“Greek Default Will Trigger an Immediate Magnitude 10 Earthquake”

by | Oct 3, 2011 | Headline News | 276 comments

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    We’re no longer in the realm of economic conspiracy theory and non-mainstream alternative news, as the head of one of the world’s largest financial institutions, with over 10,000 branches in 22 countries, joins other well known financial figures with dire warnings of what’s coming next:

    If someone knows the truth, it is the guy at the top of UniCredit [Szalay-Berzeviczy], which we expect to promptly trade limit down once we hit print. Among the stunning allegations (stunning in that an actual banker dares to tell the truth) are the following:

    “The euro is “practically dead” and Europe faces a financial earthquake from a Greek default”… “The euro is beyond rescue”… “The only remaining question is how many days the hopeless rearguard action of European governments and the European Central Bank can keep up Greece’s spirits.”….”A Greek default will trigger an immediate “magnitude 10” earthquake across Europe.“…”Holders of Greek government bonds will have to write off their entire investment, the southern European nation will stop paying salaries and pensions and automated teller machines in the country will empty “within minutes.”

    In other words: welcome to the Apocalypse…

    Source: Zero Hedge via Steve Quayle

    Mr. Szalay-Berzeviczy is no arm-chair quarterback. He sits atop one of the biggest banks in the world and is the former head of the Hungarian stock exchange, and he’s not beating around the bush. The Greeks will, without a doubt, default on their loans. In fact, this weekend we found out that they are incapable of meeting their deficit targets despite extreme austerity measures already taken. In the very near future, they will be incapable of making good on their payments, and once that happens, the seismic effects across the entire globe will be felt almost instantly. As was pointed out in the excellent investigative documentary Meltdown, we are economically, financially and politically intertwined, so don’t underestimate the problems in Europe – the coming defaults across the Atlantic will have significant impact on our domestic economy.

    Also of note is the fall-out that occurs when a country defaults on its sovereign debt – a warning sign to all of those living in nations that are on the verge of collapse (including those of us here in the US). When a government defaults they will no longer be able to make payments to their employees – and that includes former employees depending on pensions, and those dependent on government subsistence programs like social security and welfare. All of it will be wiped out. That is the reality of the situation, and not just in Greece.

    You can probably imagine the panic that ensues, including Great-Depression style runs on the banks and ATM machines being emptied. If this happens to a single country like Greece it is still manageable. But what about the whole of Eastern and Western Europe? Or the United States of America?

    We will see these events come to pass. It is unstoppable at this point.


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      1. I would think that if the Euro fails that the worlds money would seek the safest harbor. That being relatively speaking the US markets.

        • There’s a good chance that the Federal Reserve will print whatever dollars are necessary to stabilize the world’s financial system. The made trillions in secret loans in 2008. So if it’s $5 trillion or $10 trillion we could see a dramatic drop in the value of the US dollar.

        • Scary to think the Titanic is the only lifeboat.

          Geeece defaulting will not sink the Euro, but Germany fleeing will. Germany has always wanted to dominate the eurozone, not carry it.

          This does not have to mean disaster for the USA. If played carefully, USA could rise from the ashes. We have before.

          The banksters want to take USA down, but not if its the only game in town.

          • Germany has got their printing presses up and running. This last little bail out just brought them a few more days breathing space before they relaunch the “old” German currency. Nobody trusts America anymore. Especially anyone tied to finance. It’s every country for themselves now.
            There will be three European currencies. The British Pound, Germany’s Mark and the Euro which will become like the Peso of Europe.
            The US and British economies and sagging Political power have caused a vacuum and it’s been filled by Germany.
            What have we done???

            • The Pound Sterling still exists as a separate currency, as does the Swiss Franc. Those are going to be the two main currencies left once the Euro craters.

              (Switzerland never joined the EU, so…)

              Germany might be able to convert back to the Deutschemark, but if it does the Euro is as good as dead.

              I suspect that France might try to do something to convert back to the Franc, but they likely won’t be able to pull it off. Everyone else is pretty much screwed, and will simply do trade in whatever currency is the closest (culturally and politically) to their needs.

              OTOH, Germany may just say ‘screw it’ and take charge of the Euro, and a desperate Brussels might just let them do it. This would give Germany the power to set economic policy, and everyone else a chance to avoid the chaos.

          • This is all a plan they have to crash the economy so they can start micro chipping the world population.Henry kissinger said they want to start in 2012.

        • The US banks are heavily into European debt, bad European paper etc. Their banks/money and ours are intertwined. So if they go down, so do we. The question is not “if” we fall but just how hard do we fall?

        • How is that pleading for more money? They are asking for donations for a damn good cause. The money will help people to start businesses and hire people. Nothing wrong with that; its not like they are “pleading” for dollars in their pocket.

          • Lot of good that’s going to do when our government is doing everything they can to run good paying jobs out of the country.

        • Went to Starbucks to use up free points (I don’t pay for Starbucks)…ordered a cappuccino and the bastards put all milk with NO coffee. I knew they’ve been skimping on the coffee as of late and loading up on the milk, but this was a new low…

          • starbucks coffee sucks anyway – no great loss

          • You are cheap! Do you think you are cool cause you don’t pay for Starbucks, like that’s neat or something? It’s a business and a good one. And then you complain on top of it all. You’re the kind of person that can suck a business dry and America along with it. Get a life.

      2. well how long do you think it will take before our country tries to step in to help. Or not. It’s not our problem and we have enough of those. I can’t see how one country can cause this chemistry equation to go out of equilibrium or such. Will there be mass layoffs here and thats when the riots start? Or should we take our money out of the banks here or what do we do. Or will this pass. Would like to know what you guys think. Is this the trigger to the beginning of it. is this what the crazy myans saw comming, I dont know but wonder what a lot of you feel. All I know and please answer this, is when katria came, and they took away our guns from innocent people, 1. you dont have to let them in do you, and 2nd if they have a automatic gun and I have a .50 cal point at your vest and I shoot someone trying to take away my guns when martial law would be imposed, is that murder or do you have the right if lets say one of those katria victims shot an officer. just want to know what to do and how many people would give up thier wepons to avoid a fight.

        • I think there’s a good chance that a Greek default will trigger a world wide economic collapse. I advise everyone to finish up their prepping. Don’t worry about putting it on your credit card. If the world economy collapses it would be better to have food, water, guns, ammo, kerosene heaters, and kerosene than to have good credit.

          • I am going to respectfully disagree with you. First, what if you’re wrong. Second, what if it isn’t a total collapse? There is now a record of what you have bought which can be linked to your address. Without OPSEC, you are just storing your supplies until somebody stronger comes along.

          • You know? I’ve always had a hard and fast rule about prepping: Never do it on credit.

            The reasons are simple:

            1) as Dante pointed out, what if the collapse doesn’t quite happen? Now you’re stuck with a massive bill you cannot pay.

            2) If the collapse happens but isn’t total, you could see all your precious preps get *repossessed*, possibly by well-armed and well-trained mercenaries hired by the credit company to retreive it (what are you going to do about it – sleep with one eye open all the time?) It’s one thing to be reasonably armed and prepared for casual (read: amateur) raiders who happen upon your home, but it’s another entirely to be targeted by pros. Note that in peaceful times, repossession laws prevent anyone from taking things from you like food, clothing, shelter, or transportation. A partial collapse will remove that protection.

            3) if it’s on credit, it can be tracked (again, a nod to Dante). For those who believe the FEMA-camp hype, guess who just made the list? You, the guy who left a big fat paper trail leading right to your pantry.

            4) if you’re dumb enough to buy a metric ton of firearms and ammunition on credit, the FBI and/or BATF are going to want to have a word with you. See also Ruby Ridge and/or Waco.

            If you’re going to prep, cash is king. Debit works too, as long as you’re only using it for things like food. Credit? No effing way.

      3. Cheery this Monday morning, aren’t we?

        • I hear you SB. Just what we wanted to read on Monday morning.

      4. Well now. I wonder what we’re looking at for a time line / time limit.

      5. Many of us have been watching this default progress for the past several years. It’s 2 steps foreward to disdruction and 1 step back kicking the can down the road.

        It has to come to a head sometime in the future. The sooner the better as far as I am concerned. Our country has become stagnet with all the uncertanties we face in every aspect of American life.

        The sooner the collapse happens, the sooner we can stop bickering over the stupid stuff and get on to solving the real problem, “SURVIVAL!’

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Prepping for what? Marshal law? Your hoarded assets, food, land, fuel, etc. will be seized and rationed out. You think you’ll do just fine as the only person with food on an island of starving people? You can prepare for a short term crisis, certainly, but for what we may be heading into, you will not escape the suffering. The cities will empty out into the countryside in search of food and they will be well-armed and numerous.

          • you forgot the firearms.. i may not have much, but i’ll defend it til the death.

            • That’s right SKS, I’m better off than most of the Sheeple I know that think I’m a nut. When they come my way post SHTF and are desperate in a violent sort of way, they pass at there own risk.

          • I’m really tired of reading this chit!! What are the alternatives??
            Am I to feel guilty because I don’t get my hair done, nails done; I have to buy $1 and $2 dollar clothes at flea markets and Kmart sales to have money to store survival food so I don’t go to FEMA camps to get fed and stay warm??
            Rant Off

            • I’m choosing teams…SKSlover, come to my side…brrrack, go to the corner and sulk!!

            • I loved your rant. I wish you were close.

            • JJ,
              Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?
              Any room on your team?

            • if you choose to run away with your bug out bag and let the horde take what they want, you might as well shoot yourself and save yourself the trouble of living any longer than you have to. sure, an Sks or AR-15 wont stop a horde of 40 detirmined people, but youll hit atleast a few of em, and how many are willing to take a round for the team?

          • I’m well supplied and well armed. I won’t be the only person with a gun. We plan on having someone armed and awake 24/7 to guard the place. If you don’t have food you’ll starve. The government won’t have the resources to go to every house looking for supplies. The whole country will descend into chaos.

          • “Your hoarded assets, food, land, fuel, etc. will be seized and rationed out.”

            1) They would have to know about them first.

            2) They would be too busy trying to seize everyone else’s stuff, starting with corporate and business-held assets (which are easier to grab, and provide much, much more stuff-per-seizure). Put it this way: If you were a National Guard soldier ordered to secure foodstuffs for a local population, would it be easier to go to each house and grab meager piles of stuff from each house (at least one of which would contain the family of said soldier), or just mosey on down to the local Wonder Bread bakery and secure the big ol’ grain and flour silos? Even in rural areas, that local grain silo next to the rail tracks is a far riper target than some old farm couple’s half-empty pantry.

            3) by the time things get desperate enough that local houses become considered as targets to be raided, odds are nearly perfect that there would no longer be a coherent army left to seize it (as most soldiers would be too busy trying to get back to their own families, communities, etc).

            4) a small squad of soldiers with maybe an M-16 and two magazines apiece, versus thousands of hungry rioters charging at them from very close range. You do the math (hint: the M-16s becomes useless in seconds).

            • I will never starve.
              The elite taste like chicken I bet. ha ha

          • I’ve prepared for what I can. there’s people out there who say things like “I don’t need to prepare, I’ll just come to your house.” Yeah? Well don’t come over without an invitation, and you don’t have one.

            As for my assets being “hoarded,” you are using what I call a smear term. It’s designed to make those who thought and planned ahead look like the bad guys. Good planning is not hoarding. It is survival. Your talk is foolish, and you are probably one of those who will just mooch off of others who planned while you sat on your duff doing nothing.

            • You all think you’re Daniel f-ing Boone. Most people don’t have any money left over to squirrel stuff away. They don’t have a cabin in the woods to flee to and raise chickens. What happens to them? Too bad, you say, it’s their fault for not having money. You think they’ll just eat themselves while you live in comfort? No. You want to do something useful with your paranoia? Get involved in politics that put America first. Buy locally-grown food, and stop buying Chinese-made crap from Wal-Mart. Together maybe we can avoid the above scenario. Alone, you’re just a selfish kook ripe for a gang-banging by the new Bolsheviks or Gestapo or whatever form the desperate masses will assume this time.

            • Right on Scout, It’s Like Nobody Has Ever Heard the Old Story about the Hen Making the Loaf of Bread (a widely known story when I was a kid) Let Alone the Parable of the 7 Wise Virgins vs the 7 Foolish Virgins. Expect Lots of People Looking Like ‘Deer in Headlights’ When SHTF.

            • “Most people don’t have any money left over to squirrel stuff away.”

              You do what you can, and individually, the bits you need are still cheap.

              Let me put it this way: I can buy 200 rounds of .45 ACP each month for what the typical suburbanite pays monthly for their cable and Internet bill. Wal-Mart (!?) sells cans of survival food new, often for a per-can price that is cheaper than the typical McDonald’s Combo meal. For what Joe Sixpack spends in two months on his Starbucks habit, I can buy a good used rifle.

              “You think they’ll just eat themselves while you live in comfort? ”

              This is actually a good point. OTOH, the idea is to not be anywhere near a sufficiently-sized group of them. IMHO, cities and suburbs are death traps, and staying in one isn’t a good way to survive long-term.

              Out here in Oregon, getting lost in the woods minus a cell phone is often a death sentence, even with a large and highly competent rescue team looking for you. Now imagine trying to navigate it while starving, unarmed, wet, and cold, and then trying to attack the one well-armed guy who has food… not going to happen.

              “They don’t have a cabin in the woods to flee to and raise chickens. What happens to them?”

              Does it suck to be part of the masses? Yes, it does. I used to be one of them. I honestly do not ever want to live in a time where there are masses of starving people. OTOH, I’m not going to willfully join their ranks just because some random schmuck online says it’s hopeless.

              “You want to do something useful with your paranoia?”

              It’s not paranoia – it’s simple math. Individuals and families cannot indefinitely live on an over-extended budget, and neither can governments. Getting involved in politics fueled mostly by corporate money and empty platitudes isn’t going to get you anywhere. I live smack in the middle of one of the most politically active towns alive (PDX), and it still doesn’t mean shit on a macro scale. Why? Because even here, there are as many different ‘solutions’ as there are people. Until that changes, we’re headed for hard times that will radically change civilization itself.

              “…ripe for a gang-banging by the new Bolsheviks or Gestapo…”

              Good point, but good luck. There would be a sporadic, widespread, unorganized, and long-drawn-out civil war first. By the time any group assumes that kind of power, there wouldn’t be an infrastructure sufficient for them to carry out much of anything beyond whatever locality they call their capital/headquarters/whatever.

            • hey Brarrap, do you have anything stashed away? scince you doubt that we could defend ours, i bet you dont think you can defend yours, our are you Daniel f-ing Boone, and we arent? ;D

      6. I give it two months.

      7. Pretty soon the EU will have its hand out to the US in a big way. No doubt that this current administration will push to give em what they think they need.
        This is just one more reason in the long list of reasons to keep prepping. Peace

        • They’ll have their hand out to us (the UK) first; we are nett donors to the EU, unlike Spain, Italy, Greece, amongst others, who are nett recipients.

          • Jay: The UK isn’t even a euro participant is it? You guys still operate with the Pound, right?

            • Yes, still the GBP. Thankfully we stayed out of the Euro madness but we’re still sadly stuck in the EU for no apparent reason other than to shovel huge piles of cash into lifeless economies. There is just no compelling argument for our EU membership, especially now that everything is falling apart on the continent.

      8. I give it by November; I have been watching and preparing for this for a while. Bring it on…..its time to start all over.

        • Tom and Mike,

          There is a growning concern here that whatever happens, will be in the period from 15th of Oktober to 30th of November.
          Citygroup announced today that Greece’s default is certain and imminent.
          We see how it goes, but in any case be prepared.

          • Every Fall we go through the “October Surprise” scare. Whether they pull one this year or not, we’ll see…. (they wouldn’t dare interfere with the release of iPhone.5, now would they? 🙂 j/k!

      9. The can will be kicked past Nov 2012. Obama demands as much.

        • If he wants that can kicked to Nov 2012, he better get some World Cup Soccer players. It won’t be easy to keep it going that long. My guess is we have “state of emergency” by then.

        • Obummer will try, but remember the “stimulus” was obviously designed to buy the election in 2010. Didn’t work so well. Sometimes these things, like wars, get out of hand.

      10. Good luck Manos. Hang in there man and keep the faith.

        • Thanks AZ Ready.
          I’m more than prepared, mentally, physically, and psychologically.
          I don’t have loans and i don’t have deposits. The house is ours and with no mortcages.
          In the worst case scenario, we load the car and drive to the village.

          Be safe and BE PREPARED. They want our liberies.

          • “They want our liberties.”

            You got it! They want ours too.

            • Ummm, too late.

              Patriot Act.

          • manos,

            Thanks for the updates. Hope you are going to be ok. I shudder to think of what will happen in the US.

            When you say you don’t have deposits, does that mean you don’t use a bank at all? I have considered completely de-banking.

            • Manos…we are praying for you and your family..This is so sad what is happening to all of you…all because of corruption by the elites!! You have a beautiful country…and to think of China owning most of it, just makes me mad!! Heck, I guess they own half of the U.S. too…I guess we’ll all be speaking Mandarin before this is over!!
              @ScoutMotto…I agree..It’s going to be BAD here!! So many spoiled, selfish “If I want it, I should have it” people running around…we are prepping the best we can…and we have no one to help us…so sad really…plenty of family on both sides, none of the wanting to hear the truth!!

      11. In a mad panic, I can see Bernanke firing up the printing presses to dole out gobs of cash to the IMF to try in vain to stop this cataclysm.

      12. Dibs on Oct 21/11.

        This is an office pool, right?

        • I love Thanksgiving, give me Thanksgiving Day 2011. Whats the cost per square?

        • I think it is. I will take Halloween 2011, it’s supposed to be a scary night anyhow, right?? 🙂

        • And the winner gets a case of Spam! Actually, I hate spam. Can we make it brownies? Dutch oven brownies….Mmmmmmm I’m going to go for Mid-November. Only because we have big plans late November and Murphy’s Law can’t resist messing with them. Thinking positive anyway!

          • You obviously have never had fried Spam lite killed with Tabasco.

          • Spam…. it just makes a vegetarian diet way more palatable. *shudder*

            • I can guarantee that 8 days without food and Spam will be like eating the finest filet you’ve ever had. Four hours hunting in the mountains and Vienna Suasages are like prime rib.

          • Hm. What’s the shelf life of that spam?

            • It’s not a shelf-life… it’s a half-life.

              No, I’m not kidding. From Hormel’s website:

              “What is the shelf life of a Hormel Foods product in an unopened can?

              The processing techniques utilized by Hormel Foods makes the canned product safe for use indefinitely if the product seal remains intact, unbroken and securely attached to a can that has been well maintained. It is suggested that all canned products be stored in a cool and dry environment to keep the flavor adequately preserved. For maximum flavor it is recommended that the product be used within three years of the manufacturing date. After that period of time, the product is still safe to use however, the flavor gradually declines.”

            • Have two freezers full of steaks & I eat Spam 3-4 times a month. Where’s the pig? mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm Good! Hank Jr. sing me a song, sing on. Screw ESPM. Man cannot live on brownie’s alone but some women can.

        • Put me in for 11-11-11.

          I like the symmetry. Planners might also.

          • 11-11-11 makes for a triumvant 333. They do love their numbers game, in more ways than just banking & finance. However, since they already used 11-11 @ 11am to end WW1, not sure they will use that combo again.

            • Correction, 33, not 333!
              Bad math.0!

            • The Masons just might like that day for that reason alone.

          • I want 11 7 11 and 11 15 11 as a second choice.

            Place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

            • 11/15 is my birthday. Mind if I share?

            • Scout Motto:
              I don’t want to be accused of hoarding dates, so as a gesture of goodwill you can have 11 15 11 all to yourself. It was only my anniversary date.

        • dibs on 10 11 11 office pool

        • I’ll take my birthday 12/6

        • Thanks for remembering my birthday!! Heckuva birthday present, huh?

          This pool is much more interesting than football.

        • December 10th!!! just a guess.. but i realy want that spam/brownie combo 😀

          • Not on my birthday, shi….!

        • 12/29/12 At least i’ll be 60 then…..That’s good right…?

        • November 8th. That is the third year anniversary of allowing an illegal alien commie to usurp the office of POTUS.

          Then again, the date could fluctuate some…..anyone know just how long Michelle can go without a fancy vacation?

          • Aruba, Jamaica
            Ooo I wanna take ya to
            Bermuda, Bahamas
            Come on Miz Obama
            (with apologies to the Beach Boys)

            • Kokomo, baby.

        • December 12, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas.

      13. this could also trigger another global war that will make ww2 look like a walk in the park. congress already has a bill ready to go to introduce the draft. for both men and women ages 18-42.

        IMHO one of the reasons the DADT policy was banned was so no one could claim to be a homosexual to get out of the draft.

        we have two more aricrafrt carriers being built that will be more automated than before. estamiated to reduce the crews by 700 men. The enterprise is to be decomssioned in 2015.

        china, russia, Iran are making military hardware as they precieve the USA as a threat. (Can’t say I blame them.)

        not only do we risk an economic collapse but also another war. and no doubt the government will bring us to a global war rather than face the american people.

        • Please give me the info on the name of the new draft bill. I would like to look it up.

          • Sorry, I can’t recall the name of the bill. they placed on the shelf last year. It began with an HR though. It’s ready to be pulled out and voted on at any moment.

          • for: GA Girl / Rachel
            The House Bill is called ‘The Universal National Service Act’. This bill has had various ‘H.R. numbers as the numbers changes as each new session of Congress comes into session. Rep.Charles Rangel is the one who brings it up each time.
            Rachel, you are up to date on our aircraft carriers. Your opinion on D.A.D.T. rings true. This site gets you unclassified data on U.S. carriers. http://www.gonavy.jp/CVLocation.html

        • I don’t know with which weapon World War 3 will be fought with, but I know World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

          • Einstein said that….

        • God help us who they name the carriers. One will probably be Wild Bill.

          • the Gerald Ford is to replace the Enterprise in 2015. Another comes after that to replace the Nimtz.

            • I plan to buy the Nimitz on eBay and use it as a bug out location some place nice.

            • I think the ship will be named after Obama, yep the Uss NumbNuts!

            • I hope none of my grand children ever have to serve on a USS Obama.

            • Arkaden said:

              “I plan to buy the Nimitz on eBay and use it as a bug out location some place nice.”

              Thanks. I about spit coffee all over the keyboard. ROFLMAO…..:)

        • Yo Rachel, I agree with you. Being an Army vet I can assume the worst, and the worst will be a war, a world war that will take every ones eyes and minds off the ball. War’s create jobs and stimulate the economy while clearing out the clutter, and the clutter will be excess Humans. Of course they can go to far and Nuke us all to hell. While prepping my fellow prepers,learn about NBC survival. I was an NBC instructor when I was In W. Germany back at the height of the cold war. All the prepping in the world is useless if you cant account for these possibilities.

        • Unlike previous global conflicts this time the US mainland will be part of the battlefield.

          Love your kids? Let them know today. Tomorrow may never come.

      14. Could a Greek default prompt the IMF to demand an extra 500 billion or so from the US taxpayer, to prop up the Euro banks?

        • It would be in the trillions. I’m thinking $5 trillion – $10 trillion.

      15. 2008 financial crisis was a 4.5 earthquake…, the 2011 world economic meltdown will be a magnitude 9.6… a million times greater than before …….
        God help us all. Amen…..

      16. If the rest of the world wasn’t already teetering on the edge of fiscal collapse then a default by Greece would hurt but not hurt us significantly.

        However, that is not the case because all our governments have been idiots with our money & nations, so we will see fiscal chaos everywhere. Late comer preppers, you’d better ramp things up into hyper-drive!!!

        This SHOULD be a signal to the progressives that their model is not working. We will emerge from this with one of 2 models.
        *A new, freedom loving, non progressive model – free from big govt tyranny & cronyism.
        *Or we will see the opposite. A more oppressive, bigger govt, less freedom model (communism or full scale marxism). Elections for 2012 would likely be suspended.

        I believe we could very likely end up with option 2.

        • Mr Blutarsky,

          Unfortunatelly i think we are heading for model 2, as you describe it.
          One global government, one global currency, a totalitarian regime, with an absolute control over the subjects (former citizens).
          As you describe it, you give me a clear picture of George Orwell’s 1984.
          A state of continuous fear over the citizens, with wars, hunger, poverty, death.
          A state which gives absolute power to the high rank officials (party members), and forces all others to work like slaves.
          The process will be gradual making it even harder to get the whole picture.
          There is a related saying here in Greece:
          “What scares me the most is not the beast itself. It scares me the most, the fact that i got used in the beast’s presence”

          Be safe Mr Blutarsky. I pray for all of us.

          • Thank you Manos, you too. I fear for Greece that Germany may be their new oppressor. It’s hasn’t been so many years since they temporarily “ruled” & “devastated” Europe.

            • History repeats itself.
              Germany has caused bloodbath two times trying to be the world’s ruler.
              Two times has lost the war because greed was bigger than logic.
              The only mistake of the rest civilized world, is that they didn’t totally screwed Germany when they had the chance.
              After WWI, Germany signed a treaty with very tough terms. Some years later, all terms were violated, Germany produced weapons, expanded, and started a new war.
              After WWII, Germany owed war compensations to many countries because of the killings, the executions, and the forced labor.
              some years later, many of those compensations were erased through other treaties or agreements. So Germany actually, was never punished for crimes of war.
              And now they have the impudence to speak about us, or the Portuguese, or the Irish.
              So i wouldn’t bet that they will manage to cause a 4th reich. Probably it will go down too.

            • With all due respect manos, your chronology of the wars is deficient on important points.

              WW 1 started when Freemasons (4 of the 6 Black Hand Lodge plotters were “Chosen People”) assassinated the Crown Prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

              WW 2 started in 1934 when the “Chosen People” declared war on Germany. Google “Judea declares war on Germany” and read the newspapers of the time.

              What are the odds that WW 3 will start when the “Chosen People” attack Iran?

          • Imagine a military jack boot on your face stepping eternally…
            we are in the fight of our lives my friends! let’s just hope we’ll come on top of it

            • Truth and knowledge of history are our only weapons capable of defeating our enemy.

              May God help us in our coming troubles.

          • Manos, that is exactly the point. Nikita Kruschev predicted we in the US wouldn’t notice the insipiant(sp) march of communism and fascism and that one day we’d wake up in a marxist world…..well open your eyes and take in the wonder. We’ve been fed this trips for years on end and now we’ve grown comfortable with the beast in the room to the point that the beast isn’t scared of us anymore and is ready to pounce…….I for one don’t plan to be eaten. I say we stand and fall as true small government patriots. I don’t plan to beg for salvation while on my knees but rather fight for the ideas I believe in, on my feet, until no more breath is left in my body…..simple enough!!

            • God bless you Granite Prepper.
              I hope you be strong at the end.
              Be prepared, and take care of your beloved ones.

            • Kruschev, huh? What about Robert Heinlin in Starship Troopers? There is a reason that everyone at the US Military Academies (except the Air force Academy) has to read that book.

          • Anyone see the movie “V”?

            • IDEAS ARE BULLETPROOF! -Mr V just before being shot to pieces

        • Mr. B,
          The Gov. of N. Carolina has already planted the seed suggesting (so we can get things done) a suspension of the next Congressional elections. Not sure if she’s a useful idiot or part of the system.

          • That was called a trial balloon. They wanted to see how harsh the response would be. If really bad than it wouldn’t be feasible yet; if not really bad than hey – maybe they can give it a shot. The response was really bad so they wont’ try it. They’ll kick the can past the next election I feel certain of it. They can print/borrow and make a few political speeches worthy of getting the sheeple past another election cycle.

          • why would “the system” worry about elections? they are rigged anyway. We only have the illusion of a choice. ever wonder why the republicans changed their logo (upside-down stars)? ever wonder why the RHINOs are our alternative to liberals – think McCain in ’08.

            • This way mobama stays in for sure. You know, to save us…

      17. Been prepping for awhile, don’t have nearly enough to survive but can’t afford to spend money on the what if’s, and the what if’s have exhausted most prepper’s I know. So here we go again, another story on top of the thousands of stories we’ve all heard for years. Might just be the government plan’s on people who were prepping to stop after nothing really happens and then blame,right in the kisser. Keep sharp,ready and able to fight,survive and revive. God bless the U.S.A.

        • Fred H,

          You know a lot of preparations can be made that will save you money. I needed to acquire food for my bug out location and store it there. Just in case I could not carry there what I have at home, and bought a lot of preparations (food) and started learning to eat for a lot less. More rice, pasta, beans, soups than expensive meals out. I’ve never eating for less $$ in all my life and I’m in the late 40’s.

          Our city started metering water and so I’ve learned to collect rain water and use it on a garden, expanding the garden (buying less) and not paying for water (saving more). I built the rain collectors out of cheap garbage cans I bought at a garage sale and made brick out of dirt in my back yard that dried in the sun. They are under the front windows of my house and make nice protection right where I’d want to look out with an AR if I had too.

          Next I learned how to build solar panels. Not that hard, and more and more of my security lights are now tied to panels and older cheap batteries. Saving on juice/electric bills. My next summer I’ll be 100% solar on my own building all my own panels, and I can only afford about 3 or so per month.

          You can turn prepping into savings!

          • Jim,

            Where do you store your food in your bug out location? I am in GA and its so hot, we’d need to keep the air on full time to keep in cool enough. Do you have a root cellar? We are considering one but don’t know where to start. Don’t want to spend a lot of money but we have a LOT of food to store.

            • We buried it about 12 feet down. Its all sealed well and should last 20 to 25 years. We needed just enough to get us through the first garden growth. Depending on time of year though it could be 9 months so we planned on enough food for everyone for a year.

            • Did you dig a hole with a backhoe? Any plastic in there? How do you plan to dig it out.

              Sorry so many questions, we just need to do the same. And Quick!!!!

            • meant to say how did you dig a hole, with a backhoe?

            • Hi Mr. B,

              The area we dug in was desert land. We shoveled the dirt down and used 2×4’s and plastic sheets to hold up our sides when getting to the bottom, and then sealed everything in in hard shell containers with plastic bags outside them.

              Should we ever arrive at the site needing it – it will take 2 of us at least a day to dig it out. It would be impossible to know we have some tools buried nearby including ropes, winches, rolls of plastic, and more wood. My brother and I like projects like this at the property. The hard part wasn’t the digging; it was trekking the stuff 7 miles by horseback from the nearest road.

            • Thanks for the info Jim

            • Same here, hot & humid. Needing an AC’d food storage room won’t be much good when the power goes. And digging 12-feet down may hit the ocean.

            • Those with basements take note – it may be quite handy to store the food in there since it is usually much cooler than the upper part of the house. Keep bagged food (such as eFoods Direct) up off of the floor if possible. They typically ship it in reusable plastic totes.

          • Hey Jim, where did u find your info on building a solar panel. i have been wanting to try that. Thought it might be a good project once the snow sets in. As for the date, I am picking Dec 1st, 2011. How much again for the squares?

            • Search ebay for solar kits. What you want to buy is the solar cells many of which come with the wiring you need. There are a variety of ways to build framing and backing for the cells. Numerous e.books on the subject eager to sell you something if not just the book, but you can learn about it by building one from a very affordable kit on ebay – I just saw one for 69.95 but don’t know about putting the links here if its ok or no (its not mine – i buy the stuff not sell it). Once you learn how to assemble a panel its about buying the cells. There are some who suggest you can even build panels with no cells but the efficiency is not there – not even close.

              Remember too there are solar ovens which you can make (or buy), light fixtures out of small plastic bottles and a little bleach/water work while the sun is out only but work really well, water heaters which do not require cells, and all kinds of low cost options. As I replied to Fred not all prepping is about spending big money – some of it can save you. I don’t BBQ much anymore, but I solar oven a lot.

            • Thanks Jim, I just saw one for 40 dollars. I am gonna buy it for a starting point. God bless us all.

          • I agree with many of you. Great comments! We will be lucky to have more to prepare. One good hurricane and the price of oil will skyrocket. One (true or false) terror attack and we are toast. If Greece defaults all bets are off. Perhaps we will have a bit mor time if it is a slow decline as it has been in the past several years. As soon as the welfare checks stop we are heading for the hills! We are stocking up on food storage to prepare for what is surely to come. Check out ShelfRelianceSanAntonio.com The food is fantastic and the prices low (… for now). I’ve got car insurance, and home insurance…. Food insurance is the logical next
            step. Even if things are getting better, which I doubt, we can always eat the food! Just got an email they have a special sale on a one year supply this week. We will put in another order tonight.

      18. If Greece or any other country in the EU defaults on it’s debt; then the global results aren’t going to be very ‘friendly’ or very much fun for any of us. I would imagine that things would get very scary very fast in all of our lives if the card readers at the grocery store stopped processing your debit or credit card transactions and the bank ATMs quit dispensing cash on demand. If things really went to hell and their JIT delivery system quit delivering products, then folks will be killing each other over that last loaf of bread over on aisle #3 down at your local supermarket.

        It’s somewhat like we have passed through the Western side of the eye-wall of the hurricane (2007 – 2008) and are presently in the calm waters of the eye of the hurricane (2009 – 2011). What’s ahead for us though is that great big, bad-ass Eastern eye-wall of the global financial hurricane that will be upon us shortly (2011 – 2012).

        Its the first part of October now and the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons will soon be upon us. Please draw close to your families and sincerely enjoy them during these last three months of 2011 and on into the New Year of 2012. Something tells me that we may, in fact, be living through what we may well remember in the future a our “good old days” right now.

        God Bless and good luck to all

        • So true!
          So, as Mr B. said in the post above – all you late comers to prepping – warp 5 at once! Spin up FTL Mr Gaeta!
          I also believe that a scenario of ww3 is very likely in a case of global financial collapse (when it comes). countries in play may refrain from the use of WMD, but then again, who in his wisdom can place bets on the elite’s benevolence?

          • What’s happening there Giurza?
            What do you hear from the media or the internet?

            • Hi Manos,

              Long and short of it is that we in the US are hearing Greece can’t make their debt obligations…even with all the austerity. It is simply becoming a coreolis effect where it continues to spiral down. All markets around the world are down over the news and we just heard that Lloyds of London pulled all of its money out of European banks over the perceived threat of a Greek default. In the end, no good news Manos, but we still hope and pray for your safety….keep you ammo dry over there.

            • usual clutter about economic trouble… but as to ww3 I have studied military history extensively and I know for sure, when economic S hits the fan, then true SHTF is right behind the first one… (I guess one needs not an “extensive” study into history to know that much)
              we have seen the tensions rise and rise – between western world and muslim, between NATO and Putin’s Russia, between Poland and Lithuania, between flamands and valoons, between China and USA, between N Korea and everyone else (except China and Russia maybe). I would rephrase one of the SHTF articles – “the WORLD is a powder keg ready to be ignited”. all it takes is a minor spark… we have been balancing on the ever narrowing edge, and now, now we are on the razor sharp edge… all I can say is that I am mighty surprised that we have managed to kick the can along the way for so long and not feel the consequences!
              you take care, manos! be safe, and be ready to take up arms in defence of your family and country… there’s a bad moon on the rise!

            • meant Flemish and Walloons… damn speed typing without thinking…

          • If all these collapses occur, how can any war events be seen as intelligent…or financially sane??
            It can’t help countries on their last shoestring, the term I grew up with, meaning destitute.

            • well, imagine a country as a person – when in trouble, some go and beg, some commit suicide, some go and shoot and rob… simple truth
              what will Russia do when oil money dries out because of EU crisis? it is a big country with post imperialistic complex and ever increasing authoritarian regime and expanding army. what will they do? it is not Yeltzin’s Russia you remember, it is Putin’s Russia, where they “sink the bastards in the shithole”
              what will china do when there are no markets in US or EU for their shitty merchandise? with ever increasing population pressure and extreme army expenditures.
              I will not touch the question of what can US do… it is a sensitive one I guess

        • Clean up on aisle 3!

          • and 4 and 5 and 6 and……

      19. hello all. just read that llyods of london has pulled all [yes all]its money out of EU banks nuff said

        • @johnnyg: source??

          • alex its from personalliberty .com

            • That is alarming information that should wake some people up. Good link.

          • Where do you all see that they pulled out ALL of their money? Here’s what I read.

            “has pulled deposits in some peripheral economies”

            “Lloyd’s, which holds about a third of its 2.5 billion pounds ($3.9 billion) of central assets in cash, has stopped depositing money with some banks in Europe’s peripheral economies”

            This means that they are not depositing there anymore, not that they’ve pulled out all their money.

            This alone, however, could start a run on European banks.

            • True, it doesn’t say ALL money.
              It’s still a very unnerving situation!

        • Gee, that’s not a real good sign. I found an article about it at Business Week. Google it – I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t trigger a run on banks in Europe.

          • I have heard many people here in the US; are doing the same thing. no NOT GOOD SIGNS AT ALL. LLOYDS has been in the insurance business for 300 plus years. makes you wonder

          • Daisy—and why not here??

            • JJ – I posted a link that’s awaiting moderation.

              The reason I see this causing the problem over there initially is because it is the European banks that Lloyds has withdrawn from.

              Considering that the livelihood of Lloyds of London is assessing risk, I figure that they’ve seen the writing on the wall and are protecting themselves from loss. At this point, they are apparently still banking with North American associates. If we see them pulling out of the US financial arena, that will hint to me that we are days away from economic disaster.

          • The reason for the run on banks is Europe is very simple. European deposit insurance is virtually NIL, whereas WE have deposit insurance up to $250,000 per account.

            Of course, the FDIC is broke. I’m just saying … 🙂

            • Would you REALLY trust the FDIC to take care of everyone who might lose their money? Not me. I don’t have a lot, but what I have is certainly not stored electronically in the bank.

            • Daisy: Me and my banker friends may have to conduct an illegal search and seize your assets! You know that ALL money belongs in and to the Banks, right? 🙂

        • Read where? would like to read the article.

        • I would not be surprised if banks runs in Europe are already starting. One bank in France announced lowering the limit on how much could be withdrawn at a time from the ATM. University of Texas bought a billion dollars in gold (remember this, Bridget Brown?), and now Lloyds is pulling their funds. These are all signs that the monetary systems are not healthy, and they are on life support that’s about to have the plug pulled.

          Thank God I know wise people.

      20. Right, “economic armageddon right around the corner”, got it…

        • True, they have been kicking the can down this road for awhile. They may even get it around that corner. I’m assembling some prep insurance, for when/if they fail.
          – Justin Kase

          • Oh I’m prepared!, I’m just tired of hearing about how “imminent” it all is.
            It gives the “boy who cried wolf” a whole new meaning.

        • Hey Dave,
          Let us know when you cancel your insurance policies:
          home, fire, flood, auto, health….etc.

          After all, what are the chances you’re going to use them?
          Disasters are SO rare…you’d be CrAzY to be prepared!

          • You’ve misunderstood me, I’m fully prepared,in fact, you could shut off all of my utilities (water,sewer,electric)and food for a year & I’ll still be home.
            My point is that I’m sick of hearing about how close it is for the last 5 years.

            • I stand corrected. 😉

              I’ll have to agree with you…a little.
              It can get frustrating, waiting for the other shoe to drop!

            • You have to remember, Dave…the Elites are controlling everything! Many times we have been near collapse, then they pull their rabbit out of their hat and take us away from the edge!! Well, I have a feeling the rabbit has hopped away…and taken the hat with him this time!! They can only do so much…then it’s SHTF time!!

      21. Gotta buy more spam…Gotta buy more spam…
        On a serious note, God have mercy on us all and give us the wisdom to prepare and get to a safe place.

        • Survivalists &

          LOL…Spam was one of the first things I bought when I woke up! It’s one of the staples of my food storage! 🙂

            Monty Python – just slightly ahead of their time…

        • I saw a show the other day that said Spam employees are working around the clock to meet demand. Their sales are WAAAAYYYYY up!

          But we already knew that. And we know why too.

          • I posted that article of a prepper blog and that started the nutritional value argument and I said…HEY!!!! You missed the entire point of this post….DUH!!!

            That happens with smart people…who cares what the nutritional value is?? Whew–‘ight over the head’gesture.

            • OOOHHH…on, not of…and right, not ight…I can’t type today—–
              It must be the brownies…and now, I wish!!

            • Dear JJ,

              I grew up the widowed daughter of a second grade teacher. In the Wards of Houston, Texas as a child. There are three things that I just cannot eat.

              1. Spam
              2. Swanson Pot Pies
              3. Peanut Butter

              There was never enough money growing up with 3 kids to feed and clothe. I appreciated your comment concerning the livin’ on shoe string.

              We were blessed. We ate lot of beans and corn bread ( I still love these 🙂 I wonder if the older folks on here remember that we didn’t always have meat to eat. I can’t ever remember a time when there wasn’t a pot of beans cookin’. We had fried chicken on Sunday. I remember that. I suppose, that we will go back to those days. We all lived closed and shared. My most cherished memories of my childhood were all of us getting together and fellowshipping. There was no “TV”. My cousins and I played kick ball till our toes were bleeding 🙂

              I guess, the sad thing about knowing the truth is that the good ole’ days are behind us. I’m just thankful I got to experience it. I moved out of poverty and worked my butt off. I believe myself to me a succussful woman and I take nothing for granted. I will continue to prep as best I can. I will keep u in prayers 🙂

              Peewee 🙂

          • Brownies OR Spam….that’s a toss up!

            As for nutritional value…
            that’s why they invented vitamins!

            • Brownies all the way. You could add nuts and say that they are nutrient rich! 😉

            • Recipe for Spam:

              A. Never eat raw out of the can unless you’re out in the field and can’t light a match for fear of being sniped.

              B. Put ANY condiment on it after being cooked in ANY manner or way except microwave. Enjoy

              C. Open can, invert and stick knife hole, carve out Ken Worth truck, vacuum infuse with fresh basil & virgin light olive oil, capers, mushrooms, different colored peppers, sprinkle with butter brazed pinion nuts or toasted fancy sliced almonds, smoke slowly with choice of hardwood.

      22. Same song, second verse…..

      23. Although our family’s more prepared than many, enduring the ramifications of a global economic collapse is terrifying! I understand the need to re-set the system, but my concern is that it won’t be a re-set. This is a controlled and organized system-wide collapse. The end goal is to replace our Republic (and it’s influence on the world) with a new socialist, communist, Marxist system.

        That’s assuming the Marxists win….we always have the extreme Muslims taking advantage of the chaos to usher in their Caliphate.

        BTW ~ Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

        • RightWingMon,

          You’re right on the point. It had naver anything to do with debt.
          For the last fifty years we live on debt. Why now was this so unbearable?
          Because the debt it’s the excuse to proceed to this scenario you talk about.
          1. They created the problem.
          2. They let you burn.
          3. They offer the solution.

          Be safe.

        • RightWingMom words:this is a controlled and organized system-wide collapse. The end goal is to replace our Republic …

          This is what I thought throughout the relevant parts of Meltdown as I watched.
          Intentional?? YES…By whom??TPTB..the ones like you say that want our Republic destroyed and THEY have accomplished that almost.

        • Mom, There are 100 Million gun owners in the United States. I don’t think “anyone” is going to “take over”, any time soon!

          • Bingo, Nam Marine!

          • Amen Brother, Red Dawn all over again. Did you see that BOA website has been down for two days now? HMMMMMMM!!!!!

      24. I see this situation having two extremes.
        1 is the complete reset. All power going back to the states.
        2 is trying to fix this current system which is so horribly complex beyond comprehension that nobody knows were to begin to fix it. Oh yea, and any thing in between.
        Throw in a bunch of malcontent socialist commie pig fuckers, Trying to position themselves for more control in what is to come out of this mess and who knows where the ride stops.
        I’ve got a headache now… And I’ve gone cross-eyed.
        This is too complicated for my simple caveman mind.
        I think I will just go back to blaming everything on the Jews.
        Wink, wink, and good prepping to all (Jews included).

        • Love the part about “socialist commie pig fuckers”…..don’t think I could’ve rat-holed them any better!!

          • Thanks GP
            That was born out of my utter vial disgust for those that that would take from us everything.
            May they all end up in a love triangle with Amanda Knox, and have Casey Anthony, baby sit there little commie kids.

            • Kinda makes me want to drive on the sidewalks of Wall Street in a 58 Buick….

              To hell with communism (and it’s cousin, socialism)

            • 63 sky blue hot rod “Water World” Lincoln with suicide doors to fend off or scoop in.

        • I think the Federal Reserve will print trillions and trillions of dollars. First to stabilize the world’s banking system and then to stimulate our dying economy. We’ll see hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s. Millions will starve or die violently. I believe we’ll see 95% of the US population die and we’ll see the one-world government prophesied in Revelation.

        • I’ve noticed that in the last decade or so, the so-called “simple minded” people in the poorest countries, with the fewest available resources, have put up an absolutely BRUTAL resistance against staggering odds. Every protest where the government breaks out its technologically superior weapons and huge numbers in manpower, against unarmed protesters, shows me some hope for us all. These facts I find are self-evident:

          It isn’t necessary to understand exactly how something works, to know it isn’t right.

          We don’t need to put faces on evil to destroy it.

          We don’t need to wait for permission to defend ourselves and our families.

          We are not alone.

      25. Kind of reminds me of the book ‘Lord of the Flies’. With all the hype over loan defaults, are we being forced into a way of life based on the bullying mentality?
        If my neighbor defaults on his morgage, will it affect me and others in the neighborhood?
        Lets reason this out; all the countries defaulting on loans have received loans from other nations, right? The loans are in what form? Cash? Metals? or goods?
        South America and some European countries have defaulted on their U.S. loans. Did the world come crashing down?
        What is happening, is the powers to be want us to panic and make mistakes with our money and give up our liberties for security from supposed events (real? or imagined?).
        We are witnessing the elitests pulling ever trick in the book, to convince us to surrender to the NWO order. Finances, peace, ecology,etc.. It’s all about control.
        Trying to control, even trying to tell us what to eat and how much. This nation of ours is seeing, from the white house, Chicago politics. We surrender our rights for protection.
        The constitution, for them, gets in the way of world domination, world peace, world trade, Get the picture?
        No individual or nation is above the NWO.
        Many are predicting when the SHTF or an economic collapse. Forget it, just stay prepared and in prayer.
        Don’t panic over what we have no control of.

        • Didn’t they kill Piggy in “Lord of the Flies”?
          ^^^ Just sayin’ 🙁

          If refuse to be Piggy!

      26. Dont know about a new World War happening; at least not by design of the elites. It would destroy too much infrastructure even if it reduced the population. If I was an elite, I would be looking for a way to seriously reduce the population while leaving most of the wealth. I would expect to see a bioweapon attack carried out that would appear to be a natural pandemic, or a biological attack that destroyed food crops except for genetically modified crops. Kill off most of the population by starvation without destroying the infrastructure, or use a really deadly pandemic to implement draconian martial law while killing most of the excess population. Financial collapse would serve elite interest especially if they had prepared beforehand by stockpiling gold and building well stocked bunkers to ride out the chaos.

        • Mistress; I have given much thought to this topic; why not now; why not earlier; why not get it over with.
          Know why?? TPTB are sooooo brilliant—but haven’t figured out 2 things:
          1) how to disguise the obvious de-population and not instigate riots with weapons..even scientists and medical experts are whistle-blowers now
          2) how to dispose of the bodies without serious epidemic of diseases…coming to their towns, gated communities, and air.

          • The real PTB like Kissenger and Soros probably have hidey-holes somewhere truly remote and secure where they will be beyond the reach of the epidemics they unleash on the rest of us. Doesnt take many people to put that kind of attack together; maybe a dozen good medical researchers in a private lab to make the bioweapon and the vaccine, and less than a couple dozen true believers among the PTB to make it all happen. Spread the disease along with a vaccine that is “difficult” to manufacture so top policy makers, bodyguards, and a few specialists necessary to maintaining all the toys will get first priority. I would guess that such a population reduction measure would be unleashed in the middle of some other crisis in order to make it even harder for medical personnel and strained governments to deal with it. A planned crop failure would be such an event. As far as blame goes, having the masses blame their governments would be good from the standpoint of having to implement martial law and disarm those who would otherwise resist. Quarantining vast swathes of land and restricting movement upon pain of death would then be possible. For precedent as to what is possible, I would suggest researching the history of the Black Death and government and citizen responses to it. Quite a few Jews were put to death as being supposed agents of spreading the disease. Disposal was a problem, but that can be dealt with if you are the one holding the gun and their are plenty of starving subjects willing to do anything for a scrap of food; even handle diseased bodies.

      27. Does Greece have anyting of value for collateral? Oil,Natural gas, pot, pills, anything?

        • Land, specifically their Islands.

          “Now Greece is making it easier for the rich and famous to fulfill their dreams by preparing to sell, or offering long-term leases on, some of its 6,000 sunkissed islands in a desperate attempt to repay its mountainous debts.

          The Guardian has learned that an area in Mykonos, one of Greece’s top tourist destinations, is one of the sites for sale. The area is one-third owned by the government, which is looking for a buyer willing to inject capital and develop a luxury tourism complex, according to a source close to the negotiations”

          As for the U.S., didn’t the politicians bequeath Southern California to the illegals?

      28. Personally, I expect War soon.. it is always the “weapon” of last resort for the PTB…

        General question.. from the above and other threads, it seems that most everyone expects major SHTF scenario from a Greek default..

        There have been many countries default over the years, Argentina as well as many others.. to my memory, not one default has resulted in the kind of SHTF scenario that we all are “expecting” to occur at some point. Yes, there was localized turmoil; but people who had jobs still went to work, people still took care of their families, people still “lived” relatively normal lives.

        What makes a Greek default different, REALLY different from any other in the past ?

        • Sam,

          My personall view is that Greece is still financially connected to the rest of Europe.
          Countries, banks, and other institutions, hold our bonds, which are crap anyway.
          So if we go down, Europe goes down. Since Europe is connected to the rest of the planet, there is the potential of a domino effect.
          Today globalization has reached to levels beyond imagination, so a farmer’s collapse in south Italy may cause trambling in some merchant in New Zealand.
          Back in 2000 with Argentina falling, globalization had not reached its peak. And of course Argentina was a state on its own, with its own currency, without being connected to other countries.
          Personally speaking, even this will harm me and others, Greece should have default 2 years ago.
          I don’t like the idea that you Sam or Mac or Jim or D.K., are paying from your savings, Greece’s bailout.
          And at the end of the day, it would be a nice thing to do, if you saved Manos and family.
          Unfortunatelly Sam, you are saving the Greek and German banks.

          Be safe Sam. Be healthy and strong.


        • You are correct of course, Iceland being the most recent that i recall. Hypothesis is: Greek default sets up French (and other) banks to fail, which causes a TBTF US bank to need another bailout, and pushes Italy to the edge, causing a cascade (domino effect) of further failures. Does it happen? Who knows? The fear of it may actually cause more harm, because the possibility is real enough.

          • Default yes. Collapse no. Greece runs out of money about the third week of October (unless they can sell those Greek islands to China or Turkey).

            Manos, you may want to brush up on your Mandarin. The Chinese may want to buy the drilling rights offshore Greece.

            Just saying.

            • D.K.

              Unfortunatelly this is their plan.
              And it seems it worked really good.
              Learning Chinese will be a necessity in the years to come, from what it seems. 🙂

              Be safe D.K.

        • well you could probably be absolutely right Sns! there is no telling if this is it… but we all agree (well, not RICH maybe 🙂 ) that the system all over the world is coming to the end. I like to compare today’s western world to that of Roman Empire right before collapse… I suppose you have read Edward Gibbon’s “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”… if you didn’t, please do! you will see terrifying similarities!
          bad, chemically and genetically altered food = lead in water and wine
          collapse of traditional morals
          collapse of the family on a large scale (I know there are many good families, but look at the trends)
          perversions all over the place…
          professional armies (yes, that is right, professional armies is one of the factors, I wrote a paper on that one back in Military Academy)
          hyperinflation (one the main factors… it is hard to believe that one can have hyperinflation with metal and PM money, but that happened, read how – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decline_of_the_Roman_Empire)
          destruction of free, strong, self sufficient, land owning farmers who were the backbone of Rome’s dominance in the world…
          and the list goes on and on…
          do you see similarities?

        • Sam – the war you foresee – is that “war as a distractionary tactic”? If it isn’t, I’m not sure I follow you.

          • Daisy,

            It doesn’t have to do with distraction only.
            One main issue is the discovery of petrol and natural gas in the mediteranean. With the gas reserves decreasing globally, here is one reason for war.
            Another important thing has to do with the wealth as distributed among people.
            The last 50 years or so, due to loans, debts, credit cards, etc, people all over the world increased their status in society.
            The best way to preserve your status in society is to show off, demonstrate your BMW, go to college, have vacation, savings, a good house.
            But if thousands of people can do the same stuff as you, then there is no reason for you to drive your shiny BMW.
            This means that rich ones had no reason anymore to be rich, since there was no distinguish anymore.
            So the “strong” ones decided that enough is enough, and that debt is bad, and that we must place austerity measures because we lost control.
            But austerity is for you Daisy, for me, for JJ, or for Mr B., and not for them. Because this will not harm their pocket.
            When a war errupts, they will keep their fortunes, but you will die of hunger. Most likely your husband, or me, or Mac, will die to some unknown battle, for some stupid reason.
            Their kids will stay home, and go to college, and get prepared for the next elections.
            During a war, factories will produce new innovative stuff which will be tested in the tough conditions of battles. Then in the “peace” time, they will sell that crap to us, as progressive and innovative necessities.
            And the wheel will complete another turn.

          • Well, some could argue that lots of wars are for distraction.. but no, I just think that we are seeing a lot of “distresses between nations that are not easy to understand”. Whenever there are lots of problems: economically, politically, etc. there seems to be a propensity for a seemingly small item to just balloon out of control.
            I fully expect to see some sort of military action in the Middle East with Israel very soon.. perhaps with Turkey or Iran… who knows ? But I think it is coming.. even now it is at the door.

            • On that vein, I really thought we’d get sucked into the Libyan overthrow – I’m surprised we’ve remained as uninvolved as we have.

      29. Now would be a great time to buy two of those sleeping bags designed for -20….ya think????

        Another thing on my ‘get’ list that didn’t get got!!

        • JJ, I’ve got about 100 things on my “get” list too. But, at least I’m fully stocked with food, silver, gold, tp, medical supplies, paper money (future butt wipes), water, weapons, ammo & a tiny bug out retreat cabin on nice land.

          I guess I’ll have to make due without the rest if it happens before I get around to getting it. Man I wish I was a millionaire right now!

          There is a prepper conference in South Carolina Oct 14 & 15th for those who live there or in neighboring states. I plan to go, hopefully I’ll find some things on my “get” list there.


          • Only a 100. J/K. If SHTF today I’ll make it, but I’d prefer tomorrow after my next shipment from APMEX arrives. There is always something and never enough money. I always fear one of my neighbors at the BOL will want to sell and I won’t have the money to buy their acreage. My brother and I have bought 2 of them out in the last 4 years and I know the others well enough they’d call me if they were selling. Though I doubt I could buy it now because I’m no longer in much of a debt (sm mortgage) and don’t want to be.

            My main focus in the next year is to be grid free at my primary residence and than have what it takes to move that system to the BOL in a heart beat.

          • To: All. This has been posted before. It is helpful to print it out for use. To carry its’ use further would be to make a 3 x 5 card for each numbered item to make notes on. Just one of many lists out there. Also check out the author’s other comments.

          • Good luck with the conference; I guess if I don’t get those -20 degrees sleeping bags, it’s back to sheets with corkboard tacks over doorways to a lot of rooms…who thought of this open concept anyway??? NO doors isn’t working in this house and I can’t move; yet!!

        • I would be hot then.

      30. My concern is that the US will help. It is not that I want to see Greece go down, or the EU, but as any airline stewardess will tell you, put your mask on first, then help the person next to you.

        The only way the US will help is by printing dollars, (other than any charitable food contributions, which maybe should be organized now. I am guessing there will be a lot of hungry people in Greece).

        Mano’s-Do you have ideas of what Greece will need and where someone might send it?

        • Igy,

          I don’t know how this could work. How a few people could help thousands?
          Your thought is a Christian one and you have my best wishes for this.
          But there are so many people all arond the world that will go hungry, before this winter ends.
          My advice would be, first take care of your close friends and relatives.
          Don’t worry for us. Crete especially will not go hungry. Each Cretan has property in some nearby village, so at least we gonna have some veggies and fruits.

          Be safe Igy, I pray for us.

          • iggy we cant print that will make gas cost us like 5 a gallon and 20 dollars for soda eggs 5 bucks etc. we cant do that.

          • What are the prevailing wind patterns over Crete? The veggies and fruit won’t be much use if I-131, Sr-90, and Cs-137 drift there from the nukes of “that sh$tty little country” (to borrow the French Ambasaador’s phrase).

            • John,

              Usually shouth winds, with weaker east and north winds.
              The worst are the south ones, which bring dust from Egypt or Libya.
              U.S. soldiers who served in the Souda Bay base, or in Gournes communications, may remember this dust bowl like, cloud.

      31. More fear mongering…..it will not happen as they would allow it to happen!

        • Who does number 2 work for?

          • Yeah Baby,Yeah!(Insert big toothy smile)

      32. Market down 258 today…

        • I am getting ripped a new a@@hole! I have lost more than most make in a lifetime and I was a blue collar working stiff who saved like I was supposed to. I haven’t had a drink in over 23 years but I just might fall off the wagon. 🙁

          • I’m really sorry to hear that. 🙁

      33. Do you think they would try to take our guns away in the us? I’m sure they would lose a lot of people trying.. lol


        • They didn’t “try” after Katrina. They SUCCEEDED. And there was virtually NO resistance to the gun roundups. Just some whining months later.

          • That is true. Unfortunately for them everybody knows about it now AND most of us know that if we were to give up our weapons we are going to get hosed big time. Better to fight while you’re armed and have a chance.

      34. The doom and gloomers are always wrong the end the world scare tactics are palpable and this parade like every other circus will end as well. What will happen is a disaster by and by as the sun will rise and that disaster is not the panic stricken deathblow suggested in this article – instead a insidious creep of issues and since life survives things are never as bad as they seem except in your mind – it is in time a time of crisis not fear mongering freakout time. Able men such as us will rise and the situation will wash out one does not stand in front of train and one does not get born a self proclaimed God with rotting food supplies on the Mount Olympus of Brilliance for writing an article on the surrounding world of fools. Improve everything you have yourself and your loved ones and stay away from extremes then you will survive quite well. The freaks and fear shows are for entertainment not entrainment.

      35. Quit driving for armored car companies. It’s going to be very dangerous. Quit your bank job, now.

        • Crap, I am a mailman. Wait until they stop printing the welfare checks and they surround my subaru, looking for their free handouts. Thank God I am not in the cities, the hordes wont be as bad out here in the country. That is if the Post Office survives.

          • Great, a USPS “Insider.” 🙂 So what’s your opinion on these old rumors(facts?):

            1. There is an Executive Order which says everyone will have to report to the local post office in a time of disaster or big emergency (to count heads, I guess. I’ve seen this EO, an old one, but can’t remember the wording).

            2. The govt will use mailmen to deliver vaccines. (This was an actual govt “proposal” in the news a few years ago during the big — false — pandemic scare.)

            3. The official USPS logo, when looked at sideways, is shaped like a guillotine. (Lol, that one cracked me up, saw that comment somewhere on the internet a few years ago. But it’s true, whether intentional or not. I made a photo at the time to demonstrate. Too bad I can’t post it here as a “visual aid.” Too funny.)

      36. Soybeans- the Official Meat of Burger Bitch…

        I’ve come up with a great post-collapse business idea! When the turmoil has settled down, I’m going to open a chain of restaurants called Burger Bitch. Our menu will feature sawdust burgers cooked over an open scrap-wood flame, french fried ‘things’ simply called “fries” and soda made from warm water and a bit of food coloring. Our burgers will always be served with the top bun upside down and smeared with mustard, whether you want it or not.
        Since the utility grid may be down, the drive thru will utilize the ‘two tin cans on a string’ method of ordering.
        For kids, we’ll have the new ‘Misery Meal’, just a sack with a few scraps of leftovers and a stern warning from Mom or Dad to “eat it or else!” The toy will be a steel slug marked ‘.999 non-precious metal.’
        The Burger Bitch Healthy Coice menu will feature fresh ‘salad greens’ harvested right outside the restaurant’s back door (or the cracks in the parking lot).
        Our signature item will be the all natural ‘filet-of-park-squirrel’ on a simulated hoagie bun. (or flat bread, depending on the availability of yeast)
        Our drive thru windows will always be staffed by very large, rude women (preferably black women) who will hand you your sack of food and then scowl “Get the hell outa here! I got more customers waiting. What!? I already gave you your change, don’t pull that crap on me! No, we aint playin’ no damned Monopoly games. Now git! And have a nice day!”

        • Bahawawawwawwa

          WHAT!, you want ME to give you somme FRIES with my shake?


        • As I am a simple caveman, I understand everything you say completely!
          if you have time to waste later can you translate Solon’s post.
          I have no idea what the he’ll he is trying to say.

          • Slick- I’m not a linguist by profession, but I’ll try. The post seems to be an english extrapolation of an ancient Klingon proverb. My best guess at a translation would be:
            “You can’t shave a bald man, no matter how sharp your harmonica is.”
            or perhaps:
            “The stewpot of the cosmos shall overflow with the ignorance of the earthlings.”

            hope this helps….okie

            • Thanks Mr. okie
              You have confirmed what I thought he was say’n with great clarity.
              It’s crystal clear now.


        • Are you talking to your date?

      38. Just had a 4.5 81 miles SSE of Hamilton, Bermuda.. never seen a quake there before..

      39. Withdraw your money from the big banks NOW! The bank run has already begun.

        Take that cash, and buy your gold your gold and silver. Screw the naysayers. Let history be your guide. Don’t watch your money get seized, or soon evaporate in hyperinflation.

        And remember, the banks are your enemy, and the big boys like JP Morgan know it. Read here. hey are the ones now financing the cops that are cracking down on protesters.

        Again, get your money out of the big banks if you have any interest in seeing it again. Argentinians lost all of theirs in the 80s, and it’s about to happen here, also. B of A is having some serious problems right now. People are withdrawing from the system, and their website is seizing up. Don’t be the last in line on this one. ATMs will lock up.


        Good luck, and stop wasting time. Get going.

        • is there any affect to the credit unions? and how?

          • A rose by any other name, is still a rose! A bank is a bank no matter what they call it. They still deal in US dollars. Just because they they make you feel like you are a part owner, does not mean it is not a bank. If they change money, then it is a bank. Your money is no safer there then in any bank!

            • Thanks Clay, My gut was telling me exactly what you confirmed

        • I don’t have any money in Bank of America.

          Should I put on a mask and go make a withdrawl anyway?

          I will need some #10 cans.


      41. Wow! We are so being set up.Sure thing’s are going to get worse.This is leading to one world Goverment.People need to see the smoke sceen that world goverment’s are leading us.Like a mule with a carrot in front of it.Wow.The time is short.Keep on the ready.

        • Damn! just got struck by a falling piece of sky.

      42. Helping the Greeks is like helping the guys who gang-raped your sister. They’ve run a Ponzi economy for years, with everyone in the club car of the gravy train, and nobody stoking the engine. Not that we’re all that much better as a nation, but once the fit hits the shan, charity must begin at home.

        Yeah I’m grouchy. I’ve been watching this mess unfold for years and years. Brooksley Born told us what exactly was gonna happen with these unregulated “derivative” shenanigans over ten years ago. I’m well prepped, but I resent the fact that I have to be. Any of you who think subsistence farming will be a lark ain’t ever done it. It’s drudgery all day, every day, for most folks.

        • Spot on Coach. You can’t decide who to blame here. The hairdressers who bitch about not being able to retire at 50 or the bankers who kept loaning money to the fools.

      43. http://gunnyg.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/jp-morgan-funded-nypd-mass-arrests-over-700-peaceful-occupy-wall-street-protesters/

        this is where the police departments are headed in this counrty..no loyalty to the people they were sworn to protect..not following their oath at all..against threats forign or domestic..even if its the government and the banks..the thugs have picked a side ,…its all about the paycheck and the greed..no loyalty

        remember this people ,, who really pays for the legal ability to fuck your life up any time they choose,

        banks, and who is now their hired guns and thugs.

        JP Morgan and all of any banks playing these games should have the rug pulled out from under them and all the debt they say we have ..they can shove it where the sun dont shine

      44. History strikes again! The banks in Europe collapsing started the great depression in the 30’s and its happening again with the rise of socialism and communism.
        Listen to us and all is well, never mind the neighbors disappeared last night and we are confiscating your assets and guns for your safety. We need it for other people… Themselves.

      45. Where’s DK today to reassure us it isn’t going to happen? 🙂

        • BT: I have been cruising the Red Rocks of Sedona getting my Chakras tuned!


      47. One of the ‘okie rangers’, a secretive group of highly trained operatives, each of whom has their very own secret decoder ring from Cap’n Crunch, has just forwarded this report to me. The source is unquestionable, so it must be true…

        The Contents Of Barak Obama’s Closet:
        46 dress shirts- various colors
        22 dress shirts- white
        38 pair dress slacks
        22 pair dress shoes
        4 pair casual shoes
        51 neckties
        2 pizza boxes- empty (Domino’s canadian bacon)
        1 pink tutu- size medium
        3 leotards- size medium, pale blue
        4 pair shoes, 6 inch stiletto heels- 1 pr red, 3 pr black
        2 pair fur lined handcuffs
        1 whip
        2 pair black leather shorts
        6 1970s era publicity photos of John Travolta
        1 copy of Koran- new condition but very dusty
        1 copy Kama Sutra- pages worn and dog eared
        3 prayer rugs- new condition
        1 box containing 9,000 shares Solyndra stock
        4 copies of chairman Mao’s little red book
        16 Archie comic books- most with pictures of Jughead circled
        1 lava lamp with frayed cord- inoperable
        2 business cards for Psychic Friends Hotline
        6 boxes of 2008 campaign posters- all w/ Obama’s photo
        6 boxes ‘Hope & Change’ bumper stickers
        4 bath towels from Dubai Hilton
        4 bath towels from Nairobi 4 Seasons Hotel
        2 bath towels from Little Rock Holiday Inn
        2 sterling silver salad forks- marked Buckingham Palace
        Half carton of Marlboro cigarettes
        2 boxes Nicorette- unopened
        1 semi-auto pistol(Ruger 9mm) 2 rounds in magazine
        1 spray can of ‘Ultra Tan’ dark shade, half full
        1 Batman costume- blood stains on knees

        The agents were unable to search Michelle’s closet. The door had an impenetrable lock and apparently a detonating mechanism of some kind. They did report hearing muffled sounds from inside, though.

        • Throw me under the bus damnit! Hank Jr. is my hero.

        • A Beautiful Mind.

      48. They will steal the retirement accounts next. And don’t ask who “They” are. It’s all of them. My fiends all laughed when I bought physical metals. Who is laughing now. Note…if they do declare martial law, your next steps are to hide your preps.
        I’ve been thinking about burying a plastic septic tank as a hidden vault. Glad we’re all armed Americans. The gang bangers will run out of ammo the first hour. ha.

        • Ya know, that idea is great for some—what about those with years worth in buckets, etc..cases and cases of canned veg/meat/fruit; shelves full of TP and paper towels???550 lbs of rice still in bags in totes???…and my neighbors have clear view of all my yard.
          It’s NOT that simple.

      49. First time around…Germany defaulted by the presses, that caused euro banks to fail. Us banks had money in euro banks and they sold their stocks to get liquid. bam! 1929. It will all go down again. The blacks will riot as they feel everyone owes them something.

        • Shit sandwich?

      50. Cu is falling and Au is rising. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. 9/10 of law.

      51. financial woes, governmental crisis, societal collapse, rioting, lawlessness, looting, anarchy… i can only respond by saying that as a Christian, i pray for things to turn around before tshtf but while i pray, inventory is taken, shortages filled, and skills honed… when tshtf, my prayer will be that God will take each round i must fire to it’s intended target… and i am but one of so very many quintessential “bitter clingers”…

        keep your powder dry – and very close

      52. Well, if the collapse is here, fine. That just means I’ll still have to get up for work in the morning

      53. “We will see these things come to pass, they are unstoppable at this point”

        Says who, there are many things that could happen to prevent a total meltdown.

        The Fed could push a button on their computer and every country in the world would be recapitalized. When people in the U.S. or England or even Japan go to the ATM, they will walk away with cash, you can bet your bippy on that. When a country prints it’s own
        fiat currency, they will always choose printing over total chaos. Of course, the money
        people get out of the ATM may not have the purchasing power it once had, but it will
        be there. The day may come when the only thing the money from an ATM may be good for is wiping one’s ass, but it will be there.

      54. Top banker says “the world will end unless you print the money to save us from our mistakes”. Wait a sec, haven’t we heard this song before?

      55. Too many people assume that our Big Government in the U.S. WANTS to fix things. They don’t! Order ab chao.

      56. 2012 – Magnitude 10 Economic Earthquake
        By Al Holtje

        The outrage and contempt I have for the American political system is beyond comprehension. As Abraham Lincoln so eloquently phrased at Gettysburg it’s sad to say; “government for the people and by the people” has been betrayed. Today, the engine that energizes government is fired by corruption and power in the never ending battle for control of the nation’s checkbook. What is most disturbing to me is that the great majority of American’s sit back and buy into the right vs. left arguments ignoring the essential issue which is the plight of the ship of state. In truth, it’s rarely about “us” any more; it’s about them and their reach for power. Now as 2012 approaches, it won’t be long before the worn and torn American dollar becomes the catalyst that sinks the shaky boat that carries the world’s money supply. The system is overloaded and hopelessly corrupted under the weight of debt and computerized derivative contracts, a situation that is now out of control.

        At the center of the next economic earthquake will be the unregulated and very profitable derivative contracts denominated in dollars. The first tremor occurred in 1998 when there were $50 trillion in contracts outstanding. Russia defaulted on its debt and that incident caused a magnitude 4 economic earthquake. The Federal Reserve had to reduce interest rates four times to contain the damage. That was followed by the housing bubble in 2007 (magnitude 7). No one went to jail and now, as we move forward to 2012, derivative contracts are valued at $1.4 quadrillion equal to $206,000 for every man, woman and child on the planet. A sum so huge that it is equal to 100 times all the money on deposit in the nation’s banks. Not one penny of that amount went to creating jobs, assisted in the economic recovery or otherwise helped the millions of American’s in need. It’s just simple basic math and greed that is being ignored by the President, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and both parties in Congress.

        So, what happens when the European bubble bursts? There will be insufficient funds on deposit to settle the contra party obligations. The bubble is so huge that when it finally pops, and it will sooner than later, because an untold amount of these derivatives are casino bets on sovereign nation debt that pay high rates of return to Wall Street bankers. When it does POP in 2012 it will bring the international monetary system to its knees as the banking system comes crashing down.

        You can’t ignore the numbers so someone please prove to me that that there exists a firewall that protects the best interests of the American people. There’s too much blame to go around but for now, let’s start with the President of the United States and his economic advisors. They must be aware of the numbers as were previous administrations but they also chose to sweep it under the “business as usual” rug and hope for the best, ignoring simple math and “common sense.”

        Finally, much in life comes back to the numbers and there’s only about $15 trillion on deposit in all the banks in the United States. Do the math.

        2012 – Magnitude 10 Economic Earthquake

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