Government Shutdown: Food Stamp Money Is GONE At The End Of January

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Headline News | 101 comments

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    Without funding for a much-desired border wall, president Donald Trump doesn’t seem willing to budge at all during negotiations for the upcoming budget battle.  While Trump and Democrats both hold out, funding for the food stamp program will run out at the end of January.

    The Department of Agriculture says if the ongoing government shutdown extends into February, there won’t be enough money for those who rely on the government welfare program known as food stamps.

    At the heart of the government shutdown is Trump’s demand for more money to secure the southern border with Mexico, according to a report by Money and Markets.  The president seeks $5 billion in funding to fulfill his campaign promise of building the wall on the southern border as a way to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. The Democrats also have dug their heels in, saying they will not give any more than $1.3 billion, which is to be used for fencing and shoring up current security.

    Trump has already warned Democrats that he refuses to budge and unless they agree to fund the wall, the government will remain shut down. However, now those on food stamps are probably feeling some concerns. There are about 38 million people currently receiving food stamps and they could all be cut off, forcing them to have to budget like the rest of us. Even though the government has been shut down, the Department of Agriculture still has some existing financial resources at their disposal, and they are assuring us that those enrolled in the food stamp program will still receive their benefits “for January,” reported The End of The American Dream.

    The shutdown has been dragging on for a week now, and government workers are furious as they go without pay.  (Because their employer, who is $21 trillion in debt is so great at handling money, to begin with). Because the mainstream media continues to blame Trump for the shutdown, Democrats believe they have some kind of leverage, however, poor coverage in the media has never slowed Trump down when he gets an idea.  In fact, he’s now responsible for more gun control than his uber-liberal predecessor, Barack Obama. 

    We could very well experience what it is like for people to not get their food stamp money on the first of February.  There is no frame of reference for what will happen, although some have suggested people will pick up part-time jobs, others say extreme measures will be undertaken and civil unrest could occur. Right now, it’s anyone’s guess…



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      1. When the have nots, have not, look for the have nots to go after the haves, big time! Take it from Ole Johnny who lived through the tumultuous 1960’s, up close & personal, first hand. Or put it this way, Ole Johnny ain’t preparing for retirement, he’s preparing for the day when the SHTF! Make note of that, please.

        • Aaaahhhhhh, the spark approacheth! I predict a target rich environment in muted shades of dark colors.

        • Have you taken notice that this subject has not been raised in the MSM? I think it’s beca there are millions of Americans that don’t know illegal aliens are getting these benefits as well. Trump has the dems cornered and I don’t think too many people see it. Trump can use this subject to make his point for funding the wall. I read an article that stated the total gubmint payout between all the entitlements illegal aliens get- medical, housing, food stamps etc- equals 5.9 billion dollars a month. That’s a lot of money that taxpayers are footing the bill for. And he’s asking for less, right now, to build the wall. Frankly, I don’t understand why these freebies are still being given to illegal aliens and why are Obama phones still being funded?

          • I took a video of the skies on Christmas Day and they were entirely filled up with Chem Trails, all over the place.

            Yesterday I took another video, same place in the skies, and there were NO Chem Trails. Bluue blue skies only everywhere. Same with today, normal clouds, blue skies and no chem-trails at all.

            Observation: Coincidently the Government is partially shut down and there are no Chem-Trails Since the Government Shut Down. Go look at the skies in your area to see if there are any chem-trails? The Government shut down stopped the Chem Trail “Poison the Populace Program.” hmmmmmm…

          • Good question Panther. Why are illegal aliens getting any tax provided services? Frankly I hope this shutdown continues for six months. Maybe by then, the illegals will have decided to go back home. Needy citizens can turn to their local churches.

      2. Once that happens the “Great Chimp Out” will commence. Top off your mags if you haven’t already done so. Touch up your blades and even give them a stropping on the leather to take the burrs off. You want them to glide easily.

        • The Amish, LDS, Preppers and the Meek shall inherit the earth. The other 95% will be the statistic mentioned in Global die off.

      3. Should this happen, it would be instant Zombi day.

        • – Muslims being sworn in to congress.
          – Mexia, Tx. Teacher Amber Parker attempted to traffick young girl to multiple men in Morrocco.
          – Radio host Michael Savage, in hiding due to threat on his life.
          – Congress dis biding of constituents AT&T, Sprint, Spectrum, keeping NO net nuetrality. So that conservative voices shut down on All Tech Mafia platforms.
          – US government stockpiling large quantity of ammo at US Post Office, NOAA, Social security admin.
          – Pelosi now speaker of house. Threatening our elected president with witch hunt/kangeroo court and made up “charges”.
          – Leftist refuse border security. Want door wide open to terrorist.
          – 5G surviellance Kill grid to irradiate you.

          How much are you going to take?
          This is the Leftist-Muslim-Over run with immigrant USSA.
          Are you going to obey a law passed by a immigrant Muslim?

          most comments of honest discussion banned on this site.

          Borders-Language-Culture-National Security-FREEDOM-Liberty-Right to Bear Arms, web sites consider these topics verbotten.

          • You might be surprised, but most White people have no idea about anything you just mentioned, or any of the other 100s of mounting problems. They seem to think they will be getting fat and watching various entertainment forever. Never mind them doing anything to secure their Freedom, or in their case, “Freedumb”….

            • “All that is required for Evil to Overcome good.
              Is that good men do Nothing.”

              Are you comfortable with a US congress person being sworn in on a Koran book?
              Are you going to obey a law passed by an enemy of everything American?
              Muslims have NOTHING to do with anything traditionally American.

              The direction of this country is sickening and repulsive.
              No one seems to be concerned? WTF?
              It seems that Evil deeds are now the “norm”. NUTS.

            • The willful ignorant deserve neither pity nor peace. Mother nature demands a price for any creature who fails to exercise awareness, usually by a brutal death at the first avaialable predator wo is aware.

      4. Just waiting to see who blinks!

        • Both sides have taken a “line in the sand” stand on this, If I were to bet I would bet on Trump giving in (again) since the Left has a huge number of people on its side including Congress and Trump only has Trump on his side.

          Sheer numbers prevail here, most of the political power in the nation against one man.

          • I think that is a pretty good assessment. Trump has been beat on everyday since he was elected by the leftists and the MSM. He is stymied at every turn by progressive federal judges, the never to be drained swamp of the deep state, as well as his own party RINOs & Never Trumpers. Anyone who does show support end up being harassed and threatened by the leftist thugs. I don’t know how he has put up with it for this long. I don’t care who you are, it just has to wear on a person.

            • YES the Prez will be the one to cave. Liberals never give up their causes, but when the going gets tough the Republicans will always throw their “own” under the bus in a New York Minute.I’ve seen it to many times and in to many places, Kavanaugh was an exception. Not sure that he is even a Conservative along with Justice Roberts, as they both just recently voted with the Liberals that taxpayer funding for Abortion was not Unconstitutional. Trekker Out

              • That might be the case were Trump a Republican. Ron Paul could have run as an Independent, but chose to run within the party. Paul’s candidacy, and resulting dirty tricks campaign by Romney, paved the way for Trump to run in 2016.

                If the Repubs throw one of their own under the bus, they can have their pick, but it won’t be Trump. We have 2 years of stagnation with nothing getting done, each side blaming the other, the Trump versus the uniparty.

      5. Well, if it were actually true, its a great way to end a long overdue welfare program…Those that eat with no responsibility to produce, will ALWAYS continue to abuse their largesse…Legitimate welfare cases need to be fettered out and supported, but the rest, need to end UNGRACIOUSLY. the FREE RIDE needs to end.

        • Leave it shut down!!!! Fire all of the nonessential govt employees. Hang for treason any politicians who will not secure,with a wee all, our country!!!!

          • Joe J – when I read this article’s title all I thought and said aloud was one word, “good”. Shut the damned worthless non-Constitutional b.s. down. Shut the damned welfare system down. Shut the entire social and medical support systems down. Shut down government controlled schools. Go back to what really made this country great… Men and women working, raising families and being responsible for their own live, mistakes and successes.

            • You know that is not going to happen. The marxists will get their way, and we will be one step closer to gulag.

              • Good thing Gas is getting cheaper. $2.07 in my area, other places down to $1.90 a Gal.

                Makes you think what a crock of BS it was back in the late 1970’s energy crisis hoax to jack up oil and gas prices.

            • I’m tired of seeing 350 pound baby mommas at Walmart with 2 to 6 head of bastard ghetto kids scampering around…and buying not one but two grocery carts full of food with a damn EBT card.
              I despise supporting such genetic scum,time for those ghetto sows to be working.


        • But how will they buy their beer and steaks? When I was a kid the schools in Florida were desegregated. I was forced to go to middle school in the “Projects”, i.e. Monkeyland. Half the houses had nice shiney Cadillacs in front. My family had very little, and only ever bought used cars. Screw these loafers and parasites.

          • Yes my high school years were spent in monkey town, thanks to democrats and,integration.

      6. The Great Chimp Out will occur. But remember 99 out of 100 of the poorest County’s are in the Red States. And their are more Whites on Food Stamps than any other Race in this Country. So let the Chimp out begin.

        • Braveheart777, uh, can you cite a source for that statistic “more whites on food stamps than any other race in this country”? Last time I checked ONLY minority groups can get food stamps or anything else. Only program I’ve seen any whites on has been SSRI or SSDI.

          • DR, here is a link to a site that draws from USDA stats.
            ht tp://

            And it is true; there are more whites than others.

            • Yeah, well take a look at the FBI website, where they list the pictures of their most wanted. Then observe the non-White faces and read the non-White Hispanic sounding last names….

        • Prove your assertions. What is the basis for your declaration? For example, based upon median household income, 12 of the worst economic counties are in Eastern Kentucky and are lilly white but have low population density. This is why the Democrats mention the poverty of Appalachia being consistently among the top ten poorest counties in the nation, while far better off counties in urban regions that are Democrat bastions have massive participation in the EBT program. So that is not at all lilly white but the opposite.

          Kentucky is Trumpland and perhaps the most hardcore of the so-called deplorables in terms of loyalty.

          • Maranatha, for as long as I can remember, I’ve only seen minority people with food stamps and NEVER any white people with those. I’ll grant you it’s possible I could be missing something so I’m only asking that poster to cite a source, any kind of source to back up what he’s saying. I personally know a few people on disability but not on food stamps or any other program.

            • Newsflash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Most of your rural communities in the South, and elsewhere are majority white.
              A great many of them, think single moms. The little whores are on food stamps.
              And every other handout they can get. Yes, they still work some little bullshit job.
              Well known fact. Food stamp recipients are overwhelmingly white. Dirty little secret.
              Ya see, freeloaders do come in all colors. Hope your white pride didn’t get butthurt.
              Carry on.

        • You are correct! There are more white on welfare than other. But watch what will happen when February 1 comes, the blacks on welfare will be marching and raising hell and the media will focus on them giving the impression they are the only recipients getting assistance. However, The illegal aaliens may be the largest recipients now cause they get section 8, food stamps, tax refunds and havent paid a damn thing, free medical, and taxpayer funded free education. Now, I feel the truly disable and poor senior citizens should get assistance. The new rules should be if they want assistance, they must work. All illegals and previous parasites of the system should be dropped from the program immediately. If the government stops all assistance to illegals and the hiring of them in jobs, that would stop migration of all these people from all countries. That would be the wall instead of a physical wall.

      7. There’s a huge percentage of the ‘free shit army” in my area. If the EBT cards stop working there will be a “chimp out”. Looks like I’m going back to the BOL earlier than I originally planned.

        • “The shutdown has been dragging on for a week now and government workers are furious as they go without pay. {Because their employer, who is $21 trillion dollars in debt, is so great at handling money.}” LMAO! Mac, that was great sarcasm. Let these govt. workers suffer some and learn what we poor souls in the private sector have had to tolerate going back to Bush. Bush gave Wall St. a bailout in Oct. 2008. Then their hero Obamanation comes in and gave the same Wall St. another bailout the following summer. Trillions were taken out of the economy and millions of people were put out of work during Obama’s first term. It was estimated at the time that 40% of the total US economy was lost with those actions. What did Obama do about everything? NOT A DAMN THING! Even with Trump things are still not looking great. Those govt. workers [prima donnas] don’t know what it is to suffer like the rest of us. They even have the same ‘us vs. them’ attitude toward us that the fed bureaucrats, politicians, and law enforcement have toward us. SO I SAY F#$% THE FED WORKERS AND THE HORSES THEY RODE IN ON! {RANT OVER}

          • Out of work for 11 months in 2009. And no one gave a $#!+ so play that tiny fiddle.

        • Here they are, as usual wandering around, rarely do they work. Their idea of work is working the system and scamming non-Orthodox people. Some are realtors or shop owners but most of them don’t work.

          • Where is my previous reply that goes with this YT video?

            I guess stuck in moderation or censored, not being posted due to truthful comments about the ‘joo knows who’s’ who scam the system and live off Section 8 and SNAP benefits.

          • Are they Amish?

            • JRS No. The Amish are extremely self-sufficient people, the Hasids (Hasidic ultra-orthodox Joos)are self-serving parasites. Night and day difference.

              The Amish would never invade communities, the Hasids do exactly that as a regular practice. The Amish are not typically violent while the Hasids can be at times, if anyone says anything negative about them or tries to fight back and stop their bullying.

              The Amish don’t even know about food stamps or government handouts. Most of my preps were learned from the Amish way of life and survival. 95% of what the Amish eat they make/grow or raise on their own land. They don’t bother non-Amish people. Complete opposite of the Hasids who work the system and take over entire communities with their culture. Once they start moving in it’s time to move out.

              For one, the Eruv; the Hasids attach white PVC piping to various utility poles to form an Eruv, a symbolic religious boundary that allows Orthodox Jews to do certain activities (like talking a walk after sundown) that they normally could not do without the Eruv. There’s lots more bs but you get the picture.

              Once these ultra-orthodox Joos invade the neighborhood they upset the culture, file lawsuits galore, bully and fight over town ordinances and interfere in everything. The entire neighborhood changes overnight.

              Many Hasids don’t live in expensive communities but the ones who do can afford to live in upper middle class towns because they cheat on their taxes and bilk the system. Amazing how much these people get away with. No one can say or print the truth about them without repercussions.

              My other comment posted earlier with the YT video was never posted so this may not get posted either. Can’t say anything negative, even though its true, anywhere online about this overprotected class of useless parasites.

            • They are Hasidic based on their dress and cultural affectations. Historically they were opposed to the events of the formation of a new nation in 1948 as they believed ony Yahweh could do that…not men and women, and especially not communists who disbelieved central tenets.

            • No, Amish are Christians who work hard.

      8. BENEFITS???? It’s a HANDOUT!! Keep it closed Donald let the blue gums , and jungle rats, and the TT’s starve to death !! Let them figure it out just like I have to!

      9. It is all electronic “money”. It is impossible for it to “run out” unless the powers wish it to.
        Any talk of the money running out is designed to solicit the desired increase in bleating from the sheeple.

        • It runs out when there is no official legal authorization to issue more of it.

          • How can it run out? We are smack dab in the center of the fiscal year. Whatever money is going to be spent for the year has long since been appropriated.
            One more thing, look at the cards in the picture. Notice anything about them? That’s right Timmy, they are all issued and administered by the STATES.
            Once again, slow one… this is to scare the sheep into bleating.

            • The states will pick up the tab, as they shoulk. Long term that will cascade into higher property taxes in blue states, then Liberals moving out and recolonizing elsewhere. Like in red states, where they will champion liberal laws, which starts the cycle all over.

              Ask any one from Colorado about the Californios moving in. As soon as hordes of Californians moved en masse there, they voted against gun ownership and rights. Let’s see, move somewhere to escape the crap you did in the old place then vote to disarm the locals and raise taxed again sky high. That’s a Liberal for you. They dont’t build anything, just use it up like locusts.

      10. Food stamp money runs out at the end of January? Sounds like plan.

      11. The eaters are just one aspect of foodstamps.
        Its also a subsidizes the farmer,the grocer, the food manufacturers,and all those govt.employees that work in that program.
        I doubt it will shutdown.

      12. just more saber rattling….nothing will happen. Have fun at your BOL.

      13. I guess this brings the real truth to THE HUNGER GAMES.

      14. I see it all the time.
        Ladies wearing three and four,
        $400 gold Hawaiian bracelets
        paying with WIC or EBT cards.
        They then go out to the $60,000
        4WD crew cab Lifted Dually
        Diesel trucks to drive home,
        to boyfriends, grandmas house.
        Can’t say all of them are scamming the
        system, but……..

        • Many years ago, one of my first jobs was in the Fairfax County School System Food Service office. There, I reviewed the Free and Reduced Price Lunch program applications. Yes, September was pretty wild. During the year, other applications would come in when families fell upon hard times and occasionally some would bring them in person.

          I noticed that white people were often driving far better cars than I have ever had; they would use it as long as possible. Asian families took advantage of the program if they really had little choice and as soon as they could, they stopped using it even if they still qualified. Other races were a mixed thing; some were continually using it and some were proud to be able to stop using it. There were few Hispanics at that time so I have no opinion based on that experience but I could guess.

          It wasn’t difficult to spot the abusers and flag the application for the annual audit. And some were using the application for other reasons such as reduced rates for certain school programs. It was an eye opening job.

      15. This is actually good. Maybe the chimps will stop putting the crack pipe to their lips now and actually use all the money they spend on crack for food. Also, why would anyone want to cross the border now with benefits being cut. Hhahahahahhahaaa

      16. The people on food stamps are the Democrats trump card. They can be manipulated into rioting snd into acting as the Democrats foot soldiers in the streets Antifa will hit the streets and go for broke. shows how the Democrats will use women and kids to get what they want regardless of the cost to expendable people

        • Close down Starbucks and ‘Antifa” won’t show up.

        • “There is no frame of reference for what will happen.”

          google -> ebt riot -> 154,000 references

          Self defense is considered mutual combat, and the prime aggressor is considered the criminal. There is no honor code or common law.

      17. The Left can’t wait to get the ‘starving children and women’ on camera. How much money do they give to charity? I bet not as much as we working people. The hypocrisy goes on. Just like flying their jets to protest “Carbon emissions”, Abortion rights, that by the way kill as many girls as boys.
        Trump better get the border secure. Build the damn wall where it makes sense and put the returning military on the rest of the border. AND, stop giving illegals social services. If you want a stray dog to quit coming around, don’t feed it.

      18. Hate the hungry but ignore the warmongers in full control and the missing trillions swindled from the people.

      19. What happened to the surplus food box idea? Supermarkets started squawking about lost revenue. To get food stamps in February you have to apply by January 15th.

      20. “Food Stamp money gone the end of January” yeah, except for the Hasids.

      21. Churches do not pay TAXES for a reason, so that when people do not have anything to eat, the CHURCHES are supposed to step in a FEED THE PEOPLE. That is why the Churches save millions of dollars a year. So now let the Churches spend some of that TAX money they didn’t pay, and FEED and take care of people LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

        • These are total lies unsupported by the facts.

          • The average church in America has less than 100 members and is lucky to stay open as 100-200 close every week. Regardless an enormous effort is made to care for the poor. If every church.closed tomorrow, then the poor would truly revolt and likely be entirely ensnared by the Democrats and socialism.

            The average pastor makes the equivalent of $19,000 in 1990 dollars.

            The Great Apostacy prophesized by Jesus is beginning in America and already happened in Europe in the nineties.

            • The Man of Sin
              1 Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, 2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. 3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come , except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
              2Thessalonians 2:1-4

              5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. 6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
              Witnessing to All Nations
              (Mark 13:10-13; Luke 21:10-19)
              9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.
              Matthew 24:5-14

              The evil words you speak persuade weak people to reject Christianity. When Europeans did that, since the people always believe, they turned to Islam. You are accelerating the Great Apostacy.

              • Maranatha, Europe has been dominated by Catholicism ever since the death of the Roman Empire, and that’s NOT true Christianity. Some say it’s the SPIRITUAL version of the Roman Empire and I can believe that. Catholicism has ALWAYS been an apostacy; a false religion. Just examine their doctrines AND their own version of the Bible. Both are just as false as can be. My late wife was one of those ‘recovering’ Catholics when I first met her. When I was courting her, she told me stories about her life in the Catholic Church that really shocked me. She had her reasons for breaking away from them. There’s a reason it’s called the ROMAN Catholic Church and their world headquarters the Vatican is located in ROME. Think about it.

                • Point to a post that I have made that iis pro-Catholic.

                  • Maranatha, I apologize for any misunderstanding. I’ve enjoyed all of your posts and never considered any of them pro-catholic. I just wasn’t sure if you understood the true nature of Catholicism. My wife certainly had a unique insight on Catholicism.

                    • Western Civilization and Christianity are totally emeshed and we are doomed if either is lost.

                      There are elements which I appreciate in other denominations but being an evangelical Christian protestant seems the most authentic to Jesus’ teachings.

              • ⛪️⛪️⛪️

        • A well-tended plot of land, the size of an ordinary, suburban backyard can grow literal (no exaggeration) truck loads of food. My donations quit, when I saw where it was going.

          The money (aka tax shelter) churches do offer crisis housing services, known to keep these people as slaves. In spite of humanist literature from the WCOC, the subsidies come with strings attached — forced labor, psychological abuse, restricted movement. These globalists in sheep’s clothing might want your passport or other documentation for safekeeping.

          • Galatian 6:5 and The Parabale of the Sheep and Goats. It’s both/and not either

      22. There is nothing Scriptural about celebrating human misery. Opposing others who help the suffering makes you act in opposition to Christ’s own teachings in Matthew 25. That makes them antichrists by definition and sociopaths and psychopaths who lack empathy.

        Wolves hide in sheep’s clothing. Why are there so many warped Mad Max folks? Is that a realistic response in preparedness?

        • Weaponized morality to enable the lazy and useless eaters. I believed the amoral Leftists were the only ones to do that. Weaponized morality wielded by the religious is even more dangerous. What is the difference if leftists or the religious do it when they do it FOR the same people? Nothing because BOTH do it under the claim of their OWN moral SELF JUSTIFICATION. But an appropriate related topic included camels through needle eyes, but that reference will likely be misunderstood as well, cognitive dissonance in effect and all.

          • Admit it, you are not a Christian, right?

            You don’t care, right?

            Well Buddy, what if you needed help? I’ve noticed that the people most in need of forgiveness are the least forgiving.

            I don’t believe in handouts. I believe in initial help long enough to teach people how to fish or grow or harvest some wild edible. That’s as old school as you can get and worked for the last 12,000 years.

            • Former. And then reality pulled the rose colored lenses from in front of my eyes to see the control program EXACTLY for what it is. I am not cucked and blind as I used to be. Karma visits people often around these days. And when She does, I go and ask about the back stories (when it seems strange enough) so I can see why Karma visits like she does. Karma is a funny thing, she doesn’t respect human values because it doesn’t “see” them nor measure out its doses based on human measurement. But it does “REWARD” actions in very ironic and strange just ways.

            • Maranatha, much of the 38 million living off SNAP are GENERATIONAL people living on the mental plantation.

            • I dont need forgiving, im accepting of who i am and what i believe in abd am self actualized. I dont need your or anyone elses approval,either. Nor do i ask for what is grudgingly judgementally given by holier than thou fools who deem themselves more moral than others… Leftist mentality is not limited to leftists.

            • 3ews seem to help themselves to everybody else’s stuff.

          • Exactly.

      23. Give them all your preps when they show up to your house Mara
        I keep mine no f——- giving

        • Selfishness according to Jesus is the surest road to Hell.

          See Matthew 25.

          • Selfishness includes living off of other people, i.e. NOT going out to get a job in an economy where we just added over 300,000 jobs.

            • The USA is enormous. Not all the jobs were distributed evenly but many in urban areas. There are places where the economy has been destroyed by Obummer. That’s largely why Kentucky is Trumpland.

              Some little rural region in the boondocks in Eastern Kentucky might not have any industry so there is subsistence agriculkture and hunting/trapping/fishing and coal mining. Obammy killed coal mining.

              Do you really think an impoverished hillbilly from the mountains of Appalachia will move to Louisville to get a job? Come on. He’s among the poorest of the poor and can’t afford clothes for his kids in winter. Some of these places have 300-500 people in the middle of nowhere.

          • The bible also eschews laziness and sloth and advises against those who WILL NOT do for themselves. Charity for the truly needy. I think you have read far too much into it too much a color of bias that is not reflected in scripture but rather color of preacher opinion from a pulpit. That and a reckless sense of pride in your moral superiority because you dare not think any criticism of your interpretations is right. Pride goeth before the storm, but naked fear of a vengeful god will do that to people. Makes them take leave of reason.

      24. This country needs strict registration of bricks. When all else fails, bricks. Accepted in more retail stores than SNAP cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. Congress knows this so they’ll find a way to fund food stamps.

      25. This is ridiculously simple to fix. You reinstate the old commodity program that helped American farmers and the impoverished at the SAME TIME.

        The government buys produce and meat from the farmers and has it canned inexpensively and generically. The poor get these inexpensive canned goods. They then get distributed. Everybody wins and it costs a tiny fraction of the EBT program. Nutritionally it is superior. Walmart then isn’t directly benefitting but cut out of the loop.

        This would halve the cost of the EBT program and also cut out any purchase of nonfood items.

        Wait…that sounds like common sense. The Democrats will never go for it because it’s too helpful to the poor and cost effective and healthy and reduces waste.

        • OMG, HOW are they going to get their 7-11 PIZZA???

        • People would need to know how to cook with their basic items. Too many need a recipe to boil water these days.

      26. “We could very well experience what it is like for people to not get their food stamp money on the first of February.”

        We just added 300,000 jobs to the economy. Go OUT and get a job!!! I have to get up and go to work everyday, so should they. 38 million people, of which likely over half are just lazy, they can go ahead and riot, and bring it right up into my neighborhood. We’re armed and organized.

      27. I think some of y’all are detached from reality. there are 330 million Americans and 300,000 new jobs and they are in the urban areas and the people are broke after eight years of Obammy misery. It’s a misery that annihilated black wealth in the middle class and they made that money under Republicans.

        It really is a miniscule drop in the bucket that has zero effect on rural unemployed people. When coal mining is disrupted, it affects everything here…the whole economy.

      28. WEaYvKTEwpE
        This is largely why Kentucky is Trumpland.

        This is what Obammy did to Harlan KY and elsewhere.

      29. hBGWY_rGny4
        Eastern Kentucky has 33 of the most economically depressed communities in the nation! Obummer and the Demonrats destroyed the livelihood of productive working class patriotic conservative Americans. It’s honestly like a war on white Christians just because Obummer hates coal.

        Well that killed railroad jobs, construction, the tax base, property values, utility workers, agriculture, the service industry, retail, etc.

        Imagine small towns just annihilated.

      30. Read a book called”When the banks closed we opened our hearts” all short stories how families helped one another, Their were no food stamps then.At least today you can find a part time job. I lost my job for two years and 9 months. My wife and I worked odd jobs paid a mortgage on time and fed 3 kids with no help no handouts or food stamps.So get off your Ass and get a JOB.

      31. Well after Obammy had his way for eight years, he devastated local rural communities. I’m serious when I say that the huge gains made in the black community under Republicans was annihilated under Obama. Listen to a talk by Tavis Smiley some time and he was formerly a Obama proponent.

        But it affected everyone in the rural South regardless of skin color. You make due with part time work but then even these dry up as the local economy dies. You can only absorb so many unemployed family members too.

        As people get poorer, every available asset is used up, then attrition happens as kids need clothing and items break, and you start repairing already repaired items. If not for the church, some people would just be homeless, and many are proud and will not take public assistance.

        The deathknell as Obamacare as it financially crippled the entire middle class right when inflation already had ruined wages. On top of which benefits were being cut as well as pensions.

        It’s all cumulative and yet the income level is rather fixed for middle class income despite halving wages due to infation since 1990. This is why older folks can’t compute the realitu sometimes because once $35,000-45,000 was decent income nearly 30 YEARS AGO. Yet today that is equal to $17,500-22,500!!! How do you make it on so little? How do you find a job when so many are unemployed in some rural areas where 33-50% are standard levels of poverty?

        That’s why Eastern KY is not for everyone among many other issues. Western KY still is doing okay mostly but limping along in some places.

        Y’all will say, “Move dang it!”, but the issue is the expense and coming up with reliable transportation and extra money for housing in larger cities. There’s no guarantee of finding work in these urban areas. Which is why many are stuck in little rural villages in Eastern KY. They get by in a hardscrabble way far worse than any ghetto.

        Obammy killed coal and with it jobs that made those communities work.

        Y’all should worry because robotics will do the same to every job.

        • ht tps://
          Look at this map carefully if considering Eastern KY as a BOL. Those purple areas are major poverty zones, often as a direct result of Obammy’s policies especially on coal. This means desperation and pride and especially if the folks are not Christian, they turn to crime. That’s hillbilly mafia in these zones likely drugs being made and distributed, and not MJ.

          If the SHTF, these folks will lack customers, but are violent by nature and history (going back to Northern Ireland and Scotland). East Tennessee can be as bad or worse. The good news is they would keep out the fleeing Horde from the Atlantic Seaboard. The bad news is they are the most insular people (possibly in the world) and hate “scallywags” who move in and buy inexpensive rural property. If you are a Yankee trying that, yer “tetched” in the head. It’ll never work.

          Western KY is a far better option plus stable with much better land in terms of agriculture.

          • East Tennessee Appalachia history and culture by the Patriot Nurse.

      32. In Kentucky you have to work to get EBT card credits so it is NOT a handout. To apply for disability, you have to show evidence of working prior as well. These requirements cull people from the programs and not always fairly. This would be like paying for social security then when getting the benefit you made it conditional by making seniors bag groceries.

      33. htt ps://
        It has begun. Native Americans living on the reservations cannot get their EBT credits processed.

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