Has He Become “Mentally Unstable”? Obama Now Provoking China With Warships

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse Blog.

    Editor’s Comment: With the United States already at fever pitch with Russia over the Syrian and Ukrainian crises, why not start some stuff with China too? It is clear that foreign policy – directed by our misleaders – is more and more intent on sowing chaos. Why do it? In a truly bad economy, as the U.S. had in the decade prior to WWII, it is last ditch Hail Mary! effort to turn a profit through the industry of suffering and death.

    Mere stoking of tensions may be enough for awhile, but eventually, the investors are going to be eager for the real thing. Someone really must stop all this.

    ‘Mentally Unstable’ Obama Looking To Start A War With China?

    by Michael Snyder

    This week, Barack Obama sent a guided missile destroyer into disputed waters in the South China Sea to see if the Chinese would start shooting at it. Yes, this is what he actually did. Fortunately for us, the Chinese backed down and did not follow through on their threats to take military action. Instead, the Chinese have chosen to respond with very angry words. The Chinese ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, says that what Obama did was “a very serious provocation, politically and militarily.” And as you will see below, a state-run newspaper stated that China “is not frightened to fight a war with the US in the region”. So why in the world would Obama provoke the Chinese like this? Yes, the Chinese claims in the South China Sea are questionable. But there are other ways to resolve things like this. My friend Rick Wiles began his radio broadcast yesterday by suggesting that these kinds of actions show that Barack Obama has become “mentally unstable”, and I would have to agree. You don’t risk military confrontations that could potentially spark World War III unless you have a really good reason to do so.

    The Global Times is a Chinese state-run newspaper that has very close ties to the Communist party. After Obama’s provocation in the South China Sea, it published an editorial entitled “After the show, it’s time for US destroyer to leave“. The following is the most alarming portion of that editorial…

    In face of the US harassment, Beijing should deal with Washington tactfully and prepare for the worst. This can convince the White House that China, despite its unwillingness, is not frightened to fight a war with the US in the region, and is determined to safeguard its national interests and dignity.

    Beijing ought to carry out anti-harassment operations. We should first track the US warships. If they, instead of passing by, stop for further actions, it is necessary for us to launch electronic interventions, and even send out warships, lock them by fire-control radar and fly over the US vessels.

    Another major Chinese newspaper also responded very angrily

    The People’s Liberation Army Daily, China’s leading military newspaper, used a front-page editorial to accuse the US of sowing chaos in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

    “Cast-iron facts show that time and again the United States recklessly uses force and starts wars, stirring things up where once there was stability, causing the bitterest of harm to those countries directly involved,” the newspaper said, according to Reuters.

    But the Obama administration is not backing down.

    In fact, CNN is reporting that the decision has already been made to send even more patrols cruising by the disputed islands.

    What do you think that will do to our delicate relationship with China?

    Most Americans assume that an actual shooting war between the United States and China is not even within the realm of possibility, but many of our leaders see things very differently. For instance, just check out what CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell thinks

    The current posturing in the area has led to heightened tensions between the world’s preeminent military powers, and in May Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell told CNN that the confrontation indicates there is “absolutely” a risk of the U.S. and China going to war sometime in the future.

    And Barack Obama’s good buddy George Soros has warned that the threat of a third world war involving the United States and China is very real

    Earlier this year, billionaire investor George Soros also cautioned that the ruling Communist Party may see fit to rally its population around an external threat in order to head off a societal collapse in the aftermath of an economic implosion.

    “There is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real,” said Soros.

    Needless to say, if our relationship with China breaks down that is going to be really, really bad for the global economy. China accounts for more global trade than anyone else in the world, and the U.S. is number two.

    And already we are witnessing a slowdown in global trade which is more than just a little bit alarming. So far in 2015 total global trade is down 8.4 percent, U.S. exports are down 11 percent, and Chinese imports during the month of September were down a whopping 20.4 percent from a year earlier.

    So what do you think that an actual shooting war between the two great economic superpowers would do?

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to move toward sparking World War III in the Middle East as well. On Tuesday, we learned that Obama has authorized “direct action on the ground” in Iraq and in Syria. That means that our boys and girls could potentially end up in combat in areas inside Syria where the Russians are currently conducting operations. The following comes from NBC News

    Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday that the U.S. will begin “direct action on the ground” against ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria, aiming to intensify pressure on the militants as progress against them remains elusive.

    “We won’t hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against ISIL, or conducting such missions directly whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground,” Carter said in testimony before the Senate Armed Services committee, using an alternative name for the militant group.

    When pressed, Carter admitted that U.S. soldiers “will be in harm’s way, no question about it“.

    Wasn’t Obama supposed to be the president that brought all of our troops home and ended all of the wars?

    Instead, his arrogance just seems to grow by the day and he is threatening to plunge the entire planet into World War III.

    So what do you think of Barack Obama’s recent “foreign policy decisions”?

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. BECOME unstable!?!

        • Love that “become?”.. good eye

          • BECOME?????? always was, there fixed it

            • But didn’t fix the REAL problem…

              • TYPICAL AVERAGE SHTFer:
                – Ages 18 to mid 50s
                – The majority are European Americans (in reality miscegenated people or “White Mestizos”)
                – Not religious but tend to sympathize with Christian ideology
                – Overweight while some are obese. Many of them suffer from chronic asthma, GERD, depression, etc.
                – Heavily dependent on prescribed medications and OTC medicines.
                – Come from dysfunctional families (experienced verbal and physical abuse during childhood)
                – Blue collar worker
                – Many of them are enrolled in the community college system but unable to obtain an associate’s degree (constantly dropping classes)
                – Pot smokers while others show early symptoms of alcoholism
                – Not anti-social but tend to avoid public places
                – Addicted to porn due to lack of sexual partners
                – Utterly ignorant about the American legal system and most of them believe that the Constitution is the Bill of Rights
                – Extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically)
                – Some of them own a gun but their shooting skills are way below modern standards
                – Overwhelmed with credit card debt
                – Living constantly in a state of paranoia due to some approaching apocalyptic-like event

                • Manding, I would say you’ve got them nailed with the exception of your first point. MOST of them are over 50 with very few in the 18-30 year age group. Other than that you’re right on the money.

                • Must say, I do not meet even ONE of the criteria listed. I believe they copied and pasted the Libetard list by mistake.

                • You just keep believing that.

              • “In face of the US harassment …” LMAO!!! 🙂

                The propaganda in this statement is ass deep to a tall Indian. Has anyone every looked at a map of the South China Sea to see where the Spratly Islands are ???

                Hint: They are nowhere near China, and in fact would more reasonably belong to Vietnam, or other countries in the immediate vicinity who RIGHTFULLY have territorial claims there.

                A large portion of global trade passes through the South China Sea as Asian countries trade with one another, Japan, the USA, and even Europe. Those are strategic, international sea lanes.

                Let’s remember that only a month or so ago, Chinese warships sailed within 12 miles of Alaska, while Obola was there, and we didn’t bitch about it, because it was according to International Law (and we hoped a well placed cruise missile would end America’s agony).

                The China apologists in Alt Media today are the Chamberlain of British PM fame who infamously appeased Hitler when his aggression began, and the result was WW II.

                Get the FACTS straight Michael. The readers here at SHTF Plan deserve the FACTS. 🙂

                • I’m curious. Is there ANYTHING the government does, that you don’t actually agree with?

                  Do you have any principles, beyond being a .gov shill?

                  Enquiring minds, and all that…

                  • “I’m curious. Is there ANYTHING the government does, that you don’t actually agree with?”

                    Yes check the archives. There is a great deal that I don’t like and often times I was the first to point out these problems to this community.

                    By the same token I am critical of Alt Media when their agenda warps reality; like this article does.

                    There are sooooo many legitimate policy errors by government that hurt the American worker, family, and taxpayer, that those of US on Alt media do not need to make things up or slant reality as does this article.

                    What are these “policy errors” ??? Illegal immigration, Free Trade (which is neither free or fair), quantitative easing (which replaces the losses of the banks but not the losses of homeowners for example), the Patriot Act, NDAA, the loss of habeas corpus, warrantless searches, gun registration / confiscation …. the list is endless.

                    But for this article to suggest that the US should not be demanding “open seas” and the right of passage on those seas is somehow “harassment” is inaccurate if not down right asinine. And it is definitely propaganda when it is obviously NOT true.

                    Given the Chinese rationale, the USA could anchor an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea and declare the space around it sovereign.

                    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. 🙂

                    • durangokidd said:

                      “Given the Chinese rationale, the USA could anchor an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea and declare the space around it sovereign.”

                      LOL… you are losing it DK!

                      Territorial waters or a territorial sea as defined (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) is a belt of coastal waters extending at most 12 nautical miles from a LAND MASS. The territorial sea around the land is regarded as the sovereign territory of the state.

                      Your analgoy to an anchored aircraft carrier is pure bunkum, and I can’t believe you actually posted that crap! An aircraft carrier is not a “Land Mass”… got it???

                      Do you understand the difference between a goose and a gander?

                    • Hey Dumbfuck!!! I’ve been missing you. News flash !!! The USA has not ratified The latest Law of the Sea, so it can do what it damn well wants, with the most powerful blue water navy in the world.

                      Wrong again !!! LMAO !!! 🙂

                    • BTW: The USA is not taking sides in the dispute over the ownership of these islands. Nor has the USA violated the integrity of the 12 mile sovereignty of the sea around the islands.

                      The USA is claiming the right of passage in international waters. You don’t even know what the ISSUE is. You are a fucking moron !!! 🙂

                    • durangokidd said:

                      “The USA has not ratified The latest Law of the Sea…”

                      The fact is, the USG accepts all but Part XI of the UNCLOS. Part XI of the Convention provides for a regime relating to minerals on the seabed OUTSIDE any state’s territorial waters or EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones). It establishes an International Seabed Authority (ISA) to authorize seabed exploration and mining and collect and distribute the seabed mining royalty. The USG rejects this for obvious reasons (gangsters would)!

                      “The USA is not taking sides in the dispute over the ownership of these islands. Nor has the USA violated the integrity of the 12 mile sovereignty of the sea around the islands.”

                      Really??? Is that why the USG sent a destroyer within the 12 mile limit… because “The USA is not taking sides in the dispute over the ownership of these islands. Nor has the USA violated the integrity of the 12 mile sovereignty of the sea around the islands.”


                      LMAO… dude, at your advanced age, maybe it’s time you whip out your ObamaCare card and see a doc about that plaque on your brain.

                    • durangokidd said:

                      “Let’s remember that only a month or so ago, Chinese warships sailed within 12 miles of Alaska… and we didn’t bitch about it, because it was according to International Law

                      Say what??? For cripes sake DK, they were having a cow at the Pentagon. The Pentagons public statement about the incident was a canned response for boobus consumption.

                      An appendage of the Military Industrial Complex says it’s all good, and you buy it. Unbelievable.

                • Sick and tired of using Native North Americans as NEGATIVE icons: I say remove this post!

                  • Nels, would you like some cheese with that whine?

                • DK,

                  Absolutely right.

                  China says artifically creasted islands not for military purposes – bulls**t.
                  How the F*** China can make a claim of ownership of the entire South China Sea is insane.
                  China’s bluff has been called and the PLA had to back down.

                  Seriously if China built an island of the coast of CONUS and claim ownership of the Pacific Ocean, then maybe Michael would understand how insane this all is.

                  China is weak and what the west sees as strength is really just a Potemkin village.

                  • China backed down this time, but for how long? A far east war would have long supply lines for USA. We had trouble staffing the adventure in Iraq. I doubt a conventional conflict with China would require fewer people.

                • durangokidd said:

                  “Hint: They are nowhere near China, and in fact would more reasonably belong to Vietnam, or other countries in the immediate vicinity who RIGHTFULLY have territorial claims there.”

                  “Rightfully” LMAO… On what basis then does the USG claim rightful possession of American Samoa???

                  American Samoa is nowhere near Amerika (unless you think 5000 miles is “in the immediate vicinity”), and so by your reasoning, it should in fact “rightfully” belong to Samoa! Except it doesn’t. Why? Because Uncle said so.

                  What about the Falkland Islands? 8000 miles is “rightfully” around the corner from 10 Downing street, right?

                  The Falklands being 300 miles off the coast of Argentina rightfully matters not. Argentina has no rightful territorial claims. Why? Because the Crown said so!

                  What about New Caledonia? The place is 17,000 miles from France, and yet the French are said to have a rightful claim to the island. Why? Because Napoleon III said so in 1853.

                  Get the FACTS straight DK. The readers here at SHTF Plan deserve the FACTS.

                  The fact is this: Possession is nine-tenths of the law… especially when ones guns are bigger than another’s.

                  • “On what basis then does the USG claim rightful possession of American Samoa???” By victory over Japan in WW II and the Samoan Constitution.

                    The Spratly Islands do not have a Constitution. Wrong again !!! 🙂

                    • durangokidd said:

                      “By victory over Japan in WW II”

                      Wrong! American Samoa became a U.S. territory by way of the Tripartite Convention of 1899. Look it up!

                      And you call me a moron???

                  • YMWW: The United States is not disputing China’s possession of the particular islands and has left that dispute to the UN and World Court.

                    The USA is disputing China’s claim of sovereignty over the South China Sea, including the International Sea lanes. Those are the FACTS !!! 🙂

                    Get a fucking clue you moron !!!

                • Excellent points.

              • You will know for sure he is unstable when he starts ordering phantom fleets to sail past China!

          • AE: Considering the amount of propaganda that Alt Media produces for the Alt Media Sheeple, they can hardly complain.

            Alt Media loses its moral authority and is no better than LSM when it slants its journalism to fit its agenda. And that’s a crying shame because they lose THEIR legitimacy by doing so. 🙁

          • Acid Etch… No doubt free speech is the target. I believe the TPP and the other so called trade deals have free speech in their crosshairs also. The agenda of the controllers is becoming more bold as people are waking up to the plans for the dissolution of their first amendment right to free speech and free assembly. Those rights will be have to be taken to the streets to be maintained. There will have to be a mass publc display of major objection. In other words, the shit hitting the fan by the people in support of free speech.

          • “So what do you think of Barack Obama’s recent “foreign policy decisions”?”

            I THINK OBAMA AND THE ENTIRE PENTAGON LEADERSHIP, AS WELL AS KEY FIGURES IN CONGRESS, SHOULD BE ESCORTED FROM THEIR OFFICES TO GITMO, where they should be held until they can get a military tribunal trial and then either executed for treason or sent to prison for at least 50 years.

            Did I miss anybody?

        • NO, he’s not unstable. He’s a cold, calculating SOB. He is purposefully destroying the USA from within.

          I challenge anyone to come up with another explanation that so clearly fits everything he does, his actions and edicts, race-baiting, ALL of it.

          He know exactly what he’s doing.

          • Meh, How ’bout doing what he’s told and agrees with it. His handlers are only gonna let that tether around their pet monkey’s neck out but so far.

            On a lighter note, LEO’s murdered the run away Blimp from Maryland by shooting it down with buckshot. The tether, like a politician’s promise (broken) gave way and set the thing free. Lame-stream media touted that the tether was tested to withstand hurricane winds without failing….hmmmmm…sounds a lot like the Titanic. They never learn. WHO GONNA PAY FOR DAT?

            • Half of the Blimp hanging from the trees like a huge prophylactic. And they’re wondering how they’ll remove it from the tree limbs. “Oh sure remember the night moves!” “Ain’t funny how you remember….”

            • The cops committed, “Blimpicide”.

              No way to hide the body. Hahahaha!

          • I agree, he’s doing what he’s told, like a good NWO n gger. if that means starting WWIII, and destroying the country we love, so be it.
            where’s all the crazy, lone assassins now, when we need them the most?

          • Breathial-

            Spot on !

            It is the only explanation that fits all he has been doing. But we knew that in 08 didnt we…

            I could easily list 200 things he has done that show he is hates America. He has a seething hate for this country. But he is only the front man. Just think about all of the things that he and his faithful have been doing that we dont know about.

        • In advanced stages of AIDS, dementia is common.

      2. Seems to the US is asserting international waters law. Seems to me you are losing your perspective.

        • If he does it he’s an asshole, if he doesn’t do it he’s a week homosexual. I’m not defending him per se, but let’s pick our battles. I mean from what I understand china basically put their flag in international waters and then told the US they own it now and we cant swim on their side of the pool. Well we/Obama/whoever gave them a big F U. Let us just hope he can back it up and not fold like a wet noodle. Anywho…I say what’s the point of bitchin about it anymore, let’s just all sit back, crack open a cold beer and enjoy the fireworks and the grand finale

        • We’ve been sending US naval vessels to cruise in international waters claimed as territorial by one power or another for the last hundred years, China included.

          It’s very carefully planned and controlled, nothing ‘unstable’ about it.

          This article’s premise is entirely crap. There’s no way in hell the military is going to allow a mentally unstable commander in chief to start a war.

          • Well, we certainly know what they’ll do with a CNC who AVOIDS starting a war — Think Kennedy…

      3. I don’t think China will respond militarily. They don’t need to with all the other options available. Da prez knows this. If he provokes them maybe they’ll respond with a cyber attack or emp. Hell maybe they’ll just sell off more of our debt that they hold. Be creative people

      4. so if he sends warships he’s “mentally unstable”

        and if he doesn’t

        he’s gonna be accused of being weak

        “Shemitah boy” Snyder doesn’t have a lot of credibility with me anymore

        • “S”

          You are 100% Correct my Friend!!! With damned if you do damned if you don’t.

          • “Damned if you do” WHEN YOU’RE IN THE WRONG,

            “DAMNED IF YOU DON’T” when you’re in the right.

      5. Where is the culpability of the Council on Foreign Relations? Unlimited borrowing until 2017? Pentagon under emergency funding meaning no budgetary oversight required? So many questions, so little time.

      6. Seems like we keep pissing in other countries oatmeal daily…

        At least Carter is smiling, since he now is not the worst president we have ever had…

        • He stopped being the worst when W. mired us in Iraq.

        • The African virus is going to get us destroyed if he’s not stopped by someone. Day 1 at the BOL for me. Just finished loading more supplies into the pole barn on the property. Got some other fun things planned for tomorrow, like ‘target practice’ for one. I’ve been provided with some targets with the African virus’ picture on it. That will REALLY be fun.

        • Onboard ship, USS…, we had a manual: called Incidents at Sea (INCSEA), all international laws that applied. I can insure you that it was sitting open where the Captain could read it (and the XO). For some reason I believe there was something about manmade items (oil rigs, piers, derricks, things like that) so there may be something legit against building your own island and claiming it protected by international waters limitations. Just a sailor saying.

      7. Obama is playing the game of chicken.

        How is that Hope and change going for you. Especially you twice Obama’s voters.

        Ground troops in Syria? Delta Force? US Navy ships in the South China Sea.

        Chinese ships sent to Bearing Sea. Chinese aircraft carrier in the Med. Russia sends Naval task force to Med to include a Typhoon Class, ICBM sub. Russian subs targeting underwater communication cables.

        Nothing wrong here. Go Back To Sleep

      8. Hopefully the other nations realize what we have going on here and try to avoid this…..

      9. The Obummer part I agree with , However the sending of the warship and Chinas willingness to lock Fire control radar is all part of modern Rules of engagement.

      10. I say give all the Free Shit Army and EBT card holders M-16’s and a free flight to Syria and Iraq and let them earn their benefis.

        • They’d just shoot each other like they’ve always done, making the U.S. look stupid yet again…

      11. Every mad man that has started a World War. Was a mad man. Why should Obullshit be different!

        Then again maybe this is what he and the Chi-Coms have planned?

        This reminds me of the 30’s and 40’s. We had a mad man in Germany, Italy, and Japan. We had cowards in England, France, and The USA.

        Prep, Prep, Prep!



        • The problem with a lot of this political speculation is that the decisions & lack of decisions are not basically political,they are financial.The middle east is a perfect example.I just checked a chart & it stated that Approx.57,000 Americans have been killed or wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan.We are stuck in never ending wars in a region in which we can’t win,if we won the conflicts we will have won nothing,the grand prize to the winner is zero,there is nothing there worth winning!That is the political side that we see,..but what about the financial side that we are not allowed to see? on that side the Military/industrial complex is raking in the profits of never ending war,like General Smedley Butler said”War is a Racket”.Want to end the warfare in the Middle East?Put a leash on the Warfare supply industry & the fighting would come to a halt in a couple of months!This will never happen of course.What politician would have the nerve to obstruct & stop the weapons trafficking run by the bankers & arms merchants who are the owners of the political process!

        • Nepoleon was not French, he was born in Corsica
          Stalin was not Russian, he was Georgian
          Hitler was not German he was Austrian
          Obama is not American he is Kenyan

          see a pattern?
          National Destruction to a nation when a foreigner is in power over a nation the “leader” is not from

      12. I don’t think Obama is actually running anything. Information that has leaked out indicates he’s isolated, misses most of the staff meetings and really can’t make a sound decision. It has also leaked he’s on anti-depressants. I think the chiefs of staffs and the pentagon are running things. If they screw up, they can easily say Obama gave the order. I think Obama is too incompetent to make that type of decision.

      13. Somehow I tend to believe Mr. O thinks all this is funny and pushing Mr. P and and now China is the thing to do. He can’t really be that stupid, it must be an act.

        • I think maybe the answer lies with Obama’s HANDLERS.

          I can’t help but think perhaps his current behavior arises from the fact that they’re pushing him to do things EVEN HE knows is ridiculous. Let’s not forget, obungler is a NWO globalist elite puppet. HE doesn’t actually call the shots.

          • Remember — the NWO globalist elites OWE NO ALLEGIANCE TO ANY COUNTRY.

      14. and here I was reading on this site that the Chinese foot soldiers where gonna don blue helmets. and invade the USA and help the NWO mop up the second admendment believers. Are they our allies and trading partners or the new (for this week) evil empire?

        • Anyone wearing a blue helmet will be a target. Better be wearing local LEO or US military fatigues, blend in.

          • Deerhunter – The Blue Helmet Theory I agree on … but I have to kindly disagree with your LEO/US Military Fatigues blending in scenario.

            That is the worst advice you could hand out to anybody.
            If you honestly think that somebody dressing up in LEO/US Military Apparel will not become a Target, you sir are sadly mistaken.

            That is not blending in, that would be a person standing out attracting attention, which is a position a person does not want to find themselves in.

            Stay away from Military apparel – wear earth tone colors and stay incognito as much as possible.

            • I was talking about the invaders from the UN trying to blend in Texas. Unless they are from some third world African country then they will still stick out.

              I only wear cameo hunting, never in the public, not even at our gun shows. I like earth tones and a low profile, agreed.

              • deerhunter.

                I also wear cameo hunting. The deer die from laughing so hard. ;0)

      15. Ask yourselves this.

        Should we exchange nuclear weapons and YOU survive. What would you think of Obama then? I mean if we ever get to hear what he had to say to the American public after such an attack.

        I don’t feel safe. I think we have a leader whose game plan is no better than a community basketball game.

        The chances of a Flash, Boom and Burn are very high at this time and the people are too busy doing other things instead of paying attention to world happenings.

        • SS
          Answering your first question.
          Bush made me do it. Its not my fault!

          • The best thing about a nuclear war, it will be over before you know it. Weekend of opening deer is NOV 7, great time for me, I’ll be 100 miles from ground zero.

            But according to God’s Word we have much further to go before His judgement of fire, no worries here.

      16. Our warships have always been present there. Our navy protects the shipping lanes. Cant have the gazillionaire folks ships be molested. gotta keep the oil and crappy goods moving.

      17. it seems to me the only advantage the Chinese military has is a huge army
        well, they cant march into the USA
        the islands they are developing could be eliminated in 5 minutes with B52 bombers
        economic weapons are the only way they can hurt us

        • Mockingjay2015 – even if a person thinks China’s army may be weak, they make up the weakness with NUMBERS!

          Historical records has shown many times in the past how a piss poor equipped force can overrun an advancing enemy. Don’t think for a moment that something like that could not happen here on our shores.

          We may have a technological advance in equipment, but we don’t have the troop strength to counter an invasion if were to happen.

          • They can’t put too much of their army on those built-up coral reefs and seamounts in the China Sea, nor can they ever hope to move any portion of it over here to the US.

            They are putting airfields on those islands, that’s the thing to be concerned about. The Malacca Straits and Celebes Channel can be controlled from there, that means any ship headed towards Australia, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, or US and North/South America, can be interdicted. Cut off the Middle East oil and it’s game over in a few weeks.

            • what would be over in a few weeks is those islands and any Chinese ship or plane that dared to show up

            • Those islands are bait. China’s best chance of prevailing over USA is with the first salvos being economic and cyber.

          • Thank God China is not geographically located were Mexico is.

      18. What it may be about is this: All of these leaders(Obama, Putin, the leaders in China) may have a common interest in a world war. Look at Putin. He might want to have more of a Soviet Union style absolute government with him as leader. He could accomplish that through necessary consolidation of power in a world war.
        Obama might be wanting the same thing and could likely accomplish it if he declared martial law under said world war. He seems to think he is the smartest guy in the room and might feel he’s doing us all a favor becoming king of America.
        The Chinese reasoning is explained in the article.

        • None of those people have the power to do any of that. They are either NWO sock puppets, or targets because they refuse to be NWO sock puppets. Nothing more.

          Only agents of the house of Rothschilds has that much power, and then for only as long as they need it to accomplish Rothchilds’ wishes.

      19. — Has He Become “Mentally Unstable”? Obama Now Provoking China With Warships —

        “Obama fits right in with the Powers of Washington D.C.”

        Every single part of the United States Government is Mentally Unstable

      20. The PTB made a terrible mistake when they thought they could trust China-man. They should have listened to Napoleon when he said:

        Napoleon Bonaparte — ‘China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.’

        China will only be part of the World Government, if China can have complete control over it

      21. I didn’t vote for Obama once, I didn’t vote for the other side either. Why vote? You want that little “I Voted” sticker to wear around showing your patriotism, uh stupidity. I did vote for McGovern in 1972, my first vote, against Nixon. Look how that turned out, the people were already brainwashed morons who voted for the warmonger. An anti peace anti hippie blowout for Nixon. Dumb asses! Since then it’s been all shit, all the time. Isn’t Obullshit related to Bush somewhere back in their evil past? Yeah, let’s go stir up some more evil murderous shit against innocent people. USA! USA! USA! morons.

        • I voted five times for Obama…..all in 2012…..

          • I might vote for Eisenhower again, he’s looking pretty good right now.

      22. Doomed I tell ya DOOMED! Get ready for SHTF it is coming real soon and our pussy regime does not have a clue on how to stop it or at least control it. Obama will get his third term under Martial Law it’s called continuation of Govt. He has all the chess pieces on the board and all right where he wants them! Lock and load.

        • “pussy regime”?

          I’m actually quite happy that McCain isn’t in the White House as his stay at the infamous Hanoi Hilton apparently either made him nuts or taught him nothing.

          When a nation possesses nuclear weapons and a delivery system you cut them as wide of a berth as possible allowing them sufficient independent resources for survival. We’re playing around in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I don’t see Chinese and Russians in Mexico.

          Anyone advocating using military force against these two nations under the conditions outlined, Ukraine, Syria and South China Sea is mad. Absolutely crazy.

          • Obama doesn’t run anything but his golf cart and his mouth. The NeoCons run this country and want power over the rest of world, they don’t mind burning half of it up if need be. Can we wait til after I get a few hunts in?

          • Agreed.

      23. I have no doubt that China will secure oil / energy resources that cannot be cut off. It just so happens that within a short distance from their country lay such a supply. They will slowly and methodically build the security zone and then the infrastructure. No single move will be provocative enough to justify any response.

        Energy is the life blood of an industrial nation. China not too long in the past would loose 5 million people per year because of starvation. I believe they look at this as food for their table. The US las lost less than 1.5 million if all wars were totaled from the Revolution to date. China is not playing games here. For them this is long term survival.

      24. I think BHO is getting desperate to get some crap started. He has tried his damnest to get the American people to revolt and thus far the majority are still worried about who will win DWTS or the Voice. So maybe he is thinking China won’t ignore him and will start some crap. He can declare martial law and be King of America. He really wants to be King of the New World Order and may be on track to have that lined up before November 2016. Hope China’s first target is DC. With no warning.

        • I think you give the halfrican too much credit.

        • They’re (the global cabal) prprobably getting ready for s massive military draft in order to get as many fighting age Americans out of the country to help facilitate their takeover of the USA and to keep the fraudulent manufactured wars going. While the military is off frightened fraudulent wars believing their fighting for freedom the war is helping bankrupt and enslave us here at home.

          All wars are banker wars.

      25. Maybe he thinks war would give him a third term like FDR. Economic and cyber war already exists between China, Russia and the US. Economic collapse equals war.

      26. the dam Prez is mentally unstable

        have the ATF taken away his right to bear arms yet? and put him on anti-depressants

        • Red Hawk – I strongly believe that is what the majority of Americans problems are – Anti-Depressants and being highly over medicated as well.

          Every single one of these anti-depressants have one thing in common. All of them warn that they may cause “suicidal thoughts” & “violent behavior”.

          Why would a doctor prescribe this crap to patients who claim to be depressed? [rhetorical question]

          Anti-depressants are nothing but mind controlling manipulators, dumbing down ones intelligence, with a side of compliance to authority.

          • yup
            and beyond that Depression is a normal emotion

            why people feel the need to cover it up or actually make it worse with a drug is beyond me

            Everyone goes thru depression in life .. Suck It Up Buttercup!!

            • Why drug of choice, Bud lite, only at home or deer camp, never in public.

        • KYMom, didn’t you get the memo; only white Christians (usually male) are evil and should be targeted. Every other group has protected status.

          We will rue the day we killed “Equal Protection of the Law”!

          It took hundreds/thousands of years to achieve equal protection under the law and we gave it away without a fight.

          • Justice,

            The silent majority has been silent way too long…

      27. If ODummer is not stopped soon, the Chinese are prepared and capable of bringing down the entire U.S. electric grid thru an elaborate & sophisticated cyber-attack. In conjunction, the N. Koreans will launch several of their mid-range nuclear tipped missiles from freighters positioned 25 miles off the US west coast in International waters. Those nuclear bursts will overload and fry the main substation high voltage transformers with EMP waves. The grid will go down for years, and America as you know it will cease to exist. Perhaps as much as 250 million Americans will be dead withing 6 months….not with a bang, but a whimper. This is the outcome of World War III.

      28. I saw a video months ago of an economist who claimed that WWIII has already started in the financial realm. He pointed out who the players were, and that the sides had already been picked.
        Now, it’s just a game of “flinch” to see who will shoot first.

      29. If we go to war with the Chinks, I’m throwing all of my egg rolls in the freezer out and never eating at Lee Anne Chin’s again! (sarcasm)

        Seriously, what can any one of us do if these idiots decide to trade nukes? NA DA

        Besides, I’m more worried about dem hogs!

        • TH, I stopped eating Asian food 10 years ago after getting food poisoning one night. In my area, health inspectors close down more Asian restaurants than any other type because the idiots won’t keep them clean.

          • MEOW!

            • My son and I call the local China Buffet…”The Kitty Palace”.

              • Hubby calls ours “fish heads and rice”

              • Over the years, I’ve seen two Chinese restaurants shut down for serving ‘pet food’, and heard of several more. And a Vietnamese place that cleaned out every cat in the area until they got caught. Someone at the local animal shelter mentioned several pets adopted in the same area over a few months to a cop and his kids when they came in to adopt, he put two and two together and they got nailed a few weeks later.

      30. Dear China and Russia,

        Please accept this letter of apology from the average working American for the complete lack of sense this president, Barry Soetoro, AKA: Barack Hussein Obama, has demonstrated from the beginning of his time in office.


        P.S. HELP!!!

      31. EVERYONE thinks a war between the United States and a tag team match of Russia and China would be a cakewalk. Uh Uh. Approximately 9 months ago a Soviet Fighter Jet flew over an Aegis destroyer in the Med; and ALL electronic operations on the Aegis went dead for 45 minutes. About 2.5 Years ago; a Chinese sub sat off San Diego for 2 weeks UNDETECTED. The Russians and Chinese have been probing America’s Defense Network for the past 4 years. WHEN the real shooting starts; and the Mushroom Clouds start popping up across the country; personally for me I hope it comes quick. I would NOT want to be around to bear witness to the nightmare in Hell aftermath.

      32. Maybe that is s what they want jackknife to provoke the Chinese into a large scale cyber attack so we will all go crazy and kill each other then Uncle Sam steps in to ban guns and throw dissenters into the gulag.

      33. WAY off topic

        but just wanted to let ya know what some of your
        fellow humans are up to these days

        They Burn Witches Here


        “The men pack the witch’s mouth with rags. The time for confessions has come and gone. Neighbors crowd into a circle around her, here on this hill of rubbish next to their settlement, Warakum. They watch as the men blindfold her before tying her arms, legs and stomach to a log. They watch as wood is stacked and gasoline poured. They watch as their witch is pushed facedown onto the pyre. Camera phones are held up and aimed. The match is struck and thrown.”

        God must be kicking Himself
        he should have stopped with the amoeba

        I always get a chuckle when someone mentions the possibility of alien life forms coming to earth

        who the hell in their right mind would come here ???

      34. What blows me away is that there are still some people out there that think Obama actually has any control over any of this… he’s just following his marching orders.

      35. This event thing, its getting close and i am getting alot bad vibes lately, i sense that something very serious is about to catch us off gaurd.

        I am really worried and scared of fighting a war with chinese soldiers and russians in my city. In fact it scares the piss out of me. However is they come here and decide to shoot us us, and start a war. Then suddenly i wont be scared any more and i will fire on them and kill them without hesitation. I will not be asking myself and conservations with myself about why i let this happen when the chi-coms line me up at the edge of the mass graves on the local fields of Houston, to .50 cal me, then throw me in the said mass grave. I will not be one of those guys. Its not a wonder why elies are bailing out to the under ground bases. They know that if the after we defeat the chinese, that they are next. I have no problem with the chinese people i general in my city, in fact i am friends with some of them and they like me. Some of them have told me that they dont like china, since they are now living here and that they like Texas and the freedom and would not want to ever go back to live in china. Some of them have told me that if chinese soldiers come here that they will fire on them. So Xi and all the visas that he issued telling them to come to America and take it over may see his own occupiers firing on his soldiers when they entire Texas.



        Sorry Xi jingping. I am going f….k up your soldiers in my city. Oh by the way, kiss my ass Xi.

        • hcks you always think something bad is gonna catch you off guard. Your bad vibes are echoes from your deteriorating brain waves, you need to get out of the basement and get out more often.

        • just drop pamphlets on the enemy of something you have written, the horrible grammar and spelling will kill them

          • 😀

          • With ww3 about to start you are worried about grammar and spelling . What special kind of stupid are you?

          • Grammar you are a woman or a fag.762 by 39 is a good fag cover

            • You should know anon, only a coward piece of shit hides behind ” anonymous” so go roll in your doom porn

      36. This article is Bullshit. Since the time of the Barbary Pirates the U.S. Navy has reserved the right to go and navigate in recognized international waters. The current limit which a country can claim is 12 nautical miles from its shores. Everything else is “free sea”. The Chinese are the obvious aggressors here. They have created an artificial land mass in a strategic body of international water and claimed it as sovereign territory as well as several hundred miles of shipping lanes surrounding it. I was in the Navy task Force that sailed through such an artificial construct in 1981. In 1981 Khaddafi declared 300 miles of ocean of the shores of Lybia as his territory and drew a “Line of Death” for anyone who crossed it . Reagan sent a task force through it and the Lybians foolishly sortied some MIGs to attack our flag ship the USS Nimitz. We splashed a few of them and no more was heard of the Line of Death. My point is that throughout history different powers have attempted to impose their will on weaker neighbors by restricting the freedom of the seas. That is what Cihina is attempting now. If we and subsequently the rest of the world accept this now, where does it end. The threat of war is Always with us, Americans need to grow a spine and stand up to aggression on the seas, and that is EXACTLY what this is. I can’t stand Obama but this one he is getting right.

        • The Chinese tried claiming the Formosa Strait was territorial waters in 1949 and through the 1950’s. The Sixth Fleet spent most of their time steaming up and down it to show Mao he was full of crap. Any US sailors who were stationed in Japan for the last 65 years knows this.

      37. !UNSTABLE!: That’s what they did when they led his mother out to be bred!!!

      38. I am all for him sending our navy into this area. I think people are loosing the perspective of what is happening. Both Russia and China are slowing pushing the envelope to see if anyone will challenge them. If I remember correctly, this is just how Hitler started and everyone turned a blind eye to him. He won’t over step the boundary and we should not get involved. Well guess what happened. Nobody did anything and the result was WW II. I just wish Obama would get all of the nations to stand up and join in, telling both Russia and China that they have gone far enough.

      39. Be sure that if he gets us into WW3 he will be on the top of the list of ones to go.

      40. And The Band played on!!

      41. First and foremost Barrie doesn’t make decisions, he does as he’s told.

        Secondly Barrie has been and always will be a stupid idiot, just like bush only he looks better Ina suit.

        If it’s a war they want (those powers who DO make the decisions) there isn’t a god damn thing any of us can do about it.

      42. I could care less. “Roll thems friggen dice Tyrone and let us sees whats they lands on.”

      43. Hey Snyder, how’s that September economic collapse coming? I guess it’s time to change the subject and hope people forget about the fact you have been telling people the economy was going to collapse for years. Too bad you locked in for a collapse this year.

        • Folks in my neighborhood are struggling.

          A boy and his mama are painting a house down the street so they can get some food in the house and be able to buy her depends. Their gov. assit not covering all their family needs.

          Next door, wife was let go at private school where she and hubby both teach. She now works at Cracker Barrel and he comes home from school and then leaves to work @ Kroger till ten at night.

          Others all around middle class hood doing extra to stay afloat.

          Common comment: there’s never enough money (for needs).

          slo mo collapse. each month brings it a little further over the edge.

      44. To view Obama the man(mouse) look at his childhood and it all becomes clear. Obama grew up in Indonesia as a Muslim. Obama admitted he was a Muslim in a recorded session. This is why Obama refuses to call Muslims terrorists and kow-tows to them. Indonesian Muslims hate China – this rubbed off on Obama. This is why he surprised China and sent ships…

      45. While I am certainly no fan of this President, and while I DO believe his a self-absorbed narcissist, as a retired senior naval officer I can tell you that this is nothing more than a routine activity for the US Navy (and should be). These types of missions are called Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPS) and are done to re-assert internationally agreed nation-state boundaries whenever and wherever any nation claims water rights that are not those to legally claim. It doesn’t matter if it a rouge nation state or one of our closest allies…no incursion into international space must be tolerated or else every country would start doing it. As a guy who participated in many of these things, what will happen is the sail-thru will be noted and then the diplomats at the UN, etc. can have endless meeting discussing it. Bottom Line: not a big deal.

      46. The U.S. Has the authority to patrol the region, thus they are doing so. Stupid article, the end.

      47. I don’t think patrolling international waters is insane. I think writing economic collapse articles telling people the economy is going to collapse next month for over 5 years is way closer to unstable. Of course when your selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad space for scaring good people into losing money, you probably don’t care what people think.

      48. What do I think?

        I think we’re on a road that has no turns.

        If that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will.

        I don’t believe we’re doing this because we’re insane. I believe we’re doing it because we’re screwed.

      49. He’s always been mentally unstable.

      50. “I have a dream” Martin Luther King.
        Could he have been telling us that, like Lincoln who had a dream the day before his assassination, he too would be assassinated??

        Well I had a dream that all the money in the world was all mine.

        And then I woke up.

      51. No matter what happens – “It’s Trump’s Fault” and the DemoCraps have the deleted emails to prove it …

      52. Agreed tvf001, Bigbluedrew.

        Missles and EW are a concern.

        Perhaps we need to reform procurement. (A Bit Corrupted, huh?)

        And everything else for that matter, all must be reviewed.

        That would include our “domestic” institutions, all of them.

        I see the possibility of great change ahead, either good or bad.

      53. Did we sail inside the 12 mile zone? Everything I read said we bitched out and sailed “near”.
        The only question is what were the laws before they started piling sand?

        If it was international waters then it should stay international waters. I don’t want war by any means, and I hate to say it, but BHO might have made the right play here. Finally he has a little backbone.

        For the most part I think this was handled diplomatically beforehand. Here is what we do, here is what you do, and we all save face.

        Why don’t we build an island 12.1 miles off the chinese coast?

      54. The Chinese will never engage the US military, never. The Chinese have the most to lose from war and its disruption of trade. The Chinese are all about the trade and making money.

      55. “Become” unstable? Obama? ROFLMAO. That ship sailed a long time ago.

      56. On my way back to Houston from Shanghai where I have been the past few days on business. Most Chinese I know are fond of Americans. Of course, Communist party still is in control. But Shanghai is a vibrant, wealthy city, and everyday Chinese pay little attention to politics. They love USA TV shows and movies, KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Culturally, we are winning Chinese hearts. But dumbass in the White House and saber rattling neocons are stupidly determined to shake things up. Complete idiocy.

      57. Wars make more money than anything else. If you want to make a ton of money start a war .After the last depression what happened? There must be war. But this time the rich rats loose. The tares must burn. Then the new world. The children of satan will be destroyed.

      58. Come on, get real. Obama is simply a puppet of powerful globalists. Obama is no different than both Bushes, and Clinton. And elect anyone besides Trump (who MAY be difficult to control) and nothing will change.

      59. Good grief..It’s not a big deal. China has to learn that they can’t just create a land mass in the water or claim some existing island and then have that acknowledged by the rest of the world as extending China’s area of sovereignty. Nobody else is able to do that either. Rolling the ships thru there is simply a message to China that that is still international territory and that everyone has the right to travel there. Big deal. That’s not unstable. In fact, it’s something Obama should have done YEARS ago and didn’t because he wants to be all soft and non-provocative. At least when it’s outside of the Middle East! 🙂

        Chinese government having a tantrum thru their state controlled newspapers as a result is funny. Whatever. I’m pretty sure China’s smart enough not to do anything that would cause a conflict though. They know quite well that regardless of their numbers, they’d get their clocks cleaned fairly easily.

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