Gun Frenzy: Photos Show How Quickly Stores Across the Nation Are Selling Out: “Lines Out the Door”

by | Dec 22, 2012 | Headline News | 542 comments

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    After nationwide calls to ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Americans concerned about the government’s coming move to restrict the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession of firearms deemed too dangerous to be in the hands of private citizens are cleaning out gun stores from coast to coast.

    While some retailers have made the decision to suspend sales and stop selling certain firearms altogether, others are seeing sales skyrocket to never before seen levels. Parking lots are packed and hopeful shoppers are waiting hours for their chance to get their hands on weapons, parts and magazines that may soon be banned under Federal mandates.

    The following photos taken over a three day period at a local gun store give us a glimpse of just how fast gun stores are clearing out their inventory. According to the shop owner who took these pictures, their store was selling upwards of one thousand guns per day.

    Here’s how the store looked on the Sunday before the frenzy:

    On Monday:

    By Tuesday, shelves were almost clean:

    Magazines, especially high capacity magazines, are selling at such a rapid pace that supply and demand has led some retailers to charge three times as much for a single magazine then they did just a week prior to the frenzy. The following photo depicts a once full magazine rack.

    (Above Photos Courtesy of The Firearm Blog)

    At New Frontier Armory in Las Vegas,  Nevada it has been so busy at one local shop that lines are stretching out the door and into the street (It almost looks like a banking panic!). While lines formed outside, there were reportedly at least 50 shoppers inside the store and everything was flying off the shelves – including over 200 AK-47 magazines which sold out in a matter of a few days.:

    Scores of people await approval from the Federal background check system, which reportedly crashed due to the sheer volume of requests.

    Video Report: Lines growing exponentially at gun stores; background checks taking in excess of 4 hours:

    The Federal government has literally purchased billions of rounds of ammunition in the last two years. Coupled with the riot gear and cross-training of local law enforcement and military for domestic policing and detention operations, many believe they are gearing up for something big.

    Moreover, the same government that is obviously mobilizing for some undisclosed future threat, is simultaneously taking steps to disarm American citizens.

    Should there be any question as to why law abiding Americans are scrambling to local gun stores, web sites and gun shows to acquire self defense armaments ahead of what many believe may be an outright ban on ownership of firearms?


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      1. Radical…

        • Sidenote:

          Just tried getting onto The InfoWars website and redirected to a different site where I was alerted that I had a trojan virus. Luckily, I didn’t click anything and powered down. All good now. Anyone else had this happen to them ever?

          • You may have picked up one of the agents that redirects you to a “virus warning” site, which hopes you will click into their main site, which then will really do aq number on you. I used to see these quite often when I was de facto IT manager for a company I worked for. (Not a job I coveted!) These sites were almost always traceable back to China. You did the right thing. If you don’t already have McAfee or some other strong anti-virus loaded, do it now. Boot up, start your browser, and hand-enter Buy as much coverage as you can afford. It will take a while to download. Also, switch your browser to Firefox if you haven’t already, and once you have that running install the add-ins ADBLOCK and GHOSTERY.

            • Just tried Infowars – no problem, no warnings from my McAfee. Y’all have that virus I wrote about.

              • Keep this in mind.

                In the 20th century governments killed 1/3 BILLION (with a “B”) of their own citizens, NOT including war-related deaths.

                Mass murder by government dwarfs all private violence.

                THAT is the reason to seek parity or superiority to those who are the greatest threat.

                • Speaking of which, I stumbled across a story about a Swiss company that makes gold sheets which can be broken into 1-gram chunks.

                  Some company called Valcambi.

                  Now if only someone in the US would run with that idea, or sell the things here (and locally!) 🙂

                  To avoid moderation jail, I stashed a link in my pile of tweets. Just click the name, go to the “Twitter” link there, and on that page select “Favorites” – it’ll sit in that pile.

                • Imagine our founders of America. They even saw this happening and gave us the right to prevent it. Not a right to hunt, target practice or collect but prevent THAT.

                • JohnQ….

                  I think your 1/3 Billion is pretty conservative. Deliberate starvations can account for that. Heck, that is only 2 million per year for 100 years.

                  In WWII alone, there were 120 million deaths. That does not include the few years after WWII. The World time period between WWI and before WWII had about 50 million deaths.

                  African wars such as the Hitus v Tutsis for example have well over 2 million. Communism wars are well over 80 million, not including WWII. America, well we know?

                  I am not a gun owner. Just havent needed one yet in Idaho as I am not a hunter. That reminds me of my two favorite ‘bumper’ stickers.

                  Vegetarian–Indian Name for Lousy Hunter

                  Life is a Bitch. And then you marry one!

                  The reason why our constitution has gun ownership is because of what they went thru to make America, America….

                  How many of these Senators, Congressman, Presidents really ever went to war and fought? Yet, they sure like to start them.

                  the 1960s music was just alittle early:
                  Country Joe
                  Fortunate Son
                  Paint it Black
                  Gimme Shelter
                  Eve of Destruction
                  Blowin in the Wind
                  Where Have all the Flowers Gone,

                  Abraham Lincoln said that ‘America will never be destroyed from without, but from within’

                  He was right!

                • Right on buddy.

                • You got it, John Q. Heck, neither me nor my friends or neighbors hardly ever send a drone to a nearby town to kill anyone… unlike Obama bin Bombin.

                • @JQP,
                  I’m reminded of the bumper sticker that says, “Don’t steal, government hates the competition”. I guess now it will read, “Don’t kill, the governments hate the competition”.

                • These numbers do NOT include war, but ONLY GOVERNMENTS KILLING THEIR OWN CITIZENS:


                  These are the low and conservative numbers.

              • InfoWars? McAfee? I do not “buy” anything at all from either.

              • McAfee let through two viruses on my computer this year
                both were older viruses that had been around the net for years

                go with Malware Bytes
                they saves my butt big time

                McAfee is crap in my book

                • I just hope we all ban together and not let them take away 30 round mags, then next this gun, next year this and that and we obey and let them. We must not let this corrupt government do this. I hope all of you just dont say, spread word to the people and let this government know we will not be illegally abused or this done to us. Dont just say we will make sure you really stand behind this

                • i use nod32 for virus, outpost for firewall. i’ve had many problems in the past with mcafee and symantec. not only are those two poor filters, they’re like unwanted guests – they move in, pull up a chair, change all your stuff to make a place for their stuff, and then let their “marketing partners” in without your knowledge.

                  jury is still out on kaspersky… never went there.

                • Yes, in the IT world in my neck of the woods, we actually refer to the AV software in this way:

                  McAfee = McCrappy WelcomeVirus
                  Norton = Norton Kevorkian
                  Kapersky = SovietSoft / KGBWare (Even though this one actually does something, but still commercial garbageware.)
                  AVG = Average Junk

                  The stuff I, as well as local colleagues, have had success with are:

                  Vipre / Sophos / Avast / SpyBot / Malwarebytes

                  Try to avoid using anything too popular as many virus writers will include ways to subvert the most used AV software. Also, Symantec makes a very powerful government grade AV, but that’s not for the slaves. All you slaves get from them is a virus welcome center and a tracking device leading back to Uncle Scam.

                • McAfee is a so-so anti-virus program but I have had much better luck with Avast! It works well on my PC, especially when teamed up with ZoneAlarm.

                • According to an IT friend, he finds viruses on computers with all types of antivirus.

                  He says Security Essentials has much better antivirus security than Norton Antivirus, McAfee or AVG. Security Essentials is FREE and can be downloaded at the Microsoft website.

          • ME TOO..It doesn’t want to let you back out either. I hope no one opens it, it has to be a virus. FOR ALL THE GOVERNMENT DICKS WATCHING THIS SITE….MOLON LABE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

            • info wars is still accessible up and running thru a proxy server gate way .

              some one Probly the NSA DARPA is deliberately re-routing you all in ameriKa to a spyware trojan virus site .

              ~N.O. ;0P

              • I wouldnt doubt that the gov is going to do some cyber disruption, spyware, trojans that crash your comp etc… They are getting nervous.
                I say screw it, bring the noise!

          • Yes, this has been happening to me (onloading for about two weeks now. It doesn’t happen every time; seems to happen sporadically. Luckily, my puter is protected to be alerted to that crap.

          • Same here. Consistently happens IF I go from this site to infowars. I have been logging off and just logging back on and been ok. I have been seeing a large overall increase in redirects and trojan activity lately. I use various debuggers and so far seem to be in ok shape.

            • Anon is right–I opened a new window and had instant access.
              Thanks anon.

          • You won’t believe what someone uncovered discovered at infowars. Besides whats below, Gotham City changed one of its borough’s name from South Hinkley to Sandy Hook in the last movie and video game. EVIL!

            Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre 2000 Review

            Jul 20 2012

            Posted by luisitojoaquin

            Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre 2000

            Directed by: Tim Beckley

            Starring: Debbie Rochon, Stephanie Hudson, DiDi

            Review by Luisito Joaquín González

            So here we have Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Let’s say that again, SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE! What do you think of when you see that combination of words? What’s in a title anyway? Does it have a cryptic meaning? Who is Sandy Hook? What on earth am I writing about? Let’s move on…

            Ok this is another of the many party-massacre flicks that includes the likes of: Bikini Party Massacre (Not to be confused with Bikini Girls on Ice), Bachelor Party Massacre, Rock Party Massacre, Pajama Party Massacre and the daddy of them all, Slumber Party Massacre.



          • yes it happened two times to me yesterday also.

          • Go mac.
            Windows….too may viruses and worry.
            mac book pro best machine I ever had…get the magic mouse.

            • Macs run on a version of the Unix OS… they’re not even Macs anymore. I say, cut out the middleman and go with a good solid version of LINUX.

              Plus, your laptop won’t end up running you more than an AR15 🙂

              • I can vouch for the Linux bit – as a bonus, you can really clamp it down for privacy and security, which Windows and OSX is not nearly as capable of. If you’re truly paranoid, you can skip Linux, and go for a good customized FreeBSD install, which will be worth your while (see also “AnonymOS”).

          • that is correct that site has been under attack over the past week and a half. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING, CTRL ALT DELET! Then scan your machine with your anti viruse software!

          • It happened to me twice last week at infowars.

        • The Sandy Hook shooting was the vehicle to drive these prohibition bills to congress.
          When the time comes to vote on them you can expect another shooting that makes Sandy Hook look tame by comparison.

          • @ Ausprepper. You know this is exactly what I was thinking, false flag right before it comes time to restrict guns. You know what, it turns my stomach to think about what these monsters could think of to make it worse than Sandy Hook. You know it won’t stop there either, IF they ban assault rifles and magazines of more than 10 rounds, you realize what they are going after next? Hand guns.

            You see this is a pattern set after England and Europe in which they will eventually ban ALL but single shot firearms. Then these enslavers will go after your stun batons and tasers, knives, pepper spray and mace, everything they deem makes us less than “civilized”. You know take away the population’s ability to defend themselves.

            You know what happens after you take away the criminals’ deterrent? The crime rate skyrockets, violent crime especially such as assaults, rapes, and robberies. Then of course you have the tyrannical government in the future that has easy pickens on an unharmed civilian population.

            If you are right about something worse than the school massacre all planned out for some false flagger, then there is true evil beyond reason and this is what these anti-gun advocates BETTER be more concerned about than honest responsible people owning guns.

            • Relax ! “They” do NOT have enough people to do squat!
              300 million gun owners in America say so !

              • 300 million guns, 80 million or so gun ownes, and what I think you miss is the taxing opportunity they see! Watch them propose a $20 a year gun stamp on each, no stamp, no gun, and Afterall it’s for the children (cough).

                • JIM,the lord is hopping mad because he warned his people OBAMA is the anti-christ,and not to let him get into office and they voted him in anyway,NOW the LORD says the “shit is going to hit the fan”HE SAYS THE EVENTS WILL BE LIKE BEADS FALLING OFF A NECKLESS”, cause america didn’t listen again,AND he couldn’t save the children because he was thrown out of the schools,NOW AMERICA IS REALLY IN FOR IT….the anti-christ hates children,better keep them home now…………

                • taxation is theft

                • @ Arizona. Let’s get it straight. If you are going to preach then preach correctly. First of all the anti-Christ is not a human being, he is a fallen angel that currently resides in the abyss where Christ put him in chains 4350 years ago, the time of the flood. REV 9:11. The name of the anti-Christ is called Abandon and Apollyon. Apollyon is Geek for Apollo. His name is mentioned 33 times in the book of revelation. This anti-Christ has been down in the Abyss in chains since the time of the flood of Noah some 4350 years ago. But he will be released from the abyss after the rapture of God’s church. This release will bring about the 7 years of tribulation mentioned in the book of Revelation. Amen brother.

                • Well said. I see a tax for ammo.

              • Nam Marine,

                The left (including those sell outs on the ‘right’) will attack ammunition ownership with massive new taxes. Also, it won’t surprise me if military spent brass is banned from civilian use as it was temporarily in 2009 after Obama “ascended the thrown”. That would double or triple the ammo prices overnight.

                I’m glad a group of older shooters at my sporting clay club pulled me aside 8 years ago and explained to me the vital importance of handloading and reloading and building an inventory of reloading supplies and manuals. It’s the only way to go if ammo becomes prohibitively expensive or illegal to buy.


                • I’m hoping that if we ever are put in the situation, I’ll be able to pick up a lot of ammo off the enemy laying on the ground after the fight. Otherwise, I’ll have been storing for someone else.

                  Esse Quam Videri

                • shelves are empty of .223 from all makers..

                  reloading has its limitations too..better stock up..been saying ammo will be the new money for a while now..guess time will tell

                • VRF,

                  >>”reloading has its limitations too..better stock up..been saying ammo will be the new money for a while now..guess time will tell”<<

                  So true. Seeing Magpul PMAG AR-15 30 round magazines that were selling for less than $12 2 weeks ago are now $60 at auction. FN SCAR 308 mags are $130 at auction. Fear and panic is in the air.

                  Reloading is not the silver bullet, no pun intended, but it gives me a little peace of mind in a world going mad. It's very much like having silver coins in the safe.

          • and if we do our home work right, we will bust them red faced and red handed..because as all the ones before they were a set up.

            private individuals need to record these events, and never back down from the truth.

            the fact that 2 or 3 seperate individuals were arrested at SH shooting and no word about them shows they were operatives of this administration, and in my eyes the jig is up

        • Radical enough to make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Wonder if obama has big stock in some gun manufacturer? He sure can sell em…

          More power to us!

          • Socialist plot to destroy America.
            The new traitors are the globalists.
            The fiscal cliff will be the beginning of the end of the united states.
            Another year of drought and crop failure..
            All will have to eat monsanto GMO.

            The big collapse before the big socialist global currency of transactional tax.

            The end of liberty.

            • my research
              dont think it will be the end of liberty,,but the beginning of ————– to regain this country back
              this country i think is full of freedom fighters liberty lovers all looking for a general,,,


          • Oh, how cute Durango. Telling DC with a ‘petition’ ….. That we love our guns and won’t give up our 2nd Amendment Rights. Theyll laugh for days over that!!! You may as well grovel for loaves of free bread while you’re at it. These people in DC don’t recognize peoples petitions, or right to voice an opinion. You probably think your vote counted earlier this year too?

            There’s only ONE way to tell DC that the 2nd Amendment isn’t going to be abolished or that the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, our defining document, isn’t going to be destroyed and trodden into the dirt by these ‘elite’ imposters, and that’s for every American to begin carrying their weapon every day, anyway, anywhere. I’d love to see a MIllion man march on Washington, with EVERYONE carrying at least something. A rifle, a pistol, or a pitchfork!!! Right through the Senate and Congress and on to the front lawn of the White House. OUR White House!!!! A Million man BBQ on the LAWN!!! With everyone defending their 2nd Amendment!!! It’s time to tell DC that we won’t stand for their destroying OUR Nation anymore. Enough!!! Talks over!!!

            • Cede Or Bleed: Great idea! Why don’t YOU organize that! When will you be outside of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue armed to the teeth?

              I’ll meet YOU there ….. 🙂

              • OK. 0830 Hrs. January 1st, 2013. Form up on Pennsylvania Ave and in every State Capitol across the Nation. Pass the word!! Time to occupy the NATION!!!
                There!!! Not to difficult really. Beats you stupid petition!!!

                • Cede Or Bleed: I have commitments on January 1st and a week is not long enough to take it viral. You will have to do better than that to get the word out, but hey! I believe in YOU! It’s a BRILLIANT idea.

                  Go for it! 🙂

              • I’ll even bring one for those who come empty handed

            • Good thought…but…maybe everyone can go to their County court house for a Show of Force…peaceful of course..

          • No way. I dont want to put myself on a list for them.

            • Yea, good point. But, we will all have to stand and be counted at some point.

            • You are already on the list by commenting here

              The rest of us already know is common fact.

              I’m 100% SURE that mac knows this..everything you keystroke is monitored and traced back to your ip address..and there is nothing Mac can do about it..

              I already experienced this in local court under the same moniker after a 5 year ago statement..and the lawyers stated word by word what I stated on a local site..on a local trial..I was amazed they had this info..but by law and technology it is all available..

              And by the statements on line were not admissible as damaging evidence by the court..even though they were damning by nature to the justice system..

              The district court judge laughed at my statements..

              Stand your ground ..and grow a pair..everything you say on line is logged,saved, and tracked for further evidence.


              • Start using TOR browser. Reroute your traffic to eastern Europe and come back… Or figure out a way to reroute a couple times through several spring board systems and then come back in. Me, I don’t give two shits what the feds see. We all know when the neo-communists (democrats) start the dance, a lot of minions are going to be taking the long sleep. You lackeys out there reading and analyzing this- ya better go find new jobs because your line of work is going to get unhealthy soon.

              • Yes, everything is saved, and can be tracked back to our ip. It’s amazing how much things have changed in just 10 years. We can end up on a gov list just by reading and commenting on a blog?

            • Havok: C’mon! Wouldn’t you have signed the Declaration of Independence and bigger than John Hancock?

              Or would you just put your initials down in the corner of the document?

              Man up!!! 🙂

              • Right on!

            • too late

            • Havok
              you dont want to put yourself on a list for them are you joking???the second you posted here you made it to the top,,,


            • Hahhha too late

          • ALL
            I have a question for all those against guns,,,why are guns made anyway,,for what purpose?mine are to hang on my wall and look at,,and to KILL breakfast or lunch ,,maybe even dinner,,NOT to KILL my neighbor,,,


            • Liberals anti gun please you mean the Sheeple are anti gun, don’t confuse the two, and there are plenty of conservative sheeple to go around. Sheeple are sheep by how they act when someone tells them No political affiliation does not stop making you a sheep in thinking.

          • Petitions? What are they? The not so Brave New World.

            The dollar collapse will happened and it it planned. Americans dont think anymore. Consider this on how our banking system works now. For sake of argument, lets say the digits below represent $10,725 in your savings account–


            then the next day you see this:


            What gives?

            America has no wealth and all our wealth is backed by a digital code and nothing else.

            Go luck trying to collect when those days start. All the guns wont matter too much when food and water is scarce.

            They will replace the dollar with a more controlling and equitable system. By equitable I mean to the 2%. The rest of us sheep that have survived with follow the Brave New World system.

            You need to prepare at all levels–food, water, energy, protection, finances.

            The system down the road of not too far is going to be vastly different than today.

        • This needs to be the next topic, Mac.

          Diane Feinstein bragging she can take out the other guy with her guns to protect herself; she knows the sense of helplessness that people feel, so the political whore armed herself!!!!!!
          Yes, I’m pi**ed. That whoring hypocrite.

          • JJ: I recall a few yrs ago, maybe as far back as klinton era(?) anyways…After it was widely known that Both Finestien And Babs Boxer had kalif CCW’s and fienstien admited she carries(did then) a Ruger sp101 .357 in her purse.

            What then came out was that she, finestien didn’t agree or like how kalif still restricts her fom carry in DC etc!

            Finestiens solution was to phone some honcho at U.S fed Marshall service and get herself Deputized as a deputy us marshall!!….That way she can ccw carry Everywheres nationwide 24/7 even us holdings and islands etc!

            Finestien IS the biggest liar and hypocrite in amerika bar none..Shumer aint far behind as he too paks ccw like boxer!

            ps aint positive where but think I read of her us marshall stuf in an NRA monthly members magaz when I was a member….Maybe not?…Can’t say for sure now.

          • why these pukes think they are “gabby-proof” is beyond me.

        • HERE WE GO FOLKS…!

          NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Amid talk of reinstating the assault weapons ban that expired eight years ago, police departments nationwide are thinking of ways to confiscate such weapons…?????!!!!!!!!!!

          As WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reported, among the departments considering taking action is the NYPD. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said if Congress were to reinstate the ban, police are wondering whether it will be their responsibility to confiscate them.

        • That is how it is here in ill also.Im sure all states are that way and we the people outnumber them.I think going and buying registered weapons just says WE DO NOT CARE IF YOU KNOW WE BOUGHT THIS…COME TAKE IT IF YOU ARE READY TO DIE YOU SCUM BAG.

          • As a Patriot Citizen, in concern for NY cops who feel that way(obey orders even if it means take own moms guns and shoot Her if she resists).

            I feel it my citizen duty to assist cops with a number to call and increase home fire insurance ammounts.

            Just call: 1-800-jew boys, for NY insurance co near Your cop cribs!….Cops can also send texting messg to ZioZogNY.

            NY requirement to apply for cop job=Must be Big/Dumb/follow orders/Never question orders.

      2. Got gun?

        • Again…

          A Police State and Armed Citizens CANNOT coexist.

          • Overthrow the Monsters. Spirit of ’76.

            Obliterate the umpteenth bureaucrats and agencies.

            Power to the Individual. Goodbye Tyranny of the State.

          • To all the “Ginny Burdicks”, your right, these guns have nothing to do with hunting.

            They have everything to do with keeping the “power” in the hands of the people where it rightly belongs, dingbat.

            How in the hell can a politician take an Oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foriegn and DOMESTIC and not understand what that means.

            I should tone it down. Sooner or later these assclowns are going wake up and figure out what these weapons and ammo are being stockpiled for. Just in case. A’ break glass in case of emergency” situation.

            They can’t think we’re this stupid. I can’t believe they’re that stupid. You mean to tell me not one of these politicians knows what soylent green is made of? Not one has a clue as to why we want these weapons? Bullshit! They know! And they know we know. And we know they know we know they know. ( go ahead, read it 3 or 4 times, it’s fun)

            Hey Ginny, answer this. If these weapons have no place outside of an active combat zone, are the cops going to give theirs up too? Yeah, didn’t think so. I’ll just have what he’s having, thank you very much.

            Hey Ginny, you just do whatever it is you clowns do to get a pension, and leave my f*ing guns out of it. You greasy politicians are about to get a crash course in Constitutional Law. I broke out the Oujii board, and had a chat with Thomas J., he said we’re spot on.

            And while my head is in the Wack-a-Mole hole, a note on the kids who died. It’s a tradgedy. A horror for all in involved. Would it be better if a school bus rolled off a cliff, or got hit by a train? Or a plane went down? Or a gas explosion? No, it wouldn’t. And a whole country can’t be expected to give up they’re God Given rights to freedom, because of a wackjob. Freedom has a price.
            We keep giving up rights and freedoms to be “safer”. Who feels safer getting on a plane after being groped by TSA? If you do, your an idiot.

            And that’s all I got to say about that.

            • That deserves a ten thumbs up but I can only hit the button once. Now if these people in the stores were afraid of gun confiscation, why oh why would they be buying something the’ll have to give up later. Answer, their not planning on giving them up, just like the many gun owners that already have these nasty weapons. I think the libtards actually think this is going to end just like it did in England and Australia. They have no frickin clue how bad this it going to get.

              • We stopped at couple local gun stores today. The stores were crowded and the shelves were quite empty.

                • Somebody picked me up a couple of bricks of 22’s today, and Walmart had two cases of sluggers that I couldn’t resist.

                • Friday at Cabela’s, magpul Pmags ( 30 round )were $14.99 each. No I did NOT buy 10 were for myself.

                  Came to Memphis TN for the weekend and there is a gunshow. I saw AR15’s for up to $2,000.00 to $2,500.00. Pmags for $50.00. Get this. PMC .223 1000 rounds for $798.00. No kidding. Bad karma in my book.

                  A sleeping giant is about to wake up again and doesn’t even know it. I have a very bad feeling about all of this stuff.

                  I will take this time to thank (some) of you for all of your writings and wish you all a Merry Christmas. Peace to all and God be with us.

            • Rick:

              I did read paragraph five a few times and had to walk away after the first two to clear my head. 🙂

              Great post!


            • Your post made my boring Saturday!! Well said! When an executive order supersedes our constitution, problems are coming! What needs to be done is leaving law abiding citizens and our guns alone!!!!! The liberal mindset makes me sick! They lack the brain God gave them to think for themselves. They are quick to anger and illogical as well. If Obama and the left continue it will not bode well as many Americans are just NOT going to give in… Then what? Turn law abiding citizens into criminals and pursue them as such? Very dangerous game to play. Furthermore, if a liberal wants nothing to do with guns, that is their right, but our rights will NOT BE INFRINGED UPON!

              • EOs are only intended to affect the operation of the Executive Branch. By law they cannot tell anyone else what to do. We have allowed this seizure of power to go on. Presidential pardons were only intended for those who stretched the rules in the interests of the country not outright criminal actions. once again we have allowed the rules to be abused.

            • Rick,

              I’d give you 10 thumbs up for that rant if Mac would let me. One question, was it a ‘nutjob’ or an inside job? Frankly I’m thinkly the latter. See Ausprepper’s comment.

              Keep up the good work Rick.

            • i dont know what part of “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed ” they dont understand ,and why is it that these ass wipes dont mind going to the movie and watching somone shoot a dozen people with one of them “scary AR 15’s” but they cant stand the thought that i may have one in my safe ,hell i know somone that plays one of them video games (dont know the name ,never played any of them ) but he knows all about the AR and all the acc. for them , but hates guns ,he believes we should get rid of all of them ,hell some of the libtards out in hollywood make some of most violent films out there , BTW i read it at least 3 times and had to slap myself to keep from reading it a forth

            • LMAO!! thx, I needed that. Although your “They know! And they know we know. And we know they know we know they know.” kind of set me a’back. I think the gov bought those 1.4 billion rounds because they think there is going to be trouble. Like maybe 300 million pissed off Americans? I wonder what is going on?

              • i wish you were right , but by the way things went down in november,im guessing at best there are 150 million pissed americans

                • That’s enough.

                  The other 150 are pushovers.

                  Didn’t think that whole anti-gun thing through to its logical conclusion.

            • I had my food truck right smack in front of our local sportsmens store today, yesterday and last Saturday and I tell you I talked to lots of different people in lots of different professions, races and income levels and they all agreed that taking or baning guns to honest people will not and could not resolve anything. I learned a lot today from a black doctor, an asian plumber, a white police officer, several vets and on and on and on that they do not agree with obamas statement that “this is the beliefs of the majority of “americans” that there should be bans on certain guns. I come in contact with TONS of different people of different races and different income that believe this is wrong.

            • The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
              ― Thomas Jefferson

          • European American:

            Oil and Water don’t mix.

          • Thats right, so they better wake the F – up! because we are the People

        • It used to be a rifle behind every blade of grass…now its 2 rifles…Brilliant!

          • I guess it’s always good to have one you can loan to the neighbor.

      3. A picture’s worth a thousand words

        in short..


        gives me that warm comfortable feeling that we 2nd amendment terrorists are not alone out there..

        Merry Christmas to all the shtfplan members!


        • they are kinda late to the game.

          • Good point. I’ve often thought, at this stage in the game, 300 plus Americans. Almost as many guns. Let them “try and ban guns. If we don’t have enough weapons, when will we? I’m ready, on the level of HAVING guns and ammo. The question is, am I and the rest of us, willing to use them, if the time were to come, to kill someone? That’s what we have them for and that’s what we have to get our heads around.

            If someone is attacking with the intent to hurt and harm me or my family or friends, there’s no question what I’d do to stop their advancements. However, if the conditions arise where one will have to actually go on the “offensive” then it will be an entirely different ball game. How that scenario manifests, I’ll leave that to the readers of this comment to conjure up. Could be a civil war situation where militias are formed; I’m not good with taking orders. I guess I might have to get over that issue.

            • Make that 300 “MILLION” plus Americans, although the odds might be in our favor with the smaller figure.

            • You will turn them in when they tell you to.

              • @pt ;0P … your a phukin idiot aren’t you . it’s because of lil’ pricks just like you i even own a firearm . to ensure i stay Free of lil’ nazi zionist pricks just like you .

                ~N.O. ;0P

                • Something we can agree on.

                • How many screen names do you have. Coco Puff. Most likely you are a govt. shill trying to get someone to post something carelessly.

                • @johnw = TROLL ;0P … you sure seem constantly awfully overly maniacally concerned “who and what” “NinaO / N.O. ;0P ” says and does !!!

                  do i detect a lil’ bit of a obsessive “gay homo pillow biter man crush” radiating coming from you @johnw , hmmmm … lover boy ???

                  maybe @you-johnw , @worm and @fbp should start your own @NinaO / N.O. ;0P … Gay Homo Pillow Biter Prepper Fan Club and Sheeit … so you All can trade homo pillow biter fantasy stories with each other about my Avatar ” NinaO / N.O. ;0P ” with each other !

                  ;0P pssszzt

                  ~N.O. ;0P

              • Think you need to have him pull it back a bit. I think he has Penny Trated your brain

              • @ Penny

                I’ve often wondered how “they” will put that exact proposal to the gun owners like myself. I suspect there will be many who find the thought of being “executed” a bit too much to handle. Better believe that if it comes down to that as being the punishment, personally, I’d rather be “executed” for shooting back, than not shooting at all.

                Though, I suspect you are right. Many will turn them in. But not any from this blog, hence the unanimous thumbs down. thus far.

                • Horrible thought, but if I’ve had it, they’ll have it. They don’t come to your house for your guns at all. They just use the IRS to seize your bank accounts, and stop your SSI if you’re getting a pension. Not original with me, John Brunner’s “Shockwave Rider” in the 1960s used it. Your whole life is tied to the network, so they can “deevee” you in milliseconds.

                • Certified letter (so you can’t say ummm I didn’t get it). You will be told to turn in what they have on record. Don’t bother telling them they were “stolen” or you “sold them to some guy”, they will just stack on the charges and the fines.

                  Just by doing that, they will have the majority off the streets in the first month.

                • If they know you have a gun and you have kids especially school age one day they will go to school and you will not get them back until you have turned in your guns. That will be one of the methods used. Sucks don’t it? The Patriot Act also allows them to go in your home when you are not there and do pretty much anything they want, including helping themselves to your guns and anything else they want.

                • Ummm….Penetration…They may try to collect a few select firearms, but the hunting bureacracy is waaay to much of a revenue stream for them to confiscate most guns. Write yourself out a reciept from “John Doe” and put the banned ones out of sight until needed. How will they disprove a private sale? Anyone can give a fake name when they buy privately. The paper trail ends there.

              • @ Penny Tration. What does tration mean, it is not even a word in the dictionary. PT, I hope you are not happy about ANYONE turning in their self defense. First it is just some firearms, then it would be a lot more, then almost all. Then after that it would be your other self defense items, because there are some true libreal extremists that want no one to even have pepper spray just like England. Well the crime rate in merry old England is several times worse than in the U.S. because they have made it easy pickens for criminals over there. I sure enjoy numbers, facts and figures don’t lie, taking away people’s self defense leads to MUCH higher crime, violent crime.

                • Not happy at all, my brother.

                • Why are you giving him a hard time? he will not be the one taking action. You keyboard commandos crack me up. Get all worked up at the wrong people. You will fold like a cheap suit when the moment of truth arrives. easy to talk about dying, not so easy to do it.

                • John, I will be taking action. I’m just not stupid enough to try to stop a speeding bus by standing in the middle of the road.

              • Wanna bet on that?

                • the comment of wanna bet on that was meant for penny tration.

                • Unless you have nothing to lose, I would bet on that. Have you ever faced a S.W.A.T team on a raid? They won’t raid door to door. They will give you a chance to comply first. After that they will go for anything that has a paper trail.

                  Do you have a family? How would they feel about a 2am raid?

              • Penny Tration,
                Your comment, conceptually deserves a thumbs down from me because I think the idea of voluntarily getting on my knees to be executed is unacceptable to me therefore I doubt if I will be one of the ones to do as I’m told. I never was very good at following orders. Now, having said that, I actually gave you a thumbs up because you speak the truth. I think, when confiscation actually begins, most people will pee in their pants when the jack booted thugs come knocking their doors down and they will fall on their knees and loudly whimper all kinds of incoherent bullshit that will only inflame the jack boots into summarily executing him/her and their family along with all their pets after taking all their guns, money, food and whatever else they can steal. That is a reflection of where America is today. The thugs with badges only have to make an example out of a half dozen people while the media scares the shit out of millions more and the rest of the herd will fall to their knees. Happens every time.

                • Or maybe it will work the other way around. A few would rather take out the confiscators and make an example of them. I guess the media could ignore it but it might be hard to put together an assault team before long. Just saying.

                • Yup. Haven’t you noticed in the last few years the police have made it a point to show Americans that they will kill you,your wife,your dog ect.

                • Waco and Ruby Ridge happened for a purpose. Most people got the message. If it comes down to EBT cards or the right to won a firearm I am betting on the EBT cards.

                • i agree with you roger ,i hope that im not one of them that falls to my knee’s,im getting old ,my bones ache ,and getting back up could be a problem ,and i never could aqiure a taste for a shit sandwich ,never fit the mold ,never was a team player ,and ive always been under the illusion that i was free man ,now they want to come and take away even that,but here’s what really scares me ,when they drag out them o’l drones and they can see a flea on a dogs ass ,how do go up agianst somthing like that?at the risk of a thumbs down ,maybe penny is just throughing some reality in the mix

                • Penny
                  i dont think that swat team has ever faced a A team either,,2 am raids work both ways,,


                • Why is it so hard to prep for home invasions. Whether it be by governmental agency or local gangsters. Result is almost the same. A disruption in your credit cards or any form of payment has the same effects of a localised
                  disaster. Have we not prepared for this? It is better for them to just snatch you up while your at work. No confrontation with guns. Low profile. I would be lying if I said I was not concerned with a 2 a.m. knock at the door. Have to deal with it.

              • Outlaw guns and soon only the outlaws will have guns.

                • and the patriots….

              • Hey Penny, why don’t you do a ride along on the day they try and take away our guns.

                • They will have you come to them. You will be told where to drop off every single firearm of yours that they have on record, or face a stiff penalty. Any that have no papertrail it’s just a matter of time before you show it to the wrong person and they snitch you out. If you don’t comply by a certain date a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you can bet the goon squad will be serving that warrant at about 2am. Are your kids heavy sleepers?

                • I was in a mistaken dope bust raid when I was 18yrs old.

                  Was biggest dope raid in history of dearborn mich back then. You are correct it happens very fast and when you see 1/2 dozen arrmed men in front of you all you can do is hands held high and freeze in place.

                  HOWEVER: as I said it was a mistake raid. Several fed and local dope agencys spent 18 mo and 1/2 million in fed cash(taxpayer$$) which 42 yrs ago is alot!

                  After 18 months survelience etc feds led raid.DEA it was called then. But even after so much cash wasted and 18 mo the assholes didn’t figure out I and my wife(not no more!) were just Renting an apt!

                  They refused to listen to that then. They got brutal when I was asked to reveal where my brother A***** was located at…All I could answer was I aint his brother I am somebody else sirs…Bang! flashlite to top of my head.

                  Then their “boss” dea cop came over where two huge dea cops had me by both arms face against their car.

                  he hit my head very hard..Almost seen stars!..Then asshole bossman asks one more time answer us or they will slam your face into the car and I will smash your bridge of nose till it breaks.

                  By then I was real pissed more than scared and yelled back I aint nobody but a fuckin RENTER! with reciepts as proof etc…One of the two at my sides must have felt concerned or whatever and told others to wait till he can see my ID…

                  I been telling them all Look at my driver lic its in my back jeans pocket…That one finally did…Boy was they shocked to find I was telling truth and weren’t the guys brother.

                  Anyways what it was about was an entire family from granparents to sons and Their wives and kids all rented parts of a huge crib with aprox 45 rooms in it total.

                  The Guy feds asked me of lived in one of two upstairs apts. His brother across hall in other…THEY were dealers!

                  The older brother had 6-lbs of Pure cocaine, that later tested positive for litacaine…Still illeagle etc.

                  Cops took me upstairs in handcuffs after ID me, and I watched 1/2 dozen fed and other cops search so thouroly they had a guy in a white Lab coat arrive and he was peeling away wall paper from walls looking for names or phone numbers,cash and whatever else they look for I rekon.

                  The doper guy also had a Full Auto Thommy gun against a wall. The feds took it all, and I heard one fed from a back bedroom tell others by my location in liv rm.

                  Hey guys I think I found more dope…Snifffff! noise…Yep its coke alright, but Gone now!

                  They yelled to not destroy evidence and he came out from bed room with at least $15 Grand cash in hand!

                  A fed asked where does the cash go in evidence box?…He smiled and said not a word…he put the cash in his right fr pocket and looked at me and said You aint seen Nothing!

                  I told him yes I seen not a thing at all. Didn’t hear anything neither!

                  It ended by they took me to local cop jail and I was held in a cell as a fed prisoner..For aprox. 6+ hrs…The entire time I was trying to tell local cops…You guys works for ME! and are supposed to Protect Me! who are those men with guns(they had full autos and 12 ga guns and pistols).

                  Them local dearborn cops asked me didn’t They say who they was and what reason to be there etc?…I said yeah but So What?…Anyone can raid a crib with so many men and guns and Say anything right! I still aint seen even a Badge yet!

                  One nicer type local jail cop asked me did’nt I read the warrent describing my premises?…I told cop NO No warrent I am aware of!

                  The local cops checked into My story and asked feds when they returned to see a warrent and feds said we don’t need show local boys shit!…Then took me Dowtown detroit to the Federal building by then it was 1 am…

                  I sat There another 5 hrs till Finally they told me I was free to go as my story checked out etc…

                  You’d think so many men and so much cash and 18 mo time frame that at least one asshole would have known about the young married couple RENTERS! Eh?

                  I garentee you guys after such an ordeal if such happens over anyones guns?…You WILL do the same..Especially if a wife or kids is there also. There is simply No other viable option…Except certain instant Death, which the cops WILL get away with scott free too!

                  I asked a couple feds as I left fed buildg, What if you guys shot me or my wife?…One said, Oh in That case we would have wrote on our official reports that it was a Govnt mistake!.. the other fed said Stop joking with him…That cop said we’d write our report that You came at Us arrmed so we had zero choices but to Kill you!

                  This is type folks we are dealing with…Full of Huge Egos, arrogant as can be, imposible to bust or prosecute for wrongs…Unless You are some Honcho….We simply do NOT Count…Thats Their attitude not mine!

                  You never want to go through such as that believe you me.

                  But if its come take all folks guns time?…They can’t do it that way except to a small few and its Game on…Showtime begins somewheres usa…Then Everywheres usa….PRAY it don’t…It will Not be good or “Cool” as some here seem to think. I know what its like to answer a door at 11 pm and face what I described above…Bad feelings man…Sick and am I gonna Die now?..

                  They ALL had long hair and dress exactly like Hippies did back then too! No way to tell it was feds or cops. With tons of Guns in your face!…You wont shoot any. What good to be dead for nothing. Wait till another time to fight is better. Unless its all out nationwide then is different.

              • Projecting again, Penny?

                • Hey Penny, what agency or outfit do you work for?
                  Be honest, ok?

                  Sans honesty, please have the gonads to “sign-up” for the raid on my house @ 2a.m.!!!
                  I’ll teach you a lesson, you & your JBT buddies will never forget.

                  BTW, pack a lunch & bring plenty of body bags…..because you’re in for a long f*%king day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Penny

                  my kids are all on guard duty,,yours still out smoking dope???


                • Just because I live in reality you assume I’m on the “other” side. Goes to show how much behind the curve you are. Instead of trying to berate me, why don’t you take the info and try to work with it. It also goes to show how many of you actually thought of this scenerio, or else the thought wouldn’t have put so many of you guy’s panties in a wad.

              • I’ll turn them in, one .308 round at a time. They just need to tell me where they want it.

                For those of us who are fully aware and understand that the Second Amendment is a matter of personal, state, and national defense, and has little to do with hunting or stopping carjackers, it is a righteous fight worth pursuing.

                At least if ‘the powers that be’ come to me for the purpose of disarming me, it will save me time, money, and fuel to go out to find them. I’ll let them make the first move, then it’s on.

                Bottom line, this fight has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with amassing super political power over The People, and tapping new tax revenue sources.

                • Penny, This “scenario” of yours has been discussed on this site and others like it many times. You bring nothing new to the discussion but a false intelligence that is easily understood by brighter minds. If not for your smugness, your ideas might have been accepted and debated for the intent for which you imply they were meant. Maybe you should just try a Re-do.

                • My kids are just fine, How are your parents sleeping?

          • yep, that horse left the barn a long long time ago.

        • Notice that what that store is selling out of is Black Rifles? The hunting guns in the racks in the foreground are not disappearing.

          • Those are all shotguns, and at that they all appear to be bird guns, wheres the racks with the sniper rifles and tactical shotguns? Betcha theyre emptY

      4. Some folks have bought magazines and have paid $75-$105 for them when last week they were going for $14.95. AR uppers and lowers are non exsisting and are backordered 6-8 weeks. Some manufacturers are requiring a 15% deposits from their dealers, who are passing it onto their customers that is non refundable. It keeps the dealer and the consumer from declining the sale if another manufacturer’s gun comes in first.

        • It pays to be ahead of the rest.

        • I was in a fairly large gun store two times last week, tuesday and thursday. It felt like I was participating in an historic event. The parking lot was packed and this “famous” gun shop is out, all by itself, so everyone parking is only going to this shop. Once inside, the energy felt like a contained wildfire. It was exciting and, for the first time, I felt a bond with guys in a gun shop. (Usually for me, I’m in and out. Don’t really like gun shops). Everyone knew why we were all there. I was looking at many kinds of people ranging from hard core red necks to men dressed in business suits and it felt that weren’t buying guns to fight each other but to rise up against a common foe; our tyrannical government. (Who knows how things will unfold when people are hungry, though) Anyway, I was in there both time for a good hour and a half. About 30 minutes before the shop closed on thursday, one of the many employees working behind the counter brought up 5 boxes of Colt AR15’s. He said “These are the last of the AR (Colts) 15, we had 100 in the warehouse this morning. Calmly, but assertively, all 5 boxes were immediately grabbed.

          • European American:

            I don’t know why, but what you just said caused a calm, warm, rolling sensation of anticipation in my stomach. Feels good. Thanks.

          • Bet they weren’t all pushing and shoving like the air jordan group in fort worth.

            • Thats because Obama was indirectly paying for those shoes. These items, not so much.

            • Excellent point. An armed society is a polite society.

      5. Hey you Sheeple, haven’t you been paying attention to your betters on the lame stream media!!? Bad Sheeple!!

        • LOL!

        • lol good one

      6. Dose our Government really think that the people will turn in their firearms, after spending thousands of dollars (and yes some going into debt), just because they say so. Or risks being a criminal for not, give me a break.

        As we all know some will though, but NOT ALL.

        The masses are waking up to this government we have running this dog and pony show now. More and more every day are, time is running out for them (Government) and they will have to do something quickly before more wakes the F up.

        WE must make them by all means FIRE THE FIRST SHOT!


        • Wag the tail.


          But it “must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

        • Pale Rider.

          Yes! Make them fire the first shot. Break down our doors for no other reason but to take our guns.

          I am waiting for that, “No more screwing around moment”.

          • slingshot,,palerider
            breaking down a door to an empty house,,hey you dumb asses look up on the hill,,,look at all those little red dots,,in your eyes damn what a shame,,,,


            • @Snake Eater (Ranger?):

              Yes I see the red dots, but there are a lot more of us than them.

              Now red dots give their position away just like tracers do.

              Having said that, so General Snake what would you tell your men; how to fight this upcoming event. Hit and run well that’s fine but where do you run to after the engagement. You should know you can’t go back home, so where in the U.S. do you fall back to. I’m just asking sir.
              You give the impression that you have experience in these matters.

              • palerider i do have,,,,,dont you being the pale rider???

                the red dots i`m talking about is ours not thiers,, no one ever sleeps in my house,,where do i fall back to well black swamp,,,


                • SE: A BIG THX. See you at the old church.

                  And I’ve been there!

                • palerider
                  we are on the same page,,,


        • Pale: Wasn’t the first shot fired back at ruby ridge and waco?

          • I believe it was. But the world has forgotten those.
            I still say make them fire the first shot, but make them pay dearly for it.

        • I can smell the fear, and it’s not coming from the buyers. Don’t be surprised to see some manufactured crisis (food, finiancial, etc.) being used to force compliance.

          • @ Bob

            I have the feeling that even as our politicians see a massive gun and ammo buy, their general attitude is, “We are going to show them”. They have to see and read the news and still they procede with new gun laws.
            I am really PISSED OFF that virtually overnight they will make me a criminal. By a wave of a wand or stroke of a pen. Same difference! I’m not turning in nothing or paying taxes on nothing.

            Now let’s talk Turkey!
            If Congress insists on making me and a few million other law abiding gun owners into criminals, and the punishment is the same as existing ATF violations. Screw You! What does the ATF enforce? Think about it.
            It will make Fast and Furious look like a Sunday School Picnic.


              These are not moral people we are dealing with! These politicians are drunk with power. They lust after more power, and have long since lost any perspective on reality. They are not even pretending to be loyal to the Constitution any longer. Their unveiled naked and wanton contempt for The People and the Constitution is on open display for all to see now.

              Their traitorous loyalty lies with Obama and his morally bankrupt ilk. Power and control is an aphrodisiac for them and they cannot resist it.

              Do not help the bastards by victimizing yourself my friend. You are not a criminal, says so right in the highest law of the land.

            • These politicians are so out of tune with what WE THE PEOPLE are thinking or doing or having to deal with, we are way beyond gun control being the issue, it is just another piece of this screwed up crap that is going on.

          • screw thier manufatured crisis, we’ll eat them!

      7. Sounds like somebody wasn’t paying attention and now are trying to make up for lost time. Got all that done many moons ago. Have a nice holiday everyone hoping for a white Christmas weather people say it could happen, keeping my fingers crossed.

        • I just trade 2 of mine in, figure i should share the love, after all, i can only use one at a time, so the m4gery carbine for on the move and my 700 sniper rifle from concealment to reach out and touch someone

      8. A store/range I went into to practice with some hand guns with my Dad, told us they had sold 67 AR-15;s the day before.

      9. The guy I get my Glock mags from is sold out of EVERY kind of high capacity magazine. He said he sold a year’s worth in just a few days and the earliest he’ll have any back in stock is February. He’s a small operation and it’ll take him a few weeks to mail out all the orders. Yikes! Isn’t this just the perfect example of a complete lack in trust in our government?

        Merry Christmas!

        • Mal Reynolds,

          >>”Yikes! Isn’t this just the perfect example of a complete lack in trust in our government?”<<

          You hit the nail on the head! Excellent comment!

      10. This is very reasuring. IT tells me that people are not stoopid as the govt thinks. People know whats going on and they are getttingready.

      11. It is great to see people exercise their second amendment rights and doing what they can for the economy. This surge in sales also happened in 2008 with BO’s first election. When things calmed down everyone should have stocked up, many did. Now people are paying $40 for a 30rd. magazine. Should have bought them last month during sales when they where as low as $12 for pmags.

        Good things come to those who wait, but only the things leftover by those who hustled!

        • I saw $80 per mag on Gunbroker two nights ago. It’s been a hoot watching what “high net worth” grasshoppers are paying. SS109 ammo approaching $1.00 a round. OK with me, I’m glad to see gun dealers making a fat profit. It’ll keep ’em in business longer. Keep stacking trade goods people. This is a picture of what will happen if (when) the Fit Hits The Shan.

          • You’re 100% correct about the SS109 ammo, that is if you can find it. My 50BMG reloads still cost me 70 cents per cartridge. It pays to plan ahead, stock up, and reload.

      12. Crap. Anti-gun dad and not old enough to buy firearms. I’m screwed.

        • You’ll be old enough soon. Don’t give up on it. 🙂

          • If it comes down to it I can make some in my garage.

            • Let’s leave it that JC.

        • Well lets hope it never gets to that point.

        • Jason, I’ve been through this gun-ban craze many times before. It gets to a fevered pitch, the political pukes who think they own us beat their chests and then it fades away. Buck up! you’ll get your chance to own some. Besides there is always a way to beat the devil around the stump.

        • @Jason, I hope you return to this comment thread and read my reply with careful consideration since I thought on it for a bit.
          You, sir, are hardly screwed. I hope you typed out that comment on a whim. You may not be of legal age to purchase firearms but you certainly can / should spend quality time educating yourself, humbling yourself, and developing the right mind set that should be for anyone who takes up the responsibility of doing harm or death to another human – even in self defense or guarding others.
          and, no, we are far from anti-gun folks.
          My 23 y/o son has grown up with experienced gun owners, plenty of hands-on range time; and yet he continues from the last 13 years in preparing mentally and physically (black belt in a very disciplined art) with countless hours studying masterful works of control, self and otherwise. He most certainly is pretty lethal in body, mind and spirit.

          DS’s philosophy: a gun is but a device, it’s what you put behind it that matters most – a disciplined, keen mind.
          and, yes, he owns one, but it’s not the only tool in his bag of tricks – far from it and definitely not his first pick.

          wee ~..~ just a bread crumb dropped for you…
          Peace on Earth and good will toward man is the trailhead; from there you proceed down the path accordingly as it’s wicked mean out there. Suggested study – Sun Tzu.

          • Wee ~

            I love each and every one of your posts. You are a warm and wonderful person.

            Merry Christmas ~


          • Trail Guide
            well said,,,and a thank you for it,,,,,
            Merry Christmas


          • Thank you. And yes, that comment was just for a laugh. I am working on getting into better physical and mental shape.

            • Dear D (back at ya gal-friend) and snake ~ a very Merry and peaceful Christmas to you and yours. We know it’s coming and need every joyful nod we can capture. Hug someone when you get the chance.

              Jason – good to know that your head is ‘screwed’ on straight. LOL! I can bare witness that discipline is a very hard row to hoe. The benefits will last beyond measure. Never give in, give up or compromise.

              DS would say: focus on the desired and watch it come each and every day, be it an inch or a mile. He loves challenges; especially when he was but a tiny lad and the odds were against him. Stubborn can be a good trait.

      13. News like this leaves me with a grin from ear to ear.

        • Then you must be a fool or a govt. stooge. This will not be funny if it happens like some seem to wish. there won’t be too many grins if this happens.

      14. Oh now , you can trust em,

        remember the story they told about Seal Team 6? they always tell the truth..well you can look it up

        United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group
        The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), also known as DEVGRU, is one of the United States’ four secretive counter-terrorism and Special Mission Units (SMUs). It is sometimes called SEAL Team Six, the name of its predecessor which was disbanded in 1987. That is a fact and it is history.

        with the many lies we are being told and have been being told, its no wonder people are buying arms they should be armed.

        • VFR
          did it tell you why it was disbanded????i know why,,,see if you can find out why,,,,


      15. This is just fucking stupid.

        Wanna throw your money away, be my guest.

        You’re on the ATF list with these purchases. You think they can’t get them right back from you. You think wrong. Forget about physical coercion, when’s the last time the .gov ever used that? Financial and social coercion, oh yes. Yes indeed. All too easy.

        You’re going to have to get a bit more creative, kids.

        • IF they manage to pass a confiscation bill, you’re right. More likely the best they will be able to get is a bill which “grandfathers” guns owned before the law takes effect. What better way to prove the dat eof purchase than their own damned records?

          The fact that the Dictator put Biden on charge tells me that he knows that any strong anti-gun measures will kill the Dems in 2014. He’s going to make lots of sound and fury, but in the end it will signify very little.

          • I hope your right, but i get a real bad feeling about all of this, holder and the rest of the alphabet soup peeps are arrogant and are intent on removing our right to bare, there is a huge and outspoken group of peeps in the general pop that has a visible disdain for guns and gun owners, they think were all redneck trash for some reason, never mind that you really need to have your stuff together to aquire, equip, and be proficient with guns, one of our biggest problems is all the housewives and trust funders and kids who have no clue that are screaming at the top of their lungs for removal of guns from the public, some dont even go along with the sporting side of firearms. Its that 47% on public assistance and all the other liberals that will screw us over, criminals dont care, they steal of aquire from BM sources, not legal anyway, constitution, most kids dont even know what it is let alone what it took to come to pass and give us what we have.
            God save us all.

        • @ The Guy.
          We are far past the ATF to confiscate. The shear numbers negate that possibility. The amount of gun sales have surpassed every one preceding this one. Ammo. magazines, web gear and body armor, accompany these sales even with high prices. Along with those special instructional booklets.
          Guns and Ammo are not just for target practice anymore!

          I wish every politician would go to a couple of gun shows. This is what waits for them. Their choice.

          If you visit this site, they know you have a gun and you are on a list of somekind. You only throw your money away if you give in to tyranny.

          • The one number that continously trends upward, no downward “correction”.

          • They will give an amnesty period, after witch it is a class a fellony to be in posession, the thinking is that most are not willing to chance the penalty, homeland security will set up checkpoints on highways, moles in all sorts of places shooters would buy components or ammo, or congregate, drones remotely monitor,
            This whole thing stinks, burn the fuckers to the ground, the founders vision relies on people like us to use our constitutional rights to defend the document that spells them out.

            • Then more than likely blood will run in the streets at those check points.

              • Have you noticed how arrogant most of the alphabet soup peeps are? I can hardly wait,,,DTOM

        • TheGuy:

          You don’t see me trolling around CNN bothering YOUR PEOPLE, do you…Go back to the wide, well traveled road and leave the narrow grassy path to us uncreative sheep.

          • Shrug.

            I simply mean that you can ahem… find some 3-D models… kicking around… of… receivers. And things.

            And then you can buy parts kits.

            And none of this has ATF records attached to it.


            Blackpowder guns, probably a similar scenario with ATF.

            I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s “too late” for confiscation to work. All they do is make the ATF list part of searchable public records and then ban any other thing requiring a background check from doing business with you.

            It’s really easy.

            Employers, the DMV, Emergency Medical Care, traffic tickets… simple. Just publish your name and blam, everything stops working for you unless you get off the list.

            So, the idea that it’s too late for them to implement a ban is just wrong. It was ALWAYS too late for them to go door-to-door and attempt physical confiscation. It’s never too late for this…

            • the guy:





        • The IRS will levy a tax of what ever amount they want. Without a balance of power in the govt. they will do whatever they want. Just think about how the story has been twisted against so called assault rifles when they were not even used in the shootings.

          • Unfortunately, you are probably right…..

      16. Ahhh, the magic of marketing. With the right propaganda, anything is possible.
        News Alert!! Government moves to ban broccoli! Millions of school kids throng to cafeterias demanding more veggies!
        This whole situation would be laughable, if it wasn’t so serious. Gun owners won’t give up their weapons. (at least, most of them won’t) The tyrants in DC will never stop in their quest for total control. Irresitable force, meet immovable object. I’m gonna go wake up Bubba. He ain’t never seen a wreck like this is gonna be!

        In all seriousness, keep prepping to the best of your abilities. Keep bringing in newly awakened sheep, it’s not too late for some of them. Keep pestering the politicians, they need to know we are not just a few. And we are not intimidated. Above all, continue to pray for the redemption of our nation. And the safety of your loved ones. Fight the good fight, run the race. Keep the faith. I love every one of you here at Mac’s place. And I’d say that even if it wasn’t Christmas!

        • ” Gun owners won’t give up their weapons. (at least, most of them won’t)”

          Now THAT is the big unknown. Who will, who won’t. And this is what this whole drama is coming down to. Will the civilian army implode out of fear or rise up to a “Call of Arms”? Will TPTB be able to divide and conquer or will some central idea, supporting a common cause. unite the gun owners to work in unison, cohesively and coherently, to stop the tyrannical criminals before they can wage an all out war? I’m hoping the masses get off their couches and off their prescriptions and off their junk food, and out of their “fear based behavior” long enough to clear their minds and in time to merge as a force that shows the world, FINALLY, who has the real power. To us, those that post here, the sides seem clear. Let’s hope the masses join us, soon.

          • Im not really a gambling dude but i would be willing to bet that military and nat gaurd or reserve wouldnt turn on us citizens, ATF, homeland security and the rest of the alphabet soup are a bunch of tyrants, i could easily imagine the people and the military against the alphabit soupers and the politicians, even with all the libs there are a lot of folks who still believe in and will defend the constitution against enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!

          • When the S.W.A.T team breaks down your door at 3 am, you will turn over your guns.

            • @pt ummmmmmmm … no . ;0P

              cause if they do start that kinda bullsheeit .

              a lot of feds dhs cops pigs are gonna go home to burned down homes at their end of shift and some wont even make it home .

              that’s a promise .

              ~N.O. ;0P

            • Every door can not be kicked at the same time.

              • They really can, though.

                You’re on the ATF list. SORRY! Your credit and debit cards magically don’t work anymore! Huh go figure, right?

                • There’s something wrong with you.

                • I do not use them. So that won’t work either. If you are a survivalist/Prepper that attack should have no affect.

                • The Guy has a valid point.

                • You think I’m HAPPY about it?

                  It’s not like I’m ADVOCATING for it. I’m just saying. That’s how it could work. Plan around that ’cause that’s about the ONLY way it could work and it appears to me to be an unfortunately and sadly effective means.

                • this post should make you all get the cash out of your bank account. just leave enough “seed” money to keep the account open.

            • Tenny Tration.

              Yes, they might get a few of us but after that it is going to be pure hell. If I disappear into the night there will be 50 warned the next day.

              • They would need a battalion to clear the homes in my community. Go to just one and nothing would come from the home. They would just get out of the way. But from the treelines across the street. Oh hell the treelines s across the valley. The rain of pain would make Hollywood proud.

            • @PT,JnNC,Jinx– or what ever your calling yourself these days–think you are safe from the DC criminals, you are already ass up and bloody. Pretty soon no one will be able to tell the difference between your groans or your farts.

              Pucker time is coming, and you’ve laid out the welcome mat.

              Why does your face look like a glazed doughnut ?

              …make your peace…

     either “in” or “in the way”…..

              …..rain lead…..


            • It’s an interesting proposal, PT, hence the thumbs up, since, by the way you verbalized your comment, I’m assuming it’s directed at me. Conjecture on my part but the topic is “gun confiscation” and from your comment, “S.W.A.T”. teams will be going door to door of known resisters to a gun ban or door to door at every door, regardless. Yes? Think about it for a second. Even in full body armor with a “team” behind you, how long do you think you’d last going door to door, or “selected” doors, before you’d end up like those you were ferreting out? If guns are behind at least one out of three doors, (wild guess on my part), that’s a lot of doors and a lot of guns going off from both sides.

              Personally, if a swat team comes to “collect” my gun(s) at 3 am, I don’t think their primary objective would be for me to “turn over my gun”, if you get what I mean. Which means, at that point, on a national level, it’s an all out war and it won’t be SWAT teams, but some vastly larger militarized organization, if at all. Maybe just biological warfare methods would better serve TPTB more effectively. Or just let the masses die off by cutting off food distribution routes. Who knows. It’s a guessing game for me.

              It would be great if you would elaborate on your comments so as not to appear as a troll. Unless, of course, that is what you are.

              • I’n not a troll. I’m not directing my comments to you EA. I haven’t been here in a while but even when I was I rarely posted. What I am is a realist. I hear a lot of bravado but how many of you have nothing to lose? Got a wife? Kids? Pets?

                Here it goes-

                Tomorrow morning President Obama issues an Executive Order outlawing the possession of any firearm. You are asked to turn in any firearms to a designated facility. Hell, they might even reimburse you for the “value”. Well, you don’t agree with THAT and you ain’t turning in nuttin!! A few days later there is a knock at the door. Guess who? It’s the mailman, bitch, with a certified letter listing the make model and seriel number of any handgun that you have bought and created a paper trail. Would you please take these and any other guns you may have and have them verified at a dropoff center. Failure to comply will result in a felony. You look at you wife, she looks at you. What are you going to do? There will be no “door to door”. They will get the majority in the first month alone. Even if you have 50 guys backing you up, what are you going to do? Get WACOed? And in the end they will make you look like an isolated nut.

                • Correct that.”make model and seriel number of any firearm that you have bought and created a paper trail”

                • I see your point but I don’t think it will go that far. Once the President signs the EO outlawing the possession of Firearms, all hell will be breaking loose. I do believe that. It will be mayhem. Not everywhere, but in pockets across the country. Politicians will become an endangered species. As well as many government agencies. People are just not going to give up their guns, at least the hard core gun owners. And those numbers are millions and millions. This is where the line in the sand will be drawn and better believe that THEY, the gun owners know that it will be a passport to a FEMA camp or an execution if they part with the only asset they have to defend themselves, and their families.

                  The administration may attempt to pull it off, I agree to that, but swat teams, in general, won’t be willing to risk there lives. Of course, many militarized police psychopaths are foaming at the chance to go hog wild.

                  This is it, PT. These guns are the last thing that stand between us and a global police state.

                  I don’t plan on dying just yet and I don’t plan on giving up my freedom(s) either. And I’m not a hero. Just want to do my part to live in a free country, how ever that manifests itself.

                • PS I also believe mass numbers of Policemen, as well as military personnel will jump ship and stand with the gun owners, which will bring about a potential Civil War. That’s where I see this going. It needs to go there, anyway. Too many people floating around in la la land. It’s time for everyone to get grounded in Reality, pick a side and make a stand.

                • EA, The military maybe. The police no. They view the public as suspects. They don’t want you to have guns. And after a certain period anyone even seen with a firearm risks being shot.

                • Except once a couple of families are killed, things start to get a little heated. Public opinion starts to shift. But mostly I think you are right. That would be the way to do it. Although I’m sure there will be quite a few older vets that will just “F” it, and “you know where to find me”. At any rate, this is great reading.

                • Ill kiss my gf, tell her i love her, go over to moms house tell her thank you and i love her, put on my multicam and webgear, load my truck and packs and find a rendezvous, along the way i will thank the lord for his grace and ask that he keepthose i care about safe, whatever else happens is Gods will.

                • @EA
                  We live free or die


                  FOR SOME STRANGE REASON @penny tration – you seem to think ZOG DHS GESTAPO THUG SWAT / ERT etc etc are folks to be feared worshiped obeyed kneeled prostrate before cowering in absolute obedience … you seem to think they are the only ones who know how too … are experienced conditioned trained too Kill Murder Death Torture another Human Being … last i checked they bleed out just like everyone else does when poked through with holes made from a large caliber bullet fired at 1400 fps or greater velocity .

                  IF THE ZOG FED COMMIE GOV DHS ATF GESTAPO TRAITOR JACK-BOOTED ZIONIST THUGS WANT A “FULL-BLOWN” AMERICAN FREEMAN FREEWOMEN PATRIOT CIVIL WAR … brought to their own homes doorsteps directly affecting their own families ability to breathe … All they have to do is TRY AND ENACT A MANDATORY GUN DISARMAMENT PROGRAM IN the FREE REPUBLIC OF AMERICA !!!

                  NOT EVERY AMERICAN FREEMAN FREEWOMAN PATRIOT VETERAN is as restricted as you claim with Dependents Responsibilities … AND MOST AMERICAN FREEMAN FREEWOMEN PATRIOTS understand a life living IN FEAR under a ZOG FED COMMIE GOV FASCIST ZIONIST FREEMASON DICKTATORSHIP TYRANNY isn’t much of a life AT ALL !



                  “DO or DIE … Freedom is earned with the sacrificed shed blood of Free American Patriots !”

                  “Will you “Bleed with Me” Free American Patriots ???”

                  ~N.O. ;0p

                • An EO like that would be illegal, however who would fight it that has the power to? Jerkoff Boner? The rest of the losers in Congress? I believe we are safe until after Jan. 20. Then all bets are off not to mention the 29th of this month is when things go over the cliff.

                • Exactly.

                  You got it.

                  Think this through. Anyone buying these things through a registration list is basically “renting” them until the repo man decides tehy aren’t yours anymore.

                  Anyone obtaining them “clean” or making them from parts (which is very possible by the way, youtube “bend ak-47 receiver”) had better bury the goddamned things once they obtain them in this manner. They may be useful one day. But at present they’d be worse than useless, they’d be absolutely a massive liability if left in plain view or actually used in any way.

                  It might be useful later if everything goes fully Mad Max. If it never goes quite that far, then they’ll always be metal sculptures. That can get you arrested.

                • @ Penny Tration

                  “The military maybe. The police no.”

                  Cops live in neighborhoods and neighbors know they are cops. I wouldn’t think the cops that have families would jeopardize their “sensitive” situation, even many of the single ones. Now the young marble head cops, with an attitude, pumped up on anger, drugs, alcohol, steroids, now I am quite concerned about them, for sure. But they also have to sleep eventually, somewhere.

                • So EA, How is that supposed to play out? If they started taking the firearms today, what would you do? Say you just got that letter in the mail, I’m pretty sure what would be going through your head but what do you do? Joe Blow down the street is a cop, you have waved to him a couple times but you don’t really know him. Are you going to confront him or something? Are you an open resister? Are you going to openly tell him you aren’t going to give up anything so he can call in all of his coworkers from a 100 mile radius to lock down your neighborhood?

                  They will be busting in as few doors as possible. It will very formal and you will be made to comply. I don’t know why you look at me like I’m the bad guy because I’m a survivalist. All these guys like Nina who are going to meet them at the door with lead are not thinking with a survival attitude and are going to get a lot of good men killed. Where will their families be then? I am more of the underground resister mindset. I don’t have an army(even 50 or 100 guys hardly comes close to being an army? and I have too many people depending on me to throw myself out there to be gunned down by the machine.

                • @ PT
                  I just wrote you a massive explanation to each of your questions. Then I deleted it.

                  I think you are a very competent person who has great experience and knowledge regarding many things. I think you are also a good person.

                  I’m not afraid of those who might want to take my gun(s) away. I’m really not. I’m also pretty much off the radar, i.e. invisible, even though it might appear to the contrary.

                  It’s an exciting time to be an American. The Second Amendment is our ticket for finally putting an end to their tyranny. It’s all or nothing, now. The whole world is watching. This is it.

                  Good luck


                • PT said “And in the end they will make you look like an isolated nut.” That is the major problem here. With a complicit MSM, a legitimate Patriot Resistance will most likely not happen. The govt will shut down internet sites that would allow us to communicate what is happening before we could organize enough to stop it. The MSM will either cover it up, or make the hold-outs look like whacko freaks that deserve to get “Waco’ed.” Unfortunate, but probably true.

                • Another PT quote – “And after a certain period anyone even seen with a firearm risks being shot.” Those were the exact Rules of Engagement given to the FBI at Ruby Ridge.

              • Curious…

                Will a slug go through most body armor?

                • Not entry door sheilds.

                • The armor plate is 10x 13
                  Aim small
                  Like around the bridge of the nose

                • no. but most high power hunting rounds (.308 .30-06 .300winmag .243 .270 .338winmag) and many others will pop on thru……..;)

            • Yeah! I can”t wait until these drooling fools get in My Kill Zone! Troll!
              Phyck the JBT!

          • Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.

          • EU, the criminal surely won’t. And that will be some of us here after the laws are passed turning us into one.

      17. Yeah, it’s insane right now.

        As of last night, from what I could tell, all of our distributors are sold out of literally every single assault rifle.

        …and a few that were in stock a few days ago, were being sold, by the distributor, for about 30% more than they were selling them for a month ago. Yes, about 30% increase…from the distributor.

        There is a Bravo Company bolt carrier group bid up to $455 right now on ebay…

        A Colt 6920 when for like $3100 on gunbroker yesterday…

        I’ll issue this warning – be very cautious about paying a very high price right now. Even if some sort of ban is coming, I think there is a decent chance this will all die down before it goes into effect – i.e., there will be some sort of lull…I THINK…

        • BTW, I am really kicking myself in the butt right now…

          As one example, back in October, I had a chance to buy as many Colt 6720s as I wanted/could afford to…

          …for $850 a piece.

          • It all falls back to securing tangibles. Food (gonna be the next gold folks),land, etc. Rumor has it that the squashing of the farm bill is set to drive milk to 8.00 a gallon. They’ll be some dairy herd rustlin’ for sure.

      18. Oddly enough, with each passing day, I find myself considerably less concerned about the potential “Zombies” scavenging for my food/physical assets and more concerned about the Zombies who would vote in, and the Zombies who would enforce, a gun ban.

        • Consider: Just as usa supplies various nations rebels and mexican dope cartels with alot of guns and even Big .50 cal Maduces etc…Whats to say no other nation may supply Us in like manor if it gets real serious?

          We got how many south american countries who hate usa fed gov?…Alot!…Do They have access to such hardware?..Yep.

          It all boils down to what side will you choose?…I still got faith that a vast majority in america will do right.

          Even some dems who aint gunnies but still honor the const.

          Hobammy aint stupid per se…hes smart enough to know he can talk alot. But he also knows the 2nd is the mostest hottest issue we ever seen nationwide in our lives.

          Abortion-Faggot marriages etc etc..NOTHING stirs up real americans more than Mess with guns or the 2nd. Period.

          How many of aprox 27 Million ex military has a year to live due to agent orange?…Or depleted uranium?..Or old age and not alot to lose now?…How many NON military fit them catagories?…LOTS!

          Just wait…If they truly attempt gun grabs from all or most?…We Will see at least a few incidents of such types goes all out and does a number on some antigun honcho or??….Then copycats galore..

          Wait till MSM rabidly reports how some guys suicide note describes it and why hes going after whoever he chooses.

          MSM will think its good for show nation how evil guys was etc…That will Backfire and exact opposite reaction will be He is a HERO!!! A Real True HERO!

          Then what will various big mouth antiguners say?…How many will Flee usa?…..We has Right and Just cause…They do Not….And we has that for 50 yrs straight so far!

      19. Most odd is the speed with which gun stores have run out of everything from AR’s to mags. My in-laws are buying multiple firearms, first time. Lots of people at work have done the same thing. I went shooting today to zero a new Rock River Arms AR-15, and snagged their last 80 rounds of 5.56X45mm. Shooting lanes were more active than usual. Just seems there’s an increasing urgency out there, even among former liberals, that soemthing’s wrong.

        Stack, stack, and stack my friends. Don’t know where this is going, but I’m going to choose my words very carefully: Gun confiscation is the progenitor of genocide.

        Yup, progenitor–that which brings into being, and genocide: that which extinguishes….

        • FUCK THESE MOTHER FUCKERS …….I’m sick of this tyrannical shit already……bring it bitches

          • Right on, Rich. Says it all.

          • I’m with you Rich99.

          • I agree, we all gotta die eventually, im at peace with my maker, are those who would remove my liberty?

          • Kudos to you Rich99…I’m with ya!!!

          • Aren’t you the guy that used to laugh at all the gloom and doomers? Great post.

        • Don’t be flashin’ yur progenitor in public. Taint p’lite.

        • Maybe a currency crisis of some kind? I guess we’ll know when we know.

      20. The one gunshop owner I have talked to confirms what is being posted all over – that the buyers are not “doomsday preppers” but in many cases citizens that either do not own any guns at all, or only have one or two handguns or hunting guns. (Preppers of course already have theirs.) I take this as a kind of poll which tells the Dictator what we want him to know. That there’s a large number of Americans who will not be dictated to.

        • “I take this as a kind of poll which tells the Dictator what we want him to know.”

          Yes, possibly understood by the Impostor in Chief as a shot across his bow.

          • He could care less, is drinking a corona watching the sunset in kailua right now

            • If he had any balls, he’d drink a REAL beer like
              Negra Modelo.



        • When you dishonor others, you lose your honor. Plus, when an elderly person dies, a library is buried as well.

          • Yeah I can see the fountain of knowledge that is older Americans.

            • Easy sourkreutz, don’t make me spit my teeth out and beat you with them………..

        • Careful what you wish for, Rambo.


        • Stop lumping everyone all together. My parents are 89 and 85 and they are prepped. Both took as little public assistance as they could when they were farming. All thos farm subsidies that made our neighbors RICH, my dad wouldn’t take because he didn’t want to be owned by the government.

          Now, between shitty prices of grain for years and years and years and super high prices of fuel and machinery, they’ve still managed to hack out a little house and keep some ground. They taught me to be frugal and dad put a gun in my hand when I was three years old. I provided meat for the table from the time I was 10 years old between the rabbits I raised, the deer and other game I shot and the cattle I helped butcher.

          So you can bitch all you want but, in a basket of rotten apples there are good ones. In a basket of good apples there are rotten ones.

          One of the problems with government is that they try to apply group solutions to individual problems. (Pssst! Its how they get more power than they lawfully are supposed to have.) You are making the same mistake by attributing the problem we are in to the people my parents age. Oh, maybe the city people are like that: get all you can get. But, out here in the country many have huge gardens and attempt to make their own way as much as possible until they drop dead. Up until my father was 80, he was still squirrel hunting and putting meat on the table.

          Please don’t blame it on the population. They’ve been manipulated. I really don’t know how I and others around me escaped it, but, from a very young age I could see what was up. I used to watch the evening news with my dad and I would get mad at the ommisions and lies they told even then. That was 40 years ago. Now, I’m on the front lines and I can see whats happening. They want you to blame the “Greatest Generation” but, in reality, its those that have lied to the people that should be punished. Since most of the people that perpetrated the fraud are either dead or not in office at the time, the best thing to do is to punish the system. After all, it is a “person” just you the system sees you as a “person”.

        • @Eisenkreutz…..



            • Eisenkreutz….not so fast.

              Your generation is known for mama’s boy. You stay at home quite longer than we did. Your generation gets some foodie stamps that we never saw. Your generation does not have to work much, just whine. In fact, your generation considers overtime at 30 hours. Those were the hours we had by Tuesday, butt-head….

              Your generation has sponged off student-loans to the fees of $1T, which we all get to pay for when you cant get a job and move back to mama’s home. Our generation paid our fees for college and we never moved backed to mama’s home.

              Your generation requires $300,000 homes with cable and wifi and all kinds of gadgets and gidgets. We lived in modest homes and fed pigs and milked cows.

              Move from mama’s home and smell the roses. Please carry your weight so we dont have to.

            • Focus your anger on the Big Banks and Corporations that grew up around the government. There were a few that spoke out, Ron Paul comes to mind. But he got labeled as a “kook” by the MSM, which is owned by…the Corporations.

              • Ding,Ding,Ding…we have a winner. Also, much of the exotic finance algorithms and HFT algos are created by the young math whiz kids just out of MIT,etc. There is plenty of blame to go around.

            • Why blame us all if Your moma was a african on welfare?…Blame her and her kind instead. And her yid pals whos been in kontrol of usa since 1912 era.

              Nothings worse than them type africans…Except for them type Yids. Thats who did more to fuck up america than all else combined. What a combo of nation wreckers.

            • Eisenkreutz, it appears that you see whats going on in the world. Don’t linch pin it on one small segment. This didn’t all start fifty years ago. It goes way further back than that. Channel your anger into working for you. Don’t waste it being misguided.

      22. @ Iowa ~~ Twice now, in the past few weeks, I would log onto this site, and I would get a Trojan warning.
        2 Trojans, in just a few weeks coming onto this site.
        Fortunately, my anti-virus hardware locked them down and killed them. I don’t believe in coincidence. Makes me wonder if someone is out for me on this site. Oh well.

        • Probably not on this site, but if you go to music sites, social networking sites, or gaming sites you maybe re-infecting yourself. That’s where most of them are deployed by the hackers, because those users are the most gullible, and there are so many of them. So said the IT pros, anyway. I may be behind the times – retired 3 years ago and don’t talk to the IT guys at work anymore.

      23. Look at the crowds scrambling for guns. Then think how it might look if the crowds were after the last shipments of food instead of guns.

        Everyone in the gun stores seemed well behaved. At least, I didn’t hear of any Black Friday type free-for-alls. Interesting, isn’t it?

        • guns have a way of making ppl polite. lol

        • Totally different crowd of shoppers.

      24. There will be a sick copycat to Sandy Hook, then say goodbye to black guns forever.That will be parts, magazines, attachments , transfer rights ,everything . Saw this coming three years ago.
        The 2nd amendment relates to hunting as the 1st amendment extends only to poetry.

        • Think it’s coming out of Langey?

          • Nope, just pure old fashioned random events that we now have a govt. which will take advantage of for their own ends. Obamas buddy said it plain and clear about never letting a crisis go to waste. The fact that he was re elected pretty much tells the tale that we are probably past saving as a nation where the law means anything.

      25. Did anybody actually see the donnybrook between Piers Morgan and John Lott on TV? (I don’t own one.) Judging by what I read, the evidence against gun bans is so strong that the only tool they have to try to get any more is hysteria.

        BTW how is it that Morgan is even employed? I read that he got booted out as editor of some British newspaper for publishing faked “news”.

        Karl Denninger has another great post up as of 5:00 EST Saturday.

        Join the Second Amendment Foundation of you haven’t already. NRA is hopeless. La Pierre is as miscast in his role as Don Knotts would be if he tried to play Winston Churchill.

        • You know the other person has no real argument when they start calling you names.

          I think the name is Piss Morgsn, while we’re name calling.

        • The Old Coach

          Larry Pratt is a good guy but when he goes into see a US Senator he says, “Larry who”?

          It’s about political muscle via the vote and that’s the muscle the NRA harnesses. Speeches are nice but largely ineffective. Too bad we don’t have Neal Knox and Aaron Zelman around anymore.

          • Not to argue but having been involved in gun issues where Larry was involved,Ive yet to hear anyone ask “whos Larry?”…just sayin

          • Did I mention Larry Pratt? I thought I asked about the John Lott interview. Yeah, GOA doesn’t get the traction that SAF does, I’ll grant you. Did you think that Pratt was SAF? SAF’s main man is Allen Gottlieb. Go look at the SAF site. They’ve got lawyers, and they’ve put ’em to work. Even the NRA is playing catchup. Suits me. While the media hysterics are focused on the NRA, the SAF will have cleaned their clock and left a note.

            BTW I remember Knox, too. He talked big, but he was no kind of lawyer. Or politician, either. A darling of the carport commando set, was all he was.

      26. Please read Matthew Bracken’s ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, in three volumes. He lays it all out just about how it is happening.

        As with PATRIOTS and other such novels, Bracken allows for the success, ultimately, of individual liberty against the State. Still, for 2 and 1/2 novels he has hit the nail on the head.

        • Amazing how accurately he foresaw what would happen. His books are must reads to get an idea of the game that is unfolding. Financial collap[se is coming soon I would guess by June. All kinds of things are going to be confiscated not just guns.

      27. The people are voting with their pocket book.

        I’ve been saying that before a congressman, senator, president, supreme court justice, governor or mayor of a major metro can take office that they need to attend a boot camp that emphasizes the constitution, ethics, honor and duty. A real boot camp without the luxuries that a high ranking office holder now expects so they can learn humility. Then if they violate the oath of office, there’s no excuse, just a firing squad.

        Nation above party.

        • They already do attend a boot camp….Tel Aviv prior to anouncing a run for office!

      28. I pulled this off Jon Rappoport’s site to share here. It’s great verbal “ammo” to have in an argument. The mentally impaired gun grabbers need to be put in their place, even though they don’t “get it”.

        “Why are fanatical gun grabbers PSYCHOTIC?”

        “What is the nature of THEIR mental disorder? In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the gun-control forces are on the march. Ban this, ban that, go after the Doomsday preppers and bitter clingers. The gun grabbers don’t respond to the obvious charge that, when honest people have weapons for self-defense, they can, in fact, defend themselves and stave off crime, harm, and death. This point doesn’t make a dent.”

      29. You know damn well where this is going …..need I spell it out for you …….either resist or …..or… know what’s next

      30. The same SCUMBAGS who hate guns and want yours have no problem being protected themselves by them …….that’s why liberalism is a mental disorder

        • Funny you should mention “that scenario”, Rich.

          …a few years back, I read where gun banning advocate (jew)Sen. Chuckie Schumer, possessed an AR-15 & keeps it in his DC apartment!!!

          …naturally, he has some “special-waiver” allowing him have such terrible weaponry….inside the perimeter of a “gun-free zone”…..

          ….see the NRA for details!!!!!

          • Thats right Gunsmith. Don’t do as I do, do as I say. Now get back in that closet! DON’T MAKE ME PULL OUT THE RUBBER HOSE……….

      31. GOT AMMO ?????

        • Never enough.

      32. You know, I’m not going crazy trying to get my hands on a AR before they ban them because I ALREADY HAVE WHAT I NEED. Just like food… when the shit hits the fan and food stores are being ransacked, I have mine already. Pretty soon, everyone in America is going to have no choice but to chose a side, there will be no more fence sitting.

        • Well said.

      33. How did they ban the Tommy guns of the thirty?
        What the difference between that and extra large Mags?

        The world been fine with out machine guns and I am sure would be fine without these guns and Mags over 10. My brother who was in Military in 70’s said all he used was mags of 10. Do not know what military uses now but I am sure we do not need any more then they use. If that.
        When the deers start shooting back and wearing armor clothing then I can see these gun till then. Why do we?

        • 2nd Amendment is not about hunting.

        • Their not for deer dear.

          • And technicnaly, they didn’t “ban” Tommy guns or automatic weapons. They did, however, make you register and pay a special “tax/fee” to own. And then banned the manufacture, import(but not ownwership of) of autos after 1986( I may be a year or so off).

            Now, you can still buy a “pre-ban” as they are called, automatic, and own it legally. But you will pay easily over $15,000 for the priviledge. Those guns are very valued by the owners.

            So folks look at that situation, and Viola!, you see the sales you see now. Ain’t it cool to learn the facts?!!

            Always remember. Guns have 2 enimies. Rust & Politicians.

          • Deer Fear Dear

        • @gwynmarilyn.

          The military uses 30 round magazines. Want to consider BELT/BOX FED WEAPONS? 200 rounds per belt.

          I hope they ban all guns like your HIGH POWER SNIPER RIFLES. Your 7mm .243 .270 all your 308’s Your 150 gr. to 220 gr. bullets. Soft points that are against the Geneva Convention of War. You ban ours than ban them all. Hunt with a dam bow and arrow. Give me the dam cross bow too. Why do we? (Need them.) You have to ask That Question?

          • Who are you to decide what other people NEED?

            Buffet doesn’t NEED billions, so you and your crowd should just take it, I guess? You don’t NEED your whole income, so I will take the part I NEED.

            Most of will never NEED a gun. Those who do NEED one will need it very badly, and will not have the luxury of time to ask for permission from people like you, who deem themselves the arbitors of what others need.

            • Bob – I will use this short paragraph for a long time. Thanks for putting into a clear, unquestionable point.

              ‘Most of will never NEED a gun. Those who do NEED one will need it very badly, and will not have the luxury of time to ask for permission from people like you, who deem themselves the arbitors of what others need.’

              ’nuff said. Period.

          • Oh! so you think your hunting rifles and assorted ammo are more important than anyones military style weapons. RED thumbs down. As long as it don’t involve the taking of your guns, you don’t care? Guess you didn’t like the in your face truth? Then why should I fight for your guns after they take mine?

        • gwynmarilyn:


        • gwynmarilyn

          Read the Federalist Papers and get back to us. You will hopefully be sufficiently educated to understand the intent of the Second Amendment.

        • fuck off, idiot. read a book once and awhile.

        • If the State and some of my fellow citizens feel we no longer need semi autos, then i want a divorce.
          The reason i have my firearms, in case the unresonable men come for us all.

        • @ gwynmarilyn. When the New Madrid, San Andreas, or the Cascadia fault breaks, WHICH THEY WILL GUARANTEED, you and others IF you live near the hundreds of miles of rupture zones, you will wish you had an AR-15 or similar weapon when the roaming rape gangs come around. Did you see what happened with hurricane Katrina? Well, this country and very few if any countries can withstand a true natural disaster. I can describe what a 9+ earthquake will do the Oregon and Washington, or what a 8.1-8.4 will do to southern and central california, or what a similar earthquake on that very hard and dense old rock would happen with the New Madrid.

          Don’t think this can happen? You have seen what several minutes of shaking did at a distance to Fukushima, try right on top of where the earthquake waves hit the surface. It is called a 12 on the modified mercalli scale of destruction of an earthquake. The government won’t be there to stop the crime for days, weeks or months. YOU BET YOU NEED MAXIMUM FIREPOWER IN SUCH A SITUATION. I have many other scenarioes that would lead to total collapse of a region or the country. Try this one on, a plague out of India stronger than smallpox, no vaccine, highly contagious. The planet is way overdue for a natural hard core pandemic. You would need something like an AR-15 in the aftermath.

          You are on a site called SHTF plan, this deals with TRUE disasters, not the easily recoverable ones you are so use to. Don’t ever underestimate what Mother Nature can do EVER. Mother Nature can flatten society within an instance, and you bet you would need some serious weapons after this to have a chance of survival. YOU BET THERE ARE TIMES AND CIRCUMSTANCES THAT YOU NEED AN AR-15 or similar model. Don’t let that English bum piers confuse you with his English bunk. England is several times more dangerous than the U.S. for violent crime. In fact England is more dangerous than Washington D.C. the most dangerous crime infested place in the U.S.

        • gwynmarilyn,

          There are still about 240,000 legally owned machine guns in the U.S. in the hands of gun owners today. When last did you hear of an actual machine gun being used in the commission of a crime in the U.S.?

          The last one I can recall was the North Hollywood bank robbery shootout in February 1997 in Los Angeles. Almost 16 years ago! That is how incredibly rare an actual crime involving a machine gun is.

          You would have a FAR greater chance of being killed by an idiot driver texting while driving than being involved in a machine gun related crime. If this is what you’re afraid of, it’s nothing more than paranoia.

      34. Liberals are mentally deranged. Don’t try to reason with them.

      35. gun prices sky rocket …

        checked around been watching on-line the last 4 days and the prices of most online guns for sale went up by 20% to 50% across the board … thats if you can find any for sale .

        ;0) makes me smile knowing so many folks have woken up to reality and are arming up to protect themselves and fight the nwo globalist criminal AmeriKan traitors .

        gives me hope .

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • Think what true paperless, private sale SGW AR are going for right now. I am thinking about a new Mercedes for Christmas.

          How about off book Glocks. With a supercharger.

          Oh how fun the shows can be.

        • Hey Nina, Where’s The People’s Friend? The attorney general of New York. I want to file a price gouging complaint!!

          This ain’t right. F*ing gun stores taking advantage of the situation in “our time of need”.

          I’m waiting for FEMA trucks to roll down my street and throw off cases of 223/5.56. (real brass please, not that crappy belarus steel shit) What’s a brother gonna’ do??

          People suffering here. Help, help… i’ve fallen and ..i.. can’t ….get……up ..!

          • @RICK ;0) … YEAH exactly ;0) FUNNY how that always appears to be as it is … Never around when you need them … unless they can some how profit $$$ from it personally politically .

            Ya’ll haven’t seen nuthin’ yet … soon Guns and Ammo will be worth their weight in Gold !!!

            Keep buying AMMO !!!


            GOT ENOUGH AMMO ???

            ~N.O. ;0P

      36. @ Old Coach ~ Thank you. I am a dinosaur though.
        I never go to music sites, or gaming sites. I do not have Facebook, My Spot or My Place or whatever it is called, I do not have Twitter. I do have a blog but it is out of the main stream and you have to login and create a username and password. The blog is for fanfictions, as I love to read fictions about Harry and Draco from the Harry Potter series. I would sh*tcan my telly, but it serves a purpose for the weather channel and I like to watch the ghost buster shows. I can’t be totally 100% dependent on the internet, I’d lose my mind.
        My cell phone is a verizon flip think that is 100 years old. I have a small color tv that is with a remote that is old. It works fine, and does not have the antenna.
        It is not plasma, or platlet, or whatever the new fangled lastest is. A few years ago I caved in and purchased a 27
        inch plasma television. I am purposely behind the high
        technology times. I don’t need to pay a $30 data base on a new cell to point it at the stars and look up constellations. I quietly prep., love books and reading,
        and looking at my life, I am keeping it simple. I have alway walked to a beat of a different drum anyways, per Henry David Thoreau. I am well groomed, well dressed, and was raised to be a lady. I have some friends that could be counted on one hand, I am very loyal and giving,
        but after being burnt a few times, if a friendship is one sided that person can go fly a kite.
        ~~~ As far as Pier Morgan goes- Please Google his name and read what comes up. His ineptitude in the journalistic and media in England had his a$$ thrown out of his Native Country. England Hates Him. CNN ought to be drawn and quartered for having this bumbling fool spout drivel to the american people. Thanks for listening and sorry this ended up being so lenghty.

        • Heard CNN hired Piers because he speaks and understands Yiddish swell.

      37. Fear the government that fears your gun.

      38. Santa took me to a gun store today and bought me a new Bersa Thunder .22 plus some extra mags for it. He’s taking me to a gun show tomorrow for some other goodies then to the range to test out the Bersa. braveheart

      39. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

        A home invasion robbery suspect died overnight when he jumped out a second-floor apartment window, apparently after his intended victims opened fire on the alleged intruders.

        The incident happened at an apartment complex on Lancashire Circle near Stone Mountain.

        Channel 2 Action News reported that a couple with two small children live in the apartment, and exchanged gunfire with the suspects.

        One of the suspects jumped out a second-story window to escape the gunfire, and hit a tree before falling to the ground and dying, according to Channel 2.

        A second suspect was found several miles away in the parking lot of a shopping center on East Park Place in Gwinnett County, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound.

        • Damn that murdering tree! Its gonna have to come down!

      40. Hello all, and merry Christmas. I don’t post much, so I figured that I would get it in now.

        For those of you who have been having problems with Trojans, I have a couple of suggestions.

        First, download Mozilla firefox. Go into options, then security. It will ask if you want to be warned when a site wants to install something into your browser. Check yes and accept.

        I also have McAfee. But to back it up, I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. You can download it for free from C-net, or buy the pro version for about $25. I have the pro version, and I scan the computer with this regularly. It will quarantine anything it finds, and you can delete it from your computer. It will also tell you before you open a link, or something you downloaded, if it is infected or not. My anti-virus doesnt do that.

        I also have a free app from C-net called c-cleaner. I run it about once a week, and it deletes a lot of things that clog up your computer. Temp files, cookies, recycle bin, lots of other things will be deleted when you clean your machine.

        Hope this helps someone!

        • Get ESNET. It puts the others to shame. Stay off Facebook is also good advice however it is not as much of a problem as it was. When the time arrives various govt. entities will be installing things on your/my computer and there is nothin we can do about it.

        • @ Emily. It should read piers buttcracked again and again. I don’t see how anyone with an ounce of sensibility in their soul could EVER pattern themselves after this loser, and/or after the utter and absolute pure failed justice system of England. There are a whole bunch of starry eyed high on cat urine or frog lickers out there that feel taking away ALL self defense will make everyone so secure. Like everyone walking around with big smiles on their faces, skipping, and playing grab butt with each other.

          I am so ticked off at the utter insanity of taking away people’s right to defend themselves that I have to make some humor about all this. I was reading about England’s self defense laws and they were frightening beyond the word. It was like seeing something from another planet, NO scratch that people on other planets cannot never be that sh^& stupid. Those imbeciles ban pepper spray. Pepper spray has saved countless people from very serious dog bites. Help me on this one, how can any country be so close to have total simpletons running the government, and not be invaded and took over. I mean Hitler would have won Europe in a day if England back in 1940 was like it is now.

      41. I have been so upset about this gun rights issue and what happened to all those poor children that I have neglected looking at the earthquakes that can kill tens of thousands or more. There was a 4.7 west of The Macquarie Islands on the 19th and I didn’t think anything of it, till I just plugged in some past events that have occurred after this area gets a 4.5+ quake. Here are some alarming results.

        In the past 40 years this area has been hit with a 4.5+ ONLY 16 times. Out of those 16, 15 times a 6.5+ earthquake has hit within 15 days. 94% of the time. The Vanautu earthquake was 6.8, so this is now 16/17 times or still 94%. Out of these 15 times in the past there have been 2 or more earthquakes 11/16 times or 68.8% of the time. So there is a 70% chance of another large earthquake within 15 days of Dec.19 or JAN.3.

        Here are the areas to watch out for based on previous areas hit after the area west of the Macquarie Isalnds has had a 4.5 quake or larger.

        – Alaska, especially the Aluetian Islands
        – Northern Argentina and Chile up to Ecudor
        – Eastern Indonesia to a little west of the Internation dateline.
        – Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India area
        – Greece and Black Sea region
        – California again, World Series quake was one example
        – Southwestern corner of the Caribbean plate

        Magnitude about 6.7-7.6. Could be a little larger as in the past the 2ND earthquake was usually bigger out of those 11 times. Two of them were 8.0 and 8.3. As more earthquakes present themselves the chance could go up from about 70% now.

        • Oh, don’t worry about the earthquakes anymore. AFter they stop all the violence by banning guns, I heard that they are putting together another task force ( headed by AL Gore) and are going to ban earthquakes too.

        • BI: so to sum up it seems as if 99% of quakes is most likely to hit all them Stans and Cans and Kommies(kalif) areas no. What type world will be left if so many non white nations is gone?

          How will we cope if so many mexiCAN and pakiSTAN type countries aint around? Pray we can all find a way to do without them all. Will need find others to pass out national welfare to eh.

      42. Look at those Alex jones worshiping sheeples. LMAO

      43. Scenes from an anti-gun rally in an eastern US city…

        “Stop the violence! Stop the violence!”
        ‘What are you folks protesting, exactly?’
        “We demand an end to gun violence! This has to stop!”
        ‘And how will your rally accomplish that?’
        “First we must get these dangerous assault weapons off the streets. Then we…”
        ‘Wait a minute. First, what is an assault weapon? And second, how will you get the criminals to give them up? Is legislation going to do that?’
        “Well, in my opinion, an assault weapon is one that,… that… I don’t know exactly. It just looks different that the ones John Wayne used in the movies.”
        ‘And how will new laws get those guns out of the hands of criminals?’
        “The government will make it ILLEGAL to own them! Don’t you understand?”
        ‘No, I guess I don’t. Isn’t cocaine illegal? Yet some people still use it. Isn’t cheating on your taxes illegal? Yet some folks still do that, too. Isn’t speeding illegal? Yet most folks still speed when they’re in a hurry.’
        “Yes, but this is different. We MUST get these military style guns off the market. It’s for the safety of our children.”
        ‘Do you let your children watch violent tv shows? Do they play realistic violent video games? Do you feed them prozac, rather than providing love and discipline? Do they eat chemical laden foods, full of preservatives and genetically modified stuff that may drastically shorten their lives?’
        “Look, you are obviously some right wing gun nut! You wouldn’t understand anything! Now, get out of my face or I’ll hit you with my sign!”
        ‘Oh, I think I understand quite well. You don’t really care about kids, even your own. By the way, who’s watching them while you’re out here? You don’t have a clue about what an ‘assault’ weapon is. You only wish to express a strong emotional feeling, no matter how irrational. And you don’t really mind violence at all. As long as you’re the one giving it, not recieving it.’
        “Hey everybody! We got a gun nut over here! Let’s all hit him with our signs!”

        • News Update! Okie sustains minor injuries at anti-gun rally! Dozens of protesters set upon him with ‘stop the violence’ signs and ‘give peace a chance’ placards. He recieved a slight laceration to the forehead before Butch, his chihuahua, fought off the attackers and dragged him to the safety of his truck. Film at 11…

          • @ Smokie Okie. You are kidding aren’t you? I mean you didn’t actually get around these starry eyed radicals did you? I would always take a group of NRA supporters in the worst moods imaginable right after BO banned most guns, than a bunch of hopped up on God knows what thinking that anyone that doesn’t agree with them is some evil ogre. These anti-gun extremists are so high on condensed air (huffing) from aerosol cans that they would actually see you and me as a real live ogre.

            I have upset myself so much over the shear stupidity of these anti-self defense wackos trying to make this country into the England model that I have not even looked at trying to further pinpoint where the next earthquake is going to occur. I went through all these records on crime in comparison to England and the U.S. and it was shocking to see. England is a complete hell hole cess pit for violent crime because they took away everyone’s self defense. There are less murders but several time more rape, assault, and robberies in England than in the U.S.

            These idiots that try to take away ALL of our self defense don’t even look at the raw statistics of what happen when you disarm the honest citizen, and then what happens when you take away practically everything, like pepper spray. More animals attacks for one thing that lead to serious medical issues. Tell me Okie, how can these tunnel vision anti-self defense extremists be so incredibly stupid and not be locked away safely in some zoo? Please with your unique and very humorous wit, please explain this to me and others.

            • Everyone stop. Take a breath. All this emotion will make you miss your target. Forgot which rule number that is.

          • 11:00 pm NEWS Update! This just In!! Smokin Oakie, that trucker who was viciously Attacked by a severly Rabid Crazed crowd of idiotic half-baked Liberal antiguners eairler this afternoon.

            Has returned to the crime scene, with his semi truck and 53 ft flatbed traveling Gallows trailer!…WitLess’s at scene describe what happened next for our fox viewers.

            “Gee it was scary! First this oakie dude rolls up and locks his airbrakes up…Came screechin to a full stop. Then all a sudden…6 Huge other guys jumped out from his trucks sleeper cab!…And they ALL had Black Rifle…Guuuuunnnnssss!!! Oooooo I got scared so bad I wet my pants!

            Then the 6 huge mean men grabbed the antiguners ring leader and some old bitch named sara brady or something like that…And grabbed 23 More protesters. Then they wrapped nooses over their scrawney necks and strung em all up!…And that Oakie dude he just calmly drove away with 25 former antigun assholes swinging side to side!”

            That Oakie guy yelled out his window he was going nationwide to exibit it to Other cities antis as a warning!

            • What happen to Butch?

            • My new theme song: John Anderson’s ‘Just A Swingin’

          • Oh Smokie you made me chuckle.

            My old git of a chi (who lived till he was 18 btw) stopped me getting mugged/molested a few times when I was a youngling. He specialised in biting the balls and achilles of ANYONE he deemed a threat to me. Was well funny to see him run UNDER a “big dog” nip em in the privvies and under the nearest bush. Still miss him.

            Tiny he was, stupid he was not ; ) I used to be a decent distance runner, so between us we got out of some potentially dodgy city situations over the years. I’ll never be Bruce Willis, but I don’t have to try.

            It’s brains will protect you more than anything when shtf. Knowing to call “fire” instead of help, to ACT when those lil hairs go up on the back of your neck.

            The natural reaction to serious danger is

            Of the 3 “freeze” is the instinctive reaction that is usually most likely to get you killed. Practice geting your body to MOVE when you find yourself in any kind of situation that induces stress till you train the “freeze” reaction out of your muscle memory. Jiggling your little toe is enough.

            Practice people watching & increasing your situational awareness – make it a point any time you enter a store or public building to mentally clock at least 2 alternate exits to the route you entered by. Do it till it becomes second nature and you do it so discreetly that not even you realise your are doing it.

            Then move up to identifying potential weapons within your environment, as you go about your daily business. Even the demo perfume spray at the department store counter can be used as a substitute for pepper spray, or as a mini fire spray if you are quick thinking. My Dad had a way of rolling a newspaper such that I’ve seen him taking out some nasty thugs when I was a little girl by using it like a martial arts baton.

            It’s harder in England to defend yourself in theory, than in many parts of the US, but not impossible if you always remember that the greatest weapon of all is the grey matter between your ears.

            In other news. The son was looking for guitar tunes to learn on youtube today. Leonard Syknners “GOD & GUNS” came up in his search as censored on the UK site. Serious moment of cognitive dissonance followed for me.

      44. @Be Informed:
        From the BBC: Copahue volcano eruption puts Argentina and Chile on alert.

        Might this be part of your forecast?

        • @ Unclebill. It sure would connect wouldn’t it. Anytime there are plate collisions like in this region, volcanoes are bound to be an issue. Earthquakes can help rupture an area around a caldera. It is no coincidence that previous times after this region in the Macquarie Islands had earthquakes that the central South American plates started to fire up. The southern portion of the Australian plate seems to have a lot of bearing on all the other major plates on the planet. Just look at all the 5’s today all over the place.

          Yes, I would say that these areas I have given would also be prone to volcanic activity along with possible large earthquakes. Will try to narrow it down as more activity presents itself.

          @ geesh. Yeah really, al gore the last one to see what happens when you go up against the NRA. Remember, these whack jobs don’t just want to ban guns, they want you, I and everyone to be as defenseless as possible. Just look at the states and cities that prohibit stun batons and tasers in the U.S. These devices save people all the time from getting bitten severely by dogs, yet these places have taken on the European idealism of taking away all self defense and empowering the criminal. You wonder what planet these anti-protection nutsos have come from.

      45. Maybe theri little trick backfired on the Dumb Ass’s. Maybe ther are arming Americans faster. Just to prove once again that goverment f*^%s up everything they touch!

      46. I have been keeping an eye on this for better than 20 years. The writing has been on the wall for a very long time. I don’t think the .gov will be able to disarm us, but that is damn sure their intention. Without firearms, the gov’t can do to us as they please. When it boils down to it, our founding fathers were considered traitors by England. Really, all they wanted was freedom and to be left alone by the government.

        However, greed and corruption have taken over our political system and they fear that sooner or later, the citizens will be completely fed up and take matters into their own hands. Our founding fathers were wise way beyond their years. They experienced oppression first hand, and the banksters and crooked politicians (which includes all of them) know this, and the only way they can have their way is if they disarm the populace. We have been going to hell for 80 years, and the only way the .gov can take it all from us is if we are disarmed and defenseless. Our country is wrecked. They have squandered every last dime and have been pilfering the rest from where ever they can “borrow” or steal it. Everyone here should be well versed on UN agenda 21. It is already happening, and I personally know someone who has been affected by it.

        Yes, gun crimes happen, and I find it abhorrent, but people also get killed by hammers, shovels, cars, homemade explosives, knives, frying pans, etc. Personally, I would rather be on a more level playing field. That being said, I don’t want America to go all to hell as I have young children. But I am afraid we are past the point of no return. It sickens me. For United States citizens that are too dumb to see what is going on, well, I guess they should wake up and smell the coffee. But they won’t. It is a damn shame that we have let a great country get in this shape. I firmly believe that most Americans are on the same page, but we have the “hand out” crowd that should not be allowed to vote dictating how the rest of us should live by handing over our last dollar in the form of taxes so they can be non productive, and what they don’t get for free, they rob, murder, and the like. It is shameful what has happened. Most of the rules/laws passed by the .gov go unnoticed by the general populace for the simple reason we work for a living and don’t have the time to see just how the .gov is pulling the wool over our eyes until they have absolute control over us. That is not what America is made of. Those of us here are what America is made of. Hard working, God fearing, family oriented “real” Americans.

        We are in deep trouble to say the least. It is shameful that things have evolved into what they have. I pray for each and every one of us. God help us all before we end up like China, that is if they don’t take us over first.

      47. Get over yourselves folks. There is a predictable and inflexible bell curve after every gun violence atrocity. The gun laws don’t essentially change. People standing in line today to pay $50 for a $5 magazine, for example, are a little obtuse. Six months from now that magazine will be back to $5, all hysteria having subsided. The cruel irony? Nobody cares enough about those little kids to actually do anything and that, in turn, begs the question what is there meaningfully that can really be done?

        • …begs the question what is there meaningfully that can really be done?”

          Ban pharmaceutical companies that manufacture psychotropic drugs and the psychiatrists the prescribe them, to the 90% of humans that shouldn’t be on them, for starters. Coincidently, 90% of those involved in mass killings are on psychotropic drugs. It’s totally out of control.

          • Beyond the Ten Commandments, banning this and banning that is no solution for much of anything. Government activism (i.e bans) are 98% of the time another word for special interests using the government’s strong arm to secure profit for themselves. Economists call it “rent-seeking”. Others call it corruption.

            Psychotropic drugs have their uses. Probably 98% of people who take them do derive some benefit, and don’t go crazy. The small percentage who do go nuts will probably go nuts anyway. Sadly I have seen this up close and personal. By the Grace of God it wasn’t my own kid.

            Latest on this Newtown shooter is that the mother told some acquaintance that she was planning to commit him, and the acquaintance turned around and told the kid! I don’t generally use strong language even in private, but in this case I hope that asshole rots in Hell for being that monumentally stupid. Or evil.

            I’m not defending all uses of psychotropics. Using them to stupify active boys for the convenience of school teachers and administrators is IMHO indefensible. It makes bright kids stupid, and may mask symptoms in kids who do have a serious problem until it’s too late to help them.

        • I imagine thats what some libs would have posted before clinton signed the last ban if there had been forums like this back then, our country also wasnt 16,000,000,000,000 in debt with 25% REAL unemployment

      48. The fact of the matter is that nobody can show me even a single instance of a school shooting in the 1800’s when:

        -there were no background checks

        -there were no age limits

        -there were no waiting periods

        -there were no arbitrary gun restrictions

        -guns were much more easily accessible to kids

        -gun safes practically did not even exist

        -gun locks did not exist at all

        -lever action guns in skilled hands can fire almost as fast as a semi auto AR

        Even with all of the omission of restrictions on gun ownership during this time period, still not a single person can show me even a single instance of a school shooting during this time.

        It’s the culture stupid……it ain’t the guns.

        And the Second Amendment was never about duck hunting or target practice; it was about stopping tyranny from taking hold. The Founding Fathers were very clear on this and this can seen in their opinions (“it is the duty of every man to at all times be armed”-Thomas Jefferson) The Second Amendment was meant to be a checks and balances, so to speak, similar to the three branches of government. It was precisely designed to act as a Sword of Damacles, which hangs over the head over every single politician.

        “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”-Thomas Jefferson

      49. If I were to hear about SWAT teams kicking in doors to confiscate guns, then every Federal employee, politician, and facility becomes a target. It just took the British marching on, and threateaning to confiscate the arms from Lexington and Concord to kick off the Revolutionary war.If it comes to another civil war in this country the gloves will come off. Anyone on the gun grabbers side will risk their lives and the lives of their families.Obama and the pols will hide in the deepest shelter they can find and surround it with a couple of batallions until we dig them out and put them on trial. .gov just doesn’t have the resources to win this one as many in the military will turn against them. Any country that sends in UN troops will pay the price later. And any hard core liberals will be seen in the same light as Nazi collaborators were.It will take a long time for our country to recover.Remember, it took over ten years to win our now squandered freedom. This is not something I’m looking forward to.

      50. I have the bushmaster xm-15 same model alledgedly used in the murders, i purchased it in may of 2010, for roughly $1,050. After taxes, i saw earlier today, same rifle going for $4,000. Wow, i made a good investment i think.

        • someone
          please tell me why the head of the state police got on national tv and said,,”he had only two hand guns and there was a bushmaster type weapon LOCKED in the trunk of the car,,”i also saw on tv at the time someone being dragged out of the woods in handcuffs,,and a short shot od someone on the floor inside the school handcuffed,,now its all changed,,,,,


      51. I was in Idaho a few days ago, and I had time to go see the Hermit. He lives high up in the mountains, in a little cabin back in the woods. The hike up to his place takes about 3 hours, but it’s worth it. He’s a gruff, grumpy old guy, but he has so much profound wisdom to share.

        ‘Hi ya, Herm! How you been?’
        “That’s Mister Hermit to you, boy. I been fine…. til now. Whatdaya want?”
        ‘Oh, I just came to talk. I need some advice.’
        “Forget it! I ain’t givin’ nobody the secret to the lottery numbers. Took me 12 years to figure it out, and I’m keepin’ it to myself!”
        ‘Oh, no. I just need your help to make sense of the world. Everybody seems to be crazy these days. I mean, how can you explain the irrational actions of so many people. Folks who don’t think-‘
        “I don’t have to explain it! Besides, you just answered your own question. It’s folks who don’t think. Or can’t think, maybe. Makes no difference to me. I just avoid the whole sorry lot of ’em.”
        ‘But, Mr. Hermit, you’re the only one I know who has the answers. You know everything! Please, tell me how to cope in this mixed up world today.’
        “Look, sonny, I got lots of answers. But not all of ’em. Only God knows it all. Now, I’ll tell you what. You’re a pain in the neck to me, but I’ll take pity on you and give you some advice. What do you need, more than anything?”
        ‘Well, uh… I guess I need peace of mind the most. How can I find true peace of mind in this crazy world?’
        He sat for a long moment, scratching the stubble on his chin, “Sonny, I can’t give you true peace of mind. At least not the kind that lasts. But I got the next best thing.”
        I was elated! ‘Great! Just tell me what it is. I’ll be eternally grateful!’
        He stood up, grabbed his walking staff, and stepped off the porch. “Better to show you than just tell about it. Bring your thermos and follow me down to the still…”

        • Smokin, You sir are the funniest writer I have read in a long time. thank you for your small shots of humor in these terrible times. You should write a book. I would be the first to buy.

      52. None of my guns are “on the street”. They’re safe at home with Daddy feeling all loved and snuggly and warm, and safe from the racist gun-grabbing Liberal Neo-Stalinists.

      53. With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’

      54. Just a thought from someone that doesnt leave posts on any websites,Dont feed into the frenzy Just Prepare.

      55. Somewhat off topic but still part of the overall subject matter. I’ve been trying to figure out what “REALLY” happened at Sandy Hook. This “chilling article (I say chilling because of the conclusion the author comes up with) is a must read for anyone in the same boat as me, who wants answers. The last few summarizing paragraphs put into perspective what we are potentially dealing with, regarding our present administration, and how far they will go to “Control” us.

      56. In case the statist lib loons haven’t got the memo, any ban or further restrictions on gun rights will be ignored.

        From the former Constitutional militia leader who broke Fast n Furious scandal:

        “Whatever bill passes, if it passes, and it contains any of the above we are obliged to disobey it — obnoxiously and flagrantly. If they ban hi-cap magazines, we must make more, sell existing ones openly; if they ban private sales, we must hold our own no-check gun shows; if they ban even one type of semi-auto military pattern rifle, we must build our own “assault weapons” in contravention of the odious act. We must anger the powers that be to the point where THEY come at US. No Fort Sumters on our part. Let them kill us if they want to work their will upon us. After that, and only after that, it becomes the time of 4th Generation Warfare and One Hundred Heads.
        And, although this is not the way to bet, if we make all that plain ahead of time, perhaps they will get the message and back off. May God grant it to be so.”
        — Mike Vanderboegh



        Směrt Špionam

        • You are absolutely correct! The people in office have NO BUSINESS banning any weapon or magazine. There is enough laws on the books already. It should STOP RIGHT THERE and go no further.

          I have come to realize almost every leader you have in authority for you have some kind of mental illness and, again, have NO BUSINESS telling ANYONE WHAT TO DO.

          We have no choice but to IGNORE them and that means the system MUST BE RESET because of bad choices we have made.

          Listening to them WILL GET YOU KILLED. Sort of like animals lovers (people) swerving to miss a dog and end up getting killed while the dog (mentally ill politician) just scampers away unharmed.

      58. A $5 Lamp Powered Solely by Gravity

        WORTH A LOOK – same concept D I Y adaptable here in america from children’s toys , rechargeable batteries and led lights .

        GravityLight harnesses the power of gravity to provide a realistic alternative to kerosene lamps. The $5 light requires no fuel or batteries, and it takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight which powers GravityLight, creating 30 minutes of light on its descent.

        • Interesting gadget, but it’s a misnomer to say it’s powered by gravity. The energy input comes from whatever did the lifting.

          • @TheOldCoach … Excellent Point ;0) … gravity could be replaced by other sources forces of movement – renewable energy such as flowing water , air flow , poured sand , wind-up steel spring , magnetic pull and push energy generators , steam , molecular heat induced energy , etc etc

            We are only limited by our unused imaginations and lack of knowledge of how to apply the natural forces which surround us all in our daily lives .

            ~N.O. ;0P

          • * @TheOldCoach … Excellent Point ;0) … gravity could be replaced by other sources forces of movement – renewable energy such as flowing water , air flow , poured sand , wind-up steel spring , magnetic pull and push energy generators , steam , molecular heat induced energy , etc etc

            We are only limited by our unused imaginations and lack of knowledge of how to apply the natural forces which surround us all in our daily lives .

            ~N.O. ;0P

      59. Impressive…

        In South Africa, white people rushed to hand in their weapons during the amnesty periods and rushed to comply with the Firearms control act. Even today you get moron gun owners who sneer at you if you criticize gun control

        Americans seems to be doing the opposite.

        You got balls 🙂


        • Well, it’s not over yet. Only time will tell in our case. I wonder if the pharmaceuticals might be causing these people to kill?

      60. This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion (or something)…well, that applies to the last four or five years in general…

        …but two Noveske Gen 2 stripped lowers (consec serial numbers) just sold on gunbroker for $2626.

        Absolutely unbelievable.

      61. A friend has tried looking for a rifle of sorts. He has called several Cabela’s and other stores, and nothing is available. It appears the panic is on. I bought a new rifle two weeks before the Newtown shooting, so I got in just under the wire.

      62. Future gun owners….Ugly missed the boat.

        I am selling sling-shots at half price. They come with a bucket of rocks. Dont worry, no long lines….

        • @ Ugly. I have gotten those slingshots up to more than 500 feet per second. BO and these other anti-self defense extremists will eventually try to ban those like they have in England. Did you know that tasers, stun guns, stun batons, and pepper spray are regarded as firearms in England? These pro-criminal groups are trying to turn this country in England because they have only 35 murders a year. Yeah, and several times the crime rate over there on practically everything else.

          I know you were making a joke, but these idiots regard ANYTHING that might harm a criminal as inhumane. They rather have your daughter raped and then let out the pervert because society made him that way. It is called a revolving criminal justice system that puts the citizen that carries a knive for protection in prison for 2 years in England, and lets the rapist out in less time. This type of f’en injustice and pure horse vomit upsets me so much. It is like watching a bunch of individuals that have been given lobotomies deciding the future of freedoms for the citizens.

          • Be Informed….I am actually a Capitalist. Today my sling-shots are half-priced. 6 months from now when all guns are gone, my sling-shots will triple in price.

            Sooner or later you will shop at Ugly’s Storehouse

            My sling-shots come in three colors (red, white, and blue) for all those good Americans hiding from the UN Peace-Keepers convincing the gullible Americans into FEMA Camps for free soup.

            I also have anti-drone helmets. When a drone flies by and nails you with a GPS signal, you simply push button on helmet and it re-sends signals of reruns of Lawrence Welk. An immediate deterant.

            I also have anti-NATO signals. When you are hiding in a cave and notice a NATO person looking in, just push speaker that yells profanities in Russian. They will recognize you as a friend and continue looking for those Americans not in FEMA Camps.

            Let me know if you want a catalog.

            • lmao!

            • Hey bud, you gotta develop an incendiary marble for those slingshots o yours, that would be pretty funny, some donky ATF fucker laughing at you pointing a slingshot at him then he goes up in flames, maybe paintballs with a chemical core that when mixed with the outer gel it spontaineously combusts at like 4000 degrees

        • Slingshots are illegal in NJ, imagine that? I guess I’ll have to use a chicken leg to defend myself, uncooked of course.

          ATF State Laws and Published Ordinances – Firearms Page 298

          e. Certain weapons. Any person who knowingly
          has in his possession any gravity knife,
          switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto, billy,
          blackjack, metal knuckle, sandclub, sling-shot,
          cestus or similar leather band studded with metal
          filings or razor blades imbedded in wood, ballistic
          knife, without any explainable lawful purpose,
          is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree!!!

          • @ YankeeDoodle. Thank you sir, you have just proven my point to a tee that these extremists are trying to turn this country into England justice system that has several times the crime rate than the U.S. These radicals want to take away EVERY bit of self defense we have so we are as defenseless as a toothless, clawless, half blind, almost deaf animal that any predator can easily pick off. Talk about these radical retarded liberals trying to throw everyone to the lions.

            If these liberal radical cretins are not the stupidest “people” alive, I would be afraid to see what is more ignorant. Oh yeah, the muslims that yeah allah u ackbar before blowing themselves so they can go get their 72 virgins in heaven are stupidier, but not by much. Thank God for the remaining free states, one in which I live in.

            • Hopefully their 72 virgins will all be fat, hairy, old men!!!

          • Do Not travel in or near ANY major city with said chickin bone!…Beware some monky ape dis-bones you so he can install it into his nostrils…Or his Ho uses it as a hair roller.

            Aint no Thang! Buta ChikinWang!

          • I grew up in Jersey until I left for college in the 60s. Never went back. Tennessee laws a much better. I’ve got a carry permit. Try that in NJ!

      63. BI, it’s OK about not tracking the seismic activity lately. Like you, we are all up in arms over the gun control issue. I’ve said this numerous times before and it still bears repeating. Gun confiscation will work only if the owners give up their guns. NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS TO ANYONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Self-defense is near and dear to my heart as much as it is to everyone else here. Our rights come from God, not from anyone’s manmade government, and they are not negotiable. The US government makes it clear by their words and deeds everyday that they have dishonorable intentions toward us. The only reason for DHS to have ordered billions of rounds of ammunition over the last 3 years is to prepare for war against the American people. Funny how the MSM is covering the booming business in gun sales but won’t say a word about the governments preparations for war against us. True, the 2A is not about hunting, it’s about protecting ourselves against a tyrannical government. Not one manmade government, going back to the Roman Ere, ever had good intentions toward the people they ruled over. Not one nation anywhere on this earth was created peacefully. People, we are on a collision course with war between us and the government and there’s no turning back. We must all rise to the occasion and fight to stay alive; surrender is not an option; there is no safety in surrender. I, for one, am ready to stand and fight, and if need be, die to help save my country from tyranny. I suspect it will be “UN peacekeepers” who Obamanation gets to try gun confiscation, especially Chinese. Why would the Red Chinese regime officially demand that we be disarmed? Because of our alleged debt to them so they can come in and take possession of our country? Send the “yellow peril” on in; I’ve got a lot of bullets with their names on them. If I see foreign troops on my streets, it’s game on; they are fair game. nobody asked us if we wanted them here. Best wishes to all. braveheart

        • @ Braveheart. I am sorry for getting so upset, but I cannot stand it. These suckers want to turn this free country into a 1984 type hell. They want to turn the U.S. back into England and take away ALL our self defense and have us walking around not even able to defend ouselves against animal attacks. I even wrote an article about how they are going to try to take our all our self defense away and sent to Mac, I hope he liked it, I was so upset about the garbage they are proposing.

          It is only to first step of taking away assault rifles, it will be hand guns next, then non lethal devices to protect yourself. They have already banned stun guns and tasers in 8 states and DC. These devices save more people from animal bites than anything. It is horrible to behold. They want to turn freedom into enslavement. They want to empower the criminal and give vicous animals free range to bite and mangle people. It is so upsetting to see any country take away people’s rights as a life form to defend themselves. It is inhuman.

          When Manos told me about Greece that you cannot even engage an attacker even with your fists I started to wonder about certain humans de-evolving into some type of hybrid baboon or something. How can people be so stupid and throw logic and common sense right out the window like yesterday’s garbage. I write when I am upset. The earthquake map is more fired up than I am.

          You are right about the yellow peril. I say you next maximum firepower with what is coming in the geo-physical world if you are close enough to it when it happens. It does help to write, the more support that freedom has talking about it, the better chance of it not falling.

        • End up at 201 Poplar fool !

      64. Okay everybody here is some positive news that I was thinking about gun rights that at least offers some hope.

        First 30 out of the 50 states are governed by a republican that is likely to support gun rights.

        I don’t like what junior did to the economy, but Bush did appoint a lot of pro gun rights judges around the country.

        The supreme court is more pro gun rights than against, but I still don’t trust Roberts as he is highly unpredictable.

        Politicians still remember why Al Gore lost, in his home state of Tennessee especially, he went after gun rights like a crazy man.

        Other than the AARP, the NRA is just about the most powerful organization in the country.

        At least 1/3 of the population are gun owners, that is a hell of a voting block.

        Republicans still control the house.

        Politicians have seen what happens in revolutions around the Middle East, this why it would be a gradual chopping away at people’s gun rights, like they are chopping away at the constitution. It likely won’t be immediate sweeping, maybe enough time to stop congressional leaders from doing too much if the 2014 election gets close enough.

        I believe that if the government demands that someone get rid of something they have to give some reasonable compensation for it. Spending billions on a gun buy back might not sit too well with many in congress, as the country already is near bankrupt with a out of control debt.

        It could take awhile for courts to rule on the 2nd. amendment and define what is dangerous with guns, again to get close enough to the 2014 election calendar.

        I know these are just hopefully thoughts, but at least these offer a chance of avoiding the government taking some guns, only to eventually take almost all guns and then your almost ALL self defense away from you also.

        • B.I

          I’m sorry to say I have zero faith in the “so called” 2nd amendment gop..that’s a fat 0!

          They are wolves in sheep’s clothing…trust none of them!
          When the bubble bursts economically, they will vacate to their well guarded retreats..and vacate their oaths to the Constitution and all the amendments as well.

          These same so called 2nd amendment asshats are the same ones who voted for the NDAA /Patriot Act etc etc..and many gop types have come out in the last few days supporting a federal ban on “assault” weapons..

          Just saying…


          • @ possee. I know, I don’t trust politicians either, but I had to come up with something that seemed positive about this. Actually what Jeff said seems to have some validity that people have short attention spans and will forget about what happened and be right back to same old. This is why what ausprepper said is so disturbing, that there will be a false flag right before some voting is done, something far more horrible than what happened to Sandy Hook. Sickening as this sounds.

            I do know that the congressional members from my state are big time gun supporters and it would take a lot to have them vote against firearms. However you bring up a good point, some gop’s are breaking ranks on this. As of Jan.4 it is 55-45 in the senate, and 201-234 in the house. It only takes 5 gops to go along with the dems in the senate, and 17 gop’s in the house, and then gun owners are pretty screwed unless the supreme court can save us.

            I keep thinking that there is going to be some breaking news very soon of some catastrophe. I think it might come from over in Syria and the Middle East, or a true disasterous earthquake. Just look at the above forecast in which the Black Sea was mentioned and then this morning there was a 5.8 there, later downgraded to a 5.5 or 5.7 depending on the seismic source. This region has not had anything here this large for years. This is way it works, you find what has happened before after a sub-polar or polar region is hit to see what is coming. At least nature goes by predictable patterns, people and freedoms and rights to bear arms, who knows. All we can do with this is speculate and hope for the best.

            • if you are expecting a worthless piece of shit like the supreme court to save you you are already done, they were bought out and are traitors a long time ago

          • they have ALL perjured their oaths of office by allowing all of the unconstitutional gun laws to be written and remain in place……..turds.

        • Very nice find, thank you!!!

      65. Have my sign ready to post on the front door… “If you’re here for the guns, you’re going to need more men”

      66. I think I once read that only 10% stood up during the War for Independence. I’m afraid that you will find, that not nearly that many will stand up for Freedom next time. And most of those people that ran down to the gun shop to buy a black rifle, just did it so they can own one before Big Brother stops us from being able to get them. When the Schumer Hits The Fan most of these people will be nowhere to be found. I have found out in life, whenever you decide to take a stand, you better be prepared to do it by yourself. Talk is cheap. Hope I’m wrong but I think there is a lot of it here.

        • MT –

          10% participated in some way, 3% actually engaged the British & supporters… my guess is that the 10% who will stand will be treated initially as are any other regime policy dissenters: first with scorn, contempt, mocking then the gloves will come off once there is sufficient turmoil produced by provacateurs, i.e. the lsm and pseudo-religious leadership… there will be raids, confiscations, arrests even “mistaken identity” shootings all with the intent of “sending a message” to the rest who would resist…

          pray for the best, prep for the worst

      67. Be Informed! 2014 will be no savior for us.That may well be the end of any Republicans in control of anything. The “Parasites” have and will out reproduce or should I say out procreate or out breed the working class. They have more time you know!

      68. My latest theory:

        Something that I thought about today and the more I think about it, the more it kind of almost makes sense.

        We are looking at this all wrong and missing the fine print/writing between the lines. The whole gun control scare is just a red herring. It is being used to scare us into panic buying and arming as many citizens as possible.
        The reason behind this is that the only way TPTB can fully take over, suspend the constitution, declare martial law, etc. is if there is a civil war or a revolution that they must suppress.

        The UN and the other govt’s of the world will not allow country-wide oppression to happen against a country full of unarmed people. They NEED us to all be armed and rise up AGAINST THEM because if we revolt then they are still seen as the good guys doing the right thing and putting down a revolt by a bunch of crazy preppers and psycho-patriots. Instead of oppressing and massacring innocent citizens they are simply stopping the evil dissenters from overthrowing their holy government.

        They WANT us to be armed and rise up because then their slaughter and oppression would be justified.

        If you want to start a fight and not get blamed for starting it, you make sure that you don’t look like you’re picking on the poor defenseless little guys….you make sure that it appears that your opponent was the one who started the fight.

        • The gun issue is probably a red herring to change the focus from the fiscal cliff. Economic issues seem to have disappeared from the news lately. However, that doesn’t mean that the threat is entirely nonexistent.

          If gun control is passed and they start coming for guns, one of the ways to fight back is to turn in the names of people who supported the initial ban. A few SWAT raids on the anti-gun people with no guns to show for it will change the tone of the situation.

          I am sure there are other creative types of misdirection that would make life more difficult for TPTB. Most of the arguments for just fighting it out are direct but not very creative.

          In other countries, people have found some unusual ways to make a statement. A journalist did an airdrop of teddy bears into Bulgaria to promote freedom of speech. (Too bad it is too expensive to air drop guns into an area. Wouldn’t that get people worked up?) In Poland, people would go for walks outdoors with their televisions in strollers to show that they were boycotting the nightly news that was full of government propaganda.

          Guerilla fighting is hard to defend against and that fighting doesn’t necessarily need to be with physical weapons. Much can be gained with creative thinking. Even a few viral youtube videos could make a difference. They might even be more effective at winning people over because they can be done in a way to bypass some of the automatic gut responses to the issue.

        • None of that matters, forget about PR.

          What matters is if you can win.

          Simply put, you have to kill more of them than they kill of you.

      69. The NWO UN ZOG FED COMMIE GOV Non-offensive Night Before Christmas – Larry the Cable Guy . ;0) ” Get Er’ Done !”

        NO MOE’ ” HO HO HO ! ” ;0p

      70. US Bank Run Imminent as FDIC Expanded Deposit Insurance Ends Dec 31st

        * $ * WARNING * $ *

        With the media fixated on the fiscal cliff, no one seems to be noticing the fact that the FDIC’s expanded 100% coverage for insured deposits ends January 1st, 2013.

        Submitted by SD Contributor AGXIIK:

        As of January 2013 the FDIC stops offering 100% coverage for all insured deposits. That amounts to $1.6 trillion in deposits, 85-90% deposited with the TBTF mega banks. Once the insurance ramps back to $250,000 the FDIC risk amelioration offered to large depositors will cause them to flee from the insecurity of the much reduced FDIC coverage. This money will rotate immediately into short term Treasury securities. The treasury, in order to handle this flood of money, will immediately offer negative interest rates. This financing will resemble the .5% negative interest rate offered by the Swiss and Germans on the funds flooding to their banks from Spain, Greece and Italy.
        This will be a bank run much larger than the Euro banks flight to safety.

        see link below …

        • Coverage only ends for “non-interest-bearing” accounts. That means escrow accounts, and certain types of commercial checking accounts, Lawyer Trust Accounts and the like. Your savings, interest-bearing checking, and Money Market accounts do not fall under this change. This is actually a good thing. FDIC was meant to cover individuals’ personal accounts, to protect people, not the business transaction accounts that the big corps run for day-to-day expenses. The corps had discovered a dodge whereby they could break up multi-million-dollar accounts into hundreds and hundred of smaller accounts to qualify for FDIC coverage. I hold no love for Dodd-Frank in general, (it did not re-instate Glass-Steagall rules, which it should have done). There’s a lot of scare talk being floated about by people who are pissed off that their little scheme has been unravelled, but in this case Dodd-Frank did the right thing. FDIC cannot, should not, and never was intended to become a bailout tool for speculators and arbitragers.

          • That’s what TARP was for. bail out the banks and it is still going on. Why do you think the stock market is not eight thousand points lower.

          • account hundreds of thousands of dollars seized.

            Gerald Celente has a terrifying story. He had his account with hundreds of thousands of dollars in it, just stolen, seized.

            Based on his experience, he (quite reasonably) suggests that every American’s bank account and investment account is at risk.

            His argument is simple…if they can seize his account…and he’s a relatively big shot….how can any America think that their accounts are safe?

            see link below …

            ~N.O. ;0p

        • The central planners will most likely “create”another multitude of worse case scenario to keep our eyes off this wrecking ball come 2013….

          I don’t even have 250 frn’s in the no run on my part..


        • wheres the link nina?

      71. I really wish people would stop using the term “high capacity magazines”. A 30 round magazine for an AR rifle is standard capacity.

      72. The preacher man says it’s the end of time
        And the Mississippi River she’s a goin’ dry

        The interest is up and the stock market’s down
        And you only get mugged if you go downtown.
        Cause you can’t starve us out
        and you can’t make us run
        Cause we’s them ole boys raised on shotguns
        We say grace and we say ma’am
        If you ain’t into that, we don’t give a damn

        We’re from North California and South
        Alabama nd little towns all around this land !

      73. I see them taxing the ever livin shite, regulating, and tracking AMMO so closly that it would render your shinny new toys to EMPTY works of SCRAP metal….just a thought!

        • {I see them taxing the ever livin shite, regulating, and tracking AMMO so closly that it would render your shinny new toys to EMPTY works of SCRAP metal….just a thought!}

          That’s why ‘black market’ was

      74. I for one have never known how to make my own bullets and probably need to learn but they can make it to where buying ammo like candy can be to expensive or hard to attain….Am I at least half right guy’s ??? It’s like having, a Porch with no gas, peanutbutter and no jelly, yin and NO yang !


        hey … does anyone know how many operational tank battalions are at fort carson , colorado springs , colorado ???

        And how many operational tanks avg per battalion ???

        thank you for any info provided .

        Also how many US Air Force Fighter Squadrons TYPES OF FIGHTERS and A-10 WartHog Squadrons ARE IN COLORADO ???


        THANK YOU FOR ALL INFO PROVIDED … ummmmmmm ;0P … it’s for a school project for my kid in kindergarten .

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • apparantly there is alot going down in colorado nina. the UN is already in place and occupying national parks in colorado. I would assume all of what you asked are in colorado.

          • @eeder … If “we take” colorado … the rest of the country all of north america will fall in line .

            We don’t even have to go near the east OR west coasts to Take Control of AmeriKa back from the ILLUMINATI NWO UN ZOG FREEMASON BILDERBOYBUGGER GLOBALISTS .


            COLORADO IS THE KEY !



            ~N.O. ;0p

            • Coloradan here. I’m curious to know more.

              • @ScoutMotto … in a nut shell an secret organized patriot movement of “one million” freemen american patriot veterans is going to take control of the state of colorado by seizing control of the key military commands located through out colorado’s various military bases including the secret d.u.m.b. base beneath the denver colorado international airport which is connected to most of america’s other command d.u.m.b. bases shelters , some key state capitals and washington dc through under ground train tunnels .

                that is the plan … we take control of colorado to take control of all of north america … now we just have to recruit train and execute the plan .

                WE TAKE COLORADO … to TAKE BACK once free AMERICA from the Illuminati Globalists and their NWO UN ZOG Zionist Fascist Commie Freemason Banker minions !

                COLORADO IS THE KEY … pass it on .

                ~N.O. ;0P

                • Is this because Denver is the unofficial “back-up” Capitol?

                • “including the secret d.u.m.b. base beneath the denver colorado international airport”….I have so much fun reading these boards. LOL!!

                • New World Order- The Denver Airport Conspiracy Uncovered.


                  On the surface, Denver International Airport seems like any other modern airport. It’s new, it’s clean, it’s big, and it’s modern. But some investigators have found more to it than meets the eye. Much more.

                  Claims abound that Denver International was designed and built by the Illuminati as the headquarters for the global genocide that will trigger the New World Order.

                  Here’s an overview of the basics. According to the conspiracy theorists, Denver already had a fine airport, Stapleton International. But despite widespread protests, Denver International was built and opened in 1995, with fewer runways, thus reducing Denver’s capacity.

                  Its construction began with five mysterious buildings that were completed and then buried intact, with the cover story that they were “built wrong”. Up to 8 levels of underground facilities are said to exist, and workers who go there refuse to answer questions about what they do. The entire airport is surrounded by a barbed wire guard fence, with the barbed wire angled inward, to keep people in, like a giant prison, not out like at other airports. And if viewed from the air, the runways are revealed to be laid out in the shape of a Nazi swastika.

                  Questions about what the government might be doing in this underground base may have been answered in 2007, when fourteen commercial aircraft reported spontaneously shattered windshields as the presumed result of electromagnetic pulses.

                  Indoors, the airport gets even stranger. The Illuminati appear to have detailed their plans for global genocide and a New World Order in two large murals. The first depicts a huge Nazi soldier with dead women and children scattered around him, and the second shows Third World populations dying, a few elite species protected from the apocalypse in sealed containers, and the Mayan symbol for 2012 presiding over all. In the floor near the murals is written “Au Ag”, the abbreviation for the deadly toxin Australia Antigen, evidently the Illuminati’s weapon of choice to accomplish the genocide.

                  see link below …

                  ~N.O. ;0P

                • I remember former Denver mayor Federico Pena saying “the country desperately needs this airport,” meaning the new DIA. It was a load of garbage to foist on everyone a political boondoggle that many believe to be laden with skulduggery.

              • I encourage you All to CREATE Form Recruit your own Free American FreeMan FreeWomen Patriot Chapters in your own Neighborhoods , Towns and States .

                Get Organized Educate … LIVE BY “THE CODE” , SET AN EXAMPLE for others to FOLLOW .

                Eventually … in time we will hold a Free American Constitutional Convention in Montana for all the individual chapters Ambassadors to meet .

                It is then we will organize and coordinate our final plans to TAKE BACK AMERICA FROM THE ILLUMINATI NWO ZOG FREEMASONS !

                Till then organize recruit prepare locally with folks you know and trust !

                Be patient … prepare .

                ~N.O. ;0p



        I one week he was responsible for moving every assault rifle and high-capacity magazine in America, from gun shops and stores,to peoples homes.


        Be Brave

        • Yep, and with the current mind set of the elite..we aint going to be giving any of them back!

      77. So I just watched an interview with the gal from Autralia who helped to author and implement their “semi-auto assault, scary looking” gun buyback program. The interesting part to me is, guns are not totally banned. They are extremely regulated in all ways, though.

        The second most interesting fact; The buyback involved 700,000 long guns. And I do remember reading it went way over budget, $500 million, I recall. But 700,000 here in the US wouldn’t even cover the rusty junk laying around!

        They also always omit the 2nd Amendmant. It is unique in the world. A very tricky obstacle to navigate. Atlanta’s Mayor tiptoed around the subject. You just knew what was going through his head. Hemmed and hawed a little. Not like Phillie’s Mayor, who dove right in. ” Assault weapons first, it’s a start”. Mayor Atlanta cringed when the camera came back to him. ( oh, and Mr.Mayor, it’s the Brady Bill, not the Grady Bill. Must have had Sanford and Son on his mind. )

        Now, while watching this closly, here’s my take; B.O. is a wiley cat. He is a Constitutional Law Prof. after all. He is keeping his distance. Using Joe is right up his alley. He lets his minions take the fire. He NEVER steps into it. No ideas or plans come from his lips. He knows this trail is full of landmines and ied’s. And deep down, he knows he can’t do this “clean”

        Now, to the “most people want restrictions”. Tough. We’re not a democracy. It’s not majority rule. We are a Constitutional Republic. And making changes to the framework is not easy. Not impossible, but not easy. If you want to change the Bill of Rights, go for it.

        Never let a crisis go to waste. And watch BO, he’ll keep a good distance on this one.

        • “Now, while watching this closly, here’s my take; B.O. is a wiley cat. He is a Constitutional Law Prof. after all. He is keeping his distance. Using Joe is right up his alley. He lets his minions take the fire. He NEVER steps into it. No ideas or plans come from his lips. He knows this trail is full of landmines and ied’s. And deep down, he knows he can’t do this “clean””

          I must disagree. I don’t think he’s a “wiley cat” as you put it. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say he isn’t very intelligent when it comes to “Constitutional Law”. Did you see the video/youtube/movie “Dreams from my Real Father”? If not, you must. If one believes the premise of the “documentary” one will realize the guy is a fake and his schooling was not what we were made to believe. He was “ushered” through various institutions by signatures, only. They were grooming him and knew what he was good at. What he IS good at, no, great at, is ACTING. He’s got the program to program (those who he is speaking to) down pat. Without his telepromter at times he is literally lost. Have you ever heard him speak, without his telepromter, on Constitutional Law for any extended periods?

      78. Remember to never give them anything they can use against us all! We need to remain calm . We need to remember this is a battle of ideals and not just about guns. Be extremely Careful what you say as all these sites are monitored heavily. If and when it does happen we have to be to be in the “right” so to speak. They would love nothing more than some idiot Rambo type doing something so that they can make even of a draconian move. Encourage everyone you know to exercise restraint and use there mouths to fight by educating people on the facts about Gun control. This is about controling the people and nothing more. Lastly remember that operational security is of the utmost importance.

      79. “Michael Moore: Americans’ desire to own guns stems from racial fears”

        So if I understand this disgusting and perverse fat slob correctly, the subhuman savages who savagely assaulted my 78 year old father in front of our old house in the diverse sewer known as NYC, and put him in the hospital (while calling him a “White Motherf*cker”), were only expressing their “justifiable” anger against his role in the slave trade, even though our family came to this country only in 1911.

        Likewise the dozen or so adolescent apes who cut the penis and testicles off a kid in my neighborhood for FUN — HE was the guilty one, because of his white ancestors’ historic oppression of negroids (even though, his family had immigrated from POLAND two years before the attack, and he barely even spoke English).

        As Clausewitz said, war is the continuation of politics by OTHER means. It looks like the time for “other means” will be arriving SOON.

        • Never mind the fat rich puffy white dick.He’s a fat flabby liberal goon surrounded by armed people.Limosuine liberal.

      80. @Mac,

        Congress & the Executive branch took an oath to uphold
        the Constitution. Can someone not file impeachment proceedings
        for anyone supporting measures against the 2nd Amendment?

        • AR Sheepdog: Consider many who take such oaths will likely claim 1st amendt religious grounds for NOT obeying oaths or promices…Heres why…

          Many such as schumer or finestien are Tribe(jew) and as such Their talmudic beliefs and TEACHINGS, is they say a Prayer once a yr at Yom Kipper( new yrs) which is called “Kol-Nidre”(sp?) and that prayer acording to Their religious beliefs Absolves the jews of ANY/ALL oaths and promices made last yr and for upcomming yrs in Advance!

          In other words its a prayer to allow jewish folks to LIE!

          BUT Only lie to “gentiles” aka ALL Non tribe(jew)..

          Pure facts here not anisemite nor racists…Factual Truth is all…Search it out all who claim otherwise!

          This is main reason for last 20 centuries most nations of gentiles never trusted their groups….Good policy eh!

          ps. not certain?…But I think the prayer must be recited 3 times to take affect so to speak…Either way its a Licence for jews to LIE to all Us gentiles.

          Now go count how Many in congress and senate and surrounding prez are of Their group!…Liars!..Swinlers!

          who believe God approves of it all!!!!!!!

      81. BI, like I posted last night, it’s OK. I’m just as much up in arms on this issue as everyone else here. It’s only a matter of time before things finally get to the wire. MT, I’m sure all of us are wondering how many gun owners will stand up and fight when TSHTF. We won’t know for sure until it hits. Still prepping and hope everyone else is. Braveheart

        • braveheart: 8-10% will fight. But in the end EVERYONE will have to fight, sooner or latter.


      83. Somebody needs to say it so here goes: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!! How about all us good guys get our white hats ready? Cause when the SHTF starts it will be hard to tell… can you say Helter Skelter or even spell it? Happy Holidays to All – Celebrate like these are the good old days because its looking that way. Peace be with you.

      84. @ John W. – You are 100% right. Here is Mark Dice’s
        As you Watch your TV, Your TV is Watching You.
        The same with LapTops, even when the Laptop is in the UpRight position and turned off, the screen Can Still Watch You. Spooky, Frightening Stuff. Big Brother is not far away, and I Hate it. I will go check out ESNET.
        Thank You.

        • Just remember that all the anti virus software is written with code that the NSA can use to get around the anti virus. The ability of the NSA is impressive. Which as long as they are doing what they are legally tasked to do is fine, however the Patriot Act/NDAA has turned them into a potential instrument of tyranny.

      85. Well what do you expect , we are on the verge of another civil war . Thinking people want to remain free and have the means to defend themselves . Yes , it is possible that the hype is blown all out of proportion , but with things the way they are and the thinking the way it is ……….why take the chance .

      86. Hard to imagine how many new “criminals” passing illegal laws could create..
        And these would be the worst kind of criminals!! Criminals that are fighting for their homes and feel backed into a corner with nothing left to lose..

      87. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said only the federal government should have “high-capacity” gun magazines, saying, the “state ought to have a monopoly on legitimate violence,” Wednesday.

        How about that for tipping his hat? only the state can have the ability to have certain weapons and capacities, and deliver the violence..

        is that a come on?

        • Amazing how America has a short memory span.

        • He said what almost all “public servants” think. What was left unsaid was that he thinks ANY violence committed by the state is “legitimate”.

          Why does this not surprise me (the admission, not the sentiment)?

          Do the OWS crowd (who are almost universally opposed to private firearms ownership) really think they will not “share the love”? Hey doofi (is that the plural of doofus?), I am not just protecting myself from tyranny, but you as well.

        • another fucking lard ass weighs in……..turd factory.

          • “Nadler the wadler” I directed that toward.

      88. O/T
        Peru’s capital highly vulnerable to major quake

        link below

          • @ VRF. I know you have family down there, and I would be concerned after the earthquakes on the east pacific rise and that one in the Macquarie Islands. 4 times in the past after Macquarie has had an earthquake there has been earthquakes in the South America and Central America area. Each quake was 6.9, 6.9, 6.7, and 6.6. This is why I gave these areas as danger zones until Jan.3, 15 days after the Dec.19 precursor earthquake. Please watch the east Pacfic Rise, this the western section of the Nazca plate. When you see more action here it means the Nazca plate is on the move and there should be earthquakes along the western South American coastline.

            As you can see this region is good for predicting earthquake, the Macquarie area, as it was pointing to the Black Sea region and sure enough they had a moderate quake there this morning. The USGS is not as stupid as people think, they know where earthquakes are more prone and Peru is one of them, big time. They just don’t know when. This system I use is still pointing to the South American coast and unless there is some change, it will continue this year.

            The entire South American west coast down to about 45 degrees south is capable of not just a 8, but a 9+. Not to frighten you, but I could see almost anywhere along here hitting up to the Chile 1960 quake of 9.5, maybe even 9.6. As you have probably seen, it takes a hell of a collison with the plates to have the Andes mountains that jet up practically right out of the sea. There are some massive pressures that build up here. I wish I could find some records of earthquakes before the 1960 Chile earthquake, it would be interesting to see what lead up to it, really interesting.

            • Thank you much *BI* we will be in contact with them thru the holidays , we will give them a heads up.
              wishing you and yours a safe and happy holidays

      89. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,

        But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      90. The virus warning has been happening to me as well when I am wanting to access AJ site. . . thankfully my computer has stopped it. . . .it is definitely happening. . .

      91. On Meet The Press Wayne LaPierre had the dialog below. David Gregory scoffed at LaPierre’s assertion to have armed guards in schools. David Gregory was flip with his reply. If he did not think armed guards were necessary to protect him he would have servants not armed security. Your classic elitists, I’m protected, screw you and then laugh about it.

        “Hoping to hit host David Gregory close to home, the NRA’s LaPierre asserted, “Most of the media, they’re protected by armed guards.” Yeah, sure, that’s true: In peaceful moments, I ask my armed guard to DVR any shows I might miss before we go out together to buy coffee.”

        This stuff does not happen in Israel.

        • Why is it ok for these morons to allow armed guards to protect their money at banks, but not to protect their children at schools? Most college campuses have armed cops, why not public schools?

      92. The stupid ladies pushing for gun bans do not even know about guns.

        Pelosi referred them to “automatic magazines” and Soledad called them “automatic guns”.

        That is why you do not make women your leaders, or children like obama.

        We were warned we would have women and children to lead U.S. because of our sins.

        These two ladies if they succeed in disarming America and lead to a Chinese and Russian communist hordes attacking U.S. with impunity once on our soil then using Muslims to finish U.S. off. All because of these two scatter-brain women who cannot even refer to a gun part right?

        Are you willing to give up your life and be savagely killed, your women raped because of these two stupid women? Who will probably end up like the rest of U.S they are so stupid!

        • @ Bimbam. These cave women of course don’t know anything about guns, they just know they make a big noise, and big noise scares cave woman. Cave women want man to carry club and slingshot. No wait, if you are in New Jersey they will put you in jail for sligshot or club. Cave woman wants man to get jumped by other cave man and not be able to defend himself, but to call out for policeman that won’t be around. Cave woman still wants no one carry big club or boom stick.

          Someone help out there, how have these idiots become so stupid? How? Pacifists that believe you should be hurt, raped, or killed rather than “trying” to defend yourself against a criminal scum that will hurt many more. These f’en liberals call themselves compassionate, yet they don’t even respect victims. The criminal is more valuable because they have had a rougher time of it. Some victim that has hurt no one should let the criminal get away with it without defending yourself, the criminal has suffered enough social injustice. AHHHH! Someone give these radicals a brain, shock their brain into sense, or lock them away in some zoo where they can scold each other for throwing fecal material at each other.

          Sorry people, I can’t stand stupid like this coming from these anti-gun/ anti-ALL self defense extremists.

      93. Everyone needs to check out the following article. Direct link: People, this is a backdoor plan they may try to use on us. Psychiatry is nothing but garbage. There will be nothing legitimate about this. Psyciatry was a major tool used to deal with dissidents in the old Soviet Union. Whenever someone was diagnosed as having “anti-Soviet hysteria”, they were thrown into a mental hospital and drugged against their will. If something like that starts happening here, it will be game on. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. They want to use ANY and ALL excuses to disarm everyone that has a mind and free thinks for themselves. In one words, preppers. You are right, excessive preparation will be regarded as paranoia or as some sort of collector or something. I can see a new article written that says instead of preppers are socially selfish, preppers are socially insane and not responsible enough to own firearms. Now I am mad again, as once again the good guys that prepare like the fables of the grasshopper and ant, get the bad rap, again.

          I tell you, these suckers don’t just want to take away our guns, but they want to restrict everything just like England and make people as helpless as possible to crime. The more helpless a person feels the easy it is to enslave them. I lived in california and you had to be careful what you carried, what a manure pool. They want this all over the country, make everyone feel helpless. I just calmed down, now I am thinking about this tyranny coming. I still say we need to know, and thank you as always for links to more information that we all need to see.

        • I have been saying this for a few years now. It started with the VA using PTSD to disarm vets, and now with 0bamacare requiring all medical records to be electronic, the ATF and FBI will be able to troll the databases. If you have ever been treated for addiction, depression, anger issues, etc., the sheriff will show up at your door and demand your guns. Do not go to a doctor for ANYTHING other than extreme illness or trauma. They also always ask my wife and kids if there are firearms in my home every visit. I wonder why they never ask me????

          • Sorry, Vets!!! No offense intended, just poor typing!!!

      94. Of course they are for killing people. The second amendment was intended for us to keep a free state, which means killing commies and fearful perps who try to destroy our Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, and our country. She fears because she knows she and her liberal buddies are responsible for the destruction of this country.

        • I believe the ONLY place in All 3 main founding docs IE: Declaration+BOR+US CONT…where the words “Necessary+Security” can be found is in the Second amment! “being NECESSARY to the SECURITY” of a Free State,..

          There IS a reason for it…It IS the MOST imporatnt right bar none. As without security can be zero freedom or liberty. Its all tied into this.

          We will never convince libs by aruments nor facts nor truths nor logic nor common sense…Period.!

          We now arrived at we got 2 choices…Avoid em like a deadly plague….Or…You all Know what else is left!

          Forget #1 IE avoid em..We tried for 50 yrs now!

          Not sure of laws now?…When I was younger to be a real commie was Illeagle! and for good reason!

          Still is in MY mind!…A kommie or a kommie by ALL other names(progressive libs etc etc) is a deadly enemy to Everyone on Our side…There can be no other attitude.

          Too many folks are brainwashed by what Glen Beck spews when he rants on of how we Must remain Non violent like Martin Looter Kings so called “peace” marches(which Always ended in severe apelike violence).

          Folks like Beck and his ilk cannot understand there is a huge difference in types.

          Beck alwasy says “never allow anyone of your group to even speak of ANY form violence, because if you do it Will make your group NO different than the violent libs or union thugs etc”…

          WRONG!!…Our group will NEVER be the same as their side. For us to say we may need resort to violence to COUNTER Theirs is not “makes us same as badguy side”…Beck is a Whimpy crybaby hiding behind False crap.

          Use of “Good” violence like cops against evil perps is not evil or bad…IT IS GOD ORDAINED! IE: Power of use of sword is God granted to the Authorities…Thats WE the People in usa!

          We are supposed to do whatever it takes to Twhart evil or criminals etc…And use weapons where needed! God even says so! (romans ch 13 entire chapter) Read it withOUT fog in mind placed there by wolves as pastors who use it to convince you to “OBEY” state govnt no matter what evil law passes!…WRONG as can be!

          But how many Today believe such?…What pastors and folks like glen beck has taught as Truth is downright deadly to good law abider folks…DEADLY! and WRONG!

          No matter what we do or don’t do…WE will Never be like “Them”…They are mental deranged misfits…And if only room in america exists for ONE?….Its NOT Them!

          I do not consider them type libs as “fellow americans”..But Rather as “KOMMIE Enemys”…enemys of the state and individuals like Us. Deadly enemys. Very deadly if allowed to Fester like the puss filled sore their side collectivly is.

          Do you give Cancer another chance?…OR Kill or Remove entirely?…Libs is a cancer on america taught by Bolshevik kommies here From Russia/eastern europe…

          The ring leaders are 1.5% of total Pop. Why should Our vast majority continue to allow Their small crap kommie group any more leeway?

          No, they won’t halt or exit usa till They truly Fear Us. Real Fear…The kind keeps folks awake nites and in cold sweats…Thats why we has the 2nd…To when necessary create such fear….BUT only fear in them whats intends Us evil…..Think on this stuf.

          • Oh almost forgot…The Only real solutions now are NOT in DC and Fed Gov or senate or reps and electing a better prez.

            It Is in States gov and convincing our State reps and gov’s to Reinstitute State Citizen Militias as per the US const clauses, and 2nd ammendt.

            Edwin Viera a Two phd and 2-3 masters degreed Pro fredom lawyer who has tons of articles on this stuf is at newswithviews site.

            I think hes also affiliated with web site tenth ammendt center guys…His, edwins New book which is aprox 1200 pgs in 3 volumes is ALSO now avail on CD;s formmat…

            His full explaination is the most in depth comprehensive of any ever written bar none!

            He outlines everything possible from A to Z on Why+How+How-to Again Reinstate citizen militias as the ONLY Proven True Legit method to Thwart run away tyranny of fed gov WITHOUT an actual civil war..

            He also wrote a long several volume book set on MONEY thats also as in depth as his militia stuf is.

            Hes won over a Dozen us supreme ct cases in his days as lawyer…Very smart guy well worth a reading of articles at newswithviews site…Read every article on Militias and get educated as never before Gareenteed!

            As he says If just One state will do this…Other states will be Forced to do so likewise, and it will snowball.

            States WITH sufficiant citizn Militai UNDER their State Govner is the way to stop fed orgs like atf et al in their tracks at state Borders!…And feds can’t do shit!

            Unless they really are that stupid! Go Read edwins stuf!! You wont be sorry!

      95. Idiots. Most of them probably didn’t even vote against Obama this election, yet they line up to get a gun which they’ll soon have to turn back in.

        • If you voted for President Obama, you won’t be welcome to make any purchases at one Arizona gun store.

          The owner of the Southwest Shooting Authority took out a full page ad in a local Pinetop, Ariz. newspaper that read “if you voted for Barack Obama you’re business is not welcome.”

          Just to make sure the point got across, owner Cope Reynolds also posted a sign on the store’s front door.

          “If you voted for Obama, please turn around and leave! You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

          Read more:
          Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

        • here’s a hint for ya..aint nobody handing them back in, even if they did buy them with their snap cards,,lol

      96. I am 100% for complete and total automatic (select fire)and semi-automatic gun restrictions.

        Yep, AR’s, AK’s, hell, even Marlin 60’s and Ruger 10/22’s.


        Gun control, gun control, gun control. Control the media, the video games that glorify death by firearm. What stinking hypocrits. Hollywood pleads for gun restrictions while making millions on depicting the same firearms they want banned in film and video.

        We are feeding this rubish to our kids* and reaping the harvest.

        *Kids (Obamacare sez you’re still a kid at 26)

        • Ban the poisons being “prescribed” to our kids willy-nilly. Why do we overlook the obvious connection to these “medications” ($$$$$)? There is no test to determine the “chemical imbalance” supposedly causing these “illnesses”. If we can’t test for it, how do we know when the “chemical imbalance” has been corrected?

          I think it was Matt Damon who said “I get totally freaked out by the sight of a gun if I’m not on a movie set.

          Translation: Guns are great if they help make me millions. Arrogant rich schmucks like me should be protected in gated communities and have armed bodyguards as desired, but you peons are on your own (just keep paying to see my movies).

          • Ban talmude also as Thats what teaches such arrogant Master race mindset. Too bad that pope aprox 1000 yrs ago who did round up and burn their talmude didn’t find em all eh…That stuf is 50 times worse then the other evil book of koran….BOTH=enemys to freedom for gentiles.

            If any doubt this?…Research first prior to bitching.

            As Sgt. Joe Friday would say..Just the Fact Mam,,,just the facts…

        • Been that way for decades now…. Think of Danny Glover’s Anti-NRA and pro-Brady stickers on his office walls in the first Lethal Weapon movie….

      97. “Sporting goods department, you have a call on line 3. John Galt Industries wants to know where to deliver the 60 truckloads of AR’s….”

      98. With so many of “THEM”, meaning the mindless and “totally uneducated” gun control Anti’s against us, I don’t know if we can win this one or not, but we’re going to try.

        I DO know that I WON’T want to live in the Socialist Commie country that will quickly take over IF they get the people’s guns.

        All I guess I can say is “Everybody’s Gotta Die Someday.”


        Molon Labe

        • Patrick Henry: “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined. The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able may have a gun.”

      99. It doesn’t make any sense if we just control the guns. It is the ammunition too.

        The ammo sales should be recorded personally.

        • there shouldnt be any control..the 2nd is not to be infringed..what part of that are you too thick to get?

        • WRONG! Instead lets RECORD and ID antigun antiammo fool libs ok….I know! Lets Tatoo a Permanant Six Pointed Blue Star on their foreheads for all to see eaisly ok?

          Then we progun freedom minded can avoid Your type like the evil and deadly plague your liberalizim kommie crap is ok…If a six pointed star aint kosher enough?

          Red Bullseye will suffice I rekon….

          Liberal asks: Can you guys tell me how to get to the Bridge at Concord?


          PS Back 20 yrs ago in Detroit when all them african blacks began to wear baseball hats that were black hats with a Big white X on front as a form of “Black Power” attitude….

          The Biker guys everywheres began to make/sell and Wear similar black baseball hats…But Our hats had a Big White O(as in tic tac toe x’s and o’s)…As Counter measures…(x stood for malcomx-O stood for “Other” people aka Non black)

          Once them blacks seen how Out numbered their X hats was…That Fad ended abruptly as did their black power attitude around Our neighborhoods…

          Remember its not apes nor monkys whats King of Jungle…It Is the LIONS! whos King of jungle….Sometimes seems they need be reminded is all.

      100. Very seriously off topic, but a very much needed chill. it only takes 6 minutes. My Christmas gift to those even too restless.

        Kind of a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ thing for me and I wish to share — if you need to hear beauty defined to your soul..reminded why… we breath; why we are. (bread crumb.. it doesn’t work if you have a lot of noise in your head).
        couple it with … (start here) …
        Then add on another tab:

        Now ~ close your eyes / mind and be quite for just a few.
        no peeping!

        There – might just have found a little tiny piece of whye why.
        (sorry, wee is a musician by heart and such is why I am).

        Merry Christmas. even warriors need perspective.
        No need to knock it down – just skip on by if you have no need. it’s free of charge.

        Extra hugs to Mac and family. May God bless you.

        • Trail Guide,

          Great link, try googling this one, (Lee Dewyze – Hallelujah (Winner of American Idol 2010), for me, his version is the best. The rain behind that would be fantastic as well. Thanks for the moment of sanity and tranquility.

          • @LiveFree – thanks for the point>. That is a most awesome song and one I have heard by this talented young man.

            ~..~ wee

        • Had he done what he did in Mexico he would be in jail awaiting the boot. They demand every right when they are here but do not allow any meddling by foreigners in their internal affairs.

        • I wont join facebook to be counted..we need a petition that doesnt link us to the CIA!

      101. Obama been good for gun sales eh?

      102. Pale Rider, even if it’s only 10% of all gun owners, that would considerably outnumber any LE, military, or even UN troops who are supposedly already in this country. BI, I understand ther are numerous ways to bring on a gun ban, but I have a gut feeling they may try the method outlined in the article I posted the link for. I hope not, But I think it’s a very plausible scenario. After Jan. 20, all bets will be off; that’s when I think they’ll make their next big move. Whatever percentage will stand up, I’m going to be part of it. Braveheart

      103. First Olbermann, now Piers Morgan. What sector of the American public are CNN/MSNBC trying to reach? Seriously.

      104. DailySheeple did a good article on it also. I’m starting to notice that many websites are sharing the same information.

      105. Remember the battle field is at Ground Zero D.C.…

        Here is proof the US Supreme Court can over ride a executive order. If they find it un-lawful..
        “Executive orders can be overturned by either of the other two branches: the Supreme Court can do so through a case that is brought in front of them and Congress can do so by passing legislation that would conflict with the order or by refusing to approve funding to enforce it.”

        Without digging through my books i found reliable websites online to explain it better.

      106. Wouldn’t the definition of an ‘assault’ rifle only apply if someone used a particular rifle to assault someone else? Couldn’t a baseball bat or carving knife be an assault weapon? Would that same bat or knife in one’s garage or kitchen cabinet make it an assault weapon if were simply lying there? So why then are we labeling certain types of firearms as ‘assault’ weapons just because they could be used as such. My .22 can kill someone just a quickly as an AR-15 yet no one is calling for a ban or restrictions on it. This has gotten out of hand and this knee-jerk reaction of merely mentioning a gun or gun rights being taboo is ludicrous.

        Oh yeah … Screw Piers Morgan. Deport his limey a** and do it now!

        • Ernie

          “My .22 can kill someone just a quickly as an AR-15 yet no one is calling for a ban or restrictions on it.”

          NOT YET

        • I had a chunk of asphalt used to assault me many moons ago, I guess we should ban all paved roads, parking lots, & driveways, right???

      107. Where is Our Own Free American Anti-Hero version of “Atlas Shrugged” main character – John Galt ??? ( answer : look in a mirror )

        “Atlas Shrugged” is the Prime example to what is being done to DELIBERATELY DESTROY America for Real by the ILUMINATI NWO ZOG FREEMASONS .

        see link below …

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • “Who is John Galt?”

          That question, of course, is the opening sentence of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged, arguably the first major novel written with a sledgehammer and the first (but, thankfully, not last) to drive generations of liberals crazy and in the most delicious and poetically justified way: by simply depicting a society in which liberals get everything they want.

          Read more:

      108. @ Emily. That rear end whiff piers morgan says that he can say whatever he wants to under the protection of the first amendment, including attacking the constitution. Okay, I guess it is okay then for a foreigner to conspire the overthrow of the country, because trying to trash one or more of the bill of rights is pretty close to conspiracy to overthrow the country’s basic founding principles. If he was a muslim from afghanistan they would throw him into Guantanamo Bay. Because he is a white guy from a fellow NATO member he can shoot off his mouth as much as he wants to. Also because he is a BO buddy allows him to avoid Guantanamo Bay.

        If I went over to England and starting spouting off about how terrible their crime rate is because the government have turned the people there into walking creme puffs that are totally defenseless against the criminal element they would deport me, or I would end up on some volcanic ice island of their past colonies in some cage with only penguins to keep me company.

        Big mouth doesn’t tell you just how horrid the crime rate is over in England. I wrote an article and sent it to Mac about what a nightmare it is when the state takes away your self defense. Not just guns but everything else. I sent a whole list of statistics proving that piers morgan’s claim about England being some sort of paradise is one of the biggest misnomers ever claimed on the air. England is a pure hell hole right now because of empowering the criminal that makes the English 1971 movie “A Clockwork Orange” look like a walk in the park.

        Hey everybody, how about a petetion to get someone like piers morgan that is trying to overthrow parts OUR constitution sent to Guantanamo Bay on conspiracy charges. Somebody should look up the legal grounds on a foreigner proposing the breaking up of our basic bill of rights, there actually may be something in a sort of patriot act that could get some foreigner in big trouble that goes beyond the basic first amendment rights to free speech. Free speech is protected to a point, but the dismantling of citizen’s rights to protect themselves as a citizen militia against foreign invasion, might just cross the line. Any legal eagles out there on a foreigner trying to pull apart the constitution?

        • No one in this country should have thier TV tuned to his one! unless you are a traitor yourself.

          the way to send this air bag back to the rock he crawled out from under is to ignore him completely, do not debate with not enter into interviews with not speak a work to him or answer any of his questions..completely ignore that fact he is even in the room.

          when his ratings hit the floor his own people will get rid of him because the only thing that counts in thier world is viewership and money..stop the viewership and you stop his money and his show.

          the fact that people are even talking about him is giving him un-necessary air time.

          I also believe his acts are more seditious than anything a true American could ever do, why? because he doesnt even belong its time to revoke his bullshit paperwork and send this ass bag packin.

          oh and tell him he cant take his guns back to where he comes from, or his paid body know that jack ass has guns and guards, he’s just full of anti american wind, and someone with enough standing in this country needs to poke his bubble and send his airless ass back home. …..
          Just remember , if you tune into listen, than in thier eyes you are supporting them..
          also we can deny this government anything we want.. we are the government

          • On a positive note BI..

            Here’s one for you..!!!

            AP LONDON..More than 31,400 people have signed a petition calling for British CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported from the U.S. over his gun-control views.
            Morgan seemed unfazed — and even amused — by the movement.

            In a series of Twitter messages, he alternately urged his followers to sign the petition and in response to one article about the petition said “bring it on” as he appeared to track the petition’s progress.
            “If I do get deported from America for wanting fewer gun murders, are there any other countries that will have me?” he wrote.

            on that you and all here

            Merry Christmas!!!


            • It’s 60,000 now.

        • Be informed

          Why would any federal agency (or court) respond to thrashing,violating,or trashing of the Constitution when they themselves have so eloquently done over the years?

          And the media?,,well we know that the major networks are all against 2nd amendment rights and even the so called “fair and balanced” networks owner came out for the federal weapons ban…so there you go..the House wins!!

          It’s all wrapped up so nice and tidy..isn’t it?

          And forget about any congress or senator (save a small minority)to be in favor of no weapons ban either!

          It appears it will be all left up to us serfs to stand up and shout…no!!!


          • @ possee. The legal system has been used against freedom for so long, I think it is about time someone finds a legal loophole to snare piers morgan in. The defintion of a citizen militia to protect the U.S. from another country invading or terrorism is engrained in the very fabric of the constitution. These liberal radical extremists are always calling foul that the 2nd. Amendment was adopted on the purpose of a citizen militia, then let it take down their poster child piers with it.

            Remember piers said that he wanted to see ALL 300 million guns banned. This is a foreigner trying to dismantle the 2nd Amendment with this statement alone. The patriot act was passed on the premise of cracking down on terrorist and a terrorist is defined as one trying to bring harm to the country. Well getting rid of all 300 million guns in the country so there is no citizen militia sure would weaken and make very vulnerable the country’s national security. Again, a foreigner piers morgan is, and he is calling for 2nd Amendment changes, which he has no business at all fooling with another country’s basic protections under the law of its constitution.

      109. I was at Sportsmen’s Warehouse earlier tonight. They still ahd guns and ammo, but nothing for what I have. No Glock 19 mags. No AR-15 mags. Was able to get some ammo.

        A warning to everyone: please be careful about flashing your AR-15 around. I heard from a relative today that it is not safe to take your AR-15 to public ranges. There is the real possiblity that when you exit the range, those who saw you with your nice AR-15 will jump you and make your rifle their own. Take it to non-public places out in the middle of nowhere to practice.

        • ever think about carrying a high-capacity pistol for just such an event, and make an example of the ambushers?

          • Yeah we got a bunch of geniuses around here.

            If only there was some way I could defend myself…lol

      110. Know your ZIONIST enemy America

        “I’m not israeli, the uniform that I wore in the military UNFORTUNATELY was not an Israeli uniform it was an American uniform.” -Sheldon Adelson

        “All we care about is being good Zionists, good CITIZENS OF ISRAEL..”
        -Sheldon Adelson

        Sheldon Adelson is the 3rd richest American, he gave over 10 million dollars of his own money to support Gingrich’s campaign for the Republican nomination which saved Gingrich’s campaign according to the NY Times. He declared that he stands behind Gingrich all the way due to his unconditional support, some would say subservience, to Israel.

        In return Newt called the Palestinians an “invented people” and promised to send CIA snipers in to fight Israel’s wars for them. In this speech to an Israeli audience supporting the Israeli newspaper that he owns, he declares his allegiance to Israel and gets laughs when he boasts that his son will become a sniper and operate American drones to hunt Palestinian civilians.

        If he had said this about any other country Fox News and its lackeys would call him a traitor and ask him to give up his American citizenship. Only in this case, Sheldon is a personal friend of Rupert Murdoch and was allowed to use Fox News’s “fair and balanced” phrase for his Israeli paper as a personal gift.

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • During the interview conducted by the Jewish ‘Shalom TV’ Biden said, “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”

      111. Merry Christmas to all, and may you be safe, prepped, aware, and healthy.

        God Bless

      112. We need to send emails and phone calls to the hollywood phonies that are calling for gun control to let them know if they persist, we will stop watching their movies and tv shows. Watch how fast that will stop, the only god these dipwits serve is the god of money, threaten their cash, they’ll drop this rhetoric like a catholic schoolgirl drops her panties on prom night!!!

        • From what all I read…To have a gun in isreal what they do there is…Gov trains all who want guns and in what Type handgun or uzzi full autos or ar’s etc.

          Then like our “ccws” isreali jews gets a Lic. what has seveeal “class” distinctions listed for what type gun aka full auto or handgun etc…

          BUT! None can officially “own” a gun there…Instead they have Booths set up at many varied locations throughout isreal proper. All one need do is go to a gun booth dispencery, ask for it, show lic for said type gun, tell them how much ammo needed….Get gun and go about buisness.

          Then when gun use is done, return to any gun booth location so they keep track of em all.

          I am wondering, based on so many calls from fox news types for same airport and school security measures as used in isreal, if perhaps This type plan is whats Really up their sleeves so to speak?

          That way finestien and zio pals Here in usa can keep track of Who They approve for guns etc!

          Remember even if it seems far fetched?…We are dealing with folks whos minds squirm as if infested by Poisonious Snakes!…Because They are!…Their brains never sleep, like a nest of deadly Viper snakes squirmin around in a mess inside their warped heads.

          And their Every thought is centered around Total Kontrol of ALL Others!…They sure control guns in isreal eh..

          If they did propose such a system for america?..REJECT It outright!…ZERO kontrol is it…No more.

          Disclaimer: Not certain if this is fact on isreal guns etc…I did read all of this before though and can’t now recall where?….One more Item was: Only jewsih citizens get Any guns there!…Palestinians aint included for guns at all far as I am aware of.

        • CJMartel, Please don’t waste your precious time trying to ‘communicate’ with Hollywooders.

          Just use your buying power and stop supporting any actor/actress/producer/director/movie unless they are in alignment with Constitutionalism. If you simply use your buying power, you’ll save money, energy, and emotions.

          Conservatism outnumbers Liberal Progressives. Believe me, they would feel the financial backlash with a concerted effort to ‘ban’ them.

      113. Did David Gregory Violate DC Gun Law On National TV?

        On Drudge. He is going to get away with violating D.C. law.

        • Oh yes, another day in ‘justice land’. Once upon a time, a few years back, Senator Jim Webb (D) boarded a plane and it was discovered that he was packing. (Did he get arrested?)

          Everything remains as it never was…

          • He would get Air Marshall credentials in the future to avoid those annoying laws.

      114. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. God Bless you all.


      115. This is the best possible news for a Free America!

        • Incarceration without trial or charges before a grand jury is a violation of the 6th Amendment too. There is always an excuse to justify abandoning rights for supposed security.

          How does one get the law enforcers to enforce their own laws? The concept of “Equal Protection Under The Law” is guaranteed by statute but uncommon in execution.

        • Just gave the criminals a whole list of people they know are unarmed!!!!

        • They had to fight to get the records released to the public of NYC carry permit holders. It was a who’s who of rich and famous many of which advocated disarming the law abiding population.

          If you don’t have “shall issue” lets see who gets the carry permits.

      116. Anybody want to buy mags for ar15? I got some….

      117. Alas, the gullible sheeple are at it again. Being played by the gun and ammo industry as their execs laugh their ass off all the way to the bank. Idiots.

        • JoeinNC

          I agree with you 100%. No way any new gun law will be passed or should be passed.

          • We have a communist president , the left hates guns …….ANY gun , they dont care if its a flintlock musket ………they dont want them around . I agree , no new laws need to be passed , but they WILL try .

      118. Each subsequent mass murder nut case shooting has covered a different facet of firearm acquisition and coincidentally the same firearm was used.

        1. Legally acquired.
        2. Illegally acquired by theft from someone that in theory could acquire the weapon legally.
        3. Illegally acquired by a convicted felon barred from firearm possession.

        What did the Church Lady say on SNL?

        • And it’s never mentioned in the MSM that all these shooters were on pharmaceuticals of some sort. Adam Lanza was on Fanapt. Bad stuff.

      119. Since your local Sheriff is the last law in the land, couldn’t they just nullify any Federal law by refusing to enforce?

        The County Sheriff can lawfully kick any Federal Agent out on his rear.


      120. Funny how the Gun store has this nice clean and friendly look about it with a few animal heads nailed to the wall.
        With the mad rush for more and bigger weapons, I think they should put some human head on the wall. That is after all what they will be hunt’n.

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