Governor Drinks Contaminated River Water But Tells Public “Not Safe to Drink Even Before Disaster”

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 50 comments

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    It wasn’t, but it may well have been Fukushima all over again. The full truth will never be told about the level of contaminants spilled into the river.

    Maybe the stakes aren’t as high as the meltdown that continues to threaten ocean life and the planet, but the pattern is the same.

    After Fukushima, a Japanese MP was apparently under pressure to drink potentially radioactive water collected from the failed nuclear plant to make the delicate case that all is well and that the water is safe to drink. In spite of the truth, he gulped it down. Really, watch the video. He didn’t look too confident, though.

    Government stooges will go the distance to cover-up for their crooked, fascist business partners.

    No matter how bad the problem is. Every time.

    This time, it is the Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado, in a stunt he may well regret.

    Then again, maybe not, as he has apparently also swallowed fracking water. CBS Denver reports:

    Gov. John Hickenlooper, who famously said he drank fracking fluid to make a point about its safety, drank from the recently contaminated Animas River on Wednesday.

    Three million gallons of waste from the Gold King Mine poured into the Animas River last week, prompting a state of emergency and a shutdown of all river activities.

    To make a point about its safety, the governor drank water straight from the Animas River, as captured by the Durango Herald.

    But the point was deliberately contradictory – and deceptive.

    The governor drank, but noted that he  purified the water for the stunt… all while advising the public AGAINST drinking the water, because river water is ‘never safe to drink.’

    The newspaper said he wisely used a purification tablet to kill any bacteria.

    Officials said it is not advised for citizens to do the same because although the river is said to be at its pre-spill condition, it was not safe to directly drink from even prior to the disaster.

    Instead, he claims the river is safe only for rafting and similar purposes, reiterating that the public should not drink river water at all. The water was back to ‘pre-incident’ levels… as if no spill took place… but is still not safe for drinking.

    So why did Gov. Hickenlooper drink that stuff if it wasn’t safe to drink? Did he even really drink THAT water?

    It seems like a mixed message at best.

    Apparently, it was all just a ploy for disaster management. Never mind reality. Just pretend that everything is under control.

    And that nonsense, after the EPA was brought under suspicion by an op-ed published beforehand that predicted the EPA would trigger its own disaster at the river site in order to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for a Superfund site. Zero Hedge reported:

    A week before The EPA disastrously leaked millions of gallons of toxic waste into The Animas River in Colorado, this letter to the editor was published in The Silverton Standard & The Miner local newspaper, authored by a retired geologist detailing verbatim, how EPA would foul the Animas River on purpose in order to secure superfund money…

    “But make no mistake, within seven days, all of the 500gpm flow will return to Cememnt Creek. Contamination may actually increase… The “grand experiment” in my opinion will fail.

    And guess what [EPA’s] Mr. Hestmark will say then?

    Gee, “Plan A” didn’t work so I guess we will have to build a treat¬ment plant at a cost to taxpayers of $100 million to $500 million (who knows).

    Reading between the lines, I believe that has been the EPA’s plan all along”

    What is really going on with this carefully staged environmental disaster?

    And what is going unnoticed here?

    From Fukushima, to the BP oil spill, to the Animas River, officials could not fail harder at protecting the public, and yet they laugh all the way to the bank every time, while the public remains at risk and without proper information about the full extent of what has really happened.


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      1. The head of the EPA didn’t drink t show how “safe” the water is. What a farce this governor is. He releases $500K for the cleanup, meanwhile he wants to make $50 MILLION available to provide affordable housing in Colorado for artisans, architechs, and beer crafters. You can see where his priorities are.

        • Can we just get all the politicians to drink that water? (w/out the purification pill). This will really show the public how dedicated they are to their own directives and advice for us.

        • I believe everything the government tells me. After all, I got to keep my doctor.

      2. These are not the droids you’re looking for…

        • I’ve been reading, “Seeds of Change” and it talks about detoxifying water that’s contaminated from mines and other contaminants. It tells about wet lands and installing some kind of similar system, with things like cattails, etc. It works– 90% cleaned out– but takes about 5 years to accomplish, I believe. So, basically, the water can become drinkable and pure again but takes about 5 years… Not sure what the Indians are supposed to drink for the next 5 years!!! but anyhow…

      3. This gov guy is an idiot. Fracking fluid? keep an eye on this guy, his health is going to crash.

        • .02 -“His health is going to crash’…doubt it… evil bastards (AKA psychopaths) live on forever. They don’t succumb nearly as easily, in the way a normal human would.

          They are like ‘a species within a species’ and hardier than ever – I guess the devil takes care of his own. Hence the old expression, “The good die young while evil bastards live forever.”

          They deceive us most effectively by being our “friend”, so to speak, so we will follow them down the wrong path, the path to nowhere, or worse to evil.

        • Frack gel: primarily a blend of guar or kelp powder. Like Jello. Crosslinked with boron. You know like boron soap. Not really seeing any tell tale signs of IDLH toxicity there.

        • Ha,ha!! I was thinking the same thing, .02!! That is one stupid governor!! Anyone who drinks fracking water doesn’t have his head on right.

      4. EPA says the damage isn’t too bad. Can you imagine them saying something like that to Exxon in Alaska? Or BP in the Gulf? Morons from the government.

        • Prophet, I do not think they are morons. I think they are evil. I do not think the EPA employs anything but those who will accept doing evil. Their demonic hatred for the human race shows up in all they do. The Navajo Tribe is forbidden to make small dams to water their cattle, while the national forests are full of “tanks” for the wildlife.

          • Kyrathyel — You’re right. They aren’t morons, they are evil… pure evil, and they are called psychopaths.

            Read my Reply to Aljamo’s hit the nail on the head, insightful and truthful post. Evil doesn’t want you to have what you want unless they stand to benefit more than you.

      5. The same governor who was deadset against legal weed in Colorado until the cash started rolling in. Cannabis should be legal in all of the United States. Stop the BS lies! Big Pharma, big government and the entire medical establishment need to be brought down, the whole stinking rotten cabal of liars who could not stand up to the competition of a natural and cheap healing substance. Their thievery is threatened big time. These entities are nothing more than legalized murderers. A system built on destroying humanity, to their monetary benefit, kicked into high gear.

        • Psychopaths (secretly) do not want others to have what they want/need unless they stand to benefit significantly more than the recipients. They get off on denying, withholding and controlling. Until and unless they see some personal gain and benefit no one is getting anything. That is how the mind of a psychopath works.

          Too bad there isn’t some way they could all be eliminated off the entire planet — all one-billion of them. After all, their goal is to destroy humanity and the planet… and not necessarily in that order. That is their ultimate goal.

      6. 535 people in DC, 318 million men,women,children in America. And even if only 3-4-5 percent would get off their collective asses march to Washington and run the big headed, criminal politicians (and that’s both Republicans and Democrats, because if you think one is better or looking out for you and yours, you live in a dreamland) out of DC and wash the place clean. Officially 535 people controlling 300+ million, think about it. Its time for some old fashion ass kicking. Enough of the lies, theater, and bullshit ploys!!!

        • Unfortunately the only march on DC that will have any meaningful effect is the one that involves that whole feeding the tree of liberty thing and the excercise of 2A

          • Ten Four.

          • Amen serious

        • Thank you Kula for the seed saving link. Great website!

      7. More people = More Assholes = More Shit to put up with.

        Remember when a mine dumped a bunch of fracking water into drinking supply.
        Then a mine’s sludge pond levee broke and turned a town red with contaminated mud.

        Each new day may bring a disaster to our doorstep and they way they lie and cover up. You need to do what will make it safe for you.

        Exon Valdiz
        Three Mile Island
        BP oil spill

        How about train wrecks? Bad stuff on the rails.

      8. Election coming up, I am looking forward to it. Why you may ask? My vote may or may not
        Count. A vote for either party may not make a difference but I have the legal right to
        Exercise my vote. I am going to vote for anyone not in office. Every one in office is
        Fired!!!!! That is what the vote is for………

      9. Gov Dickinpooper couldn’t rub 2 bricks together without hurting himself. He was in the Bloomberg anti-gun camp until the Morse/Jiron senate recall, and when they got axed that waffling girly-man did an abrupt 180 degree change full well knowing his re-election was on the line. He is a puppet, a cake eater, and put in place by TPTB.

        Maybe the water full of lead and arsenic from the Upper Animas will eat whats left of his liberal brain…

      10. China shocks the world with surprise devaluation of their currency. A week later the bankers surprise China with the biggest explosion the Chinese have ever seen. Hmm?

      11. Two oil spills back to back, Fukushima bleeding into the Ocean for years now Animas river, I’m on the fence about fracking but it probably is bad also. Meanwhile I have to have a manure plan for my cattle that are nowhere water, and if I wanted to clean up a creek and make it better, get that out of your head right now PA you know you dont own the water on your property. Notice now that D.C. is on vacation there is no news, it just proves they are the Agitators. Get rid of gov and the only news you will hear about will be people living in peace an doing well for themselfs.

        • From what i can tell most of our problems are caused by retread politicians who are a bunch of greedypower hungry mini tyrants trying to figure out more ways to get revenue to fuel their self absorbed delusions of grandeur.

          • We should change all the locks on the white house, when they come back maybe they would Get the hent.

          • ‘ello K, Some things never change matey. What went so friggin wrong?

      12. Nothing will happen to anyone involved with this. Their is no law, except when it comes to the peasants.

      13. Be honest, a lot of what the EPA does is worthy. Imagine if there was NO EPA, Every water source in our country would look like this one with zero oversite of the Fascist Corporations. These peticular aholes need to be in prison for life.

      14. Anyone heard any news lately on Jade Helm 15 or is that all being covered up too?

      15. KF – The definition of a Psychopath is not only one who lacks a conscience and compassion, but also one who is a controlling, greedy, power-hungry, money-grubbing tyrant.

        A part of everyone’s prepping strategy/plan should also include the ability to quickly & accurately distinguish between a psychopath (they look normal) and a non-psychopath AND to be aware that a normal person, a non-psychopath, will not turn into a psychopath under the worst of conditions because one is either born that way or they are not.

        We all know that major disasters can bring the worst out even in the best of people. But one is (biologically) either a psychopath or they are not. Know the difference.

      16. anyone on here know of a way to test a water source for any (ANY) contaminants and at what levels certain things are above threshold levels, this would be for drinking purposes with out going thru extensive filtration or purification

        I have a source I want to know more about, but dont want to raise any red flags that im testing it for use , so I WONT pull a sample and “Send it in” ( because duh that would tell them something they dont know about my source , and opsec rules are, that they are to never know)

        its a constant flow , harder after a rain but it is filtered thru at least 11 feet or more of earth rock sand etc.

        My goal is to see if its a viable source of safe water , if i were to lose or have my government water become FUBAR’ed by the feds ( as if it isnt already )

        • EOTS

          It is frustrating not knowing what is in your ground water. Getting it tested is a flag. The next point is that it could be good for one year and the next year contaminated due to ground seepage from miles down the road. Shallow wells are susceptible to this. Lots of iron and sulfur.

          • Roger that

        • Grainger sells a water test kit, pro model, is pretty thorough, but the only way to test the makeup of a sample of water is to actually take the sample and send it off to a lab to have it tested and list the additional tests you want done on it, have looked into this because one aspect of the FSMA is water quality testing for agricultural water, it needs to be potable water if used for irrigation of veggies that may be consumed raw,

          • I seen that test kit in granger too
            Might give that a go and call it good enough for shtf use
            Or at least at that point know what is or isn’t in the water
            And be able to treat it myself if necessary
            Something better than nothing I suppose
            Thanks Kfarmer I’ll use that suggestion and see where it puts me

      17. If all of the politicians drink out of the Illinois River. If they do we had better have a lot of body bags. If you get my drift.

        • Sarge, the politicians can come to Memphis and drink out of the Miss. River, IF they don’t get mugged first. HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!

      18. Dickinpooper is a liberal friend of Obie. Go figure.

      19. There is no way in hell that the governor drank right from a river from that bottle. This is nothing more that BS, to stear public thinking. What i belive happend is the the river contamination was a false flag to test the people to see how they react to the water supply in all the major cites being contaminated, since it will be deliberate. The Ceaser is coming to town to access the situation concerning dissarmament of the American People. He will get bad news and know that it’s not physically possible. He has his orders from the Reptilians in the base under the vatican. Because that is where the Reptilain bases are from what i was told. The first wave of the attack will take place as in a military attack on the American people. This creates a condition of the people to rise up in mass armed to the teeth in the streets in November. Because this is when the elections begins. And you know that they do not want another election, they want a third term state of emergency and a suspension of the presidency.

        If they suspend it, i belive based on my independent research, that the people will be in the streets armed and ready for war. If they dont suspend it, the people expect that Trump, the new candidate, lover of the NRA, who was calling previously for Extradition, capture and execution of Edward Snowden” is not acting like he is Mr Goodie Two Shoes.,

        Mr Trump is not fooling people like me. The muslim mosk in Arizona, had a vistation from Patriots and veterans that showed up with assualt rifles, AR, Ak, etc, and showed the cabal that they are not afraid to go into the streets armed. So this is my prediction of what will happen by years end. If they calapse the country, EMP the crap out of our country, declare martial law. Then the cabal does not have to answer on the Media or the people, as to what is that BIG READ STAR IN TEH SKY WITH 3 PLANETS AND ONE BIG BLUE ON IN ORBIT AROUND IT is doing there.

        Whats at risk for them?

        Nibiru will force the cabal to disclose the Extra Terrestrial presense. And the mere sight of the Planatery body, is going to literally cause a conscious shift of the people, because it will be literally there. So USASECURITYGUARD was right when he told us a few things a few weeks ago.

        In the end of days, you will see great signs in the sky. Is this not what the bible says, what about the Star Wormwood?

        Everything coming our of Trumps mouth is a lie and he is meesing with Fire. If he were to win the elections and we did not have a calapse in 2016, then he gets into the White House, then the people are really going to expect the the country is going to improve dramatically and that eveyone will have good jobs, all the pain and suffering will stop. And it;s not going to stop. He is a Billinaire cabalist. He will not being doing a damn thing to help anyone of US.

        He is just acting like he is one of us for damage control. They all have one things is common, they want us all dead, and this my friends is a fact of life.


        Hcks, reality is a hard thing to face. I literally drink from the reality bowl.

        • Soft in the friggin head.

          • Night Breaker was right about you Hcks and after reading this site for several years, I trust Night Breakers judgement.

            Thank you for the updates!

        • HCKS, was that you drinking from my bowl? [just kidding] I also drink from a reality bowl and wouldn’t have it any other way.

      20. I don’t believe in that Nibiru bedtime story and all those Lizard people. You seem pretty set on it. Your are one far out dude.

      21. KABUKI!

      22. The governor can drink all he wants. None for SR though. Remember when the govt exposed soldiers to nuclear radiation?

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      24. a tiny ammount such as that governor drank isn’t going to be harmful. he doesn’t have to live in that area or downstream and use the water continuously where the intentional spill occurred. he is flat out lieing to the public by saying it is ok to use contaminated water and that is a criminal act folks.

        those incharge at the epa needs to be held liable for their gross criminal negligence instead this sociopath f—stick wants to give them $$$ which is another criminal act.

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