Governments And Corporations Can Unleash Deadly Weapons On Our Population: “Our Greatest Danger Is Denial That Such Things Are Possible”

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    Last week the first 1 million mosquitoes of a planned 20 million to be turned loose were released in Fresno County, California. The word “released” may very well be interchangeable with “unleashed,” as the insects (males) were infected with the Wolbachia bacterium prior to their release. The objective is to release these male insects (allegedly producing no viable offspring when carrying the bacterium) into the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the primary culprit for mosquitoes that torment man.

    No big deal, right?  I mean, no possible harm could be rendered with this, right? The article, To Shrink Mosquito Population, Scientists Are Releasing 20 Million Mosquitoes, from July 21, 2017 by James Doubek bears reading.  Here’s an excerpt:

    “The project is called Debug Fresno and it’s being undertaken by Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s holding company.  It’s the company’s first field study involving sterile mosquitoes in the U.S.”

    Some of the article’s information stems from data released by The Scientist magazine, and one of their blurbs is also interesting:

    “The magazine says the bacterium [Wolbachia] ‘is not known’ to infect humans.”

    “Not known to infect humans” is really comforting, is it not? The company Verily also highlighted some of its newfound and wonderful capabilities, as noted here:

    “Verily says it developed ‘automated mass rearing and sex-sorting processes,’ which enable it to breed and release so many of the mosquitoes in such a short time.”

    That’s great: A downstream “subsidiary” company of Google, owned by Zuckerberg and in bed with the NSA would never think of either releasing anything that was known to be harmful or tailor their industries to produce something that was harmful. At least whatever they release can be released in a short time. In this manner, if a distraction or false flag is needed by The-Powers-That-Be, it can be concocted and implemented in a short time. It’s all good, and whatever happens will be either forgotten by the public or blamed on something else.

    Another recent article appeared last week, entitled Off-the-shelf DNA can be used to manufacture biological weapons, stunned scientists discover, by Russel Davis, released on 7/19/17. According to this article, Canadian researchers in Alberta have successfully created a new virus called horsepox with similar characteristics of smallpox.

    Really, now? With the characteristics of smallpox? The world battled smallpox in every corner of the globe to eradicate it, and the only known specimens are within government labs, ostensibly labeled as “experimental material,” although in truth, they are stockpiled for weaponization. An excerpt from the article by Davis makes this point quite clearly:

    “A number of science experts expressed concerns about the latest breakthrough, raising the alarm about the potential harm it can bring to the general public.  According to outside experts, horsepox in itself may not be harmful to humans.  However, the technique used to create the virus may play to the advantage of terrorists and may result in the development of biological weapons.

    “Bringing back an extinct virus that is related to smallpox, that’s a pretty inflammatory situation.  There is always an experiment or event that triggers closer scrutiny, and this sound like it should be one of those events where the authorities start thinking about what should be regulated,” said Paul Keim, an expert in bioweapons at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.  Peter Jahrling, a virologist at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, expressed a similar concern.  According to Jahrling, the technique can be easily replicated by well-equipped vehicles.  If the technique falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to synthesize otherwise disastrous viruses, Jahrling added.”

    Yes. The point here being it is the authorities…those who enforce edicts and “laws” with force…who are the problem: the authorities who are the terrorists. Look to history. Look at the “experimental releases” of bacteria into subways of large metropolitan areas by the government…always “harmless tests” to gather information. The authorities are the terrorists and the dangerous entities. Who regulates them?  They are neither accountable to nor controllable by the public they rule over.

    Governments are run by power-hungry madmen who only use their populations as taxable revenue to support the machinery and will cull them in the blink of an eye. Research what Nixon said when Watergate came to light…about his ability to kill millions just by picking up the phone. 

    How hard would it be for a government, or a corporation (with assets such as modern day technology companies) with government backing and sanction to release mosquitoes infected with something far worse than Wolbachia bacterium?  Not hard at all.  Just as it was not hard for Obama and his lackeys to ignore live drone and satellite feeds of everything that was happening in Benghazi with no interruptions. It would be as simple as turning a blind eye, and then when the camera is on, force tears out of that eye for the public to buy.

    For more information, peruse some of the writings of Nathan Wolfe and Ken Alibek. The former is one of the foremost virologists in the U.S., and the latter worked in bioweapons in the former Soviet Union. The greatest danger stems not just from a biological attack or release of bioweapons by the government on unsuspecting citizenry. The greatest danger can be found in skepticism and denial that such things are possible. This leads to a complacency that men with evil intentions are counting upon to shrink the numbers when they deem the time to be right.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. And they laughed when I bought Mosquito netting.

        • So should I bring the tomato plants in?

          • No, get a couple of those mosquito plants and put them near your tomatoes. That’ll teach those pesky critters.



          • Funny!! Eisen.

            I had an Italian Guy tell me one time that “He thought FOOD was better than SEX.” I replied back, “I have no idea who you are sleeping, with but I disagree.” lol

        • Justice, you just reminded me of another prep item I need to get. I’m shopping again this weekend anyway. Gotta get ready for my next trip to the BOL.

          • Braveheart, their is a method to my madness.

            • Justice, LOL! Sometimes I go mad myself over prepping so I know the feeling.

        • They unleashed McDonalds hamburgers on my arteries.

        • A very well researched article Jeremiah. Your efforts are much appreciated. I am glad I live on the east side of the Sierra’s and Fresno is on the other side.

        • Bear spray is 98% effective and no humans or bears were injured permanently in any encounter involving bear spray.

          Shooting bears is 65% effective and in 50% of encounters with bears where firearms are deployed the human is injured.


        • Doesn’t John Kerry suffer from Horsepox?

          • No, he suffers from Horsesh*t. Different malady.

        • Genetically engineered mosquitos, genetically engineered humans. What could possibly go wrong here?

          Bet the authors of all the sci-fi apocalypse novels never dreamed anyone would use the novels as instruction manuals.

        • But what if half of these mosquitos decide they are female?
          Then we are screwed!

        • But what if half of those critters decide they are female? Then we are screwed !!

      2. LOOK OUT!!!!!

        The Attack of the Zombie Mosquito’s!!!!!!!!

        Coming to an are near you. Be on the look out for 5Ft. to 6Ft. tall bugs. that vote LIBERAL!!!! They will suck the life out of you!!!

        Make sure you have a case of RAID!!!!!!!!!


        • “Be on the look out for 5Ft. to 6Ft. tall bugs that vote LIBERAL”, they suck your wallet dry!

          • Justice MALE or FEMALE or TRANSGENDER ????????

          • Justice just spray them with RAID. Problem solved.

            • It’s the “Mosque-itos” you need to worry about 😉

        • Sarge, you been looking in my shed? LOL!

          • Brave.

            Yep::: I was down there looking at property last week end. and I found your BOL!!! I wish. HA-HA.

            Still looking came close the other day, great to retreat for a while but no where to put any type of a garden.

            Still looooooking.


            • Ever think of moving west Sgt.?

              • I just got 2 of these trail cams and they are cool! Very small and mine is the 10 megapixel version. They take excellent pics and very easy to hide. They have an external 12 volt power jack and will do up to 2 minute videos. check it out, great for surviellance! ht

                • Damn that link is the new model that takes up to 512mb cards! 16 megapixel pix too!

                  • 512gb not mb sorry…

      3. Remember those news stories, from a few years ago, about problems at a number of government labs? About how Anthrax was shipped around the world? I have said it before, smallpox could be unleashed upon the world and people would have no defense. With all the vaccinations children are given, guess which vaccination is not on the list? Even if you want to be vaccinated for smallpox you cannot. It isn’t mass produced. Of course if you work in a Level 4 biohazard facility you may be able to obtain or receive a smallpox vaccination.

        For some of the extreme ecofreaks a bioweapon is the perfect weapon. Why? It kills peope and leaves nature untouched.

        • Remember hearing about how lax decon protocalls and security procedures are in many level 4 labs? Or about the freezer full of smallpox (or something equally nasty) was found, and had obviously been untouched for years? Nobody even remembered it was there.

          One would think these plagues would be stored in something a little more secure than a Kenmore.

      4. “No big deal, right? I mean, no possible harm could be rendered with this, right?”

        Ah two things not mentioned, (as curious thought exercise, of course):

        What happens to the rest of the food chain in the absence of mosquitos?

        What happens if the virus mutates and creates sterility up the food chain?

        Over to you Mother Nature. What say you?

        Hmm. No comment? I don’t hear any crickets. Where’d the crickets go?

      5. This is what I have been talking about all along.

        You can prep all you want the powers to be already know who you are, and what you got etc.

        All they have to do is release something and it’s OVER.

        So eat drink be merry get laid, and enjoy.

        For those how belief or think they’re going to heaven O.K.

        WHY WORRY……….

      6. Oh boy, Ringling Brothers’ circus will never leave town.

        • In other news Cholera has broken out in Yemen. Two thousand have already died from just cholera which has broken out in war torn Yemen, along with malnutrition.

          In the SHTF, have a plan for clean water and sewage handling, and stay away from people who don’t.

          • I heard about that a few days ago. Tragic and even more tragic because it is preventable. I watched a news clip of people using a local well they knew was contaminated. The one thing that came to mind was “why don’t they boil that water if they know it is contaminated?” The news reporter didn’t ask that question.

            • My dad who dug wells on a few occasions, told me about putting the well in the house I grew up in. He said after it was dug and lined he dumped two, one gallon jugs of Clorox down the well. The next day they put down the lines with the jet head and finished it. They ran the pump until no Clorox could be tasted.

              A small bag of pool shock treatment might have fixed that well, after it was dredged.

              Before good drilling systems, people dug wells large enough to climb down. In time of war all you needed to do was dump a dead human or animal down it to poison it.

              With modern wells expect bad people to pump sewage down them to poison them. You’ll need to pump a lot of water out of that well and add something strong enough to sterilize the entire well. Have some pool shock on hand even if you think you have a secure water source.

              Clean water is so important, I have pool shock hidden in multiple locations. There are a couple packets in the car bug out box as well. Yes, I have a bug out box in the garage. My home is my fortress and primary bug out location, but if I must leave, this box goes in the car, it’s not my bug out bag. Each packet can treat like 10,000 gallons of water. They are triple sealed in plastic, with directions for use. Those layered zip lock bags can also store drinking water. Nothing more important than drinkable water. With potable water I could go a month, while I figure out where I hid all that freeze dried food I bought! Did I say I love powdered eggs?

        • Nice catch KY Mom, I’ve been saying that potential Islamic terrorists have been secretly arming up. This guy had enough to efficiently arm a military unit of a dozen men.

          This is going on all across America.

          An observation, NY State has a ten round magazine limit for firearms. It appears the bad guy may not have exceeded that limit with any weapon magazine. I can’t be sure from the limited coverage. However, one or more ammo cans appear to have contained stripper clips that may have held more than the NY State 10 round magazine limit.

          Any amateur lawyers out there? Was having a can of ammo in stripper clips that held more than NY States 10 round limit a violation of NY firearms laws even though none of the weapons magazines may have held more than NY States 10 round limit?

          This is an interesting legal question since gun shops in many states abide by a state regulated magazine limit, but stripper clips fall into a crack that could get a preppers arrested, should they buy a box of ammo in stripper clips that exceeds the state magazine limit. New York being an excellent example.

          • More thoughts.
            The article used the term “High-capacity ammunition feeding devices and ammunition”

            I’m not sure any weapon listed was actually illegal in NY. There were some .50 cal rounds in what appears to be a belt fed configuration, likely illegal in NY but there were no more than ten rounds, so what was actually illegal here?

            Could police and this author have been referring to stripped clips? They are simply a device for rapidly reloading magazines. You could have a 20 round stripper clip and a ten round magazine in state law, but are large capacity stripper clips illegal? You still can’t add more rounds than the guns magazine was intended for.

      7. In the area outside of Estacada, Oregon, there is a road sign that says, “Mosquito Reserve.” Or Preserve, don’t remember exactly. But it’s funny.

        Good article, JJ.

      8. When death by small pox reached about 1 or 2 per year (in the whole world) the wise heads noticed that the small pox vaccination was killing about a half dozen people per year and they said “Hmmmm maybe we ought to stop giving the vax to people…” (or maybe the patent ran out on the stuff they were using and the big $ would not be there for somebody..)

        Anyway, sometime in the last 40 years or so, Smallpox was declared dead and the need for the vaccination ended.

        I have my pock mark barely visible on my shoulder (I’m 71) but we have a world of younger people un-vaccinated.

        The terrorists could probably kill a bunch if they could turn it loose.


        • BB,
          I received my last smallpox vaccination in 1977 or 1978
          Military issue. My yellow paper shot record had so many stamps
          on it, that it was almost un-readable. I’ve always been curious does anyone really know how long those shots last?
          Is my Black Plague shot still good? Small pox might be.
          Just curious.

          • Same here. Same tattered yellow WHO with stamps and dates. Same shots: small pox, bubonic plague, more. 1981 for me.

            I am guessing if they let this shit loose we will a lot more protection than young people.

          • Yes, there are some guesses as to how long the smallpox vaccine lasts, but only guesses. Best just to google “how long due smallpox vaccines last” or similar. It seems there may be some residual protection, but who really knows…

          • there is no telling what else they really gave you in those military vaccinations

        • The military and US government still vaccinate some people. The vaccine isn’t mass produced, now.

          As always, great minds think alike.

      9. For a month there were tons of big agressive Mosquitos here in Southern California. I have many bites that are very uncomfortable and extremely itchy. Started using mosquito repellant all the time now, spraying inside the house to discourage them from coming in.

        I had a terrible time once when camping as a child.

        I am not worried. I’m glad somebody took it upon themselves to do something about this disease carrying nuisance. With so many people from other Countries migrating here who themselves have AIDS and God knows what, Mosquitos could start a pandemic.

        Not everything Zuckerberg types do is for anti-social reasons. Maybe they just want to protect themselves and their families. Mosquitos don’t discriminate. They bite rich and poor, 3ew and gentile alike.


        • We don’t have mosquitos around here but we do have no-seeum’s. They are worse than skeeters as you don’t see or feel them and a bite can itch for over a month. One thing that seems to help is taking garlic everyday. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants that are snug around the bottoms. Take 2-3 grams of garlic per day and see if it helps.

          • Thanks Genius. Btw: have not seen a mosquito for two days. Could be from my repellant. Or, maybe they are dying out.


            • Bingo! We have a winner! Yes it’s not that they are trying to get rid of mosquito’s, it’s a Green Peace social justic warrior program paid for by George Soros to save the mosquito’s.

              BTW, wasn’t the Zika Virus actually linked back to the same shrunken heads who came up with this plan?

            • B from Ca, mosquito’s leave me alone, but that because I have bats in my belfry.

              • Tuff crowd. Bats are, of course, the erratically flying mammals that eat mosquito’s and ‘belfries’ are bell towers, sometimes found at the top of churches. ‘Bats in the belfry’ refers to someone who acts as though he has bats careering around his topmost part, that is, his head.

        • according to your retard logic the 3ews control the mosquitos along with everything else.

        • Don’t give that hebrew mutt any special credit at all.

      10. I trust business only a hair more than I trust communists.

        “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

        • Kevin2, at least business provides a good or service that people want. Communists just steal and kill, steal and kill!

          • As I said a hair more. The nexus of Business / Government fascism defined has been pretty bad too. The communists certainly “win” but give the fascists time. I think their insane desire to control the world will sooner or later manifest itself into WWIII. Interestingly while advertised as mortal enemy’s fascists financed communists. They’re now using their doctrine administratively to control the masses.

            • If the Commie’s don’t get us, the Fascist will. I cannot tell who’s what anymore. All I know is Freedom has been shredded by Affirmative Action (Freedom of Association) and Political Correctness (Freedom of Speech).

              The Constitution guaranteed Individual Rights and everything now is Group Rights. Black Rights/Gay Rights/ Womens Rights!

            • Kevin2, my wife could really testify about the communist ‘steal and kill’ doctrine if she were still alive. Castro’s bandits stole their property and killed half of her family in Cuba. One of her uncles had a sugar plantation right outside the town where she grew up. When the Castro bunch came to take it, he set the sugar cane fields on fire. He was taken, charged with “counterrevolutionary activity” in a kangaroo court, and then executed by firing squad. Anything you do in opposition to the communist agenda gets you labeled as a “counterrevolutionary”. The communists SHOOT counterrevolutionaries.

              • The Deplorable Braveheart

                No debate with me. My contention is at the very top of the world food chain sit fascists. As the family story goes, my Polish grandparents (I’m a medza / medz, half & half) fled what they considered Poland but at the time it was under Russia or Belarus because communism was spreading. They sold at almost nothing their small farm, voted with their feet and moved to the USA.

                My point is that the Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Commission, et all are not communists. Communism is their administrative tool to control masses of people. The dangerous communism to the US isn’t a goose stepping Army but rather an insidious benevolent appearing benign grab of power. Every social program doesn’t condemn one to the gulag but there is a tipping point. The Wagner Act legalizing Organized Labor, OSHA, even Social Security haven’t crossed that line. Glass-Steagall was vitally necessary to rein in unethical financial practices yet many see any attempt at business regulation as communist. The Dept Of Education , no child LEFT behind, setting government curriculum treads on very thin ice.

                There is a huge difference between quasi socialist Europe and the USSR, China and Cuba. Its all a question of degree.

            • Kevin2:

              You are deliberately confusing people.

              Facism is not a new word or idea. The bundle of straws with a hatchet is on our own American dime. The fascist symbol is all over the White House. It is on the rug in the Oval Office. It is on the statue of President Lincoln. It simply means strength. Legend has it that armies were falling because they fought among themselves, the Roman Empire being composed of many different groups. So the enemy from the North was able to knock them off “one at a time”. But as a Roman General demonstrated, bound together the individual branches could not be broken. Facism is simply a call to strength through unity.

              Communism is a fraud conceived in the mind of a 3ew named Hess; and brought to public attention by a 3ew named Marx. It is a big lie. It challenges the workers to unite and commit treason against their bosses Marx calls the proletariat. It instigates class warfare. The carrot that is put in front of the poor uneducated is equality. It promises him riches in an impossible world where all are equal and no one has more than another. This is rediculous of course. It is simply a method for thieves to steal the wealth of the Nation.

              Communism’s leader Bronstein who went by the RUSSIAN name Trotskey, came to New York City where a 3ew named Jacob Schiffs who was a partner at a financial Kune Loab, part of the Rothschild 3ew octopus banking system; Schiffs gave Trotskey hundreds of millions to finance the RUSSIAN (((3ew))) Communist “Revolution”. It was really an invasion of American 3ews getting revenge against the Russians who had pushed them and their bank out of Russia. They hated Russians.

              The fascists of Italy and the fascists of Germany were violently in opposition to one another. They are in no way alike.
              Fascist Germany fought Communism with passion.
              Hitler said in Mein Kamf that 3ews who pretend there is no difference between the two are lying. Hitler said this deception disgusted him. Hitler said Facism is the opposite of Communism.


              • Clarification the Italians and Germans were together in opposition to Communism, not each other. Excuse the Typing mistake.


              • Many on this BB site communism as the cause while neglecting to look up at the fascists who hold the puppet strings. Communism is an administrative tool of fascists. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg are not communists.

                • No, but they are all 3ews, and fascism as in the fascism of Hitlerianism is pro-cohesion between all classes in a system based on labor and services and not usury which is the bread and butter of the men you named.


                  • Rockefeller is not a 3ew. Hitler is dead. Hitler wasn’t TPTB. The people I’m referring to are the financiers of the world. What they don’t collective own they collectively control anyway. What they don’t control they destroy. They have no genetic tie, no religious faith, they’re evil greedy bastards and they are fascists. They use communists but certainly are not communists.

                    • Kevin2:

                      This exchange has been fun but this will be my last reply to you.

                      I have read that Rockefeller is a crypto 3rw. I have no proof so grant you that one. I agree with your last analysis except for your assertion that “fascist” rich financiers have no genetic or religious connection. Though they may be atheists, and although not all are 3ews, Rothschilds and Walburg are intermarried 3ews. Rothschilds being the center of the financial world, and “founder” of the State of Isreal via the Balfour Declaration, the Rothschilds family banking cartel first established in England then in other European Countries, and in 1917 in America, is the head of the octopus of financiers throughout the world. Rothschilds is a 3ew, the Federal Reserve is all 3ew including Janet Yellen. So to claim that internationally, 3ews play no more a part than any others seems ludicrous to me.

                      I may be wrong, but at this time I must confess that it appears to me that those rich bastards you referred to are either 3ews or working for 3ews.

                      That said, I have no bad feelings about 3ews who don’t think they are better than thou. I have friends and family who are just normal people and also genetic 3ews. It is not hate. It is just factual as far as I know. Like, I said, I could be wrong, but that’s how I interpret the facts as I know them. Thanks for contributing. I agree with most of your posts. Except we differ in our evaluation of the 3ews in many respects.


          • Seriously, steal and kill, steal and kill, it’s like they’re a broken record.

            • The best description of Communism might be Tony Montana’s in Scarface:

              You wanna work eight, ten fucking hours? You own nothing, you got nothing! Do you want a chivato on every corner looking after you? Watching everything you do? Everything you say, man? Do you know I eat octopus three times a day? I got fucking octopus coming out of my fucking ears.

            • Justice, I just overlooked something. “Steal and kill” can also be applied to the US govt. I’ve never felt any allegiance to DC at all. Nothing they do has any legitimate basis whatsoever. The ‘authorities’ with all of their laws, policies, regulations, etc. are totally illegitimate. I don’t feel any obligation to them whatsoever. The govt. will fall one way or another.

      11. If you think the deep state will go down without a fight? Think the Samson option. They have done so much evil they know their only salvation is with Satan. And they know if the people of the world ever find out what they’ve been up to , every penny of their entire extended family , and all their accompless’s, will be confiscated. And they got a lot to lose. Probably exactly our world debt?

      12. Justice, that sounds just right. I hate both fascists and commies. Let them bring it on. I’m ready for them.

        • ” I’m ready for them.”

          No your not. You can’t fight bio-viral. They have technology.

      13. Diseased migrants should be called an invasive species.

        • They are definitely INVADERS!!! No two ways about it folks. Please, wake up & see what is taking place right in front of your face.

      14. As simple as a false flag cyber banking system attack. .? They been hungry for days before that EBT payment comes? If they hear it ain’t comin.? Instant mass looting , and burning , and home invasions. And if it dosent come after the loot is gone?

        • Yes, can you imagine what those apes will do withOUT the Gov’t dime on the good ole’ EBT. God forbid they actually provide for themselves for a damn change. It is truly disgusting and just plum wrong folks. Good luck when the cord is cut.

      15. I should realize . That any group with a flash mob mentality is coming after SHTF? And me and the neighborhood watch aren’t going to stop an inner city horde? So I’ll be movin my preps to the Alamo? What will probably end up the Alamo in my area? The hospital area, The stadium. Somewhere near the railroad tracks for resuply. The nearest military base. ?


      17. Being spied on more and more. Eating a cookie in your car and finding out that’s against the law. That’s what I call dangerous. People may be surprised to find out how involved the insurance companies are in this crap. They fly under the radar and they are not the paying customers friend. I can deal with plagues and diseases with herbs and oils. The human predators that operate in the health and insurance industry are a different matter.

        • Insurance industry is truly one of the worst out there in life!!!! True sons of greedy bitches.

          • Selling commercial insurance to businesses, employee health plans, the commissions and retainers are criminal.The sales people provide no care. How they exist in todays time is mind boggling. Making $200K / yr is not uncommon for them.

            Parasitic Leeches

      18. I sit out on the screened porch at dusk and the mosquitos are heavy on the outside of the screen near where I sit. They want to suck my blood. I refuse to go outside until darkness falls. I read that they prefer certain blood types. A government released agent makes sense, if not to kill many people then to demand total vaccination compliance. Got you one way or another. These MFer NWO criminals will not stop their evil plans.

      19. For those of you who don’t recall, here is one story on the 1950 spraying by the military of San Francisco in a simulated germ warfare attack:

        Business Crony Insider generally disgusts me – and they are particularly idiotic in all their faux global warming stories – but here is one story they didn’t wreck in their political correctness.

      20. In my opinion, Google should change its motto to “First, lets ONLY do evil.” With the disgusting leftist Eric Schmidt (who ran Novell into the ground), along with the absurd Ray Kurzweil, aka François Alcasan (you’ll have to google it) running the place, it is becoming, in my opinion, nothing more than a real life version of CS Lewis’ National Institute for Co-ordinated Experiments (N.I.C.E.)

      21. After reading the comments from all you savages for several years now, I have decided to finally say “Hi.” There are no mosquitoes in Burbank, but there are plenty of blood-sucking Liberals… Actually, what is so irksome is that they all work with me in Television, so they are not parasites, just hopelessly brainwashed. It is like they cannot form their own thoughts, they only think what they are told to think.

        • Hi, and welcome to the site. There is always room for one more savage.

      22. I’m confused, CM. Respectfully submitting this, if you find this “porn,” then simply don’t read it.

        I again grow weary of this “porn” canard. These stories should be read in conjunction with a full complement of other readings. I simply take this as part of a sum total of information on a subject, then try my best to apply inductive reasoning, Occam’s Razor, and similar other vehicles to help me understand a topic. But for Heaven’s sake, if you find this “porn,” then don’t read it!

      23. Scary stuff, as the guy onJurrasic Park said,”Nature finds a way.” My biggest fear is someday soon we will unleash some biotech marvel cooked up ina lab for humanitarian reasons without comprehending the possible consequences it might lead to. One is reminded of the opening scene of I am Legend where the yuppie scientist releases a retro virus she doesn’t really understand to “cure cancer”. Didn’t work out too well, and while a Hollywood movie I found it chilling because I can actually invision somebody doing something similar and killing a whole lot of people. As for deliberate bioweapon release from a government who knows, it certainly could happen, just one of a host of tools that could be used to”cull the herd”. Don’t see much defense against such an occurrence as we have no idea what germs they may have at their disposal. An old CIA friend once told me however he feared that scenario least because of the almost limitless variables that would be posed by such a release, lethality, mutation and a host of other problems make bioweapons a very unstable option in war planning, probably why they are so seldom used.

      24. Look over there, don’t look here. They already unleashed deadly weapons on us. Outsourcing, insourcing, unrestricted immigration, destruction of the buying power of the dollar, destruction of the culture of the family.

      25. Back in the 50’s as a child the mosquito spraying trucks pumped out clouds of noxious who knows what through the neighborhood on nearly a nightly basis. It stunk bad, I’d like to know what chemicals were used then.

        • Aljamo, I remember those trucks. My dad told me along time ago, that it was ddt that they were spaying.. And your right, they sprayed several times a week!!


      26. Who does your FedEx and UPS guy really work for

      27. None of them People in Power none Realize the Danger They are in. THERE IS NO Defense For A One Shot Sniper None.Might as Well Hide behind Rice paper

      28. A few of the many thoughts of the ruling elite on depopulation. They would rather most of you die.

        “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”
        Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund(1984)

        “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”
        Alexander King, Bertrand Schneider – Founder and Secretary, respectively, The Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, pgs 104-105, 1991

      29. I bottom line with the ruling elite is they want most of the people dead.

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