Government Issues Statement Debunking End of the World: “Just Rumors”

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    With the purported 2012 Mayan Apocalypse calculated to take place on December 21st rapidly approaching, thousands of letters have poured into government agencies like NASA from citizens concerned about the end of the world.

    Doomsday fears surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar, a possible collision with a mystery “Planet X” theorized by some researchers, and pole shift popularized in the Hollywood movie 2012, have forced the government to issue a rebuttal debunking the claims at their web site:

    Scary Rumors about the World Ending in 2012 Are Just Rumors

    False rumors about the end of the world in 2012 have been commonplace on the Internet for some time. Many of these rumors involve the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 (it won’t), a comet causing catastrophic effects (definitely not), a hidden planet sneaking up and colliding with us(no and no), and many others.

    The world will not end on December 21, 2012, or any day in 2012.

    Unfortunately, these rumors have many people frightened, especially children. NASA has received thousands of letters concerned about the end of the world. David Morrison, a planetary astronomer and senior scientist for NASA who answers questions from the public about astrobiology, says, “At least a once a week I get a message from a young person ― as young as 11 ― who says they are ill and/or contemplating suicide because of the coming doomsday.”

    According to NASA, the old mystery-planet-collision rumor year was 2003, but when 2004 arrived safely, the rumors changed to 2012.

    So what end-of-the-world year will the rumor mill make up next?

    NASA scientists have set up a dedicated questions and answers page to quell panic surrounding a variety of theories and rumors that include:

    • End of the World
    • ‘Prediction’ Origins
    • Mayan Calendar
    • Total Blackout
    • Planetary Alignment
    • Nibiru/Planet X/Eris
    • Polar Shift
    • Meteor Strike
    • Solar Storms

    NASA and the government have taken extraordinary steps to assuage the feelings of fear surrounding potentially life-ending “global killer” events.

    Widespread blackouts resulting from solar storms, for example, are of particular concern among many individuals researching potentially devastating scenarios. A detailed 2010 report from the Center for Security Policy found that a wide-spread national level blackout for extended periods of time would leave some 90% of Americans dead within one year should it come to pass. In this case, the public’s fears stemmed from numerous reports warning of powerful solar storms that may hit earth in late 2012 through 2014 during the Sun’s peak solar cycle, as well as from an agency-wide preparedness alert issued by NASA head Charles Bolden which warned employees to think about and prepare for attacks “from outside forces.”

    Though NASA claims their organization is not predicting such a blackout and that there is nothing to be concerned about regarding the peak of the sun’s solar cycle over the next couple years, they are actively building a solar shield to protect against massive flares from the sun and have created detailed preparedness plans in the event such a scenario unfolds, leaving many wondering what is actually being discussed behind closed doors.

    Moreover, further confusion and distrust stems from NASA’s claims of the impossibility of events such as pole shifts and meteor strikes.

    Though pole shifts have clearly occurred in the past, as evidenced by this NASA report, and are likely in progress right now, the NASA debunking page claims, “as far as we know, such a magnetic reversal doesn’t cause any harm to life on Earth – scientists believe a magnetic reversal is very unlikely to happen in the next few millennia.”

    Likewise, NASA says they have “determined that there are no threatening asteroids as large as the one that killed the dinosaurs,” in Earth’s vicinity, yet they and the US government are actively preparing for ex-planetary threats such as asteroids.

    The government has gone to great lengths to let us know that there are no potential threats on the horizon, but they have invested tens of of billions of dollar into preparedness strategies that include bunkers, food supplies and continuity of government contingencies just in case.

    While we are hard-pressed to believe the world will end on December 21, 2012, or even in 2013, nothing is outside of the realm of possibility. Obviously, the government has determined that utilizing billions of dollars at the taxpayer’s expense to build backup plans is a worthwhile investment, which suggests that officials at the top of the homeland security food chain are more paranoid then anyone else.

    Curiously, though they are not necessarily traditional end-of-the-world Armageddon scenarios, there is very little discussion and much denial about the possibility of an economic collapse, an elite takeover of the global population through centralized governance, implementation of martial law, and the potential for World War III to go hot, yet the government seems to be fully involved in planning for such activities as well.

    Perhaps those who take it upon themselves to research these far-from-equilibrium possibilities are a bit paranoid.

    However, with government transparency being as opaque as it’s ever been, the people have been left with no choice but to be suspicious of official stories and paranoid about their government’s activities.


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      1. The end of the world “as we know it” is coming…whatever the gooberment says!  Does that mean “the world will end”?  Depends on your perspective and preps to date.  It will end for many unprepared and still watching the “idiot box” 12 hours/day.

        • Are people so inept and uninformed that their MO is to go to the government for all their guidance??? Rhetorical question.

          • But scare the shit out of us, and the money out of our pocket when it comes to Global Warm… excuse me, Climate Change.


              • red pill Clint

                red pill 

                what is going on is so much larger than “liberals” and Obama 

                • I know, Obama the worthless idiot was on my mind and the BS and gameshow on taxes next year. they already know what the rates are going to be. if they really cared one side would really lay into the other side and they dont. its a show and its true all politics are bought and paid for. its sad. is the red pill alice in wonderland

                • Meh – it’s not hard to see through it all… just notice the one big, fat thing they didn’t even mention, let alone try to “debunk”:

                  Economic Collapse.

                  (they also didn’t mention warfare, but hey…)

              • Let me get this straight:  You are advocating that the military “TAKE OVER AND RESTORE FREEDOM”?

                That is called a military coup, and usually has little to do with restoring freedom.  You can keep that.

              • My the Good Lord watch over you. You have it RIGHT. You Mother and Father raised you right. They have to be proud. Finally some one that can think!!! Yopu are a Patriot!!!

              • YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL!!!

                I can read lower case too!!


            • Al Gore is getting filthy rich off of the Global Warm… I mean Climate Change scam.  No doubt he deserves to be <a href=””> Bernie Madoff’s roommate.  

              From Wikipedia:  Gore’s involvement in environmental issues has been criticized. For example, he has been labeled a “carbon billionaire” and accused of profiting from his advocacy; a charge which he has denied,by saying, among other things, that he has not been “working on this issue for 30 years… because of greed”    

              Not because of greed?  Yeah right…   Was once pro-life then for career expediency switched to pro-abortion… excuse me, I mean pro-choice.

              Al Gore loves <a href=”″> compromise</a> for all the wrong reasons.


        • I’m inclined to believe the opposite of whatever government says as SOP.  There probably is nothing to be worried about in the same way that the embassy in Benghazi wasn’t attacked by terrorists

        • Why is a portion of Google Sky blacked out my peeps? Keep prepping.

          • being serious durango, what exactly are you getting at?

            • A portion of Google Sky has been blacked out for quite awhile (years). Astronomers are not allowed to permit viewing or release photos of a specific area of that night sky, which is blacked out by Google Sky.

              If you go to a “public” telescope at a university and request  specific viewing co-ordinates in this blacked out area, the resident astronomer will not allow viewing or infra red photos of that area. Don’t believe me? Try it.

              Something wicked this way comes.

              • For years? Yes since 1958…

              • Interesting…….I once met a guy who saw what was coming, he called himself Doom…..he was an astronomer Downunder I believe? Anyway, he said after they found it, they were told not to tell anyone……but they couldn’t see thru the “cloud” this was in the 70s I think, but they could see “IT”…….soon after the observatory burnt down.

                I did research that part…….it did burn down under suspicious circumstances………he was very serious, I didn’t believe him, but many years have passed……he told me they wanted to build an infra red telescope to see through the “cloud”…….it was near the Ort Cloud at that time?……..who knows, if you read the Urantia Book about the history of our planet , you will find some very interesting info that is NOT taught in our colleges!

          • I dont follow “google sky blackout”.  Intrigued.

          • What the hell is a peep?  I’m guessing that’s some old man slang?  But for….?

            • Not Timothy, I am by no means an ancient languages expert, but my research shows that “peeps” is of Old High Gangsta derivation, possibly meaning “a delicious marshmallow animal covered in colored candy sparkles.”

              • PEEPS is short slang for people

                • You have no idea what you are talking about. I stand by my original analysis.

                  First of all, it is 100% supported by the archealogical record, as the confections are designed to withstand an apocalypse, both nuclear and zombie. Second, it is 100% supported in the literary record, just to cite a couple of lines from the Ancient Saga of Biggie Smalls:

                  “I seen the light excite all the freaks/ Stack mad chips, spread love with my peeps”


                  “And I’m far from cheap, I smoke skunk with my peeps all day/ Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”

                  Don’t even TRY to tell me Biggie spread love any way other than with festive bunny marshmallows.  Derp DERRRRP.

                  Speaking of “old man slang” (LOL–it’s funny because it’s true; DK and I ARE getting old) on the 21st I will be having my own personal TEOTWAWKI, probably involving black balloons, as I turn the big 4-0. Sucks!

                • You have no idea what you are talking about. I stand by my original analysis.

                  First of all, it is 100% supported by the archealogical record, as the confections are designed to withstand an apocalypse, both nuclear and zombie. Second, it is 100% supported in the literary record, just to cite a couple of lines from the Ancient Saga of Biggie Smalls:

                  “I seen the light excite all the freaks/ Stack mad chips, spread love with my peeps”


                  “And I’m far from cheap, I smoke skunk with my peeps all day/ Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”

                  Don’t even TRY to tell me Biggie spread love any way other than with festive bunny marshmallows.  Derp.

                  Speaking of “old man slang” (LOL–it’s funny because it’s true; DK and I ARE getting old) on the 21st I will be having my own personal TEOTWAWKI, probably involving black balloons, as I turn the big 4-0. Sucks!

                • Aw, man. Sorry for the double posts. I’m not sure if it’s my new computer or the new site, but I am having all kinds of problems, and I can’t post from my iPad at all.

                • Mama Bear: The BIG 4-0 ? You are just a child.  🙂

                • Yeah, abbreviate a two-syllable word, why not?  The Post Office abbreviated Utah, for crying out loud….

              • Excellent.  Well done!

                Yeah I finally googled it (ok, lazy) and found it sprang into popularity in the early 1990s.  So, yeah … not really my generation.  

                But, I love your reply!

                • LOL! I thought you were deliberatly punking DK, and my reaction was, holy crap, I AM old!!! Biggie and Tupac died a generation ago. DAMN!

              • excuse me stewardess, i speak jive… 


                i picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue

                • I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley!!

                  Love the “Airplane” reference!

            • a peep is a person,, 2 peeps would be people

            • It is a soft chewy over sugared holiday treat 🙂


            • People are not made out of marshmallows.

          • Here’s what I found by Googling “Google Sky Blackout”:

            This sounds like a reasonable explanation, although I’m questioning why source data from 1958, quoted in the explanation, hasn’t been updated and fixed in two of the three “planetarium” applications by now. What with the wonders of modern technology, I’d opine that this should be extremely easy to fix.

            • If its a “technical glitch” from 1958, why don’t they just “fix” it? The fact that planetariums have inserted the missing sky is nothing. Attempt to access a public telescope at an observatory and see what you get.

              Ask for those specific co-ordinates and ask to take an infared picture at YOUR expense. But hey! They will be happy to show you the rings of Saturn!

              No dice!

        • Just a minor spelling correction

          Its ” Gubment” as per G. W. Bush

          the Watcher

        • Mac,,,anyone isnt vote buying against the law???so how come the AG hasnt charged your president,,free phones,,free health care,,,free food,,,,,,i`m sure there is some loophole there that makes it ok,,,

          befor anyone yells at me i know it isnt free,,we the tax paying people pay for it ,,how about a class action suit,,,ACLU where the F#uck are you now????


          • snake, the AG is just another fucking gubmint troll, why would he chop his own pecker off???? huh???

            • roger

              i know,,but how about some food for thought for the real,,,


        • Darn. I was hoping for the asteroid strike…

          If anything happens on 12/21/2012, it will likely be caused by people. What better day to initiate all manner of false flags and chaos, than a day people are freaked out about? People all over the world have decided to prepare for that day. It could well be the turning of an age, as the Mayans described, but I would wager the control freaks do something wierd to further thier agenda.



        • While Uncle Sam tells us not to worry, he’s building underground bunkers at a furious pace and stocking them with enough provisions to sustain an army of government elite for decades.

      2. Gee I’m traveling that day. What could possibly go wrong? Another Black Friday?

        • The 90% death toll from a solar flare isn’t legitimate.  It was made up and is a testimony to the gullibility of preppers who repeat it. Even if every man, woman, and child living in towns greater than 2,500 people died that would still only be 80% of Americans.

          The Center for Security Policy sounds impressive, but it is actually the invent of a talk radio host. 

            • Government Guy,

               Although I take issue with a fair amount of what Allen C. wrote in his essay on Survivalblog, I do find some truths.  One of them is below. 

              “Those who think they are ready because they are stockpiling provisions and having Internet discussions really need to “wake up” and “see the writing on the wall” that these things alone will not save them. Survival is more about skills than stuff. We are on the cusp of a violent transition to a third-world country which will include an equally violent redistribution of hard assets.”

              I know I will probably get a fair amount of thumbs down….but it is true. People need to realize it is about skills.  “Stuff” will only get you so far and then what will people do?

              However, I highly recommend getting “stuff”.  It will help get ya on down the road a little furthur and it is much better to have something rather than nothing.

              • I live in a big city and so have had the opportunity to befriend a few individuals have experienced a personal shtf. 

                One is a man who went through the Balkan experience his tales led me to conclude that the ONLY reason he survived is because he’s seriously SMART.

                My Somali neighbour was made a young uneducated widow with 3 small children in tow, in an environment that qiuickly became what can only be described as the closest we’ll ever get to  hell on earth.  She ran with NOTHING bar a few pots + the clothes on her back after being burnt out of her home, & the constant fear of her son being snatched to be used as a child soldier (her fears for her girls were worse!).

                Yet despite all the odds she finally made it to a safe haven to raise her children on the other side of the globe, in a place she’d never heard of & where she knew noone before shtf for her. She’s now learnt the language in a foreign land, got used to the climate, overcome serious levels of predjudice from those who hate refugees and raised 3 kids to productive adulthood.  Her very considerable achievement comes down to one thing. Most of her childhood friends, either starved, or were killed. She is seriously CANNY, and is still learning useful skills.  (I love that she constantly pushes my son to learn as much as he can in school & elsewhere).

                “stuff” is only good if you have the knowledge you use the tools and preps.  A willingness to adapt to new situations seems to be more critical to surviving overall than stores that in a worst case scenario you may have to run from if you want to stay alive (there will be SANDY preppers who fled the storm, leaving years of preps in Situ if you want a recent example).

              • good show Kindle

                that other stuff will keep you alive in order to use your skills,,


              • As I have always said , Learn, Train, Watch ur corners, Shoot Straight, Watch ur six, And keep ur ass down. And you just might make it.

            • Gotta agree with “Kindle” on this one…

              Stuff alone ain’t gonna save you.

              • Furthermore, I love what the guy had to say here:


                Many preppers are disciples of nationally known doomsayers who have been predicting since at least 1999 that we are six months away from anarchy.  When confronted with the obvious they sometimes revert to the argument that collapse has already come.  I wish that were true because having hit rock bottom we could start rebuilding.  The economy may be held up like a horizontal mine shaft about to collapse, but when we run out of bread and circuses these preppers will see what total collapse really looks like.  The different federal agencies who are stocking up on ammunition are going to need it.”

            • Going out on a limb here, but I am pretty sure someone on this site with the initials P.P. wrote that “I Hate Preppers” article–it showed up shortly after he had some back and forth on these topics with some people here, I believe on the Great Grocery Store Clean-Out Debate. It was a great article, but it made me hope that he doesn’t hate ME. But I have a good 20 years before I am a grandmother, so perhaps I am safe.

              • MamaBear: I read his article too and he comes off as one of the those who thinks his skills and preps are far superior to everyone else’s because he’s a “Real Mountain Man” .  He fancies himself as the next Jim Bridger or Jed Smith. In his world you’re either all in (100%) primative or you’re a posser/ wannabe. While I actually enjoy camping and I didn’t terribly mind living in field conditions while I was in the military, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life under those conditions if I don’t have to as this fellow does.  I like many of my modern conviences like electric lighting, refrigeration, clean water on tap, and flush toilets.  But he isn’t a real primative.  He says that he has to got to amountain top to get cell phone service.  So he’s a hypocrite calling the rest of us phonies.  If his initials are PP, they stand for Phony Posser.

          • “only” 80% 

            oh I feel much better now 

          • I believe the 90% figure could be a close estimation,  IF the entire country returned to totally functioning at a “pre-industrial” level. For starters, with no tractors, or other agricultural machines, and no semi trucks hauling things from where they sre grown to where they are needed…many of the deaths would be from starvation. One recent report I read estimated that even under ideal circumstances, with no access to modern agricultural technology (fertilizers, pesticides, GMO seeds..etc) we only have enough arible land in the US to support a population of around 80 million….obviously that figure would depend on farmers’ abilitiy to rapidly transition from using machines to using manual labor to efficiently grow food. Depending on what time of year such an event occurred, would also play a major part in determining casualties I presume.

            • There is more food then what is planted by us. A lot of ppl will starve, because they will not go the one step further. New york city for ie: Food sources: Pigeons, Rats, Fish, gulls, but they are just flying rats like the pigeons. ( you can still fish from many locations in new york hell right off the belt parkway on the side of a major new york road you can fish. (would stay away from the east river personally. )

                                     How far will you go to survive? My wife says when the time comes “I will when I have to” :)That was in response to when I tried getting her to eat some squirrel the other night lol shot it with a .22 pneumatic rifle right out the damn tree in the back yard 🙂  Had some nice wild leaf salad also items from the back yard that was not planted by us. As many of us have been saying  on many posts, Learn, Practice, Master, Train, Teach. ( this is my personal order I feel once you master it you still need to train  it non stop )

                                     Recently I have been staying outside on the weekends. Out in the yard with only a couple items and been living off the land so to speak even tho it is a rather small area. Just brushing up on the skill sets. The wife will come out during the days and  learn what I have to teach her and practice but when she sleeps she is sleeping in her bed, says she will enjoy the bed for as long as she can because one day there may be no bed LOL.




        • The same people that say there is no solar flare, meteor, pole shift or economic threat are the same ones telling us that we should prepare for a Zombie apocalypse…

          Wrong..they are the very ones getting those underground bunkers stocked with food, water, and ammo with our tax dollars.

          Irony, huh.


          • Yeah, especially since taxpayers won’t be in them…

          • These are also the same morons who said there was nothing wrong in 2006,07, 08. The economy is just fine, they said. In fact they kept saying it until earlier this year, until now when they say that the “recovery” is not as “strong as it should be”. The fact these idiots are saying these things now leaves no doubt. Prepare for all of those things, as if they are denying it, yet preparing for it.Expect it all. Hope that only one of these things happens.

      3. Wasn’t too concerned.  But now that the gubmint says not to be concerned, I’m scared to death.

        • The day before the Bosnian War, politicians were still telling people that everything was fine.

        • … thoughts exactly…darn it!

          • Not surprised, Reb. Rebels will be rebels.

          • It just proves- prepared minds think alike!

        • My thoughts exactly…as soon as the government says “Don’t Worry” that is the time to worry…

      4. The whole “Mayan calendar, Dec 21st 2012” is a bunch of baloney, but we do face a serious threat from our own government when you contemplate the DHS which is only going to get bigger, creepier & more insulting along with the Patriot Act (designed for patriots, not terrorists) & the NDAA.These new agencies & laws are grave threats indeed & we would be very foolish to allow anyone to disarm us at this stage of the game…This may sound worn out, but it must be repeated; buy guns, preferably powerful assault style rifles & thousands of rds of ammo.

        • It should be noted that the word “Patriot” in the patriot act does NOT refer to the traditional meaning of that word.  It stands for  Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.


          • That head fuck comes from the same place as 9-11. Anyone who did not spot that as an obvious clue as to those responsible does not have the wits they were born with

        • Dave:  the government(s) have gotten out of hand and have been growing by leaps and bounds. I live in a small/medium size college town; total county population >300,000.  I was driving through a smaller town in our county and I noticed the Sheriff’s Department was drive their new UAV (Urban Assault Vehicle) which proudly stated in bold letters on both sides “Provided by Department of Homeland Secuirty”.  My first thought was “WTF” do these guys need need with an armored vehicle.  I’ve lived here for three years and have yet to hear of any major, or even moderate, drug ring bust.  It makes one wonder.

          • $650,000 for one UAV…and we have counties with one officer patrolling each night??

            More of that ‘redistribution’ needed here.

          • They got the UAV because they wanted it and DoHS had a pot of money to pass around.  Same reason they get new guns, they want them, nothing wrong with the old ones.

      5. Masses of malleable fools believe in the Mayan Apocalypse and shape-shifting lizards, but refuse to countenance the possibility of a conspiracy by plutocratic insiders and foreign agents to enslave Amerikans because “it’s far-fetched.” Here’s what they SHOULD be paying attention to:

        1) Notorious gun-grabber Charles Schumer has made a move in the Senate to deny veterans the right to own firearms:

        2) The TSA is seeking permission from the Office of Management and Budget to conduct “security assessments” on highways as well as at 140 other public transportation hubs, including bus depots and train stations:

        • re Schummer’s bill. Does he think that the Veterans are the only ones capable of using firearms effectively?

          • Nope, but eliminating the largest swath of Americans (10s of millions of them by “deeming” them mentally unstable) that do effectively know how to use firearms makes you impotent and easy.


        America used to be great. What happened ?


        • We got bored with Ozzie and Harriet.


            Bill Clinton…

            I did not have sexual relations with Miss Lewinski..


            Monica..  “I will never wash this dress!”

            More of this generation…

            Bill Clinton..

            I did not inhale.

            Too dumb to know how to smoke pot but run the country.

            Funny how Bill thought he balanced the budget by stealing from social security.

            So this is why we prep… all the bone heads running things.


        • We have allowed the inmates to run the asylum in OUR absence. Its that simple. The cure is as simple as the condition is critical.

          American Patriots must form NEW Political structures; a NEW Patriot Party of veterans,  gun owners, and Patriots to give other Americans a real choice at the local and federal level.

          As long as Americans are passive, the NWO Globalists will continue to erode OUR rights and destroy OUR liberties. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of America in their hands.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • Glad to hear you say that DK…

            The latest thing I heard, the apathetic have now given themselves a name, those ‘conservatives’ who want to; Let It Burn.

            the L.I.B.s, doing exactly what the Libs of Cloward-Piven fame, want them to do.

            We truly are in the Kabuki dance of the damned.

            The Mayan calendar is the ending of a cycle… of the precession of the Galaxy.

            The only glitch with this, is the Galactic rift…

            • durango great post, Im one. Im in.

          •  DK, And the commies are going to squeeze the wealthy for the benefit of the masses! 

            Newsflash! Most, not all, I’ll admit, of the rich didn’t get rich by being stupid. I know some of these folks. Their motto is ” they play their games, we play ours”.  The first mistake the commie , statist nitwits made was to give a heads up. The wealthy have been busy little beavers for the last few months, right up to midnight Dec. 30. 

             I’ll bet on a capitalist pig over a pinko statist every time. Hell, the capitalist will act the part of a pinko, if it puts cash in  his pocket. For these people, money is a scorecard. Sure, they can never spend it all. But that’s not the point. They aquired it, and they’ll damn well not fork it over to some num-nut tax collector. They’re glad to give it all away, on THEIR terms.  Carnegie and Gates for example.

            The one’s I know are converting to PMs, offshoring, selling now to capture current tax scemes, and making HUGE plans to invest OFFSHORE!  Hundreds of Millions. Just to keep it out of the Gov’s hands. I’m not defending anything or anyone’s actions. I’m simply stating facts.

            95% and 5%    That’s how it shakes out. 5% run the show, aquire the wealth. We’re doing good to make it to the top 20% of the 95%!

            As an extreme example, watch how much revenue gets collected when France imposes a 75% top rate. I’ll bet their lucky to maintain even, if they don’t collect less. Fun to watch!

            • Can’t wait for the derivitives game to go tits up.

              • Hi PO’d,

                    Yeah, me too. Was ovet at the ‘Hedge a bit ago, a new post over there says the GS is swerving eveyone away from Steve Cohen’s SAC…..who’ll be left after that…..

              • POP:  QE4 at $45 billion a month will protect the bad derivatives associated with the bad MBS/CDO’s. You won’t see so much as a nipple.

                Just saying. Watch porn instead.   🙂

          • Agreed.  But evidenced by the last election, more than half of this country thinks we’re doing just fine and that the gov really does have our best interest in mind.  When someone pays for your lively hood, it’s hard to turn against them.  SNAP is just another form of buying votes and as long as that program serves 47 million Americans, those are 47 million Americans that you’re never going to get on your Patriot party.  As if the battle to wake people up wasn’t hard enough, SNAP is like pushing a boulder up a hill.  

            • As if the battle to wake people up wasn’t hard enough, SNAP is like pushing a boulder up a hill….With both hands and feet tied behind your back!!!

      7. 12.21.2012 will be a day like any other, but if enough people believe something their response makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy (at least for them).  In our finger-pointing society they would be criticized for not acting if some cult decides to kill themselves on that day.

        We live in an era where people are held accountable for not preventing another person’s stupidity.

        • I have been saying this for at least the last five years – telling everyone I know to buy an extra week’s worth of groceries. Just regular stuff, just an extra week’s worth. Why? Because I remember the shelves getting cleared for Y2K, and I’ll be damned if a bunch of superstitious people are going to ruin my holiday meal! Besides that, I have a gross of cookies to bake, as I give them to extended family as gifts. (I can’t afford to buy everyone /something/, and they don’t believe in /not/ doing gifts for everyone or even a Secret Santa.)

          • lori

            are we close enough i can get some of those cookies???my favorite is peanut butter,,,


            BTW   Merry Christmas everyone

            • You don’t want to come where I am sadly – within a very large city with the interstate right outside my window. But we’re working on it, I swear! High cost of living means it’s taking us a while to finish squaring off our debts and building up a cushion so we can have a completely clean slate.And yes, peanut butter cookies are on my list, along with orange ginger sugar cookies, chocolate chip, brownie bites, gingerbread, iced oatmeal raisin and at least one other, if not two or three. I like to mix it up so each gift bag is filled with a nice assortment, and it keeps me from going insane from looking at the same thing coming out of the oven over and over! I figure, if I have to make enough for ~20 gifts, they should indeed look like gifts and not like I grabbed 20 of the same thing and dropped them in gift bags. If I were going that route, I’d save myself the trouble and hand out cash – but where’s the thought in that?

              • lori

                do i need to come move you???i have room on the old homestead,,and one fine kitchen you can work in,,,yea the cookies would be more filling,,,anyway Merry Christmas,,God be with you,,,


        • I thought it was 12.12.2012

        • there will be deaths reported on the news, they should stop lying to people and start reporting the truth, the news is going to the point so far off that people dont know what to believe anymore and really affecting peoples lives. My point is people believe anything on CNN or MSNBC and believe it! Same for fox to a point. There are soo many naieve people out there and the news really is screwing up peoples lives.

      8. To everyone: my personal experience has taught me that when government says “not to worry”, we damn well better be concerned! I don’t but into the Mayan deal at all. We are headed toward economic collapse, WW3, all kinds of SHTF scenarios are out there and any of them could happen. That’s what I prep for; survival in a post-SHTF world. The world as we know it right now will end eventually. It will definitely end for all the nonpreppers out here who have had numerous warnings over the years from people like Mac and others. They’ve had many years to wake up and start stockpiling supplies for themselves and their families. But their attitude is, Oh, nothing to worry about. The government will take care of everything.” In the intial phase of post-SHTF, when they finally realize government won’t be there for them, that’s when they will become very dangerous and “lose it”. It’s almost certain some of them may come to my home thinking it’s “their grocery store”, but they’ll find out different the hard way if they try to force their will on me. Go back in the archives to an article written by Be Informed on 5-12-12 titled “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article says it all. most nonpreppers will be dead in the first 30 days of post-SHTF. Everyone get ready. hell on earth will be here before you know it. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • I’m glad you recommend stockpiling something extra for neighbors. I know people have a right to protect themselves, it’s just sad to imagine that we’d have to shoot desperate starving people. Let’s pray it doesn’t get to that. Hopefully more people start waking up.

      9. The PTB will continue extracting every last penny from us and continue to deny any possibility of calamity til doomsday I stated several months ago..and I trust this source of info..the military and national guard are preparing for an emp type scenario in the very near future and all of us will be the last to know til the bitter end..we’ve got to remember that slightly 1% at best of all info is dispersed to the sheep even years ahead of what’s to come..

        The rest is just a  mirage to placate the masses..every day 24/7



      10. Silly SIMPLE SIMON Sheeple …

        The “END OF THE WORLD” already came to pass … October 2008 . STOCK MARKET CRASH .

        The Day “AmeriKa Fiat Dollar” Global Currency control Died !

        Millions around the World have starved died from preventative disease or suffered unnecessarily for it’s intentional designed collapse … And millions more will continue to Die and Suffer for it !

        The AmeriCan Dream is now the AmeriKan Zionist Commie Fascist NIGHT MARE !

        AmeriKa is a LIE ! The AmeriKan Fiat Dollar is Long Dead !

        It only gets worse from here as “WE” YES WE ALL turn AmeriKa into a Nation Wide Gulag NWO ZOG FASCIST FREEMASON BANKER CONTROLLED PRISON for a Weekly PayCheck based on a bunch of ZOG FEDGOV FALSE-FAG TERRORIST ATTACKS and ZOG FEDGOV NWO U.N. propaganda LIES !


        ~ N.O. ;0p

        • you are right nina, absolutely. only i would take it back to that dreaded day early in the last century when those scum went to jeckyl island in georgia and signed the federal reserve act. the world died that day. and we have been paying since.

        • TORA



      11. Nothing nearly as dangerous as this worthless government, running the country into the ground …

      12. 12.21.2012  I have already asked for this day off from work.  I am planning a BBQ.  If the world ends then we will have a full belly and cold beer and start the apocolypse with a hangover.  If it doesn’t, which is what I’m more inclined to believe, then on 12.22.2012 I’ll finally put up a Christmas tree. 

        Seasons Greetings All

      13. Gotta love it. They sit there and deflect all the nonsense but say nothing about the real catastrophes looming in the near future, climate change, peak oil, peak food, peak water, peak debt, etc. etc.

        • yes timothy. A nd they dont talk about how , even if nibiru doesnt come, the new madrid is certainly waking up and will do alot of the same things that nibiru will do anyway.

      14. – Today’s issues from a Christian point of view

      15. Hi All !       Dec 21 2012.  I say bring it on !!!

        That is my last day at work till  Jan 07,  So home with the family for the holidays just where I want to be.  If SHTF 

        And it’s time to get your list and check it twice .  My basics are: water, food, protection, wood stove and lighting.  Everything else we got is just a bonus. 

        Happy holidays :   And stay safe.  Peace All 


        • Daniel San,  Work for GM?  If not, are you guys hiring?


          • My bad! I thought you were off from NOW til Jan 7.  Enjoy the couple weeks. I’ll just tough it out  in my current position. 

            • Nope  LOL , work for FlakeBoard  CO.  And there not hiring  🙁 things are getting slow right now, a few guys starting unemployment. We usually have a week shutdown over Christmas, but this looks  like 16 days off for me. Should be able to try out the batch of Home Brew I got going, another 10 more days before I can bottle it , then should be ready to drink around the dec 21. Perfect timing   🙂

      16. On 20121221, I will have a bottle of champagne and my wife by my side as we celebrate a new begining. The world will not be destroyed, but there are those out there that might do something fiendish to make people believe that the end is near.

        Regardless, those that are awake, know and see that things are not going to be in a good way anytime soon!

        Keep your mind in a goo state of mind and have situational awareness at all times.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • I too am expecting some kind of attack somewhere in the world. It would send people into a world wide panic. It would be as easy as anonymous, the hacker group coordinating a shut down of the internet by some means. I don’t think they would do such a thing as they are more like freedom fighters, but anyone with the skill sets could do so. Imagine if the internet was down, imagine if everyone with their 3g and 4g phones couldn’t get service. I quote the joker by saying “Everybody loses their minds!”

          • no shut down of the internet, prefer to keep it up, is what the fight is about free internet, keeping it free, so information can flow freely.

      17. America has written too checks that its arse can’t cash.   Don’t know when,  but its coming.  I feel we have several more years of delay, money printing, interest rate manipulation, etc.

      18. the world is coming to an end

        our world

        or more correctly

        the world and life as we know it

        changes of cataclysmic proportions are happening as we speak

        the American empire is in a profound state of collapse

        our “leaders” are fighting over who gets to gets to be captain of the Titanic 

      19. I’m not particularly concerned about 12/21. I’m more concerned about early next year, such as the first quarter.

      20. “preppers” are a threat to the government

        not because we’re storing food

        but because we think differently

        we have seen through the crap,the bull shit,the lies

         And Dmitri Orlov – a Russian engineer who lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union – says that regimes collapse the moment that people stop believing they are legitimate”



      21. I had no reason to believe the world was going to end in 2012

        But I do know that everything the US government says is a lie.

        So now I kind of think it might.


      22. Can’t you people be quiet! I’m trying to sleep. zzzzzzz. zzzzzzz. zzzzzzzz.

      23. Are we there yet? Wake me when its over.

      24. Is it my computer, or is everyone having problems posting?

        • SBG

          i am now for three days


      25. This article cracked me up.

      26. One Line form the “illuminati” movie 2012 ( that spells their agenda i.e. the rich will live and the rest of us will die!)… when John Cusark says ….”When they tell not to panic…………  THATS WHEN YOU PANIC!!!!!” ….just saying ~ after the Largest Storm in living memory…..blood red waters……weird clouds…..tornadoes…..volcanoes…..sinkholes…..etc etc etc…..people still need to ASK if everything is going to be hunkydory???? it may not come to an immediate standstill or a giant burp on 12/21/12 but i seriously don’t think we are in Kansas anymore….capische!

      27. Rewind 2 years to when Russia announced it’s massive underground bunker building program.

        Objective : to build u/g bunkers to house half their population AND on a urgent timeline. All to be done by December 2012 which is THIS month.

        Now, I wonder why the urgency.

        Mayan calendar ? naah..

        Religious prophecy number 1,000,001 ? naah..

        A few billion ruble lying around to spend ? naah…



        Preplaneed nuclear assault or solarm storm – highly probable.











      28. Here’ s what got me thinking:

        1. GM and Chysler tanking

        2. The fact that Bernie Maddoff…made off with $65B…that’s a B folks.

        3. Shit I see at work..  We now have a nomadic middle mgt. in the US.  They all lie on their resumes and conspire with their references.  Then they come in…fire a few to scare the weak minded…then they generate oceans of powerpoint, hold big meetings and talk over everyone.  Guess what… 18 months later..they are asked to leave…then I get to clean up their mess.  The last guy…I looked him straight in the eye and told him he had less than two years here…  and yep..  Got fired…asked to leave.   That’s getting fired.  A culture of failure.

        4.  Dollar devaluation about 45% since 2000

        5.  Seeing Obama turn us into socialists.  All the scum you see at black friday shopping…

        6.  The cultural destruction…too many foreigner.  Kumbya…fuck that.  This is white america jack!   We still rule.  Obama will pass into history in time like all failures do.  It’s the white guys that still run shit.  Don’t delete this mac…it’s  fact.  I have yet to see a black software developer make it.

        7.  chemtrails and their affect on the weather.  This decreased the global evaporation rate and hence droughts…and ten nature catches up and dumps in other areas.

        8.  The UN…it’s clear that the CFR are a commie org. and destroying the US.

        9.  Nobody cares anymore..  The greatest generation are now gone, their children, the silent generation are next and don’t care….just enough to make sure they can afford gas for their RVs.  Ironic that there has to be someone who will inherit one and make it their new deer camp.  “Thanks Mom and Dad”…way to pass on a depreciable item from inherited money.

        10.  Sheople…need I say more….glad there are so many… ever see the road?  

        11.  China.  They are doing economic and cyber war on us…  One day they will fall from the skies.  On that day, millions of NRA members will meet at town halls and define their battle plan and folks will discover how much ammo. the American people really to have stocked up.  The average guy must have a couple thousand rounds….  Santa always brings me some.

        We’ll that’s it folks.

        Face it…the commies were really dems. and union fucks in disguise.

        I also blame the repubs….bus. owners who were so greedy then justified shipping shit to China.  Think about it…doing business with a communist country.  The traitors. 

        Finally this…   Most likely these postings are being scanned and data mined and I’m labelled a terrorist to the UN NWO.

        Ah…forgot one more..  We make about $150k between me and the lady.

        Yet we live in a double and are steadily paying shit down.

        Now inflation spiked up and I strong armed the bosses for an inflation raise and got it.  Most cannot do that.  So the rest of America must severely be fucked from the prices.

        Pre Obama price of gas..  $1.88

        After Obama  $4.00.

        I smell a commie rat here!!!

        It’s all going to continue to fuck up.


        REAL men take care of their families…NOT depend on the govt.

        Ironic how the doomsday prepper shows are tying to discredit folks.

        Ignore it all and do your thing.

        • “REAL men take care of their families…NOT depend on the govt.”


          this is why im prepped

          • VRF

            As do real women, and thats why we all prep. 


            Take care x

            • Hiya Burt,

                  How’s your neck O’ the Woods lately…any improvement in the ‘wet conditions’ there? Are you all makin’ out OK?

        • BAM!   +1,000,000………………..

      29. The worst thing that can happen is nothing.

      30. There’s been believers of doom since the beginning of human kind. In all peoples no matter how small the tribe or secluded they were. There must be something in our DNA that requires it, that keeps us alive as a species. The challenge is to know of dooms possibilities but don’t let it control your life or put you in a state of fear. But to use it to prepare for the change of the seasons, actual and metaphorically.

           It seems that some people have a difficult time with understanding doom and they live on the edge of fear, so close to it that with just a little provocation they will give into it. That is the tug of war between the rational and irrational. 


      31. Greetings Everyone!

        First things first….Mac any time frames for our “personal” numbers for our quotes?

        Second,on to the topic….

        End of the World?

        What? Should we even be worried?From what I read/studied from the Scriptures,not even close.God created this planet for humans to start with.As for those who believe it only took SIX 24 days,not really the correct answer.I know all about the 1000 years are as a day stuff,but the timetable isn’t quite that tight,try thinking on a larger timescale for the ENTIRE universe to happen,then the Earth and you(and me!) might get close.

        Back to the “end of the world”…it isn’t the planet that is being destroyed as the Bible describes(see Dan.2:44)just our current world wide set of governments that get the chop.Doesn’t mean that things get changed in a smooth as silk manner(see Matt24 and 2ed Tim.3).What God had in mind originally  was a ” garden paradise ” in which people who loved God AND their fellow men were to exist.God only allows the current setup to see who are really “Sheep” and who are the real “Goats”.That’s why he left signs and warnings of what to come in a single generation’s lifetime.  Even Jesus admitted the HE wasn’t privy to the exact moment that God says “enough already!”.We do have warnings as to have truly awful those times will be.One verse states it quite succinctly:”Of those day were NOT cut short,NO flesh(humankind) would be saved,but on account of the chosen ones it WILL be cut short.”I strongly suspect that TPTB and their tunnel  hidey holes aren’t going to be the place to be. We are also told that those who put faith in Christ should raise their heads up as these things happen for:”their deliverance is getting near”.That hope will be what helps you survive even if all others perish around you.At worst your faith in the promised Resurrection of the dead will allow you the “come back from death” as Jesus did for Lazarus .If God has a use for you in Heaven his will be done.This current vail of tears is coming to and end to be sure,but at God’s timetable.To paraphrase:|”God does not wish ANY to be destroyed,but desires All to attain to repentance and faith in Christ”.

          I hope Everyone here (and their families)  can reach the “promise land” too!

        Best to All


        • GFG, thanks for the comment, can you email me direct about this. I want to make sure I know which feature you are referring to: “any time frames for our “personal” numbers for our quotes?”

          Thanks, and sorry if you told me the details of this before.


      32. Satori    your website references posted above claim oops site not found please try again and I am not able to copy and paste HMMMMM

      33. As you all know I gravitate towards the geophysical as being any kind of end of civilization type event. There has been a sharp uptick of earthquakes the past few years, and there are several areas that are primed and ready to break that could bring some true chaos. The Cascadia fault has at least 9+ energy behind it, as that 7.8 should have set it off by now, it is mega locked and loaded. The Caribbean plate is even more dire as the western section of it has proven it with 7.3-7.6 earthquakes in the past weeks on it. The Southern San Andreas is a ticking bomb that is way overdue, by like a hundred years or more. The New Madrid fault is still within the average time frame of breaking, but definitely could be set off by other faults breaking.

        One earthquake fault breaking is not going to end human civilization, UNLESS. The big word unless, there is some sort of chain reaction of the plates. Back in April the largest ever recorded horizontal earthquake occurred, some seismic stations had it 8.7 and others 8.6, then an aftershock of either 8.3 or 8.2. This earthquake because it was horizontal rammed against the plate systems of the world like bumper cars and for a week after this, earthquakes were occurring all over the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. It stopped, but what if it hadn’t.

        Earthqaukes can truly be devastating and one after another hitting would flatten much, but people are not going to die in droves from it, even with worldwide tsunamis, inland people will survive. The real issues with earthquake is that they can open up volcanoes. Like a deep cut to an artery, a seam broken open near or at ground zero of a volcano and it can erupt. Volcanolgist get real nervous when large earthquakes occur too near to a super volcano for excellent reasons. There are about 2 dozen super volcanoes in the world that are capable of a VEI 8 level eruption. When Mt.Tambora erupted in 1815 it was a VEI 7 and caused the mini-ice age. When Toba eruption about 76 thousand years ago it almost made humans extinct. Yes, a super volcano erupting in New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, South America, Alaska, Yellowstone, etc. can end civilization as we know it. Will it happen around Dec. 21? Don’t know, don’t think so, but who knows as volcanoes can again be set off very quickly by a large enough very close earthquake.

        The sun is a funny object, as an EMP could devastate the world, people can still live like they did 100 years ago without any sort of electricity. As Mac says it could kill 90% of the people. Still there will remain modern tools and raw refined material to rebuild civilization as most items will remain untouched and fully usable. A radiation storm from the sun is a true nightmare. Such an event would likely destroy most of the ozone layer and this would takes years to decades to recover. Plant life would be hit hard, including the photoplankton of the oceans. It is not just the agriculture of the world and the food for marine life, it is the oxygen issue here. Photoplankton produce 1/2 of the oxygen that we all breathe, an intense enough radiation storm could wipe out much of the plant life in the ocean and on land. On top of starvation, you could potentially run into an oxygen problem.

        Thankfully with all the amateur astronomers the government really cannot hide a potential comet or incoming asteroid that could destroy humanity, the public would know of this. However some sort of dark matter energy anomaly or other space phenomenon they could. A gamma ray pulse we would not know about it until it was right on top of us because we would not know about if a supernova went off because the light from it will not reach us fro hundreds or thousands of years after it went off.

        Wanna talk about a quick moving event that could destroy human civilization in a few short days and happens all the time to other life forms? A super virus. With modern air travel a virus out of India could reach almost every spot on the planet within a week. Plant and animals go extinct all the time from plagues. Human are no different and a super virus with near or at 100% fatality rate could spread very rapidly, only those that could hide from it would survive. Science fiction you say, there are no viruses that kill near or at 100%. Without a vaccine rabies kills just that many infected with it, near 100%. Somewhere under the filth of some third or fourth world country lurks a 100% airborne killer virus without any vaccine or treatment against it.

        Finally, how about the fact that the nuclear powers are still on a hair trigger. There are enough nuclear weapons to easily end human civilization, not end all humans, just the civilization. The launch on warning is still very much in use. With the new anti-missile batteries put into place now, countries are far more likely to fire off as much as possible as opposed to the cold war in which such devices were limited to treaties by both sides. There are now many more countries that have magnitudes of nuclear weapons than the cold war, one is China. A Middle East war could ignite the next third world war. Israel is hellbent on attacking Iran, the next window for this would be Dec. 8-18, with the new moon falling on Dec.13 for a dark enough sky to attack Iran.

        I personally am extremely skeptical about the Dec. 21, 2012, but I don’t demise it either as black swans happen all the time. Other than some really hard core climatologists, how many people saw Hurricane Sandy hitting the Northeast Coast in late October right before the election. Sandy was a game changer for that election that could have been MUCH closer if it had not happened. The Weather Channel is certain to harp on this on how weather changed history for much time to come. Again, practically no one say this coming, and probably no one saw this storm affecting the election like it did beforehand. This black swan could be something coming on or near Dec. 21 of this year, or it could be something that has been building for years like a world war.

        I don’t know about everyone else, but it does seem like something is coming in the next fews days or weeks, and it is frustrating that I and others cannot put our finger on it as of yet. If I see anything I will try to let everyone know, and if anyone else sees or hears anything that could be serious please let us all know so we can prepare the best we can for it.

        • Hey  B.I.

          Back on  “Daisy’s LIGHTS OUT”  article…I asked a question directed @ you & Hillbilly seconded said question. I guess you missed it. If so please go back & reference comment ID #902668  &  904151.

          Comments were made on Dec. 1 @ 8:43am & 6:21pm

          Would really appreciate your insight.  Thanks.

        • BI, I too think something is about to happen.  Things are not normal. The weather is too warm.  And what is coming one cannot put their finger on it as you noted.  

          • well my tulip tree is budding out we are in arkansas!



      34. How does NASA know the world will not end in 2012 , what are they God now ?

        • Maybe they found out the way I did.   Through God’s written word to us.  It’s for all “who have eyes to see”.   The prophetic word has,is, and will come to pass just as it is written.

           Not too many events left to unfold before we see antichrist/Satan on the scene.  As best as I can read and understand, the mark of the beast system is now being set up.  It’s “groundwork” is thru our driver’s liscensing system here in USA.  Other countries have a natonal ID system of some sort, already  in place in some areas.  These systems are all tied into a bigger system thru the UN that is trying to keep it all flying under the radar currently.  Eventually, possibly next year, the stage will be set to implement the “global ID” system for ole slick of slicks, that ole dragon, pretty boy floyd, the master impersonator, to come on the scene.  That global ID system is how he trys to keep track of everyone and try to manipulate the world to follow his system and pay allegience to him as he impersonates Christ.

            A few things still have to happen.  The one big thing is when the four “evil” angels are unleashed and cause TPTB to begin WWIII in the Middle East.  It won’t be pretty.  Don’t expect things to get any better after that.  It continues with the invasion of Russian and possibly some Asian troops.  God takes care of them before they can ever get into the lower 48 though.

           Don’t shoot at me if you don’t agree or don’t like the message.  Take it up with God.  He is still in control and his true children have nothing to worry about.  If you are worried then maybe you don’t have your heart as right as it should be.  Just sayin’.


          • Dont tread

            wouldnt that end for most of us life as we know it???i think it would,,,heck take my weapons away from me/us and that would end life as we know it,,stop taxing another one,,,no more freebies,,,send the aliens home,,,hell even better create jobs,,simlpe solution,,rebuild the hiway systems with stemilus instead of the banks,,stop feed ing the world and feed our own,,all those would end life as we know it,,


      35. The world will certainly end; there have been 5 major extinction events and many more minor ones in the life our planet Earth. However, it’s very unlikely that another major extinction event will occur on the 21st December 2012. This date is just a money making opportunity for a lot of unscrupulous people to take advantage of the gullible.

        I have been prepping in the UK for a number of years my reasons for prepping aren’t because I’m expecting an extinction event to occur they are simply that I expect our financial systems to wind down to a collapse and this will be compounded by worsening extreme weather events such as we are seeing in increasing numbers of now.

        Hurricanes are becoming more frequent, more violent and more devastating. Here in the UK we are regularly experiencing major flooding all around the country.

        The world will end, just not now…….



        • For the first time in 25,000 years the planets will all be in alignment and the sun smack dab in the middle of the galaxy — That ought to be worth a little somethin somethin — Ya think?

          • fig

            you are the first one i`ve seen talk about that,,been wondering about it myself


            • The world will never end.  This is a world (earth) created by God “to be inhabited”.  God will cause the world, as we now know it, and has we know it thru history, to pass.  That in more simpler terms; this world “age” will pass.  This particlar segment of  “time” will come to an end and there will  a “new” age that begins with the destruction of all the “evil” elements being removed from the earth.   God has written, that as soon as the 1000 years of Christ’s reign is complete, He, God will set up His kingdom and His throne here on earth to live for eternity with His children that honor,obey, and love him.  No atheists,no baby murderers,no homosexuals, no politicians/liars.

               The alignment of celestial bodies, signifies a change or possibly even a trigger for the end of this current age.  This December 21st,2012 is important for that fact alone.

               There are many signs and events that signify the coming end to this age.  They are happening in all parts of the world on a regular basis.  When studying biblical prophecy of the end times there are certain cities and peoples that are given for the signs of the end times.  Most currently the bible speaks of happenings in Gaza,Damascus  and Egypt.  Don’t forget Persia (Iran)  and Rosh (Russia).    Look at what is happening today in Egypt, Gaza, and Damascus.  These things aren’t happening because of a coincidence.   God is long suffering but there comes a time when He has seen His children suffer enough at the hands of the “evil doers”.    Prepare for the destruction, before the rebuilding of life as it was supposed be.   It is coming!

      36. I’m kinda going along with the Lindsey Williams thing… he says what the elites are planning and that they are ramping up because they only have until the end of this year to get it done… because after that THEY are done!  It’s all about consciousness… and the awakening of we the masses. Even Brzinsky is scared of us waking up before they can take everything away from us and slap us into FEMA camps.

        The ones that don’t entirely go along with Williams are still going with the shift in consciousness and evolvement thing, whether or not it includes “ascension”.

        Yeah, I have stored supplies and all that. I refuse to get into fear. I realize it is possible that things may get dodgy, but I still believe we’ll get through it.

        • I’ve often wondered if it’s merely the date of the beginning of the end for the tptb, rather than us phlebs (and the meek shall inherit the earth).

          Minus the bankster class, humanity would survive and thrive. Minus the farmer, the engineer, the sewage worker etc, the bankster class wouldn’t survive long. (As individuals they lack the knowledge to push those fiat digits around the world’s bank screens).

          We have been deliberately kept ignorant, our adults infantilised by a relentless propaganda campaign for centuries right? Yet at the end of the day, the lower classes globally are the producers of everything that makes life worth living, and even of everything we NEED for survival. ( I can’t see Prince Charles, JWB, BO, Benarke et all cleaning out a blocked sewer, or tending a sick cow at 3am can you?).

          What would happen to the banksters et all, if en masse, globally ordinary people stamped their feet just as the toddlers tptb seek to reduce us to and shouted “I don’t want to!”, “NO”.

          The real puppet masters swan around the globe, first class, eating organic food stuffs, with access to the very best doctors, waffling in very important meetings that decide the fate of millions.  They are driven from gated location to gated location. They don’t actually DO or MAKE or CREATE anything! Mind games of “divide and conquer” turning common man against common man are all that’s kept them in charge when you really stop to think.

           They & their offspring are NEVER called to the frontline of the wars they create. Hell, even the welfare Mom so many like to criticise on sites like these has to take care of her own laundry, & clean her own abode. Oft times she  sends her kids off to fight & die for causes not of her making, given the marked tendency of the military to recruit it’s cannon fodder from poor youth.

          All tptb could do in the event of their minioins refusing to serve them any longer is retreat to the bunkers that those they oppressed built and sit in fear as we sealed off their oxygen supply.

          The banksters and their ilk are just one out of control parasite feasting upon greater humanity.  When you really cut through all the BS we’ve been fed, tptb need us far more than we’ve ever needed them to survive. Perhaps 21st December 2012 is just the date when humanity finally tells tptb “no more”.



        • Listened to Lidsey Williams latest update yesterday.  Now he is saying in the next 3 years.  When pressed on his previous statement of “the dollar will be dead by the end of 2012”.  (which now he is saying the “collapse” won’t happen for 3-4 years).  He states “the dollar is already dead”. 

          Seems like he is playing with words like politicians do.  In his initial “prophesies” he intertwined the 2 (death of the dollar & collapse soon following).  Now he is seperating them out.

          Don’t know what to think about Lidsey.

      37. Unlimited money. massive food and seed storage, drones, a brown shirt crew, automated machines, bio weapons, and the dream after the collapse of running naked and once again pretending to be gods from another world to get a nut… No , no end in their view.

        • Sounds great for them Grandpa – EXCEPT they’ll be needing a brown shirt crew to be planting those seeds from storage.  Someone has to do the REAL work needed to survive. Eventually all those weapons will rust, can they select the correct antidote to the bioweapon from the shelf without a minion with genuine scientific expertise?

          Somewhere out of the amazon or in deep from within the favellas, a small nuclei of genuine humanity would survive. I read somewhere that all current humanity on earth is descended from just 30 breeding females if you trace back far enough, according to current scientific evidence.

          I’m not saying things will be good, (or even survivable for all) of us; rather that the soft hands of the ptb won’t be enough to save them at the end of days. The trouble with being such great inventors of brilliant propaganda is that they have begun to believe their own lies. Nobody is indispensable.

      38. I was not at all concerned about cosmic/planetary events happening on 21st December but now that the Government has told me expressly ‘not to panic’ i think i am going to start panicking.

        I have a personal motto; when Government’s tell you not to panic, that’s when you panic!

        They do not usually acknowledge or respond to these kind of “rumours” for fear of later being caught out lying. Better to just sit quiet and say nothing. You can’t read between the lines of a blank sheet of paper.

        Why did they even respond to this if they truly were “just rumours”?

        To quell the angst of scared little children? Doesn’t sound like Government M.O. They usually enjoy terrorizing the denizens into accepting their “security”.

        • @ Mei,

             ” They do not usually acknowledge or respond to these kind of “rumours” for fear of later being caught out lying. Better to just sit quiet and say nothing. You can’t read between the lines of a blank sheet of paper.”

              So it is. Bear in mind that the ‘organism’ which is the government is an odd beast indeed. One whose parts seldom ‘know’ what the others are doing. It is possible for otherwise normal folk who may occupy positions within – as cogs within a machine – to go about thier daily activities, complete in the rightness of thier own personal opinion whilst all the while the overarching thrust of a branch of TPTB or it itself is doing something that at the fundament operationally contradicts all such, without there being any outward indication of that as being the case. Long, long ago a doctrine of sorts came into existence within the Federal government, that of ‘compartmentalization’. It NOT neccessary to conceal/obfuscate every fact about everything all the time…just a few specific ones…totally and completely.

                IF it were the case that the Gov knew of something that would likely occur that would have broad, perhaps devastating repercussions for itself ( or in the larger sense, humanity) it is nearly an absolute certainty that any such information would be ‘segmented’  via the compartmentaization technique such that only a very, very small nmber of people would ever have all the nesccessary information in one  ‘place’  as it were or have access to a sufficient amount to be able to piece it all together, Eh?

              As it stands NASA could well be a perfect example of this in action; A number of very bright individual people, recognized as such broadly anf therefor credible, yet without access to other, underlying information – not neccesarily scientific information – could be political, intelligence information,…a huge number of categories come to mind here – who seemingly, of thier own ‘helpful volition’ elect to ‘lay to rest’ a groundswell of popular fears relating to the current state of affairs. Individually, those participant, could with perfect sincereity, respond to the expressed fears without they themselves being (truly) in possesion of the ‘latent’ facts. Lord, but this sounds all too close to that most ridiculed and despised section of the populace who  cleave unto thier paranoia doesn’t it?

              The basic fact of those things – much as Be Informed above noted – is that some things are NOT within the purvue of the ‘controls’ of the mystical PTB inasmch as there are simmply too many free, open avenues by which such information could originate from. Comets, ‘Nibiru’, and most other celestial sources are in this category inasmuch as – as noted – a huge number of observers exist with respect to such which are not controlled or conrollable by TPTB. A small possibility exist with respect to an obvious candidate, the Sun, but all current evidence suggest that this cycle will be the most ‘meek’ in centuries ….and that is from someone who has a decade of ‘Sol watching’ and data collection under ‘the belt’ so to speak on a professional level… I have previously defined the ONLY observed ‘oddity’ to be noted there….which no one has ANY scientific basis to draw conslusions from. Alluding to ‘Be Informed’ s’ statement above, yes, there are still a variety of geo-physical, extra-terrstrial ( NOT LGMS, LOL) things with which could be concerned, physical things including GRB’s and the slight possibilty of an ‘Eta Carinae’ type ELE, but again we don’t have any method of prognostication at hand – based in actual, hard science – with which to project forward as it were.

              Finally, there is the old stand-by. That a group of supremely influential individual’s, having at some previous point ascertained that thier own ‘sustainability’ was at risk, set into motion a sequence of events constructed to ensure thier own ‘posterity’. It is here, more likely than any other that one might concentrate one’s attention. The “Hand-writing has been on the Wall” for some time for all to see, hasn’t it? Here also, BI (Be Informed) is ‘upon it’ so to speak, just some few months ago the news was carying reports of an outbreak of Ebola in Mombasa City in Africa….imagine the consequences of a “Flame-type” virus ‘escaping’ into the modern, global transportation mechanisms? In days time 20 million people would be infected – world-wide – and this would exponentiate with blinding speed. Somesuch as this – if one, say a government – has the requisite vaccine for same could be used in just this way to effect the de-population of entire, developded continental masses in an order so short as to be ‘magical’. Given the horrifying abvances made in the genetic sciences over the last 20 years such is – day-by-day – becoming more and more likely. More than this falls squarely into the realm of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ where I will not venture

              Prepare, on all levels, for surety’s sake…..

      39. All is peachy..  So..Go out and enjoy life.. 


        If the world does end… I only have this one upside to be happy about.. No more taxes!!


        The only ones who have since made out $$ on our preps.. is not us.. But the big food supply companies, Monsanto, big govt(taxing what we bought) , and all the other leeche’s profiting from our obsession of a end of world event.. “It’s a big world people” – it all can’t go to shit all at once! 

        If there is civil duress ….  Shoot all the assholes that go out to rob, rape and pillage.. While eating hotdogs and baled beens..  This will only last so long before the upper food chain throws the iron net down again.. 


        Face it.. We are all rats on a Wheel… 

      40. I have to give the Mayans credit.  They were almost righ. the actual date was Nov.6, 2012.

      41. i think that at this point in the entire debate over what, when, how bad and for how long it’s more prudent to simply keep one’s nose to the grindstone of prepping(including skill-building) …  ok, “what if” nothing happens… you’re a better person for expanding yourself…and, on the other hand, you may well be one of the ones who makes it through to and help shape whatever comes following the event…  personally, something of magnitude could well take place soon…  that’s as precise as i or anyone else can be at this point…

        pray for the best, prep for the worst

      42. Say you own a business.

        Then you get a look at the Obamacare deal.

        Well, they just made you your employees healthcare slave.

        But you still have the power to get rid of people.

        Fine…   See YA.

        You raise prices, stop any future capital goods purchases like trucks and so on.

        I have a friend who did not spend $100k on trucks because Obama won.

        The true capitalists do not plan on supporting our socialist country until the commie is out of the white house.

        So the business owners are revolting.

        In my own venture..  we will be automating everything to decrease our need for employees.  

        So that’s what’s coming the next four years…  The average business owner doesn’t plan on signing up for slavery.

        So while the end of the world might not be real…it might be the end of the economic growth and things will get pretty bad.

        What to do…  The next four years…  stay home and just read.

        No vacation…stay home, pay down debt and ramp up on knowledge.

        • And if you don’t eat it, wash with it or wipe with it—don’t buy it!!

          That’s the word going ’round.  I’m doing great on this program…but I did buy (2) 0-degree sleeping blankets ..okay I cheated but when fuel bills triple, we may have to sleep in them. 


          • I paid down about $34k in debt.  We’re not spending shit this year, next or the one after until OBAMA IS OUT OF OFFICE.

            Soon you will all find out why Hitler wacked the jews. The jewish bankers make loans to farmers…then the currency crapped out and nobody could pay their loan…then they got the farms. So then…you’re homeless living under a bridge and some guy at a beer hall is going to feed you and talk about getting your life back and kicking ass on the folks that stole your family farm.    THAT was the history of it all it seems. I hope it does not repeat.   We’re headed for bad times.

          • jayjay you do know if everyone thought that way and we stopped buying form everyone but food and hygiene companies. We almost ALL would be out of a job and on welfare. Companies do not pay ppl if they are making no money.





      43. Lingo, Vernacular, Jargon, Vocabulary…it’s all just Lang-widge to me.

        My student driver and I were talking about the unique words used by various groups. Lawyers say stuff like “The ipso-facto ad valorem of the corpus delecti is indifferent to the judicial ruling on the affidavit of the preliminary hearing, as clearly evidenced in the case of Sweeny VS Harpoon. Therefore…you owe me $300 for this advice.”

        My mechanic says “I had to almalgamate the intake manifold sensor in order to compensate for the exhaust pressure generator coupling. Then your tires needed a complete air rotation. That’ll be $400.” (I always knew mechanics were smarter than lawyers)

        Everybody’s got their own uniques phrases, and we usually know what they mean, although I’m still trying to figure out that bit about “economic recovery.” Maybe when I actually see one I’ll understand it better. But, it’s interesting how certain words get passed back and forth, yet we never really study them closely.

        For instance, my student was driving the other day. We passed through Ellensburg, Washington. A lovely town, by the way, complete with rolling hills, tree covered mountains and truck stops selling diesel for $4.25 a gallon. That’s only about 50 cents a gallon (or $100 a fill-up) more than if we’d stopped in Wyoming. Still, it was a beautiful place.

        As we rolled out of town, he commented on the huge stacks of hay bales stored up by the local farmers. They are impressive. Large square bales, hundreds at a time, nestled together under huge tarps. They looked like hay refugees huddled in a FEMA tent city. “Wow! They got hay out the wazoo here, dont they?’ he said.

        I nodded, “Yes they do. By the way, it’s been 6 miles since you merged onto the highway, you can turn off the left signal now.” (he probably thought we we in Florida or something)

        Then, I got to thinking….what, exactly IS a ‘wazoo’? And why is there hay coming out of it? Perplexing questions, to be sure. What if I went to my doctor and he gave me a worried look and said, “Okie, the diagnosis is certain. You have hay out the wazoo.”

        “What’ll I do, Doc? Is there a cure? Can you put me on the waiting list for a wazoo transplant? Can you do a wazoo-ectomy? Will it hurt?”

        “The treatment is simple. Take two bottles of Round-Up and call me in the morning. That’ll be $500, please.”  Until that monent, I’d though my mechanic was the smartest guy I knew. Evidently my doctor is even brighter.


        • @ Smokin’,

             Many, many thanks brother, ‘Delightful’ as always, utterly delighful,

                                                                                     “Danke Schon, Herr Oberst Smokin'”

          • Thanks JustOneGuy! As always, you’re too kind. 🙂

        • Maybe your truck needs new muffler bearings to improce fuel economy.

        • When asked about an engine failure after a race the Formula 1 driver said this (with Italian accent), “At 12,460 RPM, the rear titianium exhaust valve in cylinder number seven came in contact with the forged piston, and the engine expired.”  The NASCAR driver said, “It done blowed up!”

      44. These are superstitions the goobermint is debunking.

        What they are NOT debunking are the calamities they have created: inflation, recession, turning the dollar into the worthless paper it now is, destroying jobs, starting wars and meddling in every other government’s affairs, selling us out the “United Nations”,  and putting the entire population on their welfare plantation.

        These federal criminals, in and out of costume, have nearly completed the destruction of American sovereignty and America itself.

        Wake up, people. You’re done.

      45. “There will be wars and rumors of wars”.

                   The life of the Prepper, is either a blessing or a curse and the reason for being so, is like the grains of sand  on the beach. Can it be genes mixed with the primodial instinct to be able to interprept our surroundings? In years past there were actual warnings leading to major world events. World War 1 and 2. Flu epidemic of 1918.  Advances in communication, warfare, medicine, and such have produced tangents that not only can be used for good but evil. More to observe and contemplate. While trying to make life more simple we have inadvertantly made it more complex and dangerous. In so there are very few who can process the huge amount of information and just pass it off as rumor and fantancy. The problem with the Prepper is that his curiousity gets the better of him and down the Rabbit Hole he goes, deeper and deeper. What he finds is “Way Out” of what the main stream media reports. A mass amount of inconsistancies that do not add up.  He computations when expressed to others,  ares not accepted with open arms and this bewilders him. Whether it be the earth shaking, the sun production of violent solar storms, regional wars,or financial collapse. There are always precusors and we as preppers are very perceptable to them. Reguardless of what other people think. There have been many triggering events. Pearl Harbor, The assasination of Archduke Ferdinand, Tonkin Gulf incident, 911, Fort Sunter bombardment, Mt. St. Helens and the San Fancisco, Great Fire, Wall Street crash of 1929. We could not predict when they would happen but the consequences of them were catastrophic.

      46. The Mayan prediction is pure crap, everything else is rumor and speculation. The only real threat to this country is the elimination of religion, the elimination of freedom, the elimination of small business, the elimination of dreaming and making your dream of having a good life, a home of your own, a good job and a decent future for your children a reality. The government and the population who voted for the dear leader are the ones who have taken away our dreams, they are the greatest threat of all to our humanity and existence. When the free money runs out, that is when all hell will break lose and that is what they are preparing for. This is my honest opinion.

      47. These are the voyages of the Starship (destroy private) Enterprise…

        Crew members:

        Captain Barak (who’s sane?) Kirkbama

        Science Officer George W Splock

        Medical Officer Leonard “Bones” Kevorkian-McCoy

        Communications Officer Hillary Uhura

        Chief Engineer Scotty (D-Nev)

        Helmsman Anton Soros Chekov

        First Mate Barney “Can I Be Frank” Sulu (D-Mass)

        Our intrepid crew, having traveled back in time to the early 21st century, find themselves in America. The ship hovers a few miles over Washington DC….

        Kirkbama: ‘Splock- give me a status report.’

        Splock: ‘Captain, it appears our last mission to this planet did not have satisfactory results. Sensors indicate nearly half the inhabitants still have jobs.’

        Scotty (D-Nev): ‘Aye, Captain. The Unemployment Beam Generator has malfunctioned. We’ll have to try to cross-wire it into the dilithium crystal if she’s to do us any good at all.’ (turns to unnamed crewmen-‘No! It’s righty tighty, lefty loosey, remember?’)

        Kirkbama: ‘Damn! Okay, Scotty, do the best you can…. Splock, what do you have on the last virus we dropped? Did it work?’

        Splock: ‘Negative, Captain. The ObamaCare Virus did massive damage, but unfortunately, it has left millions of inhabitants still healthy.’

        Kirkbama: ‘Then we’ll have to use the Ultimate Weapon!… Bones! Have you got that new Tax Increase Virus ready yet?’

        McCoy: ‘Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a virus mutator! I need more time.’

        Kirkbama: ‘We don’t have more time! And stop calling me Jim….. Uhura, what do the scanners show on the planet’s communication system? Is it intact?’

        Uhura: ‘Affirmative, Captain. In fact, reruns of Jersey Shore are coming in on several channels. Plus, I’m picking up some killer classoc rock stations! Oh, and there’s a strange man on the alternate frequency singing something about “A beautiful day in the neighborhood.” What does that mean?’

        Kirkbama: ‘Probably just intergalactic static. I’d ignore it if I were you. Now, Sulu, I want you to beam down with 10 crem members and bring us back some specimens to study. And NO horsing around this time.’

        Sulu (D- Mass): ‘Captain, couldn’t we wait til we get to San Francisco? The specimens there are much more fun.’ (he smoothes a wrinkle from his dress)

        Kirkbama: ‘No, we can’t. And remember, these humans may be dangerous. Set your phasers to…uh, set them to…. whatever it is that makes that sizzling sound when your shoot someone.’………..


        Don’t miss the next exciting episode, when we’ll hear Splock say: ‘Captain! It’s worse than we thought! There are millions of people down there with weapons, and food stored up. And skills to make more! They may even outlast the new virus!’

        Kirkbama: ‘Oh No! Preppers! This is horrible! (holding hands over his ears) Uhura!! Turn that down!’

        Uhura: (oblivious as she sways with headphones on) ‘Ohh, Ohh China Grove!…’


        • Speaking of the future, this is an interesting read.

          An unusual letter from the “future” you have to see

          “Last week, a janitor was clearing out an abandoned locker at the public storage warehouse at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He was making space for The Exalted Leader of All that is Good and Right in the Universe Mei-Ling Obama’s childhood unicorn collection, when he stumbled across a box labeled “Useless Documents.”Along with the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, a binder of women’s résumés, and a Chevy Volt operating manual, the janitor found an assortment of letters…”

          posted at the Daily Crux

        • What does the starship Enterprise have in common with a piece of toilet paper?

          They both circle Uranus wiping out Klingons. 

      48. As in Roman times (best comparison), what we are witnessing is the fall of an empire…the Constitutional Republic United States as the leader, provider, protector, with its white knight status…and the resultant transfiguration of the world. 

        And it is happening as it did then through excess taxation (people are leaving this country), armies spread too thin (eventually even soldiers get tired of war when the odds are rigged against them), too many wars (off the top of my head – Libya, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq — just our last two presidents), too many corrupt politicians (too numerous to mention today), tyranny (guess who), not to mention invading hoardes (think China modern day), moral decline (speaks for itself), lost patriotism, religious upheaval (think today’s Islam).

        Ironically, as Rome declined, they became dependent on foreign imports (ring any bells?), cities declined, unemployment of the middle class occurred, class warfare broke out, the small farm all but disappeared, and natural disasters occurred….hmmmm.

        Are you seeing the pattern here?  Everyone feels it coming…we see it coming…we KNOW it’s coming…and the uneasiness that we see, know, and feel is not being able to stop our collision course with history.  And whatever is spawning in the wake of America’s demise seriously feels wrong, bad, and just plain evil.

        And now that I have totally depressed you…LOL – take a look at the faces of your families, your loved ones (whether it is your daughter, husband, son, wife, family friend, neighbor, etc.) , the people around you that mean something to you — that’s what life is all about.  And the folks who feel that there may be nobody close to them, as stupid as this may sound:  My dog is the one I hug when I am down. 

        It seriously seems that some of us here are starting to developing PTSD (the constant bombardment of bad news and the resultant fear and sense of helplessness are traumatic) , so please be careful and when it feels too much, take a break from prepping, from reading the bad news, from listening to the TV and just enjoy being alive.  There are wonderous things to be seen and held and felt with or without human influence…the not least of which is hope.

      49. there is no conspiracy… the government is that stupid

        • Meaning that Government is too stupid to run a conspiracy?  

          Probably, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying.

        • @ MM2Nuke,

              …and THAT is the OTHER distinct possibilty….

      50. the 2012 myan thing was started in the late 60’s, early 70’s when the ancient alien theorist and other off the wall authors started writing books and falsy siting work that the calander ended in 2012. In reality, more calanders have been found that go past 2012 and the local myans desendents say the 2012 date is a phase between the old and NEW calander. It marks the passage of one calander to another, like New Years. The who end of the world crap was a result of a number of suthors using the same errant source as fact. This happsn more than one realizes. What fueled it further is the internet and the Zombi, end of the world movies made by..ta-da…hollywood.

        Even the government has no reason to lie on this one…they have a bigger “end” to worry about when the dollar crashes which will be far more real for all of us than Zombies, Comets, Solar Flares, ect.

        • @ rachel,

              Agreed, I have approximately as much ‘faith’ in the current predictions of a ‘Mayan Doomsday’ on the date specified as I have in the ‘Second Coming’ occuring on the SAME date….nothing at all.

      51. mayan prediction /nibiru /both red herrings  .research  jeckyl island     fed reserve 99 year lease. Regards Crafty.

        • I believe this is an internet myth. The original Federal Reserve Charter was for 20 years. In 1927 the charter was changed to an open ended one that can be dissolved by an act of Congress. The Fed is still in business so I guess the charter was never revoked. One of the reasons the US gov is running such high deficits is called Triffins Dilemma. Happens when you have the reserve currency. Much worse when it is not backed by anything. The system is heading for a worldwide default of fiat money after which the FRN will be replaced by the bancor or SDRs as a reserve currency and the oppression will begin again. Worldwide depression and big wars first. Get self sufficient NOW. Read this on the bottom of a whiskey bottle last night….what does it mean?

      52. A little long, but an interesting article.  Includes some charts and good quotes.

        Controversial op-ed: All I want for Christmas is the truth about America

        “… No sane person could honestly say that what has happened to our society over the last 40 years, and particularly in the last five years, is normal. But somehow, those in power have convinced the masses that $1.2 trillion deficits, 0% interest rates, declining real wages, the highest average gas prices in history, pre-emptive wars, policing the world, and buying rubber dog shit produced in China with a credit card is normal and beneficial to our economy. … Abraham Lincoln once said that he believed in the people and that if you told them the truth and gave them the cold hard facts, they would meet any crisis. That may have been true in 1860, but not today. The cold hard facts are available for all to see:

        A $16.3 trillion national debt.

        47 million people on food stamps.

        Over $222 trillion of unfunded federal entitlement liabilities.

        Over $5 trillion of unfunded state entitlement liabilities.

        True unemployment above 20%.

        True inflation above 5%.

        A stock market at the same level as 1999, with a 10 year expected annual return of less than 4% – Stocks for the really, really long run. 10-year bond returns of 0% will be a miracle.

        A savings rate of 3.7% and with Bernanke’s ZIRP, no incentive to save. Real hourly earnings continue to fall.

        Baby Boomers within 10 years of retirement have saved an average of only $78,000, and more than a third of them have less than $25,000. More than half of U.S. workers have no retirement plan at all.

        A crumbling, decaying infrastructure, with 150,000 structurally deficient bridges, bursting water mains, and an overstressed electrical grid.

        Horrific government public education producing millions of low-functioning morons.

        Rotting social fabric, with 40% of children born out of wedlock (72% of black children) and a 50% divorce rate.

        An energy policy based upon unicorns farting rainbows and press releases about green energy and the miracle of shale fracking, as average gas prices in 2012 and 2011 were the highest in U.S. history.

        As the pitiful excuses for statesmen in Washington D.C. pander and posture about the dreaded fiscal cliff, which was purposely created by the oligarchs as a show for the masses, none of the true issues above are being addressed.”

        “They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want—they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them …” – George Carlin

        The Burning Platform (also posted at the Daily Crux)

        • ky mom.   james quinn is an excellent writer, I read his stuff all the time site.

      53. here’s a little something to give you pause

         ”  Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm”

      54. Watched some doomsday prepper shows the other day. See a lot of people really unfamiliar with guns, running around with guns. Scary. People showing how they would use plywood to stop bad guys getting in their homes.  I guess they never saw anyone steal a car or truck and ram the door to get right in. A few  small boulders strategically placed could help. Think like the bad guys. Red Team your security. Have someone try to defeat your security and then adapt. Nice people, thinking like nice people, will get hurt by bad people.

        • maudy

          i saw that too,also its easy to hide behind a sheetrock wall with no bullets coming thru it,,plus the piece of all thred had a nut on the outside of the house,,just unscrew the nut down comes plywood


        • I can barely stand to watch Doomsday Preppers anymore.  Where do they find these people?  Not all of them are nuts, but I watch some of them, and all I can do is shake my head and laugh.  Some have some really good ideas….but as maudy fricket says….some of these guys are just into looking tacticool, running around in their fatigues and tactical gear.  One dufus fired off a round so close to his friend’s head that it deafened the guy and required EMT’s to check him out.  (they must have been laughing their arses off behind their backs).

          I laugh at some of these guys, not because of the preparations they are making…..but because some of them have so little common sense that the dumb mistakes they make when TSHTF is what’s going to do them in.

          This has already been mentioned, but folks, the most important asset we can have are skills and common sense….and a whole lot of luck.

          • Walt that show has the desired result, all preppers are crazy.

      55. An article posted at The Daily Sheeple caught my eye.  Police went in with 150 armed men and helicopters in the sky to get this “prepper”. 

        Yeah, he had a 20 year old drug arrest (felony) so technically he can’t own guns but this is over-kill.  What is the government so afraid of?  Or are they just setting an example against “prepping”.

        150 armed men and helicopters to arrest one non-violent person…really?

        Good example of why you should keep quiet about specifics.

        • kaynine i already knew i was,,,,noone had to tell me,,, snake

      56. Off Topic…sorta..

        I just sold 4 rolls of pre-1965 coins for roughly $260 a piece (all won buy 1 bidder) to pay for all the other metal I have been buying lately.  People are really cranking up the bids on the auctions just to get some.  I haven’t sold anything at “melt” for about 6 months.

        People know something is coming.


        • I just went through my huge loose change collection, NOT ONE pre ’65 silver coin!  Guess these have been being hoarded for a lot longer than I dreamed of!  And I have pennies from 30 years, nothing there either!  Darn!  Well, guess ill go buy some groceries…

          • Wanta 1953 wheat penny? I don’t know coins.

      57. Daily Solar Report,

            As of this time all solar activity has went – roughly – zero-flat – and has been so for in excess of 36 hours. Until such time as there exists something to report this daily action will be discontined. It is to be expected that due to the basic irregularity od Solar activity the resumption of same could occur very quickly or no…we’ll wait and see.

      58. Who sponsored this press release?  Ben Bernake!   Do you, CAN YOU really trust the government in anything they say?  When was the last time they told us anything that was TRUE?  OH so they are going to start telling the truth with this….   I DON’T THINK SO     A lot ot things can POTENTIALLY happen to us but an economic collapse is days, weeks, months away and that you can take to the bank except on a bank holliday.  The crash IS coming, it will start in Europe but end up in America and will cascade the whole world into the abyss.  HELL ON EARTH IS COMING WITH A VENGEANCE, PREPARE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!

      59. NO, the end of the world will not happen this December. Don’t go by what the government  says though. The Bible is explisit that the antichrist must be revealed and then three and one half years later Jesus returns. Then the thousand year reign of Christ (the Mellium) , final judgement, then the end of the earth as we know it.  Don’t worry, the end is not near just a lot of trouble for us earthlings is coming soon.    

      60. feeew, I feel so muchbeter now

      61. Peeps = Ghetto for People.    The Gov. = I want to find out why 4 Americans died in Lybia.    The cover up continues and nobody gives a sh*t.     I am tired of  Affirmative Action and what it entails.    12-21, to me is an ending of a cycle and the new beginning of a new cycle.   I don’t think the plug will be pulled and the world will suddenly cease to exist.   I do believe that something is looming on the horizon.   As Be Informed stated,   its hard to determine what that might be. I feel a tension in the air, an uneasiness that seems to permeate everything.   The ‘fiscal cliff ‘ is coming,  and I don’t see alot of effort from Obumer to stop it.  Once the gov. falls off the fiscal cliff, Obumer and his minons will point at the Republicans for being evil and allowing it to happen due to their stonewalling.   Maybe I am wrong, and nothing will ever happen.   But, I doubt it.



      62. The fact  that so many Americans believe such crap as the Mayan prophecy or polar shifts just shows how stupid many Americans are.  Of course, I can come to this sight and also get confirmation that there are a lot of stupid Americans.  I kind of hope the SHTF because the intelligence I see on display here strongly indicates many who post here are not smart enough to survive which increases my chancs of survival.

        • Yes, maybe, but at least we can spell the word SITE and not use the word SIGHT.

      63. something that keeps popping up, and everytime, itr make me wonder, continuity of government, what a government without a population ? i would really like someone to point it out, and another off topic thats been bugging me, if the dolllar falls, what will happen to the rich?? if the middle class dont work anymore, and the dollar isnt worthanything anymore, do they become part of the same class as everyone else???

      64. Lots of sounding off on this board…! Prepping is about the personal effort to hedge against the unknown. But there is plenty of “known” that you can protect against too.. Gold was at $900 when Obama took office last. Silver was a deal… It is still worthwhile to buy a little silver each week. It is up 30% over the last bit… and over time will do fine. It is worthwhile to pay your mortgage bi weekly (same money out of pocket) but you cut 5 years or so off of it. Add an additional payment and you get it paid off in 15 years. Want to help your grandkids? Buy 5 K of precious metal and give it to them when they are 30. Put a rack in your garage with tupperware tubs on it and collect candles (last forever), mason jars (last forever and you can purify water in them by laying the on their side with a lid on and rolling them around) and a mormon can or two of long term storage once a week (lasts 25 years which is essentially forever). Ammo (lasts essentially forever). Take charge.. don’t bitch…:-) This round IS going to have a slow bad ending…

        • About the bi-monthly mortgage payment, yes it is a good idea, but it’s not really the same money out of your pocket.  There are 4 months of the year that you would make an extra 1/2 a normal monthly payment. There are 52 week in the year, not 48.

          • A very wise loan officer gave some sound advice about this issue.

            ONLY pay extra toward your mortgage (regardless if it is extra monthly, one pmt every quarter, or end of year) IF you have 6 months mortgage saved.

            The mortgage company doesn’t give a rat’s  patooty if you paid extra toward that principle for 10 years when you have no job or worse.

            Having no employment WILL NOT get you a refi to help you through that transition.

            ONLY pay at the end of the year IF you have 6 months household obligations saved and put back.



      65. Cancun, MexicoDec. 5, 2012

        Breaking news:

        Mayan hieroglyphic translators today announced at a press conference in Cancun, Mexico, the absolutely stunning news of a crtical Mayan hieroglyph that has eluded translation for many years. Elmer Doofus, the lead translator, had noted earlier this year “This text is critical to unravelling whether the world will end or not on Dec. 21, 2012.”

        The translation committee, comprised of 300 trained linguists, today unveiled the translation, from the original Mayan:

        “The world cannot end until the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.”

        There you have it, folks! You can relax for at least a few more decades, if not centuries!


      66. Doesnt anyone believe in the prophecies of the bible?? This “2012” is one of Satan’s biggest deceptions, so that the world will say: “There really is no God”  and then every country will become apostates.  But the truth is about to be revealed…. The shadow of Rome is fast!  The Pope will proceed in taking charge of the countries and every country will adopt the catholic religion.  Then the Pope will mandate anyone who is not of this religion shall be murdered by citizens, again the Christian prosecution will happen in the same manner.  The Pope will be behind all of this!  Little does the world know that the Pope is the biggest enemy to Christianity.  One reason we became an independent country (USA).  On July 4th this Christian country declared “freedom” from the Roman Laws of England and all the countries surrounded by Rome.  But the prophecies of the bible are yet to be fulfilled!!!!!  Right away!!!!  The Pope will prosecute day and night!  Enforcing Sunday Laws all over the world.  Breaking the “Sabbath of God” by instituting Sunday “the day of rest”  After the Sunday Law is placed, it will be used as a weapon to all the Sabbath Keepers, but the Sabbath Keepers will be protected by the devine power of GOD.  AND THEN the world will fall apart because of the Roman curse finally reaching every corner of the earth!  “2012” is SATAN’s biggest hoax!!!! believe in the bible, before the Pope insists on marring CHURCH and STATE.  Then all our bibles will be burned and anyone who is found with a bible will be prosecuted by the law to the fullest extent.  But the victim will see the power of GOD protect them before all the apostates, police men, law givers, and catholics.  The wrath of GOD will be unleashed to all the people who have lost their beliefe in Him.  Its almost time for Heaven, keep believing in Christ’s return, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS of GOD, not the commandments of Man.  The Pope will think to change times and laws, and trample over God’s commandments worldwide.  Right now we still have the United States constitution, which enables time of grace and a time to practice keeping the commandments of GOD.  This country will loose its freedom, and then we will have no grace in our hands, and the hands of our enemies will take our families apart, and try to makes us trample over GOD’s law.  THEN THE WORLD WILL BE DESTROYED….. BUT NOT UNTIL THE “MAN OF SIN” is REVEALED… (THE POPE HIMSELF)


        Only poorly educated, unread idiots would worry about a Mayan date that just signals the start of what they deemed a new age.  I was death loving religious people that latched on to it as the end of the world because their lives suck so bad they want them to end.  No science what-so-ever supports any of these nut job beliefs.  

         Also, the Mayans did not have leap years, their calendar ended in mid 2011, …oops.

        Think it’s time a lot more science and critical thinking is taught in schools.  We’re being left behind by Asia and Europe.  We’re proceeding back to the dark ages, I think we’re trying to catch up to the Muslims.  Why do religious people always want to drag us backwards to when people couldnt read?  Oh, right, control is easier to grab then.  Riiiight.



      68. All this is bologna anyways! Why are you guys debating over what the government says, and what the mayans said, and so forth? Who cares.!These people prediciting these catastrophies are not God! Who are they to say when the world will end, and they cant even clarify how it will end. It is crazy. All these scare tatics are frightening people worldwide, but this is yet but another doomsday scare. Why would they hide the earth’s destruction. Don’t you think people would be traveling to mars or the moon by now if they really knew the earth was coming to an end? God is the ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY being who knows the date,time, or hour. Not these so called psychics or people who claim to know so much. Everyone relax. It got me all nervous at first, but so did May 2011. Like that was over a year ago. Who are we to predict that the world will end? My belief in God is greater than belief in a tale that has been told several years. People please realize that the world as we know it will still stand December 21, 2012. Who knows when God will interupt our every day lives, but I do know that he will only do it when we least expect it.

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