Greg Mannarino: The Solution To ALL Of This Is To “Become Your Own Central Bank”

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 3 comments

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    Greg Mannarino has been spot on when it comes to what’s been going on in the markets.  Once again, he’s asking people to wake up to the Federal Reserve’s century-old plan to enslave humanity buy owning the globe.

    Once you understand the Federal Reserve, the United States’ central bank, is in complete control and will get the election result in November that they want to push their agenda forward, you will be able to make the best decisions regarding your preparedness plans. I shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Fed is going to begin “new asset purchases,” considering their plan is to own everything.

    “We haven’t seen anything yet,” says Mannarino. Tomorrow will be a day to watch, as we will “get to hear [the Fed’s] announcement on policy.”

    “Obviously, they know ahead of time what they are gonna do,” says Mannarino. They already know who will be elected in November and how to show the public that there’s still some kind of illusion of choice when we know it’s all a grand stage.  They will go through with their plans, and there is only one way to stop it. “Become your own central bank,” says Mannarino. This has been my suggestion all along as well. You have to remove yourself from the Matrix they set up to control you, and that includes not attending the political theater anymore. This is by far, the best preparedness advice I can give anyone.

    “Nothing is spontaneous here…these things [Federal Reserve bankers] are inhuman. And you know that. They’re not human beings. And they have an agenda that is  NOT in any way, shape, or form good for you or me.” -Greg Mannarino

    Robert Kiyosaki: When They Took The Dollar Off The Gold Standard, They “Cheated The WORLD”

    Where’s all the cash for the stimulus coming from? That’s by design. The government puppets are simply put in power to distract you and make sure your mind is controlled by one of the parties and you think you have a choice. But there’s a reason no one will tell you where the money comes from.

    “You notice how no one tells you? Except me, And you know where it’s coming from. They’re gonna go right to the Federal Reserve and borrow it, and what does this do? This makes the Federal Reserve very very happy…nothing makes the Federal Reserve more happy than to issue more debt, create more slaves, and again, you know why. It brings them right to where they wanna be The lender and buyer of last resort so they can own the freaking world.

    You know what to do. Continue to bet against this debt, become your own central bank, and realize what the grand plan is here: global takeover, new dollar, and that’s it it’s very simple and there’s no way to stop it. “ -Greg Mannarino

    Open your eyes, sit back, and think about what you need to do to get yourself on the right side of this thing. If you use the new digital dollar that is coming out, you will be their slave. We are pretty much slaves now, but very soon, there will be the free who refuse to participate in the beast system, and the enslaved. That is a choice I cannot make for you. I do, however, suggest you open your eyes to what’s going on.  Put your politics aside, because if you can’t you will fall along with that illusion.


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      1. Guess I’ll dust off all my old gold mining equipment. Perhaps I can trade some small nuggets to someone who participates in the digital beast system, and give them a list of things to purchase for me at Tyranny Mart.

      2. For now, pay for everything in cash (that is until cash is finally banned), and STOP using credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, etc.
        Refuse to be part of the electronic money deception.
        Stop banking online, and go back to paper billing.
        Buy gold, silver and any other precious metal that you can afford.
        Stock up on tangibles like food, tools, water purifiers, stoves that don’t need electricity, sewing materials, guns and ammo, medical supplies, seeds, and anything else that will provide for your basic needs in times of upheaval, unrest, and deprivation.

        Now start BARTER groups in your communities.
        You might have skills and goods that someone else doesn’t have, and conversely, they may have skills and goods that you don’t have.
        Bartering may very well become the only thing that stands between you and death .

        Finally, learn to live with less, and learn to distinguish NEEDS from WANTS.
        We may want many things like nice cars, good clothes, diamonds, a boat, new golf clubs, a fancier house, an overseas vacation, etc., but how many of the things that we want are absolutely necessary for life and survival?

        Sadly, we don’t NEED most of the things that we already own or want, and we don’t WANT most of the things that we desperately need.
        Get your priorities straight, and get right with our God!

        • Excellent basic sound advice.

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