Graphic Video: The Only Proof You Need That Guns Save Lives: “I Did The Right Thing”

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Headline News | 225 comments

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    What would you do if you were minding your own business in the comfort of your own home and a machete-wielding maniac started kicking in your door?

    If you don’t have a firearm you’d likely panic, pick up the phone, and hope that 9-1-1 can get a police officer to your house in the next 15 seconds.

    If you are an armed homeowner, however, you’ve not only given yourself a fighting chance, but you have the distinct advantage of being on your own turf and capable of dispatching the threat with near instantaneous results.

    This is exactly the scenario James Cvengros was presented with recently when his insane neighbor Twain Thomas started screaming and becoming violent in the hallway of the apartment building in which Cvengros lives. Cvengros turned on a camera and pointed it at his front door just in case. As you’ll see in the video below, Thomas can be heard causing quite a ruckus outside, prompting Cvengros to take a look. He quickly closed and locked his door and waited.

    Sure enough, a few seconds later Twain Thomas’ foot can be seen coming through his front door, at which point Cvengros warns that he has a gun. The would-be attacker, with machete in hand, would not be deterred.

    As he comes through the door Cvengros discharges three bullets into Thomas’ chest.

    Cvengros: “I didn’t want to do that… You were gonna kill me”

    Thomas: “You’re right, I was”

    Cvengros: “Well then I did the right thing”

    In the aftermath of the shooting Twain Thomas can be heard gurgling and writhing in pain. A fitting result for someone who intended to do harm to the two innocent people who were doing nothing more than spending an evening at home.

    Had there been no firearm in this home things could have gone a totally different direction and it’s quite possible the Cvengros, his wife, as well as Thomas’ partner with whom he was arguing could all be dead.

    In the right hands, guns save lives. They are the great equalizer.

    No further evidence is necessary.

    Update: Twain Thomas survived his wounds and has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, aggravated battery and aggravated burglary.

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      1. Get training, keep training… set your metrics of skill, and improve beyond that skill set..

        • And for today’s biggest load of hogwash!

          “Measles “is a disease that has been beaten by modern medicine. That makes it all the more frustrating that anti-science stubbornness has proven, in the case of the Disneyland-related measles, that when it comes to contagious diseases, it’s a small world after all,” the Los Angeles Times said in an editorial last week.”

          • This story follows a similar pattern found monthly in the NRA magazines. The Armed Citizen column recounts stories of people who used firearms to protect themselves from criminals. For years, the vast majority of these articles end like this video with a wounded perp. Why is it if someone believes their life is truly in danger they don’t shoot and kill the perp? Why is the perp allowed to live? Why let a perp have the chance to threaten others? Why let the perp and some slimy, scumbag lawyer have the opportunity to sue the victim? Why burden the taxpayers with the cost of incarceration?

            • Perp??

              Disarm all cops, only free men shall be armed!

              • uh yeah perp. a in perpetrator. as in the murdering criminal who came through his door. what does this have to do with cops..??

                Good guy shoots bad guy, story ends

            • Because, Muddy, when the cops show up if you tell them “I feared for my life and shot this intruder” no problem. Telling an agent of the state you just tried to kill someone is never a good idea.

          • Is “Disneyland” the new code word for
            outbreaks caused by illegal immigrants?

        • and get better locks and doors…

          seriously, was that door made of damp cardboard or what? ^^

          • “You can get much futher with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.”

            Al Capone

            • “All of God’s chilluns carry firearms”….
              Excerpt from R. Lance Fullers’s novel (Evil That Men Do).

          • definitely a paper/cardboard door…

            the whole video seems a setup to me..

            I’ll go back to heirloom seed ordering now..

            Spring is here in another 8-10 weeks and it’s time to start the seedlings…any suggestions on cheap heat mats for seed starting?

            Been checking out inexpensive heating pads in lieu of the more expensive gardening types..

            thanks in advance


            • In another 8-10 weeks you say??

              Spring has been here in the Midwest all winter long….well just about.

              We are so sick of this shit dreary weather. Kids and I are bummed and somewhat ticked about it.

              We want lots and lots of snow and temps in the 20’s. We love to play in a winter wonderland. And this kind of weather is NOT good in the long run for multiple reasons.

              • Hey it got into the 20’s here today and maybe even hit 30. Lots of good snow, going skiing tomorrow at Grand Targhee. Hopefully we don’t break anything.

                • Don’t rub it in 🙂

                  I have never snow skied before.

                  A friend from here who lives in Northern Idaho sent me pics yesterday, and while the sky was hazy, the snow was absolutely beautiful.

                  I keep waiting for the National Lab to post just the right job for me, but still that would leave us in the Idaho Falls area……8 hours drive from where we want to be.

                  • Idaho Falls isn’t that far from Jackson Hole or Targhee ski areas, but the rest of SE Idaho kind of sucks. High winds, snow drifts, and lots of desert, meanwhile the smog just keeps blowing in from the west and settles in.
                    N. Idaho is beautiful,lots of lakes and wet snow, getting way more crowded than when I grew up there 40+ yrs ago. but so many trees you may get claustrophobic.

            • Did you cross check the story on other news outlets or just ASSume?

          • Nope, unless you have a fire proof or metal door they are all that way. Worse yet, even most of the good doors, the jams are just pine. Unless you have metal door and jam with a steel dead lock they a really easy to kick in, ask any cop or fireman

          • I open carry when in my house, concealed when outside my house or vehicle. Inside I have the choice of 9mm, 12g 00 Buck, or 5.56 Green tips. Pick your poison Dirtbag. You want to see what is behind door #1 ??? This video pretty much destroys Bloomberd shill Anti-Gun Rant.

            • @WWTI; If you live in an apartment or a small home you might want to think about high brass #4s (not #4 buck) instead of 00 buck. Can you imagine what 00 buck would do AFTER it went through that flimsy door or just drywall in a house. I wouldn’t use 5.56 at all, especially the GT, unless I lived rural and even then I would use the 12ga 00 buck. Keep your powder dry.

        • That sound was fantastic!!! He’s lucky that it was not a Larger Caliber or the Groans would not have lasted as Long!!!!

      2. Wow great article/video. Finally a true feel of what it would be like if you needed to shoot someone. You can hear the fear and adrenaline in the shooters voice. He did what he had to but he didnt want to. Great job!

        • Only thing I would add, and this is JMHO; he should of kept his mouth shut, he talked and said way too much. Especially as soon as, what I assume from audio only, the police show up. When cops are around, say not one thing, or you will pay for it….don’t talk to the devil!
          If it were me, and I can only imagine and hope, I hope I would try and get then person to accept Christ before his last breath….I know that sounds weird to care about A mans soul who’s body you just put bullets into….but once he/she is no longer a threat and could very well die, I think it is the right thing to do. Unless you are one of the evil ones to all of society, i.e. banker, politician or corp enforcement officer.

          The court proceedings could use that tape against him.

          • Yes he talked to much but his worst mistake was he should have shot one more time,

            • Dead intruders can not sue you, period.

              • @Enki; Well, that’s true…the dead INTRUDER can’t sue you, but his family can. Unless he is an only child orphan and not married, you will prolly be sued.

          • Trying to get him to “accept Christ” before you shot him might implicate you in a PREMEDITATED MURDER. A prosecutor can twist anything to suit his needs. Don’t bother.

            Forget trying to save HIS soul and worry about saving YOUR ass. JMO.

            • No, I said after shooting to defend your loved ones and self, but before LAST BREATH.

          • @BJ; Yep he should have.

      3. Better OUT LAW Machetes and Gas Cans and Baseball bats and hammers… etc. etc.

        Its a CRAZY world..This proves the point that it is not the “TOOL” that kills but the person behind the tool.

        HOW would this story have read if that apartment dweller had NOT had a GOOD WAY to defend himself?

        Personally I am guessing and from the sound it was a very small caliber weapon. Too small for my comfort.

        • Where are Feinstein and Boxer – shouldn’t they demanding a machete registry, machete permits, and a 15 day machete waiting period? Maybe machete training classes, mandated by law?

          Maybe they’re busy writing the National Machete Act – classifying machetes over 16 inches in length as Class III machetes, for which you’ll need a special expensive permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Machetes?

          But presumably, they are actually deciding how to somehow blame this whole incident on the firearm that saved the lives of the couple that was attacked.

          • AC, Feinstein and Boxer can go suck eggs.

            • I’d feel bad for the eggs.

              • yolks are on you!

            • What do you have against eggs?

            • Maverick, you misspelled “big donkey ______s.”

              • Oops. Braveheart.

          • Lemme guess. Twain Thomas works for the IRS?

          • The political demographic, that kept sending Boxer and Feinstein BACK to D.C. regularly carry and use machetes. Hence, the lack of morality(and integrity) in Feinstein and Boxer.However, since neither Feinstein or Boxer consider themselves members of the masses, both are free to arm themselves as well as their protective details. And yes, BOTH have California concealed weapons permits, issued by their respective “official” counties of residence. In addition, we should check to see if either have requested the “Special Deputy” US Marshal designation, (which many Federal politicians have) which allows them to carry concealed in any US jurisdiction.

            • @TPS; They would have to be “designated” by the AG as being “deputizable” as they don’t fit into any of the other categories authorized by 28 USC 561(d). Wouldn’t that be the definition of not knowing whether to shit or go blind? An anti-gun, Democrat AG, being asked by an anti-gun Democrat Senator, for PERMISSION to have a gun anywhere they want. So many conflicts at so many different levels. That’s almost hilarious. Like your own hand wanting to choke you to death. Ha.

        • At least 4 Chengguan, the most hated police-inspectors in China, were beaten to death by angry people in Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, after they killed a man with a hammer. The police hit the man with a hammer because he was trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor. Thousands of angry people surrounded the police-inspectors in their van, attacked them with stones, bats, and beat them to death. People shouted “Kill them!

          Jan, 2015: These police-inspectors are notoriously violent, are rarely investigated or punished for their crimes, and are terrorizing people making a living. The Chengguan, which are a special combination between regular police and state inspectors, are called “violent government thugs” in China, thousands of them are on the state payroll. In July 2013, they beat to death a man and almost killed his wife, for trying to sell watermelon they had grown on their land.

          • Tonto

            Do you have any idea what was the government response?

          • Coming soon to a town near you…

        • even if it was a small caliber, the user probably bought it in mind for protection and not killing someone(he doesn’t sound like a killer at least)…it’s easy to end a violent confrontation with just an injury/immobilization.

          3 in the chest without protection from a small caliber…it can still kill someone sure, but if it doesn’t, there’s no way they’re getting up and chasing you after that(especially at close range).

          • But they can sit on a stand a few feet from a judge in front of a jury and talk. I hope this guy has good credit, because the lawdog fees will be high enough that this apartment dweller is going to need a bank loan.

            If this video is real and not a farse.

      4. Good job young man!! Well done!

        • The landlord shouldn’t charge Cvengros any more rent for living in the apartment. The landlord should also replace the old door with something that has a solid, heavier core.
          Yes, it was a good shoot. Made my day.

          • What kind of cheap ass door did that landlord use. Court cases have found landlords liable for NOT using a solid core door for any and all exterior doors.

            One of the first security preps I made was to replace all locks with top of the line High Security dead bolt locks. I replaced three interior doors with solid core doors and put high security locks on them.

            It’s very hard to keep a determined intruder out of your home, consequently, the main goal is to buy as much time you can to implement your response.

            • Koodo’s to the citizen defending his family! As for the door;
              that was the garden variety interior door. also know as hollow-core for obvious reasons. Not designed to stop motivated nut-jobs, more like keeping the 6 Y/O out of your bathroom.
              I would be very interested in caliber, bullet type and shot placement if anyone has CREDIBLE knowledge. Anyone can guess, as can I. What’s the real story behind that as I think if it were MY family’s door he was crashing, I’d prefer something with a bit more….”effect”. Thanks

        • Iowa, I would still engage in self-defense REGARDLESS of what anyone’s law says.

          • Ditto.

          • Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

          • Always best to have only one story about what went down

          • Common law outranks color of law, which is what all of you are talking about. The color of law worshipers (government, politicians, sheople, courts and police) can all kiss my butt! Common law is law. Color of law is bullshit. Its why they call it law on the street but call it “code” or “statutes” in court. Word magic is the process by which they attempt to change color of law into real law by abbreviating it. If its law, call it law. If its not, its called bullshit.

            Every (wo)man has the right to defend H[(er)|(im)]self. Often you must be sure and clearly claim this. Like Salinas vs. Texas – If you don’t claim it, you don’t have it.

            Don’t let fake color of law statutes and bullshit codes hold you hostage. Real law is real law.

            • NetRanger, excellent post. I don’t follow any restrictions concerning self-defense anyway. Our rights come from God, NOT from any manmade government.

              • You got that right RBH 😉

                • BJ, I don’t care what anyone else does for themselves, as long as it’s their decision and not someone else’s. I refuse to play the game THEIR WAY, if you get my drift. I refuse to follow any policy that could leave me 100% vulnerable to the animals out there. I use my own discretion, but that’s just me.

              • there’s no difference between man-made government and MAN-MADE religion…

                your “god” and anyone else’s is a fabrication of man.

                if there is a “god”, i doubt it’s anywhere close to what man’s envisioned.

                hell, not long ago people actually thought the world was flat, and some still choose to believe this world was created less than 10,000 years ago and that everything revolved around it…and many other countless “facts” that are proven wrong with time…yet the religious still claim to have all the right answers? how stupid can ya be? really…

            • @NetRanger

              By chance do you listen to J.P. Riggins , I only ask because your post sounded familiar, he was discussing same things yesterday?

            • Part 1 color of law
              @NR; Color of law is a deceptive term. Police authority is done under color of law, right or wrong. Color of law is neither good nor bad, legal nor illegal. If a cop arrests you, legally, on a bench warrant for unpaid traffic tickets, it’s under color of law. If a cop arrests you, without proper probable cause, it’s done under color of law. The “concept” of color of law has been around as long as the concept of common law, whether called that or not. Color of law is simply the “blanket” LEOs are covered in and is their authority (legal authority) to act and is a product of “common law”. That’s why the term exists. Color of law is ONLY illegal when the LEO does something illegal to another citizen. Typically it is a civil rights issue. e.g. Recently a man noticed another man going into a “box store” and saw a partially exposed holster. The man ran and tackled him to the ground, hollered “he’s got a gun” and another couple of guys helped him hold him down. Not color of law, the man isn’t a cop. However, the man tackled was a CCW carrier and has filed charges against the main man for assault, which I think is correct. Now had a LEO done this very same thing a couple of issues arise. It would be under color of law and is this a “carry state” where a lot of people carry. If this was NJ, and a cop (on or off duty) did this it wouldn’t even be an issue for the cop. That would be by “common law” in that state. Even though presumably they have concealed carry, they don’t issue many and it is unusual for people to carry. In a “shall issue” state, the tackling would be a violation (under color of law) of the mans civil rights. An officer would be guilty of an abuse of power issue/civil rights violation. And this would be resolve by the “common law” of that state.

            • Part 2 common law
              @NR; The easiest way to define common law is that it is the customary way the law is upheld. Its purpose is to maintain consistency (called stare decisis). That in the same or similar circumstances the same or similar results occur in the judicial system. The problem with common law, is that it exists in many different places and at diffing levels of authority, so it isn’t as consistent as the definition implies. Color of law is the domain that LEOs work under. Common law is the legal tradition that similar cases are dealt with in the judiciary in similar ways. They aren’t actually related, other than where the judiciary has had to rule on color of law abuses. Common law can vary by county, district court, appeals courts, state supreme courts, state versus federal, district through appeals, and the SCOTUS. Common law in a state appeals court that winds up in a federal court, may not be the same. But, the ranking court will render the decision. So, there is no “common” common law. That is a misconception. Common law doesn’t overrule or outrank “color of law” unless it is illegal. The hierarchy of the court system determines “whose” common law rules. AND, if your case is so unique and different, YOUR case will be the one that sets the precedent (called jurisprudence) for what common law will be. And in this case they WILL look at the statutes (code if you will) and determine case law on that basis and that basis alone. Hope this is useful information.

        • I live in New York the capital of Demo Craps.
          If this was to happen to me, I would be the dead one.
          God bless the Second Amendment .

          • One word…MOVE.

      5. Good shoot. Now for the big question, where the hell do they sell paper clad doors? I swear I could make a better door out of popcicle sticks and tape.

        • John, excellent point about that door. Must have come from Dollar General or someplace like that.

          • Personally, I think this was in the Dollar General reject batch!

            • NetRanger, LMAO. That makes it even worse.

        • John:
          I see what you are saying. That door look a little bit suspect didn’t it?
          Now for the young man protecting himself and other in the house he did the right thing. WELL DONE!

        • Probably a cheap apartment building where they use cheap hollow core doors, like you use for a closet, as the entry doors.

          • Saw this in another forum. The door was hastily replaced when the same guy kicked it in a few days earlier in another fit of rage. Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

            • …unless you can swing it faster than I can shoot and its longer than the range of my gun!

        • @john,
          I was thinking the same thing. My 6 year old could of broken through that door.


      6. The intruder would have taken (5) .40 cal hollow point rounds from my Glock, with the last (10) reserved for his friend/s….or for him, if he miracurously survived the first barrage. There will be NO survivors left to hire a scumbag atoyneee or loiya with which to attack me a second time. !!!!!!

        • make sure the new door is made of wood or steel, not cardboard…the owner of the apartment building is going to need to replace a boatload of doors.

          • 7 3/4

            A nut case breaking down that hollow door is a concern but a fire in an apartment complex is frightening with that little protection.

            Danger can come from many places.

          • He may also be liable for the attack, by placing an illegal hollow core door on an entryway, he gave the assailant another easy chance to get at the guy. If anything, a better door should’ve been put in.

        • Jeff, that POS would’ve taken a dose of 00 buck from my 12-ga. with some other shells reserved for his friends and anyone who tries to act against me over a legitimate act of self-defense would also get a dose.

          • I’ll bet you call your shotgun Bertha too 😉

            • BJ, I actually stopped that practice awhile back. Guess it was a bit much. I never go around looking for trouble, but if someone with bad intentions toward me force their way into my home, they are history.

              • Flying hot lead, right~!

        • Jeff, it is better not to have a specific number in your head. You shoot until they are no longer a threat. Ie. Shoot them to the ground.

          • Red Leader:
            Thats the way I was told to do it. Shoot until there is no threat. I don’t care if it is 1 round or 15 rounds.
            don’t stop until they are down. I do not beleive in OVER KILL. It is not a good idea to reload after he or it is down, but have extra rounds on hand.
            If you ever seen someone hoped up on drugs and what they can do even after a couple of round, it will suprize you. Ask anyone that seen action in Nam, and what little charlie could do even filled with holes…
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. Reb

            • Though as a poster earlier mentioned just make sure the sheriff only hears one version of the events.

            • @Northern Reb; What you say is technically correct, it comes down to that “tried by 12 rather than carried by 6” deal. People say that, UNTIL they’re sitting in front of the 12. I live in a state where “some people need killin” has actually been the statement the jury foreman gave to the judge…no shit. HOWEVER, there was a case in a major city, where two partners were in a dispute over a real estate business deal. One partner lost his ass and the other didn’t fair as bad. The disenchanted partner had been to the office of the other partner several times and caused quite a ruckus. Some time later the disenfranchised partner called the other and made nice nice and just wanted to stop by and visit. The other partner thought (rightly so) this a bit strange but acceded to the request. The losing partner came in, glad handed everyone and went into the office with the other partner. The suspicious partner went around and sat at his desk, where he had a .380 handgun ready to go where it couldn’t be seen. The other partner started talking and it was obvious that he was still pissed and the talk got angrier and angrier, and in the heat of the argument, the visiting partner furtively reaches into is suit jacket, in a classic “go for a gun” move. Behind the desk the other one grabs the .380 and shoots the one in front of the desk. He twitches and his arm jerks into his jacket again. The other partner sees this and shoots again. This happened 9 times. A famous gun writer and expert witness, Massad Ayoob testified on the surviving partners behalf. All for naught. The jury could not get over the nine shots, even though the other one had a gun where he was reaching. Every one, to a person, told the media that they would’ve found him not guilty if it weren’t for the 9 shots. I hope this is useful information.

        • I prefer .45 ACPs myself but the .40SW Glocks do have an advantage of being able to use 9mm with a drop-in conversion barrel and matching magazines for two guns in one. A G22 can be a 9mm with a 40-9 Lone Wolf barrel and G17 magazines, or even a .357 Sig. In a pinch, the 9mm will work in the .40 magazines too.

          • And the .357 Sig will also work in the G22 magazines.

      7. Arby, while I can agree anything more powerful than a .22 is better to have, even a .22LR WILL DO THE JOB IF IT’S ALL YOU HAVE. It really depends on your physical limitations. Heavy calibers are really hard to become accurate with due to the punishing recoil. It depends on what caliber you feel the most comfortable with and can handle the best. NOT everyone can handle a cannon. Anyway, KUDOS to the guy for successfully defending himself against the POS with the machete. He did what he had to do and I’ll back him up all the way.

        • Handled many types of handguns. Inside, outside, upsidedown and backwards. In all likelyhood, were this to happen to me, I’d grab whatever was closest. Might be my pocket gun (a Taurus TCP in .380acp). Might be one of my Rossi 972 revolvers in 357 Mag (I sleep with one, the other is under the cushion of my chair). It might be my bugout bag gun (a ruger Mark II that hangs on the side of my bugout bag.)

          I can also see this guy running, screaming from the apartment building with a only the handle of a machete protruding from his butt.

          The most important thing is really not the gun. Its what the gun brings you: confidence to do what you have to do. Don’t be intimidated by the waving of a sharp piece of steel any more or less than any other threat. A threat is a threat. You need to deal with it correctly or you can die. I believe this guy dealt with the situation with skill and prudence. The gun gave him an advantage, but, you don’t always need to have a gun to have an advantage. Do you remember what you’ve been told? Survivalists, one after another will tell you: your most fearsome weapon exists between your left ear and your right ear. Use it! Guns, no guns, doesn’t matter. Have the confidence to meet the threat, look it in the eye and the take it down with whatever you have. Bare hands, machete, gun, ball bat, chair leg, computer keyboard, whatever.

          Many see this guy with a gun and think he didn’t have to be strong or brave because he had a gun. You have to be brave to do what needs to be done. He had an advantage. What if he didn’t have the gun? Would he have cowered in the corner? I bet not! I bet he would have been equally effective with whatever the conditions chose for him. Why do I say this? Because, he had a gun! People who choose to take the responsibility for their own security seriously are not to be messed with. If you mess with them, they’ll mess your life up with a paperclip if their pistol isn’t available.

          Just what I’m saying: Don’t mess with people that take their own safety seriously. I’m sure he called 911 much like I would have.

          911: This is 911. What is your emergency?

          Me: This dirtbag that tried to kill me is leaking blood allover my carpet. Send an ambulance and the coroner to get his murderous butt out of here and then call Stanley Steemer before this carpet starts smelling like crap!

          911: I am sorry sir, but we do not have Stanley Steemer’s number.

          Me: Fine. Just send the ambulance and the coroner.

          Any way you look at it this guy and his gun did a great job.

          Oh, and one more thing: He shot three times and hit the guy three times? Uh, could we get *THIS* *GUY* to train the NYPD? The last time I knew, they shot 14 times at a guy that was brandishing a weapon in NYC. They never hit him once but they injured 9 other people (several seriously) before the guy was tackled and neutralized. They mentioned that it was a “45” and was very dangerous. I feel the need to mention that the ONLY people hurt were hurt by COP bullets. Sgt Dale, the bad seems to always overwhelm the good. Ugh! You have to be very frustrated with idiots like the NYPD.

      8. He’s lucky to get that camera set up, no question at all about his role in this.

        Wonder how much it costs to have a basic audio/video recording system to keep track of what happens in your home installed, on the cheap for those of us with little to spend?

        • A second hand video camera, a tape and adapter for it. All you have to do is hit the record button when you smell trouble.

      9. great report

        brave man to of stood his ground like that

        in some situations using a gun to defend your home from zombies might not be the best options

        especially if you want to keep a low opsec profile

        wasp spray with a range of 25ft is a option

        crossbow with a effective range of 50 yards

        bow with a effective range of 75 yards

        or a 5 foot hand spear and hand axe/ hammer combo, stick em’ with the spear pointy end in the stomach and hit as hard as you can in the head with the axe/ hammer when they close with you.

        food for thought…

        i also noticed lately not to many preppers talk about body shields.

        this seems to be missing from a lot of prepper websites and talk.

        a light ballistic shield should be incorporated into a preppers armory. it can be easily made with steel sheeting skinned and rimmed 3/4in plywood and kevlar shielding, maybe even add ceramic anti-rifle ballistic plates. attach a couple of strobe lights to the front face and it would definitely give you a huge advantage in a home breach defense scenario.

        a five foot stab spear or 2 foot stabbing short sword with shield combo or even a handgun/ shield combo would give you a great advantage against multiple attackers.

        the shield pulsating strobe is key as it would basically blind them and is more effective the closer they get to you even in daylight.

        * you can buy used still functional bullet proof vests for cheap money online.

        • Taz, some great tips there, but sometimes you get forced into such a situation and IF you have to shoot someone, don’t hesitate to do so. That hesitation can get you killed.

        • taz;
          I actually spent a decent amount of time looking at ballistic shields and ballistic blankets (yes they make them).

          My thoughts were that if something happened I could stash my wife and kids behind it if needed to provide some type of protection.

          To buy a commercial version is so expensive (for me), that it made it not an option. Level 3 shields run over $1500, blankets run over $3000.

          Even fabricating one yourself will put you over $600 depending where you buy your plates. At this time that’s just not in the cards. My plan is to fortify a closet or something along that nature. Not bullet proof but at least a retreat.


          • You can put together yourself on the cheap, possibly even free, bulletproof area using lots of books in a bookshelf. It’s been a while since I saw it but was thinking about using phone books with the spine out, wedged together in a shelf for such purpose to make a safe room without spending a kings ransom. There may even be some videos testing this out. I’d be willing to test it out firsthand myself before actually building it. The source of the info was a shooter show.

            • At the very least it would be cool testing out how many books you would need for different calibers.

              I had also thought about modifying a room using metal studs with plywood on each side and filling in the cavity with small stones. I think I read about that in one of Joel Skosen’s books.

              That would be fun to test out as well. So many projects to play around with.


                • @ justice

                  I’m sorry but that was the dumbest video I’ve ever seen. A mentally slow middle age man in a ski mask shooting phone books….. Really.

                  As they say where I’m from……Bless his heart…

              • I have over 5000 books in my study, where I’m sitting right now, and only mostly cover 2 walls. Granted, most of them are standard size paperbacks and I have them stacked 2 deep due to lack of shelf space.

                Do I feel like I get extra ballistic protection from them? Maybe a little, I’ve never tried to shoot through a set of encyclopedias packed on edge.

                Our safe room is in the basement with poured concrete walls, reinforced concrete ceiling, and is also our cold storage room and bulk prep stores. I wish it had a secret tunnel exit though, otherwise it’s pretty good.

                • You can still do exit tunnel if safe room is on exterior wall 🙂

          • hey @g.r. , thank you for the comment.

            check out


            police surplus vest start at $150.

            you can get the used only for ballistic test vests for about $50. – $70.

            • yup, I’ve been to that site. I’m concerned about the Kevlar degrading over time, considering they are used. Any ideas about that?


              • GR
                Kevlar is great when it is new, but after around 5 years it is only around 50% effective. (I don’t remember the exact %) But it is better than nothing. Just remember Kevlar will not stop a bladed weapon. Also if you are wearing them and they are wet they won’t work at all.

                • What I have read on Kevlar and expiration of its usefulness is that the manufacture places a five year lifespan on the material. Depending on how much use and the amount of sweat and grim would degrade the material.
                  In any case the Kevlar should be flexible and without stains or bunching. Doesn’t smell of chemicals (cleaners). Not ripped or melted. Stored flat in a cool dry place. Some manufactures say not to hang as it may bunch up within the carrier. One might consider getting a frontal plate. Also you can add protection by installing a groin section in the frontal plate pocket.
                  Again weight vs. mobility and unless your Superman, don’t expose yourself to unnecessary gunfire.

                  • Sling shot, I researched used soft Kevlar vests and discovered the exact same information you posted.

                    • That kind of makes your post moot then, now doesn’t it mofo.

                    • Justice.

                      May I add mold or mildew. Discoloration should be a warning.

                      One caution as far as the calibers the vest can stop.
                      It appears that the 17 cal. is very high velocity and may penetrate vests like an ice pick.

                      On home protection.
                      As a minimum a flack vest should be use. A good set of goggles and a simple steel pot helmet.
                      I wish I could fine the test that showed the calibers going through a mock setting of a cinder bock home with drywall. They also had household furniture, mirrors and chandeliers.

                    • Slingshot, thanks for the extra info!

                      I have several vest configurations depending on the threat.

                      Do you have any thoughts regarding the new “Speed Plates”? They are supposed to be effective against specialty rounds but are MUCH lighter that ceramic or steel plates. For example:

                      Paraclete Speed Plate

                      The Ultimate in Lightweight Armor Protection Against Exotic Rounds.

                      Paraclete’s SPEED plates are the ultimate in lightweight armor protection against “exotic” rounds. Designed to be worn in the chest pocket of concealable vests, SPEED plates are ultra thin and weigh only a half pound or less.

                    • Oh Slingshot, great suggestion on wearing protective goggles. A fight at close quarters in a home would result in a lot of airborne material flying around. I don’t want to be blind in a firefight! Thanks!

                • hey sgt. dale , ever hear of Teflon being sprayed on bullets or the bullets being dipped in Teflon prior to use on a mark?

                  just curious how effective this Teflon treatment is to piercing police vests?

                  • It is a myth. One cannot “spray Teflon” on any round to make them penetrate soft body armor. The idiot politicians in D.C. called the old-out-of-production KTW round; THE “cop killer”, which because of the bullet’s makeup and powder charge, DID have the capability to penetrate original soft body armor. Thankfully, soft body armor has improved to the point, where only specific handgun loads will penetrate soft body armor, and no, in this public forum, I will not mention which ones, their caliber, nor their manufacturers. “Teflon spray” does not work at all. Hopes this helps.

                    • TPS
                      You are right. It is Teflon that is impregnated into the copper jacket of the slug that is now illegal.
                      I should have made this clear. Sorry!
                      Teflon spray or paint won’t do anything other that get some more velocity from your slug going down the barrel, because it reduces drag. We had some 357 Mag. Teflon ammo and we got a new style military helmet from the National Guard that was damaged. At 10 yard the 357 mag round went though the helmet.

                    • That is Hollywood and gun-grabber politician BS. If you want to penetrate body armor, pick up some (now illegal, I believe) steel core ammo. I have seen it in .30-06 and 7.62×39.

                  • It only added 20% penetration value to metal and glass.


                    The KTW (named after the designers Kopsch, Turcus & Ward) is the ammo that everyone is referring to when they speak of “Teflon” and “cop killer bullets” in a single breath. The KTW was made in many calibers with various bullet shapes and bullet materials.

                    The green Teflon (black teflon for several large bore calibers) material added to the bullets was designed to actually grip smooth surfaces such as glass and metal, and not to make it “slip” easily through kevlar.

                    Refer to the following article in which Paul Kopsch was interviewed about the KTW bullet.


                    No. The miniscule amounts of Teflon left after the solvent carrier evaporates after traveling down the bore and through whatever atmosphere it would encounter prior to striking a target is insufficient to induce any such effect.

                    The KTW rounds that Merkavaboy alludes to are coated with a much thicker coating of Teflon that is in a solid, more mechanically stable, state and is mechanically bonded to the bullet’s jacket. The trace amounts found in firearms solvents/lubes are not bonded to the bullet jacket substrate material in any way and will simply not remain there throughout the flight of the bullet.


                    Another good piece of info regarding the teflon theory


                  • TAZ
                    Teflon bullet were made illegal about 15 years ago. Vest hell it would go though a new style helmet. It is a felony now with just having them could get you several years in jail.

              • i’m still dwelling on how to do this but…

                when in service i was part of the pac-af mobility command fast response force as a k-9 combat sentry scout.

                i had to wear both my l.e. street patrol bullet proof vest and combat flak vest over it when deployed or on exercises, sweated like a pig in a blanket.

                i had a real short life span in actual combat due to my job.

                i would stick with this combo in a shield.

                find a affordable used flak vest and bullet proof vest.

                put the bullet proof vest in the flak vest and add two ceramic plates down the middle.

                use a few layers of new Kevlar cloth as the exterior, maybe add a few inner layers of 3m plastic to keep dry.

                just thinking and tinkering on the idea.

          • Taz
            Knock it off with all the videos moron.

        • The use of “wasp spray” in another “self-defense myth” and should never be considered by any rational adult. OC/pepper spray is far better, far more effective and unlike “wasp spray”, IS legally defensible in criminal and civil litigation situations. Use of “wasp spray” is NOT legally defensible in any criminal or civil court.
          Other tips were indeed reasonable, depending on one’s personal environment and situation, as well as geographic location.

        • When someone is breaking down your door your opsec is already gone. to HELL with wasp spray , crossbows, sharp sticks. SHOOT THAT SUCKER, LOTS OF TIMES! Once cover is blown, Best opsec in the world is a dead body. lets people know fun’s over, cost is high.

      10. Why they should have called 911 and cowered in fear till the police showed up!
        The other other martial art.

        • Actually, they should have called 911 and left the phone line open. There’s nothing like a good 911 recording to prove to the authorities that you the person warning, before you put two to the head.

          Practice makes perfect(tight groups)

          • AOWG, once again, you are correct. Thank you for your seasoned cognitive thinking.

          • Never call 911 until after you have gone through their pockets, make sure you leave a little cash just for looks.

          • AOWG,
            I disagree and here is why. You know how they say “anything you say can and will be used against you?”
            They mean it and I see the phone line open to 911 as the same thing. They will edit and twist it all around to make you look guilty. Say nothing to the cops, only talk to a lawyer. Well that would go the same for calling 911 and letting them record everything, it can and will be used against you in one fashion or another. I can understand recording it yourself with video and audio to protect yourself, but I sure wouldn’t pull that card from the sleeve unless I had to. IOW, have the wife/gf record it instead of setting camera somewhere it can be damaged or taken and then sit on that baby and don’t let anyone know you have it. Now if the guy lives and gets on the stand under oath, should it come to that…you have the ace up your sleeve. If the guy dies, you say nothing about the recording and try to get on with your life, hoping he made the right decision in a conversation with God before he passed from this body/life.

            • Good point BJ. I initially agreed with AOWG, but then remembered what NBC did to the tape of Zimmerman’s 911 call when he was tailing the thug he eventually shot. They made him look like a racist out to kill a black kid just by omitting a few words here an there. That guy was convicted in the court of public opinion by a lying, biased media network.

      11. Kula, I NEVER call 911. I KNOW better.

        • Yep,,,
          If you call em here it takes about 20-40 minutes for them to show up,
          They dont like us using firearms, so i got a full auto paintball gun and a few thousand pepper balls, accidentally shat a few in my basement and thought i was going to die,,,
          Wonder how the person breaking into my house will do when i open up on them and hammer them with a full hopper?

          • Kulafarmer.

            Shooting pepper paint balls in your basement.
            I am laughing my ass off. Did you say, “Hey everybody, watch this”.

            Man I wish I was there.

            • Hold ma beer an’ watch this!!!!

          • If he’s on LSD, PCP or several others he’s going to not even notice, and kill you. Get a 12 Ga, a1911 .45, or a 9MM Browning with JHP and put 4 slugs in him.

            • Paranoid:
              Those guys that had the big shoot out in Kalifornia several years ago. one was hit 7 times in the body and another one had multiple wounds and the one that was hit 3 times (but took a head shot and went down)were still shooting at the cops. They did a blood test and found out that they were jacked up with cocaine.
              Where I work I have had to fight with overdoses.
              I had a 90lb little girl kick my butt and I weigh in at 205lbs. unbelievable strenght and she felt no pain on the pressure point on her body.
              Please do not take the chance when it comes to protecting yourself or your loved ones. Put the bad guy or gal down. Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N. Reb

              • The screwballs in California were armored up head to toe. You might be thinking of the Miami shootout in 1986 with Madix and Platt who were vicious killers and armored car robbers. Two FBI agents were murdered in that confrontation, Grogan and Dove. They probably would have not been injured in todays time. The FBI up until this point went in with wing tip shoes and neck ties. This incident had them reevaluate both equipment and procedures for good reason as these were real nasty boys. I think this incident was the catalyst for the heavily armed LEO.

      12. OK the real question is what caliber was the gun?
        Well Done….but dead men tell no tales!

        • Driftwood:
          I agree the caliber sounds smal, maybe a 380 or 32 apc. But when it comes to putting the bad guy or gal down it is shot placement. a 22 can kill just as easy as a 45 acp or a 357 mag. if you are good enough to place the bullet in the brain, but with that said I know Im good, but will take the 357 mag or 45 acp over the 22 anyday.
          No matter what you have practice and get good with it (22 or 50cal.), because one day you and your loved ones lifes just might depend on it.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. Reb

          • Northern Reb, damn right about shot placement, WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF FIREARMS USAGE. It doesn’t matter what caliber you’re using as long as you can send that bullet to the right area. If you miss……

      13. Three shots to the chest and he does all that moaning and survives his wounds. This almost looked fake. I think he needs a 45. Trekker Out.

        • M.T.
          Is there anything else, but a 45?

          • Sarge, Yep! When being charged by a guy with a machette there are a few others that might work, like maybe a 357 mag. or a 44mag. But please, don’t say 9mm. they may be alright in a gun fight but not when some guy is getting ready to chop your arm off or split your head wide open. Trekker Out.

            • Headshots work regardless of caliber.

            • Mnt Trekker, I just upgraded a 22 to a 38 and the guy at the store got me the hornaday hollow points lite (supposed to have less recoil) but same takedown power as a 357 he said. Your thoughts? I’m taking it out Sunday to get some practice in and see how accurate at what range with the new pea shooter is. Thanks.

              • The reduced V 38 super hollow points are a very good killing load. They are good with light weight revolvers. Recoil is not so bad and they are a little quieter. The Ladies especially like them and they don’t flinch as much. WILL NOT GO IN/OUT AND KILL SOMEONE ELSE. Unfortunately they cost about $1 each.
                The High V super hollow points have a better knock down but in the short 2″ guns the muzzle flash/blast/recoil is ugly, and IMHO the extra powder is only good for removing extra hair from your body.
                I agree the 9MM solid is not a good load, in the US especially. (They load them hotter in Europe) The 9MM JHP is fine. The Army is prohibited from using them. They won’t penetrate any kind of vest but the wound is about the same diameter as the .45 and the KE is good enough. Just MHO pays your money. makes your choice. In the end the gun you will like and practice with is always the second best there is. (The best is anyone you have in your hand.)

              • MommaD It seems Paranoid has answered your question. The 38 Spl. served Americas police forces well for many decades, and will probably work very well for you. But every guy that works in a gun store or even owns one does not necessarily know what he’s talking about when it comes to what a certain caliber will do, he like most of us just goes by what he has heard or read. If you have the opportunity, just take a look at a 38 Spl round and a 357 Mag round. “No” the 38 Spl will not have the same take down power as a 357. Just my opinion, I’ve been wrong before. Trekker Out.

                • Thanks Paranoid and thanks Mountain for your input!

            • MT, the FBI has officially gone back to the 9mm as their official carry side arm. The reasons are well documented and undeniable. Anyone that doesn’t understand ultimate ballistic research may continue to “poo poo” the 9mm. Todays “loads” are not your grandpa’s rounds. More is better(mag capacity) when under stress and accurate bullet placement is LOW, even with “trained professionals”.

              Yes, PRICE of ammo had a small part in the decision. However, shot placement, followup accuracy, and magazine capacity were apparently the primary considerations.

              The 9mm is the best ALL AROUND handgun round in a semi-auto. Read the FBI assessment/report, and then decide.

              • Truth avenger, I don’t dispute your comment nor the FBI’s reasoning, and I understand any particular caliber may or maynot work under various circumstances. But if I’m in a room where I can’t make space between myself and an aggressor, I’m going with a big bore that shoots a heavy grain bullet. That being said, where I live there is a high concentration of Grizzlies and if you take alook at what Outfitters and Guides and people that travel the mountains on a regular basis carry, you won’t find many carrying a 9MM, now I’m talking about people that are out there on the ground, not riding in a truck or on a 4 wheeler. Also I have weighed the matter of magazine capacity. I have a 44mag and a 45ACP, my 44 holds 6 rds. and my 45 is a high cap and holds 14 so on most occassions I wear the 45 due to more rds. if I come under a high stress situtaion. I know there are also Pro’s and Con’s to this. Trekker Out. The Debate Goes On!

              • Why settle for just one??? I have a 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .44 Mag!

          • Agree,
            The 9mm Turus 1911 is a girly gun for my girlfriend,
            The 45acp Para is the flavor i like,,, like the feel of an all steel 1911 vs those plastic toys

          • To be truthful Sgt in an apartment; a ,45 Gov FMJ at 230 grain and 810 FPS which is the Gov load: You can do a lot better. Your first problem is it will go through any interior wall and happily kill anyone their. It is a poor fit to anyone that does not have large hands, It is hard for most females to shoot. It is in general exactly what it was designed to be: An excellent military hand gun.
            A far better handgun, at home, is any of the 9mm/.380/38 type loads. In semi jacketed or hydro shock. They, especially the hydro shock, super expand and won’t kill someone 40 yards and 3 walls away and will knock down someone nearly as well as the FMJ. They are a little quieter and you won’t ruin your hearing, as much. Also lighter cheqaper to practice and so on.

            • Also, NetRanger and others have posted many times over the years, with bullistic knowledge and proof that even the 9mm that so many scoff at (you know what they say about men with inferior penises and needing large toys)having almost the sma eknock down power if not THE SAME as larger caclibers depending on the load and the bullet. If I remember correctly, and I am no expert like NetRanger is on ammunition/loads, he said it was about expansion and FPS?

              But excellent post Paranoid.

            • “P”
              I love this. This was what the site was for. I like the 45ACP. But if you are good with the 9mm, 380, 38Spl.,or 44Mag. It is up to you.

              If you live where a slug could go through a wall and hit someone else you might want to look at a shotgun (12, 16, 20, 410) with bird shot I like 5 shot.

              Just make sure you PRACTICE!

              Pray to God that you don’t ever have to use it!

              • I know a .44 mag slug will go through a wall, through a curtain,. through another wall, through a garage wall and out through the garage roof next door, Even a jacketed hollow point, because I was in the next room and found the copper jacket on the kitchen floor. Interesting morning.

                • “P”
                  Thank God no one got hurt.
                  Where I live the closes house is 1/4 mile away. My 245Gr. H.P. would go through the wall after exiting a turd. and might go 100 or 200 feet after that.
                  Again Thank God no one got hurt!

                  • Sarge, as you know, shot placement is THE most important aspect of firearms use. All I’ll say in this age-old debate about the best caliber to have is this. Yes, it’s always better to have something more powerful than a .22 for your first line of home defense, but you better be able to send that bullet exactly where you want it to go in order to stop the threat. That goes for any caliber regardless. My .380 is the one I have locked and loaded at my bedside table every night and my other .380 is in the truck with me now everywhere I go. That is my first choice for self-defense, not the .22. I still better be able to send that .380 projectile where I want it to go to stop whatever threat I’m facing.

              • My close in shooter of Choice would always be a sawed off 10 ga. full of No 5’S or larger If I only had one shot.

                • One word, Ouch!!! I love my Remington SP10.

              • Not many mentions so far of JHP in .40. I like my 1911, but I get so may more rounds from a mag for my Glock 22 that I carry it more.

                My wife and I always keep .357 revolvers in our cars (hers with .38 ammo), I have a beretta 9mm in my nightstand, 12ga in the corner of my bedroom and study, 20ga in hers, AK in study with 1911, ruger 10/22s in most kids rooms or M4 or bolt action .308, my M1A is . . . well you get the idea. We have guns everywhere and are very rarely without one.

                I guess my location might determine what caliber was most handy, but at pistol range I lean towards .40. Inside the house my 12ga has #7 shot because we have so many kids, though I keep 00 and slugs on the buttstock.

                I agree with all who have mentioned shot placement. A .44 you can’t control isn’t as good as a .38 special on target.

                • .40 is my choice as well, 9 for my wife. I love the SA’s

                • Damn.

                  You got the Alamo there.

                  • If the Alamo had had my stuff they would have won.

                    • Augmenting their forces with a dozen or so scoped modern hunting rifles in .308 or similar with 500 rounds per rifle and good shooters would have shifted the balance of power. Two with night vision would have guaranteed victory.

                      Weapons 100 or less (maybe as few as 50) years from now would have a similar effect today.

        • yep

          .45 wen shooting twice is just stupid and a waste of ammo

          or in a home invasion environment .. 12 gauge , send em back into the hall way

          • Enemy of the State, my handgun is usually a little closer, but in this senario where he heard what was going on down the hall, Yes, by all means that big 12 sounds like a good idea. Trekker Out.

            • Either a Glock 19 loaded with Winchester DPX 147gr JHP’s or a Marlin 1894C loaded with 158gr LSWHP’s +P .38’s.

          • I’ve used and seen (both professionally), a 12 gauge shotgun in real life in my (now retired) law enforcement career. Never once saw anyone “thrown” back into the hallway. Have seen it time and time again in films and video games, which of course; are not reality. Never have seen a single caliber, including a .45 ACP round, be counted or relied upon by any professional to put a predator/rampaging violent suspect down with only one round. There are no “magic bullets”, never have been and never will be a “magic handgun bullet”. that being said, having the will to use a loaded .45ACP is far better than a sharp spear, or a stern look.

            • It was a figure of speech
              Don’t get out much?

          • WELLLL I’m not sure; It reloads easy, and is cheap.’ Considering the number of people you are likely to shoot in a life time, one or two extra rounds in each isn’t likely to be a real bankruptcy issue, and if you have spare ammo and the rugs already got blood on it; WHAT THE HECK; SHOOT THEM AGAIN!

      14. outstanding shoot!! I particularly like the groaning idiot on the ground whining about how much pain he’s in. guess you should have thought about that before kicking in your ARMED neighbors door with the intent to kill him. What a jackass. The only thing that could have been better was if the armed homeowner used a bigger caliber weapon or a good 12 gauge slug center mass that way the ass**** doesn’t survive and there’s no court or lawyers to worry about. otherwise, great job!!!!

        • Two points to your post.

          1. From the evidence this story poresents, which is very little, it appears the man was, how do you say…not right in the head.

          2. The family of the deceased can still come after you in civil court for wrongful death.

          • With that video and the kicked in door to present in defense, I doubt a suit like that would get very far.

            But I imagine a counter suit in response to any wrongful death suit would be successful.

            Assuming anyone had enough money or property to make it worthwhile to a lawyer to pursue it in the first place.

          • “The family of the deceased can still come after you in civil court for wrongful death.”

            First I believe this video is make believe but addressing the statement above this is not true in every state. For instance in Delaware if your not criminally convicted you can’t be sued in civil court. Florida “stand your ground” has a similar provision.

            • Thanks Kevin, I did not know that. Still, and I don’t know for sure, but I would bet it stands in most states? I tried doing a state by state search, but didn’t come up with amything.

              • I think people get that confused because they got away with it in the OJ Simpson case. He was found not guilty criminally, but the families took him to the cleaners in civil cases.

                We’re not all rich OJ’s, and good lawyers won’t go after someone who ain’t got enough to even pay their bill.

                • Rich or not in other states it can’t happen. Beware the liberal states. This is an assumption but the more strict the gun laws the greater legal protections for criminals being criminal.

            • The family can try to sue, but it’s still another question as to how far it goes.

          • They can try,,,
            But what happens when they file a lawsuit and i go off the reservation and kill them in their house and burn it to the ground?

            • The best defense is a good offense!!!

      15. And if find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.
        BTW, thank-you for this heart warming, feel good story. The good guys won!

      16. This survivor is only considered a hero because the suspect was white. Had Thomas been black then the victims would be indicted for a hate crime.

      17. You guys are killing me. All of you call so many incidents ‘false flags” and yet you can’t even pick out a real fake.Come on. Watch it from the beginning. Lousy acting.

        • And why did they stop filming?
          Plus where have you ever lived that had a hollow core door for the main entry door?
          Its most likely BS
          But sure gets everyone riled up

      18. Shit happens, he did what had to be done.

        High percent of people going off the wall doing insane crap has to do with prescribed mood altering meds (former high profile shootings).

        So, you have to wonder what kind of psychotropic drug was he possibly just put on or recently taken off, could even have been prescribed the wrong meds.

        It would be interesting to have a little previous history on the incident to understand it better.

        • Even if it was a faked vid it’s a good representation of what could happen………….

          • agreed. It would be very difficult to capture on film a real incident, so this most likely is the next best thing. I just worry that anti-gun jerks will use it against guns claiming it is unreal or somebody’s perception or whatever. They always put a twist to things.

            • T-town, let some of those antigun morons experience a home invasion and see what kind of song they sing afterward, IF they survive it.

        • You sir, are correcto mundo


      19. Sort of off topic but the folks over in England are starting to press for their gun rights back because of all of the crazy Jihadi a-holes returning from ISIS land. Head of MI5 say’s “It’s almost certain” that there will be violent terror attacks like Paris/Mumbai in England in the near future.

        Stand tall John Bull and give’m Hell!

        (Watch out fur them hogs )

      20. GOOD GUYS 1

        SCUM BAGS 0

      21. What would I do? Hmmmm. If I were a liberal, I would probably offer him cheese and crackers and perhaps a glass wine and see if we couldn’t sit down and talk about his anger issues. We could surely reach some peaceful resolve where by he could see the errors of his ways. Now on the other hand, if I were a conservative, I would just pop a cap in his ass and not even get my clothes mussed up. I think I’ll choose the latter, it takes a lot less time.

      22. Justice.

        First I have heard of speed plates. Must be really new on the market.

        On the subject of body armor. People should first determine how much mobility they need an what they expect to encounter. Have put on some that weighs about 30 pounds, plates and all. A good place to start is a gun show. Some new and some used. Research the Levels of protection. Get on google and type “Pictures of body armor”. Caution: There is a major difference in protection between body armor and a “Flack Vest”.
        A friend of mine come back from overseas and told me of the “Diaper” they wear. I just about fell out. He was in a combat zone.
        If you choose the heavy stuff, you will be gun tubing. That is, stationary repelling of the enemy behind lower body protection. You get to wear the upper protection.

      23. I would want instant death for this bad guy a dose of 3 inch magnum . Now this fool is dead that sends a strong message to the criminals and by passes their trial this guy can’t get out of jail down the road and kill somebody later we all know the court let’s scum out of jail they can’t get a job so back to crime for them could be your wife and kids at home. Some folks want this to happen just so they can shoot someone. This is sick thinking. Who is to say even with your gun things will work out for you. If a bad guy is kicking your door down he’s prepared to attack you he is on he offense he has the advantage even if you know your house bla bla . I could kick a door in in 1 kick all doors swing in per the fire code . Or they could break the glass and reach in and unlock the door and let there self in and if your at home relaxing you are not ready for an attack plus criminals are oppertunists they will wait till your at dinner or when they see your guard down do not wish for this stuff but if it happens just do what you gotta do and don’t be all proud like some hero. 1 kick is all it takes you better be ready when that happens unfortunately you don’t know when it will happen that is the truth the stats are not on the homeowners side guns work best for attackers not defenders that’s just reality but hey that ain’t no fun is it. I’m not saying you can’t defend your home some have been successful at it. Double o buck should do the job nicely forget pistols if this guy is wearing thick clothes hollow points will clog 9 32cal lead balls at 1200 fps you really can’t lose at close range in the house they will lose their adrenaline fast believe it. Not gonna take that and keep coming at you.

        • What makes you think guns work best for attackers not defenders?

      24. Don’t give up “Publicjoe says:” I hope you are doing better.

      25. The intruder survived… That is a problem!

      26. People on drugs can be difficult to put down I know some people on here are old school but the drugs from the 60s don’t touch the high grade pharmaceutical narcotic and psychological drugs now when I was younger I went to a rave with some buddies. I saw people’s eyes popping out of there heads like they were on springs people sweating like a river and all sorts of strange behavior and I was drinking only now if these people were out to kill who knows what they are capable of. They wouldn’t sleep for days . If your not willing to be violent without guns then you really don’t want to fight have other weapons that are not guns I got a kukri it’s a beefy piece of steel like a half inch thick it looks like a small sword a few other things too strategically placed through out the house there is something to grab in a pinch always. I look at things and think of how to use it as a weapon. My thing lateley is throwing people into things. You don’t even need weapons at all but they are cool. Anything solid and heavy can be a bludgeon. You need to be able to turn on the aggression like a light switch. If you smash a home invader in the head with a cast iron skillet and keep doing it till he stops moving . That looks better in court than a nickel plated 1911 the pan says to the court this guy was scared and reacted to stay alive the gun says this guy is a nut job. Look at the judges nowadays. I will grab whatever is available when seconds count.

      27. Anyway of topic I don’t know if any of you read the back woodsman magazine I havent picked up a copy lately but I have a nice collection. It’s a monthly publication and it’s full of improvised small projects the you can make quick and easy. The best thing about it is the things you can make cost you little to nothing to make I’m more into doing things for free or dirt cheap I have $ to buy things and I have. But the knowledge to turn ordinary garbage into useful stuff on the fly is huge in my book. I haven’t seen any other magazine that provides this info. I wanted to talk about things other than guns. What good are guns if you don’t know how to do anything

      28. “Here’s Johnny!”

      29. I am not sure what was more laughable. The door or the attempt to lock and chain it.

        Non fatal shooting while protecting his family probably lets that nice guy sleep at night. I personally sleep better with a little more mass times acceleration than his weapon seemed to have had.

        • Locking and chaining the door was for legal purposes. It shows the point of entry and that he probably was not welcome.

      30. Complete setup video. Any apartment door has to be fire rated, no way it’s paper thin. Hoax

        • unless you live in a slum where your slumlord cuts any corner he can get away with. I had a hollow exterior door once, I poured it full of sand from the inside.

        • Apparently you have not experienced renting from a traditional Jewish landlord.

      31. No sympathy for the Devil. I could listen with absolute joy to this POS demon writhing in pain all day and night, while eating Cheese Doodles with a bottle of Pepsi at the foot of my bed.

        I would’ve emptied the entire clip into the psycho meatbag. When asked why I shot him 15 times my reply would be, ‘I ran out’.

        • “I could listen with absolute joy to this POS demon writhing in pain all day and night”

          Is that a quote from the guy coming through the door?

      32. Rule 1 / If you have to pull your firearm > use it.
        Rule 2 / Aim center mass > Double tap
        Rule 3 / Aim at skull > Double tap
        Rule 4 / Access threat
        Rule 5 / Repeat 1-3 if necessary for further intruder and reload as needed.
        Rule 6 / Leave no wounded alive.

        Anyone entering my house uninvited leaves in a body bag.



        • Not sure I would agree in all cases, James. Human life has value. If the intruder is out of commission and blessed enough to still be breathing I would personally disarm and render aid until help arrived. Anyone that has taken human life and is not seared to numbness by it may just agree. The intruder should not have survived the initial situation. However, what if it turned out later that he was the single father of a young family of 3 kids that someone had slipped several hits of LSD on? There is always another side of the story.

          That being said, there was a failure on several levels if this situation were a real one. A secure door could have negated the entire situation. Gun control could have also negated the situation, as in hitting center mass with sufficient force while microseconds and adrenaline passed.

          If an intruder survives and is completely incapacitated, the threat is addressed and the moral imperative is to value human life. Even the bad guys are made in the likeness of their Creator. If the situation remains safe and secure don’t look for an excuse to become a bad guy yourself. You would not want to be become that of which you just rightfully defended yourself of. There is a line crossed when life of a man is taken by the hand of another, even when justified.

          Fear is the enemy. Take a deep breath before it leads you to the final death blow especially when you have a choice. Not all blood washes away easily.

          Just an alternate view to the wild west approach favored by Hollywood and some that may in fact be keyboard warriors.

          • Wow Wiggle, that was an excellent post. I especially liked the part about another side to the story. My only poroblem having mercy is when to comes to the true evil enemies of society.

            • When human life is categorized and marginalized it is a problem for all of decent humanity on the planet. It seems that many that claim to stand against those in high places act just like their own enemy. Deadly force to preserve human life is a definite yes. Beyond that, life should be respected to the greatest extent possible. “Extermination” of the lower element is exactly what the eugenicists want us to do to one another. It is just the wrong approach and attitude and there seems to be a lot of that sentiment floating about. Why is that?

          • Apologists of evil entities are naive and ignorant of the true essence and nature of evil.

            One would have a better practical result in the redemption and conversion of crocodiles to nurse maids of children.

            The drawing of moral equivalency and value of both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ life is a bizarre, self-serving position only Satan would advance, utilizing and exploiting the righteous compassion of those such crap is directed towards.

            I could imagine the Devil himself putting forth this ‘moral’ dribble from the dark corner of a crypt as Van Helsing places the sharp point of the stake over a ‘sleeping’ murderous vampire’s heart and raises the hammer…

        • James in NY

          Finish off an incapacitated former threat with a coup de grace shot and you turned self defense into murder. You guaranteed will be tried by 12 and your posting will be admissible in court. Where defense ends murder starts.

          “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”.

          • Exactly.

      33. Ive never needed proof that guns save lives

      34. OK. This could have happen, but this is just a fake!

      35. “I don’t want to do that!” — Homeowner.

        Dude, when you’ve got a wild mongrel dog, feral hog, you put it down, PERMANENTLY. Save your nursery rhymes for Disney. Why is this scumbag still breathing? They’ll have problems later, AGAIN.

        But go ahead and listen to your candyass conflict mediation seminars, your false doctrine demonic false teachings from preachers for peace at all costs.

        Reality doesn’t care about your feelings or confined worldview. One accepts reality and adapts accordingly. If you value your life and understand EVIL exists in the world by a broken human race you’ll have no hesitation cleaning filth and flushing it.

        • EVIL thrives where there is no respect or reverence for life.

          You don’t shoot a fleeing man in the back.
          You don’t shoot his wife and/or children.
          You don’t use his dog for target practice.
          You don’t kill for fun or excitement.
          You don’t kill just because your ego got bruised.
          You don’t kill just because you can.

          All life is precious, and the decision to take a life should not be made lightly.

          A person with no respect for life, should never be allowed to have a gun. That kind of person is a THUG.

          • Well stated.

          • The golden rule should guide you in all your dealings with good people. The silver corollary should guide you in dealing with the bad: “Do unto others what they would do unto you.” “Just do it first”

          • you don’t shoot a fleeing man in the back?
            that is nonsense. he attacked you, came at you
            with a knife, said i will kill you and rape your
            wife, you fight, he starts running, i shoot. not
            problem. shtf means new rules. just think what the
            vikings did. that was their normal life. kill and take.
            of course they also worked the land but you went up to
            them saying shit, you died. or they died. but shtf means
            new rules

      36. if you don’t understand Jeremiah Johnson you don’t
        understand survival. i am 1000% behind his skill and
        courage level. but i understand. live or die, you don’t
        know! there is no sure thing. i can fight and die,
        and the biggest baddest mofo on the planet can fight and
        die. or live! what the fu**, you think you are always
        going to win!

      37. I like how he took the time to set up a camera… 😉

      38. I would have shot him in the head so I wouldn’t have to listen to his sniveling.

      39. Wow. I so fervently hope that I never have to defend myself or loved ones the way this guy did. Right thing aside, it would be horrifying to have someone dying in front of you due to your own actions. Too bad this machete wielding maniac couldn’t have just listened and stopped what he was doing.

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