Hacking The Power Grid: They Can Induce Blackouts On American Soil AT WILL

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 46 comments

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    The American power grid has been hacked.  It also appears that these hackers may take down the entire grid “at will” and induce blackouts when and where they choose.

    For an unknown reason, however, the hackers restrained themselves from taking down the power like they did in Ukraine recently.  They simply hacked their way into the system, although speculation is that they just wanted to look around…for now.

    You could have seen this one coming a mile away. The narrative is taking shape, folks. The boogie men are being put into place… and when the time is right, “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”, will send the signal to their henchmen to set off the next crisis, stoking fear in everyone’s hearts. Out of chaos, order! –The Daily Sheeple

    A report by internet security experts, Symantec, says that a hacking group called Dragonfly 2.0 has gained access to 20 power company networks.

    The targets were in the United States, Turkey, and Switzerland. According to Symantec, the hackers did gain access to the interface they would need to control the power equipment, with which they could cause a widespread blackout.

    According to one expert, they were just in there looking around. John Hultquist, a researcher for FireEye security, said of another such intrusion, “In our experience groups that have solely targeted energy like this have been carrying out reconnaissance for attack.” –Organic Prepper

    Yet Fortune claims that we should not “freak out” because these hackers got into the power grid.  Fortune went on to say that the American power grid is complex and a take down would be difficult. (Yeah.  So complex hackers can’t get in…oh, wait…) But mainly they simply state without any evidence to back up the subjective statement, that adversaries seeking to take down the grid are at the beginning of their journey of destruction, and not at the end.

    These adversaries had access to the networks that operate the industrial equipment used to power our country. That sounds scary. But the belief pushed by governments, Hollywood movie scripts, and media headlines for years—that we are standing on the brink of cyber-induced blackouts and mass chaos—is misinformed. Our adversaries are at the starting point of their journey to cause significant disruption to our power grid, not the finish line. –Fortune

    But that isn’t comforting to those who understand what a power grid failure would look like, in the grand scheme of things. Disabeling large portions of the grid would cause chaos.  And many, including Symantec, appear to think this was a much bigger issue than initially thought. While the cyber security company believes that this hack was to just “poke around,” it signals that those seeking to do harm are moving onto their next phase of an attack. With recent campaigns potentially providing them with access to operational systems, access could be used for more disruptive purposes in future.

    Back in July of this year, hackers got into an American nuclear power plant in Kansas. On the bright side, they were just into the business side of the Wolf Creek nuclear power plant near Burlington, Kansas, and did not obtain access to the controls. But it’s still pretty unsettling that they’d even get that close. If someone was able to get into the control section, not only could they cause a power outage, but they could potentially disable the nuclear safeguards. Eric Chien suspects that while this hack was originally blamed on the Russians (because, really, what isn’t blamed on the Russians?) that the Dragonfly 2.0 hackers were the ones who were responsible. “It’s highly unlikely this is just coincidental.” –The Organic Prepper

    The Organic Prepper also points out that it’s hard to miss the fact that this could be nothing more than a red flag event.

    Symantec’s report refuses to disclose which power plants were compromised, but there seems to be no doubt the hackers were able to gain access to operational control of them. And while this has been going on for a few years now, they’re getting bolder and nearly have the pieces in place to widespread sabotage our power grid.

    Some code strings in the malware were in Russian. However, some were also in French, which indicates that one of these languages may be a false flag. Conflicting evidence and what appear to be attempts at misattribution make it difficult to definitively state where this attack group is based or who is behind it. –The Organic Prepper

    Advancements in technology have made manual controls obsolete. Meaning that controlling the power grid is a matter of know-how and internet prowess.  Cyber warfare is the war of the future and there is more and more proof that it isn’t a matter of if, but when.


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      1. Cue up, Turn out the lights the party’s over they say that all good things must end”

        • Septembergeddon? 27 Major Disasters Have Already Happened So Far This Month

          “Two major hurricanes, unprecedented earthquake swarms, and wildfires roaring out of control all over the northwest United States – what else will go wrong next?”

          “Some are describing what is happening to us as a “perfect storm”, and they are wondering if even more major disasters are coming in the very near future.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-11/septembergeddon-27-major-disasters-have-already-happened-so-far-month

          • Hi KYM. ALWAYS appreciate your posts. Concern on my part, tho: The fascist left may use the hurricanes to push their BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scam. Truth is this:

            – Hurricanes are reckoned on an interdecadal scale. In the previous 40 some years (since 1970), there have been FOUR Cat 4 storms hit the mainland. The previous 40 – 45 years, before the brunt of the CO2 scam there were FOURTEEN. We haven’t had a major hurricane since 2005 until now. Record lows since the Civil War. We know this because the Royal Navy started keeping records in the 1700s, tho of course they missed some without radar)

            – Harvey was caused by STEERING wind currents that stalled it, nothing more.

            – Irma was bad. However, the LOWEST barometric pressure hurricane ever was the Labour Day hurricane in the Keys, 1935. Sorry, Irma, but you didn’t beat that.

            – Dr. Richard Lindzen, prof. of atmospheric science at MIT, Dr. William Gray, generally conceded at the #1 hurricane forecaster in the world, and John Coleman, co-founder of the Weather Channel have all called AGW – in THEIR own words – “a scam.”

            Dr. Roy Spencer points out that in the past Tropical Storm Claudette caused 43 inches of rain to hit Houston in a mere 24 hours; it took a few days for Harvey’s rainfalls to reach those numbers; that nearly 12 years have passed since the last major hurricane (defined here at Category 3 or stronger) made landfall in the country. And that the greatest natural disaster in the history of the U.S. happened a very long time ago, when a category 4 hurricane killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people in Galveston in 1900.Harvey unprecedented? Maybe in terms of unadjusted dollars, but in terms of 24 hour rainfall, lowest ever barometric pressure, # of dead, sorry, but Irma and Harvey don’t win the cake

            For further reading see http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/no-michael-mann-global-warming-didnt-cause-hurricane-harveys-devastation/

      2. Give you three guesses who hacked the Ukrainian Power Grid and the first two don’t count.

      3. Simple,keep the damn system off the net/closed,this could and should be done,would go a long way to securing the grid but more would still be needed,including a good in country stash of spare parts/hardening closed systems against emp ect.

        • Protective devices, interlocks, are hard wired. Shutting down the grid is one thing, damaging it s another. Regardless I dodged a bullet with Irma, no flooding, insignificant wind damage. Going to get a standby propane powered generator with a large tank.

          • K2
            Good to hear you are OK. Here in central Illinois we are getting a little rain from Irma.

            Good Idea to get a Gennie, or two. I have 4 now 2 small ones (1500’s)1 med. (4500), and 1 large one (6500). Going to convert the med. one to Propane. Picked the second small one at a rummage sale for $45.00. New spark plug and little Sea Foam and it runs like new.

            Right now, on stand by I have around 50 gals + of gas, 20 20LBS propane tanks for heat. All safely stored away.

            Stay safe.

            • I ran three portable ACs totaling 27,000 BTUs on a 6.5 KW generator W/O a problem other than gasoline consumption. Gas is difficult to find here. Using my generator supply on the cars. For this reason I’m getting a propane standby with a 250 gallon or so tank, likely 15-22 KW. Solid people here, neighbors helping neighbors.

              • 500 gallon works out better…. trust me…

                • I run into issues with permits being I’m in a quasi city of 160K on 1/4 acre lots. 250 gallons, 80% filled is 200 gallons which should be good for 10 days at a significant load stretching it to 2 weeks with a little bit of conservation.

                  Money, food, ammo, fuel, you can never have too much. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the excessive type personality) life is full of practical limits.

          • Kevin2, I am really thinking about getting a duel fuel generator because propane is easier to store and like you said gas may become unavailable.

            Do you have a specific brand/model generator in mind?

            Costco carries some and they put them on sale periodically. They have this one currently; what do you think? It’s $950.00 now, hopefully they will take off another $100-150.

            Champion Power Equipment 100165 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

            h ttps://www.amazon.com/Champion-Power-Equipment-100165-Generator/dp/B01A0TLE5U/ref=pd_sbs_86_18?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=EGN8G7G9EJJA95P1RB5B

            • Justice – I have the Champion dual fuel. I got mine on sale a couple of years ago at Tractor Supply. I took it to my family in S. TX the Sunday after Harvey hit. They were without power for a week. They ran it on gas only since they didn’t have a propane supply. They powered a refrigerator, freezer, some lights, a couple of fans, the TV and a 1400 btu window a/c for a week with no problems. I have used it on both gas and propane. It’s also handy to pull around the yard to power my electric chain saws when I’m trimming trees instead of having to move a bunch of extension cords around.

              • Thanks Old Sailor.

            • Justice

              My neighbor has a propane standby generator for 5 years. It tests itself weekly. Its there when he needs it. I’m going to find out his make and model plus I have access to Consumer Reports. Generally I buy in the mid price range as experience has shown me you get what you pay for. Top end stuff usually has too many, “bells and whistles” for me. More stuff means more breakage. I like the K.I.S.S. principal.

            • I think Champion is a cheap generator. I have a 3500. Not used much, but it once sat for two years without being started, and started first pull. While it’s far from the best, it’ll probably get through a crisis, and didn’t break the bank ($200 several years ago).

        • Protective devices, interlocks, are hard wired. Shutting down the grid is one thing, damaging it s another. Regardless I dodged a bullet with Irma, no flooding, insignificant wind damage. Going to get a standby propane powered generator with a large tank.

        • That IS how power plants are run. This is all bullshit fear porn. Hell, even natural gas plants controls are offline. No way to access them unless you were physically in front of the computer and knew what you were doing.

      4. After Hurricane Sandy, there were homes that went weeks without electrical power. It looks about the same thing is going to happen for parts of Texas and Florida. One good thing that might come out of these hurricanes will be a greater appreciation of just how important the grid actually is.

      5. Smart meters, intentional power outages. We’re doomed!

        • the co-op that supplies our electricity is putting the “smart meter” on the homes of ALL it’s customers.

          We can opt out at the cost of $25 per month added onto our electric bill–so they can pay a meter reader to come by.

          Doomed if ya do–doomed if ya don’t

      6. My #1 prayer coming true when the Fallen Angel “deep state” criminal treasonous murderous Luciferian demon psychopaths controlling the United States Corporation Government cut off the power to the dumbed down fat ass disease ridden soda sucking GMO gobbling toxic dump drunken bum coward pussy New Babylonian masses……..to be able to watch these coward pussies addicted to their I Idiot NSA treasonous vile filth tracking devices pecking furiously and madly at those I Idiot phones for days on end while they slowly go batshit insane….THAT IS GOING TO BE EPIC PRICELESS HISTORY TO WATCH COMING VERY SOON in damned and doomed Police State hell on earth New Babylon America!!!

      7. Out of order, chaos? Yep, that’s the plan of the fascist left and the NWO types. Truth is, there is another, higher law: the law of unintended consequences. There is also law that God’s image is in all people, and we have all been given a CONSCIENCE. Thus, while many will sell their souls, there will ALWAYS be people like Snowden, Binney, etc. who will not sell their soul, or other people’s freedom, for a few dollars. There are others who understand that one world gov’t will lead to something even more horrific that the current bipolar world.

        The truth is, many of these one-worlders do, in fact, think they have good intentions. So did the communists (of course, many are one and the same!)But the incredibly important issue is that, as Solzhenitsyn summarized it, their presuppositions are a “Christian heresy.” What does that mean? It means that ***their assumptions about human nature are grossly out of line with reality***. This, in turn, ALWAYS, ALWAYS leads to Robespierres, Maos, Stalins, Pol Pots, Robert Mugabes, Venezuelas Maduro, etc. OR, following the Gramsci/Frankfurt/Fabian socialism approach, leads to an *spiritual* death of a people – witness the EU – which is arguably even worse.

        I have a European friend who was in the US at some very high level meetings. He told me that in his opinion, most infrastructure systems were already hacked; only issue what that most hackers wanted extortion money, and if they brought the grid down, where would they get – or spend – their money? I then asked him “Fine. But what about those that have OTHER motives?” To that he had no answer.

        • TEST, you are correct that “The truth is, many of these one-worlders do, in fact, think they have good intentions”. They think that because they mean well, that is enough.

          However as you know; THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.

          Question: Are you saying that “hackers/they” can bring the electric system down for an extended period of time?

          My understanding was that absent physical damage any disruption would be rather temporary.

          • Justice, I did not ask my guest from Europe how long (a critical question!) things would be down if hacked. Perhaps that is a crap shoot; like an EMP attack, a lot of debate. I do have another friend who worked with Ontario Hydro (electricity!) about a decade ago, and he told me about a grid down scenario, and how they would handle it. They DID have contingency plans for this, tho it was a bit complex and had some uncertainties.

            I could check again with him, but probably the situation has changed since he left.

            Question is, would hacking CAUSE any physical damage? What would a re-start look like, given that this is not something that is tested (on the positive side, tho, there are a LOT of smart people who would be on the case – I work with a lot of techies who seem to be able to get anything running).

            Excellent question tho. Perhaps others here can weigh in?

        • Errata: For those few who read my bloviations, I of a certainty CANNOT TYPE!! I hope you can read past that. I do little ADHD breaks during the day, so I also, compounding my bad typing, don’t proof read well either. In the above, please read that:

          “… will lead to something even more horrific THAN the current bipolar world,” and “…leads to A spiritual death.”

          But the point here is critical. If you don’t like Solzhenitsyn’s comment above, then take von Mises’ or von Hayek’s comment that – dealing with von Hayek’s eponymous book, Human Nature – communism would fall ***because there was no ability to price things, which of course is based on human nature, human choices, etc. This in turn led to the USSR becoming what one wag called “a Chad with missiles”; but it also led to what, when they opened the Soviet archives in 1992 after the fall of the USSR, 62 million “excess deaths” (their words, not mine). In other words, the failure to understand that the left ****has NO understanding of essential human nature**** (this is what is called in Judeo-Christian circles “original sin – and no, that is NOT sex, far from it. God invented sex, and loves sex when it is used according to his design for us).

          The fact is – and this is important – the failure to understand the essential nature of man – which is in God’s image – has ALWAYS led to the downfall of empires. But of course, prior to that downfall is economic, moral and familial collapse. This is what the one-worlders don’t understand. And just like the communists, they will millions, even billions, of people suffer and die all to bring in their faux golden age (which, of course, will be fool’s gold – go ask the Europeans).

          To wit: Hear these words of Trotsky: “As long as I breathe I hope. As long as I breathe I shall fight for the future, that radiant future, in which man, strong and beautiful, will become master of the drifting stream of his history and will direct it towards the boundless horizons of beauty, joy and happiness!”
          “On Optimism and Pessimism, on the Twentieth Century, and on Many Other Things” (1901), as quoted in The Prophet Armed : Trotsky, 1879-1921 (2003) by Isaac Deutscher , p. 45

          Strong, Leon? As in your strong armed Stalin and his Holodomor? Beautiful? What, Leon… you call Pol Pot’s 3 mm skulls “beautiful?” You call people living in poverty in Greece, Portugual, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela “beautiful???” Joy? Who has Marxist “joy” in decadent, corrupt EU? You think the people assaulted by Slick had “joy?” Ever seen “joy” in Hilary’s face? And “happiness?” If you hadn’t died a century ago, Leon, maybe you could take a trip over to Venezuela and see how “happy” they are in your socialist workers’ paradise (hint, Leon – that is not happiness on those Venezuealans’ faces – rather, those are GRIMACES from the hunger pangs your idiot, vile, evil socialism has brought.

          And despite my typos, that is a FACT

      8. What would one well placed EMP burst, and a group of hackers working for the PRNK do to the grid? They could bring it down for months….why hasn’t the govt (who wants to protect us and keep us safe) done anything to harden the grid. Maybe like 911, they are going to allow it to happen. That’s right, the conspiracy theorists telling us that 911 was an inside govt job were only partially right. The conspiracy is that the govt knew it was imminent, allowed it to happen, so as to pass unconstitutional powers such as NDAA and the Patriot act. A complete erosion of our Constitutional rights, further build the surveillance grid, and move us closer to their NWO ambitions. What you saw in Katrina awaits us when the grid collapses. Armed govt thugs going door to door and confiscating weapons (for your safety of course), food, fuel, etc….those that resist will be taken to FEMA camps, or killed. They’ve been building this control matrix for years, and they are almost complete. They have a file on “everyone”. Those that are preppers, Nationalists, anti-govt, and armed to the teeth will be the first to have the swat teams show up at their homes. All resistance will be neutralized……..!!!!

      9. The Amish and other off grid farmsteads with extended families living together in a communal way like the hippies in the sixties will be best places to be when the powers decide to shut down.

        I was listening to a YouTube video that has been out a long time. This insider who was privy to the planned destruction of the U.S. says most who know moved to South America. I was thinking South America is less expensive for a retiree. The plan, he says, is to set off bombs in all the major cities, kill virtually everyone in North America who isn’t inside the underground system.

        That sounds like these PTB are our enemy. What do you think?


        • I think your right

          and your insite to South America is on the money
          I have been in SA plenty of times in the past 20 years , depending on the current exchange rates , our dollar equals close to 2.5 to as high as 3$ per our 1$

          Now as far as Expat’s you are correct there too
          My wife and I own a home in one of the largest cities in SA
          and its well worth it
          When Im down there i feel more free then I do here ( especially after 9/11)
          the cops dont treat you like the pigs here do, can have a beer in public (try that here , and yet they say this is the land of freedom HA!)

          The Fact that I am married to a native from there, I can easily get extended Visas, and may someday try for some type of resident papers for extended stays past the 6 month range

          Im not quite ready to leave the US , Im also not done fighting these bastards .. the US isn’t done..unless we give up, and im not giving up until there is absolutely no other way

          I also dont live by any large US city , so if they do light this off, they better be looking over their shoulders for the shit im going to toss their way ..im too old to fight, ill just shoot

      10. B, there’s so many youtubers putting stuff out there how does one tell truth from fake…”please subscribe to my channel”…I haven’t done that for any of them, and never will.
        But, to your question. Yes tptb are the enemy of all humans.
        And thanks to you and others like them guys many of us know who ‘they’ are.

        South America I would have considered if money was no object.
        I like the description of Doug Casey’s place in Argentina, and there are lots of good things written about Paraguay (or was it Uruguay?)
        But the wife and I are beach people. We need moving ocean air. (The health benefits are scientific fact).
        Places like the Keys, Gulf coast, have zero interest. Too much calm water most of the time, except for the hurricanes.
        Growing up in SoCal, I thought the South Pacific was to be my home, that somewhere out there was the perfect place. Never made it past Hawaii…I thought Tonga would be the place at one time, but it’s a long ways out there.
        Face it, we need grocery items and fresh produce!
        There are things that just won’t grow anywhere.

        • Ketch – Casey was Uruguay. MUCH better spot than Paraguay. The latter, tho fertile, seems a bit of a lawless area in general. Also, no beaches in Paraguay! HOWEVER, check out out Fernando Aguirre (Ferfal) and his website http://www.themodernsurvivalist.com He is a refugee from the Argentina economic meltdown under Kirchner (can people have already forgotten that one!?). He VERY seriously takes Casey to task re. the Cafayete site Casey touts. I know Bill Bonner also has a property there. I respect Casey and Bonner, but Ferfal is required reading on this. One article at http://www.themodernsurvivalist.com/archives/1500

          My little brother worked for Caterpillar and lived in Lima, Peru for years, then they moved him to Santiago, Chile. He was there during the horrible Sendero Luminoso years, his wife once was at a bank and just missed getting machine gunned with her little kids by these Maoists (now, thankfully, gone; only Maoists around now are the brownshirt fascists of Antifas).

          From what I hear, Macri is fixing up Argentina; Brazil is a mess, but the one advantage is that is is apparently so large it is difficult to govern, so, ipso facto, allows more freedom. No need to comment on Venezuela, and Colombia – where I have a close friend – seems to be doing MUCH better. (He was an evangelical pastor helping young kids – was so successful back in the narco-terrorist days, he would occasionally have to leave town when they put contracts out on his life for helping these young kids, in that he was taking away their pipeline of young victims/cannon fodder for their narco-violence) You are correct about Uruguay – socialist, but apparently doing OK. Apparently a lot of American retirees are going to Ecuador and Panama. I know a lot are also considering Nicaragua, also touted by the Agora folks, but they seem, IMHO, on the slow track to Venezuela under the “new, not-so-improved” Ortega back in power. Chile, as always since Allende got turfed, is a bright spot, as is Costa Rica (tho also socialist). Other folks are touting Belize, but from what I read, violence is spilling over from the cartels in Mexico.

          I am open to comments/correction, but that is what I read….

          • Test, I agree completely with what you’ve written.
            I’ll read the link by Ferfal, thanks.
            We are solidly planted here on our little tropical acreage in the Caribbean and have no plans to leave.

      11. Another reason not to tie your solar system to the grid…not that it’s going to matter if you have gookmade components.

        Boys just wanna have fun!
        aka..Musk gets his ass handed to him..???

        ht tps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c1XyhReNcHY

      12. Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels

        “A new bombshell joint report issued by two international weapons monitoring groups Tuesday confirms that the Pentagon continues to ship record breaking amounts of weaponry into Syria and that the Department of Defense is scrubbing its own paper trail.”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-13/bombshell-report-catches-pentagon-falsifying-paperwork-weapons-transfers-linked-orga

      13. So “hackers” can shut down or damage the power grid. Translation is : the rogue intelligence community under TPTB can pull your plug anytime of their choosing because they already have proven backdoors to the control systems of the grid and the plausible explanation scapegoats the “hackers” as an alibi and successfully pulled off beta tests, now waiting to go live.

      14. Mostly drivel.

        Most of these alleged hackers are probably penetrating the power infrastructure because it is a challenge to do so. There are still some hackers not motivated by money from selling personally identifiable information.

        Of course, nation state actors may be doing so as well. You think the United States intelligence agencies aren’t doing EXACTLY the same thing to Russia, China, Iran or the other “enemies du jour”?

        The infosec companies such as cited in the article are also motivated to hype the threat which is almost entirely speculative.

        None of these people “can induce blackouts at will”. That is click bait nonsense – as usual for this site.

      15. A real investigation of 9-11 would help matters. That the truth has been hidden for 16 years reveals the depth of the police state control. Everybody knows the WTC was not taken down by airliners crashing into the buildings, if you don’t you are plain and simple lying to yourself. Yet people still listen to the media who are the main force spouting the lies continually.

        • aljamo

          I’ll take a real investigation of everything from Roswell through JFK, Gulf Of Tonkin and WMD in Iraq along for the ride for a start. It would be like some serial killer making good before their well deserved execution. If the truth was ever known the entire system would collapse as everything we believe is predicated upon at a minimum of removed facts to outright falsehoods.

        • aljamo

          The depth and magnitude of the incidents along with their coverups is getting greater. It spanned from JFK (many involved with significant repercussions if exposed) to 911 that is a virtual exponential leap in complexity and political armageddon for the US government in the event of exposure. Its quite obvious that “they” who we refer to as TPTB among other names are very confidant that:

          A. Exposure will not occur

          and or

          B. Even if it was they would still be in control

          They are a cocky bunch for sure.

      16. The Chi-coms is a comin’ for our electricity! Hide your children!! I will war-game all the chi-com jihadists with my beans and band aids Quick, the library is about to kick me out again. Don’t get HAARPed! My scientist friend sells meth to a guy who said blacktop hackers are trying to steal his Netflix account! I live in a box :(. When the poo hits the shoe, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      17. It is a slow slide into SHTF. Services keep getting worse. Inflation keeps taking the value out of your savings. It is the slow eating away at the quality of life. Maybe it is just aging.

      18. Ok, they’re 7,658 power plants in the United States. So what shtf is telling me is somebody can shout all the power down at will. Ok I need an aspirin I think I’m getting a headache.

      19. The children of Satan will use the Sampson option if nesesary.

      20. Utter fear porn! Whoever wrote this article has zero knowledge of power plant operation! While computers monitor everything and give all sorts of indicators of function, the actual control of the system is done by operators that are present at the control centers. They are VERY smart people!

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