Had It With Police? Peacekeeper App Can ‘Revolutionize Neighborhood Protection’

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 93 comments

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    police-chaseLet’s face it: police are a controversial subject these days.

    The inventor of an app called Peacekeeper aims to introduce a “disruptive and cutting edge” alternative platform to personal and neighborhood protection that involves notifying trusted “tribe” members during an emergency with the tap of a button.

    Countless stories of systematic corruption and shocking killings in the hands of police have left many wondering if it is even worth dialing 9-1-1, or whether police presence could make a difficult situation worse. With domestic disturbances or episodes with mentally impaired individuals, calling law enforcement could lead to arrests or even deaths, when temporary restraint and a moment for calm is perhaps what is needed. Every situation is different

    Even with the best intentions and training, police are notorious for being minutes away when seconds count, as police investigate far more violent crimes after the fact than they stop or prevent.

    Is there a better way? Peacekeeper CEO Cody Drummand is trying. He claims that the Peacekeeper app offers “far superior protection system than the status quo protection offered by police.”

    Peacekeeper is the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer protection system. We aim to build a new smartphone app, Peacekeeper 2.0.

    It will be a superior protection system, an amazing alternative to the status quo. It will allow individuals to take personal protection to a whole new level.

    That’s why we’re building Peacekeeper. If the idea of a decentralized, fast, agile protection system that does an end-run around the State is something that appeals to you, contribute now and help us turn this vision into a reality.

    Detailed alerts would include the real time location of personally-approved and trusted responders, who have volunteered for training qualifications.

    Obviously, like BitCoin, it isn’t a perfect system, and could benefit from further innovation and competition to improve its promise.

    But at the same time, it is an incredible ‘disruptive’ platform to offer free market alternatives to state protection… with responsible usage, the app could even save lives with the power of trusted friends, family and neighbors.

    When crisis hits, who are you going to call? And would you consider this alternative?


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      1. I foresee lots of legal problems for all. Actually, this app. scares the hell out of me. How does one prevent a “lynch mob mentality” from occurring. what will happen to innocent until proven guilty? you think the cops are quick to shoot, this will be even worse. I would think that members of a “tribe” would have emotional bonds to one another. Objectivity needs to be a part of protection and policing. This is NOT good, not good at all.

        • I would rather trust my neighbors than the police.

          • This might just work. There is precedent. In medieval England, when there were no police, so the neighborhood was tasked by the lord of the manor to capture and bring thieves and murderers to justice.

            From that time we have the phrase “hue and cry”, which meant that everybody within earshot was required by law to join in the chase of a criminal until he was caught and subdued. After which he would be turned over to the lord’s armed men.

            This time also gave us our concept of the jury, but it wasn’t what we know today. There being no jails, the lord of the manor had few choices for punishment, death, banishment, or for minor infractions remanding the criminal to the care of twelve men chosen from the community, whose job it was to watch over the miscreant for a period of time, making sure he didn’t offend again. This was the meaning of “jury” in those days.

            History is fun! Try it sometime.

          • Don’t we already have something like that called Twitter?

            Seriously, I can’t see how this could possibly work. When, not if, there is a ‘glitch’, the show is over. Much better to have a neighborhood watch with neighbors who care about each other.

            There is an app, it seems, for everything… except doing my dishes, weeding my garden, mowing my yard, shoveling snow, etc.

            • Beaver,

              Get real!!! This is filtered and diluted by MILLIONS of tweets. Who actually keeps Twitter running on their phone these days 24×7? Not. No app can keep up either. An App for this exact purpose is a VERY Good Idea. Using Twitter like this in the open not a good idea. Easily influenced.

        • I agree just me…You make some good points.

          Taking the argument further..What if a few gang members steal a phone and send out a pre-meditated alert to bring the hounds to the hunted…They start taking out peacekeepers as an initiation or simply to instill doubt in the app…

          Dozens of negative angles to this product that ultimately turns society back into the Wild West.

          • What if…? How much liberty has been lost to “what if?”

            You know, this app is a tool. Just like a gun, it can be used for good or evil. Ultimately, it is the people that decide the use of the tool. Are you suggesting that the people cannot be trusted with their own safety? With the use of tools? Are you suggesting that the state has better handle on this? This app is a tool…it isn’t good or bad. If you are someone who takes personal responsibility for his/her actions, then this tool could be used for good. If you don’t like this tool, select another, but take responsibility for you and yours…don’t abdicate that to the state. Peace!

          • I could see the CIA doing this kind of monkey-wrenching, just to deter people from organizing. The only way “gangs” would be involved, is with the nurturing of the feds, and they wouldn’t need to steal someone’s phone to do it…let’s not forget, the feds have access to our phone data already.

            • Hi sixpack, glad to see you posting. We were getting concerned.

        • You can take the man out of the state, but can’t take the state out of the man.


          • So true and so, so sad.

        • I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it. – Thomas Jefferson

          I respect your opinion “just me,” but I would argue the opposite. I would certainly trust my family, friends, and neighbors (my tribe) with my safety long before I would trust the state. The state’s “objectivity” is corrupted by the need of that organization to perpetuate itself. Justice for and safety of the citizenry is secondary. I would much prefer to deal with the imagined “problems” rather than assume the citizenry is unable to conduct itself without the oppressive care of the state. To assume that a neighborhood (a tribe) taking personal responsibility for its own safety would result in a “lynch mob mentality” is a statist opinion. Hopefully, all who read it, will recognize it and reject it. Liberty takes practice and hard work; it should not be abdicated to the state because that work is too difficult or too scary. Peace!

          • /clapping/

          • I understand that you trust your safety to YOUR tribe, but do you trust your safety to another tribe that may not know you or your intentions? My experience has been people vary in their commitment, intentions and understanding. Just look at all the misunderstandings and words used against each other on this site where we are all “like minded”. All men may have been created equal , as in rights, but we are NOT equal in intelligence and discernment. If training a group of people whose actual job it is to protect, (meaning the police)isn’t working out so well, how is the training of volunteers from a ‘tribe” going to work out? Who is going to decide who is or is not a good candidate for this “response team”? If you do not think a mob mentality will take hold and abuses will occur, then you have not been paying attention to history. I don’t see having law enforcement that is responsible and ACCOUNTABLE as taking any of my liberties away, I do see a group of individuals who are bonded to each other and no one else as a danger to everyone else’s liberties. We need to look out for each other and have each other’s back for sure and of course we are responsible for our own safety but this concept of mini police forces for every neighborhood (and that is what it would be) is just asking for abuses and problems. some food for thought

            • You make a good point, just me, that one must know their community/neighborhood and be known in order for a tribe to work. This is where each of us needs to foster and grow that community trust. We need to be willing to reach out to our neighbors and give a helping hand. I disagree with you that neighborhood watches or tribes will be anymore dangerous than the current “trained” police force. The current police force is not trained to de-escalate and make friends, rather they suspect everyone and treat them accordingly. On the other hand, neighborhoods and communities are typically the exact opposite and are usually pretty good judges of character and intentions. Granted, you and I may come from vastly differing life experiences, but I would rather put my faith in my neighbor who I know and trust than in a state agent who doesn’t necessarily have my best interests at heart. Peace!

        • Only a damn fool would call the police for help.

        • Lawsuits will shut this down in a hurry if it ever does get off the ground.

          • No kidding, one bad guy gets shot by accident or with excessive force and everyone in the group is going to pay out the nose. Put your house and business on the line, folks, when you sign up.

            Zimmermann’s HOA paid a big settlement to the mother of Trayvon Martin, think that’s not going to be the standard from now on?

        • citizens and neighbors are much less likely to shoot, kill, cause harm, or anything else illegal, because we all know we will actually have to be held accountable for our actions. Police are able to shoot, harm, and kill with impunity. Although I like the idea, it is really just a glorified neighborhood watch on speed dial. But in the end we are all accountable for our own personal safety, not the police. Unfortunately though in these possible scenarios, the people will still end up having to call the police at some point, at which it is very likely the confrontations will at that point escalate. My own personal opinion, always be vigilant and protect your own… and better training and higher standards for police.

        • what will happen to innocent until proven guilty?

          That’s LONG GONE, it is now GUILTY till PROVEN INNOCENT.
          Cops kill more unarmed people because cops get to say “I felt my life was in danger” AND “they were resisting arrest, or orders” This gives them a FREE PASS! A lynch mob would be great if a woman or young child is being RAPED. Unarmed, not threatening anyone would be handled better by local people than cops.

      2. Looks like this may go viral! I hope so. Sick of the corrupt police around this country.

      3. This is a double edged sword. I can see some good in it, for. Instance if a woman has a restraining order on a crazy ex, good neighbor could be a life saver over 911, but also I see a lot that could go very wrong.

      4. There is no such thing as “innocent until proven guilty”. Cops suspect everyone, it’s what they do, therefore you are always considered guilty until they find someone more guilty-looking or you prove yourself innocent.

        “Innocent?… Innocent of what?” (Unforgiven)

        I agree though that this app is a bad idea and won’t be signing up for it, but will also never again dial 911. People need to take up their defense into their own hands.

        • “NO”
          You are 100% right.

      5. So you push a button of your smart phone and 12 neighbors come outof their house with AR15s. Sure, I don’t see where anything could go wrong here. The only other thing needed is a rope and a tall tree.

        • AOWG, you are lucky to have so many neighbors willing to come to your aid!

          I agree that there are lots of things that can go wrong in life. Just going to work each day is fraught with potential disaster. I would suggest that choosing a neighborhood method for security has fewer potentials for disaster rather than relying on the state to “serve and protect.” To suggest that your neighbors would turn into a lynch mob is selling them short in my opinion, but I don’t know your neighbors. Peace!

        • you say that like it’s a bad thing. lol

          might throw in a big deep hole or allota pigs. lol

          like the previous poster stated. ” what could go wrong ”

          On a side note. In my rual area we don’t need no stinken app.
          When trouble happens everyone comes running to the others defense with shotguns and pistols at the ready. If something more convincing is needed, it’s around…

          good luck all

      6. This will go over about as well as a citizen state militia loading up and going over to Afghanistan unauthorized. I definitely agree the idea itself is brilliant. The execution of the responders is the problem. I can see one dead person shot in the back while trying to break in and lawsuits and media would be all over it for anti gun posturing.

      7. None of you with your statist mindset and lack of cojones would of faired too well in the past.

        Your wild west comment reminded me of some research that was posted on this board some months back that shed a little light on the false premise and false doctrine education we have in modern society of the old wild west being a dangerous every one shooting everyone situation. I wish I could remember? But it was interesting information.

      8. Watch This Officer School Another Cop About Civil Liberties

        h ttp://www.activistpost.com/2015/07/watch-this-officer-school-another-cop.html#more

        “He did not hold back. “There’s an oath I swore to…so don’t freakin’ mess with these citizens, you understand me?”

        well that was refreshing !

        • “S”
          I keep saying that there are some DAMN GOOD Cops out there and he is one!

        • satori

          I couldn’t tell but I’m thinking that was a sheriffs deputy standing up for that guy. I could be wrong, but in my history, sheriffs and their deputies seem to always be much easier to deal with and less likely to become bully tyrants……I wonder why???? could the fact that a sheriff is duly elected by the people he is tasked with protecting and serving, and that police chiefs are just politically appointed yes men tasked with generating revenue??? Hmmmmmm…. me thinks so.

      9. there are a thousand alternatives to what is going on now. how to bring them about? long and hard road.

      10. a long and hard road is how to change it all!

      11. Modified 911. for people in the hood. It could be used that way.

        It all comes down to YOU. We cops are always at the other side of town when you need us. There is nothing you or I can do about that.

        As you saw the guy with the boy. The bad guy had a tire iron in his had (that is what it looked like to me) The pulls out a phone???? Should have pulled out a hand gun.
        It might help but it is still up to YOU and I.

        What are you going to do when this thing goes off? Are you going to run out to confront someone that has just stolen a bike, or a nut off his meds with an AR? What are you going to do Shoot the guy with the bike and run like hell from the nut, because he has an AR?

        Now three guys run out of there house from one end of the block and three guys run out from another area, and nobody knows the other guys, and one just knows that there is someone with a gun going to shoot someone.

        I’m SORRY but the civilian population is not trained to do this stuff.

        One nice thing is that you are not sworn Officers so you can’t violate there Rights. But if you are white and te bad guy is another color you will get sued for race discrimination. You can make a mistake and shot the wrong person, or a Cop.

        Now the Cops arrives because some one calls 911 and tells the police that there are men and women running down the streets heavily armed. Depending on your state laws and your City laws you could be arrested for many things. You bet that they will try to take away your guns.

        It would be nice if it was just that simple as an APP on your phone. (But as you know that when you need your phone there is, “NO SERVICE”!)


        • One or two of your other posts today were ok, but this one?

          I’m SORRY but the civilian population is not trained to do this stuff.

          And the trained cops that already have a free pass to go kill people for no reason or steal from them or shoot their dogs, kids, grandmas etc, they’re someone more special than everyone else because… why?

          Sit down and shut up.

          • B.H.
            Again you keep talking about less than 1% of the bad cops out there just like any other job there are bad ones.

            Yes the Civilian population is not trained to do this. Please let me know what kind of training the civilian population has had to cope with these problems? Please show me who trained them, how much training, and where they were trained at.

            As far as setting down and shutting up. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.


            • I believe all citizens should serve 3 months in peace/weapons training between 11th and 12th grade. Teach them some discipline, some self defense, and some laws.
              Or, just get an app. 🙂

            • tell em Sgt.!!!! even sitting you stand taller than that yahoo!

              • “J M”

            • @ Dale. Last month you stated 2% of the cops are bad(not including the 98% that turn a blind eye to the bad cops) NOW its 1%…Did a few thousand quit or get fired since last month? From the reactiom of the cops, they are not trained properly, or they are trained WRONG.

              • “D”
                You are right. It is less that 2%, Sorry about that. As far as a blind eye. You have no idea what you are talking about. Unless you are a Cop? If so did you turn a blind eye?

                • Not a cop. But arrest and conviction rates of these rogue 2%+ cops that get let off by the “internal” investigations speak volumes for itself without your biased bullshit. So fuck you and your vision.

                  • D:
                    Where is your information coming from, I would like to see the internal investigation reports stats, That you have. And with the justice department so anti-cop, I highly doubt that you stats are correct.
                    N. Reb

                  • .”D”
                    You are one of the useless punk/thug/trolls that hates cops. So go some where else. You are not needed here or wanted here. Mac’s site is here to try and help people!

                    You have no idea what you are talking about. If there is evidence found of wrong doing the Cop is charged. For your information only large department have internal affaires investigators. Small Departments are done by the State Police.

                    See this is how it is done with no profanity. I hope you done kiss your mother with that mouth. When someone loses an argument they revert to profanity. Loser! Some day you will grow up.


                    • NOW you’ve done it! You’ve all hurt my feelings! What’s wrong with you people anyway? Don’t you know the drill here by now? I’m only supposes to receive PRAISE from everybody here when I shoot my ignorant mouth off! What’s WRONG with you people?

                    • @ Dale…you are the cop… and the troll, not me. You are right, I dont like cops as a whole, and I don’t like you. I do have 1 close friend that is a ols school cop and is close to retirement. He doesn’t like cops either, because he sees them for what they are…a tool of the elite collecting revenue through a bunch of worthless laws. Also, you cannot disagree about the cops being above the law and having a different set of rules. Well you can, but you are lying to yourself. YOU have lost the argument as if a poll was taken on trusting cops, you cops will lose. As for the insult on my mother….If you met me in person, you would back down like the little squealer that you are. Im going to stay on this site with the intention of pointing out all your boot licking, lies and cover ups.

                    • D,

                      NOW you’ve done it! You just made him cry!

                    • Man, when you guys start to cry and whine, you really cry and whine, don’t you?

                      Lots of foul talk with absolutely no substance.

            • 95% of cops give the rest a bad name

              • Jose and D have been on the crackpipe for way too long.

            • Billy Hill, Sarge makes some damn good points. You’re the one with an issue so lay down the crackpipe before it kills you.

          • B.H.

            You are three times MORE LIKELY to be struck and killed by a bolt of lightning than have a run in with a bad cop. Do the math.


      12. now way hozay this is a trap site

      13. I want my Constitution respected and enforced. The Constitution is the highest law in the land. Police cannot chose which parts of the Constitution to follow. We shouldn’t need an app to compel police to obey the law. History should be our guide for what happens to a society when police place themselves above the law. It NEVER ends well for either side.

      14. When the SHTF, don’t forget to purge your ‘hood before TPTB regain control. It may be the only good chance you have of making the neighborhood safe. Especially since the DOJ announced the new plan to make the banks and real estate agencies forcibly integrate your town. I’ve been talking about this to anyone who’ll listen. Eric Holder gave a speech outlining his plan about 3 months ago. Just before he retired. He has now gone back to work at his former employer, a law firm that protects the big Wall Street guys.

      15. The police in the shithole of collapsing Murica are nothing but brain dead dumbed down chemically altered fascist boot licking coward pussies like the rest of the flag waving Zombies in fascist shithole Murica. The police only care about their pensions and pay they use on violent video games, motorized toys, and drunken days off. The police have NO HONOR, NO INTEGRITY, and NO CONVICTION to understand the TRUTH. The police are mostly all violent boozing fascist filth who could give two shits about their children’s future in the collapsing Orwellian Fascist Police State shithole of the world. The police in the Corporatist Fascist shithole of the world will lick the boot of their Corporatist fascist paymasters until the end of this Orwellian Fascist Police State nightmare. The fascist boot licking hybrid human police filth who go along with the NWO Corporatist fascist genocidal psychopathic monsters will be arrested right along with their fascist slavemaster filth after the collapse of the fascist shithole of the world. As an Oathkeeping retired police veteran of 32 years I tell everyone I see to stay far away from the violent psychotic fascist boot licking COWARD police in the shithole of collapsing Murica, because they have all gone completely insane and unable to handle the TRUTH of their Corporatist controlled fascist GENOCIDAL shithole controlled by the most evil psychopathic monsters the world has ever seen.

        • Ron; leave the nmae calling out and save 3/4 of your space. Oh yeah,tell us how you really feel.

          • Name calling???? WTF….it is the TRUTH Jim, that is all, nothing more and nothing less. When you call a criminal a criminal is that name calling????

            • Try calling an “illegal alien” someone who has illegally entered this country!! Emigrants enter legally, what do we call those welcomed with benefits: refugees.

        • When the SHTF in this country, Ron is the type of guy I want next to me in the foxhole. His words may be blunt and brutal, but I’ll wager a bet he’ll follow through with his actions when the time comes.
          Ron seems to have a lot of anger and hate in his heart, but it is this kind of mentality that will keep him alive.
          Ron, you are A-Okay in my book!
          We need more Ron’s in this country, instead of the high influx of pussywhipped homo’s that we currently have.

          • Thank you dickNcider, and I only hope I get the chance to be with fellow lovers of FREEDOM and LIBERTY after the collapse of this fascist Orwellian Police State nightmare, so together we can arrest these Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL psychopathic monsters and their boot licking shills in the fascist US Government for TREASON and GENOCIDE. Unfortunately I am sure with my daily e-mails directed at the fascist filth in the NSA and all the other boot licking alphabet agencies of the Corporatist Globalist NWO filth, and the fact that I am not a COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE like most of boot licking fascist cowardly Murica, my life expectancy will probably be short when the NWO fascist shit stains begin their FINAL SOLUTION of de-population against the brain dead dumbed down coward pussy Zombies in this collapsing genocidal Orwellian nightmare. We know they have been using SOFTKILL GENOCIDE for a long time now in the shithole of collapsing fascist Murica, so the FINAL SOLUTION is right around the corner before the Zom,bies wake up to what these monsters are doing to their children’s health and future. Brave people like me will have to be taken out early by the psychopathic criminal fascist filth controlling this shithole. Brave people like me know too much about what these genocidal psychopathic monsters have been doing to this brain dead dumbed down disease ridden population of chemically altered hybrid human toxic waste dumps, they cannot allow brave real humans to survive and tell the TRUTH. Is that enough name calling(TRUTH) for you Jim???

        • There’s a boot licking fascist missing some where…might be floating in some vile bile…face down…

      16. Homicide and shooting numbers are going through the roof. The government is creating a scenario that is turning America into “Mad Max” on steroids.

      17. “The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern.”

        – CS Lewis

        BTW,those ads with those humanoid, bikini clad humanoids – that apparently someone thinks are “sexy” (or something), are **creepy** (as well as annoying and over-done). Anyone else creeped out not only by the pictures, but by the fact that apparently someone is conflating sex with machines? What’s the next “shocker” ad? A dolphin in a bikini?

        • This is nothing new. People have been using other than people for sex partners for as long as people have been around. Just because now they can mimic a person so closely it’s a problem?

        • TEST

          How can you NOT be turned on by a woman with an “off” switch?

      18. What a great idea! An immediate barking chain! One guy wrote it scares the hell out of him, maybe so. I WANT THIS TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THEM!!!! Yeah you all big and bad cause you and you buddies team up in a pack and go hunting cause your bored or angry……..when this flare alarm goes up, out come the dogs. No sirens blaring for you to hear and have time to run………just some good ol boys beating a path to aid a buddy. No Maranda rights either………beware, judge ,jury, and hangman full of adrenaline. Yeah, think twice,maybe thrice, before committing a crime.

      19. Yo, Mac, Brave, Sarge, Eppe, sling, NReb, others, etc.



        Something seroius is going on in Arizona. I have noticed that most of the agency azz clowns have not been attacking us lately at the level it was up until a few weeks ago and cop spidey senses got me. Hodges just posted and article on his website commonsenseshow.com and did and audio. Some type of cyber shtf showdown is on the way. This is a heads up my shtf-effers. I am getting ready to meet with the scientist again, yes, we are going to start meeting for bi-weekly shtf meetings so that i can report. THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON IS LITERLLY COMMENSING AS I TYPE, WE ARE LUCKLY IF WE ARE EVEN ABLE TO LOG IN THE NEAR FUTURE.



        Agency, troll azz clown super moderator.

        • Thanks for the link — will check out Dave’s latest shortly and probably get it posted here by the weekend.


          • It was a creepy read…indeed, the balloon is much closer to being released.

        • “H”
          Did earlier this morning around 10:00AM (central) Very interesting.

          Something is up. I just wish I knew what it is.

          Just picked up $150.00 in silver and 2 LBS of rifle powder to do some more 223 and 6.8mm. Also got my Berky water system. Going to have to buy a new dehydrator. Just burnt out one. That is OK only paid $3.00 at a flee market for it. Used it for 4 years non-stop. (got two more) As you can see I’m PREPPING my Butt off.


          • SGT.
            You keep buying all those bullets, are you that bad of a shot that you will have to reload??? (sarcasm).
            One shot one Kill!!!I know that is what you were taught!;-} Just funin Y’all!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

            • NR
              Better to have them and not need them and need them and not have them!!!

          • Hell, I paid $4 for my dehydrator, now I’m sad.

        • They now admit…last year there was another mass hack of the federal government…

          Hack of security clearance system affected 21.5 million people, federal authorities say

          “The massive hack last year of the Office of Personnel Management’s system containing security clearance information affected 21.5 million people, including current and former employees, contractors and their families and friends, officials said Thursday.

          That is in addition to a separate hack – also last year — of OPM’s personnel database that affected 4.2 million people. That number was previously announced.”

          Washington Post

        • HCKs:
          Thanks for the update the information sounds solid to me.
          I’ve had trouble in Illinois with sending text and pictures with my phone, it is probably nothing, but never had trouble like this before. Today it is working fine no problems.
          Maybe Jade helm is a strengthening of our southern boarders incase there is a Red Dawn event. I don’t know but anything is possible in this day and age.
          If TSHTF I’m ready, but sure don’t want it to.
          Thanks again for the info…..
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      20. In theory the app sounds great, but the destructive evil of the earth will use this app to create more destruction and evil… guaranteed, imho.

        Also, be aware that untrustworthy people will pretend to be trustworthy so that they’ll gain our trust, so we will like them and trust them. Some people present a false image to the outside world and behind closed doors they are monsters — was once married to a wolf in sheepskin.

        So, as far as neighbors go, don’t guess/assume they are trustworthy — know for certain before trusting them, and especially in a crisis, natural disaster or shtf scenario.

      21. For so long as I can remember, I have always said that basic, social services could be provided by a free market.

        I liked where this discussion was headed, but how are ‘trusted responders’ compensated for their time, expenses, and physical risk.

      22. Flash mobs via cell phone texts are already being used by the bad guys to swarm, if this app at least gets more thinking about how they could better organize their neighbors to use the same technology more effectively collectively, it’ll be good, even if this particular app is not what they employed.

        • Well said, shane!

      23. Most people do not even know who their neighbors are so why would they be signed up with a social emergency network with them?

      24. Religious or not, the erosion of your rights should frighten everyone.

        The freedom of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment applies only to churches, not to individuals, a U.S. senator said on national television recently. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-WI – the nation’s first openly lesbian elected to the U.S. Senate – addressed the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision on June 27 on MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki.

        “Should the bakery have to bake the cake for the gay couple getting married?” the host asked. “Where do you come down on that?” Baldwin responded that the First Amendment gave Americans no right to exercise religion outside the sanctuary of their church, synagogue, or mosque. “Certainly the First Amendment says that in institutions of faith that there is absolute power to, you know, to observe deeply held religious beliefs. But I don’t think it extends far beyond that,” she said. (And don’t worry – they’ll soon come inside the church, too, to take the rights there. It’s the way of fascism).

        Full story at https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/u.s.-senator-the-first-amendment-does-not-apply-to-individuals-only-churche

        “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left. Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.” – Leftist icon Herbert Marcuse, who popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives.

        “You confine yourself to the church. *I* will take care of the German people.” – Adolf Hitler to Martin Niemoller (cited from 7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany, by Irwin Lutzer, whose parents were Germans in Russia and escaped

      25. This is “neighborhood watch” communications. It actually does not require–and really shouldn’t be dependent on–highly vulnerable electronic communications. The old concept of a firebell or hew and cry come to mind as very applicable to literal neighborhood watch. The night watchman had that role in our more sustainably-organized past. …NOT to be a vigilante “cop wannabe”. That would only try to duplicate what’s wrong. But, if for nothing more than a witness committee, the neighborhood should be able to be called out–“at a minute’s notice”, like the Minutemen of old!–at the hew and cry or sounding of the alarm by a watchman of the ’round-the-clock neighborhood watch (not under the control of the police or anyone else but the neighborhood). That’s also the basic unit (a platoon) of the Militia–not as a political force but, as a mutual defense of everyone’s individual liberty.

      26. I was just thinking about this new app. If TSHTF and there is no computers, telephones, electricity how are you going to use your phone to call for help?
        My feelings are a good neighborhood watch would work even if you do or don’t have phone service.
        This way you learn how your neighbors are and how you can count on we they are needed.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      27. Getting people to rely on yet moar techno gadgets?

        What a joke.

        Lose the “apps” and stupid azz phones and pay attention to your own surroundings and protect your own selves.

      28. Yep, something is cooking, and it stinks.

      29. My first thought: “Who is this person connected with?”, from TPTB. It’s an electronic link to follow to 6 degrees. Was it Elmer Rudd who said, “Be vary Wary.”

      30. Nothing says.. Do I have your attention now like the rack of a 12 gauge. Where I live the average response time for a sheriff is about 35 minutes. I have dogs, they do their job and we do ours. I do have a few electronic gadgets that sound off and a cheap video system, but that’s mostly so I can catch the bears when they get into the garbage…Got an app for that?

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