Government Lays Groundwork To Confiscate Your 401k and IRA: “This Is Happening”

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This morning Reuters obtained a leaked proposal disclosing that European Union officials are looking for new and innovative ways to fund their immense debt levels. As noted by Zero Hedge, they’re no longer turning exclusively to central bankers to simply print more money as needed. Because last year’s bank bail-in forcing the confiscation of funds from average depositors in Cyprus worked so well, EU regulators and bankers have determined that they’ll use a similar method to fund their future endeavors.

In a nutshell, and in Reuters’ own words, “the savings of the European Union’s 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says.”

The solution? “The Commission will ask the bloc’s insurance watchdog in the second half of this year for advice on a possible draft law “to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing”, the document said.”

Mobilize, once again, is a more palatable word than, say, confiscate.

This is what happens when governments run out of money.

But if you think this is limited to just Europe, then consider the words of President Barack Obama in his recent State of the Union address.

For all intents and purposes, a similar groundwork is being laid right here in America.

They’ve already taken over the health care industry… why not nationalize our retirement savings while they’re at it?

(Reprinted with permission from Sovereign Man. You can read the full analysis here.)

This is basically the offer that the President of the United States floated last night.

And like an unctuously overgeled used car salesman, he actually pitched Americans on loaning their retirement savings to the US government with a straight face, guaranteeing “a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in. . .”

This is his new “MyRA” program. And the aim is simple– dupe unwitting Americans to plow their retirement savings into the US government’s shrinking coffers.

We’ve been talking about this for years. I have personally written since 2009 that the US government would one day push US citizens into the ‘safety and security’ of US Treasuries.

Back in 2009, almost everyone else thought I was nuts for even suggesting something so sacrilegious about the US government and financial system.

But the day has arrived. And POTUS stated almost VERBATIM what I have been writing for years.

The government is flat broke.Even by their own assessment, the US government’s “net worth” is NEGATIVE 16 trillion. That’s as of the end of 2012 (the 2013 numbers aren’t out yet). But the trend is actually worsening.

In 2009, the government’s net worth was negative $11.45 trillion. By 2010, it had dropped to minus $13.47 trillion. By 2011, minus $14.78 trillion. And by 2012, minus $16.1 trillion.

Here’s the thing: according to the IRS, there is well over $5 trillion in US individual retirement accounts. For a government as bankrupt as Uncle Sam is, $5 trillion is irresistible.

They need that money. They need YOUR money. And this MyRA program is the critical first step to corralling your hard earned retirement funds.

At our event here in Chile last year, Jim Rogers nailed this right on the head when he and Ron Paul told our audience that the government would try to take your retirement funds:

I don’t know how much more clear I can be: this is happening. This is exactly what bankrupt governments do. And it’s time to give serious, serious consideration to shipping your retirement funds overseas before they take yours.

As former Congressman Ron Paul notes, the government will stop at nothing.

“They’ll use force and they’ll use intimidation and they’ll use guns, because you can’t challenge the State and you can’t challenge the State’s so-called right to control the money,” warns Paul. “It’s already indicated that they will confiscate funds and they will [confiscate] pension funds.”

This didn’t just happen over night. The move to make this reality has been going on for quite some time. The first time it was mentioned publicly in any official capacity was at a 2010 Congressional hearing:

Democrats in the Senate on Thursday held a recess hearing covering a taxpayer bailout of union pensions and a plan to seize private 401(k) plans to more “fairly” distribute taxpayer-funded pensions to everyone.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee heard from hand-picked witnesses advocating the infamous “Guaranteed Retirement Account” (GRA) authored by Theresa Guilarducci.

In a nutshell, under the GRA system government would seize private 401(k) accounts, setting up an additional 5% mandatory payroll tax to dole out a “fair” pension to everyone using that confiscated money coupled with the mandated contributions.  This would, of course, be a sister government ponzi scheme working in tandem with Social Security, the primary purpose being to give big government politicians additional taxpayer funds to raid to pay for their out-of-control spending.

You’d think that such an idea would be immediately dismissed by the American public, but it has only gained steam since, as evidenced by a 2012 hearing held at the U.S. Labor Department:

The hearing, held in the Labor Department’s main auditorium, was monitored by NSC staff and featured a line up of left-wing activists including one representative of the AFL-CIO who advocated for more government regulation over private retirement accounts and even the establishment of government-sponsored annuities that would take the place of 401k plans.

“This hearing was set up to explore why Americans are not saving as much for their retirement as they could,” explains National Seniors Council National Director Robert Crone, “However, it is clear that this is the first step towards a government takeover. It feels just like the beginning of the debate over health care and we all know how that ended up.

Such “reforms” would effectively end private retirement accounts in America, Crone warns.

A few years ago the government of the United States of America nationalized nearly 1/6th of our economy when they took over the health care system with forced mandates. In the process they essentially took control of $1.6 trillion in yearly industry revenues.

But that’s nothing compared to private savings. The total amount of retirement assets in America, including 401k, IRA and savings accounts is around $21 trillion. With our national debt coincidentally approaching the same, the government sees big money and potentially a way out of our country’s fiscal disaster.

This will start voluntarily with the MyRA and other state-sponsored programs. But when not enough Americans are making it their patriotic duty to turn over their funds to their government, they’ll mandate compliance with the stroke of a pen just as they did with the Patient Affordable Care Act.

And just like Obamacare it will be enforced by the barrel of a gun. Failure to comply will mean confiscation without recourse and prison time.

All they need now is a trigger.

And that trigger will likely come in the form of another stock market collapse. Wipe out Americans’ in a stock market crash and scare the heck out of them with more economic bad news, and millions of our countrymen will be all too willing to hand it over to Uncle Sam. Panic is a powerful motivator and what better way to get people on board than by threatening them with squalor and destitution in their old age if they don’t go along with it?

Government officials have been actively working to make this a reality for years. The Europeans are doing the same.

You can put your head in the sand or cover your ears and pretend this is not happening, but that won’t change the outcome.

They will take everything they can get their hands on.

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    1. Be informed

      Get your money into cash, precious metals, food and supplies, whatever is tangible and is difficult for anyone to seize. IF you can’t hold on to with your hands, it is not yours if and when all the numbers float all of sudden to a big fat government zero.

      • Ordinary Average Guy

        Thieves at work….I don’t think they’ll stop there. They’ll come for property, personal possessions and who knows what else. At some point conscripted labor might be seen as a way for “them” to make a buck when they have stolen everything else. Greed and corruption, ethical principals, and the true golden rule are as foreign to these people as visitors from space.

        • Man on the inside

          When they start coming for the personal property folks then have nothing to loose and then that is when the goverment will find out just how out numbered and out gunned they are…. no mater how many drones they buy or how many bullets they buy… we have more PRAY, PLAN PREP, FORM TEAMS,…. and like BI said… TANGEABLE ASSETS….

          • Highspeedloafer

            I wish I believed you were right.

              • Gods Creation

                They can have every nickel I have in my IRA, 401K, and all banks accounts combined.

                That wouldn’t even net them a nickel.

                If you leave your new Mercedes convertible top down in the middle of the ghetto, whose fault is it when it gets stripped?

                The only ones who will be affected will be those without the good sense to learn the truth about who they deal with.

                Odds are, the clamps will come down tight right after it happens. Nothing will piss off the sheep like stealing their future, and even the blind will be able to see it.

                There will still be millions who will refuse to look.

                • Lisa

                  Some people will really believe it’s a good deal, just because the government says so.

                • Tamara

                  What would be our alternatives to using 401k? Cash only? I am not willing to hand over what I have worked my whole life for!! Sitting on the sidelines and not standing up is like handing a gun permit back to the government after being approved! We need to do something now to protect ourselves!!

            • OutWest

              Your retirement savings in the gov’s hands
              will be as safe as the gold in Ft. Knox.

              And the farmer hauls another load……

              • Wilson

                “And it’s time to give serious, serious consideration to shipping your retirement funds overseas before they take yours.” Jim Rogers

                DUH, yeah right, send your wealth to a foreign country!! Why? So that that foreign government can confiscate it? I think not.

                I choose the tangibles route. Which reminds me, my tax refund hit the bank last night, must go withdraw it when the bank opens at 9:00 am this morning.

                • hammerhead

                  wilson, why did you lend the government your hard earned pay interest free for a year ?
                  Change your withholdings , dont feed the beast !

                • frank

                  That you even comlied with a 100% illegal theft of your money via the illicit 1913 Rothschild Slushfund Act tells it all. LOLOL And these are the bull$hit “patriots” we have. Big mouths and small balls.
                  Bring this monster down without a shot fired- DONT PAY ILLEGAL TAXES. Oh but – “we’ve got guns” “wait till they see what they’re up against” “No govt is gonna cross me” etc etc etc
                  You know and the govt knows, the American will NOTHING to defend their rights. So stop with the bluster and at least have the guts to face that reality.

                • Jack Hammer

                  I suggest you change your W-4 so you have to pay at the end of the year instead of letting the criminal Regime hold your money during the year. I always have to pay at the end of the year. Works for me!

                • nadly

                  You gonna take the whole 50 bucks out at once Wilson?

                • Wilson

                  I fully agree with you and I have done everything possible to reduce my “loan” to the government. However, this year a refund happened.

            • BJ

              Question to the real long shooters on here. Last week I went to Mega Sports, a very unconstitutional gun and ammo store in the unconstitutional state of Illinois. I wanted to look and learn about the vast array of scopes they had. The guy wouldn’t take one single scope out for me to look at, nor would they take a gun out or even allow you to pick up a box of ammo to read info on box……no shit! Not without a govt FOID card. Long story short, the condescending guy behind the counter told me to look at Magpul Dynamics™ The Art of the Precision Rifle, 5-Disc DVD Set, so I did and bought it

              Smart purchase?
              Will I gain ,much from it? I really am a relational kind of guy s far as learning style. IOW I really thrive on learning from a person, not much into learning from books or vids.
              Good investment??

              • Maudy Frickett

                BJ, that store has pissed off a lot of gun owners during the recent panic. They wouldn’t let anyone in the store without a FOID. If you went with a spouse or friend, you could get in but not the other person. That recently changed. Also, if you buy ammo from them they will record your FOID number in their computer with the record of which ammo you purchased.

                • BJ

                  they had my buddy and I both pissed bad, well probably more me than him. He is a stronger and wiser christian than I for sure (Sgt Dale you know him. But what bothered me most was the fact the guy wouldn’t take a scope out. I have never even looked though high dollar glass in my life and was really looking forward to it. They had $1800 Night Force, but he just down played them and said they weren’t any good if you wanted to learn to hit 800-1200 yard shots. I was like, hell I don’t know let me see, I wanna look….please! He just kept saying I should look at Schmidt and Bender (sp?) which was weird since he worked there and hey didn’t have any of that make and model….LoL

                • IOU

                  Why would you give that store your money ?

                • Shootit

                  Screw that…. Go west young man to one of the great states west of the Missouri. You can buy ammo with no id, just have to be at least 18. For that matter I think you can buy all the ammo you want in Iowa or Indiana without any id.

                • IL mom

                  Which is why my purchases are made in Missouri. I’m glad I’m on the border.

                • 006

                  In TN. they only look at your I.D. to verify age, if you have gray hair like me, they will not even ask for it then.

              • .02

                BJ, my experience of shooting for over 50 years is there is no substitute for practice. Lead down range is what it is all about. The basic fundamentals, breathing, trigger pull, etc is learned quickly, bullet drop, wind doping etc is only learned with lead in the air and you can spend a lifetime in learning as nature is a changing variable. So unless you are shooting indoors, which is near worthless imo, every shot outdoors is different. Now a days with all the cool electronics like range finders and BDC scopes like the excellent Zeiss Rapid Z reticle, it has become much easier than in the days of the past when you basically tried to figure range and holdover straight out of the pipe. Shooting 1000 yards is a snap compared to 25 years ago.

              • Jack Hammer

                Everyone should NOT patronize that store! Illinois law for a FOID card is unconstitutional and I would NEVER live in NAZINOIS! I moved out of that crap hole state back in 78 and never looked back. For what it’s worth: Only Illinois residents have to have a FOID card and must show it to “handle” a weapon. If you are an out of state resident you can handle any weapon in Illinois legally (in a store) except hand guns. I’ve bought several rifles from Illinois over the years and I am NOT a resident of Illinois.

              • .02

                BJ, when you start getting near $1000 for glass it really starts getting hard to see any difference, especially with older eyes like mine. Swarovski,Zeiss,or Schmidt & Bender even Leica will all be superb glass. What you need to concentrate on is what purpose the scope is to be used THE MOST for. If you are going to hunt more than shoot targets for instance then you will want to take the kind of glass specifics into consideration. But standing in a store looking across the isles under artificial lights is not going to make much of a noticeable difference in clarity or intensity after about 700 dollars.

                • IOU

                  Get the real deal Tasco

                • Shootit

                  I prefer Simmons then BSA. 😉

                • MXLord327

                  I really don’t mind some of the lower priced scopes. Not the Tasco’s and other cheap crap, but I have a Bushnell Trophy 3×9 and a Simmons Aetec 2.8×10 that I would put up against any Leupold or Zeiss for normal hunting duty any day, and both were arounds $100. They have a much wider field of view than the more expensive scopes, which is great for running game at closer ranges. Of course, I’m in Maine, so shots over 200 yards are an extreme rarity, most are under 50 yards.

                • BJ

                  Thanks .02

              • Sgt. Dale

                I’m sorry I set you there. I have been there several times and I have never had that kind of treatment. Maybe because some of the guys know I’m a cop.

                The DVD won’t hurt, you will learn quite a bit.
                Range time with an instructor will help you more than anything. Knowing your weapon is the most important thing.

                Illinois has some B.S. laws about handling a firearm with out a FOID card, and ammo the same way.

                I had an idea call Barrett in Murfreesboro Tn. 615-896-2938. You ask them what scope they recommend, and when the next class that they are putting for long range shooting. Every time I have been at the store in Murfreesboro they have been great folks to talk to and full of all kinds of INFO.

                They have Long range shooting classes #1 and advanced #2.

                I wish you lived around here I would teach you what I know. You got 5 min. Just kidding. The best I can do is shot 100 yards because I don’t have ranges in my HOOD any longer that that. (but I know my weapons and I known what my ammo will do). Right now they are closed.

                Again sorry for the B.S. at Mega.

                I’m working Sat 3-11 and Sun. 7-3, this week. If you want to stop by.

                • IOU

                  You would teach him to be a JBT?

                • BJ

                  Not your fault Dale and thanks. I had your number on paper in the office, but it isn’t there anymore? I can ask MB to get it for me though ??

                • Sgt. Dale

                  Sure just have him stop in and I’ll give it to him. That is not a problem.

                • BJ

                  Anytime I have researched long range precision shooting schools (sniper school for civilians) I never seen Murfreesboro come up? I’ll have to look into them. trying to get the other two guys I work with and for to go as well….you know them. I seen a new scope through my daily email from this morning. A scope by Sightmark that is a 5-42 digital night vision scope. I like that one for an AR. Had a hard time though googling it “for sale?”

                  Had to take a guy for a follow up at PIC in Bollingbrook last night from the plant and drove through Seneca. Was told by the injured worker (who lives in the Seneca area) that that the bar there on the main strip had excellent burgers but didn’t stop due to it being a bar and being on the clock. You know what they say about perception.

                  I’d think about stopping by to say hi today on the way in to work tonight, but I just don’t know how I feel about walking into a “cop shop,” just being honest. Makes me think of Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone when he stole Wyatt’s badge and then told Wyatt “apparently my hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

                  Thanks for the reply and advice

                • Sgt. Dale

                  The only thing you have to FEAR is Fear itself.

              • usmc 0311

                I own the entire Magpul dvd series. They are good videos shot in very high quality and you can learn from them. However there is no substitute for getting out on the range and applying lead to target. If you are unable to do so in the peoples republic of Illinois also known as Oboingoville, at least safely practice a lot of dry-fire with snapcaps. Point the weapon at something you can fix or replace and run reps and practice the techniques you see in the videos. While not optimal its better than nothing at all. Good luck and train hard!

                • BJ

                  Thanks usmc0311

              • Ted


                Considering you wanted to look at scopes, and they wouldn’t show any to you, and you wanted to look at guns, and they declined, and decided it was not in your best interest to see the ammo either, Why the hell did you spend ANY money in that store?

                • BJ

                  I didn’t spend any money in that store??

                  Oh I think your talking about the DVD series from Magpul, right?
                  They told me about it, but I bought that from Magpul online and had it shipped to me.

            • DRD5508

              Highspeed, I’m with you on that. Been telling folks that our retirements/savings aren’t safe. I wonder if people will start to believe, now, that tptb will be coming for the PMs. Tptb don’t need our property, wealth, nor our PMs. Everything is about power and control. It is like a thief (the gov’t) stealing right before our eyes and daring us to stop him(them).
              And please don’t be under the illustion that they won’t be coming for our weapons.

            • apache54

              high speed,
              i am thinking like you, i HOPE enough will stand up and fight, but THEY know that as well, so most likely will be small gov. raids on small groups and or individuals of which we won’t last long, then the only chance will be guerrilla warfare. time will tell !!! we can only hope

              • Phelan Kell

                All we can do I swear to take as many as we can when they come for us and hope it helps awaken more.
                Don’t believe me? Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and how he talks about hindsight and the best way to deal with police visits in the middle of the night.

                “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: … We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

          • javelin

            I’d like to believe that what you say is true–but then again I can just as easily envision the masses lining up for a promise of a cot, clean water and warm meal and hopping right on those cattle cars….

          • frank

            Based on WHAT? The sheep are voluntarily surrendering their guns left & right.
            The time to use those guns is NOW, not when the outcome is finished. Suicide by cop kicking in your door is pointless

          • JIM P

            But wait, football is on!

          • Anonymous

            You just have to pray that the military won’t follow orders to fire on civilians….I pretty sure the majority won’t but I’m also pretty sure some will….

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          “Nobles” always want the hardworking “peasants” to pay their gambling debts.

          • Smokey

            Why are we reacting to this kind of thing by saying we’ll just get into precious metals, bury the guns, buy more preps, as a way of getting around the new ‘system’?


            Flood your congressman’s office with angry calls and emails about this proposal, and everything else. They work for us, let them know it in no uncertain terms.

            And, for all you folks that continually rant about Rep and Dem being the same, that’s the kind of talk that will get you more of this leftist bullshit. Vote the Dems out of office and we won’t have to bury our guns, fill our homes with canned goods, or sweat out the fate of our retirement accounts. The left is responsible for the fear in this country, so deal with them. The RINO’s are under serious attack from their own party, they’ll come around in a little while, but until the left is thrown out of power in every office they hold, the RINO’s can be a little complacent and go along with the big government crap.

            Vote them OUT in November !

            • frank

              And when the next elected official behaves the same as the last?
              Cowardice indeed. You want action?
              Dont pay your taxes. Walk out on your credit card debt.
              Money- not guns- talks. They can disable your little pistols and rifles in a nano second with scalar waves (developed in Israel with your US taxes) but if 200M nonviolently refuse to pay the Rothschilds, BoE and Vatican, real S would htf

            • Phelan Kell

              Smokey, you must have missed it, but earlier this week the Republican controlled House of Sleezebags passed a new Debt Limit with no strings attached.

              Democracy or Republican, it doesn’t matter a wit. They are both sides of the coin of Tyranny.

            • Hey You

              Voting got us where we are politically. More voting is highly unlikely to make any dent in the status quo.

              Nullification may work as these political guys seem to thrive on recognition. My guess is that some of them may not continue to enjoy recoginon.

        • Hunter


          Count on it, dude…the only question pertains to when the push-back/resistance becomes violent/physical.
 the manifold E.Os, per govt…review sames purchases for ammo/food-MREs/assorted disaster supplies etc, etc.

          Ditto, do some serious research into…NORTHCOM’s mission statement/capabilities.


          Sarge says: ..aim small..miss small!

          Hunter sez: ..ditto, be smart & hunt the wise/dominate bucks first. -(code speak)-

          • eppe

            They did not get old by being stupid…
            Had an old one in my old backyard, had a swamp behind my property. He had 2 older does that hung with him all year, which is real strange, since they usually break up in Feburary, but these three hung together all year. Hunted him for 5 years, 14 pointer, 280lbs+, eluded me for way too long. My neighbor walked out on day, there he was, he went inside, got his 300 mag, took him out…
            Kinda pissed me off, but what could I do, that deer was massive for Georgia, got a picture of him on the wall with me beside it. After being stumped by that deer for years, I realized he was too smart for words. Best part is that his genetics are still back there, and I have seen his offspring, will be back there hunting this upcoming year….

            • KY Mom

              Off Topic…

              eppe and Manthorn added some important links on a previous article about imported food – such as tilapia, garlic, vegetables, etc.

              Check the labels on the food you purchase.

              Frozen tilapia from China is now being sold in Walmart. I went to Walmart last night and found some in a display case.

              Feces in imported food from less developed countries a rising concern
              -Vancouversun dot com

              Will you know when your chicken was processed in China?

              In Sept. 2013 the U.S. took another step toward putting Chinese-processed poultry in American grocery stores and on American plates when Agriculture Department officials APPROVED certain Chinese plants for processing.

              The current law states…
              “Processed poultry products do NOT require country-of-origin labeling…”

              “And given the food safety track record of China, I believe the health of American consumers may be risked by this decision…”
              -Politico dot com

              I checked labels on several different brands of canned chicken. All they said was “distributed by…”

              We know Smithfield Foods was purchased by China’s Shuanghui, also known as Shineway, which is China’s largest pork producer.

              Please note:
              Smithfield sells its products (bacon, ham, etc.) under a variety of brand names, including as Smithfield, Eckrich and Farmland, Cook’s Ham, Gwaltney, John Morrell, Krakus Ham, Patrick Cudahy, Smithfield, Armour, Healthy Ones, and Stefano’s.

              These “popular packaged meats brands available at countless grocery stores and restaurants across the country.”
              -Smithfield Food dot

              Note: I am told last month (January 2014), Smithfields Foods changed their official name to WH Holdings. (couldn’t find an article to verify this.)

              Check the labels on the food you purchase.

              • Molly Pitcher

                I had recently, against better instincts, purchased some brand name chicken and bulk sausage in Wallyworld….upon opening the packages, before cooking, the stench that emanated, was nauseating. It smelled of a mix of feces…(both products were US labels…who knows where they came from)…needless to say, I tossed them.

                I am quite frustrated…to say the least, but I suppose I should have known better…as I meditate on the historical problems with the dog and cat food/treats and medicines (remember the deaths in Panama?)…Its harder and harder to ascertain our food safety.

                • LObamatomy

                  Quit supporting Walmart.

                • frank

                  Therein is the problem: why didnt you march right back to that store with the merchandise, demand answers and accountability at the point-of-sale and raise some hell? They screwed you -and you let them.
                  Instead You donated to the biggest cartel on earth without a peep.
                  People- either invest some time, energy, passion and work into your survival or it is all over. One day at a time, one small step at a time. cumulatively we take back our land.

                • americuh

                  LObamatomy, I agree, however I gave you a thumbs up because of your name.

              • John Q. Public

                Yes, depopulation by any and every means—import poisoned food, frack and fluoride poisoned water, ‘geoengineer’ poisoned air, vaccinate poisoned ‘medicine,’ and media poisoned lies—that is the goal of the “elites.”

                • KY Mom

                  John Holdren, one of Obama’s czars supports depopulation and even wrote a book about ways to achieve this goal.

                  John Holdren – “Obama’s Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is not only an abortion supporter, he is an abortion nut who believes that COMPULSORY abortions could be sustained under the existing U.S. Constitution if a population crisis arose.


                  Holdren authored with two other people a book called Ecoscience promoting their loony ideas about population control and One World Government—or what they called a Planetary Regime—to regulate international trade, the food supply and determine the optimum population for the world.”

                  Read about the views of Obama’s associates and advisors, who help shape and enact his policies…

                  If You Are Known by the Company You Keep, What do Obama’s Associates Say About Him?
                  -Four Winds 10 dot net

                • MXLord327

                  Yup, and many people say there is no difference between the left and right – this type of tripe would never come from the right, sorry, this is the realm of the wacko left.

                • John Q. Public

                  @ KY Mom

                  You should be on the Grand Jury that names those to be indicted at Nuremberg 2.

              • Y'all Beware!

                KY MOM,

                Found this in an email a friend sent:

                Differentiate which products are made in Taiwan or China.

                If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690, 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN CHINA.
                471 is Made in Taiwan.

                Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products “MADE IN CHINA”, so they don’t show from which country it is made.

                However, you may now refer to the barcode – remember if the first 3 digits are:

                00 ~ 13 USA & CANADA
                30 ~ 37 FRANCE
                40 ~ 44 GERMANY
                49 ~ JAPAN
                50 ~ UK
                57 ~ Denmark
                64 ~ Finland
                76 ~ Switzerland & Lienchtenstein
                471 ~ Taiwan
                480 ~ Philippines
                628 ~ Saudi Arabia
                629 ~ UAE (United Arab Emirates)
                740-745 ~ Central America

                Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’

                • hammerhead

                  Thats real solid info .
                  thanks @ beware

                • JayJay

                  I had several of new items(even shoes) with sale tags on years ago when this old email circulated…these bar code associated with country origin is wrong.
                  Don’t know who started this but they are wrong.

                • Mcdave

                  Excellent info.
                  This is the type of info I come here for.

                • KY Mom

                  Y’all Beware!

                  Thank you for posting this information!

                  I am passing this information on to others.

                  Take care!
                  KY Mom

                • skittle shittin unicorn

                  KY MOM

                  you should look into the writings and thoughts of another Ovomit czar Cass Sunstein ( he is no longer there but did his damage )

                  he believed that your dog had the right to sue you for any perceived mistreatment.

                  miss fido’s dinner time by 5 mins expect a lawyer on your door the next day.

                  Ovomit surrounds him self with crazies and total left wing nut jobs

                  skittle shittin unicorn

                • KY Mom

                  s. s. unicorn,

                  I agree! Cass Sunstein is another crazy man.

                  The article I linked to included information about him and Obama’s other czars.

                • Hunter

                  Kudos -YB- ditto, thanks much!

              • db427

                that’s where I draw the line, I’m not eating any GMO, insecticide laden, picked by illegal immigrants, sealed in cancer causing lined cans, food from china.

                • Hunter

                  KY Mom-

                  Look closely at the tribal-DNA of those Czars & his handlers/closest staffers!

                  ..then connect the dots!

            • no justice

              Interesting eppe. I read one time that a place in Georgia had deer from Wisconsin transplanted in the fifties there. In fact, those deer still rut earlier, first part of November just like Wi yet. Have you noticed the rutting habit of the deer you speak of?

              • eppe

                no, you are correct, they released a quantity of them on Jasper and Putnam Counties, thier genetics are still there. Lots in the Oconee Nat. Forest, my property is there, and you should see some of the trailcam pics we have gotten at 2am.
                Rut starts in mid Oct. runs as late as mid Jan. The reason for that is that not all does come into season at the same time, according to when they were born. And they do not get pregnant on the first run sometimes, so they go into heat twice a season. Some fawns drop in March, some as late as May.

        • RealAdvice

          It’s only a matter of time before “MyRA” becomes:


          or else face penalties ala the ACA.

          • IOU

            When the banksters torpedo the 401(k) system, the sheep willbe easily herded into Myra.

        • Mike

          When that happens a lot of the enemy will suddenly be no more

      • Facebook Page

        Mac. Not to drag it out. But remember the coco puff wars.

        It does seem that the comment area requires a flush once and awhile. And being here for a while it does seem to be about a yearly thing. After the flush we always seem to get back and even clean out the cobwebs of the I tired of the prepping stuff.

        • admin

          You’re right FBP — and I know you speak from experience… LOL… Usually things run very well. The thumb up/down feature is, in most cases, sufficient to filter out any crazy while also maintaining an open forum because nothing is actually ‘censored’ or deleted.

          I am all for passionate debate… But it did get out of hand recently (and has several times in the past as you noted). It took us a little while to make the call this time around — it’s a difficult decision, deleting comments on a web site that vehemently supports free speech.

          I thank everyone for their patience, feedback and continued sharing with this community.


          • candle in the wind

            Thanks Mac.
            Job well done. Keep up the good work.
            It was the right move. Knowing that you pondered and weighed the decision for a while not wanting to stifle anyone’s legitimate opposing opinions, makes me appreciate this site that much more.

          • Hunter


            Am providing link to a video, from another vet..per the end-game of active-duty vs. the rest of us (a mere +3min).

            Please sir, do not consign me/this video to “MODERATION-PURGATORY” for hours & hours!!!

            ..folks need to hear what this old grunt has to say, as it explains a lot & puts the pollyanna-believers to bed!

            See link below:


            • Hunter

              Damn..didn’t work (per 01:10hrs)!

              Mac, how can I acquire/gain an instant “Be Informed” level pass/passport/legit-status posting credentials, when forwarding good links!

              • Warchild Dammit

                Hunter,what I do is just add a space between http say,
                ht tp Warchild Dammit!All one has to do is copy/paste/and delete space.I realize this is not as easy as hitting a direct link but at least ensures in area of conversation you intended quickly.I think a handle search would be nice to get in debates discussions you had to leave for whatever reason and get back later in day for more info ect. without scrolling thru replies/discussion list.

                • Heirloominati

                  Yes, please. Like the idea, Warchild. Oh the many times I’ve scrolled and scrolled through the screeds of trolls just to glean a bit of wisdom from the veteran posters on this site.

                  You know who you are – Respect!

                  BTW, wanted to take a moment to thank you for turning me on to Barnhardt. Good stuff!

                  “Through the shuffling madness…”


          • wrong

            It’s interesting to read all comments. I always thought it would be interesting also to put faces with some of the comments. That may explain things…

            Your doing us all a great favor with the site. Keep up the good work.

            I found this of interest:

            Remember what Jesus said: ‘Goats on the left, sheep on the right’.
            To Peter, ‘if you want to catch fish do it from the right side of the boat. They did and filled the boat.

            Left & Right…
            Origin of Left & Right…

            I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the “right” and Liberals are called the “left?.

            By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible:

            “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

            Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen.

            Can’t get any simpler than that.

            Spelling Lesson
            The last four letters in American……….I Can
            The last four letters in Republican……..I Can
            The last four letters in Democrats………Rats

            End of lesson. Test to follow November 6, 2014.

            Remember, November is to be set aside as rodent removal month.

            • Jason Calley

              Wish I could join you in faith in the Republicans — but long experience has convinced me otherwise. Consider this: Right now, the Republicans only control the House of Representatives and understandably cannot push through legislation returning America to Constitutional rule. They say, “Put us back in control so we can fix things!”

              They are lying.

              How do I know? Because when they had four years of Republican control of the House, of the Senate and of the Executive branch (2001 – 2005)they did the same things the Democrats are doing now. Did they enforce immigration laws? No. Did they repeal violations of the Second Amendment? No. Did they balance the budget? No. Did they cut back on the size of Federal Government? No. Did they stop violations of the Fourth Amendment? No. Did they stop passing illegal Executive Orders? No. Did they return the US to Constitutional money? No. Did they get the Federal Government out of local schools? No. Did they get the US out of the United Nations? No.

              Are you seeing a trend?

              Look, I am sorry if you take this as a personal attack, but the fact of the matter is that supporting the Republican party makes you just as much part of the problem as if you support the Demon-crats. Remember Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football? Charlie Brown is the mass of conservative voters in the USA and Lucy is the Republican party. Wake up, please, for God’s sake. The only way we Americans can ever again control our government is if we realize that the present political game is rigged, with BOTH parties against We The People.

              • MXLord327

                You are completely correct, but you also have to remember that today’s republicans (uncapitalized on purpose) are not really Republicans at all. Just about all of them are nothing more than democrat-lite now. There are no Barry Goldwater’s anymore…. Hell, JFK would be considered an extreme right-wing nut nowadays!

              • wrong


                I totally agree with all you said. I was emailed what I copied. I just thought it was interesting. Dems and Repubs are one and the same. Time to flush the toilet.

            • BJ

              I always think of the goats (bad going to hell for eternity) go to the left

            • KY Mom

              Communists to Obama: We’ve got your back

              With Democrats facing a real possibility of losing the Senate this November, the Communist Party USA has announced the cavalry is planning to ride to their rescue by helping unite the left and stave off “right-wing extremism.”

              WND dot com

            • Center

              If I’m not mistaken, right /left stems from traditional House of Lords /House of Commons placement. Right being more associated with entitled wealth, Left with populist interests.

          • Gregory8

            There is $18 Trillion in various retirement systems in the USA. Of that about 63% could be easily raided because there’s actual cash in these accounts which comes to over $11 Trillion, the rest are in “promises” from federals and state governments, and private companies. These trillions would put a big dent in the government’s problem but with nothing in place to stop their insane spending, it would only be a temporary fix at best, not unlike that of a hardcore junkie. The biggest problem I see is that this $11.34 Trillion is invested in various stocks and bonds and would have to be pulled out (sold) and that money then “reinvested” into government bonds and notes. This sale would be so big that it would not only crash our stock markets but many of those of the entire planet. I honestly don’t see how they could pull it off. If someone sees a flaw in my reasoning, please let me know. In the mean time, I am drawing slowly down my account, just in case!

            • Maudy Frickett

              Greg, I’ve thought about this. I figured they wouldn’t take it all at once. They would only have to take a small percentage every month to keep buying enough treasuries to keep it going for awhile longer.

            • MXLord327

              G8 – I completely agree, the gov’t removing that amount of wealth from the market would completely crash the entire world’s economy, but there are two possible problems with your prediction that it won’t happen. One is that the communists in charge really don’t care if it does crash, the other is they are too stupid to look further down the road than the giant pile of cash in front of their noses!

            • IOU

              Snatching retirement funds investments is an overt seizure of means of production.

          • 1braveheart

            Mac, is there any chance of restoring the “Community Discussion” feature?

            • admin

              Brave heart, i think you are referring to the comment feed we had in the right sidebar… A new WordPress upgrade did not play well with the old comment feed system and was responsible for some serious server issues a couple weeks back. I will look into getting a working version online today.



          • Mcdave

            You are doin’ it right.

        • MXLord327

          FP – I loved coco puff’s (AKA Nina O) posts, along with the short-lived Suzy Sparklefarts! Added some spice to the place…

      • John W.

        Really? How do you do that when you have a few hundred thousand in an account? Stuff it in a mattress? Keep pounds of gold around to be stolen? If we would get rid of the shitbags in govt, this nonsense would stop. Sending home a mere twenty to thirty of the worst scumbags would provide an amazing improvement to how things are.

        • nadly

          JohnW- That’s what I mean. These people say “get out of the system, and don’t realize some of us have a considerable amount in it.

          I’ll remove 1/2 million dollars and buy more food and water filters. May as well buy an eighteen wheeler also, and just start my own warehouse supplying the stores.
          It is not feasible.
          If you have 5000 in the bank and cannot afford to lose it, take it. The banks are not going anywhere right now.

          Some of this is complete and total fear mongering.

          You also would not take 500,000 for instance and put it all in gold. That is nonsense.

          I have a feeling these people don’t have two nickels to rub together.

          • HillJack

            Don’t worry, one day you’ll wake up and not have 500K, and be begging for MyRA to save you.

            • HillJack

              Try accessing something other than numbers on a paper or monitor and tell me about how much you have.

        • glacialhills

          a few 100,000 is only one little bar of gold, hell paint it red and build a small face wall of red bricks in your den, with your special “brick” in plain sight for you to see and keep track of every day. There problem solved.

        • nwgig

          …actually i am shocked that those causing this mess haven’t been dealt with…

          • frank

            Who will do it? Them? Its up to the citizens. What slaveholder ever willingly gave up his slushfund and free his slaves? Do you expect the corrupt ones to clean themselves up? The serial killers to halt themselves?

            The criminals will continue swindling until we stop them. Keep paying their salaries so they can defraud you, build FEMA camps to jail you, and GMO you into the hospital system (where your taxes will fund the death panel to finish you). STOP PAYING FOR IT ALL

        • hammerhead

          good point john , burying an entire retirement plan in mason jars dont sound so secure either.
          And another point to ponder ,
          What happens when these traitors trash the dollar and we have to “convert” our cash to a new currency ?
          They could devalue your “mattress” money overnight without touching it.
          You just cant hide .

          • wrong

            I got rid of my 401 funds 7 years ago. Silver, Gold, Lead and Preps. At least now if they want them they will have to find them and dodge a few rounds of the Lead part.


            hows you’re snow pile going? catching smelt through the ice now. tasty little things.

            • hammerhead

              wrong , spoke with a friend in the highway dept. , he told me most major roads have 6-7 feet of frost under them . these roads are gonna fall apart i’m afraid.
              i’m a month away from smelt dippin , but ready !
              Lots of tasty bluegills commin outta the pond though.

              • frank

                But your pond water is full of Cesium 137 from Fukushima. Good luck with your fish. Or would you prefer some Strontium 90 beef?

                Folks, if we dont ACT and organize- each man to himself is just a speck on a screen for drone fire and quickly neutralized. We MUST act.

                • hammerhead

                  well eat up frank , the strotium beef is in a store near you , enjoy !

          • jerrytbg

            Yes, we can’t hide from what is about to happen…
            I believe sharpening stones for the guillotines is a wise investment!

            • Smokey

              Use your vote. Get rid of these idiot thieves.

          • CutTheBlueWire

            The answer to tyranny is armed revolution.

        • Shootit

          Put some of it into dirt. Use some to get off grid. Eliminate any debt. Build a underground bunker. Have 9 month food rotation in place. We are liquidating my SEP and Roth IRA little by little. The only reason we haven’t dumped it all in one year is tax considerations.

          • dub

            How are you liquidating it?

        • BJ

          With all due respect John, your still stuck in the govt matrix they want you and I in. The right / left paradigm is nothing but a matrix and changing all of them would do absolutely nothing at all. You have to go after and eliminate the real power brokers….tptb that run the world and all it’s little puppet govt’s. The banksters and corps are or should be the real targets.

        • DaisyK

          To John W

          You have a “few hundred thousand” in your accounts. You are lucky.

          Here’s what I would do if I had that much. I would buy a piece of land in a remote location where there was water, a few fruit trees, etc. Then I would build a cabin concealed from the road, with bullet proof windows, fireproof roof, etc. The best property would be one that had an old run-down house near the road and lots of trees, rock formations, or other method of concealment. Then I would build my cabin at the back of the property.

          There might be a way you could avoid the income taxes on the distribution by titling the property in the name of your IRA. I am not sure about that.

          In my case, I have only about $20k in a regular IRA and a couple of thousand in a Roth. My income comes mostly from Social Security, and this year I have to start mandatory withdrawals from my traditional IRA. So I could withdraw my money in a hurry, if it looked like they were about to confiscate it. You need to do some advance planning.

          • DaisyK

            I checked on the rules. An IRA can own real estate. There are a few prohibitions, such as you can’t live on the property, or buy the property from yourself or a related person. You can, however, rent it out.

            Once the SHTF, you could move to your little cabin on your IRA’s property. The govmt would be too busy moving people to FEMA camps, fighting the rebels, etc. to know what you were doing.

          • nadly

            See Daisy- Your answer on what YOU would do if you had a few hundred thousand, is, ironically, the reason you don’t HAVE a few hundred thousand.

            For those of us that do, it had NOTHING to do with luck.

            Another reason you will never see that amount of money. The way you think.

            After 2008 100,000 got turned into 378,000, and that is at work earning now also.

            Pull a little here and there for preps, and earn on the rest.

            • MXLord327

              Well aren’t we special!!! I really don’t care how much money you made the past few years, but why do you have to demean DaisyK? Instead of insults, how about a little info on how you turned that 100k into 378k, or are you too good/special/superior to let us peons in on your scheme???

              • nadly

                MX- It’s a little late for stock picks, but SLW sold for 4.00 and topped at 40. That is one example, and one of my core holdings.

                Not special. Wise. I don’t piss away what I have. I make it double or more, and my preps that I CHOOSE to buy are free.

                A moron could have at LEAST quadrupled since the 07 event.

                Right now all kinds of opportunities are shaping up in the markets ( not DOW stocks)

                You wanna do your own due diligence. No one did MY work for me, and I’m not doing yours for you.

                I buy UNDERVALUED assets when on one else will touch them. There are PLENTY now.

                Go look at HIs advice and icks are all FREE. He wants NOTHING. EVER. If oy have a brain oyu can make good money. The more yo u start with the more you make. SO there is ONE way, smartass.

                People like you will still be here in a year pissing and moaning about what they DON’T have or CAN’T have etc etc etc.

                And taking ALL extra money and pissing it away on more of the same.

                I guess Mommy and Daddy never thought you to save 1/2.

                You don’t care how much I made, because YOU made NOTHING.

                You spend all your time here instead preparing for the end of the world, that has been said to be coming in one way or another for about 100 years.

                • eppe

                  Nadly, went to the site, what do you think of his last video on the 14th?

            • HillJack

              Until the next crash, then you’ll be begging MyRA to come to your rescue.

        • IOU

          You could vote to clear the entire House this fall and they wouldn’t leave. “This can’t be true. We’ll have to investigate”

      • nadly

        You keep singing the same old tune, with no valid reason.

        Do you HAVE any money in the bank to take out?

        Your whole post is simply parroting what every “survival” website says.

      • Risky Whiskey

        I hope they do it…I really hope TPTB who manipulate American government from Wall Street are ignorant and arrogant enough to confiscate sheeple-America’s retirement money, maybe even dissolve the Social Security trust fund and just give it to the fucking Rothschilds…I hope they really do it thinking that a bunch of fat, up-armored federal cops driving around in MRAPS can actually contain the righteous wrath of the armed American people no matter how much surveillance and info they can gather on each and every one of us…..

        Let’s get this shit on before I’m too old to be able to fool myself into believing I’ll make it out of the mess alive.

        I hope these greasy, satanic bankers and CEO’s and their political dildos and their MSM hacks are stupid enough to try and take it all….I also hope there’s enough rope to hang them all, their underlings and protoges, their children and their spouses….An entire class of multi-generationally corrupted, vetted and privileged will need to be purged to put America back on a constitutional path….

        Screw it….let’s win.

        • frank

          Risky Whisky,
          Big words and Bigger Bull$hit
          You need to get out of denial. The righteous wrath of Americans? What propaganda meme are you imbibing? 50 million will switch on the Super Bowl- not even 50,000 will do much to substantively defend their country by boycott, organizing, anti Fed campaign etc.
          Look around you. They wont even require MRaps to take down USA, just threaten our cable TV and folks will be crawling in submission. When they substituted entertainment for God? they won it all.

          • shiftless

            If America falls and liberty fails it will be due to the short sightedness and pessimism of people like you. Not everyone is like you and the people around you, doofus. There are plenty of people across this country who in fact care a great deal about freedom. What do you expect them to do, load up an AK and go shoot up the local police station? Revolutions don’t happen overnight.

          • Risky Whiskey

            let them sheeple-citizens watch TV Frank….it doesn’t take 50 million to commit…it won’t take even 500,000…..

        • HillJack

          The SS trust fund is easily dissolved, but nottoo sure the Rothschilds want a pile of IOUs.

      • Shootit

        BOMBSHELL: Dead JPM bankers “Knew each other and had uncovered something”

        osnetdaily com/2014/02/bombshell-dead-jpm-bankers-knew-each-other-and-had-uncovered-something/

        • BJ

          That gives me more questions than answers…..err I hate that

          • Shootit

            Yes, but it is a big arrow pointing in a direction. A direction that we all suspected. “Gee wiz Wally” didn’t you know bankers are corrupt? I think it is a multiple level coverup. It is a IMF problem caused by those that control the IMF. If we could just follow the money.

            • MXLord327

              Even small local bankers!! I just found out that a VP of a credit union in my area just retired at 50 with over $10 million in the bank. The whole effing institution needs to be burned to the ground. “It’s going to be Biblical!”

      • IOU

        They say that life’s a carousel, spin it fast, you’ve got to ride it well
        The world is full of kings and queens
        Who blind your eyes then steal your dreams

      • arizona fred

        its ALREADY in dodd frank…BAIL INS

      • Kafir

        I have a LOT in precious metals…lead, copper, brass…

    2. Ugly

      The big day is confiscation. Sure retirement stuff is coming, but that crap is all digital so whom really cares at the elite level, other than to reduce wealth to the common dude. Digital currency has no value–just push delete. Then comes the bigger stuff, that is confiscation of ownership such as homes, land, food, guns, and other tangible assets. Now that is where value is stored….

      • .02

        So I guess now is a great time to sell everything and go mobile? Might as well make it hard to find a guys stuff if you have it in different storage sheds across the country..

        • Hunter


          “Going mobile”….nice metaphor for “shoot-n-scoot”

          • nwgig

            I just ran into a guy living out of his minivan and a uhaul storage unit….he is moving to Equador

          • jerrytbg

            That’s why I love this place! Nice…

        • Smokey

          Stay in your house and vote them out !

          • Sgt. Dale

            I wish it would work. You know that with electronic voting some place in the east had only (let us say 1,000 people) but they had 1020 vote for Obullshit.
            What I’m saying is they are rigging the elections. And it is a Damn shame.

            • arizona fred

              10 out of 10 idiots voted for obozo

    3. John_Allen

      Although this will hurt several people I deeply care about, who have ignored my warning for years, at this late date I’ve got to say anyone who has their wealth where it can be stolen deserves what they get. When you’re broke and likely hungry, you will finally wake up. Too late. Suck it up sheeple.

      • Facebook Page

        It is not your fault.

      • John W.

        Spoken like someone who has nothing and can give bad advice since they have nothing. Waiting for decades for something to happen is a suckers game. You will end up the same way with nothing.

        • nadly

          John W- I have to agree again.

          I have been reading more and more and see that there are people who have lived this way for 40 years.

          Is it any wonder they have no money?

          While I was busy creating wealth, they seem to have been busy hating anyone who has it, and stockpiling so long much of it has expired.
          Which brings me to another point i have read a lot about.

          Many of these people die and the “stuff” is all thrown out.
          A life wasted preparing for disaster every waking moment and not participating in LIFE.

          I prep, don’t get me wrong. But first thing is LIFE.

          Living in a constant state of paranoia and hate seems counterproductive to me.

          • LSB

            I have recently become the lucky person to acquire someone’s abandoned cases of “old food”. Free of course. The shipping date on cases was 30 years plus ago. Chickens and goats are being fed split peas, cornmeal, green beans, carrots, etc. Not complaining at all. The nice #10 cans are saved and used for stockpiled nails, purchased at the Habitat for Humanity’s “Restore Store”. The price for those is quite low.

          • shiftless

            It’s better to be 40 years too early than 40 minutes too late.

            Use your brain, if you have one. Not everything in the world is about money. And I say that as a person who will be a billionaire some day. My “prepper” mindset is a large reason why I will be able to make that happen.

        • John_Allen

          John W–

          If that’s in response to my comment … you see this baseball in my hand? Shove it up your ass sideways. You’ve got a history on here of leaving smart mouth comments without ever adding anything substantive.

          • hammerhead

            JA , now thats funny……LMAO

    4. Balls deep...

      “So there I was…Balls deep…”

      Finish the sentence please and dice in some prepper talk. ha.


      Guys… I think I’m going to divorce the fat toad I married and I’m happy about it.
      Can I view this as a prep?



      • Facebook Page

        Yes being with someone who you trust and enjoy is a very needed prep for SHTF. Remember you may be spending a lot of time in a small space with this person.

      • RealAdvice

        “…and all I had on me was a can opener, two matches, and a packet of potato seeds.”
        Be careful you don’t lose everything in the divorce. That can be a major setback for your ability to stockpile.
        Also, the lone-wolf idea never pans out.

      • MXLord327

        “So there I was…Balls deep…”

        And she looked up at me and said, “Do I know you?”

    5. Old Vet

      Sorry Off Topic:
      1-1/2 cup pinto or black bean flour
      1-1/2 teaspoon chili powder
      1/8 teaspoon garlic powder (opt)
      1/2 teaspoon cumin
      1-1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dehydrated minced onions (opt)
      Mix and store in an airtight container. To prepare: Whisk 3/4 cup above mixture into 2 1/2 cup BOILING water. Cook while stirring over medium heat for 1 minute, until mixture thickens. Don’t worry about the lumps – they taste great too! Reduce heat to low, cover pan and cook for 4 minutes. Add 1/2 cup salsa or picante sauce (or to taste) if desired. Mixture thickens as it cools and will stay thick even after heating.

      By cooking and dehydrating beans and rice in advance, you can save time and energy when using them for a meal.
      First cook the rice or beans fully! Then spread it on cookie sheets and dry it at about 200 degrees for about 4 or 5 hours. To test put some dehydrated rice in cold water. Cold because I figured if it would rehydrate in cold it would do great with hot. It rehydrated great. So now, in soups, or just a dish, all I have to do is soak it in cold water, and add it to a dish I am warming.

      Native Americans used to garden with the 3 sisters – corn, squash and beans. They planted corn and when it sprouted, planted pole beans around each stalk of corn so the beans would go up the corn. They planted squash (pumpkins, winter squash, and vining types) in between the rows. This conserved space and also reduced the amount of weeding required.

      • dmitry

        old vet,

        thanks for the share.

      • KY Mom

        Old Vet,

        Thank you for the info.!

        For anyone that wants more information about the Three Sisters gardening, Tess did an article about it at Ready Nutrition.

        Title: Survival Food Series: Three Sisters Technique
        (link below)

      • AuroraBorealis

        We did that too (70-80s). My dad was smart that way, feed a family of 8.

    6. Orthodoc

      no question this is coming…..cashing out your 401k/IRA and hard asset investment(gold, land etc.) may cost 10% …..but it may save you in the end, GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!

      • John W.

        It costs a lot more than ten percent. Ten percent is the penalty if you are under fifty nine and a half years old. You also have to pay income tax on the money drawn out at what your now inflated tax rate since you took out that large cash distribution. You could easily kiss forty or more percent of your wealth goodbye. Better think up a better strategy like an annuity which is not taxed on the takeout conversion or a rollover to an IRA. Even then if they really want it they will take it.

        • nadly

          Again, JOHNW- If they had any substantial net worth, they would know this.

          Taking a 40-50 percent hit on a hunch? I’ll pass.

          But then I started buying metals when they cost nothing.

          They seem to just talk a big game here.

          I can’t make sense of some of it.

          • MXLord327

            What an ass! There you go again. Most people that I know that are well off do not put down or make fun of people who are not. Maybe you are really just “Living in a van down by the river!”

        • sixpack

          or at least, not allow you to take it…

      • Smokey

        Vote them out of office, save even more money !

      • Just_Sayin

        More like 44% after everyone takes their cut.

        • RandomTangent1957

          I’ll take 66% of something, rather than end up with 100% of nothing !
          I have removed all of mine…they can’t seize what they can’t find.
          Mine is now cached in several locations, which I have never traveled to or from
          While carrying a cell phone, or traveling in a vehicle with any sort of computer or GPS.
          It is good to have horses…& old motorcycles . You can travel to places 4 wheels can’t go, & you can get through total gridlock traffic jams. Think outside the box. You need to think to like
          Plan “F” . Keep checking off your list. Make it happy every day.
          Standing by in
          Montgomery County Texas

        • RandomTangent1957

          I’ll take 66% of something, rather than end up with 100% of nothing !
          I have removed all of mine…they can’t seize what they can’t find.
          Mine is now cached in several locations, which I have never traveled to or from
          While carrying a cell phone, or traveling in a vehicle with any sort of computer or GPS.
          It is good to have horses…& old motorcycles . You can travel to places 4 wheels can’t go, & you can get through total gridlock traffic jams. Think outside the box. You need to think to like
          Plan “F” . Keep checking off your list. Make it happy every day.
          Standing by in
          Montgomery County Texas

    7. Tea Party Grandpa

      Do something besides typing angry words into web blogs! TAKE ACTION! Make signs, meet like-minded patriots, stand in front of political buildings, sing America The Beautiful, talk to politicians, send faxes, send emails, write into local newspapers, etc, etc.

      Students have been badly screwed over, but too timid to take action or too stupid to know what happened to them. They are way over due for rebellion against their Communist inspired institutions and overpaid professors.

      The streets do not belong only to the unions and welfare marches, even though they may think so. Get out there and make noise.

      Politics goes to those that show up! So show up on the streets as well as the polling places. Time is about to run out and we are not winning yet.

      • Hunter


        Nothings gonna happen until the ‘pain’ becomes universal, hereabouts.

        ..too much: ..I’m good/ok, but sux to be you mentality!


        In the meantime, hone skills to a sharp edge..then employ them, come game-time!

        • MN Moe

          @ Hunter,
          Nothing is going to happen until they come for our guns. In my opinion it is the only issue emotionally charged enough (like the slave issue in 1860) to spark a second “Bull Run”.
          Until then the average American will moan about the elections being rigged, prices going up, 48 million on EBT, low paying jobs, Homo’s taking over our military, ect. BUT DO NOTHING!

          TPTB are evil, BIG EVIL and I for one am afraid of just how evil they are.

          • frank

            Many are voluntarily turning their guns in.
            What is your pistol, shotgun or rifle against bioweapons, chem trails, GMOs, sound canons, tanks, F16s, lazers and DRONES? Efff you and your effing guns. They will only be useful against your fellow citizens- which is what TPTB want- us to wipe each other out for them, so they dont have to; Arab Spring style.
            Boycott the taxes which fund all these crimes against you. $$$ is the only language they speak

    8. Socrates

      The pattern of government seizure should come as no surprise to the folks here. What *may* come as a surprise is that you can setup a self-directed IRA or 401k and invest the money in real estate, a business, precious metals (of which you can also hold)and many others. Unless of course, you want to let the government just take it from you. There are a few hoops you have to jump through and legalities you have to adhere to…but so what! I am already in process of doing my own and wish I had done this earlier.

      Basically you setup your own LLC or C-Corp and you become a stockholder. Your funds are transferred to your company and voila! You’d better hurry though as I’m sure they are already looking to close this little known backdoor to holding your own wealth.

      • Laurie

        Hey Socrates, I got into a self-directed IRA because I’m in lending club. So you hide the LLC in your IRA? Is that what you’re saying? Maybe just another level of protection for your assets? Anyway, any resource you recommend?

        • John W.

          You cannot hide anything. They know everything you have if it is in an account in a bank, brokerage, credit union or whatever. Sign up for social security and you will be surprised how much they know as those are some of the identity verification questions. They ask you about loans and such the amounts, dates and other things.

      • John Galt

        Be careful on assuming a self-directed IRA gets your money out of reach of the government, it doesn’t

        Whatever you invest your retirement savings in (your business for instance) just becomes property of the USG once you put it into a self-directed IRA

        Want to buy gold with a self-directed IRA….fine, but to be able hold it yourself is not going to happen in a self-directed IRA vehicle plus you just told the USG where and what your assets are.

        The only way out is the hard way (all out of the system). There is no middle of the road path (such as a self-directed IRA) where you can avoid penalty and income taxes on your retirement savings and in fact attempting to take these types of options just opens you and your assets up to further additional USG scrutiny and oversight.

        • Socrates

          John Galt-

          Like I said they can try to change whatever they want. If you pre-exist before drastic changes you are grandfathered in. Same as always, not 100% certain but almost always. And if you invest your 401k into IRA approved silver or Gold, you can most certainly hold it, not sure where you heard you cannot. That’s the whole point of self direction and management- take OUT the middleman, period. Of course the gov and IRS don’t want you to know this but too bad!

          As mentioned above, they will come for your guns first, period. When/if it comes to that you have bigger problems. Want to burn down the house or building where my Gold or Silver is? Fine. It melts and I dig it out of the rubble- still mine. Just TRY to take it!

      • hammerhead

        socrates , so , we are to assume they will adhere to the rule of law ?
        Dont ya think thay will change tax law to fit their needs ?
        My guess is cash will be eliminated and all currency and retirement accounts will be nothing more than a credit card .You will be allowed tp have whatever the fed gov decides is “fair” .

        • Socrates


          They can change or alter whatever they want- and most likely will. The point is, when you self direct you also self manage the assets, not someone else, somewhere else. It’s in YOUR possession, period. If they want to come and take *anything* they can only try. MOLON LABE.

    9. Kulafarmer

      “They’ll use force and they’ll use intimidation and they’ll use guns, because you can’t challenge the State and you can’t challenge the State’s so-called right to control the money,”

      I beg to differ on this,
      Dont be a pushover and organize

      • Cede

        They can try. But I think they forget one little point. If they clean out everyone’s bank accounts they’ll probably be stealing from people like cops and military too. The same folks that protect ‘them’ from us!! Just because you wear a uniform and represent the Nation doesn’t mean you won’t be highly pissed when your employer takes your cash too. I think we could safely assume that if that happened a fair amount of boys and girls in uniform would immediately side with the people and it would be game on!!!! So I say go for it Gaybama!! Bring on the fan!!

        But, if the gov is wise they’ll protect the savings of those in uniform and won’t touch their bank accounts. However that immediately isolates all LEO and military from the people who’ve now been ripped off by the powers that be. 300 million pissed off civilians, who now identify LEO and Military as the enemy?

        Hahaha ….. Yeah, like this will ever happen without the people pushing back against the criminals.

        • Kulafarmer

          I honestly cant imagine them being able to even keep doing what they are doing,,,
          How many millions of people think that the federal government is a fucking illegitimate joke!

        • HillJack

          Probably not possible to divorce public pensions from private assets. The funds are all intertwined.

    10. maddog

      This is coming people. The unions (public & private) have spent any money they have been in control of. Many cities, states, and companies are now admitting they can not fund their employee pensions. If you think they will not steal your money to give to their people, then you deserve to lose your money. The statement, “a plan to seize private 401(k) plans to more “fairly” distribute taxpayer-funded pensions to everyone.” should convince you this is on its way soon. The word “fairly” guarantees this comes true in the current environment.

      • Calgacus

        Maddog, they already steal our money to give to their people. The govt has Obamas teleprompter telling us more and more about redistributing wealth. Its a plan to play reverse Robin Hood and thieve all we have. Most here get it. Its the dumbasses who arent paying attention or believe in their communism that dont believe it. Are they worth the energy to convince them theyre gonna lose? I say no. We got to act on what we know and take care of our own.
        As for us we cashed some IRA $ last year and plan on another w/draw soon. If I w/draw all of my IRA $ there is the penalty for early w/draw and the tax so its a significant loss. I know there are others in this same situation. Its a matter of preserving the $ we do have or letting the govt steal it. When it gets close to being stolen, Ill take it all out and either buy PMs or land. Hell Id rather burn it than let the govt get to it.

      • Gonetoolong

        But, but….the Supreme Court would never allow this. Oh wait a minute, scratch that.

    11. Ugly

      A ‘Fist Full of Dollars’ or a ‘Bag of Rice’?

      Never thought to see the day where the ‘Bag of Rice’ may win….

      The Fat Cats are panicking and We The People are in their way. Hopefully we can stay together and continue to be in their way….

      • HillJack

        In the year 2525—-

    12. Northern Reb

      Me and my financail consultant was talking about this last week.
      He told me that he hopes thing will hold together for a couple more years but he is afraid that it will not and the U.S. will follow the E.U. in paying on there debt.
      That means, by any means. So can we see our 401’s and other retirements savings plans hit like the are going to do in the E.U. YES we probaly will.
      I have very little money in the bank,just enough to pay monthly bills. I do have a 401 but it is locked in until I quit or retire which is BS.
      If you don’t have it (silver or gold) in your hand you don’t have it, period.
      So if you have money in a bank start drawing it out a little at a time. It is alright to keep some U.S. currancy but you are better off with silver coins to buy things with after the shtf. You will need gold for very large items after the shtf. Also start now on if you have not already , which I know most if not all already have.
      Stock piling food water, ammo, firearms, medicines, and all sorts of hygene things, like tooth paste and brushes, soaps, femine products, powders, bandiads, bandages (2×2’s and 4×4’s), deoderants, lice,flea, mesquito and tick sprayes and creams. poisin ivy and oak creams.Et. ECT.
      If they start taking away peoples retirement savings money like that that will start a very black day in our history. It just might be that straw that breaks the camels back.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

      • PO'd Patriot

        Closed my IRA out three years ago, paid the penalties to the king and governor. Bought silver. Still buying silver and will continue as long as I’m financially able as well as restocking food. If I don’t spend the silver before I die, I’ll pass it on to the wife and children. My wife has a 401K that she can’t touch unless she does a “loan”. I told her to stop contributing a couple years ago and she agreed (thank God). She still does have a slim hope that things will get better and says I always see the glass as “half empty”. I agree with her that its true, but I’m always looking for a way to fill it back up. If I looked it as half full I might become complacent.

        • Bert Gummer

          The ‘loan’ out of the retirement account might be a good thing to do. Silver/gold cheap right now. Not likely to see it cheaper. She would be paying herself with the loan and the loaned amount will not be risked in the market. If the govt grabs the retirement accounts at least she got some of hers before the govt ‘guaranteed’ the safety of it by spending it. A big govt OIU will replace the funds in a FLASH. Try collecting on that when she retires.

        • Anonymous

          …says I always see the glass as “half empty”.
          -You-“half empty”
          Her- “half full”
          Engineer- “poorly designed for capacity utilization”
          The politically aware- “who pi***d in my glass?”

      • Guero

        The most important prepper items – shelves. If I provide the shelves, my wife fills them without even saying anything.

      • JayJay

        So, quit Friday with the understanding they rehire you Monday.
        A popular practice these days.

        Lice can be killed with olive oil.
        Rinse with vinegar.

        • ernst

          Then add lettuce and….voila!

          • JayJay

            After removing dead lice..unless bacon bits are unavailable!! 🙂

      • Later...

        Wow! You have enough finances to consult about?
        Go Northern Reb.
        I don’t got nothing they want, I am especially lacking money in a bank.

    13. JayJay

      If you have a 401, IRA, or savings account, don’t fall for this.
      I am STILL waiting for my dividend check from the 2008 bailout! 🙁

      • John W.

        It’s in the mail. Trust us.

      • Highspeedloafer

        Check with some of your neighbors Jay Jay. I’m sure they got their portion of your money. I am tired of watching some of my useless neighbors spend my money!

        • JayJay

          Strangely enough, only one of my neighbors are on disability.
          I don’t know much about them; only saw them 2 or 3 times since we moved here in 2007. No joke.
          And, just because they all have jobs, doesn’t mean they aren’t taking govt. handouts these days.
          However, the one drawing disability will be screwed like 3 others here living on disability/SS, and SS/pensions; and we are one of those.
          I do have some money saved and am so confused to what to do with it. No, I do not want PMs.
          I don’t need anything here and just don’t want to lose it.

          My ground beef and chicken will be picked up today.
          Making room in the freezer now.

          • Shootit

            A couple more solar panels, upgraded battery bank, and spare inverter.

            I have a little solar system in one of my shops. 2 100 watt solar panels, 1600 watt Whistler inverter, Morningstar controller, and 2 golf cart batteries. I can charge my cordless Dewalt tools, run my lights, listen to my stereo or I can run some of my corded power tools individually. You could keep a chest freezer frozen forever.

      • 1braveheart

        Howdy, JayJay. I never got a ‘bailout from 2008 either and I’m not holding my breath. It sounds like things are finally coming down to the wire. I keep most of my money in a safe at home; only enough in the bank to pay a couple of bills every month. Everyone get all the survival supplies you need NOW while you still can. BTW, how do you add on the smiley face to your comment? it does add a nice touch.

        • JayJay

          shift colon/semicolon,
          then the – with no shift
          then shift 0 (number, not letter)

          • JayJay

            sad face is the same, but the last uses the 9, not the zero

            • Shootit


    14. Captnswife

      Bank run a-comin’ … Oh, hell …

    15. Shifty

      If you have a reliable, secure place to keep your money, get it out of the banker’s hands. My savings account draws absolutely jack squat, so there is no reason whatsoever to leave my funds to collect moths. I have gotten my accounts down to a level where I can basically do an emergency transfer from savings to checking, in the event a bill needs to be immediately paid. I spoke with a girl at the bank some time ago, and asked her what level of withdrawal would trigger a “red flag”. She said she was actually not allowed to tell me, but she handed me a small brochure that stated any amount over $10,000 in one day, no matter if it was from a single account, or multiple accounts, or from multiple branches, would raise eyebrows and initiate a review. I forget where, possibly England, that they are now requiring an explanation for the use of withdrawals over a certain amount of cash. This is pretty much the same sort of case. I was told it was to monitor against possible money laundering schemes. Nevertheless, I find it distasteful that MY money, however trivial it my currently be, could be subject to abject scrutiny.

      • nadly

        Shifty, be sure you know the person at the bank VERY well to even ask those questions.

        Just by asking her that, she was SUPPOSED to file a SAR on you.

      • HillJack

        Even withdrawls under the 10K threshold draw attention, if considered “structured” to avoid the reporting rules.

    16. JayJay

      THIS is the only time I have ever thought this even with all the articles we have read together and shared our feelings….
      I seriously advise all congress critters to be heavily guarded or leave the country.

      • JayJay

        I hate that graphic. UGH!!
        THIS is the only time I have ever thought this even with all the articles we have read together and shared our feelings….
        If these evil entities steal the peoples’ savings, this will be the event that causes a gun-toting, hell raising revolution.
        I seriously advise all congress critters to be heavily guarded or leave the country.

        • Hunter


          Sssh….quiet, don’t spook ’em!

          • sixpack

            the more of them we can catch in one place, the better…just like pheasant.

            • PO'd Patriot

              Ssshhhh, I’m huntin wabbits………

              • wrong

                wabbits are smarter than these morons.

                Happy Valentine Day. Eat Chocolate!!!

                • JayJay

                  Damn you wrong; now I gotta get up, go to the storage room, retrieve the vacuum sealed Hershey and Kit Kat bars–damn you!! 🙂

                • Archivist

                  We have heart-shaped brownies with powdered sugar and sprinkles on top.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Hunter You go left
              Sixpack you go right
              I’ll go down the middle.

              • Hunter


                I’d be honored to “hunt” w/ you, sixpack & others here!

                -big grin-

                • sixpack

                  Roger that.

        • HillJack

          Someday “elected officials” will feel like they’re living out an old monster movie. Groups of townsfolk carrying torches, shotguns, and desperatly trying to hold back the dogs.

    17. candle in the wind

      Went To Academy to buy 22LR. As usual they had none. the young man behind the counter said check back on Sunday. They might have some then. I probably have enough but I like to buy more every now and then.
      Is it just me but I find that I worry more about having enough ammo than food stuff. I spend more time on food prep than water, and even less time on first aid/medical prep. They say confession is good for the soul but bad for the reputation. Since I’m certain very few of you are Priest and I’m Baptist not Catholic, I’m stopping this little private discussion at this point.

      • John W.

        Buy online. There is plenty of .22 for sale, problem is the hoarders that camp out in Wally World and other stores and scoop it up as soon as it arrives. Ten fifteen thousand rounds that they will never use.

      • Shifty

        I recently purchase a Ruger 10/22. I bought some ammunition several months back. Since I am relatively new to the .22 platform, I am curious as to what ammo prices were a few years ago. I know they were far less than what they currently are. Thanks!

        • Satori

          around here a brick of 22’s (box of 550) went for less than $20
          and that included tax

          I haven’t seen any 22 ammo now for almost 2 years

          • Shifty

            Amazing. Seems to be about three times that now. Thanks for the info!

            • PO'd Patriot

              Shifty, grab one of the Ruger 25 round mags for that 10/22. If you live in a state with mag restrictions this Company will disassemble them and ship them as a repair kit. They are no trouble to put back together. The company has a place on its website that you can leave a message telling them that you wish them to be shipped as a “repair kit”.

              • MXLord327

                I still have a few of the old 50 rounders, those are great!

            • Smokey

              First thing, go online and find the Ruger factory 10-round magazines, cheapest you can locate, and buy as many as you feel like. You cannot have too many of them, just isn’t possible.

              If you buy the 25-rounders, be sure to get the ones with the metal feed lips, the plastic lips erode off and the magazine fails to feed properly after a couple thousand rounds, which you will reach in no time.

          • nopittypartyhere

            in philly MS 4.99 for 50 rnd box. no bricks available. only shorts available in bricks

        • posseecom

          The Ruger 10/22 is a damned good rifle..

          Get yourself a Ruger SR22 pistol next..

          Accurate,well constructed,reliable..but both are discriminate on certain brands..mine hate CCI..


        • 1braveheart

          Shifty, I have a 10/22 myself and you’re going to love it. I’ve got the stainless model with a good scope mounted on it and several of the 25-round magazines for it. I’ve never had any jams with it; just a few feeding issues with some bad ammo. In my area, about the time of Sandy Hook, a brick of .22LR could be had for $25 including sales tax. Nowadays, when you can find a brick around here it’s around $70 plus sales tax; that is effin ridiculous.

        • Smokey

          I’m shooting up a brick of .22 bought in 1989, it cost $8.95 per the hardware store label. I bought ten of them. Bought a lot of Subsonic bricks for $11.95, they’re stashed away with the rest of the hoard.

          Bought bricks in the 1970’s for $4.95. Dad said he bought them in the late 1930’s for $1.00. I never really believed that, but last fall an octogenarian at a local gun show told me he bought .22LR for $0.09 a box in 1935. He was selling me a now-collectible box of it for $15.00 at the moment.

          Since 1990 or so, prices for a brick have been $11, $12, $15, then jump to the $18 range, then now at $22-$25. The gougers have pushed the envelope at $40, $50, and up to $100 a brick.

        • Shifty

          Awesome! Thanks for all the positive feedback.

    18. Satori

      ***** FLU UPDATE *****

      Pandemic Risk of Bird Flu Stoked by Gene Changes, Study Says (2)

      “Genetic variations in the deadly bird flu virus circulating in China increase the potential for a pandemic strain to emerge, researchers in Shanghai said.”

      “H7N9 has infected about 350 people, killing more than 70, mostly in mainland China, according to FluTrackers.”

    19. G

      You do realize that the govt. did NOT nationalize healthcare, right? That would be a single payer system (e.g., Canada, all of Western Europe), which we definitely do not have. What the govt. did do, however, was to give a HUGE handout to the health insurance companies via direct multi-payer methods under penalty of law. Please make sure in the future you understand what you are writing about on this particular subject.

      • HillJack

        They took an interim step toward single (non)payer.

    20. Ugly

      My Happiest Moments are my Primitive Moments.

      What make folks happy? Why do some need to steal or be wealthy? Are they happy? Can they sleep without your money under their pillow-case?

      Running is a primitive moment. Just putting one foot in front of the other over a distance. Cavemen and cavewomen started that eons ago. Just jogging side-by-side, easy freedom–primitive joys of life.

      Rock throwing. Whom can throw the furthest?

      The day your dad took you to the barber at age 5. Your mom’s spanking cause you told a lie. Your Grandfather and Grandmother at Christmas. Fightings with your brothers and sisters–primitive….

      The days your family went to church and feared God….

      AM Radio.

      I could have made money, lots of it. But I would rather run, or read a book. It is me. Those things take up my day, but the primitive stuff comes first. I work obviously, but the day is my day. Money comes second, or maybe even third, or fourth.

      Life is good.

      We have gardens and trees. I spend time in them. Time well spent.

      My goal in 2014 is to raise a Giant Pumpkin. Want one over 1000 lbs.

      They can have their greedy money. I just want my primitive life. I want to chat with people and work. Those bastards can fight their money wars. We will work together and survive. As primitive as life can be, it is good, unless you fall for the ‘system’….

      • Kulafarmer

        Its fun to grow those big ole pumpkins, havent been able to get much beyond 200#

      • dub

        Ugly, Are you saying that they can’t take what you don’t have since you set store in the simple primitive life?

        1 Timothy 6:10
        “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

      • posseecom


        There are a few of us @ work who actually chat everyday while the majority amongst us are transfixed to a blank stare on their mobile devices non stop..

        We discuss gardening,politics,guns,and share a lot of jokes in between…

        Primitive indeed..perfect!


      • PO'd Patriot

        ^this +1 Ugly!

      • 1braveheart

        Ugly, you mentioned AM radio. I grew up with AM radio. We didn’t get our first FM station in Memphis until 1967. I used to lay back in bed at night with one of the old pocket-sized transistor radios and listen to out-of-town [clear channel] stations. I could pick up WSM AM 650 in Nashville easily. Used to listen to the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday nights. Dad used to take us to Nashville on occasion for some of the live shows at the Ryman Auditorium. Those were the days.

    21. Jim Jones

      Did ya’ll really stop that that Coco Crackpoof guy from commenting ??? You just had to read between the lines to get what he was saying. I haven’t been on this site for a while, and one of the reasons was what seemed like to me a pro right wing bias in the comment section. When you stop people from saying something because you don’t like the message, or it goes against your false belief system, You’re Doomed !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Smokey

        Wasn’t a left/right thing, it was the insane nutjobs that got the axe. Some are left, some are right.

      • Sgt. Dale

        It wasn’t what he was saying it was how he was saying it. There are people other than adults that read this.
        He was very profane. There was no need for this.

        • LSB

          Yes…wish I had a dollar for every time someone on this site told him to “F” himself.

    22. Missing something

      It would have helped if you would have just put up the dam quote from the president’s speech, now I have to go look up the stupid thing to prove your article….IF it is in here, it was too easy to miss…stick with your topic and use a quote for crying out loud to support your topic!

    23. para bellum

      This is why I have decided to close my deferred comp, and purchase silver and lead. Although I will take a hit on the taxes, I just don’t want it in the market anymore.
      I need advise on both. I’ll admit, I am new to prepping and hope I’m not too late.

      Silver: I want to buy silver (not invest) and was wondering about storage. Tarnishing, moisture, etc. Will this affect the value? Can anyone recommend a reputable company to buy from at a fair price?

      Lead: Will any lead work for bullets? Like sinkers?
      Can you use a pure lead bullet for a high velocity round like .223 or 30-06, or do they have to be jacketed.

      • Smokey

        Go down to your local coin shop, and frequent the coin shows when they come around. They all compete with each other, prices are within a small range. Bullion coins sell for spot value of the bullion, and a small markup over that, about $1.50 to $7.50 or so, in that range. Within that range, you are getting a fair deal, it’s generally not worth it to wait for a dollar discount somewhere else, the daily change in the spot price of silver can eat that up in a day.

        Dollar cost averaging the attitude to keep. Buy when you have the money to buy, not when the price is at a certain level. You’ll end up waiting for a price point and have no silver when it doesn’t come around.

        Do not purchase any PMs from a slick magazine advertisement or TV commercial, they are way overpriced and live off the suckers and the lazy.

        Do not buy modern silver bullion coins minted by any government except the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Great Britain, or other Western European governments. That silver round from Zimbabwe or the Marshall Islands is OK, but no one is going to accept it as readily as they will accept a silver Liberty, Maple Leaf, Britannia, etc.

        Buy no Chinese bullion coins, ever. That’s giving money to the enemy.

        Buy no bullion coins from any dealer in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, or Eastern Europe. There is an industry in China that is making pretty good fake coins and a lot of folks are being taken to the cleaners.

        Do not buy bullion coins on Ebay until you have gotten comfortable with your local dealers and your own knowledge of what the coins look like, feel like, and sound like. Then, buy only from US vendors and use PayPal or a Credit Card.

        Do not buy Franklin Mint or other private mint rounds. It’s OK bullion, but acceptance of it later on could be an issue.

        Do not buy Proof coins from any government mint or shop, they are a premium price coin and since you want the bullion content, not the appearance, you don’t need them. Go ahead and buy one of them, they are certainly pretty, but stick to ‘business strikes’ for your goods.

        Store it in a safe place, dry. Tarnish does not affect bullion value, but it does affect collector value, so if you’ve bought Morgan silver dollars and not silver Liberty ounce coins, you need to keep it from oxidizing due to exposure to the air. You can get Air-Tite inert coin holders, a round holder, for about $0.40 apiece and put them in those, or the Coin World Premier Holders for about $1.35 apiece, that’s a slab holder.

        Sometimes the coin shops will sell a tarnished Liberty coin for a dollar less than the blaze white specimens, lots of collectors don’t want them, but preppers do.

        For the rifle rounds, lead is OK, but it’s going to cause barrel fouling. Jacketed rounds are preferred. Unless you want to spend a lot of money and time casting your own bullets, just go buy a few thousand jacketed bullets and tuck them away. Bulk purchase is the way to go. Don’t forget to stash an equal number of primers away, they keep forever.

        • Smokey

          Forgot to say, for those with lots of coins, buy the polyethelene coin tubes, the squared-off ones, for about $2, and store them by the 20-coin roll. They are air-tight and won’t tarnish the coins.

          • para bellum

            Thanks for the tips

      • PO'd Patriot

        I have bought bulk silver from Northwest Territorial Mint. Their prices were the best at the time (several years ago) and they were good to deal with. As of late I deal with a local pawn shop and use cash. Sometimes I send other folks their way and the owner will knock some off the premium when I return to buy some more. The bulk that I have is in junk 1/2 dollars, quarters and dimes. Rounds make up the remainder.

      • dub

        If you start making silver bullets, let me know what shooting range you use.

        • para bellum

          No werewolves in this country yet, so I will probably stick with lead for the bullets.

          However, this country is full of bloodsucking vampires, but silver bullets won’t take care of them. I can whittle a wooden stake fairly quick.

    24. Babycatcher55

      The thing that bothers me most about confiscation, is, I’m 58, and my hubby absolutely refuses to believe they are gonna pull this off, so won’t let me close my IRA. It’s a Roth. He put the money in to start it, and it’s doubled since then, but he absolutely says do not touch it. I’m very antsy about the whole thing…:(

      • Smokey

        Then don’t touch it until you both decide to start withdrawals.

        At 59 1/2 is when you can start withdrawals. That’s your decision, not his. He may have put the money up at first, if I read your post correctly, but the IRA is yours, not his.

        It’s your IRA, but it sounds like he’s concerned you might lose a lot of earnings by pulling out in a panic right now.

        He’s right about one thing, they haven’t started to do this, yet, and the November elections should squash it for the time being. Just follow the issue closely and make sure he has the information he needs to agree it’s time to take action when the time comes. Confiscation will not happen overnight, there will be hearings, debates, reports, etc., and we’ll have some warning.

        • Bert Gummer

          It will happen fast, due to an ’emergency’. Middle of the night kind of thing. You will see on the the news as a fait accompli. A govt that “have to pass it to see what’s in it” is not going to want your input. Debating merits of new legislation is for a free people.

      • nopittypartyhere

        problem with IRA and 401 ks, if they are pension accts, you can’t cash out the account without the beneficiary okaying the withdrawal. I had to have my husbands signature to rollover into an IRA from a previous employer.

    25. orn

      we are to be owning all your bases

    26. Old Vet

      No Fail (and no weigh) Soap Recipe
      2 cans (3 lb.) veggie shortening
      1 can (12 0z) lye
      2 cups water
      Mix lye and water in enamel pan, OUTSIDE, set aside to cool. Melt shortening, set aside to cool. When both are hot to the touch (on the outside of the pan) pour lye into shortening. Stir until consistency of mashed potatoes. Pour into prepared mold and let set 24 hours, covered. Uncover, poke it and see if it’s firm. If it is, turn it out on newspapers and cut it into bars. Put them someplace safe and let cure for 2-3 weeks, minimum. If its not firm, cover and let sit for another 24 hours, then turn out and cut. Use butter tubs or glass cakes pans as molds.

    27. Al

      Why don’t they just tax the proceeds from the drug laundering banks and their bonuses as well as their salaries, then they wouldn’t need our paltry sums.

      • Smokey

        Or, even better, eliminate the income tax entirely and go to a national sales tax. That way, all those low lifes who don’t pay any taxes at all will have to pay something for their being able to live here without paying for the privilege.

    28. Sir Vyvor

      I think this is more likely to happen, versus a mere possibility. What I am doing is-I just turned 59 1/2. I withdrew a good chunk from my retirement fund. I did a dummy tax return for this year. I don’t want to give them anymore than I have to. If at the end of the year, I can withdraw more, I will.
      -I keep some cash around, after all, my mortgage and taxes are to be paid with “USD”
      -I keep my bank accounts as low as possible, enough to pay the bills.
      -I keep buying precious metals. I consider lead to be a PM.
      And I keep prepping. Thank you everyone for the ideas and words of wisdom. Good luck to all, and may God Bless!

    29. knightflyerii

      What do you expect for a country of overweight, tattooed, body pierced pirates who are watching entertainment while their country is taken over by criminals? YOU GET THE GOVERNMENT YOU ALLOW!

      • knight indullarmor

        I may be may be tattooed and pierced, but how does having “MOLON LABE” in big bold letters on my arm or keeping some of my net-worth hidden in plain sight as what appears to be standard stainless steel piercings instead of white gold make me a “pirate”? Or unaware of the current situation? And the ‘combat boots’ aren’t doc martens. They are green tag (milspec) bates tacticals with carbon fiber safety toe and shanks. For some reason the dope-smoking ozombies think I’m one of them. Awesome. Modern day camouflage. I might not have a Obumper sticker, but I do visibly support some local modern-rock bands and radio stations. The rest of the world doesn’t need to know my pro-gun, pro-life, libertarian, and Christian viewpoints. I tell the idiots that molon labe means “come and take” (which it does). The idiots assume its some sort of socialist philosophy or something. Let them. The folks in the patriot movement know what my tattoo really means. I live in a dangerous place (libtard country) due to my unwillingness to shirk duty to family. When shtf, I gotta get way the F outta dodge. And blending in with the idiot masses seems the smart thing to do.

    30. N.O. ;0p

      zog amerika dollar = zimbabwe dollar

      * only zimbabwe is now using the gold back chin yuan .

      it appears the zimbabwe government is more intelligent than the zog amerika fedgov .

      ‘anyone still holding zog amerika dollars , deserves whats coming .’

      get out of the fake fiat zog amerika dollar .

      buy real assets or the gold backed chin yuan .


    31. Yupie Prepper

      It is only a matter of time before this happens with 50% of the population only having their next paycheck as any type of savings. In reality they have nothing. We also know that a democracy is 2 wolves and sheep voting for what they are having for dinner. They will demand that the government take from everyone else so they can sit in front of their TV and sponge off everyone else.

      The irony of this is that it is starting to wake up the diehard liberals that they may be the ones who lose their money for all their big government programs.

    32. Basstard

      Luckily, I don’t have a 401K or retirement account. We collect houses for retirement. Hopefully that was a good decision. Just seems better than a bank or stock market.

      • Smokey

        You are going to help vote these bastards out of office this November, right?

        They’ll raise your property taxes next and seize those houses, if they remain in office.

    33. watching and waiting

      So what does a person do with their IRA and 401 retirement accounts? Some people have thousands of dollars invested. Some say buy precious metals. do this do that.


      Also, the Bush administration attempted to privatize the monies we pay into social security from our checks. That procedure was stopped because the public found out about it.

      Do I cash it in and pay off all my debts/mortgages/kids college fund and stuff some under the mattress and do under the table work?

      We need some good investment advise on this subject……

      • Smokey

        Vote these bastards out of office !

        That’s the investment advice we need.

    34. Npgh

      Off topic: I was reading through these threads and I question popped into my head…Knowing for sure that the DHS and NSA read through sites like this, do any of you think that they are second guessing their jobs with the government and are mabey, just mabey thinking that they should be prepping like we do too? I have no doubt they know where we live and how we live in the event they thought they could steal from us in a shtf situation but do you think they are secret preppers as well? After all, they got access to more accurate information. Thoughts?

      • JayJay

        Someone reading the posts of west coast ‘hoarders’ as we are called, but living on the east coast, would be wise to do a little ‘hoarding’ for himself.
        For all practical purposes, IF they stay informed, they would know, gas for cars will be scarce?
        Note: those not prepping in lieu of raiding farmer’s fields–farmer’s ain’t stupid.

      • Hunter


        There’s a better than even chance that some of them are…defectors in place!

        ..hopefully and GOD bless/protect those among them..who’ll toss some ‘sand in the gears’..of the JBT machine’s apparatus, when the time is right.

    35. Let'emTry

      This is an excellent plan to have a lot of politicians swinging from tree’s.

    36. Chantilly Lady

      Pulled every thing out on 2007 and never looked back— problem is folks THEY ALREADY OWN IT NOT YOU– unless you have the stock certificate or are the owner on record you do not OWN– DTCC aka Cede and Co do a little known privately held co… and look at the verbiage on your 401k– are you the beneficiary???

      • 1braveheart

        Chantilly Lady, welcome back. Good to hear from you.

      • Smokey

        What difference does that make? Just to use Hillary’s phrase.

        The point is, nothing was done about the attack, either before, during, or after.

        Benghazi was a failure from the top down. Used to be, the top guys would resign when something like this happened, now they just blow it off.

    37. Dr. Richard

      This is why I remain in the slow collapse camp and believe we have a couple more years until total collapse / WW3 / civil war. The pension and retirement assets are the last big reserve of wealth that the government has not raided yet. It will buy time at the cost of hyperinflation and the loss of most retirement assets as the government debt “paid” to people’s retirement accounts becomes inflated away. $21 trillion is about two years of GDP or two years of time.

    38. S. Murphy

      I’ve written to my politicians about this retirement fund confiscation. I explained that I have scrimped and sacrificed my entire adult life to have a retirement fund that will let me live with dignity after I stop working. As expected, their replies were nothing more than lip service.

      I did not divulge that I do not expect social security to be available or meaningful as a retirement source. Just when I feel as though I have overcome the obstacles presented to me, Washington is changing the rules of the game. Well it is the fourth quarter for me and time is running out.

      If my retirement fund is taken from me I will have no choice but to see this act as a DECLARATION of WAR and will respond accordingly. Desperate people are unpredictable when they have nothing left and nothing to loose. Enough said.

      • JayJay

        **As expected, their replies were nothing more than lip service.**
        And from the staffers, NOT your politician.

    39. Anonymous

      Hitler tactics. Seen it coming years ago when I referenced some real history books. MyRA for the stupid little people. Minimum wage increased for how many Fed workers? Seen that one too. Bill for FLOTUS. See that one too.

      “One must first learn how to think.” Anonymous

    40. Arizona Dude

      Gun confiscation will come first. Taking the money first would be suicide for the government. Its all in the works of course. Don’t keep the main cache where you live. They can lock you out and sieze everything at once.

    41. SoapDish

      Everyday, I wonder when push back will commence? Things are not going to get better anytime soon.
      Tangible items will have a worth like no other, right along with skills that will be a decider between life and death.
      Everything you read about is the trickle effect, slowly introduce a little bit at a time, until it’s to late.
      The weight of tyranny is getting heavier, which each new day America!!!!!

      B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

    42. Carl Collicott

      The 401(k) is administered through ERISA, (Google 401(k) ERISA to confirm)
      ERISA stands for the Employees Retirement Income Security Act, and is assigned a Public Law number, 93-406.
      The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) (Pub.L. 93–406, 88 Stat. 829, enacted September 2, 1974, codified in part at 29 U.S.C. ch. 18).
      All law passed by Congress, that effect the American people have to be published in the PARALLEL TABLE OF AUTHORITIES (link provided below) if we consult the Parallel Table of Authorities, Public Law, 93-406 ERISA, is not published.
      Public Laws—Continued
      93–400…………………………………….32 Part 169
      93–415 ……………………………………..28 Part 22
      Public law 93-406 ERISA, is an amendment to Title 26 INTERNAL REVENUE CODE , section 3121 (L) EMPLOYEES OF FOREIGN AFFILIATES.
      Subtitle A – Income Taxes
      Subchapter D – Deferred Compensation, Etc.
      Subpart A – General Rule
      *Sec. 406 – Employees of foreign affiliates covered by section 3121(l) agreements
      Amendment by section 1016(a)(4) of Pub. L. 93–406 applicable, except as otherwise provided in section 1017(c) through (i) of Pub. L. 93–406, for plan years beginning after Sept. 2, 1974, but, in the case of plans in existence on Jan. 1, 1974, amendment by Pub. L. 93–406 applicable for plan years beginning after Dec. 31, 1975, see section 1017 of Pub. L. 93–406, set out as an Effective Date; Transition of Rules note under section 410 of this title.

      By law the IRS Commissioner has to issue a “Letter Ruling”, a determination if the law is being properly administered, since ERISA is for Employees of Foreign Affiliates, all penalties for cashing out, or reinvesting should be refunded. Templates for a request for a “letter ruling “are located on the IRS website.

    43. aljamo

      Downsize. If you aint got much, you aint got much to lose.

    44. Patriot One

      Possession is 9/10th’s. of the law!!! If you don’t have possession of your assets you will get another unfunded liability from the government.

      Wake up folks, this is just using your money to pay current due unfunded liabilities. When its time for you to get paid, where do you think the government is going to get the money??? There is nothing left!!!

      The government is merely stacking unfunded liabilities to kick the can down the road.

    45. Be informed

      New precursor earthquakes are telling new danger spots to be ready for a high 6 to high 7 range major earthquake coming by March 2.

      Two areas hit, one on Carlsberg Ridge in which major earthquake follows within 15 days 90% of the time. And the area around Easter Island in which a majopr earthquake ALWAYS has followed within 15 days. For people in this country the one in the Easter Island region occurred in the same spot last year and that 7.8 followed 9 days later.

      Areas in the danger zones:

      Pacific northwest
      Aleutian islands; especially Fox Islands and Kodiak Island
      Kuril Islands to Eastern Russia
      Central to south Japan
      Taiwan and northern Philippines
      Mynamar to southern China/India border
      Eastern Indonesia
      New Guinea to Santa Cruz Islands, especially Vanautu, Fiji
      Kermadec islands and North Island New Zealand
      Costa Rica, Guatemala, and far south Mexico
      Columbia and Ecaudor
      Central Chile
      Southern California
      Eastern Iran to Afghanistan and western Pakistan

      Slight chance: Argentina, Azores, Northern Mariana Islands

      Tried to narrow down the danger areas as much as possible to much smaller targets rather than giving a blanket type of regional coverage. As more of these precursor quakes occur, it should become clearer which of the above areas are more likely to get hit. There is a 95-100% chance of at least a 6.5 hitting, probably a bigger one in the 7 to high 7 range.

      • Heirloominati

        BI, how do your predictions tie-in to the Indonesian volcano that blew overnight? Just another venting, or a sign of more to come?

        • Be informed

          @ Heirloominati. Use outer rim plate boundaries, only plates spreading from each other or sliding against each other to forecast major earthquakes. In the past the almost exact spots were hit and 15 days later a major earthquake follows, usually. These spots each have a certain signature to them. By looking at the past major earthquakes that followed you can get an idea where the future quakes will occur. I then use a three dimensional plot on a globe to triangulate these points to get a better idea where the earthquakes will next hit.

          Foreshocks don’t occur but 5% of the time before a mjor earthquake occurs because that area of a fault is so locked. This energy though releases itself on areas of plate boundaries away from the point of the future earthquake. I call it distant foreshocks. Every last earthquake over 6.5 has had some sort of distant foreshock that I have seen. It is finding the foreshock and then trying to trace it back to the energy source that helped cause it is what is difficult. This is why I give several locations because it is often unclear from where this energy is exactly coming from. as more precursor quakes occur, it becomes narrower and narrower the target zones to be hit.

      • thisTexan has had enough

        Thank you for the information, BI. Something is going to happen and I wish I knew what and when, but I can feel it in my bones.

    46. Maudy Frickett

      I suspect the government will seize all money over a certain amount (like Cyprus). Healthcare will become single payer, medicare/medicaid. All cash will be eliminated and everyone will be forced to use a government debit card for all transactions. If the government can dictate the minimum wage, they can also dictate the maximum wage. That’s why they are always talking about income inequality. And wealth disparity. You will be forced to open a government type checking account where your government regulated paycheck will be direct deposited. That’s the direction they’re taking.

      • Be informed

        @ Maudy Frickett. Even without SHTF events, some collection agency after your assets is going to very likely never try to seize your cans of foods, packages of toilet ppaer, cases of water, really any of your survival supplies. They may attempt to garish your wages and try to take your car or other sellable “mechandize”, but what you really need they will probably never bother with. Also like many people say, they can’t get what they can’t find. Collection agnecies are not going to ever be going out in your backyard looking for buried treasures in form of precious metals. Cash is almost impossible to locate if hidden well enough. Pathetic that we even have to be talking about before, during, and after the world collapses.

        • Maudy Frickett

          BI, cash will be obsolete. Debit cards only. Probably not tomorrow. But someday. Total control. Citizens get out of line? Freeze their cards. Government healthcare only. They can refuse to recognize your coverage outside of the state in which you originated it. That keeps us from moving to “better places”. Total control. That’s the ticket.

          • Be informed

            @ Maudy Frickett. At the opening rounds of mega SHTF, cash will have value and purchasing power. People will continue to think that cash money has worth for awhile. Credit will likely be totally worthless. Cash in many places will stil be accepted for some time because people are still engrained that cash is something that is like precious metals. Many people react with real pleasure when they smell new cash money. This will continue for at least a little while after things fall apart. Enough to get some extra supplies before the real crowds swamp everything.

      • Kulafarmer

        It most definitely is the direction they are going in, if they eliminate physical currency there is no way to conduct a transaction other than through the system, drugs, cash deals, in their mind they can eliminate huge swaths of un traceable cashflow over night,
        Personally will just disappear if that ever happens, will move to the trees in Hana and become a non existent entity.

    47. Nina'os lil brother

      Off topic but when was the last time any of you did
      Some PT “physical training ” start now zombies and
      Feds hate fast food…
      If you use 3 fat phone books it is good to stop up to
      A 308 I have tested it WORKS. 🙂
      The gov can’t take what the EX already stole…..
      I just stashed a bunch of bricks of 22 marked $8.99
      I might trade some for silver if any body really needs it

    48. sharonhodges

      Nobody trusted them when they dreamed up 401k, and look what happened. They crashed the economy, and anybody who thinks the communist party wasn’t involved, has never read the communist history of the United States. Bernie Madoff was a communist who took a hit for the party. Wall street is full of communists posing as investors. They enlisted the trust of the public, then they crashed the marked and wiped out the 401k. They wiped our our 401k – just put your money in a mattress – my grandfather put his money behind a brick in the basement – this government sucks the big one

    49. john gault

      the first day of the nwo zog freeman patriot revolution –

      murder murder murder

      blood blood blood

      town streets runeth over

      with the america traitors blood

      a civil war it will be

      it will make history

      the bloody american revolt

      of 2014 .

    50. Aurelius

      My dear friends, before the 14th amendment, the status of U.S. citizen did not exist beyond the ten mile square area of Washington D.C.. We were all Americans and State Citizens of our beloved union. The 14th amendment, created by criminal Republican holdovers of the Lincoln Administration, was essentially the transfer of ownership of the former slaves from the Plantation owners to the Federal government. It was argued that it was needed because the Southern States refused to accept the Negroes into polite White society! Imagine that!! During the thirties, because the Federal government placed such value on the equality of Mankind, all Americans were placed under the status of U.S. citizen by the actions of signatures on social security applications, drivers license applications and many other applications the Federal government became Supreme. Americans must be awakened to the fact that Evil forces have taken over. Signatures, alone, have brought us to the position of slaves, under the 14th amendment and that freedom from the Bastards that claim to be our Masters will commence with the refuting of everything that the 14th amendment stood for!!

    51. Stan

      As far as I am concerned, I am convinced that MyRA program announced by the turd POTUS is being created solely for the purpose to develop an government plan that they can sweep all IRA’s and 401K’s into once the SHTF…….

    52. JayJay

      If I leave the http://www. off entirely and want to copy/paste the link in my address bar, my computer adds it automatically.
      Like I can copy/paste and it will add http://www.

      • JayJay

        Wow–this is in response to another post that disappeared!! Gee!!

    53. Sgt. Dale

      Here is my two cents. For what it is worth.

      TPTB/Gov. wants to be the one that handles your retirement account. so that they can do away with the Zombies and Leaches on Welfare. They will tell you, you have to pay in let us say 10% and when you retire you get 1/2 so much to live on. Let say you get $35,000.00 (No matter how much you put into it,) a year after working for 40 years, A person at age 60 that has been on welfare for the 40 years. They get $35,000.00 It is only fair! (NO F*&KING WAY) (profanity to make a point).

      They will run it like they have run S.S. and Medicare. RIGHT DOWN THE TOILET. They will use the money that is to be put aside on some ones pork projects. (Like a bridge to nowhere.)

      I think they are going to go after the 401K’s & IRA’s first to see just how much we will take, (and the sheeple will take it UTA,) and will say more we love giving everything to Big Brother TPTB!

      Then they will go after every ones Private Retirement funds. By that time I hope the fighting will be over, because if it is not it will begin.

      I’m happy I don’t have a IRA or a 401K. If I did I would close the IRA and turn into P.M. 401K I would only put 1% into it right now, and if a miracle happens and things get fix (they won’t) I would bump it up.

      This is the same thing that they have been doing in the E.U. Those folks have had it, and they are burning things down. I just wonder if we have the BALLS that they do?

      PS. Mac I hope every one at home is feeling better.
      Prays are with you, and yours.

    54. Frank Thoughts

      If the government goes for the full klepto, then you will not be safe from their mucky hands by just owning property and gold. A government that grabs pensions will be a government that will tax people out of their homes and snatch gold.

      That is the point people miss: if the government chooses to ignore the law and act on emergency measures (which it can do in a crisis) then it will go searching for wealth wherever it may be (my grandmother had all of her fence and metal taken during WWII).

      This is why I talk about the importance of staying out debt, being light on the feet and highly mobile. The people who will be screwed and pumped for every last penny are the ones with the big mortgage, the extra debt, the boring job they are clinging on to for dear life, the gold ETFs that the government taxes out of their hands.

      The smart guys are the ones who watch the signs and when it looks like the government is going into emergency measures, they get the f out of dodge. Trust me, it is easier to re-build your life in a place without emergency measures and a functioning society and economy than it is to try and hang on to your crap in a country in the grips of emergency measures and social and economic meltdown. You won’t be able to eat that granite kitchen counter top, or the Jeff Koons bubble dog in the hallway.

    55. Peter Pan

      Americans have been getting screwed. Their only choice is between a blue condom or a red condom but in reality it’s the same dick inside either of those condoms. Republicans and Deomcrats are the two sides of the same counterfeit coin. Heads you lose, tails they win,

      All your talk of guns and defending your rights is just talk. You have lost your jobs, your privacy, and your right to earn a decent return on your savings, and yet you have done nothing about it. You still have leeching banks and politicians sucking your blood on a daily basis.

      Nothing will change for the better. Successive administrations have grown the number of food stamp recipients and invalid pension revipients. Bankers get fatter as they escape prosecution by paying fines which amount to just a fraction f their ill gotten gains.

      Even your police look more and more like troops.

      Someone owns your soul, your future and your country and it ain’t God.

    56. Maudy Frickett

      Corruption. Ever wonder how connected guys always seem to have six figure government jobs? Wonder why you can’t get one? Because they sell their jobs when they’re ready to leave them. Under the table. I know a connected guy, who got hired as district manager at a forest preserve disrict near Chicago. This was at a time when they were laying people off. Turns out he paid $40,000 under the table to the guy who was retiring. Cash only, thank you. He is one of the grandkids of a top mob figure. Oh yeah, it comes with a real nice pension, too.

    57. Maudy Frickett

      Corruption. Everything about the government is corruption. That’s why it’s broke. I know this guy, he’s a building inspector for a town west of Chicago. Pays pretty good. It’s a full time job. He also has a full time job at the forest preserve district. Guarding an empty building at night. Pays ok. Oh yeah, both jobs have pretty decent pensions. He’ll get two pensions. You ain’t gettin’ any. You ain’t connected. You gotta love it.

      • JayJay

        He’ll get two pensions.

        Maybe not.

    58. Trailer Park Investor

      New Tax table.
      You work? Y or N
      IF yes, send it in.

    59. SmokinOkie

      Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Being a wage slave isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Faster I go, the behinder I get….

      The whole world is upside down these days. My insane employer recently launched a new software program. It runs EVERYTHING in the company. Dispatcher to driver info, payroll, fuel department, …everything. Only trouble is, they didn’t bother to check it out before launching it for the entire company. Now, in addition to the normal chaos, I find I’m enrolled in the 401k plan. Just a damned minnit! I never signed up for this!
      Called payroll to fix it, but even the phone routing system is screwed up. Nobody can answer their phones. It’s like the Three Stooges are suddenly in charge of everything (only without the comic relief).
      I’ve missed you all here at Mac’s place. Hold the fort down and keep your powder dry. And if you see a Freightliner going 65 mph in reverse on the interstate, that’s me… just trying to get back to normal.

      • Norse Prepper

        Welcome back SmokinOkie!! You’re wit has been sorely missed. Was worried you were still stuck in a snowbank outside of Fargo, ND or something!

        God Bless,

      • eppe

        Good thing you were not in ATL 18 days ago, truckers had it bad…. And it was not really thier fault, bad drivers stopped and plugged up the whole interstate toilet…

    60. Maudy Frickett

      The old Mayor Daley of Chicago used to say, “we ain’t hiring nobody who ain’t sent by somebody”. The Projectionists Union, yes the guys who ran the movies at your local theater, until they went computerized and digital. This Union was sort of a holding pattern for the relatives of mobsters. They would work there until something better came along. Then botta boom, botta bing, how you doin’? We go out and try to find a decent job and we have to compete against guys dat know guys. WTF, over?

      • .02

        It has been said many times for many years Maud, “it is not who you are, it is who you know”.

    61. BrotherJohnF

      I have been warning to protect yourself from this for years. Physical silver is the absolute best way to do it!

      • admin

        Brother John, great to see you! Thanks for stopping by!

        Folks, Brother John has an excellent web site, full of great resources and is definitely worth checking out and following on a regular basis:

        He also has an active Youtube channel with some great videos and reports, also posted regularly:

        A true advocate of decentralization and sound money.

    62. Frank Thoughts

      Yeah, the idea a bunch of pot-bellied, GMO-infested dip-sh#ts are going to re-stage the Alamo against the ‘Feds’ is a big joke.

      America is cooked: locked down and strapped in for the ride. Where we go, who knows (Okay, I lie, I know) but most people don’t. There will be no revolution, uprising or any other heroic libertarian ‘last stand’.

      Better to have a real nice go-bag, a beautiful lady in another country who knows how to cook and how to f#ck, and a lot of your wealth mobile and ready so that you can get out when it happens.

    63. Whiplash

      There are two types of thieves in this world.
      1) Government thieves
      2) Non-government thieves

      It’s the government thieves we have to worry about. The non-government thieves that we can hold our ground. The policeman is also government. The police will steal your money. They are there to enforce the laws made by governments and written by corporations.

    64. AnneMarie

      Of course they’re going to steal people’s money, that’s the whole idea behind “registering” everything.

      Same thing with loyalty cards: they know when you shop, where you shop, what you buy, how much you spend, where you live, what time you usually shop, etc-etc-etc. Use a fake name to get away from that nonsense, but with bank accounts and retirement plans you’re screwed.

      • JayJay

        I’d like to comment on the Kroger’s card.
        I stopped using it; even for the savings I didn’t want my purchases documented.
        So, last visit, I decided to get a new card and use it wisely.
        The cashier got a card underneath the register desk she was working, handed it to me and I stood there wondering where to complete the app.
        She said, oh that’s not necessary.
        So, there IS NO record of who uses that loyalty card.

        • AnneMarie

          Interesting, but I tend to disagree. These things are not for our benefit, retailers wouldn’t go through all the fuss of loyalty cards if someone somewhere weren’t keeping track of people’s purchases. But good for you!

        • Melly

          Unless your using cash for all your purchases with the Kroger card, they can still track you. If you use a credit or debit card just once, they know who has that card.

      • Archivist

        At our local Food Lion, you don’t need their card. When you check out, say that you left it home. The cashier will use one they have, or another customer in line will let the cashier scan theirs for you. So you don’t get tracked, and the person who loans you their card screws up what goes in their file. I have a card, but it has someone else’s name tied to it. I also let anyone in line use it. I use cash only, so no one knows anything about what I buy.

    65. Bert Gummer

      Aladdin lamps and a regular oil lamps are an excellent prep for emergency light in the cold months. Grid down/blackouts/brownouts are likely in a $ devaluation. Do what you can while you can. Keeping your $ in the bank or a retirement account is like painting a bulls-eye on your savings.

    66. MXLord327

      “This hearing was set up to explore why Americans are not saving as much for their retirement as they could,” explains National Seniors Council National Director Robert Crone.

      Simple – because you effing gov’t pukes take more than half of what we make!!!!!! Morons!!!!

    67. Anonymous

      ‘Long term financing’ means bonds – they want to force the pension accounts to sell off any stocks, and buy their worthless bonds – because nobody else will buy the bonds.

      Look forward to the inevitable default, and being forced to accept a “haircut.”

    68. Anonymous

      Well geniuses how do you get your money out of a 401k that is employer managed. You can’t, all us 35 and uppers are screwed, and we worked hard for this money and contributed, not like the generations before who just got benefits and pensions with no contributions, so there will be an uprising if they take the money I contributed and earned. If anyone knows how I can convert to an Ira from a 401k, let me know. Um not at retirement she yet, but I ain’t sharing what I worked for and contributed to with anyone, that is fair, that is the truth of this matter.

      [email protected]

      • AC

        Why do you thing they have been gearing up for a civil war?

        You don’t really think DHS needs 2+ billion rounds for “training,” do you?

        That the local police need automatic weapons, APCs, and military body armor for handing out traffic tickets?

        That the NSA isn’t already trying to identify people that won’t just roll over and take it up their ass?

        That those 60 million illegals the government is trying to bring in aren’t going to be put to work as de facto mecenaries?

    69. Abaddon

      Blah, blah, blah. Everytime I come to this website it is nothing but doom & gloom. But wait, My unemployed cousin just found a job, I got a 3.5% riase, and the unemployment rate keeps dropping. My 401k went up 24% lst year, how is all that gold in your shoeboxes doing? I hope you are rotating out all that hoarded food. Seems to me the you all look a lot chicken little. You all need to get a life!

    70. HiramHawk

      Now we know the real purpose for the militarization of American police, armored vehicles and marshal law training.

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