Gun Confiscation Has Begun

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Headline News | 377 comments

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      1. Its going to get a lot darker before it gets brighter.

        • Agreed, and just think what will happen with Samantha Powers as Ambassador to the UN? She thinks the US should abdicate it’s sovereignty to the UN.

          How appropriate that statute of the twisted gun really is. Yup they want to disarm us so we can’t push back when they go all out tyrannical when the proverbial SHTF. 😉

            • The United Nations being headquartered in
              New York City should tell us just about
              The East Coast must be our countries rear-end.

              • If you take the time and effort to look up and research the Actual Factual foundings and begginings of the united nations aka UN, not only will you find it Began with the “League of nations” in 1920 era. But that the league of nations as well as the later UN agenda etc was Promoted-Headed-Done BY and mainly For the same zionists who totally Surrounded Prez Wilson in 1912, and got wilson to sign off on the Fed Reserve act of 1913 to give usa banks to zionist jews control.

                And those zios, follower zionists did the UN after the earlier league nations Failed to pass a 2/3rds us senate treaty confirmation. Back when us senators were still mostly Patriots instead of zionist jewish ass kissing traitors like 1945 UN era and today era.

                The founding of UN is way too long to post here. Good research to learn though. Easy to find online too. Only you will Not find many websites that will Name the Culprits as zionists and jewish…They will list their last names and many have the usual clues to their zio background. Just as a rule of Thumb figure at least 95% Minimum are and were zio jewish kommies.

                ps that first League of nations was west coast! Kalif!

                • “For the same zionists who totally Surrounded Prez Wilson in 1912”

                  Name the ‘zionists’ please.

                  • Listen we and you must work together and use Guerilla warfare. with packs of people you trust and know these people well and with your same amouts of physical abilities as you. If one of them gets captured they will rat you out what you have,remember that! What supplies and ammo/guns you have. Think about that. Don’t think you can be a lone wolf for a long time and take out large numbers of people.

                    Once they radio you in they got you.NEVER ENGAGE WITH THE TRUE ENEMY FROM YOUR HOUSE!! you must never let them know where you live where your supplies are stacked or staged or you have hidden. if they get your address and soon they will overpower you and take everything you got, dont forget when this starts to get real to always boobytrap your entryways!

                    You always boobytrap all your entryways with lots of gadgets,gas,tricks or pressure on them or whatever you got. Remember the best thing about us is we are completly unpredictable and they will get burnt. If they don’t know what’s inside they will just burn in down. So don’t have all your stuff stored in one location or if its taken by illegals.

                    True illegals are trying to break into your home that is yours and you paid for and have no right comming into your home and trying to kill you. And the worst thing is you did not bother anyone ever! These people will pay bigtime, watch what you say if phones are still on ,with computers etc, trust nobody you don’t know, undercover cops, there will be undercover spies for larger neighborhoods that are organized and with food/weapons to report. So if they have hardware such as special radios or if they are acting not completly open or too nozy keep an eye on them. Remember that they are trying to take what’s yours are going to be in for a big suprise and will be plucked off one by one if they attempt to do this!

                    They are going to try and do it gun by gun, no more 30 round mags or a felony, next no more ar-15’s next no more large caliber guns and so on. you get the point.Never give up whats yours like what they are doing in NY etc and never keep all your ammo in one location or home please!! And if you engage do it away from your location and do not let people know what you did or talk big about it in a collapse or try to make friends this way. People will turn you in or on you!!. There are COMPLETLY HUGE AMOUTS OF 2 FACED PEOPLE. Take care of yourself and act like you are helpless and have nothing to take. Don’t try to make friends in a collapse, people will be thieves and do what they can to gain when there are no laws and will not be nice, they will act nice and turn on you on a dime!! You know who to trust. You have to earn trust in a time like this. Be safe and be confident! Being confident makes a difference when you shoot and can make the difference life for you or death for them. Just being relaxed and take your shot with a sec or less and being relaxed can make the kill or be killed.

                  • Not So Much: your the asshole that keeps throwing a monkey wrench in the works. You know fucking a well that you are a shithead lying asshole sent here to obfuscated truth and fuck with posters. Everyone with a modicum of learning knows the League of Nations and the United Nations are a Jewish product to destroy all nations sovereignty. You asshole fucking Jew scumsucking troll.
                    Suck on this:”The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world’s peace,” declared Dr. Nahum Sokolow, Chairman of the Zionist Exocutive Committee, at a special meeting of the Zionist Conference today.
                    In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the scene of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.” (Gurion, David Ben & Duchovny, Amram.
                    Flaunting his Jewish pride and arrogantly mocking his victims by falsely claiming to be a victim, Ben-Gurion sanctimoniously said: …Our policy must be the unity of the human race. The world is divided into two blocs. We consider that the United Nations’ ideal is a Jewish ideal.“
                    Ben-Gurion’s “prophesy” of an earthly Jewish kingdom ruled from Jerusalem was similarly expressed by the Temple Mount Faithful organization newsletter (2000), which says: …“The real “United Nations Organization” will be the Kingdom of G-d which will soon be established in Jerusalem, based on the holy laws of G-d.
                    Control over All Nations Sovereignty. As is well known Wilson had been thoroughly coached and instructed by Mandel House, the servant of the Rothschilds and he knew that he had to obey orders. In researching the papers of Lloyd George at the British Museum, it became obvious to me that the British Prime Minister had put up a good fight against Wilson, but to no avail. In spite of vigorous protests from Lloyd George, Wilson insisted that the first item on the agenda had to be the proposals to establish The League of Nations.

                  • Not so much: No, Do Your Own homework. I have posted many times various zios names and many links to proof info etc. All You ever do is reject it All and call me and other posters with similar info names like nazis and jew haters. No matter how often we clarify our stand or beliefs You like several others never ever actually read or research info or links.

                    I believe that You really do not want proof or names. Your main intent is rather to harrass me and a few others who post such info. So show me wrong and do your Own fact checking homework. HINT: to get started look up who Prez wislon appointed as the First ever jew us supreme ct justice. He was the Top usa-Head honcho of zionists based still in europe in 1912 era. Then collect Many more zionists and jewish names wilson and others appointed or infiltrated into the usa fed govnt etc.

                    Then Report Back with findings as Your Proof You are serious in wanting “names” named. Otherwise piss off.

                  • @ Clint,

                    I agree with your comments about not trusting people.
                    We have tried to reach out to many of our “so-called” friends and family over the past ten years. We try to live christian lives but we are far from perfect and deserving of God’s love. We tried to fit in with people to make a connection and hopefully make a difference in getting people on board with prepping and creating a small network of believers and supporters of each other.

                    One by one they dropped by the wayside with their worldly, greedy, jealous, backstabbing ways. Five years ago we were still “optimistic” towards all of them. As we prayed for them and tried to talk a little of things to come and prophetic times on the horizon, we saw them become more determined to not accept reality of a world gone to shit, but to keep up the “living in Nirvana” mindset.

                    As of the beginning of this year, 90% of those same people have shown us they can’t be trusted. The other 10% may not outright cause us harm, but wouldn’t have our backs if it came down to a fight either.

                    If anyone has a close and dependable friend that will put their life on the line for you or your children, you have something more precious than gold or silver.

                    That 90% I referred to before; they only know a little about our preps and plans. It is good we only “divulged” a little information to them, because they would sell us down the river in a heartbeat to save their own ass or think they were staying in the loop with persons in positions of authority and means.

                    We now tell no one of our preps, security, and plans. We don’t worry about the “backstabbers” or TPTB. You see, we answer to the “ultimate” authority, and as long as we stay within His protection, Satan himself can’t harm a hair on our heads. That doesn’t mean we won’t have strife and persecution, and those that “try” to come against us and set snares. It just means we will survive it all with His guiding hands.

                    Peace out,

                  • Not So Much: still posting the same silly, unintelligible remarks. You must be ignorant because you are unread. There is so much info on the founding of both the League of Nations and United Nations its not funny and you post shit. Rothschilds were us to their necks in pushing for world governing body to overcome the Christian resistance and destroy National Sovereignty…but your an asshole with shit for brains.

                  • @Anonymous

                    Yea, I’m an asshole for calling out the idiot anti-semites.

                    Don’t like it? Suck a big fat dick.

                  • @Road Runner

                    asking a question is silly and unintelligible?

                    I don thin tha word means whachu thin it means.

                    And BTW you stupid anti-semite, it’s not that I’m unread its just that you idiots cant backup your assertions without being outed as … well, idiots. Idiot.

                    So, please name all the Zionists.

                  • @Them Guys

                    “Not so much: No, Do Your Own homework. I have posted many times various zios names and many links to proof info etc”

                    You mean like that link you posted that proves Israel is nuking people in the middle east after I asked for it? Those links?

                • MAC: this post should not be hidden! It has plenty of hits…come on MAC reset this post…Bullshit it has LOW COMMENT RATING!

                  • I hear if you jump up and down waving your arms like you’re tryin’ to fly and drop a few tears, you’ll get what you want.

              • I suggest everyone start keeping their weapon (preferably an assault weapon) at arms length, when at home, in your home, when you don’t have guests. Get used to it. When you leave lock it up at a hidden location. When sleeping keep it under your bed, and keep your pants handy and possibly more. When it happens its going to happen quick. Keep your mind right, Shoot straight, Watch your six, And God Bless You and Yours.

          • Treasonous. There should be only one punishment for that act, Hanging. Just to set an example for other traitors.

            • There ya Go! I did not see that anonymous post that so well quoted word for word the EXACT statements BY Zionist Jewish Israeli Prez leader ben Gurion…And those statements leave ZERO doubts that YES the league of nations and the UNITED NATIONS, were as I prior posted and “Not so Much”(great screen name perfect description not much you said it!) Demands Proof of Names of zios.

              Well idiot there you go. I suppose like the many red thumbs down that anon post recieved, you too not so much will reject it and act childish due to like those red thumb folks you too are Unable to handle Real factual Truth when it happens to involve…Israel-Zionists-or Jews.

              Must be that they eat Motza Balls, Lox and bagels is the main reason you love to store your Head up jewish ass so often eh. Come on not so much…Whats the big secret? is that the reason? is it jewish ass smells sweeter to You?

              Or are You simply so brainwashed you believe God will Bless You and the usa if you unquestionably defend all things and all issues zionist jewish and israel?

              The Only other reason you constantly keep up the harrassment would be due to You are simply a true idiot asshole…I think its the Prior reasons I listed not this latter one. What say You fool.

              • Them Guys: I Road Runner posted the Anonymous on Ben Ben and the UN. I hate it when I forget to put moniker. I want the commie pinko zio-christians to know who I am when I post. Notice the heavy red thumb commie bobble head ignoramus wankers who hate the truth about those nice friendly loving Israelis and those who lead them. Everyone of those asswipes could have posted what they perceive as truth but hell no, one more trip to the bathroom and I think they are all in danger of loosing what intelligence they have left.

              • So Ben Gurion is ‘the zionists that totally surrounded Woodrow Wilson and got him to sign off on the Fed Reserve’ ?

                Is that who you’re pointing to?

                • …but still no links. Hmmm.

                • Not So Much: you do nothing but spaz and call names and post no rebuttals then lie and say you did. Your a piece of work!

                  • So when I go up and see me asking a question and then you foaming at the mouth, that’s what you consider ‘spaz and call names and post no rebuttals’?

                    I am a piece of work, but you’re a slack jawed moron.

              • Them Guys,

                >>”You are simply a true idiot asshole…”<<

                Well then, if I want to hang the people who are doing everything in their power to de-construct the U.S. Constitution, and to reduce the U.S. to third world status, then I will happily be the most enthusiastic patriotic hangman asshole the world has ever seen!

                I will even work for free to bring these treasonous bastards to the gallows for execution.

                And if you're trying to pick me out of the crowd, I'll be the one holding the rope.

                • YH: a friend of Not So Much, hell of an intelligent post…keep up the good work!

                  • does this go back into the ‘spaz and name call and post no rebuttals and lie’?

                  • Road Runner,

                    Thanks and likewise! I like to ‘bottom-line’ an argument as quickly as possible while trying not to over analyze the issue by introducing extraneous information and distractions into the equation.

                    It’s a black and white problem with few if any political solutions left available. Take it easy.

                  • Not So Much: go to Veterans Today. Duffy did a good article and Israel NUKING SYRIA. It was all over internet. Now there is article 2 more Israeli BATTLEFIELD NUKES HIT SYRIA. I am not going to give link, look it up asshole. Fucking Israel is still pushing the Iran button…you guys are playing with fire. Keep it up smartass.

                  • Not So Much: go to Veterans Today. Duffy did a good article and Israel NUKING SYRIA. It was all over internet. Now there is article 2 more Israeli BATTLEFIELD NUKES HIT SYRIA. I am not going to give link, look it up asshole. Fucking Israel is still pushing the Iran button…you guys are playing with fire. Keep it up smartass.

                • YH: Read it! I meant that post for NOT SO MUCH poster. Come on man. Just due to my reply got placed below Your comment you assume I was speaking to You? Maybe if you read it you will see it had zero to do with you or your writings.

                  I do not think you are so lame. Rather perhaps used my reply that happened to get placed below your post as an Excuse to confront me as its likly you too are unable to accept the factual truths I post regarding most folks favorite group they so worship.

                  Read it see its about the fucking UN origins. Not so much is who was spewing and whineing when given the names of zionists involved with UN etc…He cannot handle the Truth so he accuses and whines.

                  You Had to know my reply was to HIM not You. Oh well hope you feel better now that you got the chance to complain of me or my posts.

                  • dude, it’s not polite to lie like that.

                  • Them Guys,

                    I read your reply post. I was confused by the context as it was not specifically addressed to someone else. I felt the need to respond as I usually do, but apparently I was mistaken. My apologies for my misdirected rant.

                • So why isn’t ANYONE in the middle east reporting that Israel nuked an arab country? Al-Jazeera?

                  I mean really, they ALL hate Israel.

                  You have a crack pot website, nothing else.

          • Unfortunately many politicians think we should abdicate our sovereignty to the U.N. I direct this comment to the politicians and/or any want-a-be politicians, which I’m sure few, if any will see. But just as the Holy Bible is all that any Christian absolutely needs to guide us in life. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is all that any politician absolutely needs to direct them as they serve “We The People” while they do their time in office. This is something we need to remind them of everytime we contact them, and this something we need to do often. I know many will say, we don’t want to be involved in politics, but as they say, whether you like it or not politics will be involved with you. Trekker Out. Born Free, Die Free!

            • Unfortunately TPTB are enamored with “Global Governance and Global Finance”. They think a one world centralized system will solve all the world’s ills. It won’t, just take a look at the United States of Europe aka the EU.

              Look at what a disaster that has turned out to be. 😉

          • THREADED GUN BARRELS,with real quiet silencers on the ends,a few clean shots at night is what your goal should be,IF THEY WANT THEIR WOMEN to cry,GIVE THEM A REASON TO,these demons from hell ALREADY HAVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST IN THEM,your NOT dealing with HUMANS ANY LONGER,these are satans minions,and they do plan to KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY,and YOU TOO,wakeup america,these demons from hell are after you…

        • Th un is the enemy of the people of planet Earth, ALL countries, ALL people. The un has done nothing, repeat NOTHING to benefit anything. The un is nothing but a tentacle of the beast that is the elitists and those that ONLY want to control EVERYONE. Gun control is of course what is the ultimate goal of the un, but especially to those that don’t want you to be able to defend yourself. They do this to animals, saw off their horns, remove their teeth and claws, to make them unable to fight back. This is all it is about, absolutely nothing is for protection of the people here, it is only to make the population as defenseless as possible. The un is pure evil, period.

          Mac, did you get what I sent you with that revamped article I wrote? Do you think you can use it in the future? I don’t know if you are getting what I send.

          • Agenda 21, nuff said ! 😉

            • “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism…” according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

              “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”
              Norman Mattoon Thomas (Socialist Party candidate – 6 times)

              Look how many of these “goals” they have accomplished!

              “Communist Plans For America” – 45 Declared Goals, 1963
              The Communists Goals for America as discovered by, and published by the United States Congress.
              Congressional Record, Vol. 109, 88th Congress, 1st Session Appendix Pages A1-A2842 Jan. 9-May 7, 1963 Reel 12

              11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. 29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

              32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

              33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

                • KY Mom: Very good reminder and proof of how true the kommies plans for the usa really are and has been all along.

                  Although I find it Ironic and unbelievable to say the least, when folks have zero problems in belief of the factual truth in what you posted.

                  Yet whenever I or several other posters here include the “Rest” of the Factual Truths, of Who actually invented and used communisim when it began in Russia 1918, then we get tons of naysayers and red thumbs.

                  It seems to matter not that we include many proven quoted statements-Links-Documented info etc. Just due to the Fact that most folks have been so dumbed down with pure propaganda to believe a “certain” group are the worlds main victim class, and so, so, Holier than thou,those folks reject all forms of evidence etc.

                  Which has ended up being the main Major reason the same bolshevik kommies are and have been so able to turn america into a full blown commie nation like done to Russia prior. If not for so many tens of Millions of such Enablers who disregard-reject-dispute(with zero facts, nothing more than Vile name calling of us who do the effort required to Find and Post valuable proofs info), if not for those Enablers this commie bunch would have Never achieved such vast success in destruction of all we hold dear of america.

                  It truely amazes me how many foolish folks can see the reality of the Falacies we call, MSM’s-Hollywood-Fed Govnt etc….Yet when these foolsih folks resort to always rejecting any proof or evidence to wise them up, where do They the enablers get Their info from?

                  From the Very same entities, MSM’s-Hollywood-Fed Govnt etc…The very Same entities these fools bash Daily as Untruth-disinfo-Liars-swidnlers-anti american-Traitors etc……Unless…..The issues said disonfo msms etc spew about is that “certain” group the fools so love to Worship as the worlds most innocents and victims.

                  When reality Proves beyond all doubt that 90+ % of All top heads and controler officials or ceo’s and so called “leaders” are actually from and Of that very same “certain” group of evil nwo bastard class of persons.

                  To me it seems more difficult to awaken the fool enablers to this issue and the multitudes of Facts and Truths surrounding it all, than it is to convince avg reg folks to begin to Prep!

                  I believe the future shall also prove to many of us, that as bad of an enemy unprepared folks may become if shtf arrives…..It shall be a far greater enemy threat we will face From these foolish ignorant bull-headed refusniks I call…Enablers. Enablers of the worst sort of evil and deranged psycopathic religious lunatics that the world has ever before hosted. aka Enablers of the zionist jewish kommie Cabal. Now prepping for Their Pounce upon America. Which will make 1918 Russia and Ukraine seem like Childs play.

                  People like the enablers if they refuse to awaken-learn truths-and Change minds Now prior to SHTF, who sane thinks such type folks will switch sides or awaken and change their minds when SHTF arrives and it will include, Every person then has to choose one side or the other and obviously only one side is the proper choice.99.9% will remain as dumbed down and delusional of these facts and truths then as now. And will become patriots worst homegrown enemys. Thinking to kill you or turn you in to govnt forces is somehow blessing that corrupted kommie khazer bunch of kommies. Then they will await a return blessing from God for being enablers of evils!! You just cannot make this stuff up.

                  If a believer? Pray that the fool enablers awaken asap.

                  • Bill Maher lays waste to Global Warming deniers – YouTube
                    6 min – Jun 9, 2010 – Uploaded by kubush
                    Bill Maher rips Global Warming deniers a new one. Please comment and … You need Ado

                    this is so cute!!! gotta see!! : )

                  • Well stated!

                  • Them Guys: a few thoughts on your post.

                    Jokers and Posers: the majority of posters. One liners meant to be funny or quips. Brain has been neutered by living in the swamp too long, eating turtles and intermarriage. Claim to fame is running a trout line and skinning squirrels. They are regular visitors and stroke each other egos.

                    Bobble Heads: They pop in and out, know who the major jokers and posers are. Tend to agree with the Jokers and Posers. Their intellectual gas tank runs on empty the majority of the time. Very few have anything to say. Green thumbs for Jokers and Posers; red thumbs for anyone who questions the moral authority of Jokers and Posers. If you are an outsider they band together with Jokers and Posers.

                    Psychopathic Birdbrain: really rub the Jokers and posers raw. They are destined for ‘Hidden due to low comment’ dustbin. Bobble Heads chime in on que with the Jokers and Posers.

                    Christian Zionist and Commie Jews: Absolutely refuse to hear any truth about Israel, the Jews, Zionism. Could not respond with facts or add anything intelligent to make people think…pure wankers. One line or one word response: Nazi, Antisemite, Bigot, low intelligent quotient.

                    Timid and Afraid: believe all the bullshit internet posts that create fear. Mostly hide in fear afraid to post. Do not realize that Google searches the internet blogs daily and finds those topics that create fear in the GOY and pass it on to their shills who own and run the News Media Outlets.

                    Those of you with any intelligence please feel free to add your observations

                  • Well said Them Guys and Road Runner!

                    It is called “Cognitive Dissonance” and “Normalcy Bias!”

                    Continue to let them drink the Kool-aid it matters not what they do.

                    They truly are the Goyim and will be easily swayed by TPTB.

                    Most haven’t even realized they are in a box running layers of programming.

                    Come on SHEEPLE what is it going to take to wake you up a freaking mac truck along side the head?

                    If you just did a cursory examination of the “facts” you would see the truth.

                    “There are those that are jews but are not jews and are of the synagogue of Satan”

                    I know that isn’t word for word but you get the gist of the matter right?

                  • It’s a “trotline” Mr. “well-read” Road Runner. Stop denigrating us hillbillys and stick to the dual-citizen Zionists that occupy corporate DC.

                  • JRS: pardon me all to hell! What I meant asshole was a longline but who gives a fuck…Troll. Pull your head in turtle.

                  • Swordsmyth: join the fray dude!

                  • JRS: someone is fucked up…maybe your the smartass…stickler for a word…up yours douche-bag.

                    If you ain’t into that, we don’t give a God damn
                    Were from north california, and south alabam
                    And little towns all around this land
                    Well I can skin a buck, and run a trout line
                    A country boy can survive
                    Well a country boy can survive

                  • Hey Road Runner, I think your response may fall under

                    “Shit for brains who never can post anything of intelligence.”


                  • Glenn beck shoots holes in this article….

                  • CC & Sixpack
                    If this stuff is true,

                  • @anonymous “Glenn beck shoots holes in this article…”

                    Glenn Beck couldn’t shoot himself in the foot half the time, divide that by two feet and you can see what his approximate success rate is.

              • KY Mom, can’t forget the 5th plank of the communist manifesto, a central bank, either. Thanks for the link, great info!

                • EU Times is a Dis info fraud website. I believe its located in Elk Grove Ill. Total lib kommie fraud articles, like that sasha, Is the last name falael??? Close anyways. EU Times=BUNK.

                  • sorcha faal

                    Correct you are Them Guys..

                    avoid it like the plague..or cnn msnbc etc


            • “Rapid, unpredictable, non-linear responses”:

              The Twin Sides of the Fossil Fuel Coin – Guy McPherson – YouTube
              47 min – Nov 30, 2012 – Uploaded by greenfieldcc
              Award winning conservation biologist and professor emeritus Guy McPherson visits GCC …

              • All I know is, NONE of the countries we habitually bomb and sanction have a central bank, because usury is against their religious beliefs. I believe there will never be peace on this planet, as long as there is any hope of installing a centralized banking system.


              • Forest: Twin sides of Coin?….A Coin has THREE sides. The EDGE of a coin. Heres some Good true info for you forest.

                Why did nations first begin to include Rigged Edges on money coins?….I will tell you.

                Because they discovered a method that swindler money worshipper thieving jewish buisnessmen were Stealing form the entire nation, was to set up a hand made Lathe so the swindler jew thiefs could Shave the edges of coins, and Keep the silver and Gold shaved off the edge.

                They make exallant swindler Thieves yes, but not so swell when it comes to the dept of intelligence eh. As if no folks would notice their coins kept shrinking in diameter size!…..Gotta give swindler thieving jew businessmen an A+ for Effort though right.

                Unlike Faked global warming spew, this coin shaveing info is 100% correct and you Can look it up yourself if any doubts!…..

          • Be Informed, good morning, and once again you’re right on target. The un is no less of an enemy to us than our own government. They can’t impose their agenda without disarming us first. In my case, it will never happen! BTW, I’m looking forward to your next article you’ve mentioned and I defended you against the troll calling himself Seriously in the last article. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

            • @ Braveheart. I don’t know if Mac likes what I sent, if not I will send it as a comment for all to read. I have 2 varients of it, one that is about 1800 words and the other is about 4700 words. The longer one goes more into some of the possible solutions, while the other shorter one is letting someone find their own personal solutions. I think the longer one would be too much for the comment section as I don’t want to take up any thread on some other subject, that is not a really right thing to do. Maybe even mac could send you personally what I wrote if he doesn’t want me to post it. I want to respect what Mac wants what is best for the site. I also want to try to get everyone thinking about getting everything into a higher gear with what is happening in this world. Today is the new moon, and for the next 5 to maybe 6 days, there is a good possibility of something occurring, especially in the Middle East.

              • BI, I’m already in higher gear with my prepping. I agree something could happen this month, but also closer to home. Obama has not yet signed the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty and is possibly waiting for Congress to go on recess in order to sign it. Once that happens, ‘game on’ has to be right around the corner. braveheart

                • Off Topic: But Very Funny!!!

                  For the Best and Funniest laugh your ass off totally, photo of John Kerry you ever saw or are likly to see any funnier photo of kerry…..Check out the full size picture of John Kerry complete with a Brass Ring in his Nose and a small six pointed gold “star” for earing! Complete with a picture of netanyhaoo behind Kerry and smileing sinsiterly as if He and israel if who really Owns John Kerry and his “state dept”!

                  Do not have mouth full of liquids when viewing or you will spew it all over your screen!

                  www dot incogman dot net newest article and Photo, also scroll down for many more great photos and articles as good as the John Kerry one is. Too Funny!!

                  Mastercard would call kerrys facial look…Priceless!

                  • Them Guys: Kerry is insider with Europe’s Oligarchy, he and all his pals have brain deficiencies because of all the intermarrying going on among the elites. Short on brains but lots of moula. Probably thinks he is in the King David Blood line, royal asswipes.

                • Braveheart,
                  I thought the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty was passed about November of last year. Did I miss something?

                  • NW Prepper, to my knowledge the treaty has not been ratified by the Senate or even signed by Obama. It’s possible he may sign an executive order implementing US acceptance of the treaty and just totally bypass Congress. braveheart

                  • The Arms Trade Treaty

                    On 2 April 2013, the General Assembly adopted the landmark Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), regulating the international trade in conventional arms, from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships. The treaty will foster peace and security by putting a stop to destabilising arms flows to conflict regions. It will prevent human rights abusers and violators of the law of war from being supplied with arms. And it will help keep warlords, pirates, and gangs from acquiring these deadly tools.

                    Small arms are the weapons of choice in modern-day intra-State armed conflict and armed violence. But heavier categories of weapons are being used against civilians as well. Therefore, it is important for the United Nations that the Arms Trade Treaty covers all conventional arms, and their ammunition.

                    Direct from the UN site..


                • Right on brave dude. Obama will wait and he will sign the treaty. Then the blue helmet nazi socialist will run the country. They will come in the form of peacenik commies stoned out of their fucking minds. I tell you one thing….they are going to suck the bullet out of my fucking Glock when I meet them.

              • Place it in an older thread (at the end)and then post the number for us all to go too.

            • Sorry for reposting this, I checked and it didn’t say it was posted so reposted further down, Listen we and you must work together and use Guerilla warfare. with packs of people you trust and know these people well and with your same amouts of physical abilities as you. If one of them gets captured they will rat you out what you have,remember that! What supplies and ammo/guns you have. Think about that. Don’t think you can be a lone wolf for a long time and take out large numbers of people.

              Once they radio you in they got you.NEVER ENGAGE WITH THE TRUE ENEMY FROM YOUR HOUSE!! you must never let them know where you live where your supplies are stacked or staged or you have hidden. if they get your address and soon they will overpower you and take everything you got, dont forget when this starts to get real to always boobytrap your entryways!

              You always boobytrap all your entryways with lots of gadgets,gas,tricks or pressure on them or whatever you got. Remember the best thing about us is we are completly unpredictable and they will get burnt. If they don’t know what’s inside they will just burn in down. So don’t have all your stuff stored in one location or if its taken by illegals.

              True illegals are trying to break into your home that is yours and you paid for and have no right comming into your home and trying to kill you. And the worst thing is you did not bother anyone ever! These people will pay bigtime, watch what you say if phones are still on ,with computers etc, trust nobody you don’t know, undercover cops, there will be undercover spies for larger neighborhoods that are organized and with food/weapons to report. So if they have hardware such as special radios or if they are acting not completly open or too nozy keep an eye on them. Remember that they are trying to take what’s yours are going to be in for a big suprise and will be plucked off one by one if they attempt to do this!

              They are going to try and do it gun by gun, no more 30 round mags or a felony, next no more ar-15’s next no more large caliber guns and so on. you get the point.Never give up whats yours like what they are doing in NY etc and never keep all your ammo in one location or home please!! And if you engage do it away from your location and do not let people know what you did or talk big about it in a collapse or try to make friends this way. People will turn you in or on you!!. There are COMPLETLY HUGE AMOUTS OF 2 FACED PEOPLE. Take care of yourself and act like you are helpless and have nothing to take. Don’t try to make friends in a collapse, people will be thieves and do what they can to gain when there are no laws and will not be nice, they will act nice and turn on you on a dime!! You know who to trust. You have to earn trust in a time like this. Be safe and be confident! Being confident makes a difference when you shoot and can make the difference life for you or death for them. Just being relaxed and take your shot with a sec or less and being relaxed can make the kill or be killed.

              • Trust no bitches either. Women are the root cause of every one of our problems. In fact we should get a tattoo of tnb. For trust no bitches on our upper left arm. We can identify each other that way.

          • BI, got your email — quick note: I am editing the most recent article you sent and will hopefully have it up by tonight — tomorrow at the latest! good stuff man and thanks for sending it over!


            • Good to hear it, cant wait to see it

          • BI,

            Unfortunately I could only give you one thumb up! Very well said.

            • “Some of us” have the ability to thumb many times. Now, don’t you feel under classed. Daisy, where are you.

          • The US Gov’t. tamed th Indians by taking their GUNS ,so they couldn’t defend themselves . Then they took their HORSES (transportation ) so they couldn’t hunt (FOOD) ,to feed themselves . And then took their LAND and put them on Reservations (FEMA CAMPS) so they could CONTROL them !! So they know HOW to take action to get what they want!……

            • They fucked the Hawaiians with the help of big business, seems the government has a tendency to be a bunch of fucking assholes, the US gov is the only one to use an atomic bomb, and at present are the only ones trying to push their imperial agenda on foreigners and utilizes airstrikes to destroy supposed enemies.

              • eat sum spam and wish u had a king.

                • Its not about having a king, by the early 1900s the Hawaiian Monarchy had evolved to a higher level of existence, it was all about land, the government of the us took all crown lands and in many cases also pushed people from ancesteral lands, an ages old system utilized by the Hawaiians was destroyed and the beginning of the decline to the crap that has taken over our island home began. While i am not Hawaiian in blood, i am Hawaiian in soul, my family has been here for more than 200 years, what was done was wrong.

                  • Get over your white guilt. If the US didn’t annex Hawaii, the Germans or Japanese would have done so by 1900. Japan would have taken the islands from Germany in WWI, and you would not even be able to live their today, it would still be a Japanese colony.

                    The native Hawaiians would be either laborers for the Japanese or extinct.

                  • Kulafarmer, I agree with you…what happened to the Hawaiian people was wrong. And apparently Smokey has never been to the islands or he would know they’re already nearly a Japanese colony…especially in Honolulu. Love my islands & wish I lived there…I just have to settle for yearly visits.

          • Amen BI

            ive always said the only reason for anything they to is to make sure that they never have to live down here with us ,thats why after the crash of 29 they jumped out windows ,they prefered death to the thought of having to live like the surf’s ,now their wiser ,so when times get bad they no longer jump out windows ,they throw us out windows or under bus’s ,nothing they do ,and i mean nothing is for our benifit ,i pay them over 1/3 of my hard earned pay just to inflict pain on me ,i could hire one of them women in tight leather with a whip for a lot less ,and would probaly enjoy it a lot better (and i would be contributing to the economy)

        • It won’t get brighter until Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reigns upon the earth.

        • An increasing number of scientists agree that warming of 4 to 6 C causes a dead planet. And, they go on to say, we’ll be there by 2060. Earth-system scientist Clive Hamilton concludes in his April 2013 book Earthmasters that “without [atmospheric sulphates associated with industrial activity] … Earth would be an extra 1.1 C warmer.” In other words, collapse takes us directly to 2 C within a matter of weeks. Several other academic scientists have concluded, in the refereed journal literature no less, that the 2 C mark is essentially impossible (for example, see the review paper by Mark New and colleagues published in the 29 November 2010 issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A). The German Institute for International and Security Affairs concluded 2 June 2013 that a 2 C rise in global-average temperature is no longer feasible (and Spiegel agrees, finally, in their 7 June 2013 issue), while the ultra-conservative International Energy Agency concludes that, “coal will nearly overtake oil as the dominant energy source by 2017 … without a major shift away from coal, average global temperatures could rise by 6 degrees Celsius by 2050, leading to devastating climate change.” At the 11:20 mark of this video, climate scientist Paul Beckwith indicates Earth could warm by 6 C within a decade. If you think his view is extreme, consider the reconstruction of regional and global temperature for the past 11,300 years published in Science in March 2013. One result is shown in the figure below.

          Marcott et al temperature reconstruction wheelchair

          It’s not merely scientists who know where we’re going. The Pentagon is bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks, as reported by Nafeez Ahmed in the 14 June 2013 issue of the Guardian. According to Ahmed’s article: “Top secret US National Security Agency (NSA) documents disclosed by the Guardian have shocked the world with revelations of a comprehensive US-based surveillance system with direct access to Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech giants. New Zealand court records suggest that data harvested by the NSA’s Prism system has been fed into the Five Eyes intelligence alliance whose members also include the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.” In short, the “Pentagon knows that environmental, economic and other crises could provoke widespread public anger toward government and corporations” and is planning accordingly. Such “activity is linked to the last decade of US defence planning, which has been increasingly concerned by the risk of civil unrest at home triggered by catastrophic events linked to climate change, energy shocks or economic crisis — or all three.” The global police state has

          • ” An increasing number of scientist agree that brain dread liberals will support anything they’re told without
            employing an ounce of critical thinking”.

            ” Studies show that a bullshit award or degree will mesmerize brain dead liberals to follow any propaganda like lemmings over the cliff”. { See Paulie Krugman’s embrace of the ” trillion dollar platinum coin scheme, an idea which was rejected as a joke even by the chimp in charge}.

            ” An increasing number of experts cite global warming trolls as the number one job created by the Obama administration”

            I could go on but you get the idea, then on the other hand, oh forget it…….

          • Ooh quick, what’s your take on the numerous scandals surrounding AGW, climate change, or whatever du jour name you use these days that indicate AGW is a complete scam?

          • @ Forrest,

            The majority, and I mean like 99%, of the so-called scientists, believe in Darwin’s Theory of evolution and take God out of their equations.

            How can anyone take the word of a “scientist” that believes in a world without a God/Creator and places themselves on pedestals as a mini-god?

            No thanks, Forrest. I will keep believing in my Creator and His promise after the flood. That promise was sealed by the presence of “rainbows” on mother earth. As long as there are rainbows, and until Christ returns; there will always be Hot & Cold on the earth, as well as planting and harvesting. My faith rests with God’s words, not man.

          • So can you explain all the vegetation in the Arctic and Antarctic when the planet was much warmer?

        • Have you Thought out your plans. Pretending you are complying helps gather Intel. Guerrilla warfare is how you defeat a nation of tyrants ,not voting in more tyrants. Enforcers are easy to set up and ambush. If I have to choose between fighting and dying or be a slave …. well see you on the other side folks . The only regreats will be I did not take enough with me no matter how many. So Molon labe assholes.

          • Very much agree t2w,
            this country has been hijacked by those that wish to be the tyrants. they care not for anyone to experience life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. They get a rush from knowing that they can crush anyone. Well, lead has more value, than their pathetic fiat currency.
            Those that are awake, know that the fall will eventually take place an when it does, all hell will break loose!!!!
            This is what they want. The thing is even though a majority of Americans are apathetic, those awake just wait in the shadows. More and more people awake everyday. The masses can only stay asleep for so long till they finally see the writing on the wall!
            Americans need to get F*ckin pissed!!!!!!
            The B*llsh*t being dealt is beyond capacity! Hip-waders will not keep you alive at this point and time.
            Many will just roll over and conform/die. Death is not an option, except for the weak.
            I know that there are many that feel that things are just going ape sh*t, with the verbal sh*t hits the fan scenario taking place? I mean, it’s thrown in our faces everyday, by tptb. The destruction of America is being done by the inside out, intentionally!

            B Awake, B Aware, B Alive

          • Im with you, Liberty or death!

        • The author left out the bolshevik revolution of Russia, 1917. After gaining control, the first thing they did was exterminate over 2,000,000 (two million) White Russians. That will be the first stage here too. Once they have all the guns, it will be White Genocide.

          • JustMe: Yes thats true, and like todays Hate speech laws, the Percursor to our and europeans hate speech laws Was without a doubt, Russian Soviet Leader, Lennins first new law he signed into soviet ussr law, that being Lennin made a law against antisemitisim. All persons “Suspected” not convicteed mind you, just Suspected in any way shape or form of antisemitisim, even a slight quite remark on how soviet jews did evils etc got punished by Death.

            It was the Very First Law Lennin signed into law. And all suspects got a Bullet to back of head death penalty as fast as the secret police aka “Cheka” was able to get there and fire the bullet.

            Today we have tons of Books-websites-historical documents-recently released Govnt documented fact info due to FOIA laws in usa and european nations, as well as in 1999 Millions of Formerly top secret Russian archived documents got released by Putin.

            All filled with proven evidence, and facts galore that show exactly what happened, who did it all, who profited, how it was done and lots of names of the major culprits includeing their actual jewish Birth names!

            Such as Top General head of Red Army, and top side kick of inner circle soviets like Lennin and Kangavitch, Leon Trotsky..Whos real Birth Name was Lev Bronstien 100% jewish as can be, as was Karl Marx-Lennin ET AL…Almost every single top kommie like them, thousands more changed their birth names to less jewish sounding names to Hide the fact of what they truely were. Something which today continues with more jewish folks than you can count here in the usa.

            Soviet or usa, bolshevik kommie jews will change their, names-religions-shave off beards-change clothing styles-change languages-basically do whatever it takes to Hide the facts of who and What they truely are.

            There is but One single thing such kommie jewish bolshei’s are Unable to change…Thats their Pure Evil Black Beedy Rat eyes, and once you peer into such evilness that cannot be hidden since the Eyes Are the Windows to their Souls!…Once you peer into such pure Evil, you will Know…You will Know that you Know! ( for great example, look close at NY mayor Bloombergs Beedy black Eyes! no denying his eyes are a prime example!)

            With practice one can become almost an Expert at recognizeing bolshevik jwish kommies within one or two seconds Flat!…Like learning to play piano or guitar, difficult at first, yet with practice most anybody can become very proficiant.

            Somebody should invent a computer game to teach small kiddies how to “Spot the Bolshevik jewish Kommies” teach when very Young, and they have a head start eh…

            • Them Guys: anyone, anyone who possesed a copy or anything relating to “The Protocols of Zion” instantly was shot dead, dead, dead..cometimes tortured for the fun of it first. You hit all the HOT BUTTONS naming name. I still suggest anyone with doubt read: “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Uri Lina…available in pdf online. You red thumb posers read it and shut the fuck up. Read what the Commie Jews did in the Ukraine to poor defenseless farmers. Read you lazy SOB’s and shut the fuck up. You Commie lovers are guilty of their sins…you will see! Perverts

        • To paraphrase the old saying, “If you want to comprehend the future of humanity, picture a boot heel stomping on a human face forever.”

          • That would be O’Brian, to Winston Smith, in George Orwell’s precient book, 1984.

            • JustMe: I just realized a good reason that whenever any writers mention Russian revolution era and how many got killed etc, they as you said never mention Bolsheviks or the year 1918…Like this article he wrote the Year as 1938? was it? or something like that.

              And as with most all writers they Never name Lennin 1918. Its always they write the name Stahlin and a year way farther ahead like 1938 or a year close to that. I believe it is done to conceal and not have to mention the facts about Soviets were jewish invented-run-almost totally jewish top inner circles when it started in 1918.

              Most all writers start with Stahlin and 1934-38 eras so they can say that stahlin killed some jews too. As yes he did. That way they avoid admitting the facts and truths of earlier nearly total jewish led communisim and mass murders by jewish killer squads who killed so many tens of millions of White and Christian folks.

              Makes much sense no.

              • Them Guys: Stalin was just an aberration of the Jew vs Jew infighting. He married a Jewish woman. It was like the fighting between the Trotskyites and the Leninist. They will fuck each other if necessary and the Russian Christian people pay the price. Anyone who thinks Vlad Puuuty Put is not Jewish and does not bow before the Star of David and carry out the NWO need a mental tune up. All the world is a stage.

      2. Come and take ’em, then, you bastards! It’s gonna be a fun ride.

        • Chicago Teachers and Union head Blame Whites for negroe school failures!

          Just take a look at that angry* mulatto COMMIE COW! That’s Karen Lewis, president of Chicago’s Teachers Union, who recently told people its White taxpayer’s fault the Jigroes in ChiCONGO are so stupid and worthless. Where do these “people of color” nutcases come up with this crap? Fact is, they always have to have some kind of excuse for real-life black behavior, don’t they?

          “If you look at the majority of the tax base for property taxes in Chicago, they’re mostly white, who don’t have a real interest in paying for the education of poor black and brown children,”

          – Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis

          Say what? Doesn’t the Illinois and Metro Chicago taxpayer pay enough already? Don’t ChiCONGO’s black students get more per capita from education funds than the entire state? Rural White students get one third less tax dollars than the worthless urban black brats. Administrators are paid over $200,000 and teacher’s salaries average $70,000. White taxpayer’s money from everywhere else in the state is diverted to Chicago to throw at the “poor, oppressed chilluns” in the vain attempt to get the violent brats to learn something, anything.

          from: www dot incogman dot net

          • Thats why Chicago will be the next to file for Bankruptcy.

          • Money cannot fix genetic inferiority.

          • Them Guys: The blacks bought into the Commie Jew agenda of divide and conquer, the world owes them a living just ask the NAACP leaders. Psychopaths one and all. Instead of working to pull themselves up they were turned into a socialist nightmare for America…stupid does not describe what has become of the majority of the black race. They believed everything the Jews told them. The Jews formed and ran the NAACP. They believed the horseshit they were fed by antichrist, anti god Jews. That is who you want to help you, a people so perverted and destitute of truth…yea they will help you alright, right into the bowels of hell! Belly up to the bar boys drinks are free, on whitey your arch enemy, the devil himself. Their leaders know exactly what has happened but they are so corrupt the truth will never come from their mouths. They will destroy their own people for filthy money…All along whitey was fed shit that the Jew was the liberator of the oppressed…fuck no they were the destroyers of the oppressed.

            • Caveat: promising them freedom (blacks) they make them two-fold the child of hell that they are (Jews)…

              • RR, Matt.23:15 you travel around on sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.

              • Ahhh I see the wisdom now. Its them damn blacks AND them damn jews.

                Oh oh. Am I black and jewish now that I’m ‘shilling for them’ blacks?

                So what about all them damn white people that do what you said above? You know all those white liberals of European ancestry.

      3. OK, everyone knows I get on a roll with these type of articles. This is something we have all feared and known was coming for a long time. Governments around the world, not just here, are way too hard pressed these days to show a legtimate basis for anything they do BECAUSE THE LEGITIMACY IS NOT THERE! More and more people have been waking up every day and now see these governments for whaT they really are: organized criminal enterprises who take away the fruits of working people’s labor and give it to those who refuse to do anything, who think the world owes them something, etc. They engage in terror and oppression as the only way they can remain in power. My late wife and half of her family escaped from a nightmare of terror and oppression in Cuba to seek refuge here in the US. She was my inspiration to stand up and say no to tyranny. Let the gun grabbers come, let them bring it on! I DON’T GIVE UP ANYTHING I HAVE TO ANYONE, PERIOD! Force your way into my home and you will die, period! NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

        • Braveheart does this mean you have gotten over your fear of getting a 12 gauge shotgun for protection (previous post) because of the kick? Wonder what ya would do if you found a shoulder fired 50 cal. on the field of battle?

          • Howdy, Z-71. i may still get that shotgun after all, after i get a bill paid this month. Something in the back of my mind tells me I’ll need it. Now IF I find any AKs laying next to dead Un “peacekeepers”…..braveheart will be like a kid in a candy store. MOLON LABE

            • Toys for Big Boys……….YEAH!!!!

              BE FEARED……..or be sheared….BA.

            • Braveheart, what an inspiration. You have killed more people than any other 5 people on this site put together. And you have accomplished all of that with just a 30cal. carbine a 22 rifle and a single shot .410. YOU ROCK WOLVERINE!WASP.

            • I can understand the kid in a candyshop idea,me too….I do however want to lay out there this little thought to all my fellow liberty defenders…I know a bit about warfare and tactics and one of the most insidious things Ive seen is the boobytrap…they come in every shape and size and no one can really know them all…and guess what they really like to boobytrap?…you got it…weapons on the field or in storage….be VERY cautious friends if the time comes you get to pick up some goodies…ANY goodies…that fine looking rifle or box of grenades or food or ammo or anything may be the last thing you ever touch…that truck load of munitions or food that your source was informed about may well be a plant to lure you to your death…the problem is that unless you have been there the whole time and can absolutely know that no one touched the item before you do then you may be dealing with death/mutilation…Id suggest you all do a bit of study as there are a lot of sources out there on this subject…see how its done and know what to look for and above all be very very cynical when it comes to anything that looks too good to be true…take a few moments to look at it before you touch it…just a thought…”live free or die tryin”

              • Reb: thats what folks like “Not So Much” are good for. They can be the first ones to test various supplies or weaponery or ammo to check if its a Trap or not. That way we can protect the True warriors and real Patriots from harm.

                • BWAAAHAAAAAAHAHAHA !!!!

        • Braveheart your totally right! Don’t listen to Z71, that’s why you have 32 likes and he has negative something.
          People ARE waking up and will surprise whomever gungrabbers by way of ten million nasty lines in the sand…

        • Braveheart: I lived with the Cubans on and off for 20 years in Miami. You do not have to tell a Catholic Cuban about how commies work. But they were betrayed by the US Government at Bay of Pigs. The CIA ran covert ops on them, developed informers and trashed the Cuban community. They were used by the Neo-Cons. Cubans are a hard working and industrious people. The blacks and the whites did not care for them because they said they took their jobs. When your hungry and got a family to feed you will do whatever it takes to feed them. However, I believe Fidel was in bed with the Vatican and Communists who wanted to bring a mass immigration into the US (just like the Mexicans) to cause strife and division and dilute the American way of life. This is well evidenced by how the American Gov’t allowed Fidel to prosper and continue for years. It was well staged.

      4. Hey U.N. You are standing in front of my red line. Don’t step across it. Time to bulldoze the U.N. complex and build a gun store.Bankers had better read history before going any further.

        • Shouldn’t be any surprises with gun confiscation. Will there be any surprises with PM confiscation?

          • I’m missing the part of the article about how in Arizona securing your firearm during a police contact is confiscation.

        • Infidels, The un building should’ve been struck on 911, not the World Trade center or Pentagon. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

          • @Braveheart

            The fact that the U.N. wasn’t hit on 9-11 indicates that the the islamic radicals knew who their enemies and friends were. They had friends inside the U.S. gov and the U.N. That particular false flag was probably hatched inside that snake den. I would like to see a space rock wipe that cancer off our countries body.
            MOLON LABE

            • Infidels, it’s possible a nuke could take out the UN building. Remember the old Soviet “suitcase nukes” that went missing after the USSR went out of existence and were supposedly controlled by the KGB? To this day, I’m not aware of any of them being located. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

              • @Braveheart

                I’d bet those suitcase nukes have been in secure storage for years in major cities waiting for Obummer (or whoever is in charge of such things) to give the detonate order to give us our next false flag. It would be very easy to blame it on some terrorist group. If we see the rats abandoning the ship, we had better jump overboard too.

              • Braveheart: Check Telaviv for the missing suitcase nukes.

            • More than a spacerock,Id like to see real redblooded Americans stand up and remove it brick by brick after having shot or run out all the vermin hiding in there! 🙂

      5. Switzerland Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia
        Aug 3rd, 2013

        “The Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is reporting today that Switzerland’s Federal Intelligence Service (NDB) is proposing that the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA) issue an immediate “Situation: Grave, DO NOT TRAVEL” warning for the United States upgrading that North American nation from its current status as “Stable” and on par with a similar warning issued for the war torn Middle Eastern country of Syria.”

        “…Swiss intelligence analysts point to what they describe as a “cabal” of US military officers “fully intent” upon destroying the Obama regime, even if it means war.”

        “Unbeknownst to the American people about the Obama regime, this report says, has been its tens of millions of dollars in funding of al-Qaeda terrorists to create an Islamic Emirate in Syria and its over $8 billion in secret funding to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood radicals, both forces who are currently being defeated on the battlefield and in the streets.

        Equally unknown to the American people is that Snowden, a “high-level member,” according to the NDB, of the US military cabal threatening the Obama regime, had offered to return to America to face the charges leveled against him knowing that if were able to survive the citizens of his country would learn the full horrors of the monsters ruling over them, an offer that was rejected by the US.”

        • KY Mom, Wow! To state Obama regime by the Swiss is priceless.

        • @ KY Mom-
          That article seemed to good to be true, and turns out it most likely is. has a pretty poor rep, and doing a trace on their registered IP shows them being located in Elk Grove IL. Sounds like a shell for someone/something else. The fact that Russia was “stunned” tells me it’s likely their own disinfo scheme.

          • Good catch, CWinOR. Many have long been suspicious of EUtimes as a disinfo organ of the NWO hard left. Some sites reject linking to them.

            Read, but verify.

            • Elk Grove Ill. Question…How many Synagouges per sq mile are there? I may be mistaken, but isn’t that mainly populated by many “Cousins” of Mayor Bloomberg et al?

              Sounds like Pure kommie based dif-info eu times…

              • Nope. All the Jews live in Morton grove and the North Shore.

        • WOW!!! KY mom, that is probably the most comprehensive article coalescing all the recent news that I have ever read. It helps put most of the pieces of the puzzle into place. It is frightening in its scope to understand just what the US is facing in the fight for its constitutional life. Thanks for passing on that important article to us. I pray that your country survives the coming storm and your people win the fight to re-gain your liberty. There are terrible times coming; we must be ready.

      6. To the treasonous scum bags out there. MOLON LABE! NOT ONE MORE INCH! Let the fluoride headed zombies come to my door!!!

        Stay frosty and always check your six.

      7. Buy guns from people not stores…. Try to have no paper trail. I watched this gun take away go on during hurricane Katrina. The state I live in does not require registration. As part of your prep buy truck loads of ammo a few boxes at a time. For me and the miss’s it is two boxes each at separate stores every four days. Face Book has multiple gun groups were you can find guns and buy them cheap from others. Look in your classifieds. Bring you CCP and when I buy the buyer gets no info. If the buyer is uncomfortable with this I move on. I have purchased four guns this way. My friend at the sheriff’s department runs the serial numbers for me no questions asked. If the firearm is “hot” I walk away. I takes extra work but I have many firearms Legally purchased this way. I have one gun I purchased at a store with “papers” and all. This is the gun I will surrender with a smile on my face. They go away and I have a big laugh. Prep and practice OPSEC. Stop bragging about your firearms if you do brag…. Time is getting close…..

        • if you give up one firearm, they will know you have More, they will not leave til they have trashed your home to find the rest…might want to keep that in mind

          • And they will find nothing… its called cache……. after multiple visits where I will offer coffe and donuts….. they will grow tired and move on….. they will come at us sideways and you have to think like that if you or going to make it to the other side of this mess……

          • I wonder how long it would take ATF or State cops to arrive and ask questions if a sherrif did a stolen gun check, and it came up HOT aka stolen gun, yet that sherrif did NOT confiscate said stolen gun? How did he get numbers to run unless he saw or possed stolen gun?

            And handed gun Back to owner? Or never bothered to do anything further on a stolen gun computer check showing stolen?

            Very hard to believe that story.

            • If I ever came across that situation I just quietly get the liscence number of the car and give it to my sherif… In my town he is on our team…..

              • @Man on the INside-

                so in other words, you are a rat bastard of the type you guys all condemn.

                Good goin there you fine upstanding patriot!

                • I do rat out people who deal in stolen guns SAM…. And I gave up two good freinds and 21 years… so I did mine as a patriot…. and yes my oath to my team, country, family and the constitution is stronger now than ever…. Those that are too stupid to see the advantage of having folks on the inside like night breaker and myself are the very people NOT on our team. More bullcrap bravado…. I have found over the decades that people of bravado are the first one killed or the first ones to run. My team is the car mechanic, the preacher, cop, trash man, baker, barista, doctor….. that are quietly waiting and watching and if and when it realy hits the fan….. it will not end well for any group foriegn or domestic that screws with our community.

        • Man on the inside, that’s how I’ve bought most of the weapons I’ve owned since I was 21. Plus, you can usually get something cheaper from an individual than from a dealer. Regardless of where mine have come from, I’m not surrendering ANYTHING, period! NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

          • Good move but I will give them thier pound of flesh… They are lazy and once they have something they move on with their precived victory. I work with these people every day….. I know how they think.

          • Wolverines Baby!!!!

        • why would you even give up that one?

          your credibility sucks.

          If you are who you say you are, you must have taken the “Oath”…

          why renig…oh, the smile on your face will make it better.

          • Because that one (gun) is the decoy (and a piece of S&*T). I could give a rats ass about my cred…. I don’t care… I have a well, land, fruit trees, a garden, grub, ammo, a loving wife and adult kids, great team members (including some like minded LEO’s), and a job that gives me an inside track on what the knuckleheads are going to do next (and a nice pay check to prep more). It also lets me know just how unimaginative the government is and how lazy they are. I work with them every day. I went through Katrina in MISS. I saw what some of these jack boots did. They (cops) were some of the biggest thieves. If you want to go out in a BLAZE OF GLORY… go right the frack ahead. I choose to use the Art Of War and true guerilla tactics to win and survive and protect my team. Lots of folks here pine on about how they will fight till their dead. I have learned not to kick the hornets’ nest but to quietly slide a barrel with some fuel under it and then late in the evening when they are calm … light the barrel, cut the branch and watch the fun. Never come at them head on…. decoy and then hit them from the side….(like the Wolverines did) stop with all the bravado… true men and women of war now this is not how it is done when they have better toys. The government will foolishly rely on them. We will be defending our homes and families. Makes us way more determined and deadly. In the mean time stop arguing with each other… prep, share ideas, prep, help each other….. if not then this web site is just becoming a bravado bitch session. And the person who suggested the prepper project … GREAT WEB SITE…. Good stuff… thanks….

          • Last man standing ,
            Give them one to appease them they are essentially lazy they will not persue if it requires effort.
            I agree with man on the inside , some of the people I work with are pretty dim watted low voltage geniuses.
            I really doubt government employees are first on the list for door kicking that gives us an advantage , to be for warned is to be for armed . It is important for us to be on the inside we will know first when it’s going to go down and plan to use that information so others are not caught off guard because we do remember our oath.

            It’s better to go ronin then to support something that is completely alien to our way of life.

            Keep your gear at a ready place close at hand with your clothes, boots etc , be able to find it in the dark , go out the back door when they smash the front door in. escape and evade live to fight another day.


            Be Mobile , Be Adaptive, Prepare , Train, Learn Different Skill Sets.


            ALEA IACTA EST


            Semper FI 8541

            • EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      8. OMG..WHat a bunch of douchbags…
        “stay frosty and always check you six”…What movie did you see that in??
        “NOMI” “CATIMF”…???
        Guess what folks, They are not taking “One more inch” they have begun taking feet, yards and miles every day and in larger and larger increments… and you all sit here and whine and use fancy catch phrases because they sound cool to you and what?? Nothing else at all. You fucking webtough shitheads won’t do a damn thing except cry and wet your pants when the SWAT teams come knocking and in the end we’ll ALL be living under the fascist umbrella because Big Daddy gubment knows best and NOBODY fought for what this nation once was or can be again. See you all on the bread lines ya bunch of weirdos

        • Spillamagilla, I already know damned well when someone forces their way into my home, THEY WILL BE THE ONES GETTING KILLED; it won’t end well for them. How the hell do you know what others will do when evil knocks on their door? What will YOU do when evil knocks on YOUR door? My dad always used to say to me, “Son, when the devil comes knocking on your door, you can ignore him for only so long. Eventually you have to answer the door. Before you do, make sure you’re armed!” I can only hope YOU will have a BACKBONE to stand up to whoever has evil intentions toward YOU; you will damned sure need it! NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

          • Braveheart, I love your spirit. I aint tryin to knock ya, serious question. Just tryin to figure how your mind works. What makes you SO sure, that should you become a target, that “they” will be the ones getting killed, not end well for them, etc., etc.?
            As I understand you are just one man? Not in a group or compound with 24/7 security?
            Nothing wrong with being confident, but should “they” target you what makes you think they will not hit you while you are in the shower? taking a shit? sleeping? makin love to a fine lady? etc., etc…

            It just seems that you may be a little overconfident… and that can be a weakness…

            And if you happen to be prepared for the confrontation, how many swat team members can you realistically take?
            I understand that you will go out your own way, will not surrender/comply, etc, etc., and I agree. But you always end that it will be “them” that will not have a good day. I understand my capabilities and risks.
            I, like you, will never surrender. However, I am not confident/bold enough to declare that I will always come out on top. I understand the risks of my convictions and have a grasp on the possible consequences.
            Just somthin to chew on…

            • @OUTLAW- you have to understand Bravehart. He is an angry old guy who thinks he can’t be dealt with. Until they deal with him.
              These are the types that throw their hands up and hit the floor on their knees when something goes down.
              Don’t waste your time trying to reason with the insane.

              These types are the reasons they want NO ONE to own guns.

            • Just a thought…An old proverb says that those who think they can and those who think they cant are both correct…I understand the idea about being cocky and the one about confidence…confidence is based on years of “doing” living life and learning and basing ones outlook on that background…cocky is based on being stupid…running off at the mouth about “what I maybe “could/might” wanna do but with no real background or ability to back it up..just an attitude intended to deceive those around them and themselves into believing their own lie…in other words just bluster…I think our friend Braveheart is in the first camp…the confidence camp…as are many of the others here…as opposed to say Sam who is in the second camp and while he talks alot its only to degrade and mock others…he is really just empty inside(and believes everyone else is just like him so it angers him(and some others) whens someone like Braveheart or BI/ GC… anyone else has the brass to say anything with confidence…confident people scare the hell out of sissies and our world has a lot more sissies than spines…I may not always see it his way but I for one wont doubt that hes correct when he says “they will be the ones getting killed”… BH(all of you)keep speaking out against TPTB…if it gets us killed then we’re dead…big deal…at least we all tried! 🙂

          • The term ‘stay frosty’ is used by the jester (th3j35t3r on twitter) know the hacker for good deeds supposedly..blah.blah blah..Tango down…..

        • And the SWAT will come…just ask me…ask a few others who have gone to jail for posting on facebook with trumped up charges and then finding a way to take your guns…good luck getting your ‘rights’ back, after all you are a ‘bad person’…yep, feet and miles not inches…

          • everybody needs to shun facebook, or face the booking you’ll receive for using that shit. you do know they’re watching it don’t you???? get out and kill your f.b. account, the sooner the better………

            • @Roger ~ That is why I have Never has a Facebook account, or,a
              My Space account. I am very private and tend to keep it that way.

          • This is the true problem–and we all here know it.
            With photo shop and the overlay, delete, and add to junctions of any pc, they can make a document saying any damn thing they wish to incriminate us with.

            How many do we know to come to our aide?
            Not one!!! Why, no one would even know we were silenced.
            They can ‘Breitbart’ us any time of the day.

            • All of what you posted is what just sucks about this whole thing and what is taking over our country.

          • Anyone stupid enough to post over the top statements on Facebook is too dumb to have a firearm.

          • One of my friends told me to try to get on this Facebook project, a ‘data mining’ trial run project they are rolling out. (yes more FB changes are coming) I threw my name in and got approved. Well I can tell you for sure, the whole point of Facebook is to try to figure out who you are, link all your accounts: Netflix, twitter, email addresses, pinterest (and more), profile you with your intersts…all these stupid contests on there right now are totally mining people’s data and they don’t even think about it. They want to get all your info wrapped up into one tiny file so they can hand it over with a personality profile from your likes rolled in. When I go into Facebook under this project I have more search options than the regular person, but they will be rolling this out to everyone soon I think. I don’t find that I find any more info than I would have before. I can tell from my use of it that it is tracking who I look at and how they are associated to me as well as to others. Facebook is evil. I deleted all my old posts, all my likes, anything that could be controversial. I have dumped friends that had a lot of scumbag friends because with this data mining project they link everyone to their friends and create this tree of who knows who from who thing. I refuse to load personal photos on there. I have it as empty as I can but I do keep it only to check in on relatives, but I’ve had to unload a lot of friends because I don’t want their associations affecting my home. Scary times we are in. Facebook is no joke, it’s as shady as people say and worse.

        • wow. alrighty then. quite a bit of venom there. and you’re here because? oh yes…almost forgot- that’s one of your paid tasks.

          I wrote The Check asshole, and have NEVER “un-sworn” my Oath. I know how I’ll go out already- and I’m fine with that. One thing my former employers drilled into my head- Body Count matters.

        • @ spillamagilla “stay frosty and always check your six” It’s called “360 degree situational awareness” After each engagement and once the threat is neutralized. You always scan 360 to see if there are more threats coming from your rear and then engage them. A bit of a mouthful to say at the end of a comment.

          Just wondering what have you done to further our cause? Have you taken up active armed resistance against the tyrants? Or are you just complaining about what others are saying. It sure is easy too point your finger at others when you haven’t done any self introspection.

          I probably will piss my pants if a SWAT team bangs on my
          door, because me and my family are probably going to die.
          I can only hope we can take a few of them with us. If that doesn’t make someone piss their pants then then that person is a liar or a moronic imbecile.
          Which are you?

          As to your question I think the phrase came from “Top Gun” It works.

          Have a nice day!

          “anouther catchy phrase”

          • Didn’t you really mean “Make my Day”?

            • No Vet that came from “Dirty Harry” WASP

          • You should get a job writing movie scripts. What an imagination.

        • Nailed it Spilla. I have no life except here. I’m Mac Slavo’s self appointed right hand man on his left hand side. I’ll post 20 times an article and never say jack, which is also may favorite drink. NOMI CATIMF Drunkheart.

          • Drunkheart and Spilla, both of you go f#$% yourselves! braveheart

        • Spillamagilla: This fits You Swell…

          See if You can Spot the type troll from this listing!

          All you nation-wrecking Khazar Jews, Israel-Firster hasbaRATs, Marxist Jews, idiot White Multicults and Libtards, Shabbos Goys, braindead Christian Zionist Kwans, sicko Sodomites and Lezbos, perverted Pedophiles, freaky Gender-benders, greasy illegal Mestizos, cocaine-crazed and criminal Negroes — or whatever bizarre combination of the above — all of you scumbags had better beware that commenting here risks incarceration in my SPAMblinka concentration camp! incogman.

          • And you thought what, you were putting him down by calling yourself a troll and describing the racist BS you post all the time?

            • Piss Off Go back near top comments here and READ the names You asked for on UN zionists etc posted by Anonynous…..Then tell him, Thank You. Then Piss Off again fool.

              • Not So Much: Poser, asswipe, shill. Shit for brains who never can post anything of intelligence. Go fuck yourself wanker. Crawl back into your dark den. You must be one of Timothy Leary’s test subjects. Another fine upstanding Jew. CIA mind controlled!

                • shill? for whom? Who and where exactly did I shill for ANYONE?

                  You got nothing you moonbat.

              • *snore*.

                Listen stupid. I asked YOU for a link that gives me information about the ‘zionists surrounding WW that foisted the LoN and FED on us’.

                I saw that other dolt Anon posted a quote from some dude that said the LoN was a jewish idea. Ummmkay, if that’s what you would consider as proof of what I asked then all I have for you is LMFAO!

                Should I wait for that link?

                • And you can expect me in your face doing everything you said about me… by asking simple questions that you cant seem to back up with anything other than a hissy fit.

      9. is it any surprise that the Canadians have had there guns seized!! they have spent the last 60 plus years since WWII giving up there rights “for the good of the country ” and see how that has worked out high unemployment welfare roles high crime etc

        any one remember the Old black and white movies about the RCMP and how the lone Mountie would trek off into the wilderness after the bad guy armed with his trusty Winchester and his side arm and he always got his man no matter the odds.

        Now the Canadian citizen has been stripped of his right to protect himself and is paying the ultimate price
        HIS ( or her) LIFE. and if you need more proof of the insanity look too Australia also British run.

        multiculturalism is already the death of half of Europe
        including Germany.

        OVOMIT and his gun grabbing liberal loonies are desperate to make us just like England and the rest of Pussy Europe.

        They will stop at nothing to get what they want and if Hillary gets in it will be 10 times worse.

        hurricane Katrina the Boston bombing and just about any other disaster will give them more attempts to test out how well we respond or handle martial law. and if you think there not taking notes about who what and how many guns you have your kidding your self.

        Learn to build your Own ARs and consider using 80% built lowers and finish them your self.

        DIY armory has the kits easy too google them.

        Troll killer

        • Troll Killer, I appreciate most of your comments here on the website, however your comments on the state of affairs in Canada are way off base.

          Here are the statistics for Canada on licences to own firearms per 100k people by province:

          The firearm stats are lower than the U.S. however many people get the proper training and licencing to buy any firearm they like but are restricted only by magazine capacity. Most people don’t feel guns are necessary though because crime rates are extremely low.

          Unemployment rates were 7.1% in Canada for June vs. 7.6% here in the U.S.

          As for the “welfare state” that you speak of, well it has been in decline in Canada since the 1970’s. The Keynesian Wefare State was rampant in Canada from the 1940’s to 70’s but ended up in rampant inflation by 1975. This is exactly how it will end in America. Here’s some unknown author’s powerpoint describing the situation from then until now:


          It is fun to make unfounded comments to bring an argument into your favor. By doing so everything will become axiomatic in your mind by repeating non-truths over and over again. The U.S. has become ethnocentric just by repeating such invalid comments over and over again about other countries and their policies. We must stop the pointing of fingers and perpetuation of myths to overcome the problems at home. The argument is never about “who is right” but “what is right”.

          You can see my comments below on the RCMP involvement in High River, Alberta.

          • CND i stand corrected

            my opinion of Canada is from 25 plus years living in WA state and that was 13 years ago

            all i knew was what i heard from friends that lived on the border in Blaine and what i heard from Canadian visitors
            about all the troubles they had living up there

            sorry CND

            • @troll killer….why apologize? Canada sucks.
              We have a resident know it all here named Daisy who thinks she is giving you all advice and most dont even know she is not American.

              Hows that for irony?

              • Sam

                i thought daisy was American that moved to Canada guess i was wrong.

                i have no major problems with canada and or canadians but i do have a problem with some one who walks around and apologizes for the actions of another when the first person is not even involved.
                ( read CND story below )

                That is my friend the perfect example of what i call a self loathing liberal. reminds me of the people i lived around in the pacific north west

                always apologizing for every thing even though they were never involved

                ” oh look at how we damage the earth” etc

                liberalism needs to be stopped it is what is wrecking this country and if we don’t at the very least put it in its place we are going to end up like Brittan

                for gods sake they have Imams running around demanding sharia law in England they can preach there hate speech but we cant even say whats on our minds how is this even fair ??
                Troll killer

          • CND, after reading your statistics on gun ownership I would not even know where to start. But it is obvious that Canada is much like Europe, just way to civilized to be in anyway compared to us old Freedom loving Americans. Could you please expound on what your laws are on concealed carry or open carry of a handgun. Seem that you have already been tamed to the point that you don’t even recognize the fact that you have already been put in the sheepfold and must wait for the shepard to allow you out,if and when they feel like it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Canada and ain’t looking to fight with you, besides American Boys have been fighting and dying for Canada’s Freedom as well as our own for over 100 years. Trekker Out.

            • I’ve got passports for three different countries in my safe, and spent an equal part of my adult life living in three different countries. Am I an American? Canadian? Japanese? I don’t know. My children can’t figure themselves out either. I teach tolerance and unbiasness and let the facts speak for themselves.

              MT – You are an integral part of the comments here, and generally respected but must have an open mind to the differing feelings that exist in different cultures. Freedom means different things to different people.

              I can’t tell you how sorry I felt that Canada would not send its armed forces to Iraq to search out the weapons of mass destruction. I was living in Kentucky at the time and felt so ashamed for the Canadian government. I didn’t support the war, but nevertheless felt ashamed. When living in Tokyo I felt so ashamed for the U.S. forces stationed in Okinawa that were raping Japanese women and getting away with it. I found myself apologizing to the Japanese for actions that were not of my own. In Canada, I feel safe on the streets and I have never even considered concealed carry here to be of any use – because it is very unlikely to be approached with violence unless you are out looking for trouble on a Saturday night. I have my firearms in a safe place at home and could carry my rifles or shotguns in the car if I like but would rather not. My handguns stay at home unless they go to the range – as per Canadian law.

              Why are we here on this forum? If it is not to unify in solidarity regardless of geographic location or custom, then what is it? We shouldn’t be here to belittle or mock eachother. If someone doesn’t speak the truth we can tactfully set them straight, but not berate them. As for being part of the herd of sheep, I guess that I am because I hear the shepard’s voice and follow in humility. May Christ’s example guide our words on this forum and unify us. I’ll try to be a little better mannered as well. Thank-you for your comments Mountain Trekker.

              • CND, I have no intentions to fight with, or belittle you or any other Canadian. I personally love Canada, but I do not want to see America reach the point of Socialism that Canada has already reached, even though we are very close to that point. As for your status, or should I say Canada’s regarding the Gun issue, I’m sure many Canadians are not very pleased with the controls they now have to live under. As for the issue of militaty involvment, I believe the U.S. has been in many wars that we had/are involved in that we have no business being in. But my point was that Canada is A very large country and has a fair size population in comparison to it’s military,which I think is due to it’s proximity to America,the most powerful nation on earth. Anywho,lets agree to disagree as friends and brother Christians, not fight as some do on this site. Trekker Out.

      10. When gun confiscation comes they will use overwhelming force and kick in your door at 3 AM. Few people will be ready to resist. Expect them to have SWAT teams with snipers and infrared scopes. Make sure when they’re outside that you’re not standing near a window. I expect them to use foreign troops for this. Areas with a lot of resistance will be wiped out with air strikes. Or they’ll send in foreign troops to kill the men. You don’t want to know what they’ll do to the women and children. Don’t expect them to use the same suicidal rules of engagement that we used in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s going to get really ugly once we have martial law.

        • “Then we’ll fight in the shade!”

          • @ CWinOR thats anouther catchy phrase that I love. Good one!

            MOLON LABE!!!

              • @ CWinOR: Thank you for the enlightenment I never was sure which Spartan said that at the battle of Thermopylae. Dienekes was one heck of a man.

                MOLON LABE!

          • I love you man…….;)

        • One prepper website– I think its “Prepper” has video available (free) which you can order which tells about techniques you can use when the fighting starts. (Professional training).

        • Barn Cat, this is exactly what I do not understand. People act as if the cops are going to come knock on their door politely and ask if they have any guns they would like to surrender. Its not going to happen like that. More like what you said, kick in your door at 3am with a large swat team. Unless you are already living off-grid and have 24 hour security patrol, you just aint gonna be ready. Don’t get me wrong, I will not comply, but if they kick my door in at 3am guns blazing, I am as good as dead meat.
          Im gonna pick on Braveheart as an example. He always states that anyone who busts through his door or tries to take what is his that it will not end well for them. I believe he has good intentions and will indeed try to live to his word… BUT I understand he is living alone… unless he wears body armor 24/7 and never sleeps I believe that it will actually be him that it will not end well for. Sure, if he is lucky he may take out a few before he goes down, but there is no way if they bust down his door at 3am that he is gonna take out a swat team and defend his stuff.

          • @Outlaw I agree. Even the “Wolverines” worked as a group.

          • Barn Cat and Outlaw hate disagree but I don’t think at the start that they will come with force. I believe they will ID the biggest gun owners and resisters through NSA info gleaned through sites like this and records of people that have made large gun, ammo and magazine purchases and people that belong to Org. that they consider dangerous to the government. You will get a knock on your door by a couple of men in suits and you won’t have any idea of what they want, until they inform you that they have a warrant to take your guns. And when your standing there flatfooted facing two train agents, what you gonna do? Now just because you see a couple of guys in suits, don’t come up with some BS about how your going to start shooting, because they might be Jehovah Witnesses spreading their message instead of ATF agents. They will take out a few hardline Patriots and the rest will fall right into line. Sad but True. Trekker Out.

            • Good point Trekker, I could see it go down that way also. Like you say, once you are standing there, your pretty much screwed.

            • I don’t have any friends who would stoop to wearing a suit much less dare show up at my place with one on…just might have to shoot em for their own good 😉 …as for JWs showing up theyde have to ignore the signage and open the gate to get in here…then Id be a bit disagreeable….they wouldn’t like me or MY message… 🙂

              • REB, if you seen a couple of guy’s show up at your gate in suits, you would probably run out to greet em, thinking they was from Publisher’s Clearing House with your million dollar check. Trekker Out. Y’all Come Back Now, You Hear!

                • Naw… :)…never play sweepstakes or lotteries…don’t associate with anyone who would wear a suit like I NO!…I wouldn’t be opening any gates…

        • I fully expect to die on my feet giving the thugscrum my weapons… one bullet at a time. I didn’t work my fingers to the bone all of my life to just meekly give up to some jack booted thug screaming incoherently and throwing flash bang grenades around. I will never die on my knees begging for mercy waiting to be executed or tortured. As for the 3am thing…? I think I will know they are near before they start busting my door down and anyone lurking around my house at 3am cursing and growling is fair game. Not sure about anyone else, but I think I’m fairly well prepared to meet my maker and send a couple thugs to hell in the process. just saying.

          • Cold dead fingers!

      11. Keep your enemies close and your redneck friends closer.
        Never gonna happen. This is my first post but this site and Mac has been required reading for a long time.

        We are out here. We are constitutionalists and the last resistance. We will never comply.

        • OffTheGrid, welcome aboard, and you’ve come to the right place. I’m with you all the way. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

        • @OffTheGrid: Amen short succinct and to the point! Welcome!

          MOLON LABE!

        • Comply? In the context of which we speak, thats a disgusty word.

          Patriots. Survivors. Founders. Three good books. Lots of good ideas. Some of it a tad bit juvenile, but its the thought that counts.

          Open your eyes. You’ve lost no rights and not liberty.

          “The American Adventure” – Page 92.

        • Welcome and Amen!

      12. More people killed in 20th century(democide)then all wars combined in same time period by a huge margin.No matter what the final firearm laws are so many millions hidden away that short of nuke impossible to disarm citizens.Buying face to face and building ones own(still legal at moment)a good way to end trails but lets face it,open confiscation/following purchase trails the whole jig is up!At that point all alt media/personal phones ect. down and the SHTF!Prepare for tomorrow,live for today.

        • Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!

      13. This is terrible! How dare the gov’t take away… hey! American Idol is on!

        99% of the sheeple either don’t care or are too busy with their own selfish lives to even notice such things. As long as the EBT cards get refilled every week/month/whenever and the cable stays on, Rome can burn.

      14. We are the last stand against a world government. When gun contol passes next year (after elections) the road will be paved for a North America, then a one world government with a one world constitution. There is a reason we don’t care to secure our borders. They want a North America not a US,Canada, Mexico.

        Gun control will pass and it will be a dark road ahead. I just hope people will stand against the corrupt govenment because I figure most will conform because the penalties will be stiff for those who don’t comply. I’m not sure what will happen but I know making crazy comments on here about what I’m going to do is stupid and does nothing to help our cause.

        • We might have an economic collapse and martial law first. Want food? Turn in your guns. Want more food? Turn in your neighbors who have guns.

        • IC, picked up the Glock 19 and took it to the range to run it. Ejecting fine. Brass ejecting at a 45 degree angle above my right shoulder and landing several feet away. Shot about a hundred rounds of the cheap Tula without any stoppage.

        • IC, left you a message but it will probably list as Anonymous

          • PO Pat

            I’m glad your is working as it should. I got my new one and it still ejects like crap with 115 grain ammo. When I run 124 or 147 it shoots consistantly at 3 oclock. Seems 115 is under powered. I used S&B, PMC, Blazer 115 and it barely spits them out. Put some Federal HST 147 +p and 124 grain and WOW what a difference. I guess I’ll just have to buy 124 and up now. I heard 115 russian ammo and 115 american are completely different. Who knows but I’m happy now with mine and it’s a acturate shooter.

            • IC, you’re right. Wolf, Bear and Tula under definitely under gassed compared to what we make here. I use to run them (Russian) in my ARs, but no longer. The only reason I got a box the other day was to try out the 19 without busting into the good stuff. Figured if it ran ok with the Tula, I was GTG. Glad to hear Glock took care of you.

      15. @ Man on inside.. The Bad: I dont know why anyone but a lib troll would red thumb you. The good: they will be the first to die when TSHTF.

      16. The dictator States are hard at work attempting to rob us of our individual rights, it seems at every turn cutting the ground from under our feet and depriving us of our foundational existence is there goal.

        The rights of free and ethical people no longer counts, the pace of the collectivist push to State slavery can only be matched by the number of lies they tell on a daily bases.

        I am content with the fact that I’m an intransigent patriot who is unwilling to cooperate with Statist vermin of any color or creed regardless of how much they work to terrorize free and moral people.

        I will not be ruled, I will not be threatened and I will not have my freedoms stifled but progressive fanatics.

        I am anchored in God, come and get us if you dare!

        • Howdy, Y99, and I’m right there with you. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

          • Good day brave, a quote all should know in the face of an unsure future.

            War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

            John Stuart Mill

            • Y99, truer words were never spoken. braveheart

        • ***The dictator States are hard at work attempting to rob us of our individual rights***

          Too bad we don’t exist in a republic…..oh, wait!!

        • Wanna bet that half the posters on here voted for Obama to get the free stuff?

      17. It may or may not apply here but I want you all to know that we witnessed black helicopters flying overhead over the weekend. This would be in the Belmont county ohio area. I knew from Jone’s site that this was happening in the bigger cities but we are a very small, rural area. They were flying low too. On the issue of gun confiscation….it is very simple…I will not comply.

        • we had a fixed wing airplane with 2 engines flying over a few weeks ago,,,had a large dish on top of it, I live near a military man and he said it has went over before…I never paid any attention to planes, but from now on I always look up.

            • Cross country, bingo, military hop or contractor upgrade.

              • Small town Police Dept. purchase probably.

        • We have been having fighter jets fly over almost daily. Usually in three’s.
          They came by real late last night, 10:30, I think. Three of them, very low flying…

          • Well where do you live? If near a military airfield what do you expect to see but aircraft. F-18s fly over here all the time as do CH-53s and Ospreys.

        • I am in rural Ohio also. A few weeks ago there was a military Humvee flying down our one lane road blue lights flashing. Very odd

      18. As a former resident of High River Alberta I am glad God decided to move me from there. In the year of 1995 we had the one in a hundred year flood. It was bad but not as bad as the last one. I know this is a little off topic but since I have left there three once in a hundred year floods have occurred. mmmmm maybe some man made weather manipulation HAARP, chemtrails etc. ? Anyway I do have to say one thing is that with all the gun confiscation there and other things they are doing to terrorize the citizens of my former home I have to ask did FEMA supply the temp trailers for these folks to live in? I just see too many patterns here. I guess these behaviors make up for the fact the long gun registration was thrown out up here. Guess it doesn’t matter they are going to do their best to take them no matter what. Too many likenesses to Katrina and I find most people up here just really oblivious to the things going on. Oh well I pray for them all and share to info when they want it. Other than that I leave folks alone. Out here in New Brunswick Canada, east coast, last Friday the town I live just outside of received about 5 1/2 inches of rain in just under 6 hours. Man made? Just thinking outloud again, I must be getting old. Anyway keep you eyes up upon the Lord, stay ready for anything and keep praying. God Bless ya’ll and take care.

        • Hi Mike! It was creepy watching Lake U rise, I live in SJ, nice to meet you neighbor!

          • hey nice to see someone from NB in here besides me. Would love to contact you sometime. send me your email if you want to ok thanks,
            [email protected]

      19. This is month old news in Canada. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) immediately responded saying it was unconstitutional to seize the firearms and then ordered them immediately returned. The RCMP didn’t touch the guns locked in the safes, only those stored improperly out in the open. Stop twisting facts to create a better sounding story. Yeah, they shouldn’t have seized the guns in the first place but the government immediately ordered them returned and an internal investigation into the actions of the RCMP is currently underway.

        Here’s the whole story as it was unfolding on June 28th! Don’t make it sound like a current event.

        • Why should anybody listen to a wimpy syrup sucker who didn’t stand and fight when his government took them away?…so take off hoser, aye?

          Canadian girlie man!

          • Right! And why should you be confused by facts presented by someone with firsthand knowledge in stead doing the intelligent thing and buy into propaganda presented by a moron with an agenda.

            • NC Troll-Joe

              See if You can Spot the type troll from this listing!

              All you nation-wrecking Khazar Jews, Israel-Firster hasbaRATs, Marxist Jews, idiot White Multicults and Libtards, Shabbos Goys, braindead Christian Zionist Kwans, sicko Sodomites and Lezbos, perverted Pedophiles, freaky Gender-benders, greasy illegal Mestizos, cocaine-crazed and criminal Negroes — or whatever bizarre combination of the above — all of you scumbags had better beware that commenting here risks incarceration in my SPAMblinka concentration camp! incogman

              • LOL, not once but twice.

          • The fight wasn’t about guns for the people of Alberta. It was a fight to save their lives from rising floodwaters. Don’t disrespect the people who did stay and fight the rising floodwaters. A friend of mine did stay to fight, and lost his life in the process. That’s the reason that I am so aware of the situation in Alberta, although I do not live there. Please don’t disrespect Canadians. They lay down their lives just like Americans do, in the fight of liberty. My Canadian cousin was killed in Afghanistan two years ago beside his American brothers in the same vehicle. So don’t disrespect Canadians.


            BTW, maple syrup is great on plain yogurt. Call me a syrup sucking maniac.

        • @ CND……So the Canadians CAN have guns, or is it just the well off people ? (like England) And if a High percentage of people don’t defend themselves with guns , what do they use ?? Wrack ya with a Hockey Stick ,Conk ya over th head some Moose antlers , Wire up their Snow mobile to explode on contact OR maybe hold someone down and pour a five gallon can of MOOSEHEAD Beer down their throat !!?? (that would kill 100lb. CockRoach)….Just curious , we might need to KNOW , if we lose GUNS!….mm

          • I like you mountain man 6-1. Read within “The Trapper’s Bible” the section on “pathguards” by Dale Martin. “Punji” #1,2 or 3 work well,as well as the “Bow and Arrow Pathguarder”(pg 55) or “The Stabber” (pg. 58).

            Or you can just watch this comedic sketch from the “Kids in the Hall” – this will teach you very much Grasshopper.


            • Ok, Ok, enough of the bull spew here guys. Yes, handguns are essentially illegal in Canada. They have been for a LONG time. Now, if we can be serious, yes there is many restrictions on guns, however gun ownership is quite high in Canada, especially in rural areas. The stats do not tell all! Think about it. The gun registry is gone and I no of NO ONE who has ever had a gun seized. Most people I know and most people in my area have some kind of gun for the most part. The difference is, we do not have the amount of federal authorities committing violations of our rights. As someone pointed out, if it did happen, the guns were immediately ordered to be returned. You talk about Canadians being some kind of ferries or something? Yeah, ok. I have seen many of you Americans around here this summer, granted most are from the city and are simple professional types with there families, but from what I have seen and the reaction I get when they see an individual like myself in my truck, they look like they are about to fill there pants. Americans have become blinded by their ignorance. I fear no one, and certainly not some American! Get your facts straight here guys and gals. The things you here and believe make for a good punch line or sound good while you are boasting, however factually speaking it is poppy cock. Also, you do not have to be rich to own firearms in Canada. Just get your facts straight. And if any of you want to talk about it you can come and see me. Don’t bring a gun to a hockey stick fight my friend.LMAO

              • @ edder……I meant NO disrespect. I was making an inquiry as to how did the people up north deal with limited means of access to WEAPONS . I’m a Hill-billy and a ex- self-employed blue collared worker from the country and I have NO use for the rich ‘AMERICAN’S ‘that visit your country!! They are totally unaware of what the TRUE world is all about!! Tourist are useless in my book!! All they do is spread their money around! I tried to add a little HUMOR to my reply ,but I guess it didn’t go over to well. AS for BadAss, I come from a LONG line of MT. People that don’t take NO SHIT from NO ONE and have the gumption to back it up! And I’ll do no bragging about it !!………mm

                • @mountain man 6-1 says: No disrespect on my part either. We are the same kind of people. I am polite to anyone, including tourists, hey, I like city women, LOL, but I too do not tolerate the silliness of simple minded people. We have plenty of things to protect us here. Most guys around here and anywhere in Canada will use their fist first when needed. The “city” closest to here with a population of about 20,000, is what I would describe as an anti-gun town. However it is also the roughest town anywhere around here. Many males, of any age, do not take long before they are ready to rumble. But they would look at someone who uses a gun as a coward. We tend to look after our problems in other ways. Am I happy that handguns are banned? No, absolutely not. But we have your ways. Point a gun at many people around here and they wouldn’t even flinch. Many would grab it and beat the guy over the head if he wasn’t fast enough. Anyhow, our hockey sticks come in damn handy at times. Hell, I keep a baseball bat at my front door. I describe it as “NO FEAR”. I wish more people would wake up and just stand tall. Most of this violence would end anyhow if the criminals were stood up to.

                  • @ eeder…… I understand where yer comin from (fights),and it used be that way here .But it seems everyone has upgraded their ways of fighting now a days. Like th cops using military gear! I hear that in Mexico ,if yer going to fight like a MAN ,you have to use KNIFES !! Think I’d rather be shot ! Any way since I was born in the middle of the last century ,I’ll leave th FIST-Fights to you guys! And protect myself the only way I can ! Good Luck Canuck !!……mm

      20. Granted the “law” says they can confiscate guns in Az, but see what happens if they try. Some will give them up but not most. Then you buy a gun from a gang banger, easier and cheaper. My brother is a criminal and has been able to buy guns very easily, that’s why he’s facing 2 1/2 to 15 years.
        My next door neighbor is in the army, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I live south of Ft Campbell so lots of military here. If something happens I am sure I will see it right away.

        • I’m east of Ft Campbell. Obviously on their flight path for helicopters and such.
          Not much activity this way lately.
          Hey neighbor.

      21. It is interesting that such event is taking place in ARIZONA!!!! One of the last stand on 2nd amendment. IMHO the water is at its highest boiling temperature and the frogs didn’t even feel their slow death.

      22. How long is that fucking barrel? Damn. I want one.

      23. This is why i have a lot of weapons that are not guns.

        My worry is not those authorities that will come take my guns, if they want to do that; i cannot stop them; they have too much ability and power than i do.

        i am worried about defending myself against the 90-95% of the country that made no attempt at preparing for living thru whats coming and when they find out i have prepared; i will be dfending myself and those preparations on my own with no help from authorities imo.

        • I bought a couple of machetes with 18 inch blades and a hatchet. I have high powered sling shots with iron ore pellets as ammo.

          • Tomahawk and knife are a deadly combo as long as you practice, practice, practice.

            Gasoline, dish soap, rags, and wine bottles, homemade napalm.

            A single shot, will get you an assault rifle if the situation is right.

            • You forgot the styrofoam

            • I have a white flag and know how to say “Don’t shoot I give up”,in five languages.

              • Unfortunately the only useful phrase in that vein which I know is “Hands up, weapons on the floor!” in Russian.

                • The Most important Man in the World, speaks fluent French……..In…..Russian

                  In every previous life, he was….Himself

                  stay frosty…..

          • I have shotguns and ammo. I also have the other weapons in case my guns are confiscated. They could even show up at your house when you’re at work. Bug spray that shoots through the narrow straw that comes with the can is good too.

      24. My first post here after being a long time reader……. I may die on my front porch when this all goes down but I will never surrender… count on it!

        • Backdraft, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. braveheart

        • Welcome!

      25. GET a long tube and some lube bury everything!!!!

        and move to the country while you still can!

      26. And than you have a gun owner funded group like the NRA “Negotiating” when it comes to our RGHTS!

        Stop the fucking negotiating, my RIGHTS are not up for negotiation..Get it? Got it?…Good!

        • You’re right on target, VRF. NRA has always compromised on the 2nd amendment; otherwise why are there ANY gun control laws on the books? braveheart

          • Negotiating Rights Away.
            isn’t that what those letters mean nowadays?

            • Roger, that sounds exactly right. My rights come from God, not any manmade government, and none of them are ever open to negotiation. braveheart

              • How do you know your rights are from God? From the bible? The bible is nothing more than a collection of myths fables and legends used by the weak minded to attempt to attempt to dominate others.

                • Hey, Joe, our rights are inalienable, which, to numbnutted talking parrots like yourself, means you can do absolutely nothing about them, whether you align the entire government behind you or not.

                  Your right to give your rights away ends at your nose.

                • Myth, says a Church Father, is “What is believed always, everywhere, by everybody”; hence the man who thinks he can live without myth, or outside it, is an exception. He is like one uprooted, having no true link either with the past, or with the ancestral life which continues within him, or yet with contemporary human society. He does not live in a house like other men, does not eat and drink like other men, but lives a life of his own, sunk in a subjective mania of his own devising, which he believes to be the newly discovered truth. This plaything of his reason never grips his vitals. It may occasionally lie heavy on his stomach, for that organ is apt to reject the products of reason as indigestible.

                  C.G. Jung

                • ” is nothing more than a collection of myths fables and legends used by the weak minded to attempt to attempt to dominate others.”

                  And what’s your take on the philosophy of progressivism that you are ostensibly here defending/supporting.

            • As a Lifetime NRA member I resent your remarks and would gladly fight under the NRA banner with honor. No group has done more to protect the 2nd. Amendment.

              • Jed and Matt Eckerd, uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but the NRA have been compromising on the 2nd Amendment going back to the 1930s when the National Firearms Act of 1934 was passed. that was the very first gun control legislation ever passed by Congress. I’m sure you mean well; most members of the NRA are good people who also believe in 2nd amendment like I do. I just believe you’ve all been misled and deceived by the NRA. the other pro-2A groups out here DON’T compromise on 2A. I do believe in keeping guns out of the hands of real criminals and mentally infirmed people; other than that, no other restrictions on gun ownership, period!

                • Gun Owners of America, Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Second Amendment Foundation, Second Amendment Sisters, are all pro-2A groups who will NOT compromise on gun ownership. They don’t even talk to politicians. I don’t have faith in ANY elected officials to stand up for the 2A. Although Ron Paul did so when he served in Congress, he was the exception rather than the rule.

                  • Bullshit BH Second Admendemt is full of shit. They are bending over here in WA State and giving in when ever there is a fight that will cost them money and cause the board members to take a smaller cut of their donations.

                    They are giving in on Gun SHows and Private sales here Right Now. They support and even help right the fucking bill.

                  • That is all they have been doing is compromising.

                • They are just like the AARP in that they always work both sides of the street.

              • There are quite a few pro-Second Amendment organizations out there, some small, some large, some effective, some ineffective. I belong to three of them, NRA, NAGR, and JFPO.

                Of all of them, the NRA is the largest, best funded, and most effective in maintaining as much of our rights as we can get.

                It took decades to get where we are, and it’s going to take decades to get out of it. Start in your town by voting out of office every liberal and progressive, right down to dogcatcher, and vote down their funding, as well, no matter what the effect. If it isn’t constructing hard infrastructure, vote to defund it down to minimal levels. We can deal with the results better than they can deal with the tax monies.

                The NRA tried drawing a line in the sand in 1934, 1968, 1995, and again this year. We lost a lot in 1934 and 1968, but kept a lot. We kept semi-auto firearms in 1995, it could have easily been a complete ban and confiscation. We lost some state battles in 2013, but won at the national level. If it were not for the ‘compromise’ in the legislative process, there would be no NFA weapons in the entire country, registration of all firearms, no military surplus imports, no online sales or auctions, no gunshows, no private sales, ‘may issue’ permits instead of ‘shall issue, no Collector FFL03 licenses, no semi-auto AR15s, AKs, or anything like them, no firearm bequests to heirs, draconian storage requirements, and licenses even for reloaders, not to mention confiscatory taxes on guns, ammo, powder, primers, bullets, brass, everything, as well as a lack of CCW states and Stand Your Ground and Castle laws.

                All of the above have been real legislative proposals and all of them stood a good chance of becoming law. They resurface continually, and will continue to do so. Look at the Zimmermann outcome and the push to retrograde self-defense laws, it is real and it can succeed.

              • Jed,
                Im not even going to reply to that, because you obviously don’t know how wrong you are, and no amount of me bringing the reality to your plate will change your mind, just be careful blindly “trusting” an outfit that negotiates an inalienable RIGHT,they have an adgenda, and money people to please, and that aint you and me.

                Im also not saying they hevent accomplished things, because they have, but when an outfit that is to back up the constitutional right to bear arms goes and makes compromises it undermines the real purpose of their being , and it shows me with an act and words of an intent that doesn’t mirror the constitutional citizens right to bear arms , and the God given right to protect ones self with any means necessary. The word I think im trying to say is , they act like government, or better yet..Sell Outs. and if they don’t get reeled in by the true gun owners they will lose sight of why we need them, basically rendering themselves as part of the problem rather than part of the cure. they in my eyes have already fell over the edge of that precipice

        • Ya whats wrong with those dummies…looked at my rights just now and the tag on the bottom says “non-negotiable”and something about not removing this tag… 😉

      27. A little dated. Flooding in Alberta took place around 22nd of June. Yes High River was evacuated because of flood waters. You got that right. As to gun pickup by authorities. This country all hand guns are registered. Police would only pick up before scavengers (bad guys) got to them first. Fear monger-er! Your credibility sucks…..

      28. PO’d, don’t you have to teach firearms to the teachers union today? lmao

        • I’m coming over and piss on your freshly planted sweet corn.

      29. If scientists are right (Lord knows, I hope they are wrong!!) but if they are right, then it doesn’t matter how much one prepares SHTF.

        ACCORDING TO RECENT REPORTS, THE THERMOHYLINE CYCLE– THE UNDERWATER OCEAN CURRENT– THE CONVEYOR BELT IN THE OCEANS HAS STOPPED. If this is correct, then survival will become a heck of a lot more difficult!

        Basically, this means (among other things) that a shift in the poles will occur– frigid areas will become the new hot, tropical regions and the tropics will resemble the frozen poles (or what WAS the frozen poles!)

        Also, several BIG positive feedback loops occurring from global climate change… not positive in the sense that they are good, rather, they are self reinforcing… getting worse and worse. As someone aptly stated a couple years ago, its those darn exponentially occurring feedback loops that will do us in!

        The only thing I can think of that would be worse is hearing that oceans are GIVING OFF CO2, instead of taking in CO2, at which point, it is truly “game over”… maybe already over.

        As rednecks/ right wingers, most of you have decided that Global Climate Change is a “hoax”. But for the few intelligent, open minded posters here, who have actually researched the issue of climate change and realize the validity of the science, I would strongly suggest you watch the recent video of Dr. Guy Mcpherson, titled, “Climate Chaos”.

        • The hoax is thinking that some leftist government can do anything about a climate that is controlled by solar cycles and vulcanism warming the oceans.

        • Most folks has accepted that just prior to the largest gathering of leaders worldwide a couple yrs ago, when aprox 200 Private Jets and owners/leaders Flew to europe for the big Global warming crapola fest, it got Canceled due to Massive SNOW during May If I recall it right, and canceled due to Thousands of scientist EMAILS Found and Exposed for all world to SEE them scientists admited to their many global warming HOAXES! and Outright LIES said to create FEAR so their agenda21 agenda can move fwd and also to cost us all way higher TAXES all based on FRAUD global warming tactics.

          ALSO: CO2 is what ALL Green plants and tree leaves etc EAT, and when the SUNLIGHT Hits them GREEN plants the Sun turns CO2 into Oxygen for Humans and animals to BREATH!

          You should have learned That in 2nd grade science fool.

          They call it “PhotoSynthisis” green stuff turning CO2 into Oxygen in our Air…There is ZERO warming, rather its COOLING for the LAST 20 yrs now fool.

          I think Forest/poster person, is a Recent college grad who fell for every liberal kommie professors liberal crap lies he was taught to believe as truth.

          If not, and is a person 50 yrs old or so?…Then theres for sure zero hope for he/she to awaken to the liberal agenda 21 UN lies galore. Good luck fool.

          ps be certain to pet one of your favorite monkys you so love.

          • Tell you what, Guys, the fact that forrest used the word “cute” in an earlier post leads me to believe it’s definitely a gal, and the heavy propaganda bullshit on global warming points to a return of grasshopper,who previously checked out in a major huff.

        • Funny how all those “scientists” are funded by… Yes! You got it!! BIG GOVERNMENT.

          Follow the money, moron, and don’t believe everything you’re spoon fed by the mainstream media


          PS Ever look at the Environment Science degree curriculum at your local university? Hardly ANY hard science classes or math classes are included. It’s basically a liberal arts degree masquerading as a science degree.

        • Are YOU not, by YOUR OWN WORDS, supposed to be GONE?

          Apparently, YOU are as “FULL OF SHIT” as your comments. In other words, YOUR WORD MEANS NOTHING”. Bye Bye isn’t an acronym for “please stay”! Is English a second language for you?

          • Comment for my “favorite WOOD-pecker”…ForREST in piece somewhere else.

        • Forrest,

          Do you really have the audacity to believe that mere mortals can have a hand in changing and destroying the earth? The earth has always experienced climate cycles, every few hundred years, that is a truth. The only documentary that I take seriously is the Holy Bible, it is all there, just read it and you will understand.

          You throw about insults and resort to juvenile name calling in order to get your point across, didn’t anyone ever teach you how to communicate in a positive, intelligent and enlightening way? In my humble opinion, the word of God is the only truth.

          Genesis 8:22

          While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

          Matthew 6:25-34

          “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. …


          Been watching The Day After Tomorrow again and thinking it’s reality?

        • This years Polar Summer was the shortest ever with ice growing very rapidly. You do realize that in the last several million years ice ages have been the norm with only short interglacial warm periods one of which we are in now. Probably not since you have no ability to reason but only parrot the nonsense faked data that Mann concocted.

        • Wake up, Forrest. Science as it exists today is just a religion. Most scientists are funded by the elites & repeat what they’re told to. If we had real scientists (think Nikola Tesla) this past century we would probably be in outer space by now, exploring the universe.

      30. Stupid me. Learned that canoes and guns don’t get along, particularly in choppy water. On top of that I thought the ammo might float. DANG IT!!

        • Old joke, I doubt the story would fly when the leo’s com a knockin.

          • It won’t fly two seconds. Nor will the tragic smelting accident story.

            No one is going to knock on the door and ask. The door will be kicked in and all inside held at gunpoint, handcuffed and questioned, while the house, outbuildings, and grounds are searched. Might even take a day or two.

      31. Well, my SisHittingTF. DH’s employer sent notice out today that they are freezing their pension plan, not sure what that means, do we lose it? And will be offering early retirement to 1200 employees. He had decided after much anguish to retire early and told his boss on Aug. 1, so he could get his 401K. Boss talked him out of it. Today we get this news! To add insult to injury, just learned that our refi of less than a month old was sold to Fannie Mae! I’m pretty useless today. Nothing’s going on at his work (works from home) so were sitting around waiting to hear more and watching news. Blah.

        • Unless he got a raise by staying on, I’d do the math and seriously consider the early out.

          The good bosses don’t whine when their good people retire.

      32. American Patriots will NEVER give up our guns. When TPTB try to take them, I think that we just might have a “Wolverine” moment.

        Got ammo? Got gasoline, rags, and glass wine bottles?


        • In my book the Canucks, Brits, and Aussies should all turn in their “man cards” and start wearing dresses, pussies!

          I might be the one and only person who stands firm on not being disarmed in the entire country, and go down as some nutcase in some police report, but I WILL stand firm on this, so help me God! NOMI

          • From an Aussie, you have absolutely no idea wtf you are talking about. None what so ever.

            I cannot speak for Brits or Canucks, but there is a strong thread of informed objectors in this part of the world, and the lack of noise should not be taken for an inability to bite.

            I would like to think that I can effect change by encouraging my fellow citizens to vote for decent independent representatives devoted to undoing the damage done by the party scoundrels, but I am not basing my every action on that hope.

          • Eckerd,

            Having been talking with a Brit over the years, and there is also David Icke, I believe we have patriots of all kinds across the globe. Ever hear of Heidi in Germany, the gal who spoke out loudly in the middle of a Muslim rally? She is a true patriot to her nation. I feel there are others around the globe who see what the bankers are up to, and want to put a stop to that as much as we in the US do.

      33. A little bit of good news for my neighborhood. A former Marine friend of mine is FINALLY buying some home protection. Convinced him to get a 12 gauge to start with. Can’t believe a former Marine didn’t own any weapons, but sadly, that was the case.
        Now if I can get him into food storage, I’ll really have made some progress. Think I’m close. He’s got one eye open at least.

        Time for a bourbon!

      34. H7N9 update

        the flu has pretty much fallen off the radar lately

        a new study does confirm human to human transmission
        but fortunately H7N9 is nowhere as contagious as the seasonal flu is
        with a few genetic modifications
        that can change quickly

        First study of human transmission of new bird flu raises worries

        and not much to report on MERS CoV

        MERS Cases and Deaths,
        April 2012 – Present

        Current as of August 06, 2013, 9:00 AM EDTCountries Cases (Deaths)
        France 2 (1)
        Italy 3 (0)
        Jordan 2 (2)
        Qatar 2 (1)
        Saudi Arabia 74 (39)
        Tunisia 2 (0)
        United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
        United Arab Emirates (UAE) 6 (1)
        Total 94 (46)

      35. Common sense show is a good title for any type of gun control. it only helps the bad guys in the government and on the streets. The nation of england has 4 times the amount of violent crime to the U.S. that are pictured as savages. Other european countries that have strict gun laws are almost as equally high in crime. Weapons are a deterrent to those that want to try to harm someone. A look at a predator shows this. These serial killers ONLY go after the weak and defenseless.

        I know some women that would put a 10mm right square between some serial killer’s eyes that would dare to try to attack them. The anti-gunners would consider this murder because the serial killer was only armed with some rope to tie up victim number 50 or 60. The governments of the world that want control, which is most of them or all of them, recuit the truly stupid and the grossly warped conformists to further their agenda. That agenda is to fool the masses into “thinking” that they are for peace and ridding the streets of crime. Naturally someone unaccustomed to any critical thought will gladly go along with this. Wanting to be accepted so desperately they will even jump on the bandwagon to not only ban firearms, but stun devices, pepper spray, knives, ballbats, forks, sticks, umbrellas that have any point to them, pressure cookers, pots, pans, glass dishes, etc.

        I try to laugh at how these individuals that are played by those in higher places like a fiddle, but then I think of the consequences of the mass of idiots that growing more and more each day. Gun confiscation is truly only the first step, then comes the whole slew of our most cherished rights thrown right out the window in the name of political correctness. The masses will shake their heads up and down like a lizard watching the other lizard in the mirror. The masses will respond, (duh, that sounds good because someone with “authority” says so, it must be right).

        This is how some tyrannical government will work, they will try to fool the fools into thinking that good change is for the best, the definition of good is what is lost here. A dictatorship is ONLY successful with the blessing of most of the people. Despotism can ONLY live when the population has chosen to fall asleep and not use common sense and reason.

        • BI, I just noticed ncjoe is back, but I’ll leave him alone per your previous advice. braveheart

          • @ braveheart. Someone like ncjo(k)e(r) I will definitely leave alone because these trolls don’t contribute anything to such an important discussion that affects every person on this planet. I didn’t really want to comment to that seriously character, but I feel so strongly about the preservation of freedom, that for others I did this. There are so many out there that condemn free thinking sites like this one that search for the truth. These pathetic characters are hidden behind a conformity of blindless that these tyranny generated events could never happen and that people are now not capable of being monsters in government and out.

            Call it being naive, stupid, or starry eyed with BO or some other leader, it is a primitive instinct to automatically trust those in control. Maybe it is a parent issue or some tribal fallback, those whom have the closet type minds that fail to look outside the box of conformity are doomed to have a nose ring and lead around the corral of life. The masses allow themselves to be ruled by some bad leader. If the masses thought for themselves and used common reasoning and sense, the same idiots in congress and other sections of the government would never get re-elected. There is not even a strong third party to counter balance the other two. It is like you can either jump off a cliff or walk in front of a speeding train, either way someone is screwed unless they open their minds and say stop this now.

            A troll will simple become the antagonist and say stupid comments that are opposite of what others believe or that are idiotic and too unbelievable to not say something back to. Certain people enjoy conflict, like the screaming parrot that desires attention, any attention. Other people have closed themselves so deeply to thinking about anything that has been told to them, they actually believe the Golden Road to the Wizard of Oz. They will convince themselves that their leader is a father or mother to them and is in capable of doing anything wrong that would hurt them or their neighbors. Doesn’t matter that politicians all the time do criminal acts and get caught and prosecuted for it. No they feel that their leaders can do no wrong. People like this don’t understand what being careful and asking questions is about. To them the word caution is a term that cannot be applied to their fearless leaders.

            Analytical thinking is never paranoia, it is reasoning and thinking what if, and not having the wool pulled over someone’s eyes. Not the people here that free think and what freedom. Sadly though, all too common with the masses is letting someone else think for them that absolutely doesn’t have their or anyone else’s best interest at heart.

        • B.I———- that statement is 100% TOTAL paranoia.

          • @ Seriously. Those whom forget and and FAIL to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. If you or anyone else don’t believe just what a total hell hole england is because they have taken away people’s rights to defend themselves, go to wikipedia or other information site and key in violent crime rate for the UK and the U.S.. You will see that per 100,000 people that violent crime, especially rape is 4 times or more higher than the U.S. Statistics don’t lie, take away people’s rights to defend themselves and the criminals thrive.

            Only someone supportive of government suffocation of laws would say that tyranny is 100% paranoia. Bad rule is possible EVERYWHERE. The one little item that has prevented it here is something that is called the Constitution. Now I see these brain dead worms that want to change or abolish something that has worked throughout the dictatorships of the 1800’s in europe and asia, World War 1 and 2, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the cold war, and all the failed attempts at these little Caesars trying to be kings. Human nature will drive people into kings and those whom blindly follow, and without a constitution to guard against this, it will happen again and again.

            Paranoia? No way, awareness to what could be and what has happened time and time again. What will happen again, IF people allow it to.

      36. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” If you people are the true revolutionaries you claim to be, you will find a way to acquire the weapons of resistance. But, you are true revolutionaries; you are cowards full of hot air, only capable of talk and not capable of real action.

        • Lets just say that I will have guns.

        • It’s all about timing Joe…and no, the time ain’t right. AS much as it sucks, we have to be on the defensive. When it all goes to shit, and it will, you will see the true revolutionaries come out in droves. All in good time sir, hold fast until then…..

          “It is sobering to reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence.”
          Charles A. Beard

        • Joe,

          I get the feeling you will be one of those folks who will siding withe rogue government when this all goes down. The way you are going, you will be part of the mass die-off that is coming. You better hedd the warning, for your future.

      37. Knock on the door.
        Hi, we’re the UN peace keepers…do you have any fire arms?
        They are all being confiscated in the name of peace.

        Why yes, here’s my 1977 shotgun. That’s all I have…have a nice day.

        Yeah right…

        • Don’t know whos in the pic…nice cache…but the photo may cost that fella big time if he gets questioned about guns…cant understand why anyone would allow themselves to be photographed in this manner…that’s just me 🙁

      38. Still wondering why we haven’t wasted these f***ers, yet.

      39. Swinging on a star– do you believe in gravity? It doesn’t matter whether you believe in gravity or not; it exists and if you go against ANY of God’s laws, you pay the consequences.

        And no, I don’t believe we humans can destroy the earth. But I know that if we disobey God’s laws we pay the consequences… whether its from jumping off a cliff or raping the planet, polluting it all to hell or whatever.. we pay for our sins. He made us stewards of the earth. He never said to rape it and pollute it to hell.

        And yes, I do get angry when I hear people spout nasty, racist remarks. I like all kinds and colors of people. To dislike someone because of their race, religion or culture is just plain stupid. Basically, I hate ignorance (like Yantel’s hypocritical, racist remarks).

        Christ was asked what is the greatest commandment and he said to love Thy God with all thy heart and soul and mind. And the second is much like the first–love thy neighbor as thyself. (He didn’t say, “except for the blacks, Hispanics and Chinese!”)

        I had come here to tell you’ll what to expect from climate change so you could prepare… this is coming at us so much faster than scientists calculated!!!! Anyhow, I change my mind… its obviously no use. I won’t even attempt it. I don’t think there is anyone on this website with an open mind enough to understand. (“He who has ears let him hear…”) I don’t think anyone here can hear!

        I do like Mac’s posts. I’m all for the Constitution and the second amendment but I don’t like racist bigots so I guess I don’t fit in.

        • But the question still stands. Are you serious about leaving this time or just more bullshit? Time will tell soon enough.

        • Sorry Forrest but you are wrong on so many levels. THE THERMOHYLINE CYCLE has not stopped but you want to believe it has because someone with credentials said so.

          Yes we are the stewards of this world and yes we shall pay for our disrespect to Mother Nature and to God’s will but we are not responsible for global warming, climate change, whatever is the politically correct way of saying it.

          Remember, each man will be judged, by himself, in front of the Lord.

          As for the racism factor that you mentioned, there is plenty of that everywhere, with every race, blacks, Hispanics, whites, Chinese, they all are guilty. I am not a racist but let’s face it, if you don’t like what the president is doing then you are labeled a racist. That is not fair.

        • I agree that “Nature Bats Last”. The earth will be fine. Humans?…Not so much.

        • I don’t like ’em either, but they get to spout just like anyone else.

        • Run Forrest run.

      40. Well then, we need to make it harder for them to track us.

        No Google Youtube shit for me. No videos or broadband. No Facebook. No Google Glass, no Ipad, no cellphone.

        Landline that I rarely use. 25 year old analog teevee. No OnStar.

        When we play “cards” no electronic gear…not even in the trucks parked outside. Leave it at home. The spooks may think a buncha gun nuts are getting together and turn the mics on or triangulate the towers.

        Paranoid? You betcha. But I don’t care. Fuck the spooks.

        And sometimes when I’m drunk at night and the dog goes off, I walk out the back porch and throw a couple rounds of birdshot at the shadows running around the mountain.

        Fuck the spooks

        Mothers drag their kids to the other side of the road when they see me coming. People think I’m a little “touched” but I think THEY are the crazies.

        “Finger hovers over submit button” What the hell, most preppers are a little loony too

        “Hits submit comment button”

      41. Shall not be infringed, how hard is it to read and comprehend that simple statement? Obviously to the masses and the true terrorists (you know, the beloved ass clowns in DC and state govs), that may as well be typed in Swahili. Well, I swore an Oath before God to protect our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will stand by any man or woman that feels the same way.

        I will leave it at that even though I would love to rant. Sorry, have to err on the side of caution for OPSEC reasons and not wanting to insert foot into mouth while half cocked on adrenaline. So, no Rambo internet shit for me but know this, I will not lay down and go quietly, I will not comply, I will not obey, I will not conform, and I will not choose dishonor before death. Braveheart, BI, Kula, and most of you here, I will save a spot in the foxhole for you!

        “If your cause is just, if your principles are pure, and if your conduct is prudent, you need not fear the multitude of opposing hosts.” – John Witherspoon, Baptist-Calvinist Preacher and one of our Founding Fathers

      42. “If a law enforcement officer contacts a person who is in possession of a firearm, the law enforcement officer may take temporary custody of the firearm for the duration of that contact.”

        To clarify it states the officer can take possession only temporary and only during the duration of contact, not that the officer could take the gun and leave with it. Otherwise you would be in violation of confiscation of property with compensation. Only in NYS can they confiscate property with compensation BUT it must be during a drug bust. Sorry, but this article is very misleading.

        • No kidding. Securing a weapon is not confiscation. Either in Arizona or Canada.

        • Nearly 300 comments about zionists, who is tough, and other assorted BS before someone bothers to point out how this article is a lie.

          Appearance over substance.

          Glad there is at least one other person who bothered to look up the ARS before believing this POS article.

      43. Off topic… coming to you from the coast of Los Angeles here:


        • That’s what the combination of registration and democrats gets you.

      44. @ Forrest. This planet has been 10-15 degrees C warmer than it is now. That is 18-27 degrees warmer F. This occurred when the planet’s crust were all one continent. During the Paleozic Era the temperature might have even been higher. This planet can function in the Goldilocks zone with temperatures that can support life much colder or hotter. The plants will just thrive further north in sub arctic and even ex arctic areas, which in turn will take in more carbons. A 6 degree C hike in temperatures would hardly kill off the planet’s life. It might lead to more super viruses because they like warmer and more humid climates, that is a problem. Warmer temperatures mean more humidity because more water is free and not trapped in ice caps.

        I don’t take either side with pollution as both sides are skewed. What I try to figure out is what the climate will do in the basic law that says any action must have an opposite equal reaction. It is true that ANYTHING added to the environment must have some type of reaction, tiny to large we don’t know. This is because in physics there are counter balances to anything. It is how mild or severe these equalizes are is what is in question here. Quite frankly after hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Wilma (the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded) I thought for sure that the climate was coming apart. It has been 8 years and since this the hurricanes, with the exception of Sandy, have been very mild. The planet offset this, and tried to reach that equilibium which will again be tested over and over again.

        Many of al gore’s radicals paint a picture that looks like the Day After Tomorrow movie, yet such rapidly change should be from an equally rapid change. Polluting the atmosphere for 200 years is a slow process and therefore the reaction to this should also be slow and gradual with blips in the climate from time to time.

        What could cause a rapid climate change. The SUN. Any solar changes rapidly throws the planet into flux. Another event is a supervolcano, nuclear war, or some asteroid impact. Again, all rapid and sudden. It is the same analogy if you add a tiny bit of vinegar to some baking soda, it fizzes up. You dump a whole gallon of vinegar into a vat of baking soda, fizzing like a volcano will occur. Carbons added to the atmosphere are extremely gradual and severe climate changes would happen over much time.

        The conveyer belt that you talk about the Gulf Stream shuts off naturally every few thousand years without any human inference. People don’t know what happens though when it does. The europe area of course freezes up, but the humid southeast of the U.S. dries up and becomes more like the desert southwest because the temperature of the water drops and condensation is reduced much. However the ocean current changes so the African continent no longer receives the upwelling cooler water and therefore the Sahara and the deserts along the west coast of Africa receives much more rainfall because of the increase of the ocean temperatures there. It is a give and take situation, some areas get what they need and others lose.

        The non carbon poisoning toxins that especially coal contains such as mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals is a serious issue when it gets into the food chain. This is a concern as many plant and animal life are starting to see dangerous levels of these toxins in their meats and the plants’ fibers as a direct result of non filtered poisons that are dumped into the ground, oceans, rivers, and air. It takes the environment many decades to purify these poisons, much, much longer than regular carbons that the planet has been balancing for eons.

        If you really want to see a doomsday scenario, imagine that the magnetic field of the planet were to fail or be reduced a lot. You would have massive increases in cosmic radiation and you would lose the atmosphere over time and it would look at Mars. Another potential manmade holocaust that would end most life on this planet is to have the 400 or so world nuclear reactors on this planet go into meltdown because of an EMP, WW3, or some other unforeseen disaster. Climate ending the world would probably have to be the result of something quite planet shaking to be so severe and so quickly because quite frankly the planet has remarkable recuperative powers to less severe events prolonged over time events.

        • It is so great to see another earth scientist on here. I have never bothered to make the effort like you have in explaining things as they are. Keep it up!

          There are some interesting explanations by Milankovitch that may shed further light on the non-anthropogenic global warming that we see today.

          It will be interesting to see just how much albedo influences wordwide temperatures once the Arctic ice cap completely melts and Greenland is green again. Negative feedback cycles are very interesting. Cheers.


          • @ CND. I never could spell Milankovitch’s name, but one of my teachers could not talk less about how much influnce this had on ice ages and warmer periods. Many other students had opinions on which curve had the most barring on the planet’s climate. I always thought that the tilt of planet’s axis, as the distance of even a highly elliptical orbit would not mean as much as the angle of the sunlight. Even something as 88-100 million mile orbit as opposed to the average 93 million miles it is now with only a 1+ million difference between apogee and perigee to the Sun.

            The rapid transition period between spring and winter, and autumn and late summer is incredible to witness in areas with more continental air masses than the oceanic air that takes forever it seems like to change over. This is all due to the angle of the Sun from of course the tilt of the planet. A less tilted planet has more gentle seasons, while a sharper tilt has severe seasons. Ice ages are thought to be far easier to start and to maintain based on the massive severe winters and the time in which the ground warms up enough to melt anything. The albedo effect of snow as you said, would mitigate the melting effect of the higher sun angle. Then the following winter this left over glacial material would build up and the same ground would be that much more like permafrost with more and more albedo (reflective qualities for those that are unfamiliar with the word). There was even argument the length of the days and nights had a contributing factor. I still feel the angle had the most, but the distance added to this.

            On top of this was the position of the continents. IF the Antarctica was not polar, the planet would be much warmer because you would not have that huge air conditioner down there. Much of the Antarctica is 2 miles or more above sea level and this cold air is a big reason the planet is not 10-15 degrees warmer. Ocean ice never gets that thick and that much altitude to it. The North Pole this year has a large pool of water that is fresh over the ocean water below it. The Antarctica continent has one of the biggest influences that there is on the planet’s temperatures. Cheers to you also.

        • Be uninformed-

          you are a egend in your own mind huh?

          You have the answerr to EVERYTHING but it is all from behind a keyboard.

          You spout how “we” can’t let things happen? What are YOU doing? Typing away year after year doing SHIT.

          NOMI BLOMI

          • @ sam ~ Be Informed had 130,230 hits on his article/post
            at on May 12th, 2012. The article was called,
            “How Horrific will it be for the Non-Prepper?”
            I think that speaks for itself.
            Yes, Be Informed is a legend here at
            Many people value his opinions and knowledge and they
            look forward and seek out his posts.
            He is humble, and trying to help as many as he can with
            his expertise and knowledge.
            All you are doing is throwing darts in the rain.
            What are you contributing to this site? Nothing.
            You will never receive the amount of hits on a post as
            Be Informed has.

          • @ sam. There is a magnitude of what I don’t know, and why I enjoy coming to this site because of the fine minds here that can teach me what I need to learn. I get only some sort of satification that I am helping others to learn what I know, in exchange I get to learn what many others know. What is wrong with that? I am doing what most people on this site do, try to prepare others for what is coming. The more people that choose to prepare the less of a holocaust it will be when the world collapses for a number of reasons.

            When I talk about climate, I was educated by one of the foremost experts in everything that has to do with the weather in college. Not the atypical boring classes, but what the military powers of the world could do to alter the climate to cause harm to the enemy. However I am an idiot when it comes to computers, when I took programming I barely passed. I had issues with the English skills of writing for years. I find it far more easy to tell the truth and be honest than lie and then try to cover up the deceit like politicians do. What did I ever do to you Sam? We all have opinions here, that is what a blog is. I admit it I don’t know much but I would absolutely want to know everything. Now what are your flaws.

            • @ BInformed-
              and when you talk about sarin gas and how to kill with it and make it, exactly WHAT then are you teaching, or have you a plan in the formation stage now?

              • @ sam. Where in the world are you coming from here. I am recopying what is on the internet from many sources about the dangers of these nerve agents that could make their way over to the U.S. via Hezbollah or some other terrorist organization from the Syrian battleground. Since when did I once give any chemical formula in which to manufacture this toxin? Or even give once the recipe necessary to put this together? I have some news for you sam, I hate freaking nerve gases and biological weapons. I am trying to show to the audience just how horrible these things are, and how each one of us needs to take this threat seriously. Especially not to believe what the mass media has to say that will have nothing to worry about.

                The same goes true for the science that they try to fool us into thinking, like the lack of preparation for Hurricane Sandy last year because it was “just” a category 1 hurricane. Not for one second looking at the fact that the hurricane had the pressure of a category 4 hurricane. Where in the world do are you coming from to even suggest I have some sort of plan to harm anyone? I try to help people to get ready for disasters. Your train of thinking is what is scary here.

      45. I got some “tapering” for you Ben. Not too soft, not to hard, just right. Fuck you Bernanke!

        • I do not believe Uncle Ben has any thoughts of tapering. If it does happen, it will be a small amount and short lived. At that point he will increase the purchases. I am betting that purchases by the fed will be increased by years end.

      46. I think you have to look at the Arizona law in perspective. First off, it states ‘may’ take temporary possession. How many backroads in the midwest or the east coast end out in a lonely desert? How many illegal immigrants do you run into every night on your state’s border? How many coyotes (the human kind) do you come across in a van or a Suburban with 19 people in it? How many really Bad Guys come to your state because of misconceptions of the Wild, Wild West? How many of you think you would be better off running to Mexico than facing US Law Enforcement? Arizona is NOT New York or Massachusetts or Illinois. We have our own set of problems here, just like you do there. Except out here, we have sensible laws for sensible people. And for the rest, we have an armed citizenry, capable of helping LEOs anytime, anywhere. Aim small, miss small.

      47. Ag-flation returns: Why beef prices could be set to SOAR

        “U.S. beef production is plunging to a 21-year low after surging feed costs spurred ranchers to cut herds, signaling record prices for consumers and higher costs for buyers from McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) to Ruth’s Chris Steak House.”

        “Retail ground-beef prices in June were up 13 percent from a year earlier and near a record set in January.”

        “While calf producers made money, many culled herds because the drought parched pastures, Schulz said. About 67 percent of Texas, the largest cattle-producing state, remained in “severe drought” on July 23, up from 33 percent a year earlier, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

        Corn surged 68 percent in less than two months last year, reaching an all-time high of $8.49 a bushel in August. Ranchers responded by sending more animals for slaughter, including cows normally held for breeding.”

        The Daily Crux

        • We were warned 2 years ago, summer of 2011 with the droughts in many states.
          Well, it’s here and I’m sorta glad I panicked and bought extra ground beef–not other cuts– cause we like our chili, spaghetti, and meatloaf in this house.
          At $2.30 a lb., it wasn’t a great buy, but I know it was grass fed and no antibiotics and hormones. 🙂

        • NAW…whatcha talkin about?…dontcha know food and fuel are free and no one has any costs involved in getting them, they don’t even show up in the inflation index not… even counted by the govt bean counters…inflation in foodstuffs…its all in your head KY Mom…( HEAVY SARCASIM NOW OFF) 🙂 …isn’t that what they want us to believe?

      48. Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon

        “In an event that occurs once every 11 years, the magnetic field of the sun will change its polarity in a matter of months, according new observations by NASA-supported observatories.

        The flipping of the sun’s magnetic field marks the peak of the star’s 11-year solar cycle and the halfway point in the sun’s “solar maximum” — the peak of its solar weather cycle.”

        “It looks like we’re no more than three to four months away from a complete field reversal,”

        “This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

        Space dot com
        (posted on Drudge Report)

      49. I think most of you on here are fairly intelligent enough to realize by now that something is very wrong in America and most of the world, but you only need to look at all the changes taking place and put the pieces of the puzzle together and you can see it mounts to the evil planning of Agenda21.
        Look at the facts;
        Agenda 21 is the action plan to implement the UN Sustainable Development for total control and depopulation. The Wildlands Project is the blueprint to scrape humans off of 50% of America’s landscape through “re-wild-ing”. Beneficial dams are being destroyed in the name of rewilding or restoration, using phony environmentalism to achieve these UN goals:
        Look, I’m not going to do your home work for you, but if you are concerned enough to find out what’s really going with all these changes, gun confiscation, high fuel prices, NSA spying, Police states, UN Military exercises within our boarders, DRONES over America, GMOs, Terror alerts, and on and on on research more;
        Here’s another piece of the puzzle;
        The suburbs: No longer the American Dream?
        No we can’t stop (agenda21) The new world order by ourselves but only as groups that get involved. One should consider giving their time and effort to some of these opposing groups, Don’t just prep, preppers, the government loves that, keeping you involved in prepping, but they hate when you get involved in stopping the agenda.
        Now is the time have your voice heard, write your congress, speak up before it is too late. Blog as much as you can about it. Join groups that are opposed to Agenda21, Spread the word.
        Don’t forget that there will be government shills that will tell you it’s just another conspiracy, or that it’s not binding, but what they wont tell you is that most federal aid goes only to those states that are willing to implement the Agenda 21. Just read about it for yourselves,
        Please, before it is too late.

        • Your only problem is your perception: you still have trust in your congressional members.

      50. On the topic of NSA spying, I ran across some news about sudden, apparent stings against Mayors and other low-level politicians by the FBI.I just added the search page link that has all the different links to the various articles.


        It would be interesting indeed, to find out what these Mayors political stance on gun control and other hot-button issues are, and whether that was a factor in the decisions to set up the stings. It’s interesting that they’re not going after congress critters who are mostly guilty of the same thing.

        • Most of them are big urban liberal mayors. I don’t care what they are, if they’re dishonest, put them in jail and have a new election.

          • agreed.

      51. “Them Guys Says” is an idiot. Zionist are people whom love Israel and its right to exist. Every country including ours
        has been fought for and ownership of lands disputed. Israel is no different, but to claim that “zios” run the banks and the world is stupidity. If there was such a group, why would their have been a holocaust, why is Israel so small and being pressured to be smaller? Bankers are truly a problem, but they have no loyalty to Israel, nor Judaism, nor Christianity, only to Greed.

        • JSL: you gotta be kidding me right? There is no humanity, truth or backbone in you. You practice to deceive and live in a very dark world. Read it people, this is an example of how they think!

        • JSL: You are the fool Idiot if you believe your own spew. You need begin Zionist research at its Beginning of the First zionist congress meeting. That was in late 1890’s era….Look it up and Learn truth before spewing nonsense crap and name calling me.

          Same goes for that HolyHOAX crap. Yes it did occure. BUT Aprox 98% of what you were taught to beleive is Bunk-Lies-Fables-Pure spew porpaganda.

          Like your post, 99% what you wrote is crap falshoods.You need do Much homework to get up tp speed. Way more than can be wrote of here. If you refuse to research and Learn facts and truth? Thats your choice…Remain delusional if it suits you. Just do not call me out and Pretend as if You actually Know what the hell you speak of ok.

          Compared to some of us here, you are still in 1st grade. Educate yourself is a good start.

      52. The New York Times Admits: Al-Qaeda Terror Threat Used to “Divert Attention” from NSA Uproar

        The Daily Crux

      53. Obama canceled meeting with Putin..

        what a cry baby!

        not very statesman like, not very presidential like, Not very American ..

        He’s not my president..not in a million years

        go stomp off in anger on your own time Obaby

        • Thomas Henley
          • 5 minutes ago

          So..If my spy organization had gotten caught spying on all the participants at the last G-20 like the NSA did, I’d be a little reluctant to have to meet with anyone important before the next G-20 too.

          Now to try and pretend..its not about that.. LMFAO..dudes got yer ass handed to ya dint ya

          • a comment close to my feelings added

        • I don’t imagine it hurts Putins feeling very much not having to breathe the same air as barry the fairy…probably comes as a relief!…and youre right about him(barry) being so childish and unprez like…hes a total disgrace!

        • Kind of like when Jimmy Carter cancelled the US participation in the Olympics over the Russians going in to Afghanistan.

          Totally wimp approach without results.

        • VRF: only a staged show for our benefit.

      54. Guns are mainly being confiscated or turned in by people who would have lost them to begin with. The smart won’t give them up so easily.

      55. “After the rise of the Nazi’s, Germany established their version of gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves against the “Brown Shirts”, were arrested and exterminated. Interestingly, the Brown Shirts were eventually targeted for extermination themselves following their blind acts of allegiance to Hitler.”

        So much disinformation there. Starting with how Dave Hodges “forgets” the communist terror in Germany; starting riots, beating up shopkeepers, killing people not only in Germany but in other countries as well. And most of the communist leaders were Jews. They also had many Jewish enablers in the media. The communist plan was to harden their “useful idiot” followers and use them to take over Germany, turning it into a new Soviet. A Soviet-Russia and Soviet-Germany alliance would then invade the rest of Europe together.

        To disarm the communists was a way to save Germany. To disarm the Jews from whom the communist leaders were spawned was a necessity for this to work.

        No mention either of that Germans were not disarmed – except after the British-U.S.-Soviet invasion. The Americans and British jailed anyone who had a firearm. The Soviets murdered them. But Hitler actually relaxed the gun laws from the Weimar Republic, and gun ownership was widespread. Hunting rifles and WWI guns were everywhere.

        Hitler disarmed the police, though. He didn’t even allow them to carry truncheons, as he considered it demeaning to the public.

        “the Brown Shirts were eventually targeted for extermination themselves”

        –That’s a lie. The SA, called the brown shirts, were not “exterminated”. The organization simply was reduced after the conservatives voted to give Hitler the right to rule by decree and joined the NSDAP. Then Hitler could use the police to defeat the communist rioters, so the SA didn’t have to fight the communists any longer. The organization still remained though. There were SA members fighting as SA members in the liberation of the Sudeten Germans, for example. But most had left the organization; many had joined the SS or the army, or gone back to civilian jobs.

        So tell us, Dave Hodges; where’s the “extermination”? Yes, homosexual Ernst Roehm was arrested and executed. He had planned to kill Hitler on at least one occasion. He wanted the NSDAP to become practically like the communists, destroy private enterprise and ally with the Soviet Union. he had repeatedly used loyal groups in the SA to threaten the NSDAP leadership. (Which failed, since the vast majority of the SA would not join in that kind of threat against the party’s leaders.)

      56. Mr. Hodges,

        As my understanding goes, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which restricts the Federal Government from the ability to confiscate the firearms of the citizens of these United States. The example that you present in your article cites an Arizona law, which applies to the citizens of the state of Arizona. Unless I am mistaken, the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is not applicable in your example. If the people of Arizona are not happy with an Arizona law, it is the right and duty of the people of that State to change the laws of their State.
        Although I agree that the Federal Government has operated outside of the bounds of the Constitution in a variety of endeavors, unless there is something more to your Arizona example, I would ask that you explain how Arizona State law would be subordinate to Federal law in this case.

        Thank you,


        • nope. 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          in the case of the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments), the right to free speech (1A), firearm ownership (2A), freedom from search and seizure without warrant (4A)… these are all rights that are “reserved…to the people”. clearly they are reserved to the people because the constitution ennumerates (lists) as rights of the citizen.

          also, bear in mind that the US Constitution wasn’t ratified (agreed to) until after the inclusion of the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments). it’s not like the BOR was an ‘add-on’. the constitution wasn’t ‘legal’ until the BOR was included. the majority of states refused to sign-on to the constitution without the inclusion of a list of rights which were above governmental interference. including state governmental interference. a state cannot violate your 1A rights, so why should it be able to violate (infringe) on your 2a rights?

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