Hackers Force “Bank ATMs to Spew Cash”: Grid Vulnerabilities System-wide

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 27 comments

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    With everything online, nothing is safe from criminals.

    Every ATM and every device is potentially hackable, and now a string of banks in Asia is learning the hard way that many people will go to great lengths in order to hit jackpot.

    Gangs are now taking advantage of system exploits, and have hatched a scheme to infiltrate banks’ code and turn on the automatic ATM dispenser, letting the cash flow freely out of the machine – dramatic, and dangerous.

    The whole system open to fraud, manipulation and outright theft; and as thieves become more organized, sophisticated rings are targeting not just individual accounts, individual customers or individual supply sources, but rather they are opening up the gates to the bank vaults themselves – in a way that was never possible in the old days.

    via WSJ:

    Cybercriminals who once earned millions by breaking into individual online bank accounts are now targeting the banks’ own computers, with often-dramatic results.

    In Taiwan and Thailand earlier this year, the criminals programmed bank ATMs to spew cash. Gang members stood in front of the machines at the appointed hour and collected millions of dollars.

    Earlier this month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned U.S. banks of the potential for similar attacks.

    The FBI said in a bulletin that it is “monitoring emerging reports indicating that well-resourced and organized malicious cyber actors have intentions to target the U.S. financial sector.”

    The FBI bulletin cited software used by a Russian gang known as Buhtrap. Sometimes the hackers break into the systems that process transactions on banking payment networks; other times they have hit ATM networks directly.


    “These guys, who could have been in the past just going after consumers…are breaking into financial institutions,” said Eric Chien, technical director of Symantec Corp.’s Security Technology and Response division.

    The computer code to carry out the attacks was released earlier this year by a disgruntled Buhtrap member…

    It seems that ample evidence exists that the powers that be shouldn’t be wrapping everything up in the grid, and yet they are.

    While they kinds of events reinforce the reasons that we shouldn’t invest everything in the banks, or trust the system to be there when we need it, but rather to hedge into cash, commodities, barter and as much self-reliance as one could muster.

    This is the clearest reason yet in the news cycle as to why you shouldn’t be keeping your money at the bank – certainly not more than you could bear to lost in a crisis.

    With every new crisis, the system will position for more control, selling cyber security, enhancing biometrics and security questions, but the same fatal flaws remain: too much centralized power over everyone’s finances… and too easy for people to take advantage of it all in one place.

    Governments can’t be trusted with all that power and data, and neither should the banks – if only because bad people can then get what they want.

    We’re walking on eggshells of a fragile system… and its illusion of strength is one of its most dangerous appeals, false security.

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      1. Thank God for the hackers, especially now we know the swamp will NEVER be drained, only replaced with nastier crocodiles, more venomous snakes, and more horny toads-the hackers are probably the only hope for freedom and liberty from psychopaths, and our only hope to bring down the Globalist Fascist Genocidal Police State hell on earth.

        • Do us all a large today and just STFU
          Thx in advance

          • The Main Photo is a Fake, and the paper flying in the air, is not Money. At least not US dollars. So how fake is this article? Someone said that someone else said that, some how the rumor got started, and bamm its reported.

            ATM’s will not spit out money relentlessly. Now actual banks have been hacked, with a back door, and Millions transferred to other foreign accounts and disappeared, and also hundreds of thousands of dollars extracted from customers bank accounts and disappears. There may be $20K per ATM in a machine Max. Much less, like a few thousand in a convenience store ATM machine, or it is just a script machine and you have to take the receipt to the cashier for payment.

            Bank hacks and ATM thefts have been taking place for 20 years. So is this News or Olds?

            • Zeus, this story was a sum up of reports circulating for the past couple of weeks. These ATM hacks began in Asia. Hackers would either hack into ATM’s directly or hack the tech group that services them and the techs would unknowingly install malicious code into ATM’s. At a predetermined time agents of criminal group would go to all infected ATM’s and collect the money. They are getting away with millions. This strategy has now spread to Europe and the powers that be are worried that the US is next. I imagine that the bank has insurance for this. No different than a man with a note. However, I think the moral of the story is: in this interconnected world that has been patched together, nothing is safe. Money, lights and all that makes civilized people civil all can evaporate with the click.

          • I am sorry snowflake, but no, I will stick around and tell you the TRUTH, the TRUTH your parents shielded you from all your dumbed down coward life.

        • “Make America Great Again” was very close to the truth…it should have read “Make America Godly Again.” But no worries, after the storm, we’ll be back on that track again.

          • I wish I would could be conveniently close to one of these hacked atms.

            • Menzo, that’s only one reason most of my cash is in a safe in my home [PRIVATE BANKING]. Way back in the old days, before internet, etc., your money was safe in a bank. Not any damn more.

      2. WOW

        I wish something like this would go into my bank account.

      3. more reasons to ban cash…
        we’re screwed.

      4. THEY will use this this as an EXCUSE to ban cash.

        If I was a gambler I would put money on it that this story is FAKE or MANUFACTURED…a FF….with the NEFARIOUS aim of going digital.

        • Kingel, we can only wish the story is fake. with today’s technology, anything is possible. Get your cash out of the bank now while you can.

      5. Anyone who can damage the Juden monetary system is the hero. Period.

        • BANK


        • BANKS


      6. This story is more proof that tptb are getting ready to do something to suppress our freedom and Rob us of our money. This is part of the program. They are probably going to announce a new SECURE system that is beyond ever being hacked. Your only choice to survive unless you are an off grid, Amish Style farmer or Rancher. This is a step toward CASHLESS. No way is this about ending the power of the J*w Banksters. It is about further enforcing their power. It’s probably going to be global. They will use China as a buffer to distract from Isreal and The City of London’s underground fortress.


        • B from CA,

          Good points. It looks like India already has banned the cash use to some extent.

        • B from CA, good points. Just because Trump got elected doesn’t mean the tribe will stop their BS and yes the plan all along has been to go global with it. If/when it happens, I’m going to ground.

      7. The idea of blaming Donald Trump for a planned financial crisis is most probably an attempt to blame Trump supporters, that is White Christians. We must awake the black and Hispanic communities to how tptb are planning to use them as a weapon against innocent middle class whitey, the American backbone; in order to establish their Satanic New World Order.

        If the NWO goes forward, this plan is an attempt to instigate civil war by race. No one wins but the “elites” create chaos, reduce populations (murder by proxy), then ride in on a White Horse to save us all from ourselves, since obviously we have proven ourselves incapable of ruling ourselves, we submit to them completely. Slavery, plain and simple. They want your wife or daughter, you can’t say NO. You are a slave.

        Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

        What are we going to do to prevent this???


      8. When you are the Fed, you already HAVE essentially hacked every ATM that exists.

      9. Sweden to test e-krona currency. Can you smell a transaction tax coming? Or worse…

        As if on cue, saw this today. Altho I have a good chunk of Swedish blood, speak passable Swedish, and have been there a few times, for some reason the Swedes always seem to do really stupid things – starting with invading about every country they could find a thousand years ago, and moving on to the present where they tacitly enabled the Nazis. There there is that Muslim mess in Malmö and Göteborg…


      10. “The computer code to carry out the attacks was released earlier this year by a disgruntled Buhtrap member…”

        The above quote from the article is another throw away casual addition to the article that takes another unwarranted and unproven swipe at the Russians.

        The march of propaganda is relentless.

      11. Without a doubt this is a planned hack, a false flag hack, if you will. Anything, to generate another excuse to go cashless.

      12. FRAUD vs. FRAUD…LOL

      13. False flag or panic? Main goal is to eliminate cash. Go to traceable digital currency. Zero privacy tax every transaction. To keep gambling bankers in gambling money.

      14. The truth of the matter is that you can get an ATM to dispense cash incorrectly. Needless to say a debit card still needs to be inserted and validated, but when you say $20 it gives you $200. There are several ways this can be accomplished, but not easily. I know a guy who bought a popular ATM brand and studied it from top to bottom and found several vulnerabilities and he exploited them. While an ATM wont spew cash like the picture, you can hack them. If properly installed and non default passwords are used, it becomes harder. Never impossible. Just keep that in mind.

      15. Sounds like this is pushing for the war on cash.
        As in: “No ATMS = No theft”.
        It was a pretty picture, though.

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