Greece is Just the Beginning… Again: “This Kind of Carnage Can Happen All Over Europe”

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at his Economic Collapse Blog.

    Editor’s Note: It was always just a matter of time, since the whole European fiasco was merely patched over after the last round. All the new powers given to the European banks (and all the king’s horses and men) couldn’t put it back together again, and couldn’t stop what was inevitable under the existing conditions – Greece has been a ticking time bomb and things closer to disaster than ever.

    Everyone already knows how bad things stand to become if it plays out at its worst, so get ready. A Grexit may be in the near future, a Brexit is still very possible, and another round of global financial titanic could be in the works. Time will tell…

    The Next Great European Financial Crisis Has Begun

    The Greek financial system is in the process of totally imploding, and the rest of Europe will soon follow.  Neither the Greeks nor the Germans are willing to give in, and that means that there is very little chance that a debt deal is going to happen by the end of June.  So that means that we will likely see a major Greek debt default and potentially even a Greek exit from the eurozone.  At this point, credit default swaps on Greek debt have risen 456 percent in price since the beginning of this year, and the market has priced in a 75 percent chance that a Greek debt default will happen.  Over the past month, the yield on two year Greek bonds has skyrocketed from 20 percent to more than 30 percent, and the Greek stock market has fallen by a total of 13 percent during the last three trading days alone.  This is what a financial collapse looks like, and if Greece does leave the euro, we are going to see this kind of carnage happen all over Europe.

    Officials over in Europe are now openly speaking of the need to prepare for a “state of emergency” now that negotiations have totally collapsed.  At one time, it would have been unthinkable for Greece to leave the euro, but now it appears  that this is precisely what will happen unless a miracle happens…

    Greece is heading for a state of emergency and an exit from the euro following the collapse of talks to agree a bailout deal, senior EU officials warned last night.

    Europe must be prepared to step in otherwise Greek society would face an unprecedented crisis with power blackouts, medicine shortages and no money to pay for police, they said.

    In the past, the Greeks have always buckled under pressure.  But this new Greek government was elected with a mandate to end austerity, and so far they have shown a remarkable amount of resolve.  In order for a debt deal to happen, one side is going to have to blink, and at this point it does not look like it will be the Greeks

    The world’s financial markets are facing up to the possibility that Greece could soon become the first country to crash out of Europe’s single currency. Talks between Athens and its eurozone creditors have collapsed in acrimony just days before a final deadline for Greece to unlock the €7.2bn (£5.2bn) in bailout funds it needs to avoid a catastrophic debt default.

    The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, accused the creditor powers of hidden “political motives” in their demands that Greece make further cuts to public pension payments in return for the financial aid. “We are shouldering the dignity of our people, as well as the hopes of the people of Europe,” Mr Tsipras said in a defiant statement. “We cannot ignore this responsibility. This is not a matter of ideological stubbornness. This is about democracy.”

    As we approach the point of no return, both sides are preparing for the endgame.

    In Greece, members of parliament have been studying what happened in Iceland a few years ago.  Many of them believe that a Greek debt default combined with a nationalization of Greek banks and a Greek exit from the euro could set the nation back on the path to prosperity fairly rapidly.  The following comes from the Telegraph

    The radical wing of Greece’s Syriza party is to table plans over coming days for an Icelandic-style default and a nationalisation of the Greek banking system, deeming it pointless to continue talks with Europe’s creditor powers.

    Syriza sources say measures being drafted include capital controls and the establishment of a sovereign central bank able to stand behind a new financial system. While some form of dual currency might be possible in theory, such a structure would be incompatible with euro membership and would imply a rapid return to the drachma.

    The confidential plans were circulating over the weekend and have the backing of 30 MPs from the Aristeri Platforma or ‘Left Platform’, as well as other hard-line groupings in Syriza’s spectrum. It is understood that the nationalist ANEL party in the ruling coalition is also willing to force a rupture with creditors, if need be.

    Meanwhile, in a desperate attempt to get the Greeks to give in at the last moment, Greek’s creditors are preparing to pull out all the stops in order to put as much financial pressure on Greece as possible

    Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung reported that the creditors are drawing an ultimatum to the Greeks, threatening to cut off Greek access to the European payments system and forcing capital controls on the country as soon as this weekend. The plan would lead to the temporary closure of the banks, followed by a rationing of cash withdrawals.

    For a long time, most in the financial world assumed that a debt deal would eventually happen.  But now reality is setting in.  As I mentioned at the top of this article, the cost to insure Greek debt has risen by an astounding 456 percent since the beginning of this year

    Given these dramatic stakes, the risk of a Greek default has gone way up. One way to measure that risk is by looking at the skyrocketing price of insurance policies that would pay out if Greek bonds go bust. The cost to insure Greek debt for one year against the risk of default has skyrocketed 456% since the start of the 2015, according to FactSet data.

    These insurance-like contracts, known as credit default swaps, imply there is a 75% to 80% probability of Greece defaulting on its debt, according to Jigar Patel, a credit strategist at Barclays.

    The probability of a Greek default soars to a whopping 95% for five-year CDS, Patel said.

    “Default is looking more and more likely,” Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group, wrote in a note to clients on Tuesday.

    And in recent days, we have also seen Greek stocks and Greek bonds totally crash.  The following comes from CNN

    The Greek stock market has plummeted 13% over the past three trading days, including a 3% drop on Tuesday alone.

    In the bond market, the yield on Greek two-year debt has skyrocketed to 30.2%. A month ago, the yield was only 20%. Yields rise as bond prices fall.

    Of course if there is a Greek debt default and Greece does leave the euro, it won’t just be Greece that pays the price.

    As I have written about previously, there are tens of trillions of dollars in derivatives that are directly tied to currency exchange rates and 505 trillion dollars in derivatives that are directly tied to interest rates.  A “Grexit” would cause the euro to drop like a rock and interest rates all over the continent would start to go crazy.  The financial chaos that a “Grexit” would cause should not be underestimated.

    And there are signs that some of Europe’s biggest banks are already on the verge of collapse.  For example, just consider what has been going on at the biggest bank in Germany.  Both of the co-CEOs at Deutsche Bank recently resigned, and it is increasingly looking as if it could soon become Europe’s version of Lehman Brothers.  The following summary of the recent troubles at Deutsche Bank comes from an article that was posted on NotQuant

    Here’s a re-cap of what’s happened at Deutsche Bank over the past 15 months:

    • In April of 2014,  Deutsche Bank was forced to raise an additional 1.5 Billion of Tier 1 capital to support it’s capital structure.  Why?
    • 1 month later in May of 2014, the scramble for liquidity continued as DB announced the selling of 8 billion euros worth of stock – at up to a 30% discount.   Why again?  It was a move which raised eyebrows across the financial media.  The calm outward image of Deutsche Bank did not seem to reflect their rushed efforts to raise liquidity.  Something was decidedly rotten behind the curtain.
    • Fast forwarding to March of this year:   Deutsche Bank fails the banking industry’s “stress tests” and is given a stern warning to shore up it’s capital structure.
    • In April,  Deutsche Bank confirms it’s agreement to a joint settlement with the US and UK regarding the manipulation of LIBOR.   The bank is saddled with a massive $2.1 billion payment to the DOJ.  (Still, a small fraction of their winnings from the crime). 
    • In May,  one of Deutsche Bank’s CEOs, Anshu Jain is given an enormous amount of new authority by the board of directors.  We guess that this is a “crisis move”.  In times of crisis the power of the executive is often increased.
    • June 5:  Greece misses it’s payment to the IMF.   The risk of default across all of it’s debt is now considered acute.   This has massive implications for Deutsche Bank.
    • June 6/7:  (A Saturday/Sunday, and immediately following Greece’s missed payment to the IMF) Deutsche Bank’s two CEO’s announce their surprise departure from the company.  (Just one month after Jain is given his new expanded powers).   Anshu Jain will step down first at the end of June.  Jürgen Fitschen will step down next May.
    • June 9: S&P lowers the rating of Deutsche Bank to BBB+  Just three notches above “junk”.  (Incidentally,  BBB+ is even lower than Lehman’s downgrade – which preceded it’s collapse by just 3 months)

    And that’s where we are now.  How bad is it?  We don’t know because we won’t be permitted to know.  But these are not the moves of a healthy company.

    For a very long time, I have been warning that a major financial crisis was coming to Europe, and for a very long time the authorities in Europe have been able to successfully kick the can down the road.

    But now it looks like we have reached the end of the road, and a day of reckoning is finally here.

    Nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next, but almost everyone agrees that it isn’t going to be pretty.

    So you better buckle up, because it looks like we are all in for a wild ride as we enter the second half of this year.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Greece,time to be free of the shackles of the imf/central euro banks ect.As with all countries,your pols lied about pensions ect.,will be a hard/tough ride but you can do it,Iceland set a great example!They will not let go easily but this bullshit crony capitalism(welfare)bullshit finally coming to a end as all ponzi schemes do.People of Greece,you will suffer but you will one day flourish under sane economics,cut that yoke!

        • Greece is a nation of deadbeats who have defaulted on loans by other countries for many years.

          Not so fast there Mr. Snyder. The ECB just advanced an undisclosed amount of funds last week to keep the Greek banks liquid. They are trying to stop the run on the banks. Why would they do that? Because they know that if Greece is allowed to really default Spain and Italy among others will soon follow.

          So right now a game of chicken is being played out. A major sign of a true Greek default will occur on Monday when we will see if the Greek banks open and there is a bank holiday declared.

          So much is at risk if Greece is “declared” in default. I don’t know how on the 5th of June they were not declared in default. I don’t know how on 6/20 they were not declared in default. They have never missed either of these payment dates.

          It would appear that the International Banksters are who is directing all of this and only they will declare if and when Greece is in default. And yet overall the American Markets were up for the week because of the flight to safety from the European markets. Talk about a rigged game.

          You all understand that this all important most urgent Trade deal the government is pursuing is nothing but a way in which we American will pay for the fall of the Euro. They, the international bankers, want all of us in the Western economy to “share” the pain. Which means we American taxpayers will be on the hook for all of the European Union when it falls. Didn’t anyone else wonder why this trade agreement became such an issue?


          • This was a story years ago, it has drug on so long, it is now inevitable (like our story) and predictable. Therefore it is no longer a shock or even much of a story. This is just another “Pete the Repeat Parrot” story. And hence it shouldn’t be much of a blip on the radar once it does happen…….then again, the evil ones will take advantage of it for sure.

            Anyone else notice the striking similarities between Snyder and Slavo’s writing styles and web sites?

            • thats ok, he just wants to sell you prep supplies. If he was selling gold, he’d just tell you Obama is coming for all your fillings…

              • Not just Greece, but the entire world, needs to repudiate all the illegitimate and odious “debt.” You owe nothing to the thief who burglarizes or strong arms you. Why then imagine that you owe the dynastic tribal banksters what they, through fraud, bribery, and other economic crimes against humanity, have stolen over the millennia?

                Repudiate the debt. Prosecute the thieves. Repatriate what has been looted.

                While we are at it, repudiate Shemitah Boy Snyder.

            • Id rather discuss the 2 cockroach CIA agents that were arrested by the Patriot Minute Men on Mexican border smuggling in 1300 Lbs of Cocaine. Was any of that on National News? The CIA needs to be defunded and defanged and send the cockroaches to the Roach Hotel permanent Prison.

              • Someone here told this community more that two years ago, that the real danger to the world economy was Europe or China and NOT the USA. Who was that masked man?

                Its in the archives folks. Better sign up for his monthly newsletter. 🙂

              • We need a revolution of the people world wide to eliminate all the elitist banking, government and corporate systems that force us to use them. Don’t know how to accomplish it, though. Most revolutions get taken over by just a new dictatorship.

                • What we have needed for so long now is a revolution against those who have stolen the truth from the world, shortly after the author of truth in the flesh ascended to the right hand of the Father. Who was that group? Hint…….they tried to exterminate Y’shua’s own family (bloodline) descendants.

              • “…the Greek people have suffered for nothing. Default is still inevitable, as is the resulting EU-wide currency-political crises.

                When systems are broke and broken, collapse is the only way forward. Only collapse breaks the grip of vested interests and opens the political process to non-Elite participation. By pushing default/collapse forward for four long years, the Greek Elites have punished their citizens for absolutely no yield on their immense suffering. Greece can no more escape the black hole of default than it could four years ago.

                Central and private banking magic has failed. The idea that corrupt, self-serving Elites would magically create widespread prosperity by borrowing money that could never be paid back has collapsed, though the Power Elites of the Troika cling to this foolish fantasy because they have no other choice if they want to retain power.

                The only faith remaining in the EU Elite is belief in the goddess TINA–there is no alternative. But there is always another alternative: collapse of the status quo and the assembly of an alternative arrangement that doesn’t concentrate power in the hands of a few at the expense of the many.

            • Its not really a matter of debt– the whole fiasco was a Trojan horse to rob the people of all their assets– just like what happened in the Soviet Union before they collapsed, and millions starved, as TPTB in cahoots with western cronies stole everything from the people!

              I am so glad the Greeks are waking up and giving the IMF (International Mother Fu–ers) the finger! However, when it all comes down– when they finally exit the game plan (“Austerity” for the poor!) it will be good for them (FREEDOM AT LAST!) but inflation for the U.S. citizens.

          • Well hold on a second.

            We in Europe don’t need help from the USA or it’s zionist bankers from the IMF who is robbing us blind by charging interest on money printed from fresh air.

            Why do you think US tax payers will need to help us is above me because the USA brings nothing but trouble to our shore with TTIP and trying to provoke Russia.

            Our ECB can printmoney just like the IMF except the USA would soon start shooting but for now blackmail and bribes for our politicians is just about working.

            The USA is the problem, not the soloution

            • Mr. Smith, I and so many Americans are in total agreement with you as regarding USA is the problem! The very large difference in belief is this; There is no USA, nor are there any European governments; there is only the global Rothchild banks! The politicians of Europe and American governments are only Whores of the Rothchilds, they constitute the governments of planet Earth! How can anyone explain the unbridled influx of Arab and African people into our holy homelands of Europe or the Mexican and Indian populations into The USA. I didn’t want it and I’m sure you and other Europeans didn’t want it but we both got it because a certain Race of Devils decreed it. Understand that we, the White Race, are all in this together and if we are to survive, we must come together. I pray God that we do so!

            • The IBS, IMF and the Bilderberg Group control the situation. When they make their decision, Europe and North America will do exactly as they say.

            • MR Smith the zionist bankers originated in Europe, along with socialism, communism, and naziism.

              WE here in the USA just want to send the zionist bankers and their false ideologies BACK to you. 🙂

              • With a name like that you are probably a zionist jew banker yourself, having spent the last eight years sucking Bernanke’s dick.

                Why would you vote when you are getting all of the zionist jew banker dick you can suck? 🙂

              • Now thats funny as USA originated in Europe too. Or perhaps you are native Indian typing this from his office in some reservation’s casino?

                • dude7: Dude, you are a moron. The USA, framed by the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights originated in, and were penned in ….. America you twit!

                  Like baseball, basketball, and the NFL, the USA is a purely American invention based upon the natural rights of man given to human souls, by Nature’s God.

                  Read the documents and get a fucking clue, dude. 🙂

            • The US Gov and their high falutin corporate masters are the problem. (I have to keep quiet about Scamerloon & the City of London or I’ll never stop ranting)

              Neither the US, nor European peoples are lazy, parasitic, immoral thieving bastards by inclination. At this point lets drop the media induced blame game jingo and start ensuring we show a bit of solidarity & compassion. Begin by pointing the finger up the Pyramid to those that are at fault.

              The Greeks are suffering on more than one front here!

              Not only are they being used as the sacrificial lamb by the politicians and banksters – ISIS is waiting just across the med in Libya for the opportunity to claim more territory! (So many people forget modern Libya is the location of ancient Troy). Italy has already complained to the UN that the flood of refugees from North Africa fleeing the monsters of ISIS is becoming unmanageable. Turkey too may not be a member of the political EU, but geographically it’s acting as a buffer between Europe and ISIS right now.

              The Greeks are to be admired for their resilience and ingenuity these last few years in coping with all they’ve had thrown at them. Most of us can only hope our own neighbourhoods prove to be as smart when shtf as your average Greek on has been so far.
              At this point though a few prayers from the faithful wouldn’t go amiss.

              • Exactly, Llonelomum! We can learn from them, if we watch closely!!

                • Please people dig out your Atlas. I am informed by E.European family friends that Hungary is planning to build a 4m wall to stem the flood of Syrian refugees crossing from Serbia into EU territory. Macedonia is also reporting problems coping with the influx.

                  These are NOT economic migrants like the Mexicans but ordinary Christians, Jews and Muslims fleeing unimaginable horrors at the hands of ISIS and similar demonic groups. Lest anyone be confused ISIS can only be described as a Death Cult. The term Golden Horde is a joke, desperate & terrified fleeing Satan himself is more accurate. I lack the imagination to see how much permanent territory ISIS will claim, but so far resistance has proven pretty futile everywhere their foul stench has been scented.

                  Coming hard on the heels of the desperate innocent refugees are the ever expanding monsters of ISIS at each of these exits to safety. Some places like the Turkish border are struggling to push the monsters back from their own nation.

                  The borders of the EU are fraying. Countries as diverse as Lithuania, Greece and Ireland have been suffering from the onslaught of the Euro-induced nonsense for a few years now. The slack in the average Joes personal budget and often his life savings shrank quite some time ago.

                  The UK Gov lost the plot long before the last election, and since has said nothing that points to anything positive or sustainable. The cognitive dissonance I’m seeing around me is frankly disturbing.

          • Sure I’ll pay my bar tab. Now loan me the money.

        • Greece borrowed as much money as it could in order to spend money that they didn’t have. Greece has about 11 million people. They spend a billion euros a month on pensions alone.

          Greece will never prosper while it’s a socialist country where people want everything for free and don’t want to work.

          • Greece will never prosper while it’s a socialist country where people want everything for free and don’t want to work.

            Sounds like Obunger’s Amerika.

            • Or pay their taxes. So few people were paying their property taxes that the government tried adding them to electric bills. So Greeks stopped paying their electric bills.

              • Corruption was SOP and government debt to gdp was approaching 400%: a worker’s paradise, obviously. 🙁

          • No amount of austerity is going to close Greece’s debt gap. Without a major surge in GNP and PRODUCTIVITY, in addition to cutbacks on any superfluous debt, bandages of a few billions wont make a dent.
            Greece owes 320 BILLION, not just 1 billion for June- 320 billion over the next half century- and that is not counting interest, just the principal. Even if Russia steps in with a 20 billion grant? Still 310 billion to go…

            • Cave to the banksters and become even more enslaved to them?

              Raise a middle finger and (as a nation) be debt free?

              Hard choice, here guys!

              The light at the end of the IMF (International Mother Fuckers) tunnel is an oncoming train.

              At this point Greece should tell the Troika to pound salt. The banksters loaned billions to people they knew would never be either willing or able to pay.

              The banksters are scared shitless that Greece will leave the Euro and (along with the rest of the world) find out the world won’t end, and other countries will see that they can do the same.

              Sorry banksters, you should have done your ‘due dilligence’.

              Sorry Greeks, you got to party at somebody else’s kegger for a while, but the keg is now empty. Hell, why not throw up on their shoes on the way out?

          • GREECE didn’t borrow the money, Barncat… it was the politicians who did it and they did it for a reason– Read Mike Ruppert’s book “Crossing the Rubicon” and you will see what’s really going on– Its a pattern. A trojan Horse, that the International Banksters use to steal everything from the people– its all about robbing the poor and establishing a NWO.

        • War child, it’s ignorant morons like you that believe capitalism caused Greece to Default, it’s called Socialism you imecilet. I wish all ignorant turds like you that suck the wealth out of people for your own laziness would jump off a cliff and let the real working populace live a life where had word not laziness and expected handouts is the norm.

          • Anon,I am sure I have a better understanding of economics then you.Oh,and despite the risk of sounding “disparaging”,FUCK YOU!

            • Warchild/Anon

              Greek debt


              pensions… 17.5 % GDP

              maturing debt .. 32% GDP

              bank recap….19%

              interest on debt…16%

              private sector investors(bonds)…14%

              Given these figures it blatantly appears that the majority of all debt incurred was to the detriment of bondholders and the Greek people…and to the absolute delight of banks..

              Of course the entire media blame sit on lazy pensioners..aka socialism…when the vast majority of all Greek debt is to the banks…all of them..not the citizens

              As usual…the koolaid drinkers buy into the propaganda and blame the citizens as usual..

              To all of them..

              I say…screw!!


          • Anonymous (the other one– not me!)– you are the one who is the ignorant one– do some reading — like Mike Ruppert’s book or Paul Craig Robert’s website, or the Global Research website– and then run your mouth. At the moment you don’t know what you are talking about– you are just spouting right wing dogma (bullshit).



          • Acid Etch; Every so often, I agree with your post, even this post but I would appreciate your use of proper English in trying to communicate with White, Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic people, the majority of which visit this site. Please keep in mind that fuck, fuckers, fucking, fucked and motherfuckers are appropriate only on Negro and Jewish sites. Thank you, I know you’ll try to change!

            • Don’t worry aurelius, you’ve only got about 20 tears left before you’re the minority in America. Loss of power is indeed a bitter pill to swallow, be sure that when you go to meet all your Nazi ancestors they’ll tell you the same thing, there, now you have something to look forward to.

              • Please acknowledge your race or your mental conditioning.

              • NICE, A.J. 😉

            • “Please keep in mind that fuck, fuckers, fucking, fucked and motherfuckers are appropriate only on Negro and Jewish sites.”

              Perhaps if you spent less time worrying about the words people use, and more time considering the actual argument, you might have a comment worth posting.


        • The Greeks lied about their debt to get into the Euro, in fact they hired Goldman Sach to cover their excessive debt up. They never belonged in the Euro.

          They never had the GDP to be in the union. Their people wanted to retire 5 years earlirer that the Germans and have the Germans pay for it. They do need to leave the Suro but they are not any heroes. They are socialist beggers.

        • Greek Bonds were selling at 24.5% 2 days ago when I posted it here.

      2. Deal coming soon. Just watch. Same shit, different day. It will be allowed to unwind only when the powers out there want it to.

      3. STARS and BARS are about to fly again, this time the out come just maybe a little different. Long live the AMERICAN PATRIOT!!!!!!

      4. The sooner Greece defaults and exits the EU, the sooner they will begin to recover.

        Next, Spain, Portugal, and Italy will eventually probably reach the same conclusion. It will hinge on how much blackmail and bribery the EU can bring to bear on the politicians of the various nations – because remaining in the EU is not in the best interests of these nations.

        • Greece cannot “recover”, because their GDP is smaller than their consumption. To recover you have to be able to export enough to cover your imports. Greek productivity is so low that they have no prayer of accomplishing that.

          • Greeks, suck it up and admit to yourselves you’re a third world nation.

            They bullshit their way into the EU, and the banksters knew it. The EU was always a German attempt at aquiring an empire (along with numerous evil intentions of the EU architects). The plan was never a ‘United States of Europe’. Germany et al always intended to stronarm the rest of Europe. A big one is the EU attempting to force ‘member states’ to take the ‘migrants’ (invading muslime moochers) flooding out of Africa.

            • A lot of the migrants coming from Africa and the middle East are Christians -usually Coptic, Orthodox or Evangelical. Some are Muslim, and there are Jews too. Please -the situation is too serious for the usual ignorant media indoctrination to keep going unchallenged.

              The West was warned not to invade Libya by African leaders who feared exactly the result we are now witnessing. Likewise we backed the wrong side in Syria, and ignored the democratic wishes of the people in the Ukraine.

              The creation of a global plantation is now well underway. The architects of this plantation don’t care if you are black, white or green with purple spots so long as their boot is firmly implanted into your neck as you writhe on the floor. If you aren’t part of the 0.1% you ain’t getting in the elite club. I wish people would grasp this instead of continually pointing the finger at their fellow victims.

      5. As long as the “Judas Triangle” exist the human suffering will continue. Destroy the multi corporations worldwide and you’ll see the man kind can live in relative harmony with minimal conflicts.

      6. Manos,we hope you are doing well, wish you could give a first hand account…

        • Hey Eppe,hows life in the south lands?Things hopefully getting back to what passes for normal here though have to yet again attend another service for a friend tomorrow, the norns still seem hungry,getting a bit ridiculous.That said,found a new spot of fields that deer congregate,with high grasses practising low crawls towards em,with a slew of deer ticks picked up in the process!Working new e-mails ect.,will be in touch when complete.

          • War, chiggers been bad this year.
            Gonna be a hot summer…

            • Naw, they are little red bugs that get in your skin and itch like hell. Look them up…

              • Eppe: and everyone else:
                If you are lucky and never had those little BAST#$%@ eating on you, YOU are one luck person. They can really drive you NUTZ!!!!!
                I have property in South central Missouri and have been going on vacation there every since I way a kid, because that is where my Mother is from, I have been one of those UNLUCKLY one that has had then D@#$% eat me alive. ITCH SCRATCH ITCH AND ITCH SOME MORE!;-{
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • Cover a chigger with clear nail polish. they stop itching and die, no air. I get on the farm here.

                • NR, they are a pain. Short story…
                  In ’92 was in a huge deer club. One of my friends, got drunk, fell asleep in a recliner under a sweetgum tree. Kevin thought it would be funny to cut limbs off that sweetgum and place them OVER Johnny like a blanket. Well, as you guessed, Johnny woke up with hundreds of chigger bites. Pissed as hell, he did not do anything till 3 weeks later.
                  We went to a T&A bar, got back to camp, pouring rain, a true turd floater. Well, Kevin fell asleep first. Wrong move. Johnny found a pepper dispenser and proceded to pour pepper on Kevin’s moustache, each breath pepper went up his nose. After 5 minutes or so, he woke up screaming. Ran outside and blew black stuff out for a while.
                  And we were best friends till death, Johnny has been gone 18 months now, but memories, that is what life is about???

                  • Take a crap in the woods, you will get introduced in a hurry. They tend to attack the scrotum.

                • My grandmother would tie a kerosene soaked rag around our ankles when we went blackberry picking. Of course we wore knee high socks and jeans too. Hate those buggers.

                  • Purdue News

                    July 16, 2001
                    As chiggers get thicker it’s no time to snicker, entomologist says

                    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – How do you stop a chigger bite from itching?

                    “Amputation, sometimes,” humorist Calvin Trillin once said.

                    As gardeners head out to pick the fruits of their labors, and families head outdoors for a bit of relaxation, they may encounter the hard, red, infuriatingly itchy bites of the chigger.

                    But Tim Gibb, extension diagnostic entomologist at Purdue University, says you can prevent chigger bites if you know more about them, and chiggers are interesting creatures in their own right.

                    Although chiggers are best known as a summer pest, they are actually active from spring through fall. “But it is in the summer months that people are out in their gardens or camping and hiking when they seem to get noticed the most,” Gibb says.

                    This year is normal in terms of chigger populations, but Gibb says that when people call his office to talk about chiggers, they insist he’s wrong.

                    “Anytime someone gets covered with bites, and begins to itch, that year is worst they’ve ever seen,” he says. “And whatever month they get them becomes the peak time of the year.”

                    One reason chiggers are thought of as summer pests is that many people are exposed to chiggers while picking fruit, especially raspberries and wild blackberries. “There’s just something about blackberry habitats that chiggers love,” Gibb says.

                    Chiggers use the blackberry canes, grass and other plants as diving boards to hop onto a passing meal.

                    “They crawl up to the highest point on a plant and wait for an animal or person to walk by,” Gibb says. “Then they fall onto a person, usually landing on the shoes or lower pantlegs, and then begin crawling up the body looking for a place to bite.”

                    Gibb says people can prevent bites by avoiding walking through tall grasses or shrubs, and staying on paths.

                    “A lot of chiggers fall on the shoes and pantlegs, so if you’re going to use repellents I’d concentrate on that area,” Gibb says. “You should tuck your pants into your socks, and then spray repellent on that area. It’s always best to avoid putting insect repellent on bare skin.”

                    If the bites are severe enough, physicians can prescribe anti-itch creams to ease the suffering.

                    “Scratching the bite can cause it to become infected,” Gibb says. “Just keep it clean, and avoid scratching it, and in a couple of days it’ll go away. In the meantime, enjoy the blackberry cobbler – it may keep your mind off the itching.”

                    Here are a few facts about chiggers that you can share with your family as you sit scratching, which might annoy them enough to help them momentarily forget about their own itch:

                    • Chiggers aren’t insects, but arachnids, just like spiders and scorpions. They are a type of mite related to ticks. “Chiggers is a common name we give to the larvae of several species of mite,” Gibb says.

                    • Sometimes tiny red mites are seen, especially on light-colored concrete. These are adult chiggers, which don’t bite people, but instead feed on insect eggs and other insects. The chigger larvae are much smaller than the adults– half a dozen of them could fit on the period at the end of this sentence. Chigger larvae can scarcely be been seen without a magnifying glass.

                    • Although adult chiggers have eight legs, when they are in their biting larval stage they have just six. And unlike ticks, chiggers don’t carry Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

                    • Chiggers aren’t really good at biting, and can bite only thin skin, which is why they bite children or women more than men. They like to bite in soft, light and moist areas of the body where the sun and weather haven’t made the skin tough and dry. These are places where chiggers are least welcome.

                    • Chiggers don’t burrow into the skin. Instead they pierce a skin cell with their mouths. Their saliva contains an enzyme that causes the skin cell wall to liquefy. The body’s immune system reacts to the foreign enzyme resulting in a hard, red wall at the spot of the bite. The chigger capitalizes on this – it uses this round wall, which is called a stylostome, as a straw. After the chigger has had its fluid meal, it drops off.

                    • In medical terms, these hard, red welts are called papules. A bite will begin itching three to six hours after a chigger has bitten the skin. “At that time, the chigger is long gone,” Gibb says. “By the time you begin to itch, it’s too late to prevent the chigger from biting.”

                    The bite will develop a red circle, or welt, within 10 to 16 hours, and will continue to itch for up to two days or more, depending on the individual’s reaction. For someone with dozens of bites, this is truly an unpleasant experience.

                    “If you absolutely must call in sick to work because of chigger bites, tell the boss that you have been diagnosed with arachnid papules,” Gibb suggests, tongue-in-cheek. “That is going to sound much worse than saying you have a bunch of chigger bites.”

                    • Because chiggers cannot hold on well, they are easy to remove. Taking a shower with plenty of sudsy soap will remove them. “They don’t hang on people very well because we don’t have fur. To keep from falling off, they have to get in areas where clothing fits tight, like the tops of socks, the groin area, at the waistband, or in the armpits where shirt sleeves fit tightly,” Gibb says.

                    “So if you want to avoid chigger bites while picking raspberries, doing it naked may help,” he jokes.

                    • People often see a red dot in the middle of a chigger bite, and assume that the chigger has burrowed into the skin. However, that red dot is actually the stylostome. “There are mites, such as the scabies mite, that burrow into the skin, but the chigger doesn’t,” Gibb says. “People sometimes resort to strange chigger remedies such as coating their bites with Vaseline or nail polish in an effort to suffocate the chigger. In fact, by the time the bite begins itching, the chigger has long since dropped off. You can’t kill something that’s not there. The itch is simply our bodies’ reaction to the bite.”

                    • Sometimes the bite forms a white cap, which is the top of the stylostome. Scratching this cap off often causes a drop or two of the liquid inside the bite to ooze out. Scratching the cap off also can result in an infection.

                    • Chiggers tend to localize in small areas, which means that after a picnic, one person can be covered with bites and another, who was in a different spot, may hardly have any bites at all.

                    Finally, although the word chigger sounds funny and is easy to rhyme, Purdue’s Tom Turpin, an entomologist and humorist who teaches a course on insects and literature, says to his knowledge, no one has yet penned a poem about the chigger.

                    He says, however, there is one little limerick written years ago by entomologist H.B. Hungerford:

                    The thing called a chigger,
                    is really no bigger,
                    than the smaller end of a pin,
                    but the bump that it raises,
                    just itches like blazes,
                    and that’s where the rub sets in.

                    For more information about chiggers, the Purdue Extension publication, “Chiggers and Their Control,” is available online, or at Purdue Cooperative Extension county offices throughout Indiana.

                    Sources: Tim Gibb, (765) 494-4570; [email protected]

                    Tom Turpin, (765) 494-4568; [email protected]

                    Writer: Steve Tally, (765) 494-9809; [email protected]

                    Purdue Ag Communications: (765) 494-2722; Beth Forbes, Ag News Coordinator, [email protected];

                    Purdue News Service: (765) 494-2096; [email protected]

                • Walmart carries Chigger-ex. I swear by it. Just keep it away from the jim-bobs or your hoo-ha.

              • I feel for you guys, we dont have any of those bugs here, the deer are super clean too,,,
                Once in a while youll get common ticks on pigs but only in certain areas, around our AO they are clean,,,

                • Kula,we in northeast have the infamous deer tick.Though the disease named after Lyme Ct. the Vineyard where me mum lives has the largest concentration of deer ticks/disease in the country.Everyone had Doxicycline,you get bit you just pop a couple like Halloween candy to stem any infection risk.We always laughed a bit about Lyme,reason being some of the symptoms lethargy/depression,we always wondered how would we know we had it then!

        • eppe

          Here’s a first hand account from the man himself…sent to me earlier this week…

          “good morning. Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is certain: the plain people will get screwed once more. There are so many things i could say to explain how we get into this.
          It doesn’t matter anymore. The unfortunate thing is that people believe that Greece is the reason for the planetary financial collapse. As of course people believe that all Germans are Nazis, all Americans are killing innocent muslims, all muslims are cold blooded murderers and all British are gay. Of course there clever people like you and Carol, who can distinguish the truth behind the words. Don’t worry about us. We’re fine. We have food and water for the first month of the breakdown, and then i have my brain and my dear wife and daughter. Just take care of the family. That’s the only thing to matter. We will be in touch my very dear John.”

          Yes manos and I communicate at least every week…


      7. I would like to Greece flip the EU the bird! Just like Iceland did.
        It won’t be long until the whole thing comes down.
        Just look at China Down another 13% this week.
        They keep printing money here and tell us its going to be OK. No this I have to call B.S. We all know what is going to happen so keep prepping!

      8. Expecting governments not to engage in legalized counterfeiting, aka “monetary policy”, is like expecting car thieves not to steal your new Lexus parked on the street with the keys in the ignition.

        When will people wake up to the fact that government is nothing more than legalized criminality?

        We don’t need legalized criminality. Therefore we don’t “need” government.

      9. Keep prepping,well of course,what else we gonna do,have a prep yard sale?!

        • Warchild:
          That is not a bad Idea!;-} Sell off the old stuff and buy all new stuff. Plus it will help the economy and the prepper outfits stay in business a little longer. Plus all the extra new goodies we could play with. It would be like, being a kid in a candy store.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      10. this is not a new problem… this is 2000 year old zionist usury at it’s finest since the times of the real jesus christ.

        he who controls the debt controls the country

        this is what happens when your governments narcissistic greed driver political prostitutes give a foreign zionist central bank control of your country’s treasury and fiat currency.

        just as greece, so too eventually all of europe, then Zog Amerika.

        it’s a controlled collapse by ecb design!

        zionist central bank control of all things via debt.

        there is no escape!

        • 1 It isn’t a “Zionist” thing.

          2 No one forces you, whether an individual or a nation, to borrow from them. You do it because you are unwilling to produce as much as you want to consume and see it as a way of consuming more than you work for without considering the consequences.

          3 Conduct your life by whatever standards and beliefs you choose, but if you look at it and find yourself unhappy about how it is going at least recognize it was your own choices and decisions that made it that way, it’s not someone else’s fault.

          • “No one forces you, whether an individual or a nation, to borrow from them. ”

            The problem isn’t ME borrowing from them; it’s the fact that everyone else does.

        • Every 5 minutes, another Jew baiter post. Why don’t you guys start your own site. or something. Leave the rest of us to have a full discussion on something besides your one track idiocy that you think everyone want to read about.

          • Hear, hear… Bravo… We don’t need no stinkin’ baiters.

          • ANONYMOUS: Full discussion?, as opposed to a one track idiocy? Please confirm your Jewishness, I know that many of my countrymen are conditioned to believe in the legitimacy of “holy” Israel but surely they can’t be totally stupid!!!

            • aurelius, one track idiocy is your undisputed realm. Nobody needs to see your swastika armband to know your a full tilt Nazi, you ” confirm” it every time you open your mouth.

              • A.J. you are a fool. Aurelius is correct in mentioning the role that Jews play. Why don’t you harp on whatever favorite thing you like to harp on and let the man have his say. Stop getting your panties in a twist about such things. Stop trying to censor people.

                Yes, Hitler WAS right about a lot of things. If you haven’t read Mein Kampf, or know any of the true facts of WW2, you have no business judging anyone.

                • Nathan,

                  I also don’t have a Nazi flag, sing the horst wessel song, or a picture of hitler to salute every day. No, you’re right, I’ve never read mein kampf, I refuse to even use upper case letters to spell it. If it ever gets to the point where I start taking the ravings of mass murdering lunatics as logical, It will be a sure sign I’m suffering from mental illness, of course, something the true believers never get. You know, I’m really curious about how you hold yourself out as a good Christian, sourcing Jehovah’s Witness and such, and then turning around and praising an obvious psychopath like hitler. And you say ” I’m a fool”, that’s rich, coming from someone who’s obviously a wee bit confused in his own mind. And by the way, what gives YOU the right to judge ME? Because you follow Nazi beliefs?

      11. I’ve been hearing about how the Greeks are on the brink of a European devastating crisis for so long that I no longer pay attention to them.

        Every dire straits emergency warning of impending catastrophic doom has been met by a last minute capitulation by someone so that it doesn’t happen, why is it any different this time?

      12. May the criminals (er,,, Bankers) find their window latches well greased. Look out below!

      13. “Socialism (lit “gouvernement” in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”

        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        • the (law) by bastiat was my favorite

      14. The Marxists, Maoists and Che supporters in the Tsipras govt vs. the EU banksters. Pretty much Hitler vs. Stalin in 1941. Hope they both lose.

        Basically today’s EU is a vindication of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, where Germany not only rules, but National Socialism (fascism is the merger of the socialist state with big crony, co-opted business) reigns supreme. The only variation is that there is no Aryan super race… though give it enough years when the Muslims take over Europe, maybe they will announce themselves as the super race.

      15. Snyder is a carnival clown possessed of endless doomsday theories frequently parsed into ridiculous lists. I would invite him to offer a single prediction that proved to be factually sustainable. He will be unable to do so. His fiction can’t clear the lowest fact bar. There seems to be an increasing number of readers on this site who are objecting to the distortions touted as fact by the assorted would-be fortune tellers. Prior to his self-appointed position: Dean of Doomsday Porn Snyder was a lackluster attorney. Come forward Snyder and offer up just one of your loony tunes predictions that was able to bear the subsequent burden of objective fact.

        • Ummm… then don’t read him, Alphonse. Most of us are not reading him like Nostradamus. Rather, just to get a high level take on possibilities. Same with Celente. I read him a lot, but yes, he has definitely made some semi-predictions that were just wrong. Nevertheless, their observations are just food for thought, where one can put into the “hopper” for consideration

          I’m sorry you can’t take his writing in that vein.

          Next question.

      16. Perhaps TPTB will launch more wars based on lies ands blame the eventual collapse on the bad guys. When the first Gulf War, codenamed Operation Desert Shield was forged under George H.W. Bush and Cheney as Secretary of Defense that was lied into existence on 8-2-90 stating that the Iraqi’s had amassed up to 250,000 troops and 1,500 tanks on Saudi Arabia’s border threatening to attack the oil rich U.S. good buddy, the Western mainstream media went into liars mode. One U.S. press reporter, Jean Heller of the St. Peterburg Times questioned this assertion. Cheney said “trust us”. She then obtained two satellite images of the area taken at the exact same time that American intelligence supposedly found Saddam’s huge and menacing army, but found nothing there but empty desert. Even the American death toll was a lie, stating that 148 U.S. soldiers were killed. in 2007 the VA was forced to release documents showing that the real death toll of Americans in this war was over 73,000, more troops dead in this war than the entire Vietnam war. This sounds like a very high number of deaths for the initial war that lasted seven months. Official liars lie with impunity. This is my summation of an article I read on

      17. Well almost to the mississip with my son and another load of stuff. In Knoxville we pulled off for a bite to find that my new trailer tire had blown 2/3 rd of the tread. Was still inflated, so we pulled into the truck stop. He called his dad, and his dad had him going round the world, so mom taught him how to change a tire. Dad was a mechanic and the problem was packed in all the stuff in the trailer was his mechanics jack, etc, etc. he wants mike to unpack half the trailer rather than get the truck jack from under the seat. We’ve had a lot of good discussion about politics, the economy, and this race bullshit. Especially since he’s moving to the Sip now. Entitlement and lazy ass attitudes know no racial boundaries. Yes culture is a huge influence I will not deny that, we discussed that too. I’ve got a great son with a good head on his shoulders.

        In late 2013, we were hearing lots of stories that seemed to be pointing to an eminent event to cause, or be blamed for the big collapse. At that time I felt that if something happened it would be 2015. I still feel that to be the case. Since I’ve opened my eyes to what is going on in this world, God continues to lead me on a path that will offer me some independence and self reliance in an area surrounded by neighbors who protect one another. To steal another members line (borrow really) pray plan prep and form teams…..

        • What did Spock find in the men’s room after Kirk neglected to flush?

          Captian’s log.

      18. Off topic, just got off a small private plane, took a ride from someone going to Dallas from San Antonio, looked down and saw lots of fires. In different locations. Asked the pilot what that was? He said it was Satanic worshippers getting ready to sacrifice and do their rituals for the summer solstice. That took me by surprise. I noticed that area around Waco was lit up pretty good all over the place. was told that some Germans live all around that area and they are involved in some dirty nefarious type activity, and they are related to Germans who came running away after Hitler fell. Makes sense now why the pigs in Waco are so heavy handed on the citizens, especially those who proclaim Christianity.

      19. So, Dylan Roof was which one of your resident racists? His writing sounds a lot like Pissed off Granny and her ilk. Seeing the utter nonsense in some of what appears above, I think I’ll stop even the occasional visit.

        • Good, AMF.

        • There’s a whole bunch of PO Granny types here – Nazis, racists, Jew baiters, ad nauseam. Now, there IS a disproportionate number of left wing, NY, Ivy League Jews in positions of power, it is true. However, they conflate a subset with the whole. Worse, every single story, every single day, is Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews. No one wants to stop their free speech; rather, I just wish they would stop assuming eveyone wants to read about their monomania every day, every five minutes. Most of us are also quite aware the Nazis were National *Socialists*, and find their support of fascism disgusting.

          But no matter. These types are like a leech that gloms onto something, and won’t ever let go. I try to avoid most of what they write now – I used to read everything, out of intellectual honesty, but that is a two way street, and these Jew baiters don’t seem to have that. Again, there IS an issue with a preponderance NY, leftist, Ivy League, neo-con (certainly not conservative!) Jews, ALONG with other leftists, Muslim Brotherhooders, secular humanists (e.g. Rockefeller, Brzinski, the Clintons, etc.) that are all part of this greater cabal, so they miss the forest for what is admittedly a pernicious tree.

          I am not advocating stopping free speech (which is what they will whine about); I *am* advocating stopping repetitive, monomaniacal speech that wastes everyone’s time. But yes, I have stopped reading their incessant posts. I have tried to read everyone here in the past, but this is just getting to bee too much. The other day I cited conservative Jews that would agree with most of the posters here (e.g., Dr Fred Schwarz, founder of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade and a Messianic Jew, or Dr. Marvin Olasky, etc etc.) One of the Jew baiters here (John Q) then cherry picked a couple that partially proved a point, then studiously ignored those two above, and others. Proving my point – intellectual dishonesty and serious issue with category mistakes.

          In sum, I probably won’t reply to your protestations, Jew baiters, as I won’t be reading them. As noted, there are some concerns here that require further investigation and dialogue, but we don’t seem to get that from the Jew baiters here. I am very, very tired of their intellectual dishonesty, and their inability to do anything other than listen to them start and end their day with “I hate Jews” – and then fill every waking moment in between with the same sentiment, and annoying everyone else around them with their monomania.

          • TL;DR

        • Sigi…. Don’t bother with occasional visit. Just go away.

          • Stolz you Nazi lovin’ JEW hatin’ bore… Why don’t you take a hike? You’re SO friggin’ dull… Enough already you tedious dullard.

      20. Greece should do an Iceland but i think someone might be fixing the dice, playing with the deck of cards.

        Who’s to say that the IMF and Greece are working as a team to make it look like no deal will be done so that everyone shorts greece but then at the last second a few people strike a deal so the banker buddy frinds of the IMF (Jewish Zinonist) all hit the jack-pot and slip Greece a few billion euro’s as part of the deal.

        Big up’s and downs is needed for big pay days and we all know these bankers fix markets so who’s to say that i am wrong.

      21. Gun violence and more gun violence the GUN GRAB is going into high gear now. Take the guns away from white’s (vast majority is black on black but just the white’s need be disarmed though). I’ll say the G G will start in AUG. big time till then look out. If I’m a racists so be then, I call them the way I see them. One of the many false flags coming will be gun related (a major public event shot all to HELL, many will be killed and wounded old and young) just keep your eyes open at what is going on around you ALWAYS!!

      22. Iceland is the model: they showed you can draw a line in the sand with the bankers, that you can jail them, and you can bounce back to prosperity by getting their debt monkey off your back. Greece needs to follow Iceland. Preserve the social system and your values, jail bankers, and introduce your own currency and work your way back to prosperity.

        • Iceland imposed serious capital controls on its economy.

          Greece -the people- are resisting capital controls with everything they’ve got. That’s the issue there.

          Notice the protests of “austerity” in Europe and wonder what austerity really is?

          Austerity is getting rid of all the government freebies that have been financed by borrowing that will eventually collapse any economy and any nation.

          If you’re unwilling to do without unless or until you produce it you will borrow and borrow and borrow till it kills you to get it anyway. There is no need to jail bankers, just don’t do business with them, don’t borrow their money to finance your life, its your choice one way or the other.

        • Iceland and Greece are not the same.

          Icelanders work hard, they produce more than they consume, and they pay their taxes. The problem in Iceland was outsider banks coming in to take advantage of some favorable laws, and after they failed they demanded that the Icelandic government bail them out. Icelanders, who not so long ago defeated the British in what was known as the “Cod Wars”, told the outsider bankers to get stuffed, and let them fail.

          Greeks generally don’t work at all if the can get away with it, they consume FAR more than they produce, and they have made tax evasion a national sport. In Greece the national government is the biggest bad debtor of them all, whereas in Iceland the government hadn’t borrowed anything from these foreign banks.

          • I agree: Greece was already in an advanced state of degeneracy and corruption before the crisis. The Greeks need to get a work ethic and turn their country around. They could be a gateway to Africa and use this as a way to generate wealth. They could learn much from Iceland.

            • It occurs to me that, Greece being one of the playgrounds of the Mediterranean mega-rich, have had a terrible example placed before them. They’ve watched for decades how the rich would lay about in the sun, while somebody else wrote the checks to pay the bills, and came to believe that that’s how life should be lived.

              Time to revive sumptuary laws, eh?

              • Good point: Icelanders have been surrounded by fish, cold weather and wind and rain. That sort of makes you work hard to become comfortable. The Greeks were poor and lazy before the EU and then become rich and lazy with the EU. But they never made any effort to modernize their economy and society so that they could pay their way. This has led to where we are now: all the Greeks know is to use leftwing rhetoric to extort money and favors from others. They will huff and puff that it is about being against austerity and fighting for world socialism but really all they are fighting for is the ability to make 60,000 Euros a year tax free, and retire at 50 on 50,000 Euros a year while contributing to the world poor quality olive oil and Nana Mouskouri.

      23. In Iowa, Father’s don’t have Rights. I’ll just sit here today, think about the Gov’t who killed my dad, and the Woman allowed to kidnap my daughter.

        Tic toc tic toc…

        • Only gays, radical feminists, illegal aliens and Muslims have rights today; everyone else go to the end of the line.

          Make that: If you aren’t in the above group, you are not ALLOWED to get in line at all.

          • TEST. You speak the truth.

          • That’s a fascinating post for you to have made, mere seconds after delivering your 30 paragraph essay above about how wrong and stupid and hateful it is for somebody to blame Jews for anything. You hypocrite.

            Why do you think the Muslims have been portayed as enemies, fool? Who do you think did that?

      24. ” Mr Tsipras said in a defiant statement. “We cannot ignore this responsibility. This is not a matter of ideological stubbornness. This is about democracy.”

        “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” 
John Adams 2nd President of the United States

        I would say Greece is in the ‘exhaust’ stage seeing how they wasted all of their money resources already. When the people can’t get medical help of there is a lack of food available the last stage is inevitable.

        “Democracy is the road to socialism.”

        Karl Marx Co-author of the Communist Manifesto

        “The goal of socialism is communism.”
         Valadir Lenin Founder of the Russian Communist Party

        “The Republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”
        Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States

      25. There has been plenty of shootings the past couple of days. Charleston and Detroit. The President with his gun control speech. People doing stupid and crazy things and the road rage is on the climb. In some cases very aggressive.
        In the future as this long and hot summer approaches, you might want to review your plans. Fire fighting, home defense, first aid/medical and material readiness.
        On the high end preps such as EMP, riots and radioactive fallout should be reviewed.
        Learn about shielding and what you have available.

      26. If the Greece government “pulls he trigger ” and exits the EU- the impact on the CDS and Derivatives markets will be the stimulus for collapse of the ECB, and incidentally Germany’s largest bank, Deutchbank (sp?). That will ripple through to the Bank of England as well as the Big 5 banking institutions here in the USA.
        Spain and the other countries that are underwater to the IMF most likely will follow suit. And Spain would most likely fracture-there is one Provence in Spain pushing for secession and form their own Country.
        The implications for the Big 5 banks here in the USA and Wall Street? Most likely a speeding up of the train wreck the elites hadn’t counted on-these same elites that ousted one IMF leader to install another more pliable leader-are most likely feeling fear of loss of power, and we know what power mad leaders have done before to retain that power.
        I’d look for few more suicided banker types, along with their Wall Street counterparts-high rise parachute jumps (sans parachute) or home construction accidents involving the use of nail guns, power tools or the good old fashioned toaster in the bathtub experiment.
        Be well.

      27. One other thing (things) I should bring to the table of “theory “. In case there is a Grexit- watch for banking inspired “bail-ins” here in the USA. Couple with rate hikes (in this case taxes!) going up on electricity, natural gas, petroleum products. (Gas station fuel price hikes to offset the Federal tax hike).
        The poultry industry is already reeling from 20-25 million birds being slaughtered to either slow down or eradicate the avian virus that killed a few millions of chickens and turkeys on farms-the egg industry and other industries that use egg products will feel the crunch soon. And the consumer is already feeling it. But it will be much more pronounced later this summer. Figure the Grexit and other factors coming to a head within the next 2 to 3 months.
        Then, all the prepping and training will be paying for itself.

      28. This is least of our worries. I met with the scientist friend yesterday for a 5 hour meeting with my shtf team. I will wait till the right article gets posted, then I will comment on what is about to happen, Jade Helm 15, Etc..i know that everyone is waiting on what he had to say, and I know that the azz clowns are going to go on a rampage against me. It’s too late,now we are literally heading for one hell of a ride.. I ain’t watching the stock market. Nor am I concerned about the gold bullion from the federal Reserve, I am luckily if I am even in the reminding 3-5,000,000 of the shtf survivors. I will wait till until a doom and gloom article hits, so the hard core shtf-effers can comment and as for you Agency azz clowns, who will try to discredit me, this it so that all you want I am still going to let the people on the board know the truth. And as for you Agency pricks who showed up in me last Friday evening with me and my friends, yes you russian prick in the red dodge truck with your Chinese girlfriend, smoking the cigarette, yes you, you russian prick, typing away and texting along with your girlfriend and steering me down for 29 minutes. You think that my friend J……n didn’t notice you.

        I don’t recommend that you engage publicly because I will literally kick you azz.

        • The only problem you have is a total loss of sanity. Hopefully the same agencies that monitor these sites will have the exact same approach towards you as the other idiot who calls himself Iowa. Oh, and some remedial spelling lessons to take you up to at least the sixth grade level wouldn’t hurt either, but that would likely result in giving you headaches from the obvious fact that you’re not accustomed to using your head for anything other than a hat rack. And now, for your highly intelligent response of ” fuck you azzhat!”

          • Die in a fire, asshole.

      29. Greece,Ireland and a few others,had no business joining the EU. Standards to join were lowered because the EU wanted to show the world how unified they were

      30. See the new David Hodges and listen to Alex. This will answer a few questions. Yes they are running to the bunkers and hills and I know why they are running now. It also has something to do with that planet Nibiru. No wonder they just booated the blue bell is cream production..I guess they do t need and icecream shortage now so they. They do t call their country Greece for no reason, based on what’s coming, we need lots of lubrication from the economic azz reaming that awaits.

        • With respect, I think the Nibiru thing is bunk. There is a definitely a big disaster coming, but it won’t be a *natural* disaster.

      31. Perhaps DB is failing but you must understand there is plenty others, perhaps too much of them. Germany has a strong industrial sector, with a lot of production of various other goods. It cannot fall, too well organized system.
        But i do agree that Greece might start a chain reaction, making the exits of Spain and perhaps Italy, which is at the moment quite weak.

        People here are ready for Grexit.

      32. With respect, Greece doesn’t have much of any production nor do they have a good working habits.

        The other side of this whole story is that ECB don’t want to loose so much money for nothing. Which consequently can lead to melt down of stock market and downfall of financial sectors in Europe, which will affect US markets too. Don’t be fooled same thing can happen to us from your side ( US ). EU situation is at this moment very volatile.

      33. I haven’t posted yet and look Att eh reponse of Mr john barleycorn..its obvious folks, they are concerned about the things that I am taking about, because it’s real.

      34. What has changed in these negoiations since Friday??
        ONLY that the President of Greece has had non stop talks with Russia!! However, Russia’s help WILL NOT be FREE!!
        Plus China has Russia’s back!!
        Possible Russia trade their help for Europe lifting their sauctions without US permission??

        Money talks BS walks!! Remember Merkel has better relations with with Putin than Obumer has!! This could have been arranged months ago when Merkel went to Russia and arranged a stand down between US and Russia to avert a confrontation over Ukraine!! While in public Merkel stands as a hard liner against giving Greece any breaks!!!
        All these flames being delt with are just a little TOO Close together!!!
        If Russia plays this right then they have built a very important alliance around the eastern end of the Metateranean, Syria, Egpt, now Greece!!

        Europe doesn’t want a war. Remember Britin, France, Germany and Italy have joined the Asian Infrasture Investment Bank as Founding Members. Much to the dismay of the US and IMF!!!

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