Gregory Mannarino: “Prepare For The Greatest Depression”

by | May 4, 2023 | Headline News

Market analyst Greg Mannarino says that the banking system’s complete collapse is accelerating and we should be preparing for “the greatest depression.” He adds that it is no secret at all what’s happening right now in the United States economy and central banking system.

Brace for a system of even more control once the rulers decide to take down this one.

“In case you’re not paying attention, and don’t know what I’m talking about, overnight, regional banks’ stocks were cratering and it’s going on right now as well. This thing…is gonna get much worse and as I outlined yesterday, just wait til this hits the large banks. We’re gonna see some large banks fail.”

Mannarino adds that one or two large banks will completely fail and that none of it is by accident. This is all by design so the ruling class can take down the current system and make sure they can usher in the CBDC (central bank digital currency) total control slave system that will not offer anyone even a hint of the illusion of freedom they have now.

“When are people gonna get fed up with being lied to?” he asks. Mannarino believes people are just going to take it. “There will not be any kind of a revolt or a revolution. People have been lulled into a sense of I-don’t-know-what. They’ve lost any ability at all to fight back and they just take what’s given to them.”

It sounds like Mannarino feels like most Americans are just being the good slaves, taking whatever is dished out by the master/ruling class with no desire to actually be free.

He adds that we are going to see bank runs and he suggests getting your money out of the banks. “This is an incredible plan here to consolidate the banking system, fewer players, again, so they can finish their job here.”

The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

In order to totally and permanently trap the slave class in their state, the rulers need to get as many as possible on board with the CBDC plan.

“We are moving into the Greatest Depression of all time,” Mannarino added. Corporations that are laying off workers are “getting themselves in the right spots here. Small businesses are going to be gone. They are going to be eliminated. All of them; I mean all of them, as we move forward.”

This is all about control. Human beings were never meant to be owned and ruled, and even though people on a visceral level know this, they still allow the government to exist, which means slavery exists. It’s becoming quite sad that many still don’t see this.

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