picks from that bundle. The academies are a cross section of the US demographic and you have what you have. I’ll bet that his guy came out of that element.

      3. Dauntarius??? Really?

        Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…….

        • That’s about as messed up a name as the fake holiday kwanzaa.

          • “12 Days of Kwanzaa” by Shirley Q. Liquor:

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCGBK1E0_uQ

      4. That general in command of the Air Force Academy ought to be outraged over the illegitimate campaign being waged against white people but I’ll bet he’s not.

        • Generals 06 rank are politicians. I was told the best combat officers retire as Lt Col.

          • This is true. Any officer must get government approval to rise to the rank of general.

      5. And just think… the guy was this >< close to possibly being assigned someday to a nuke missile launch control. But then he could be given a ribbon for "ah dindu nuttin" for refusing a command.

      6. Kevin2, I think today’s generals, a certain percentage of them, are ‘politicians in uniform’. The ones who blindly followed Obama, Bush, etc. certainly were. I suspect the same of H. R. McMaster, the current National Security Advisor and a member of the CFR. He’s also been linked to a Soros-funded think tank and is pro-Muslim.

        • Agree and the more stars the more political. It happens in peacetime as politicians climb the ranks. Chester Nimitz jumped over many. I think he slipped one rank entirely. The budgets are huge today and its far worse. The wars are bullshit too so they dovetail fit.

      7. Kevin2, agreed. Especially about the wars. If only we could avoid more wars. As long as those disgusting neocons are in any positions of power we are doomed. I hate neocons as much as I do liberals.

        • One way to stop the wars is to stop joining the military. Tell them to stick their draft too!

        • ” I hate neocons as much as I do liberals.”

          The liberals used to detest war but they’re now so joined at the hip with Wall Street Globalists and MIC that their foreign policy is inseparable from the Neo-Cons. With US manufacturing eviscerating Free Trade its the same too. The Neo-Cons give (for now) some support for the Second Amendment and at least the veneer of domestic American culture. The Progressive / Democrats are waco. I don’t know how else to describe them. Its like choosing to eat rancid beef (Neo-Cons) or rancid fish (Progressives).

          • Welfare pimp or welfare ho.

      8. And now the NAACP is calling for getting rid of the Star Spangled Banner as the national anthym. Time to make America white agsin.

        • JAS, the black NAACP can kiss my white ass.

        • Replacing Whites with others is same idea as replacing gold with paper.

          It is adulteration- the chewish principle.

        • Time to MABA- Make Africa Black Again.

          • I agree. We whites forced the blacks to come here and we should make it right by giving each a one way ticket back. Make America white again.

      9. Make an example out of him. Publicly.

        Off with his head, with the message:


        • Tie a rope around him and drag him through the brush. You know, like the good ol days lol.

      10. Don’t understand the problem?

        That is standard operating procedure.

      11. So this budding naval off officer wanted to generate ‘racial outrage ‘? Don’t we have enough already?

      12. Maybe this was part of a training program in creating false flag events. This guy failed the class; he got caught.

      13. Air Force Academy prep school, remedial for appointees from Democrats

      14. Dauntarius Williams was dismissed from the Academy. A literal million dollar education gone. Remember his name. In less than a decade he’ll be fingerprinted, picked out of a line up, mug shots taken and criminal charges made for something. I’ll put money on it.

      15. Noone has ever sincerely, unhesitantly believed in the diverse lineup, which you’re showing us, in this illustration. It makes people feel conflicted.

        Generically-white people, with upper-middle-class aspirations, already had nepotistic hookups, waiting, in advance, under the employer of last resort.

        You’ve used diversity hires, no better or worse than Dauntarius, as recruitment officers, lacking common, social graces, and no intelligent person is so color blind; they would have cooperated, cynically.

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