Swine Flu Patient Zero, Halloween Costumes for the Economically Depressed and Political Correctness

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Here are some stories related to Halloween that may be of interest to our readers from an intellectual and entertainment perspective. We hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween.

Item #1: Halloween Costumes for the Economically Depressed

This one was submitted by Tom and is worth a view if you are not sure what Halloween costume you’ll be wearing this evening.

Tom’s personal favorited are the Ken Lewis Psycho Killer and the Vikram Pandit Zombie costumes. I am seriously considering dropping Darth Vader this year and going with Ken Lewis myself.

Click here to view…

Item #2: Insane Asylum Haunted House Angers Mental Health Advocates

Even as a kid I remember that being crazy and scary was just a part of what Halloween was all about. A mentally deranged person with a machete was always fun. But these days, mental health advocates at The National Alliance on Mental Illness issue alerts:

“It’s trick or treat time again. We don’t mind ghosts and goblins, but when ‘haunted house’ attractions become ‘insane asylums,’ featuring ‘mental patients’ as murderous ghouls, we protest”

Click here to read the full story and user comments…

Item 3: Swine Flu Patient Zero

Regular SHTFplan visitor Rick Blaine keeps an eye out for stories that 99.9% of the population often miss. Today he sent us a Red Alert advising that officials may have located H1N1 patient zero.

Swine Flu Patient Zero

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    1. AlexG

      lol! nice picture

    2. NetRanger

      Can we sue him or his family for the adverse vaccine reactions too? My lawyer is asking…

    3. zukadu

      Comments…..funny picture, but as I recall, when the “swine flu” first hit, the scientific literature was describing it as a “composite” of swine flu, avaian flu, and regular flu: that the DNA of  h1n1 was curiously structured in an unatural way, leading me to believe at the time that
      h1n1 could have escaped from a lab somewhere. Obviously, the national media didn’t pick that up and run with it. Remember SARS?
      I think there is too much tinkering going on with these virus’ and we will be lucky if one does wipe us all out.

    4. admin

      the other funny thing about the day Swine Flu first hit is that the cover was about to be blown open on the Ken Lewis, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch deal. Lewis testified before congress on April 23.. if memory serves, Swine flu broke mid afternoon April 24..


      As nothing is out of the realm of possibility, I would also agree that H1N1 may not have been a completely ‘natural’ occurrence.

      The timing, though, struck me at the time, because I remember thinking –“Wow, this ken lewis thing is going to alert market investors of the total manipulation of our financial markets..”

      the story was almost 100% buried once the H1N1 story hit that weekend.

      Call me crazy, but something doesn’t seem right about all that.

      Coincidence? Perhaps.

      “there is no such thing as coincidence in politics.. you can bet it was planned that way. “ -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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