Hackers Take A Million Homes Offline in Attack: “Internet, Telephone, TV Outage”

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 35 comments

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    It was like a scene straight out of Mr. Robot.

    A massive hack attack took nearly a million people offline, cutting them off in an Internet outage that proves how vulnerable our lives have really become.

    The motive for the disruption isn’t clear, but the sheer power that now lies in a handful of vigilantes and manipulators is stunning.

    If hackers turn against you, your connection to the outside world can be dismantled in a matter of seconds, unless, of course, you have established back up, off grid communications.

    via Yahoo! News:

    Around 900,000 routers across Germany were hit by the outage which started on Sunday, a company spokesman told DPA on Monday.

    The routers connect customers not only to the internet, but also to telephone and television services. The spokesman explained that the problem was not with the network itself, but rather with identifying routers upon dial-up.

    The company is now looking into evidence found by IT analysts that the connection problem may have been due to an outside attack rather than a normal system failure…

    “We have found the first indications that we were possibly victims of a hacker attack,” a spokesman said. Massive outages are rare… [but] Germany has been the target of repeated cyber attacks in recent years.

    Earlier stories have shown how hackers could cause power surges by remotely turning air conditioners and other smart appliances on-and-off repeatedly under the activity overloads the power grid – either locally, or on a wider scale.

    Most new cars, outfitted with GPS and wifi systems, can also be hacked, and the results could be fatal if a black hat operator were to target you. Basically, any device connected to the Internet can be weaponized. Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive alternative reality has dawned, and already things are getting pretty weird.

    Hackers have been taking down the global infrastructure, but for whose agenda isn’t clear.

    But this has happened many, many times before:

    • WW3 Has Begun, And It Is Digital: “New World Hackers” Claim Cyber Attack That Took Down Major Sites

    • Hackers Force “Bank ATMs to Spew Cash”: Grid Vulnerabilities System-wide

    • Russian Strategic Bombers On West Coast: Did They Take Down Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Systems?

    • Cyber Attack May Be To Blame For Deadly Amtrak Crash: “It’s Unclear Whether the Speed Was Increased Manually”

    • Compromised: Hackers Gain Access to 23 U.S. Spacecraft, Top Level User Accounts at NASA Jet Propulsion Labs

    • Major Security Firms Detect New Trojan Capable Of Disrupting Power Plants, Oil Refineries and Other Critical Infrastructure Networks

    News sources have been quick to tie hacking activity to Russia, as if cyber warfare were confined to borders and nationalities. The information war has more sides than a dodecahedron. However, this adds fuel to the ideological fire that is creating a new enemy in Putin and a resurrected Cold War.

    A new national enemy will keep the restless and angry population distracted, and their anger and confusion can be redirected; dissent can be stifled under cover of patriotism and national security. Facebook and Google are doing most of the work anyway, using the meme of “fake news” to cull the weeds of free speech, and cultivate their bonzai tech democra-topia.

    Control exists today through the grid, and the operatives of the CIA, NSA and shadow government at large are pushing in the Internet of Things (IoT) as a means of using hyper-surveillance and monitoring to socially engineer human behavior in response, and in feedback to household appliances, energy prices and propaganda cues.

    Will it be total chaos, or total control? Both could result from the precarious dangle that we are doing over the invisible threads of the Internet.

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    What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?


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      1. Doing everyone a huge favor

        • Hackers? Or just a Chancellor Merkle pulling a Dry Run to drop the grid, to see what happens to society, with no Alternative Internet info sources for the Germans?? Get ready for lots of upcoming illuminati false flags and destruction for personal motives, like consolidation of power and pumped up budgets to keep their control on the masses. They Powers to Be, are getting desperate as they loose their Global Grip. So what happens when they remove all paper Cash, and all your finances and bank balances are digitized, and the Electric Grid and internet goes down. Yep mass killings after day 3.

          Better have your Gold and Silver and other Items for barter in place. You either have it or you don’t, and that will suck for many unprepared.

      2. When I was at the BOL earlier this month, we switched from the grid to the solar system in a drill for 3 days. No issues at all. If/when the net goes, I have SW radios and a CB for comms. Once the net goes, then everything gets more ‘interesting’ than we’d like.

        • “B”
          When we went to BOL #2 our hunting camp. we were off the grid. A whole week and it was great.

          • Sarge, that system was tested about a year ago for a whole month and no issues. Once the grid goes, we’ll adapt without any problem. Even that 3 days was really enjoyable earlier this month.

            • Yeaah post that after I commented below. Time date stamped. Like who tests a solar system once a year for kicks? Why not go all solar or even partial? Its doesn’t add up.

              Go adapt to driving 5 hours to your Cuz’s BOL in a down grid or EMP. lol Thought you got out of TN? Change your mind?

              • Zeus, for your info, mofo, that solar system is tested several times a year in all seasons; summer, fall, winterm spring. even when I’m not there. Most of the tests generally run 2-4 weeks. Had the battery bank replaced back in the spring. Other than that, no problems. everything good to go there. And yes, I can make it there even in a grid-down scenario. I know several different routes there and used each one. I’m more resourceful than you think.

          • But Sgt Dale, you didnt have the zombies coming at you. you know very well everyone will turn into zombies within 72 hours of no communication.

        • 3 days is not long enough to do a Solar Test. Try several weeks, even months to test Solar systems and during different times of the year, summer and winter due to various sun exposure patterns. Most any solar systems can easily run 3 days when fully charged as you are just sucking off fully charged batteries. Try to see how quick the system recharges, after being FULLY DISCHARGED, like down below 11 Volts or less. If it fully recharges back and tops off on a normal day of sun, like back up to over 13.6 Volts, and in less than one Day you are most likely OK. 3 days of cloudy skies can deplete a system, then what do you do on day 4? Which then you need a gas generator to help recharge the batteries, until the sun comes back out.

          When was the last time you went on a CB? Mostly Negros bloviating chatter, unless on the Highway which is more Truckers. SW? Try scanning to see if you can pull up legit local news. Its mostly national and or global news. Not much there for comms for local info. You are better off going to the local hangout, and gathering info from word of mouth from the locals to see what’s up. I go on a Ham Radio now and all I get for info is the Weather band, not much local chatter at all.

          I also would say if you are going to any BOL, in my opinion it is much more important to get your Solar system in place for electricity first, than a water well if you are on a limited budget. You can buy bottled water for a long time, or filter available water at your free will from a creek or lake and through a crude Berky filtration system. Try to go to the store to buy a bucket of electricity? Ain’t happening.

          Important: So when Prepping, try to acquire the hardest items first, Solar system, $5K Min. That will run all your coms, charge your phones, run a fridge and freezer to store food, power tools, lights, and many other appliances.

          Water is for thirst, showers and doing dishes. Water is bought cheaply in bottles and containers, or find a clean source for refills. You can buy a lot of water from neighbors for a few bucks or barter. You can’t just go out and buy a month of electricity from a neighbor and it I not transportable. I speak from experience on this.

          And you can easily survive on 1 gallon of water per day per person. That’s drinking, cooking, showers, and doing dishes. Stop being wasteful. Anytime I do dishes, boil water in a kettle, drip dish soap over the dishes in a small tub, then pour a little hot water over the dishes to help sterilize the dishes, scrub, then rinse with fresh water. It seems I use about a half gallon of water, just to rinse the dishes from the soap. Its the biggest use of water in my situation, more than a shower. And you don’t need to take a shower every day. sheesh.. Or do hand cloth washing, almost as effective. For kicks, try this at your existing home now, take 2x 16 oz bottles of water and go into your shower. With the bottled water only, slightly rinse to get wet, soap up and scrub, then rinse, keeping your thump over the bottle spout to regulate the water flow out of the bottle. You can do this with just 1 to 2 bottles of water easily. Start with hair washing and then down your body, as the soap and water runs down. Hygiene is important. You need to test all of this out for a grid down situation.

          For sanitation, get several 5 Gal buckets and buy at least 2 Port a loo toilet seats per person, 1 is none, and 2 is one, and everybody needs to have their own bucket toilet and take care of your own clean up and sanitation. That will reduce fighting and conflict. Use free plastic grocery store bags you can dig out of the recycle bin at Walmart entrances, to place around the rim of the bucket. Put about 4 layers of bags on the bucket then place the seat on the top. Some of these free bags leak so after you go.. pull the first bag up and if it leaks, then the 2nd bag below can be used to catch the first bag of goodies, etc. Dispose in a 50 gal garbage can with a tight lid. And replace a few more plastic bags back on the bucket for the next time use. When that deposit poop can fills up, burry the crap in a hole on your property several feet down. This is just a temporary fix, until you can get an outhouse or a compost toilet system in place. More people you have in your group the bigger the problem mess.

          95% of the population is clueless on these basic human needs when the grid goes down. They are way too dependent on the grid taking marathon showers several times a day. Get over it. You are either prepped with the right equipment for this situation, or you are not and many will basically freak out in any grid down.

          My sister recently had 20+ people at her house for Thanksgiving, her septic backed up. She had no back up plan for a bucket toilet. So everybody had to run down the street to a gas station or another relatives house. You are either prepared or you are NOT. IN SHTF, do you want to have to run down the road to take a dump? I think not. So this is not just for a Grid down, but normal problems like septic backups.

          Get prepared and reduce your stress when a problem occurs. Be the hero, be prepared.

          • I have a two-seater outhouse and shovels.

      3. I’d take chaos over total control.
        At least some freedom would remain.

        • Don’t Disagree with “Authorities” Back talk or tweeter talk gets you jailed.

          When Twitter trolling lands you in jail: Dallas case tests limits of free speech
          ht tp://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2016/11/24/twitter-trolling-lands-jail-dallas-case-tests-limits-free-speech

          Guess I should stop saying “Arrest the Traitor: Obama-Hillary-Soros crime families?”
          I don’t think so.

          I will continue to shoot my mouth off and call for the Arrest of Anti American Traitors like Obama, National Security threats like Hillary, and rich pukes like Soros that bus and incite commie leftist to Riot-Burn-Loot in American and FOREIGN cities.

          Leave dumb asses and that spout off on social media alone. Who cares?
          There is a concept in the Constitution called Free Speech. You have a right to be an idiot and say stupid crap, even to the all mighty black robes.

          There is also a concept in the Constitution called Right to Bear Arms.
          That is to PROTECT free Speech, and Freedom of Press. But media seems to forget that.

          But all news is” fake” unless vetted by commie leftist NWO “main stream” bought off media. Never mind the “Real News” REPORTED that Trump could “never win”.
          All of them “reported” Hillary had already won.
          Never mind that the election had NOT even started. But that wasn’t “fake” news?

          Donald J. Trump President of the United States of America. I like how that “fake” news sounds. How about you?

          We did Not believe the “real news” like CNN-MSNBC-ABC-CBS-PBS that Hillary “won”.
          So I gathered up my dog, bible, gun 1, gun 2, gun 3, +ammo for all, voter registration ID, old Granny, old Ma, the retired Police neighbor across the road.
          Then we ALL went into town and ALL voted Mr. Donald J. Trump for President.

          ALL of us did just that. Because we did not ACCEPT our “programming” by “real news” like CNN. We are “non compliant”.

          We cling to our Bible-Constitution-Guns with MUCH Ammo-Truck-Family-Neighbors……..and —Right to VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Guess we will get rounded up too? Guess we offended “Authorities” because we actually Voted for an American. And here I am shooting my mouth off about it.
          How deplorable.

          It is five o’clock somewhere. Think I’ll have a beer and be juiced up and clean my guns so I’ll be ready to be tried to be rounded up. they’ll need some luck.

          I’m just kidding. Or am I?

      4. When lights and communication go out, you do what you have to do. What you prepared for in the first place.

        • “A”
          Truer word have never been spoken!

        • Anon, couldn’t agree more. I’ve always been prepped for the scenario of power outage. Been through numerous power outages in my lifetime and made it without any trouble. Surviving a power outage is always feasible. I don’t care what anyone says.

          • You seem to care what I say. So regarding your comment, what do you do for power backup system in a Grid down when living in TN?

            Are you now saying you also have a solar system in your digs in TN? Generator? How many days were you down? What was your longest power outage? A day, 2 days?

      5. From the last topic. I think it’s important to re post.

        Online search, “charcoal medicinal properties.”
        Specifically activated charcoal.
        I have some but it’s for water filtration in aquariums but will be adding to the supply. The book, “Back to Eden”, (Kloss Family New Revised Edition) has 5 good pages of info.
        As a poison antidote, (only good for certain poisons) a general health addition, and even wound dressings, it should be in your med supplies.

        This site came up: (remove the space between ‘t’s)
        ht tps://draxe.com/activated-charcoal-uses/

        and this:ht tp://www.charcoalremedies.com/doctors

        and this: ht tps://www.drugs.com/npp/charcoal.html

        • Thanks for the tip!

      6. Does this surprise my shtf ass. Now that the alejid recruiting agency is busy hiring muslim jihadist from Saudia Arabia or where ever the fuck these killers and murderors come from, to protect the Nations power plants. If you remember the agency hiring them for $1200 a head.

        Everytime that you see this type of stuff going on, it means that they are testing us, to see how we respond, what we post on site like this one and others, if we know the dirty little tricks, the shit that they pull. You see no fucking foreign soldiers will possible come to my area and tell me, that the grid just collapsed, that martial law has been declared, and what make me think that these fuckers wont shoot my Fabio, lumber jack looking ass on the spot, that I must surrender because Russia just took down the grid, and at the same time I must hand over my finance to them or you must hand over your wife and daughter to them, that its best for the countries safety…

        You see my fellow red necks, Veterans, low land southern red necks, pissed off cops, ex military, and other citizenry, and other pissed off civilians may damn well approach the power plants in the major cities within days to find out how to power up the plant to turn on the electricity. But then again, veterans and people need jobs to make a living, but then again, the current regime, what did the fuckers do, brought in muslim jihadist to work as security to protect the nations grid. Anyone not seeing what taking place here needs to pull there heads out of their asses at once.

        But then again, you might run into muslim jihadist who will fire on your asses to keep you away.. But then again, we have been listed as fake news, not to be trusted. Looks like the agency ass clown trolls recently lost the war on shtf. So now they cant mind control us back into dumbasses, so the bio weapons attack in now on the table to take down the inauguration to stop Trump..

        Let V tell you about 2017.



        Try that link this morning, you wont need coffee. Good luck sleeping tonight.

      7. That sounds like HEAVEN to me!!!!

      8. Smart meters plus stupid government. A bad combination.

      9. That’s when you post sentries at good distances to alert you what might be coming your way.

      10. My router (northern VA) was out today….LOTS of outages on the east coast today. The load times are beyond SLOW as well. I wonder what’s up?

      11. I knew when they named the meters “smart”, somebody was about to make fools of the public.

        These control freaks demonstrate their abject hatred and visceral contempt in not so subtle ways.

        “New World” Hackers: Does that have any connection to the New World Order out of chaos?


        • I’m the smart reader on my off the grid solar system. lol

      12. That is why I never bundle my services.


        Like purchasing a 3 in one printer scanner and copier.

        My neighbors bundle and when service goes out, all of it goes.

        • hahah…what was that commercial with those “weirdo neighbors” that kept saying to the new folks on the block “EVERYBODY BUNDLES”! Creepy ppl! What the heck were they pushing in those commercials?

      13. When all else fails……Amateur Radio!

        • OldGreyGuy – Amateur Radio indeed. And since we both (obviously) have some knowledge about it, what the heck would be wrong in constructing and using (once again), the age-old receiver/transmitters that had a ‘single crystal’ and could be built in an hour or less?

          We don’t LIKE our CB, but with a ‘heater’ and 13-element ‘beam’ at our altitude (without ‘skip’) we can talk on 19 to truckers (with heaters as well), for (sometimes) astounding distances.

          Short Wave (SW)? We saw nothing useful in it for us so we went with GMRS – (it suits us and our AO ‘to a “T”).

          Hey, there would be NOTHING WRONG with using the FM and AM Radio bands for “low-powered” commo as well, and THAT is something no grid is remotely needed to accomplish, and even a 1.5v Duracell would power it (of course, more would be far better). I’ve noticed NOBODY is intending to make use of ANY TABOO “bands or freqs” when at a low power (and “off-station”), you’d bother nobody and only leave a very tiny ‘footprint’ that is unlikely to be detected. Isn’t it legal to do this “up to” a certain power output? (broadcast power I mean)?

      14. Losing all communications is a game changer.

        If evil people realized what was happening they could have gone on a crazy crime spree. Stupid sheeple would have been clueless. I guess if people needed the police during that crisis, they could just drive to the police station. LOL.

        When you are under assault, seconds count, and police are two hours away…….. do the math.

        During the big storm by me, the entire emergency management effort by the government was internet based. The Internet was totally down within 24 hours across the entire region and remained down for ten days. I have a radio and batteries…..the radio advised people to get information and instructions…..you guessed it…..from the Internet! Crickets………

      15. Plan,here is all the directions you need,use the preps to cook/entertain/perhaps help others,other preps used to kill those who would steal/harm you/your neighbors ect.,that covers it I think!

      16. I’ve worked network security for the DoD for almost 13 years. No… just no. 900,000 routers don’t go offline from a hack… you can’t hack that many at a time. Having said that, some manufacturers in China were caught installing backdoors into the routers the manufactured… but even then, the tech to control 900k at once doesn’t exist.
        More likely scenario was a DDOS attack (external network overload), which, by absolutely no means, is not a hack. Or even more likely, a manufacturer defect that was triggered by an internal clock.
        Put it this way… It’s MORE likely that 900k routers got struck by lightning at the same time, than it is they got hacked at one time.

        • Thanks for the info M.

          Always great to hear from a security expert on these matters.


        • And how much longer do you think you will be working for the DoD with such an idiotic post like you did?

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