Grocery Chain Kroger Will Deny Benefits To Employees Who Refuse To Be “Vaccinated”

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    It has started with force here in the United States. People are beginning to see just how far their rulers will take things in order to get them injected with a “vaccine” that by all definitions, is not even a vaccine.

    Grocery store chain Kroger has announced that they will deny benefits to their employees if they continue to refuse to be injected. The more the businesses and government push this shot, the more people are beginning to wonder why they need everyone to bow down and obey. Kroger will remove paid health benefits and charge a health insurance surcharge next year to employees who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 in an effort to convince people to get the shots, reported RT. 

    This punishment is in response to not enough slaves working at Kroger being willing to take a $100 payment in order to roll up their sleeves and be obedient sheep.  The new crackdown on unvaccinated employees was announced in a company memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

    Kroger is not the first company in the United States to charge unvaccinated employees extra for health insurance. Delta Air Lines announced in August that unvaccinated staff would be charged $200 extra per month “to address the financial risk the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company.”

    We can do things to enact change nonviolently. Refuse to shop at Kroger or any of the stores affiliated with it. We can also support anyone who quits their job over this obvious discrimination and hatred for the refusal to accept an unnecessary medical procedure that doesn’t even work for those who have already taken it.

    Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform

    This is only going to continue to get worse unless all of us stand together and say “no.” So far, we’ve allowed ourselves to be ruled over and fought over which master would be nicer with the whip.  It’s past time to realize we don’t need a master. We are not slaves, and we don’t need anyone to tell us what to do and how to live our lives.  They will treat us this way until we make it known we will not longer comply and be stolen from and allow ourselves to be owned and controlled.



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      1. Hopefully, people will shop
        elsewhere. This is most
        definitely discrimination against someone who doesn’t want to endanger their lives by taking a “whatever the fuck that is”.
        How long is this tyranical
        bullshit going to go on?

        • It is not enough to stop shopping there. We need to dox everyone involved in this tyranny, from the top to the bottom!
          We need to publish the names and personel info on the people giving the jab all the way to the people making the demands. They seem to enjoy using fear, let’s give they some!!!! Let them be afraid for a change when they think about all the medical murders they have been a part of and try to feel safe!

        • Until we decide that it’s time to excercise our 2nd amendment rights against tyrranntical govergeernment and businesses. SM is an “enemy” of the state.

      2. I will be shopping at Safeway for now on! FU Commie Kroger do thy bidding of the feral gubermint! I will not spend my hard earned money In your stores until you end this madness big pharma shills!

      3. This is a growing trend.

        One that won’t end well.

      4. If Kroger really believes that covid is so bad why are they keeping their “unvaccinated” employees to possibly infect their customers. If Kroger believes covid pose as such a danger then wouldn’t they dismiss the unvaccinated to protects shoppers? I know a person who has worked at Kroger for many years, he told me they are short-handed and is difficult to get more employees. Rather, this is what I see; if there is only a few employees that declined vaccination then Kroger might go ahead and dismiss them without a big interruption to business, but if there are many that would be a different case. Secondly, Kroger said they would cut benefits to the unvaccinated. What it all looks like to me is a money saving maneuver. They have found a way to avoid other employee costs like providing benefits, just pay them for the hours they work. Its a big win for the company, keep your employees and their experience, minimize business interruptions, avoid extra employee expenses in the form of benefits, and give the public perception they are doing something about covid. Someone could say covid may have been a sweet thing for Kroger.

      5. OMG, I am so tired of this nonsense tyrannical bull crap. I have been planning for things to get worse and they have gone beyond even my worst nightmares. Screw Kroger, Google and all the other traitors. Next year they are going to bring down the hammer, I’m sure of it. Screw them all.
        My husband is facing a very tough decision…He has been notified that all employees must report their shot status to HR and if they do not have the shot, they must at their own expense, get a test every week. Mind you, this is for a job that he works from home. He has always worked from home and this won’t change in the future. Absolutely ridiculous. I would rather sell our house, downsize and start our own business then cave in to these evil pieces of crap. It’s never going to end. Never. They will always want more from you. They have figured out that half the country is brain dead and can be ruled over and used. I don’t know of one person who died from covid, BUT I know three people, who after getting the second shot have suffered irreputable damage to their health. I’m talking major strokes and these people’s lives are ruined. Not one doctor reported it to VAERS or even mentioned the correlation.
        Just you wait, they don’t want to be the party that ruined Christmas. They are laying in wait until January. I’m convinced Biden will announce mandatory lock downs and shots for everyone. Sprinkle in the tax increases and all the green new deal and build back better crap….well, it won’t be pretty.
        Buckle up because it’s about to get crazy. Stay strong y’all and fight back where and how you can.

        • ” I have been planning for things to get worse and they have gone beyond even my worst nightmares.”

          I’ve been surprised that things, the social restraints, are as tame and limited as they are, not even approaching what I anticipate.

          I expect them to get far worse than they currently are, what we see now only being the tip of the iceberg we seem to be rushing toward at increasing speed.

          It won’t be very long before what we have now will be considered the good old days, not very long at all.

          But maybe I’m wrong, I’m not a psychic or prophet.

        • For anyone who is required to test weekly. Get a negative test result, scan it into your computer. This creates a PDF. Convert the PDF to a word doc. Find the font and change the date as needed. Send the “updated” doc to HR as needed. Save your time and money. HR just needs something for your file. Win win for everyone.

      6. Dammit, that’s where I almost always shop (Smith’s part of Kroger). Best selection and prices. Only 1 other supermarket in town besides walmart. That leaves me 1 choice if Smith’s actually does this. I will inquire with the employees there if this is going to happen and when. If/when it does I will stop shopping there and let management and corp. know why and tell everyone I know to do the same.

      7. Kindly leave an anonymous note for management that you like their store but the discrimination toward unvaxed may make you forgetfully leave meats, seafoods and freezer items towards the back of upper shelves in the cereal isle or at any other non refrigerated location. Sabatoge? yes Effective? yes Make sure with that anonymous note that they know why their loss ratio is going up and the extra labor is needed to clean up and deodorize the area. It is also most effective to observe when they restock and do your “shopping” for the longest time the meat rests.

        • L MAO. I’ve done that a few times. Picked up expensive cuts of meat and left them in the underwear section. Buried the meat underneath the clothing. I wonder how long It took for the personnel to find them.

      8. Hmm, I’ve been in Kroger’s a couple of times when I was in town, yeah, it is a nice open airy store, but I’ve been to other businesses out there too that are or were just as nice if not better and more affordable and more friendly.

      9. Consumers have the power to bring down these tyrant companies.

      10. I worked for Kroger for several years and resigned a few months ago. I can tell you for a fact they have crossed over to the dark side. They have embraced CRT wholeheartedly, they have created an employee advisory board consisting of a trans person and several homosexuals. They force all employees to sit through the CRT training and management to sit through hours of it. That is probably 200,000 hours of productivity lost. I am sure stockholders would love to know that.

        One of the board members even has ties with the Council of Foreign Relations.

        Everyone should dump their stock and boycott their stores.

      11. OK Kroger, City Market, et al… I’ll not only be shopping elsewhere, but picketing in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, your ONLY store in our area… we have alternatives, so you better stop with the tyranny, voodoo science and mandates…

      12. Put a gun to the head and order them to get the JAB, if not pull the trigger, that is what governments do and that is OK.

      13. I could care less what they do to enforce their B. S. mandates..I will never ever take a Covid vaccine, or even a flu vaccine ever again!

      14. Time to shop somewhere else, money talks always.

      15. I know we get tired of this saying,but it truly is appropriate…Get woke go broke.I shop at Kroger on a regular basis.They have best pricing in my area.However,if I find they are enforcing this stupid action,there will be no more Krogering for me or my wife.

      16. The vaccinated are (Ill informed or fear mongered) traitors in my opinion. If everyone refused the vax we would all be working since businesses cannot afford to loose all of it’s workers.

      17. IF they proceed and do this I’ll NEVER step foot in another Kroger store or their Fred Meyer stores either!!!

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