Government Wants to “Implant Recipients of Welfare Assistance with Satellite-Tracked Chips”

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 83 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Dissolving Tracking Chip

    Implantable RFID tracking chips. You know, to stop terrorism.

    And to keep tabs on all the welfare queens, in order to keep tax dollars accountable.

    There will be other rationales, too.

    But really, governments just want to do all the spying they can within their power – and right now, technology offers more power than ever before to carry out universal surveillance, track and trace every person and every thing and put civil rights in the backseat where they belong.

    The latest proposal from a politician in the Finnish government seems like a near-future dystopic film, but may not be far reality.

    It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the U.S., Britain or other governments in Europe would do this too, if they could get away with it.

    In fact, an RFID chipped population could only be years away.

    Sputnik News reports:

    A politician from Finland’s conservative Finns Party suggested implanting welfare recipients with satellite-tracking chips following news that some recipients continued receiving payments after leaving the country to join ISIL.

    A member of Finland’s right-wing Finns Party, Pasi Maenranta, has suggested implanting all recipients of government assistance with satellite-tracked chips if they choose to leave the country.

    Maenranta made the proposal after Finnish media revealed that some recipients of government assistance continued to receive payments after leaving the country to join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

    “The law should be changed: To receive payments from Kela [the Social Insurance Institution], one has to tell exact data about your location using your personal code, read by a satellite. It is also possible to implant electronic chips to all going abroad, who for example receive medical welfare from Kela,” Maenranta wrote on his Facebook page.

    It is true that Western governments essentially created ISIS, by agitating angry Muslims with continued aggression, while at the same time funding the “new al Qaeda” extremist group via the misguided efforts to arm and bankroll “Libyan rebels” and “Syrian rebels.”

    Really, the Pentagon and NATO have been building up our own enemy, and using its horrendous violence to frighten the public back into the War on Terror.

    Under the new twist, Muslim immigration to the West has been increased, and Western governments have been subsidizing future jihadists, too. Many are on the government dole, until and even after, they decide to leave and join ISIS/ISIL.

    Meanwhile, normal struggling citizens who accept government assistance might be tracked via an implanted chips… betraying all the rights governments in “free countries” are supposed to protect. They might not be doing anything wrong at all, but now they are under constant watch.

    But as George W. Bush famously said, “they hate us for our freedoms,” right?

    Read more:

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    Mark of the Beast: Microchips ‘Trending’ to Become Essential Keeper of Passwords and Digital Currency

    Trendies Ready for Ultimate Wearable: “Chip Implanted in Their Skin Used for Payments”

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      1. 1984 was a Documentary!

        • As long as there are guns to implant bullets, no chips.

          • blah blah more phony ass eunuchs with big mouths who think their little guns mean jack $hit when you’re starving. we saw how much the home patriot USA stood up to SWAT team invasions after the fake Boston marathon scam.
            You’ll bullets and thats about eat. best guess is the “gun thmpers” will be the first to crawl for the govt handouts when there is nowhere else to go.

            • You gays always crack us up.
              Massachusetts has such strict gun control that NOBODY there has any guns or ammo. Let’s see if America’s gayest prez wants to try the same in Texas, Arizona or New Mexico…

        • Implant all welfare recipients with satellite-tracked chips, then eliminate them with chip tracking satellite-guided drones. I’m all for it. Let’s implant those chips in all politicians and lawyers too.

        • nothing is free, if you participate in welfare you are signing your freedom away. Read those welfare documents you sign carefully. They read a lot like contracts with the state.

          In my state, those on welfare have to turn over bank statements, list the things they own like cars and properties. by signing the documents you allow them to dictate your finances, children, etc. They can force you to liquidate assets that are in excess, and cps comes in and reviews if your children are being raised “right”, etc.

          when you want to exit the system, you have to sign more legal paperwork, and they may review if are able to leave the system.

          When the time comes, those on welfare will be made, by force, to repay for the “free” stuff they got in the past.

          i live in a relatively conservative state. Id hate to see what a liberal state would be like.

          • In my state, you only have to prove once per year that you have a pulse, or don’t speak a word of English.

      2. Another Illegal Immigrant murders an entire family and unborn fetus.

        Zog Forced Diversity is White Genocide!

      3. Time for tin foil guillie suits.

        • The initial stages of ISIS was put into place by CIA/Obominable one/NWO bunch, and muzzle-brother-hoodlums.

          While the strange bedfellows plotted the birth, Americans were too busy wondering where their trillion dollars of economic stimulus was going. Noticing that it was getting pissed away by corrupt deals, they failed to see that the removal of the Egyptian leadership was being replaced by the Con-man of the Muzzie-brothers, and sucking all those billions of US taxpayer dollars straight into their coffers while letting the Egyptians suffer.

          Voila’, ISIS/ISIL was born straight from the good ole USSAG.
          Now that same group of evil thugs are helping bring about WW3, to further along the agenda of the Industrialized War Machine, and the NWO. Happy Birthday. Stand up and salute the flag, that doesn’t represent freedom anymore.

          If you want to salute a flag, salute the Christian Flag and the POW/MIA flag, and all individual military groups flags. The stars and stripes doesn’t represent true American liberties and freedoms any longer. It represents a lost society.

          • Haa.. The Chriatian Flag and Jew Flag are the cause of these problems. The Mia-POW represent their lost pawns that died and missing for fraud and politics for the fascist state. If you dont like the Stars and Stripes like Americans do, then get the Fuck out of this country jackass Pissininthewind.

            • WWTI – you are right, and then you are wrong……sorry to say.

              Christian Flag —- major fk’n drool~~~~~~~
              Jew Flag —- no contest, Triple major fk’n drool~~~~
              Stars & Stripes — at the time — fk’n DORMANT

              As I said previously in an Article – my Stars & Stripe Flag is neatly folded away, until a day it earns it’s respectful place. Unfortunately, I do not see that happen in our lifetime.
              The Southern Rebel Flag has more Meaning than it ever has, and it is this symbol of being defiant of the Federal Government is what needs to fly high.

              If not this, then America needs a new flag, because the Stars & Stripes is all based on a History of fk’n LIES.
              All the songs……All the Stories that made good ‘ol Glory is based on lies and fictional documentation.

              I will not salute, nor sing praise to a Flag that resembles this United States Of America.

              I will sing and praise a flag that resembles what America is suppose to be. Until that day, my Stars & Stripes stays nicely folded, tucked away on a shelf in my closet ’till some day it means something.

              I like what you post WWTI – but your praise for the Stars & Stripes goes against to what you have been posting. You are saying if you don’t like America, then fucking leave.

              Guess what Chief … I don’t like America in it’s current form, and I’m not gonna fucking leave.
              I’m gonna do, what most Americans won’t do when the time is right. I’ll attempt to make things right … if I don’t succeed … then at least I made an honest effort in doing so. Please don’t take my response as being a jerk towards you……that is not what I’m getting at … the things you say … is the kind of things I like to hear, and I wish there were thousands of you next to me.

              You sir, are an unknown friend to me … like many here on this forum are as well … even those who I disagree on certain subject matter(s) …chances are, none of us will meet in person… and that is ok … it’s good enough to know that there are people like us out there, whether it may seem crazy, obscure, or abnormal.

              We all have at least one thing in Common – Prepping

            • WWTI, you are a wealth of knowledge and you furnish some damn good prepping tips on occasion. We all appreciate that info. But I have to agree with FTW on the Stars and Stripes. That flag actually represents everything we say we’re against. The confederate flag is a symbol of resistance to federal tyranny. That flag and the Gadsden flag are the only 2 flags I believe in these days. I don’t like what TPTB are trying to do to my America and I’m not leaving it. I’m standing up and fighting to bring back the kind of America we were intended to have. When you say love America or leave it, you sound like some government official, yet you say you’re opposed to everything the feds are doing. Which is it?

          • Except for the Viet Nam Pow/ Mia Flag, many were draftees and did not have a choice. Fight or AWOL jail.

          • Problem – Reaction – Solution. The masses keep falling for this little puppet show every time!

            • I’d say a good 95% of America does not know anything about PRS [problem, reaction, solution]

              Explains why we have people who are still very much loyal to a Democrat or Republican Party. These same people still believe what these politicians say as being truthful, even though broken promises are almost a 100% certainty.

              People are dumb, and they are just getting dumber by the day.

              Everywhere I go, dumb shit here, dumb fuck there, and a dumb asshole over there. Its a problematic issue in a country once called America, it should be renamed DUMB ASS’S.

              Land of the Naive, and home to the Gullible.
              Where the Government lies to you on a habitual basis, and the populace buys it up as if it’s ocean front property in Kansas and they’re happy and content with it.

              • Yeah if we all just vote for Donald Trump everything will be unicorns shitting skittles flying over rainbows with every problem solved and then we can get back the really important stuff and see who wins on dancing with the stars.

                • I see Donald Trump as a decoy, much like Bernie Sanders is.
                  These two will eventually get the “Ron Paul” treatment.

                  Politics as usual – final running Chump Mates will be…..envelope please……..

                  Hillary Clinton & Jeb Bush

                  The Dynasty must continue in the land of fraudulent voting, just for the sake of entertainment and the illusion of choice for the dumb down mass’s. Roll out that Red Carpet, and strike up the band, because America will be once again Great with either one of these two dumb ass’s leading the way. …. [110% fk’n SARCASM]

                  • The Donald will foam out and run as an independent pulling votes away from Jed giving Hillary the win. At least that is the shit the msm is going to shovel the brain dead and three will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Hillary will come for the guns and that is about the time to shitcan defense and go to offense.

                    • three = there..

                    • .02 – that is very possible, because Trump did bring that up once about possibly running as an Independent. I think the goal is to get Hillary IN as Presidunce…Trump is known to play both sides of the Isle and in reality, this would make sense, considering the theatrics of the Right Side will not Nominate Trump in the End.

                      Political Theatrics at it’s finest, gotta keep the crowd fk’n entertained and ‘sheet!!!

              • They are everywhere, and even many are folks who should know better, i cant wait to see all the panicked people who suddenly have no SS, no IRAs, no bank accounts etc, etc,,,
                Sad but true

              • Government run schools are functioning exactly as intended. The dumb masses (say that 3 times really fast) are just what the government wants, fat, ignorant, and docile. What more could power hungry tyrants ask for in a citizenry?

          • Maybe it’s time for us all to salute the Confederate flag…

      4. “…to keep tabs on all the welfare queens, in order to keep tax dollars accountable.”
        Half of the population here (my hometown) are homeless– live in the national forests– and the vast majority of them (about 90%)are men, mostly veterans. No welfare queens.

        I was just thinking of this situation before getting on Internet. If 50% of the population are already homeless… what in the world is going to happen when the government stops paying them benefits??! I feel so sorry for most of them. They already seem so hopeless and depressed. What’s going to happen when they can’t eat??!

        I recently lost most of my financial security– my job, my apartment, my car, and some loved ones. I HATE being in this situation– unable to find work because of transportation problems, etc.– its very depressing!!

        I receive social security. Its very scary being dependent on the system and not knowing how to extricate myself. A few years ago, I was very, very happy, was in college, etc.

        We’re in collapse mode. First they come for us and then they come for the rest of you– knocking us all off the merry-go-round, little by little.

          • Besides the obvious reasons, this is just another to Home School children …… If parents are happy with their child earning a degree in “retardation” … than keep them in PubliK fk’n Skools…………major fk’n drool~~~~~~

            • We carefully examined the homeschooling laws before moving to Idaho. I would never let my children suffer through government run schools and we have homeschooled all of them from the beginning.

              It’s not as hard as people might like you to believe and to any readers that are considering it I can’t encourage you enough. The quality of your family life will improve in ways that you can hardly fathom.

          • Thankfully, WWTI, you don’t have children.

          • Some schools have been requiring kids to submit to biometric identification to eat lunch in the cafeteria for years now, though this is the first instance I’ve heard of where the method is an iris scan, and not a finger scan.
            We must wage a freedom revolution and put an end to all the Orwellian, totalitarian shit!

      5. U.S. Marine has a Heart of a Lion

        A Harley rider is passing the zoo, when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion’s cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents. The biker jumps off his bike, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain, the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly.

        A reporter has watched the whole event. The reporter says, “Sir, this was the most brave and gallant thing I saw a man do in my whole life.” The biker replies, “Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.” The reporter says, “Well, I’m a journalist from The New York Zog Times, and tomorrow’s paper will have this story on the front page … So, what do you do for a living and what political affiliation do you have?”

        The biker replies, “I’m a U.S. Marine and a Republican.”

        The following morning the biker buys The New York Zog Times to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:


      6. I watched that Arnold Schwatzernagger (sp?) movie… I ain’t getting no f… chip!!

        • Anon. you will be getting the chip. And it will probably be the new Chocolate Chip which is so named because it is crammed high up into your rectum where it latches on to your colon wall an monitors even the farts you cut. So be ready when you see a truck with two men and a chip insertion tool pull up to your house.

      7. Government Wants to “Implant Recipients of Welfare Assistance with Satellite-Tracked Chips”

        This is wrong on so many levels, I do not know where to begin.

        “Hey Government, how about taking away said benefits to those who have made it a career choice! You know, the ones who don’t actually need it.”

        • But they will say either take the chip or no assistance. Next they will make it a law that everyone must have it or face jail,FEMA camps or death. Control must be maintained.

          • The only ones going to jail or a FEMA camp will be those who stop shooting…

        • I think we need to start random drug testing on all elected political officials.

          Bizarro like a crack addict the scams they think up. And behind everyone of these programs is a company looking for a big fat Gubbermemt contract and kick back to their political crack heads.

          Its like a solution looking for a problem. And the politicians will invent the problem. Waste of money. Start drug testing Monday.

          • I agree on the Drug Testing of Political Figures …. but … I’m sure they have a way of manipulating that too…. so … there is no point, because nobody goes to jail if you are a Politician.

            That’s ok, because a day will come when politicians, Bankers, and Corporate Fucks will have to defend themselves.
            Then there will be people like me, looking at them while they wet themselves before the carnage takes place.

            Happy Days Again will Return ……. Celebrate!!

          • You first, WWTI, you’ve got to be on something.

      8. off topic but I couldn’t resist Last night the power went out….I looked across the valley and saw it was localized so proceeded with the drill. Auxillary power came on…we shut off all non essentials…..made sure freezers were running etc……gathered family on back patio and we all enjoyed a beverage and had conversation while dinner finished cooking… video games no tv just talking….11 yr stepdaughter raised her pop…yeah! best apocalypse ever!

        • …….yea …….everything is fine until ………. you hear gunfire going off …….. so much for family night out without necessities……… BOOYAAHAA!!!!!!!!

          What you are describing is a typical power outage…..yet …if the SHTF … you would not be running a Generator … unless you wanted to be detected…

          Kicking back and enjoying the night as if nothing bad is going on is relaxing to you and your family….but… knowing that a SHTF Scenrio was taking place …. you wouldn’t be relaxed and enjoying the festivities …..

          I just don’t get some people here,…. iduno … maybe it’s me .. and I don’t know better or some shit like that.

          • I believe he did mention that he could see that it was only a localized phenomenon and not SHTF. I agree with Jim that it’s good to practice drill when you know it’s just practice as it will stand you in good stead when the SHTF.

          • So, when the SHTF, we can’t run a generator? And don’t cook, the smell of food will bring the zombies. Not supposed to have a garden, either, the crazies will just come and take it. Don’t forget to strew trash all over your yard so your place won’t get broken into, either.

            What’s the point of putting food by if we can’t prepare it? Why have a generator if we can’t produce power to preserve our food with it? Why have a garden and grow our own food? Why keep your yard in decent shape?

            What a bunch of cowards. Scared of the neighbors and some roving gang of looters. Man up and deal with it.

            Frightened of your government and frightened of your neighbors.

      9. What do you think cell phones are ??? That’s why the government gave out free cell phones. They also want to give them free Internet another way to spy on them. HD TV let’s them see you and OnStar let’s them know your in your car,where you’ve been and where you are and how fast you are going and can hear what you are saying. Privacy is nonexistent. Which all is a violation of 4th amendment. They are scared that the people might rise up and take back their God given freedom one day. Not to mention that all the free stuff working people are paying for. Just a thought.

        • Correct you are Thor –

          RIGHTS…..what Rights???

          They are not “Rights” if the Government can take them away.
          There has always been some sort of Government intrusion, but anymore it is just up in our faces on a daily basis.

          As I mentioned in a previous article.
          People will piss and moan about our Rights disappearing until the day there is nothing to piss and moan about or defend. Obviously, by then it is too late.

          Rights have now become “Choices”.
          You have the right to comply or not to comply.

          I choose to NOT COMPLY because it feels comfortable and damn it all, it just seems to make sense above everything else anymore.

        • You have no idea,… they can also turn on the speaker and listen to you, and the cameras front amd back, as you sit at the bar drinking and yapping away. They now have CO2 detectors in phone to detetect CO2 Levels. Or when you have your phone there, smoking pot it will detect pot smell and sends a signal of your GPS location, come get you or like the article I just read where a couple was watching netflix one night on her laptop, and the next day some one sent the woman on her facebook page a photo of the couple watching netflix that night and was hacked and the lap top lid camera took a photo of the couple and sent it to the hacker.

          You have no idea how much technological advances TP2B have right now. Cut the dependency cords as much as you can right now ASAP.

          • Im going to stick a little square of electrical tape over the cameras on my phone now,,, geez, sure know how to ruin a guys fun!

            • If you use the sticky section of a post-it note to cut pieces to the right shape they come off easily when you want them to and don’t reduce the quality of your pictures by leaving a film. I’m staring at the one on my laptop right now 🙂

          • I think your phone would detect the smell of pot right about now, WWTI, you’re smoking something if you can dream up this kind of crap.

      10. Here is the solution, get rid of welfare, cut the government in half and replace the remaining half with conservative people that have common sense

        • There’s the obvious solution, but it’ll never happen until TSHTF.

          It’ll take that much.

        • Whatever – there is always a place for the “unfortunate / welfare” … never know .. maybe tomorrow you’ll get messed up and never be able to work for yourself again.

          If that is true …. and it happens … do you still want “welfare” to go away?

          This Country … should, and have it’s duty to help those in need … not those who think they need … or scam the system …but those who need it …

          This is suppose to be America … where we are suppose to help our own in need …. but …. seems all that help and monies goes to those border hoppers and other bullshit funding like Israel to keep thriving.

          Fuck American Tax payers … pre or post … fuck them .. that is the governments attitude … your monies need to got to Foreign Countries … so we can rule over them …. fuck you .. they say …. isn’t time to say FUCK YOU AMERIKA!!!!!!!!!

          If you want to make an attempt to regain this country …. you’re gonna have to say a lot of FU’s and push a lot of weight around ….

          Won’t happen … America has a lot of Weight …but .. they are just too lazy to know how to throw it around.

          Thank your supporters …….McDonalds … KFC … mutha fk’n POPEYES … Burger King … TACO fk’n BELL.

          Eat up America …. you deserve it!!!!!!!

          • Individuals have a moral obligation to help the needy and so many do. Private charities can help those in need. The government should never take money from someone who earned it and give to someone that didn’t for any reason, ever.

      11. Long story short:

        The US agencies desire implementation around 2016-17 for medical, welfare, and mental illness/defect formerly known as feeble-minded from 1907-Post World War II.
        If you think about it, the elderly, unhealthy, and poor makeup the greatest portion of the US population by some estimates, it sets the stage for regulation, policy, and laws with the path of least resistance.
        Never fear though, Local Alternative Currencies and Local Alternative Networks are already compatible with Biometrics and implantable chips.
        Look on the bright side, you won’t need ID, medical card, fill out medical history, criminal background, list of sells/purchases, viewpoints/opinions, or physical currency.

        After all, if you have nothing to hide, you can prove your innocence.

      12. No Way that an RFID chip could send a signal to a satellite. But you can see the same effect with the government plan to have all Welfare purchases done via a debit card — basically tracking where the spender goes and what they buy.

        • Yes, they are currently limited by proximity to a sensing device that can report your location. Like a cell phone for instance.

          Just wait until the day when you go hiking in the wilderness with a few friends to unplug and one of your friends brings a cell phone thinking that it only works when turned on.

      13. Works both ways we can put a shock collar on them, what fun! More of us than them……..

      14. Not only no, but Hell No.
        Why, because it won’t end with them! They will keep adding more and more people to it.
        Again HELL NO!!!!!

        If they want to chip something chip the SNAP cards to tell them what they bought.


      15. I suppose next week the guy will be hawking books and DVDs on Coast2coast. RFIDs can NOT, and never will be able to be tracked by satellites. Some of you people have no common sense and are just plain gullible beyond belief. Not likely, implant a chip that requires a huge constant power supply to transmit outside the atmosphere? Plug yourself in to a wall outlet six hours each day, LOL, place solar cells atop the tin foil hats!! EARTH TO READERS, they already can track your every move if you have any electronic devices turned on, or, just by using monitoring equipment pointed at you. In Reality, only a few thousand of the population is under scrutiny any given day, you must really be committing a felony and you are so stupid that you are letting yourself get caught, these are the ones that are being watched.

        • Yep, i seriously doubt theres a government listener dedicated to ole Kula Farmer,,,
          Poor bastard must be bored shitless…
          Good point on the RFID, they are a low output device, pretty much wake up when a reader is in their range, like the control tags that you stick to your windshield for toll roads, or the units they use to track fleet vehicles, the medical RFID is the one im not thrilled with, yea, in theory having your entire medical history on a chip inserted in your hand could be a lifesaver, but,,,,,,

      16. What good is that chip going to be if we have and EMP, man made or natural, it’s out of service. Or get close to a MRI and it no longer works, they can also be radiated or even a electric shock to that area were the chip is and it no longer works.

        Of course our tax dollars would be hard at work.. NOT!!!
        So you can take your chip and dip it in sour cream and onion dip and eat it, you clown!!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      17. LET IT BE KNOWN as of December 1, 2014, under the court decision of August 25, 2014 that convicted the United States Corporation and their officers of fraud, extortion, human trafficking, involuntary servitude, murder, high treason, and crimes against humanity, all corporate governmental, judicial and enforcement powers and authority are revoked and nullified and all such personnel are hereby ordered to immediately STAND DOWN.
        Any further corporate governmental intervention into any matter regarding any activity in any of the several states related to the Respublica of Earth, United States of America is now considered a Breach of the Peace.
        LET IT BE FURTHER KNOWN that anyone disregarding this ORDER is considered personally liable for acts leading criminality against the People and faces immediate arrest and detainment by the Court of Ages, Earth District Natural Law Peace Officers deputized by the Court which includes all militia and National Guard.

        • Blah ..blah …blah Charlie Flatt.

          Don’t mean to come off harsh, but think about this for a moment.
          What is the pattern, every time a situation like this arises?

          ANSWER: “absolutely nothing”

          Noting gets done .. it’s just theatrics in the Media and nothing more. Today’s News Heading … becomes tomorrow’s buried News….because it doesn’t matter.

          If anything Charlie —- this looks like business as usual in America.

          Get used to it or fucking make an effort in changing it if you don’t like it.

        • Charlie Flatt for delusional dictator!

          Get over yourself.

          By the way, what is a Respublica?

      18. They are going to come up with a reason that sounds good to take the chip.

        • All they’d have to say is that Apple made the chip…

      19. What about all those people out there with a chip on their shoulder? Can they have one in their hand that matches?

        • No … no … no 88.

          Them people are different.
          Those are the kind of people who could use a good foot up the bunghole to adjust their communication skills to a more civilized manor.

      20. I say chip the useless eaters. I think the gov should know what’s up with the people they support. It is their business if the Welles are out getting high and not looking for work. How could anyone say the gov shouldn’t follow them if the gov pays for their daily survival. Did they think it was free shit with no strings attached. One of the guys at work wears this shirt that says I gotta go to work because millions of people on welfare depend on me. This is the truth. I hate the useless eaters they just bring the working man down. if your a true self reliant person you should not take the free shit road. But they say the road to hell is wide guess that’s why so many on the dole. Free food from the gov. The easiest thing to do is feed yourself where is your dignity. I’m gonna work till I die not gonna take free shit ever. Me personally I’d feel like a failure piece of shit that other hard working folks have to help me. If the gov feeds you you shouldn’t be bitching about them you got your way.

        • SO………everybody on Welfare is a “useless eater”?

          H’mm … how shameful of you. May nothing bad happens to you physically or mentally to put you in a position of collecting WELFARE.

          May you never need it, nor need any supplement of it if you fall on hard times. I’m sure you paid into the program over the years … so if you don’t feel like you’re gonna need it down the road.
          You better get on the phone and call these mother fuckers up an tell ’em to return you monies that you have put into the system.

          Be well …. ASSHAT .. I’m sure you claim to be a Christian and spread the word of Jesus and ‘sheet … but I … as a non-deist …… would never condemn one, who was in the need of help.

          Your post, is a part of the reason why America SUCKS COCK!~~~~~~~

          • Belly laugh… Good grief, yet another loud mouthed bar bore putting the world to rights.

          • FTW,Yes I am for charity for people who can’t work due to a handicap but the ones that could work and don’t because they like free stuff is the ones I have a problem with. I have worked 2 jobs to feed & take care of my family so I don’t feel pitty for them. They raised the minimum wage in Washington to $11 an hour and those people asked for less hours, amazingly they said they wouldn’t get their welfare assistance. I don’t like working to pay for someone who could but doesn’t because they are lazy or think it is owed them. I would rather live in the woods and hunt,fish and forage for food then live off someone else’s back.

          • Love your govt cheese, don’t you!

      21. needing handouts and living on them is totally different. So let me get this right I’m the bad guy because it pisses me off that I’m working and the useless eaters are taking their family to the beach while I’m at work. The idea that this is ok is what fucks America up. I carry my end of the rope but I should have compassion for the people that won’t. I get it shut up asshat and work harder. I am a a Christian but I don’t go preaching to people. It says in the bible if a man won’t work he shouldn’t eat. Whatever happened to that. These people that are enjoying their lives living on the dole are not disabled they are perfectly able to work. They are the useless eaters. I’ve seen people that have disabilitys working and they are doing their part. They may be mentally retarded but they get that they should work. I have a lot of respect for them doing their best and yes the useless eaters are bringing them down too. why does everyone have to say Christians condemn others I don’t hate homosexuals but I’m not gonna embrace what they call diversity. I don’t see them as being born that way. Black people are born that way. Homosexuality is a lifestyle that is against God. It’s not family conductive. As I said before I do not hate these people they are the ones that hate Christians. IMO it will never be acceptable. But I treat them as anyone else. I’d say I’m tolerant. Only you know if your a useless eater I’m just saying I couldn’t take free shit knowing I’m able to work and do my part. Don’t try to justify things and say your disabled to get free shit. Just do your part if you don’t make enough get the gov to supplement the difference. The idea is to secure work that pays a living without the gov helping. It’s out there you don’t start as a teen making $75000 a year and if your and adult making minimum wage you have failed. I’ve seen total dumb asses secure suitable work just because they want to work. They can be molded to be useful. Call it what it is useless eaters are lazy.

        • I couldn’t agree more: the reason the safety net is coming apart at the seams is because there are WAY too many people using it as a hammock

      22. Welfare is a social safety net not a way to secure income forever. Your supposed to get off it at some point.

        • Asshat, I was solely speaking of those who need Welfare and or Disability income.
          I agree with what you are saying.
          I do not agree that Welfare should be handed out to those who are mentally and physically able to work.

          If you had seen previous post of mine discussing this topic, it clearly shows how much I have disgust for these lowlifes who choose to live off of the American Taxpayers monies.

      23. Chip welfare recipients?!Good,start with the banks/auto makers/insurance companies ect. we all bailed out.I would then go to the military industrial complex and all their companies/dea/atf/fbi/nsa,hell all govt. employees/,hell,the list is endless!

      24. Problem is most here would support such a deal, then when that was implamented they’d increase it to another section of the country. then another and another until all have this thing. SO NO don’t support it here at all regardless.

      25. Rfid + microwave are a bad marriage (don’t try it at home).

      26. Mandatory microchip implantation will become a reality, if things are allowed to proceed on their present course.

      27. So you start with welfare recipients not middle class or wealthy. Always the weakest and least able who are targeted before anyone else. Cowards. Stop hate aimed at welfare. Most tax money goes toward “defense”. The average stay on welfare is less than two years and at five years lifetime cumulative receipt of welfare you no longer qualify. The majority of welfare recipients are Caucasian. Find a target who can fight back you merciless self righteous sons of chicken slayers. Cause guess what, by the time the Nazies come after you, there won’t be anyone left to defend you. Just like Germany. Only this time it’s being done with technology.

      28. We don’t need to be physically implanted, the chip is implanted in our phones and in our cards. Moving away from cash and digitizing all our financial transactions is pretty much all that’s needed to make us conform. You’ll have to have balls of steel to reject the authorities when they control all financial transactions. And it is not going to be too much longer before that happens. Maybe in four or five years. Time will tell. It doesn’t have to be official. Just watch as we move slowly deeper and more entrenched in digital money and away from cash.

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