Gov Targets Private Bank Accounts: Seizes Funds Of Innocent Americans Without Charge or Trial

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Headline News | 307 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Do you still keep a hefty portion of your savings in a U.S. bank?

    If so you may want to reconsider your options. Because if the following report from the Institute of Justice is any indication, nothing you hold in a private bank account account is safe anymore.

    Can the government use civil forfeiture to take your money when you have done nothing wrong—and then pocket the proceeds?

    The IRS thinks so.

    For over 30 years, Terry Dehko has successfully run a grocery store in Fraser, Mich., with his daughter Sandy.  In January 2013, without warning, the federal government used civil forfeiture to seize all of the money from the Dehkos’ store bank account (more than $35,000) even though they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

    Their American Dream is now a nightmare.

    Federal civil forfeiture law features an appalling lack of due process:  It empowers the government to seize private property from Americans without ever charging, let alone convicting, them of a crime.  Perversely, the government then pockets the proceeds while providing no prompt way to get a court to review the seizure

    On September 25, 2013, Terry and Sandy teamed up with the Institute for Justice to fight back in federal court.  A victory will vindicate not just their right to be free from abusive forfeiture tactics, but the right of every American not to have their property wrongfully seized by government.

    Source: Institute of Justice via AEI / The Daily Crux

    Every year the government of the United States seizes tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer money and redistributes these funds to “black” projects which are often unaccounted for. On September 10th, 2001, for example, Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that the D.O.D. had lost around $2.3 Trillion. The funds were unaccounted for and any investigation into where they went ended the following day when the office holding the records in question was reportedly destroyed in the Pentagon attack.

    No one was held to account. No one went to jail. No one was punished.

    Make a suspicious transaction or can’t account for your money as a private citizen, however, and they will seize everything you own and treat you like a financial terrorist.

    There are no warrants, no charges, no court proceedings. They just take it. And if you don’t comply, they’ll send an IRS SWAT team through your front door and imprison you.

    What’s frightening about the experience of Terry and Sandy Dehko is that just months prior to their seizure of their assets the Internal Revenue Service completed an audit indicating that all of their records were legitimate, and their small business was operating within the guidelines of Federal tax law.

    No matter.

    When surveillance state flagging algorithms spotted them depositing suspicious amounts of money just below the $10,000 required federal reporting limit into their bank account, a necessity for the Dehkos because their insurance only covered up to $10,000 in losses, they were red flagged by automated monitoring systems as possible money launderers.

    Their $35,000 was subsequently seized after the IRS filed a secret warrant (a lot of that going around these days) accusing them of “structuring.” Because of the nature of civil forfeiture laws they now have to fight for their own money and prove their activities were legal. The IRS required no proof whatsoever.

    An accusation was enough.

    These heavy handed practices will not get any better going forward, especially considering the fiscal state of our nation.

    The IRS and other government agencies are booming, hiring on thousands of new employees for enforcement, and arming them with assault weapons and ammunition for those who reuse to comply.

    Last year the government took in over $4 billion in forfeiture money. How much of that was from Americans like the Dehkos, who did nothing wrong?

    One day soon, they will come for your money, too – and probably a whole lot more.

    Do you need any more reason to get out of the banking system, or will you wait until they take everything you’ve worked for?

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      1. They are the scum of the earth. F*cking animals.

        • If they come for anything that is mine they will have to do so in person AND if the want entry into my home they will have to kick the door down.

          Odds are they will not, and odds are if they do I will shoot at them.

          • don’t keep money in the bank…

            they can just come and take it whenever they want!!

            • Well, to be fair they can take it from your house too, but that usually involves a warrant, which they’re probably loathe to do (it tends to make the local TV news much faster and nastier when there’s a sob story about a big ugly government taking stuff out of a poor family’s house, etc.)

              On the plus side, you can’t hide much in a bank account, no?

              • @OQ,

                “Make a suspicious transaction or can’t account for your money as a private citizen, however, and they will seize everything you own and treat you like a financial terrorist.

                There are no warrants, no charges, no court proceedings. They just take it. And if you don’t comply, they’ll send an IRS SWAT team through your front door and imprison you.”

                Did you miss something????

                • If you buy a new Maserati, then yes you’re going to get attention.

                  The smaller stuff they honestly do not sweat.

                  • Yet.

                  • Unless it’s a few guns and lots of ammo

                  • “If you have been voting for politicians who promise to give you goodies at someone else’s expense, then you have no right to complain when they take your money and give it to someone else, including themselves.”

                    ~ Thomas Sowell

                  • If you think “THEY” do not sweat the small stuff,you are very confused! Think. If you have 100,000,000 accounts that have $10,000 in each, then sir, you do NOT have small “stuff”! I am providing an example. But, as I point out,”THEY” will come after EVERY DIME “THEY” can get their corrupt, stinking hands on!! These psycho are so far in debt, that depending on which formula you use, every family of four owes $100,000!! Do you think what I have said is NOT going to happen? I say that it is just WHEN it will happen!!

                • The government always finds ways of ramming up your backside or taking what you have that is not well hidden. Your food, water, and supplies needs to at least be partially hidden somewhere that is not directly in the open. Like a thief that is basically lazy, the more difficult you make it for a thief (the government) find or access what you have, the more likely they will take what is the easiest. At least at first. Banks suck, and what you have in them is basically theirs and they only allow you to get what you is yours on their terms. Banks suck.

                  • BeInformed

                    Correct you are sir..

                    On a side note..if the feds look at their opposition (repubs)in this light..

                    White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer used three vivid analogies to attack House Republicans’ laundry list of demands for raising the debt ceiling,..

                    comparing Republicans to arsonists, hostage-takers and suicide bombers.

                    just imagine how the likes of us are labeled..


                  • @Be informed

                    One observation, and one question.

                    If you don’t have your money/assets in your hands (under your control), they aren’t yours.

                    Q: Do you vote?

                • Their only crime was not knowing the ever changing laws. You are correct to say that there are no warrents, charges or court proceedings. Any small business owner will tell you that the most frightening piece of mail you receive is from the IRS. You never, ever know if you are opening it up to owe a large amount of money on some sort of unpaid tax, late tax or audit. The IRS is truly the terrorists in this country. And the shame of it all is we are letting it happen. When the IRS wants any of your stuff…they pay (with our tax money) the goons in blue (or black) to restrain you while they rob you. There was a brief moment after the IRS scandels with Lois Lerner to abolish the IRS…I guess not enough Americans cared.

                  • We work with small businesses a lot at my company and we see a ton of IRS levies come through. The most common code is for not paying employee taxes.

                  • This kind of story is EXACTLY what prevents thousands of youngsters every year from starting exactly the kind of small scale business that Western economies desperately need if our nations are ever to dig themselves out of the fiscal hole our dear leaders have dug for us.

                    History shows us that historically all recoveries after recession have traditionally come from the small business sector. This story makes me so angry as it is yet more evidence that our current decline is BY DESIGN. tptb do not want this current depression to end. They are doing all they can to drag Western society down to the level the 3rd has suffered for generations, just so they can retain their pathetic power base.

                    Why bust a gut working the hours that starting any kind of business requires, sweating over the ever increasing mountains of stupid red tape etc required to mop a floor or clean a window if THIS is to be your final reward?

                    A youngster will take note of the fact that a few months previously the same damn alphabet agency that declared this company’s fiscal management totally legit has now without warning or due cause, STOLEN 30 years worth of hard work. (No small scale grocer can survive without the ready cashflow to purchase new supplies nowadays, all that credit on account malarkey is reserved for the big boys like Walmart. Take the company’s cash and you close it down effectively).

                    We cannot complain about the “welfare generation” when as a society we allow laws to be passed that allow our grafters and producers to be abused like this.

                    Why work? The banksters/gubberment steal from honest business men & de yoof dem rob old ladies in the street. Only the honest with a protestant work ethic suffer under this kind of regime.

                    I’ve noticed friends from the Old Soviet Bloc work hard, very hard. However before they lift a finger they verify who will benefit from the proceeds of their efforts. If it’s for family/friends you’ll see them happily do 14 hour days. If the recipient is to be on their personnel “non-approved” list then you witness a totally different approach. They see their time as valuable, and would rather spend the time growing vegetables their own kids can eat than supporting state sponsored junkies.

                    You can eat homegrown veggies, you can’t eat a tax bill, or a note in a currency denomination that is worth half what it was 6 months ago. Cash is not always king to these individuals. Bartering is a fine art in these ex-pat communities too.

                    The time an ex-Soviet bloc citizen expends is ALWAYS productive ,(esp when you see through a preppers lenses), but is often sneered at by those still stuck in the MSM consumerist mindset.

                • All they can really take is FRNs attached to a Social Security Number, or an IRS Tax ID number in the case of the poor victim in the story. The use of those numbers indicates a VOLUNTARY donation of all associated property for a public use.

                  If your property is not attached to either of those, they have no rights to it, and they are quite well aware of that.

                  One day people will wake up and realize that by using those numbers they are giving the government the combination to their safe and inviting them to steal whatever they want.

                  QUIT USING THE NUMBERS. Quit registering your property as State property, and you CAN retain your property rights. Even with your biological property (kids).

                  I read a story a while back where DCS kidnapped four of a woman’s kids, but could not take the 5th one because it had no birth certificate. That baby was not registered as state property, so they could not take it.

                  If you voluntarily give your possessions to the beast, you can not complain when it comes to take them, nor can you claim it as yours.

                  • I am constantly amazed by what you pass off as “information” in your posts. I know a lot of cops, up to and including assistant police chief. I talk them. I GUARANTEE you not one of them has the foggiest idea what you try to claim here, nor will Child Protective somehow pass over your un-certificated child like the Angel of Death at Passover.

                    I have represented myself at IRS audit. I had to physically pick up a Code of Federal regulations to show them basic stuff. The idea “they have no rights to it, and they are quite well aware of that” is preposterous. What you CAN do is so scare them off with a lot of case cites and references to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights II. Since they have no idea what’s in that either but now it can harm them, they often will just forget to pursue you.

                    Stop for one moment and think: Will the people who brought you unlimited spying, no-declaration Martial Law and TSA for 90-year olds stop for one minute because they have all heard about non-adhesion contracts.

                    Please let us know when you arrive safely back on earth. I know you’re a long way from home now.

                  • Thank you Full Retarp. This nutbag god’s creation has been spewing bullshit on this site forever. I think he’s a casualty of the great drug wars, forever scarred by injury in the great LSD battles of the 60’s.

                  • If it’s not in their papers, attached to their numbers, they don’t know about it. If they don’t know about it and can’t document it, have no case, and they can’t try to take it.

                    Full, if you went before the IRS it is ONLY because you used their numbers and DONATED your property to them in the beginning. If you “won”, you are lucky. But you still pay them now and would have paid them even more had they said you had to, so you didn’t win jack did you?

                    Meanwhile, I keep 100% of what I make and they have no claim against any of it. It has been that way for LONG time now, and will stay that way.

                    If you quit using their numbers, they have nothing to go by and no claim to anything. Nothing gets reported, and nothing is presumed to be donated to their numbers. The numbers are taxed and tracked, not the man.

                    And Yes, they CAN be made to go away, even by simply not speaking to them and refusing them entry into your home and business.

                    I have done so myself with a bogus harassment CPS call. I threw the CPS worker off my property, she called the cops who banged on my door for 45 minutes. Me and the kids sat inside watching TV, refused to answer the door or speak with them, they left, and have never returned. And they never will. Without me participating, they had NO CASE.

                    It is only when you acknowledge them and pay them that come for more. If you say nothing to them and nothing is reported because you don’t use their numbers, they have no case and no way to steal from you.

                    If you do not speak to them, they have no controversy the courts can hear because there are no other participants.

                    That’s my world. Maybe you like yours better, and maybe appeasing your owners is OK for you. But it’s not for me, and if that makes me a nutbag in the eyes of a willing slave, I will carry that name proudly as a free man.

                  • Yeah, that last rant was really convincing. The truth be told if anybody tries this kind of insanity, you’ll end in jail, as god’s creation would have if that bullshit rant had any truth to it.

                  • Anon,

                    It’s all true. Just because you don’t have the guts to enforce your rights doesn’t mean that those of us who do will suffer your baseless fears.

                    Your front door is a line they can not and will not cross without the proper paperwork. And they can get no paperwork based on “Anonymous” complaints. They have the same merit as your posts do.

                    I live my live in peace and harm no one. But I will protect myself from those who wish to invade my world and do me or my family harm.

                    Whether you believe me or not is irrelevant. You don’t have what it takes to handle or achieve any semblance freedom, so you best just comply with what you are told.

                    Enjoy your voluntary servitude, and I will enjoy what freedom I can take for myself and my family.

                  • I’ll stick to my earlier statement you’re a casualty of the great 60’s drug wars GC. People who work under the table for cash and never show an income to the IRS WILL be audited, no question about it. Your front door may be any imaginary defense against the real world, but for residents of planet Earth, it doesn’t play out like that.

                • “Suspecious” amounts that are below their own arbitrary figure. The amount that is “suspecious” is obviously a moving target. Looks like this store does a lot of business in cash, something .gov wants to put an end to.

              • Thanks to the patriot act,they do not need warrants anymore.

                • “If you do not speak to them, they have no controversy the courts can hear because there are no other participants.”

                  As I recall, that did not stop them in the MILLER case before the Supreme Court in which the Fed Gov’t presented its case without any defense presence, nor did it stop the case from being decided against the defendants and the decision becoming law.
                  There were no SS#s or tax #s involved and the defendants chose not to participate, one of them by disappearing from sight forevermore.

              • ODD QUESTIONER,why don’t you go back to the POLICE GANG station where you came from AND THEN DROP DEAD…………

                • I love you too. Keep the tinfoil strapped tightly now!

                  (…and sure, continue giving preppers a bad name. s’okay.)

            • I took all my money out two years ago and closed my safe deposit box account as well. Bought a big, armored safe and keep my goods in it. Every payday I buy pure silver and keep just enough cash on hand to pay the bills. As I write this my checking account has $26.43 in it. Savings account? ZERO. The federal government is the largest criminal organization in the world.

              • The shocking way the U.S. government can “legally” steal your money without recourse

                A must-read for anyone with cash savings…

                “Once you deposit money in a bank, from a legal standpoint, that money is no longer yours. Instead, the BANK owns it. You are an unsecured creditor.

                What’s more, in the event of future bank failures, the U.S. government has now confirmed that rather than paying off depositors, it may instead force them to submit to a “bail-in” regime similar to what recently transpired in Cyprus.”

                The Daily Crux

                • KY Mom,

                  That’s from the joint paper, “Resolving Globally Active Systemically Important Financial Institutions,” issued by the FDIC and the Bank of England on 10 December 2012.

                  One can read the full 18 pages or read the executive summary very closely, where it mentions unsecured depositors being last in line.

                  But all is not lost. Shorn sheep can always attempt to buy their necessities with the valuable bank stock they will be issued for their stolen money.. /sarcasm

                  Cyprus wasn’t a one-off. It was a dress rehearsal to see what happens when they steal from the little person. The answer is nothing.

                  • unsecured creditors

              • You are the worst nightmare of every one of these pieces of excrement. You have 1) figured out the truth and 2) taken steps that reflect that truth and how you can more effectively protect yourself.

                That’s all people have to do and this entire Tower of Babel comes down. It is the closet thing to standing over a banker and shoving your thumbs as deep into his eye sockets as you can take it.

                You da man.

            • 1). Stay square with the IRS and keep all records in two locations. (my second location is in my attorneys safe). The IRS are not nice people so be ahead of their game.
              2). I use several small bank accounts and if I need larger amounts I pull it from separate accounts over a two to three week period.
              3) I have two bank accounts with branches in Vancouver B.C. One is Coast Capital Savings credit union (Canadian owned), and Bank of China (Chinese owned). I make cash deposits at these banks once a quarter in person.
              4). I real good safe at the house with cash, gold, silver, and some foreign currency. Think like Jason Bourne. I also have my “other” ID’s and passports there. It is what it is and several Chinese companies can make you some spot on copies that even my own folks can’t catch 99 percent of the time including biometrics. Just sayin.
              PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS…… ( with their “other” ID’s)…….

            • They did this to my daughter. A year and a half later, after some pretty hefty legal fees, the IRS kind of grudgingly admitted that it “appeared” as if “somebody” had made a “slight mistake”. They were never able to identify “somebody”, so nobody was ever held accountable for this “mistake”. As it turned out, my daughter had filed her taxes properly and was actually owed a refund for the year in question. It took the assholes a lot longer to return her money to her than it did to seize it.

              The United States Federal Government is a clear and present danger to the citizens of the United States.

              Soon boys & girls, very soon

              • So sorry your daughter had to go through that. And as I’m sure you are well aware of…you can not get through to the IRS! Go ahead folks, just try calling them! It is not unusual to be on hold for at least an hour trying to get ahold of any person to help. And your correct…it takes a lot longer to get your refund than it does for them to take your money!

                • Sorry, but’s it not news. It’s just been falling on deaf ears for decades now.

            • I mean… why would you, now that the interest rate is 0.00000000000000000000000000001%?

              What’s the point?

              I mean at least back in the day when the interest rate was approaching 2%… real inflation would have been (the reported) 3.5% – 2% (not quite but almost). So really inflation was 1.5% (not quite but almost).

              Now you’re getting hit from both ends… inflation goes up up, interest rate goes down down.

              Anyone think they can retire or live 30 years from now?

              I calculated the requirement for myself at $400,000 total for the next 40 years. Then I applied an inflation rate of 3.5%, and assumed savings interest = 0% and wage increase = 0% (at BEST… this assumes it doesn’t go negative due to re-structuring).

              That $400,000 requirement turned into like a $1.1 million requirement over the 40 year time period.

              I’ll never make it. Not just straight up… the “hard work” way. I’m going to have to invest in something or other.

              I certainly can’t afford to LOSE any.

              And if you’re paying zero or near zero interest… well… thank you I’ll keep that in my own possession thanks so much.

          • They cannot (well, yet) come for what is “yours”, which is why it makes sense to keep a good chunk of money hidden in the house (preferably in something massive and nearly unmovable, like a safe).

            Besides, there are other good reasons to have some funds readily available:

            1) during all the ‘panic buying’, you can go shopping too, and waving a huge wad of cash under a guard/clerk/whoever’s nose is a great way of getting out with the goods you’ve picked up (while others try to use their useless little plastic cards, natch.) That goes double for stuff like gasoline. Note that even when SHTF is in full swing, you should always (if it is safe to do so) try to buy more stuff as a group with your neighbors, just like everyone else. It does two good things… it gets you more stuff, and it gives you the perfect cover story as to why you’re doing better than the rest of the area (“we managed to get out of there with a good share of food/ammo/whatever”)

            2) If a natural disaster hits your neighborhood, you’ve got cash to get stuff with, while everyone else prays for any nearby ATM to get some power and a data line to it.

            3) Bribery can be a beautiful thing, but, well, you gotta have the juice to bribe with – preferably something untraceable. Cash is rather wonderful for that purpose.

            4) They can’t tax what they can’t count, no? Minus a warrant, they have no way of knowing how much you have in liquid assets.

            5) Finally, the stuff is uber-portable, and it gets you what you want with amazingly little hassle. I recently bought a new vehicle (we really needed it) with cash. It’s amazing how much of a discount you can get (and less hassle!) when they ask how you intend to finance the vehicle, and you flop $15k on the desk with a satisfied “…that’s how. And by the way, that’s all I’m paying for the thing. You have 15 minutes to say yes or no before I walk out.” (True story – that’s exactly how I took home an $18k gently-used vehicle.)

            Note that “cash” can certainly mean precious metals, though until collapse is fully realized, most folks will more readily take the paper stuff.

            • OQ,
              I work at a dealership. One of my responsibilities is doing the bank deposits. When a large chunk of cash is paid for a vehicle the dealership reports it, as required by the govt. And the bank makes note of the large cash deposit. If a SAR is completed on the deposit and the govt goes asking at the bank, the bank will point to the dealership, and the dealership will point to you. Oh, and if I make the deposit for the the dealership they ask and record my name. You may think you “got away” with something, but “they” know exactly who you are and the amount you paid in cash. Don’t kid yourself, you didn’t “get away” with anything.

              • I’m not assuming that I “got away” with anything. I’m just stating that it’s a really good use for cash.

                Hell, they had two people counting the stuff when I settled up the bill before I drove home the new vehicle, so I know full well that word would eventually go upwards.

                However, if anyone asks? I saved it up, which is what I legitimately did. They will have nothing to say elsewise, since I make an ordinary income and pay ordinary taxes.

                • But, these days you also have to watch traveling or being in possession of large amounts of cash. There are cases in the news where someone going to something like an auction or one case of an antique dealer ( I think) that was taking cash to an antique show where people had booths and might buy items from general public with cash. Got stopped for some reason by police and it got as far as a search of his car. When they found the money it was confiscated. Seems sometimes they think the only person to carry large sums of cash is going to be drug dealers. And any money tested is likely to show up with drug residue on it. It cost this man a lot of time and a lot of money to get his funds returned.

              • Isn’t it sad that doing nothing illegal is now suspicious in what was the greatest country on Earth? Next will be every person must have an “Air Breathing License” or will be fined and/or imprisoned. It’s coming.

                • No sh*t, right?

                  I want to eventually buy a house for cash. Why would I pay for the thing 2 and a half times over with a traditional mortgage?

                  They’ll probably flag me as Allah Ackbar or some sh*t just for doing that.

                  Well, God knows if I do it that way, I’m not “sharing the wealth” with all the poor “little people”… like… bankers. ;_; Boo hoo. Think of all the money I’d be generating for them for doing nothing… we can’t have me not doing that can we?

                  • if they thought you were allah ackbar they would ship you boatloads of weapons.

              • This really bothers me when you say “get away with it”. Why would you put a twist on it like that? One thing about society these days. Seems as though fewer and fewer people use self control when it comes to saving money. Pay day comes and they pay as little as possible on their bills and then race out to eat, play golf, bowl, take the boat out, whatever. Blow all of the extra money instead of steadily plodding along and sticking money aside. Then they take their savings to pay off property early, or pay cash for a large purchase and they are automatically suspected of wrong doing. It makes me mad as hell. All of those people, the under the mattress savers, should be appreciated by the government. They are usually the ones who follow through and pay off their bills instead going bankrupt. Ask anyone who works in a doctor’s office…are the really well dressed, decked-out patients usually the ones who promptly pay their bills? What I saw was NO. They are also the ones who will be the most demanding and rude. A frugal life style is not appreciated at all any more. It is suspect.

                • LSB:

                  I think you are from my area in Oregon. I would like to correspond with you. I have an alternate e-mail. If you would like to correspond send me an e-mail with one number of your address and I will come back to this post to see if it corresponds with what you sent and then I will send you my actual e-mail.

                  My alternate e-mail: [email protected]

                  • Hey PO’D! Funny- but it seems as though there are alot of us mossbacks on this site! I’m in east Linn County. Anyone from OR want to communicate more directly you can reach me at [email protected]. Might makes things easier to put shtf in the subject.

                • LSB

                  Wow! Someone else who thinks on my wavelength. To save for something is to truly appreciate it when you get it. We all learned this as children saving for a special toy. Later as teens we did chores/babysitting/odd jobs etc for that first “big ticket” item.

                  I am trying to train my own kid to do the same. Work hard, save hard, sit back and enjoy the HONEST fruits of your labor. Yet in doing so I sometimes wonder if I’m setting him up to be the next Al-CIA-DUH most wanted poster boy or summat. In the meantime his peers out there shoplifting and robbing old ladies will probably prosper.

                  From a preppers standpoint however – the frugal lifestyle is the only way to go. SHTF is a coming, and I refuse to leave my child’s mindset unprotected from that over such a simple thing.

              • I had this probplem so I had the dealership have me make “payments” of under 4000 each month for five months. My atturny held all the money in escrow for me and them. Easy to get arround and if the dealership does not whant to work with you move on…. pleanty of patriots that own dealerships out there. And yes they held the title in lue of until I payed them in full.

                • MAN ON INSIDE- if one SINGLE transaction is more than 10 grand, whether you pay in one payment or 5…….. IT IS REPORTABLE and both YOU and your smart ass atty will go to jail.

                  YOu guys got all the fuckin answers. Its a good thing the GOVT knows your all fucking crazy and could care less about you.

                  YOu guys dont have a nickel between you.

                  • As usual you show your stupidity. If the dealership wrights the contract to carry the note then they in effect become the bank. As long as you keep the payments per month under the 10 grand limit (I usually run at 3500) the dealership and you are under the radar. I have bought 4 cars this way and I am in a security position with the government and hold a level two security clearance. No jail for me in 20 years…. (I sold cars at the good ole “we carry the note” dealerships) so I know how this works. You spend your time insulting people because it is all you have. Move on and piss off….

              • Which is why we all know the dealership didn’t report that cash sale!! 🙂

                Just as the guy I buy my trees from doesn’t report ALL his gain.
                Just as my logging husband …oh, scratch that!!!

            • I got a $13,000 rig for $9800, including tax and license, by paying cash. Started with a $7500 offer, and spent 5 hours going up to $8600, then walked out. They called at 9AM the next morning and agreed.

              • Smokey: that is exactly how I buy every thing…. Thank you David Ramsey…..

              • I am with OQ. I will not spend 5 hours messing around with a salesman and his Manager at a dealership. I make them an offer. If they counter I am gone. If they call me back I will offer them 5% less than my offer while in the dealership. I know the game, all the tricks, worked in the industry for many years.

            • That’s kinda funny… I believe you but I don’t get it.

              I mean I would think:

              Your car loan = eh 5% interest. Ish.

              The interest they can make on your cash money that you just gave them = eh 1% interest. Ish.

              I’d think they’d have told you to pound sand.

              Then again I must obviously be missing something here…

              • You are missing something. The dealership isn’t putting your money into bank CDs, it’s using it to pay the daily expenses.

                Second, what they do with the money you pay isn’t material. You pay cash and don’t pay interest, that’s the important thing.

                There isn’t a dealership out there that is so busy selling cars on payment plans that they can’t make a cash sale. They need that cash to stay open.

              • Depends on the day of the month. Depends on what they have sold. Depends on how long the vehicle has been on the lot. Depends on what is wrong with it. Depends….. They can never go up. They price it high and see what happens.

              • I used to work for a rather large automotive company. Here’s what you missed:

                1) A car dealership, unless they have a program where they carry their own note, only gets a set percentage of the total transaction from the company that carries the note (in franchise dealerships, credit providers like GMAC or such carries the note, not the dealership itself.) In a cash transaction, while they don’t get a vigorish from the financial company, they do get all the money up-front, and don’t have to spend employee-hours on managing the checks, money inflow, etc. Basically, they count the money and deposit it, which means their accountant only has to spend 5 minutes at most on it, instead of cumulative hours managing the paperwork. If they carry the note, then the costs go up dramatically as they have to keep track of payments and worse (see #3) )

                2) With cash, the whole dealership spends less man-hours on shoveling paperwork, waiting on a credit check, arranging all the F&I, etc. It can save them at least a hundred bucks right there. Consider that a typical financed transaction takes at least three hours or more of a salesman’s time, the closing manager’s time, and the F&I employee’s time. My cash purchase took 30 minutes between price agreement and my driving away, with only the counting, bill of sale, and DOT/DMV (Oregon) paperwork to do.

                3) If a customer defaults on payments, the credit provider can often come back to bite the dealership, depending on the provider and their agreement(s). If the dealer carries the note, then it’s worse: they have to pay a reposessor/recovery company, collection agency, repair/cleanup costs, and then deal with trying to salvage some value out of a now severely depreciated vehicle. A cash payer has none of these worries for a dealership, for obvious reasons. The lower risk (that is, no risk at all) means a far more attractive deal.

                4) You would be amazed at how much of that sticker amount is in “pack”. First, there’s the FOB (or for used cars, purchase) price… what the dealership actually paid to have the thing shipped to their lot (either up-front or in credit). The dealership franchise holder adds a percentage to that to cover overhead and make a bit of profit. The Site Manager adds a percentage to cover local operating expenses and additional profits. Finally, the Sales Manager tacks on a percentage to cover commissions and then adds an additional percentage atop that to allow for dickering room.

                4a) Lately there’s been this craze of a “salaried salespeople” (it’s crap – the “salary” is abysmally low and the commissions are merely called “bonuses”.) There’s also a craze called the “no dicker” price or similar (which means they’re not going to negotiate unless they’re forced to.) Someone looking to buy on credit is in no position at all to break past these barriers – they;re at the mercy of the dealer. A cash holder OTOH is attractive enough to allow those BS tactics to fall fairly quickly.

                5) Stock goes ‘stale’ over time. Each day a car sits unsold on a lot means time and money spent to keep it clean, secured, fueled (for test drives), insured, maintained (to mitigate wear/tear/time damage), repaired, properly licensed (and in Oregon, tags kept up to date if the car is used), etc. It can run up to thousands of bucks a year for each individual car. If the dealership has the car on credit from the maker, that means money the dealership is paying for something they need to sell. To top that off, the depreciation clock is still ticking whether the car is sold or not. Since a car or truck is a HUGE purchase, each one will take awhile to sell. When I left the auto industry, the average time a brand new car sat on the lot before it sold ranged from 60-90 days. The average time for a used car (depending on type, model and condition) ranged from 45-240 days.

                6) If you have a lot full of unsold 2013 models, you don’t have room for 2014 models (that or your 2014 inventory will be way limited), making your lot far less attractive than a competitor’s lot full of brand-new vehicles.

                Taken all together? An unsold car is a liability, not an asset. If a dealership can sell it in a couple of hours (as opposed to the average 3-6+ hours a credit sale takes), they will jump at the chance. This is why cash is king, yanno?

          • Odds are they’ll blow your brains out and keep all your property

            • If they blow my brains out, I wouldn’t care about the property. I will be home and in peace. Their cost will be paid later.

              • God creation…first, you’d have to have a fucking brain for them to blow out.

                YOur another one who has all the fuckin answers. Id love to see one of my locals get a hold of YOU, when you start spouting your no apaers bullshit and they throw your ass in jail until your court date…. then id like ot be in court to listen to the judge commit your sorry ass to a fucking nuthouse where you belong.

                • RICH Troll,

                  I challenge you to an IQ test and I will pay you 2 to 1 if I don’t double your score.

                  • Everyone just thum down the troll so we can move on.

                • Rich ninety-eight, that is one of the most nonsensical replies I have read in response to a 3 short sentence statement that makes more sense than YOU ever will. Lay off the “crack pipe” before commenting here!!!!!

          • Here! Here!
            I’ll add one thing, If their wearing a Blue Hat (UN) I will shoot them twice.

            • Naw….just shoot them with a .308 or 30-06 instead of a 5.56 round. That way you will only need one shot!

              • .223 is for prairie dogs. Bigger is better… well that’s what she said.

            • That is called the “double tap”.

              It’s rule #2 ;o)

              • A double tap is one shot center mass and the second shot between the eyes….

          • I think a more pro active approach may help GC. They should know now that we know where they live. And if they try this it will be taken very personally. Be anonymous for the time being. Just let them know they will have to run and hide very well for if they don’t play nice, we won’t either. Shake that ivory tower. My wealth or your health, your choice.

          • Today, anyone in business for themselves needs a lawyer and an accountant, it’s sad but true. I use to work at a bank 25 years ago and one of the things they taught us was the IRS money reporting form. Customs has a similar form for importing and exporting money. If it’$10,000 or more you just fill out the form and you’re on your way. Yeah, the government has a permanent record of it, but the consequences of not doing it are very harsh. With Customs, like the IRS, failure to do so can cause immediate seizure of all cash as happened to a friend of mine. If you’re lucky, you can make an appeal and explain the “misunderstanding” and you’ll get back upwards of 90%. They’ll keep just 10% as a minimum penalty. They can keep more including the whole amount if they think you’re really up to something. Structuring automatically sets off the governments bells and whistles. That’s making deposits, withdrawals, or movements of money just under the $10,000 because they think you’re trying to hide the source of those earnings. The government assumes you got it illegally and now you have to prove you got it through legitimate means. This means lawyers and court time. It’s a screwed up situation but this is all tied to RICO laws and the so called “War on Drugs”. More laws means more cops and more chances of running afoul of some regulation. We are so screwed! By the way, I helped my friend through folks I knew and was able to get back 90% of his $50,000. The government kept 10%/$5,000.

            • 1)Then you get payments from whoever, whatever, in small increments if it is checks you are accepting.
              If you owe me 10,000 dollars, pay me in 5 checks…and I’ll give you a discount when I lay brick on your garage.
              2)People, my husband knows a few loggers ;-), and lots of people lined up to cash checks for $100 a pop.

            • Why is anything below their arbitrary number considered “structuring”? Think they won’t just lower the threshold for “structuring”?

          • Gods Creation

            The Rambo reply would be counterproductive. You would find out they took your money when you log on to your account and it shows zero. They don’t have to do anything in person. Its pretty obvious they do what they want.

            This stuff will only be settled by the courts.

            • Oh, interestingly they know about this guy depositing less than $10,000 in a pattern but they can’t find the 1.2 Billion that Corzine lost.

              Think about that. One Point Two Billion missing.

              • Kevin:

                Google money missing at Department of Defense. There you will see headlines such as:

                8.7 billion in Iraqi Development money missing

                3.3 trillion missing from US treasury

                1.1 trillion missing from Dept. of Defense (year 2000)

                2.3 billion in 2001 Rumsfeld said was missing

                “Pentagon has no idea how much money it loses”

                I guess the answer to being a thief is to be a BIG THIEF!

                • Perhaps a lot of that money was used to build the elietes underground bunker city in Virginia?

              • Even better, the IRS just said two days ago it couldn’t account for $67,000,000. Let that sink in. If they find out you haven’t reported $67 of interest, you will be ready for the Inquisition. But these corksuckers can lose $67 million of OUR money and not one damn thing happens.

                That’s why I pay attention when someone says where the MRAP’s soft spots are.

            • This will be settled in the street with rifles. A really shitty future, but we all know where it’s heading.

            • K2,

              You can’t log into cash and my “accounts” never have more than $100 from sales before going to the ATM to get it out.

              Yes, for them to take anything that is mine they will have to come in person, which means being personally accountable to me during the commission of their acts.

              They can have every penny I have in the bank, and they will have nothing. If they steal from one payment processor before I can get my $100 out, I have three other alternatives I can employ immediately.

              You can just say “they can take anything they want to”, or you can take the steps to prevent them access to anything. Just like using their SSNs, it’s all voluntary and you pay (or dont pay) based on your choices.

              • Gods Creation

                If one has an IRA and 401K with considerable money you can’t just cash out and put it under your bed. For those individuals your first indication that somethings wrong is when the computer balance is zero.

                • If you have an IRA or 401K, regardless of the “balance”, you have no money. You have digits of credit on a banks balance sheet.

                  If you withdrew it all, penalties and all, and used it buy silver and a safe, you have a lot of money and total control over it.

                  The biggest problem we face is that people just don’t know what MONEY really is.

            • “””This stuff will only be settled by the courts.”””

              Keep holding your breath for the most corrupted of the institutions of the corp to settle anything.

              It will likely only be settle by the barrel of a gun.

          • Then the odds are you will be riddled with no less than 100 rounds of 40 caliber + bullets and your house will be flattened. I love the bravado “if they come here lookin’ for my money, I’ll give em’ hell.” Get real. If they want it, they WILL.TAKE.IT. If your plan is to initiate a fire fight, you might want to get your affairs in order. . . . .

            • You’re right on that one… you WILL lose.

              Then again. Think about that dude that set himself on fire on the steps of the court building. Or the dude that shot up the aerobics class.

              Some people have ALREADY lost if they get pushed too much further.

              So heads, these kinds of people lose, tails… they lose.

              You never want to put someone in that position. You WILL get it back in spades.

            • You are correct you will loose the fire fight, BUT IF that is your wish and you are prepared you CAN create a stink with lawyer filed papers and set up news media and then set you trap and take some of them with you. BUT i guess you would REALLY be pissed off to do that !! WELL my friend there is ALLOT of people getting to that point, it won’t be long before it is common for it to happen.

            • They can only kill me once, the other 99 bullets are less they will have for you. Truth is I don’t really care anymore. I am ready to go when God calls me home, no matter how He chooses to make that happen.

              They would have a more difficult time explaining why they shot my wife and kids while trying to steal what amounts to nothing from a rental house occupied by a small family that harms no one and asks for nothing.

              I give the appearance I have nothing for them to take, so I am the least likely to be targeted anyway. Nothing I have is documented, registered, or attached to their numbers.

              To them I have no job, no income, no assets, no car, no home, no cash, no drivers license, no guns, no bullets and no hope of ever having any of those things. On paper I have nothing that would interest them and represent no threat.

              In their fictional world of commerce, I am broke and destitute and not worth the cost of 100 bullets or the mercenaries to fire them at me.

              In my real world, I am happy and have all the necessities of life and a few luxuries and toys, none of which they have a claim on with their papers.

              I am far safer than those who play by the corps rules because they don’t know any better. Go ahead and register your property and pay their tribute. In the end, all it does is move you ahead of me in the line of fire and make you a fair target while I lurk unseen in the shadows.

              • Yeah,sure, THEY’RE living in the fictional world. I can’t believe 2 brain dead morons actually agreed with your obvious lies, but this site isn’t known for being the home of intelligence either.

              • And now, due to this post, you have raised your profile. Instead of the invisible non-entity you describe,you have labeled yourself as a loose cannon with undisclosed resources and drawn attention to yourself.

          • There are no odds with me. It is written in stone that anyone comes and I feel threatened, they die. If they are wounded, they will be shot again. I ask no quarter and will show none.

          • If they’re at your door it’s FAR too late. If things progressed that way then you were not prepping.

        • Somewhere there’s some scum that feels very hurt by your comment.

        • You know we are at the end game of this Ponzi Scheme when TPTB resort to stealing innocent peoples money so they can pay their bills. But this is nothing new for these dirtbags.

          They’ve taken a que from the Banksters who are notorious for rehypothecating other peoples collateral. Germany learned the hard way when they were told it would take 7 years to get their Gold back.

          But you know what all these Countries are pretty much doing the same shit to each other. Which is why I continue to believe when it’s “Lights Out” for the US economy, it’s also Lights Out for the World Economy. 😉

          • US-centric view….just what the power structures want you to think. Americans have a difficult time believing that the world will be just fine (probably better off) without them. –US citizen only by passport, not by ideology.

        • i guess none of this concerns me ,since obama has bled me dry ,and i aint got nothing to take ,unlees they want to go out in my garden and try and squeese one of my turnips

          • Well, according to the feds your garden is or will soon be illegal unless you have a federal license for it that has to be renewed yearly. The cost of the license? $500 a year. ObaMao tried to force this through a few years ago to stop the Organic farmers and home growers. It passed but the part about home growers was removed. Expect it to come back soon and curb your ability to “legally” grow anything. Time for war is near….or….is it now?!?

            • @ JL –

              Soon John, very soon now. There won’t be any mistaking it when it all goes down ……… even the dimmest and the dumbest among us will become instant ‘believers’ on that day. Until then? I advise enjoying each and every day between then and now to the very fullest.

              I have always maintained that you are never too old to enjoy a good second childhood …… I try to enjoy an outstanding one every day.

        • Anonymous,

          I would not call them animals, they are monsters, calling them animals is a disservice to all animals.

          Nothing is safe anymore, nothing is sacred either. They are watching, listening, stalking and destroying just about every freedom that we think we have.

          We are living under a dictatorial regime and the truly sad part is that so many citizens are comfortable with it until it actually affects them personally.

          • Swinging,

            Just for shats and giggles you might want to take the In World War 2 Would You Have Been a Nazi? test on OK Cupid.

            The two most liberty focused possible results, in ascending order, are Resistance and Expatriate.

            Most current Amerikan civilians would score as Good Germans. For exactly the reason you say … until it touches them they’re over-fed and over-paid and they don’t care.

            Most serving .mil and .LE would probably score as one or another grade of Nazi. Drinking the company koolaid here and now versus there and then … not so different.

            Jingoism and authority worship are the same everywhere.

            • Excellent post! Sadly I really doubt it will sink in. Most Americans don’t even have a passport.

        • The number one(most common) sins at the end of the age will Lying and Stealing. The corp as those two mastered.

        • And Obamacare puts 10000 more irs agents on,now what does that have to do with health care?

          • Doesn’t matter. The nonFederal Counterfeiting Reserve and “their” previously “feared” IRSS collection goons…are about to become extinct.

            ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! ;D! Time to start thinking “globally”. This clusterfu*k is no longer simply applicable to US, IN THE USA, USA, USA!

            The gooberment imposters no longer care and haven’t for decades, what WE THE PEOPLE WANT. We don’t live in a democratic republic, or anything that resembles the designation.

            The unqualified, illegal, and never questioned/vetted Present-dent…along with the vast majority of
            “congress-critters” are doing exactly as instructed and PAYED! WHO NOW OWNS/RUNS THIS COUNTRY? The answer is available in the commentary of this site.

            Yeah, it is the head hunters of New Guinea. Funny thing, that statement is more acceptable than the TRUTH!

            • Yental:

              Your last sentence says it all. It is more acceptable to most citizens of the USA to accept that New Guinea headhunters are responsible for the takeover of America than TPTB Zionists and international bankers that have planned and schemed since time immemorial to take possession of everything and everybody in the world It is
              “so in our face” now that it is hard to believe that any one does not know. Shows how powerful the mainstream media has been covering the tracks of these power broker criminals. I guess the shoe has to start to pinch each and every one of us before we wake up from the brainwashing that has gone on and is continuing to this day.

              • POG, most DO know. They are just too paralyzed by fear to do anything about it, or even speak of it to their friends.

                They would rather be crazy than to be thought of as crazy.

        • The IRS giveth and the IRS taketh away. If they gave out fewer refunds and cut government programs then they could cut their own services. When I was in DC I spoke with many fine IRS agents and they were nice people. One of my neighbors ia a retired IRS agent. Nice fellow. I never had a problem with the IRS but I do know that mistakes happen. I did have a small problem with Revenue Canada but they too are fine people. I paid my fine and life went on. TJF

          • Enjoy your Blue Pill….go back to sleep.

        • We all talk and blog about them, but the very people who work for the feds as minions live in our neighborhoods, shot at the same grocery stores as we do. Yet we leave them alone and allow them to go about their evil minion work. When will amerikans wake up and stop just talking?

      2. Shameful, scary, & sad

      3. The Dehko’s need to keep careful records of every bureaucrat and enforcer involved with the theft. They need to submit the information to the people’s ‘fusion center’ so that every perpetrator and accomplice may be properly prosecuted at Nuremberg 2.

        The Supreme Court has enabled these thefts with a fiction worthy of the rabbis. The fiction? The property is being prosecuted, not the owners, so the property can ‘legally’ be ‘guilty until proven innocent.’

        Day by day the US ‘legal’ system looks more and more like a rabbinical beit din.

        • Actually JQP, WE are responsible for the progressive “punishments” we are now seeing. I’m going to get a lot of red thumbs, but I’m going to point out some reality again…I apologize for the long post, I don’t generally do them.

          Is anybody pattern-watching here? Well, there’s a pattern to this, and we should’ve seen this coming for decades.

          “Civil Forfeiture” was first introduced to the masses as a retribution against drug cartels, gangs and the mafia (even though these are often one and the same). The idea was that criminals should not profit from their illegal activities, so the government decided to take those “ill-gotten gains” away, on behalf of the commonwealth, of course.

          …and the public cheered at the new hi-pro cop car with the words “Seized Drug Car” on the side…as it quickly pulled them over to issue them a speeding ticket.

          But then, “civil forfeiture” was applied to other vices like prostitution and drunk driving, as well as ANY drug-RELATED crimes, no matter how insignificant. As with all expansion of powers, the expansion must continue.

          I think many people believed that this would remain a problem only for people convicted of profiting from REAL crimes. But, the definition of “crime” has also expanded, as has the definition of who is a “criminal”

          John Kerry just signed the UN Small Arms Treaty.

          This has the potential of making EVERY GUN OWNER who refuses to hand in their guns, AN INSTANT CRIMINAL.

          It will become much harder for all of those who have never been caught breaking the law, to maintain their self-righteousness, in the face of their own impending convictions.

          Once YOUR rights have been trampled without having hurt any other person, the line will blur — but only after YOU end up on the blurry side.

          Everyone believed it would only apply to “their kind”, not “our kind”.

          This is why I cringe at every post that talks about murdering certain kinds of people, people who have run afoul of some “law”. As if “those people” don’t deserve to live, simply because they’ve allegedly broken some law at some point in their lives—did you know that every traffic ticket, every minor scuffle you have ever had, is on your record FOR EVER?
          You’ll NEVER live down that shoplifting charge you got when you were a teen, or the DUI you got coming home on New Years.

          I wonder how many “righteous” people will become instant criminals in the very near future…”It can’t happen to me”, right?

          I think the store owners in the above story probably thought the same thing, BEFORE IT HAPPENED TO THEM.

          If the truth was told, I’ll bet they even cheered “civil forfeiture” when it first appeared…as long as it only happened to “those people”.

          • I was recently told of a friend of a friend who in childhood had a brief hospitalization for depression. As a juvenile those records were sealed and he was advised by his lawyer that he could answer “No” to all the usual Form 4473 questions.

            That fellow, an instructor at a federal facility, had been buying guns for years without any problem…. until Obama’s executive order allowed sealed juvenile records to be unsealed.

            That upstanding adult is now facing a felony for lying on his Form 4473 to buy a gun.

            Yes, they are using every trick and device to disempower good people.

            Victim disarmament is their agenda.

            • so now he becomes an outlaw..theres going to be a lot of that in the near future

              • Is there any money in being a Outlaw? Is it something I could do in my retirement or lose my job?

              • I’ve read that the average American commits three felonies per day. Everything has been criminalized. This is to assuage the consciences of the thugs actually carrying out the atrocities–“I’m just doing my job!” “I’m enforcing the law!”

                • “LAWS” are illusions to control “US”. Tell me that ANYONE reading this believes that the thousands of “laws on the books” are anything more/less than another method of “smashing in the heads” of whomever “THEY” choose whenever “THEY” choose.

                  When ANY LAW doesn’t apply EQUALLY to ALL…it is a TOOL that should be ignored and VIOLENTLY contested when applied prejudicially.

                  The list of “elite lawbreakers” that are “given a pass” is MUCH too long to list here, but hopefully…most get the point.

                  • ALL “INCHOATE” laws, laws without a victim, are nothing more than methods of control, with a secondary goal of REVENUE for the various governments.

                    VICTIMLESS CRIMES MAKE UP THE BULK OF OUR LEGAL SYSTEM…look it up. The only purpose inchoate laws serve, is to put money into government from the people from the fines and administration costs. THE LAW keeps hundreds of thousands of people drawing a paycheck.

                    Courts and their staff, law enforcement, jails and prisons administration, surveillance, prisoner transports, meals and other products for inmate needs, prison furnishings and security products, parole and probation, legal representation, substance abuse counseling, building inspectors, regulatory personnel, legislators, hundreds of committees, the list goes on and on, of people whose livelihoods depend on the regulation and penalizing of the masses.

                    It is a TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

                    As usual, if you want to know the real reason why “crime” is so out-of-control in this country, JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY.

            • Unless you are a muslim terrorist.

              • Aren’t all muslims terrorists? I’ve not seen a single muslim speak out against the crimes that have been committed by muslims against non-muslims.

                • If they do speak out the rest of herd tries to kill him/her.

              • Give it a rest. Most of those “terrorists” (the ones that weren’t created by the CIA) are doing what men do—protecting their families and homes from genocidal Zionists using whatever means they have at hand.

                That is more than you can say for emasculated American ‘men.’

                • @ John Q

                  Showing those true colors aren’t you. Hate Jews but muslim who target Christians are ok. I knew all you guys were muslim trashing jews for a reason. muslims goals are simple, to destroy every Christian and make the world a muslim planet. Choose your side, I already have

                  • I do not hate any person or group simply because of their skin color or national origin, things people cannot control.

                    I do hate evil beliefs and evil behavior. Belief and behavior are entirely matters of free will. Self-defense, as the rational people here agree, is no sin.

                    “Hate the sin. Love the sinner.”

                    That doesn’t mean that I turn a blind eye to genocide, warmongering, or economic crimes against humanity.

                • Have you noticed that there are only two groups of people that set out to kill large groups of civilians? muslims and those taking psychoactive drugs.

                  Wonder what would happen if the psycho muslim crowd would start taking psychoactive drugs?

                  • In the wrong neighborhood, err wrong part of their “lawless frontier” any gathering of Pakistani civilians can be presumed to be jihadis or jihadi sympathizers.

                    So when heroic Lt. Snort, 6 months out of the USAFA drops a laser guided bomb on a wedding party and murders 50 civilians, does he get the Distinguished Flying Cross or is he a war criminal?

                    Your knee jerk militarism plays right into the banksters hands. WE invaded Iraq … twice. The British, the Soviets and the uS invaded Afghanistan. They haven’t invaded our homes. But for Putin humiliating Oblunder we would have invaded Syria … and still might.

                    So who are the wanton murderers? Wake the fuck up to the fact that war is for profit.
                    Who says so? Late Marine MGen Smedley Butler, twice MOH. And I say so.

                    Are Amerikans the only people who have a right to self defense? When the hired thugs serving the House of Rothschild invade a foreign country what are the men there supposed to do … lick their boots and offer them their wives?

                    If you’ve read a little history the fact is the Anglo-Americans have been plundering and murdering their way across the Middle East since about 1890. But that’s OK since we’re doing it and since we’re god’s anointed we can do no wrong? /sarcasm

                    What would you do if Iraqi troops invaded your home town, murdered people you know and set up shop as though they owned the place? Throw roses at them?

                    The more brainwashed you are the more you swallow the Banksters story about how our miitary murdering its way across the Third World is some noble thing.

                    If you’ve been on this site any length of time you should know better.

                  • John Allen, eloquent and on target!

                  • But, John! We are bringing them democracy!

                    How we can bring them democracy while we don’t have *ANY* of it here at home is beyond my understanding, but, America is exceptional! We can do it!

                    Excuse me while I puke…

                    But, frankly, as bad as our Criminal Bastard Thieves are, the muzzies are worse. Doesn’t give us the right to go in there though. Its just about oil and profit. …and it also keeps our armies and our equipment up to snuff so when they decide to take all of our property away back here at home, the troops, the guns and the tanks are all well oiled and gassed up. The crooked and the evil flowing from the District of Criminals still amazes me.

                  • Somehow you forgot about our great american “heroes”. The US military has killed far more people in past 10 years than either muslims or drug addicts. Sorry to disrupt your government-induced fantasy.

              • Dickpack. Inchohate laws refer to attempt and conspiracy to commit a crime. Like attempt murder or conspiracy to commit murder. Inchoate also refers to solicitation to commit. Like soliciting someone to kill a person. You are a total moron. These laws certainly do have a victim. You are the most retarded person here and that is saying a lot.

            • JOHN Q- BULLSHIT. That didn’t happen. Or you’ve never filled out a 4473 or know how they are kept.


              You people make shit up as you go along. None of you should have Guns. Your dangerous and not all there mentally.

              • Rich98, none of us make up anything. You’re the one who’s not all there mentally, so go f#$% yourself!

                • Bravehart, you REALLY have an anal thing goin on don’t ya?

                  ARe you the pitcher, or the catcher?

                  I KNOW you like guys. Admit it. It’s 2013.

                  • Troll, you don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about. What’s the matter, the govt. check late coming to you? enjoy it while you can. Once the balloon goes up, if you survive at all, you’ll be in the FEMA line waiting for a bottle of water and an MRE. We live in the real world and we know what’s really going on. We all want to survive what’s coming to this land. THAT’S WHY WE PREP, @HOLE. We come on here every day to give each other useful information on survival-related topics so we can all have the best possible chance of survival in any post-SHTF scenario. If you and your trolling friends don’t prep, you’re not going to make it. YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE.

                  • [ DO NOT FEED THE TROLL ]

                • Brave snot. Yes you make shit up. You have called me gay and also said I work for the government. You have also said I live off government checks. All with no basis nor even a discussion. You are a liar and a retard.

              • Appears that Rich98 wants all our money AND all our guns…no doubt so that we cannot protect the money he’d like to steal. Rich98 is the New Modern American….which is why my money has gone safely offshore.

          • Six Pac… a green thumb from me…..

          • No worries on the gun confiscation. When the government says hand them in, it just became a shooting war. The rules of engagement are quite clear.

          • sixpack, one family, one street, one community, one county, one state at a time ain’t getting enough attention.

            • Yes, you’re right, but how do we safely turn it up a notch?

              • We won’t be able to if the community attitude I live under is prevalent.
                I have 10 houses on this one street–we are one of those.
                I speak to only one and not often.
                I know they are not prepping and I know they voted for Ostupid in 2008–not sure about 2012.
                These people are insulated and selfish.
                It would take too much space to explain. They don’t deserve a neighbor like me–screw them when the crap hits the oscillator.
                I will not be there for them.

                • No JayJay, they surely don’t deserve a neighbor like you.

        • Commie Ville Coming:

          Thank you for the link. Here is another blot on humanity to add to the pile of filth that is festering in our nation:

 the white race

          Harvard Magazine September/October 2002

          Book: Race Traitor by Noel Ignatiev and John Garvey

          Quote from article:

          “We frequently get letters accusing us of being “racists”, just like the KKK, and have been called a “hategroup”….

          The editors meant it when they replied to a reader, “Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the ‘white race’ is destroyed–not ‘destructed’ but destroyed”.


          Noel Ignatiev

          Born 1940, son of Jewish immigrants from Russia, joined the communist party in 1958. Graduate student at Harvard University. American History Professor at Massachussets College of Art and also a Fellow at Harvards WEB DuBois Institute.

          Isn’t it wonderful to know what pitiful people we have allowed into our colleges. And we wonder why young people are having a hard time finding the right way in life.

          • Sixpack: while folks are watching the IRS thefts from innocent folks as this article portrays, what is soon comming Next is what the subversive Frankfurt shcool trainers and kommie element now so pervasive in america have been chomping at the bit for a Long time to begin doing.

            That will be a Two-Pronged attack. First they will begin to Use that Hate speech/Hate crimes law Hobammy signed into Fed law a year or so ago. Eric Holder Admited when he testified to a senate sub comittee that ONLY White folks can ever be charged or convicted of hate crimes as it is ONLY Whiteys who are racists! And All whites are Racists acording to leftist kommies now controling america.

            They will do the same as being done today in aprox 56 Nations including most every european nation. That being they have a person “Claim” their “Feelings” were harmed by some evil whitey guy, then that whitey guy is charged with Hate crimes. And every such hate crime law is based on “You are Guilty as charged unless You can prove otherwise!”

            In germany and several other euro nations right Now as I write this there are many persons rotting away in Prisons for on avg 3-10 yrs hard prison time simply for Questioning that famous “Six Million” number of WWII germany. It is Against the law to even Question Any issues related to their HolyHoax claims. All who get charged are convicted and sent to prison. Several Lawyers the courts appointed to Defend the charged persons also went to Prison for 3 yrs for attempting to present evidence that would aquit and Free that charged person!

            Once they can get away with that in America soon, as they have been doing in Canada for the last 15+ yrs, they will escalate it into a maze of More so called “crimes”.

            Their Final solution for Whites of america and european nations will be to Remake hate laws into the exact same as Lennin did as his very First official law act after lennin gained russia and turned it into the Soviet ruled Kommie USSR.

            That very First law Lennin enacted was “Any persons “suspected” of antisemitisim/racisim, was Shot Dead as fast as the CHEKA squads of State sponsered Murderers were able to arrive on scene to perform the Murders of those accused as a “Suspect”. And Lennin and his pals is who defined “antisemitisim”. It included every person who even in a hushed wisper said that communisim was jewish or was invented by jews of russia etc etc….Any Pretence to call folks a “Suspect” was used to mass murder them and Take/steal their homes and all property/possessions and Give it to a fellow traveler bolshevik jewish kommie party member.

            That is the main reason to create Hate Laws per se in america and europe nations. Their main desire is a hell bent religious fervor that Mandates that they exterminate every white peoples, except for the Select Few they plan to Keep alive as personal slave workers or sex slaves to serve them, the “Master race” as they are taught per their talmudic rabinical kommie ideals.

            Karl Marx’s father, grandfather, great grandfather were All Pharise rabbis steeped in their Talmudic teachings. Only a total fool or worse would possibly think that Marx was not also Raised upon such evil beliefs standards.

            All doubters need do is quickly compare his marxist manifesto to their talmudic writings to see how factual and truthfull it is.

            Todays usa has nearly the exact same population percentage of talmudics as did Russia in 1918. If that small 2% of total population was able to overthrow Russia back then, it is just as easy for the same 2% numbers in america today to do likewise to Us.

            And worse even than confiscation of Cash or properties, wil be when Hate crime laws are used to Confiscate YOU and Your family members as “Suspects” and exterminate You all as they did in russia.

            Hate crime laws will be the final solution death of what is called white americans. Once it begins even todays naysayers and fools shall then believe what some folks tried to warn them was happening. They too will know its fact and truth as the usa form of CHEKA-Agents place a gun against The back of their head and murder them also.

            Hopefully enough folks will awaken and learn these issues so to stop it before that occures here too.

            In america today the bolshevik kommies have a huge advantage they did not have in Russia. That being in the usa today they do not need first start a full revolt with bloodshed to “Gain” control. Today in america they Already gained full control long ago!

            All they now need do is simply begin enacting the hate crime laws, as well as a few thousand more such laws and prez exec orders already signed and waiting in the wings to be enacted also.

            • This is the same thing the NAZI’s did in the 1930’s , vilify a certain people , persecute them , then concentrate them into certain regions , then annihilate them . TPTB are not just seizing things , controliing free speech, no right to self defense or freedom of religion this is only the beginning.

              The road this countries on only leads to one place……

              a place called AUSCHWITZ


              “if you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to a moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case . You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Winston Churchill


              Semper Fi 8541

              • Stay under the radar…. Do like the song “silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics says. Then with the TEAMS you form … cause problems for them.. (a little red dawn makes a great degreaser….. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS….

              • Better Re think that nazi info. It was Russian kommie Jews who first built aushwitz and housed gentile white christians there before nazis or hitler were ever heard of.

                Also a hundred newspapers from all around the entire world carried Major huge Headlines in 1933 that stated “jews of world Decalre WAR on germany” and a few varisations of That basic headline story of 1933.

                Judaisim first declared war against germany.

                A Zionist fanatic jew in usa write a book with a title that stated “Why Germany Must Perish and Every german anywheres in the world Must be Exterminated”

                And way more True facts on WWII-Hitler-nazis-jews etc than can be listed here. Perhaps if you do a little research you wil find that 98% of All we/You were taught to believe of germany and nazis and jews issues was falsehoofds galore. Falsified BY the MSM’s worldwide that even then were controled BY jews.

                Even within the Last decade the HolyHoax main center in Jeruselem Israel had to Change their famous 6 Millions number to Far Less deaths of jews.

                Aushwitz you mentioned HAD a sign plaque stateing 4 million jews killed there…That too was changed to 1.4 nillion. Ironically so far zero jew owned MSM has as yet mentioned these inconvient Facts that debunk more jewish lies and fables than one can shake the proverbial stick at.

                Yes they encamped jews…As well as a dozen OTHER type folks and NON jews.

                So did America when we prior to a single german camper interned, interned the Japs here in usa land.

                So if usa encamps Japs due to potential threats for WWII etc thats OK…Yet when germans copied americans and interned Bolshevik Jewish Kommies who were doing to germany Then what today jews are doing to destroy america with the SAME communist tactics, that was BAD? or Wrong?

                If you believe that it proves what I and others been saying all the time here…Most americans are brainwashed on WWII and jew vs nazi issues.

                All 7 billion folks of world Know of Six Million jews(a proven false number as less than 3 million total jews in europe when nazis came to power) yet how many ever speak of the OTHER NON jews also dead?…Most today do not even know there were non jews screwed by nazis. Do You KNow it?

                If you need links to several honest websites and a few great books from 1947 on germany after war ended, and books on kommie jews wrote around early 1920’s era I will provide that info for you. Let me know.

            • “Hopefully enough folks will awaken and learn these issues so to stop it before that occures here too.”

              Here is a cold bucket of water to the face….

              • CB: yes thats the video of Katyn forest mass murders of Poles…But for 50 yrs everybody believed msm and usa fed gov that Nazis did those killings…Yet about 15 yrs ago actual unsealed kgb records made avail after soviets of russia fell in 1991, it turned out NAZIS never did it!

                It was done totally BY Russias Kommie jewish bolshevik Killer squads and then Blamed on hitler and nazis!

                One More item of Truth that usa MSM tv news and Hollywood jew made movies Fail to tell folks. Jews today still parrot the Lies that nazis did Katyn forest killings and will Never admit it was JEW kommies that did the killings.

                Like negroes only have ONE main weapon that being cry Rayssis against whiteys. Jews too have ONE weapon…Cry HolyHoax and call people an antisemite to Stiffle all debate and truth from Exposure.

                Good for us is that Both negroes and jews constant whine and crys of raysist and antisemite are both Failing to arouse the masses as it used to Before the True Facts were known of…Soon both weapons of both groups will completly Fail to gain support from foolish folks and then all they do against Us will Fail also.

          • Pissed Off Granny: I love the freedom of speech we enjoy here in America. While I disagree with both the Harvard article and the fellow from Kansas, they have the right to express their views like the rest of us. They are cowardly and vile creatures without question. But these are great examples that can be used again and again to show that the left is at least as violent as they claim the right to be. Call them out on their hatreds, their calls to violence, their racism, and don’t let them off the hook, ever! Advertisements on radio, TV, billboards, and in magazines until they run for cover. Plastering their names, addresses, photos might help too.

            • So why is it Ok and Good to say the “LEFT” and out their vile natures etc…Yet it is NOT ok to note or mention the fact that that Harvard guy Leftist IS in fact Jewish?

              There is a Huge differense you know. The jews have placed themselves into a whole other seperate catagory of desireing to be called and Known of as the worlds Main “Victims” and Always nothing But Victims and victims who Never in all of History ever deserved any bad stuff that occured, even when it turns out to be a small, very small number of “Bad stuff” after one debunks the majority of False crys of Persecution by jews so often.

              Therefore they have created a situation that it is Important to always name the culprits as Jews whenever it factually applies same as the “left” applies.

              The jews has gotten away litterally with Murder! Mass Murder exterminations worse than all others ever recorded all due to so much False crys of antisemitic persecutions so often. So today none need be exposed moreso than they do. If for no other reason but to stop their false claims and their Reeping and rapeing entire nations by what should be called LOOTING entire nations based on false persecution claims by jews etc. Just want to note this in case it sliped past you or you forgot to mention it.

      4. ‘Gas War’ With Russia Impossible Now – Ukrainian FM

        KIEV, September 25 (RIA Novosti) – Diversification of natural gas supplies by Ukraine and Europe made “gas wars” with Russia impossible, the Ukrainian foreign minister said on Tuesday.
        Russia and Ukraine have long fought over natural gas deliveries, jeopardizing supplies to Europe, a major Russian gas buyer.
        In the row at the start of 2009, Russia halted all deliveries via Ukraine’s pipeline system for two weeks. In 2007, Gazprom threatened to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine because of an unpaid debt, and cut its shipments to the country by half in March 2008. In 2006, a bitter pricing row between Moscow and Kiev affected gas transits to Europe.
        “Situations similar to events of 2007 and 2009 that we call “gas war” won’t happen again today. First off all, the European gas market has changed drastically: in a short period Europe made a huge step towards diversifying its gas supplies. Secondly, Ukraine also was quite successful in reforming its gas market,” Foreign minister Leonid Kozhara said in an interview, published by

        Read the rest:–Ukrainian-FM.html

        *Admin Edit – Referral Link added*

      5. Yeah…I keep a checking account just to pay bills.
        All my wealth is in real estate and silver with a big mean dog sleeping in front of the hidden safe. I bricked it in and bolted it to the floor.
        If anyone did get in…they’d first have to find it…then deal with the barking dog.
        Then the armed family..even the young adults.
        Then they would need a jack hammer.
        Safer than any bank….right Cyprus?

        • You’ve made an extensive effort to protect what is yours. I never had a chance, darn canoe tipped over as I was taking my stuff across the lake on my way to a hideaway!!!!! UR so lucky!

      6. If they can do it to Cypriots, they can do it to unarmed and defenseless Americans. Obama can sign 100 unlawful and unconstitutional U.N. gun bans, I’m not giving up my guns. If the government wants what I’ve sacrificed and worked hard for, they’ll have to come and take it.

        • They doing it to Poles right now. Get current on the news.

        • YH,when they come to take it,make sure that it is a expensive lesson for the thieves!

      7. Gods Creation, those are my sentiments also. Anyone who forces their way into my home will die. I don’t give up anything to anyone, period! braveheart

        • Something that I’ve been thinking about on and off for some time now, people banding together, well armed, to confront the swat teams.
          Now I’ve done it, the NSA and there secret butt buddies are going to add me to their other list.
          But really, imagine 40 or so guys with AR15’s and M1A’s facing a swat team. Then telling them in no uncertain terms to leave OR ELSE!
          That’s just a rough idea. It needs to be thought thru a few times etc. But if we start getting taken down one at a time for maybe, not turning in our semi autos or something, do we just cave in or fight back with groups of well armed and pissed off men.
          Maybe that’s why “they” frown on militia’s so much. They are going to have to get there butts kicked by “us” sometime. They certainly do deserve “IT”.

          • I fully concur! The militarization of local law enforcement has meant that in order to justify the extensive catalog of military gear they own, every process served must be done with a battering ram. What’s the old saw ‘When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail’? And remember, if black guns are only for the military, why do civilian police forces need them?!
            It is only a matter of time until we see a SWAT team taken out by an individual or group when they overreach. I could foresee inner-city gangs baiting LEOs into a situation which leads to a mass casualty event. If and when RPGs, grenades and most effectively Claymores come into private hands, all bets are off and the body counts will spike.

            • Hehehe. Sorry for the chuckle but its like spy vs spy: criminal gangs offing criminal gangs. Sorry for the families but, well, I just hope I can get a live feed to watch it.

          • I got news for you. If I’m fortunate enough to have 39 well armed people in my house when the swat team rolls up, they ain’t leaving under their own power. It would be like dressing up and going to a ball and nobody danced. Like eating a baloney sandwich at a banquet.

            • 39 guards. Wow, you must be really important. Don’t you think the nazis would see them and come prepared? You go girl.

          • @stu johnson

            I love the idea of swat leaving leave 40 AR’s are pointed at them but I believe it would end similar to WACO TX. We would need more like 400 AR’s to stand a chance

            • Waco lost because the government used a illegal chemical and the autopsies showed almost all had NO smoke in there lungs I forgot the name of the gas, something like CSA or ?? anyone else remember the report? they tried to cover it up and they did to a certain extent but some info. did leak out, so YES you would have to be careful or they would use it or sound waves again.

          • @ stu johnson: What you describe is THE ONLY “civilian” response that is going to matter. Eventually, IT will happen as a result of “survival mode” fully engaging in the current “sheeple” mindset.

            That said, forming “like-minded group cooperation” NOW would unquestionably dilute the prevalent SWAT tactic from this point on the time-line forward.

            SWAT doesn’t DIE…yet! When THEY do, the wind will rapidly diminish in THEIR heretofore “sails of safe/dominance/repression/murder”. The same scenario MUST be applied to ALL forms of the Police state “machine” and in ALL circumstances. Filming atrocity while it happens must now be replaced with actively STOPPING that atrocity by ANY and ALL means necessary. Time to use the GUNS while WE still have them!

            A “badge” makes NO MAN/WOMAN a “god” over the rest of the population. Time to bring these “created” psychopaths back to reality.

          • Can”t imagine what Commie Gave you a Thumbs Down? sounds like a Plan to Me!

            Semper Fi

        • Brave is being a blow hard again. No one is coming to get you brave. Not for the last 40 years of your paranoid life. You are a joke.

          • @Urban government troll

            I guess your Friday check from the government came in today so your back to work to disrupt this board again.

            • That’s about the way you morons think. Doesn’t fit your stupid world and must be a welfare dude or from the gubermet. You and brave post constantly and don’t appear to work. Brave is living off ss and I bet you are too.
              You crack me up and please, bitch Indy. Keep them coming.

              • urban dildo, I’ve lost more intelligence than you could ever hope to have. And no, I don’t live on ss; I still work and pay taxes on ss and fica like everyone else her, @hole. Enjoy that govt. check you get for trolling while it lasts. someday it will be cut off. What the f#$% will you do then?

          • Urban dildo, what’s your problem today? Your govt. check running late? I’m as real as real can be. You’re just some retarded troll.

            • He’s just upset about the pending Goverment shutdown,
              guess what, if that happens I don’t get paid either, Just use you unplanned day off constructively
              Go to the range ,site in that new rifle you purchased months ago, watch a movie . Work with your teams, read. Stay alert though.
              A word to the wise some states EDT/ SNAP cards are FEDERAL administered in states that are in financial difficulity , if the shutdown continues for an extended period I will leave the consequences of this up to your well informed imagination.


              PREPARE , FORM TEAMS , TRAIN

              Semper Fi 8541

            • Least he aint takin it in the keester, Meester….

              open wide Brave… say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

              I know you do.

              • Troll, I’ll say one thing for you. You don’t need any drugs or alcohol. You’re just NATURALLY full of it.

          • Damn URBAN dog, i guess you like talking and looking into a mirror! as i know you were only talking about yourself!!
            and for all those who don’t get the picture all of this is recorded by the feds and those whose comments ( like mine ) are considered un-rational have been marked!! for fema or ?

        • They will more than likely die from the wicked stench.

          • The wicked stench comes from trolls like you.

            • The wicked stench comes form you and your bf’s sticks…

              fudge packin tanite Brave?

              • Brave’s saving himself for his honeymoon with Sgt.Dale.

      8. We as Americans are being pushed at a level only seen before in 3rd world crap holes, and socialist/fascist tyrannies. The threat of gun confiscation, theft of savings and loss of freedoms through government overreach is at our doors on a daily basis, and the fact that we have not reacted yet is a reflection of the discipline we will have in battle.

        I do not believe us cowards, I believe us like anyone shocked and bewildered at the pace and threat of events, they attempt to break us and in truth can’t understand how they already haven’t. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now 3% won the revolutionary war, 3% of the pop are preppers; additionally there are million of good people within this country and at minimum 1/3rd of the military who will be with us.

        The powers that be attempt to cause a trigger event, there hope is that we don’t come to a boil to quickly, they will try to conduct this operation state by state in order to limit and cover up reaction by using the MSM.

        Turning off the NET or crippling it will be key to there goals, all must stay ready and as connected as you can, be ready to pick and find the right people to blame and hold them accountable, don’t believe the lies and be ready to help wake this country up.

        • My enemies allies are also ALL my enemies!

          Its sad that things are getting this way,

          Im just glad i have no money and really don’t own anything of consequence.

        • Our founders had gone to war for less if you really think about it. My old football coach used to “go back to the fundimentals, and hit the reset button” when things were off the tracks

      9. Redistribution … That’s what they want. From your pocket to theirs. Unlike Robin Hood they won’t help the needy….they’ll piss it all away on some useless boondoggle until everyone is destitute. When we are all equally poor and they have everything worth stealing, then the socialist workers paradise utopia will be paraded around as the fairest thing to ever sweep across the plains. Hope I don’t choke on my cricket and dandelion dinner.

      10. Bankers aren’t thieves because they steal,
        they steal because they’re thieves.

        • As my other financial son in law once said – their business model is to take what you have. That was years ago.

          His business has an interesting model – they get hired by people with money to evaluate investment advisors. So many of them fit the model above, that it takes professionals to find the ones that are honest.

          BTW the most dishonest bank in the USA is Bank of America. Please don’t ask me how I know, it’ll start my PTSD up again.

          • Which is why I have my mortgage statements for the last 5 years since Countrywide bailed to BofA.

            • Won’t mean a thing if they decide to teal your house.

              • So, they send out statements meaning nothing?
                That payment posted means nothing?? the balance showing means nothing?? the interest paid means nothing??
                How stupid of them!!

          • @the old Coach ~ HSBC Bank a Close 2nd.

      11. All I can say is that Life as we know it is changing very fast in America.

        • The water is getting hotter and hotter – and we are the frogs!

        • and for the worst, not better. Let me die a true patriots’ death, engaging battle with the ypanthropous and the tyrants within!

      12. We are no longer a God fearing sovereign nation. Our founding fathers new the truth when they wrote the constitution. They new the blessings and the power of our creator through our savior Jesus. Like it or not the former blessings have been removed because we have turned away from the absolute truth. Only severe consequences not liberal socialism will effectively save man because their is no utopia on earth like the new world order has conditioned you to believe. A government can steal the wealth of the God fearing man but in the end all hell will break loose for the lazy welfare dependent state because they are ignorant of the truth. This world is being turned upside down, right is wrong and wrong is right. Read the Bible, study your history and you will understand the truth of your destiny. We are not a democracy, we are a Republic under God or we once were, I pray for this nation but why would God listen?

        • And if you follow the teachings of same, our path is taking the path foretold 2000+ years ago. You can’t have the ending that was foretold without America being on the path it currently is, having lost blessings through stupidity, greed, and, honestly, just pure evil acts. And people don’t tend to call on God unless they are going through hardships so devastating that they are left with nothing but him to turn to…and amazingly enough, once people are humbled enough to “cry unto the Lord,” things resolve and take a turn for the better. Sad that so much suffering is required for any heartfelt humility.

        • Steven,
          Stand fast! be the Remnant that holds true.

          Semper Fi 8541

      13. Funny how the word “service” is in the name. Do you feel serviced by them? Do they serve you? Or, are they serving you as a steak on the table? Reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man”.

        To Serve Man

        Server: “What sides would you like with your Citizen steak tonight Mr. Morgan?”

        The Fat Bankster Scumbag: “Rice De Rothschild, Oysters Rockefeller and Warburg Pea Soup.”

        Delivered with a wink and a nod as he slides his hand up her skirt with his wife sitting across the table, just out of view of his hand. Startled by his crass fondling, she twists away and returns to the kitchen. The fat slob straight faced delivers a remark to his wife.

        The Fat Bankster Scumbag: “Well then, she was a bit rude and short. It’s a good thing I don’t tip, else I may feel robbed by her lack of service.”

        Scumbag’s Wife: “Oh dear, you could just buy the place and fire her.”

        They both get a good chuckle and enjoy their dinner paid for at the expense of everyone else not in the “club”.


        Yeah, you can picture that. You know you can. Scumbags getting fat off your blood, sweat and tears only to mock you, to ridicule you and resent you. Nothing but disdain for the cattle they enslave. Had enough yet?

      14. IRS agents don’t need firearms and police power. The one and only enforcement tool they should have is the courts and if need be local law enforcement to assist. Its blatant thuggery! Goddamn thieves.

      15. I have a feeling that thing’s are about to get a little F.U.B.A.R…….!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      16. @JustOneGuy. You have achieved peace and security, two rare commodities that usually don’t go hand in hand. 🙂 To us back here I must ask you something that would affect everyone of us. SOLAR FLARE. You are the true expert on this. Back in 1859, the Carrington Event, during a solar maximum, there was little activity like right now. In your opinion, is their a likelihood of a 1859 event? Is the Sun building up for a true belch? Many in the astronomy community think there is a good chance of this in the coming months. What do you think for all of us that are quite vulnerable back on this part of the world? Again, I am glad you have found solace.

        • BI and JOG back together again?! (not sure if JOG went back of grid or not, but hopefully he’ll drop in again!)

          Always insightful to see you guys exchange ideas!

        • Another Loonnng one here Folks…Fair Warning Given!

          Howdy BI!

          Happily, this is something of a rest day, for us here; one Well-earned, I might add as
          we have just completed storing several thousand board-feet of processed lumber with
          which several projects will soon be completeable. It is a relief to simply set down
          and allow my mind to range a bit…

          Hmmm…let’s see here…How best to accurately describe this?

          These things are what we KNOW…

          1) For the first time in the history (of high-precision instument recorded data)
          the Sun has demonstrated a hithero unwitnessed phenomena – the occurance of an
          electrical charge ditribution (at it’s surface) which is called a “Solar
          Quadrupole”. This state of affairs differs from that of the ordinary in the
          following way; ordinarily, the sun has a distinct concentration of negatively
          charge located at or around approximately one of it’s rotational ‘poles’
          – either North or South – with a corresponding accumulation of opposing charge
          (roughly of equal magnitude) at the other, opposing pole. This stae of affairs
          is called an “Electrical Dipole” in Physics During any Solar Maxima – peak Solar
          cycle – these distributions are most pronounced and what is seen”as said cycle
          progesses into the following period of Solar quiescence is a redristibution of
          that charge imbalance to a relative minimum of charge concentration. A “Solar
          Quadrupole” differs from that circumstance in that either a positive (or
          negative) accumulation of charge is seen at or near to BOTH of the rotational
          poles, whilst the corresponding accumulation of opposing charge is seen to
          accumulate in a band around the Solar equator.

          2) Solar Minima, though relatively infrequent, do occur semi-regularly at multiple
          hundred year intervals. During these periods the average Global tenperature is seen
          to decrease by 1-3 degree’s Celcius (roughly). Though a 1-3 degree drop does not
          seem to be something which ought to concern us, let me point out that that is
          AVERAGE change across the face of the Globe; there are seen in the Nothern and
          Southern reaches of the planet large local departures from normal averages, ie,
          the distribution of tempertures changes strongly therethrough.

          3) Historically, there CAN be high-magnitude Solar Flare excursions, especially on
          the ‘falling curve’, after a local maxima has passed; the flare activity of 2005/6
          is witness to that, however this cycle has been the most attenuated seen in more than
          100 years and in truth, it is my current opinion that we are proceeding directly to
          a protracted period of very low Solar activity, which will be heralded by the almost
          complete absence of any spot groups on the visible Solar face. Weather MAY become
          an issue in time to come, as I delineate below. In truth BI, all that we now see
          suggest this outcome, which as I have alluded to, MAY have unforseen consequnces.

          Implications and Conjectures:

          We have NEVER directly monitored a re-configuration of the Sun’s charge distribution
          into a quadrupolar configuration…such instrumentation did NOT exist during the
          last such occurance of a Solar Minima (1645-1715). We SPECULATE that “A implies B”
          here…but we do NOT KNOW – as a matter of observational, empirical certainty – that
          that IS the case, here. Therefor, what is proposed here, that “A implies B” IS a
          ‘conjecture’…though probably, LIKELY, a reasonable one.

          That said, what are the implications here? Anytime a system in dynamic equilibrium
          – such as the distibution of gross heat through the atmosphere is disturbed there
          are large flows of thermal energy throughout same until such time as a new, lower-energy
          equilibrium is established, here, that again, being a dynamic affair. Allow me
          here, now, to illuminate what the preceding MIGHT mean, using a simple example, one
          with whom we are all familiar; Thunderstorms.

          Thunderstorms exists as a function of a local heat imbalance and cease when that
          imbalance is sufficiently equilibrated with the local mass of air surrounding it,
          Yes? Everyone Following on with this so far? S’Ok…In the case of a GLOBAL
          redistribution of gross heat across the planet, especially when there is a
          significant change in either the efflux or influx thereof- here, taken as either a general
          dis-equlibrium resulting from EITHER a general INCREAse OR DECREASE of same,
          the total ‘Heat’, that is – we would naturally have an INCREASE in general anomalous
          Weather Activity…some more local in character, some otherwise. Specifically, what
          I mean here is that we might well see changes – possibly strong changes in the
          occurance of Hurricane’s Globally – both in the intensity of same as well as the
          geographic distribution of same, as well as changes in observed,, local weather-
          related phenomna. In either case, those changes MIGHT be seen to be either
          INCREASING in scope…or decreasing. Weather is, as we all know, a wholly COMPLEX
          phenomena, and thus, for which, accurate prognostication is generally exceedingly

          Anecdotally, the following might serve to offer some small measure of explanation
          for those attempting to assay this. The story that follows is rather an amazing one,
          demonstrating that the various scientific branches don’t always ‘see’ the ‘Big Picture’
          as it were. On one of the “Educational/Discovery” type channels some few years ago ran
          the following piece…

          One fellow, a Civil Engineer (CE), who had the ‘travel bug’, chanced to visit the
          Yucatan during one his many and varied travels. There, while touring the ruins of
          various Mayan cities he noted an oddity. Inasmuch as he was trained formally as a
          ‘CE’ he naturally viewed the World – all that he saw – through ‘CE’-colored glasses,
          Yes? Well…there he noted that the Mayan architecture – explicitly – was geared to
          STORING huge quantities of water in various cenotaphslocated quite near to every
          sizeable city, town; that the local rainfall – which one would think would simply
          have been diverted by the buliders into the surrounding jungle, (a natually super-wet
          environment) as a mere nuisance, was actively being directed into places where it was
          STORED: “WHY?” he asked himself,”Why would there be a need to store water in a place
          so abundantly rich therewith?”

          To make a very long story much shorter here (Yes, I know…I RUN off with my
          explanations MERCILESSLY 😉 ) He had a friend, a colleague, who was directly involved
          with archeo-meteorology…the study of ancient weather, through the examination of various
          articles such as the sediments contained in lake bottoms, as well as other things also.
          After having mentioned this oddity to his friend a thought occured to that friend and he
          began looking into the matter…closely.

          We are all aware that at some point – some several hundred years ago – the Mayan Culture
          simply STOPPED and went extinct in what appears to be an incredibly short period, Yes?
          It became evident through the reearch of those two – the CE scouring Old Spanish
          meteorolgical records (the Spanish were incredibly anal about keeping records – of
          EVERYTHING – it seems, while his friend began closely examining the records of various
          core samples from lake beds in the Northern Hemisphere, going back some few thousand

          Suprise, Suprise, SUPRISE…what did they find?

          At the time that Maya went extinct, it appears that the normal pattern of high/low
          pressure systems which defines how Hurricanes are formed in the Atlantic shifted such
          that the virtually static low-pressure zone which exist off the Western coast of Africa
          (which typically does not much shift it’s position therefrom) as far as we were
          previously aware – shifted it’s location to a point in the Carribean, off the coast of
          the Yucatan, which engendered a MONUMENTAL drought there which persisted for perhaps a
          dozen years. During that time, even the vast stores of water the Maya had available were
          DEPLETED…and they died as a culture. What was seen in the history of the weather in the
          Northern reaches of our planet was that during this period the Winters involved became
          extraordinarily SEVERE: the thickness of the associated pollen deposits contained in the
          cores of lake bottom sedimentation throughout the Northermn Hemisphere was definite about
          this one point.

          And now…here it comes….wait for it,

          One does NOT build VAST catchments, constuct an ENTIRE architecture around water storage,
          thereby expending HUGE amounts of one’s precious resources in the doing of, without KNOWING
          that there is a NEED for such, Eh? HOW THEN did the Maya KNOW that – from time to time –
          that there would come events so extraordinary as to REQUIRE such?! Clearly, then they WERE
          AWARE of the apparent cyclic nature of this vast, long-term disturbance…again,”How?!?!?!
          That will here remain a mystery I’m afraid Folks….none knows that yet in any real wise.

          The forgoing though demoonstrates that there are things for which our perceptions of the
          World are simply ‘Incomplete’…we know little of the course of vast, long-term cycles
          which occur all around us or even realizing such as ‘existing’….and the current Solar
          manifestation may well play into this. I myself cannot say, such would be a Herculaen
          task to analyze the entire record set which Humanity has ammassed over time.

          Still, Friends, I am more and more becoming of the opinion that VIGILANCE and PREPARATION
          are both warranted; I would NOT have uprooted all that I am as well uprooted the lives of
          Family if I thought otherwise. As you have pointed out BI, finally, safety and peace-of-mind
          are come. Such always comes with a price though, as you would expect, but I pay it gladly
          and sleep the sleep of the Blessed every night now, weary and spent…but Happy and satisfied
          in the knowledge that mine will go on…even IF “I” am not there! There is yet much, VERY MUCH
          I have to tell those here. In time, as the circumstances of the World evolve I will weigh
          that evolution and – if warranted – reveal that which should be made plain. I will point
          those here to the last paragraph of my long piece, previously posted…THAT is very important
          Friends, for if Horror should come to the World….even if many several millions survive,
          if those are suficiently thinly distributed then it might be the case that we DO NOT make it;
          that we perish as species from off this World, for When the ‘genetic pool’ is too closely
          related to itself – locally, from point-to-point, from place-to-place, then recessive
          multiplication WILL occur, that is, the passing of an ever increasing number of recessive
          – probably LETHAL – alleles, generation-to-generation that might end us completely; END all
          of Humankind!: Think here of the movie ‘Deliverance’, of the ‘Dueling Banjo’s’scene…the
          kid on the porch playing the banjo. THAT is WHOLLY possible in ONLY a few generations of Man.
          As a matter of fact, this particular notion first came to me after I had read the article
          that Mac posted some several months ago concerning the ‘Old Beleivers”. do you remember
          that piece? I remember being nearly struck dumb as I realized the magnitude of what those
          had accomplished in thier struggles for survival. It was not till later that i realized that
          the entirety of thier efforts had – effectively – been in vain. For under those circumstnces
          HOW would they have succesfully have PROPOGATED themselves forward into the future. Within
          that tiny group they had no means of evading the consequence at hand; none at all. A Grim
          thought that, Eh?

          For that reason I have long made the decision that under very specific, controlled,
          circumstances that our group will NOT remain CLOSED. Though I know not how as yet how best
          to SAFELY, SECURELY do so, I feel a Great need to expand our own genetic potential such as
          THAT sprecific outcome is interdicted before the fact…and not after it. As a token of my
          sincerity here I will declare the following: The place in which we now reside is a good place
          ‘bountiful’ is the word which best descibes it, I think …but it is NOT our ‘Final, Last-
          Ditch’ intended location. Should Humankind NOT succesfully anihilate itself or be anihilated
          by unforeen external agency, then me and mine will here remain. As said, this IS a ‘good
          place’. That ‘last, final’ place of which I spoke is utterly EXTRAORDINARY…subject
          to neither the fallout from hundreds of burning fuel pools at the various nuclear facilities
          which have been constructed (a careful examination of all identifiable global air currents
          was required to ascertain this), as well as a topography that is likely best described as
          “Fortress courtesy of God Above”, wherein a few mere handfuls of those adequatley armed could
          and WOULD easily stand off an entire ARMY; as well as a super-abundance of wildlife and a native
          fertility that is exceptional. Other ‘things’ are nearby as well…very, VERY important things
          courtesy of the Natural World. Dwell upon these things Friends, on what I have told you here,
          for NOTHING occurs in this World that is not as He has intended it, so too then this
          declaration, or so I beleive. For those who ask, “Do such places EXIST?!” I say, “Most
          Certianly!”, though they are few and far in between, yet they DO exist.

          Here I say, “Think Thrice…ONLY then, ACT.” you of all people – BI – have the mental
          wherewithall to ferret your way through this conundrum, as I am sure that others here could
          likely succeed as well, albeit with significantly more effort.

          If the verbose character of this has offended any here, then please accept my apologies;
          it is forevermore the case that all the credit – in my opinion- goes to Mac here…for it
          is HE that shoulder’s the burden of this place, and it is HE that further serves a purpose
          that comes from a higher Authority by his actions as well. My eternal gratitude therefor Mac
          …I account you as “Friend’ forevermore. Know also that I will shortly commune with you
          more directly…as well as that ‘other one’ …a ‘thing’ will be sent along
          soon, one of no small importance Brother…I do NOT forget my promises…ever.

          “Auf Wedersehen Sie, zu Alles!!!”…I will likely be off-line till this weekend, till
          later then everyone!


          PS: The latest GRB was not equal in magnitude to the event on the 27th of April; most of the curve
          there is only about 45% as strong. However, the LEADING segment – before SWIFT cold slew onto the
          burst, after BATSE had made the identification of an ‘event’,during the first 120 seconds after which
          actual recording began – was at least as strong as that…possibly stronger, the curve being nearly
          vertical when time regressed in time.

          • JOG, best post I’ve seen from you ever. Really enjoyed it. hope you come back soon. best wishes. braveheart

            • Good Morning braveheart,

              Thank you for the high praise Brother….Iam flattered, many thanks. How fare you these last few months since our departure? Well, I hope! I have only just lately mamnaged to obtain an erratic net connection
              …but the little I see – here and elsewhere – is not hearteninng.

              I pray you all be VIGILANT in the next few months….whatever is to come – even if it is not yet arrived through that time – will at LEAST have revealed it’s true and final form as we near to the Christmass
              Holidays…for it is during the Winter that the PTB know that they are most safe by virutue of the populations inability to act. Please be ready…I AM depending on you ALL to be able to preserve yourselves, and by extension, us ALL, when the time is at hand. None of us,
              regardless of our Rambo-esque survival fantasy’s can MAKE IT ALONE…not GENERATIONALLY; and thus we are dependent on each other – critically – whether we intend it or no.

              Things are well here my Friend, truly….better than I had hoped even for in my best estimations…it feels much like a direct ‘Blessing’ from above. Our generators are ran here full-bore only when we are operating the ‘head-rig’ which cuts our lumber and otherwise I rely on banks of batterys to supply the power for the smaller things of life. As we are not running those today, I’ll
              take my leave here from you (as a conservation measure of those). I WILL return over the weekend after we have returned from restocking our larder…via 300 Win-Mag! Gee, I would NEVER have beleived that SO few could EAT so much… 🙂 but then when one goes at it from Sun-up to Sun-Down, regularly, it makes a difference,

              Till later then Friend!


            • In Other words, to sum up here, the Mayans went extinct because they ran out of fellow tribers to EAT!

              Nothing like Sophisticated Cannabals!

              Very good info insight about Mayans can be read about by researching the Personal Diaries of those sailormen who manned the many spanish ships 500 yrs ago. I have read a 1/2 dozen seperate diary acounts of the nature of mayans and the impact it had upon those spanish ship sailors.

              One I recall in particular stated how totally amazed and shocked the sailor who write it in his own diary was when he first saw the mayans. His diary statements mention that he was at sea his entire life since he began as a 12-13 yr old cabin boy. Now after 45-50 yrs at sea he tells how he has seen litterally every nation, lands, islands, etc, and also seen every type brown and black skinned peoples that exist worldwide.

              He says hes been to what seemed like 1000 different islands and also africa from every part of the world. And never has he ever seen a more ruthless, ungodly, wild, form of cannables, nor any more deadly animalistic form of “humans” than he did when he first discovered the mayan peoples. For the first time in his life he said he felt true Fear and hated to remain there due to what he observed mayans doing at their religious festivals. They not only Ate their victims, but Wore the entire human Skins they carefully stripped off in belief that to Wear a victims skin over theirs will indwell that victims spiritual powers into them and add more power.

              The diary guy said mayans prefered victims with a Large size head so they can dry and hollow it out and Wear the head of the dead, while munching on the internal body organs! All designed to increase ones spiritual inner powers etc…Man thats some civlility eh. Much too sophisticated for todays societys of whiteys. Will we never learn from ancestors? Why bury your dead when you can Eat and Wear them instead eh!!

              Those diarys were documented and confirmed as actual real 500 yr old diaries. And man they sure do Contrast with todays “modern” liberal multicult diversity type accounts we are told to believe of how advanced etc the mayans were. I tend to believe those 500 yr old diarys written by average ships crew sailors with no ax to grind, no possible gain to be had by promoting any revised historic accounts that portray mayans as the usual highly sophisticated advanced society, like most TV history channel shows do, are very likly to be an accurate documentation of actual life and practices of the mayans bunch. Somehow human sacrafices, and then eating the sacraficed humans in wild orgys of religious ferver just don’t square with sophistication or advancement to me.

              The massive numbers of tv history and discovery channel shows in the last 10-15 yrs that always portray africans or mayans etc as such advanced civilizations, when reality confirms there is NO civil anything in any society that Eats their Own humans, after sacrificing them to obtain their still beating Heart, so as to offer it up to a tall stone statue of some false “god” as an appeasement to ward off evil spirits etc.

              Serve but One major purpouse. To further the falshoods taught by the Frankfurt school of cultural communisim ideals which demand that all men, especially White males are emsaculated so female ziobitch kommie femminists can take over as the heads of everything from private families to heads of States and all in between.

              I think thats the main reason for so many tv shows portraying savages, cannibals, and pigmyes, as somehow More advanced than todays societies. Ironic how many folks in usa has fallen for such clear nonsense eh.

              Wake Up Whiteys! That goes Double for Whitey Males!

              • Much of your post begins with a SEMINAL error. Allow me here to rectify that…

                The Maya went extinct SEVERAL Hundred years ago…PRIOR to the arrival of anyone from the “Old World”. in the New One. WHAT the ‘sailors associated with the explorers of the ‘New World’ found when they here arrived was the AZTEC nation…NOT the Mayan. The AZTEC were as blood-thirsty a culture as ever lived or breathed…NOT the Maya, who were uncharacteristically cultured and extraordinarily sophisticated, possesing astronomical knowledfe the origin of which remain – to THIS day – an utter mystery.

                PLEASE try to get the history right BEFORE running off at the mouth…there are those here who DO NOT know ANY better and your unfounded drivel might well otherwise corrupt their impressionable minds. I would like to say ‘We’ll speak again…” but we will NOT, not by my elective choice. In summary GET IT RIGHT or STFU.
                Here, the Physicians adage is likely apropo, “But first DO NO HARM….”, Eh? In this context that is translated as “DO NOT use spurious FACTS”….get it RIGHT.


                PS: Any who here read through this…please note that I am surpassingly seldom this intolerant with ANYONE, EVER…this is – here – an on-going ‘issue’ with this ONE person….nuff said.


      17. This is not looking good folks – for you or us down under. While our economy and debt is seeminly on the up I’m not so sure how long it can last as whatever happens to you happens to us. Here is a link to a report on some municipal debt – in particular Detroit – but note how many other cities/states are way, WAY out of control.

        Looks like the start of the end game to me guys. Oh, the boat will stay afloat a bit longer, more debt to plug the leaks but its only a temporary fix. The hull of the boat is rotten and it’s wallowing.

        The debt load is so great you may well be in for a Cyprus type haircut – any cash you have should be stashed where “they” cant find it or be in gold or silver, also where “they” cant find it.

        Good luck all.


        • Aussie,

          We will need all the luck possible. Thanks for links. Take care in the Land Down Under….

          • Howdy Ug!

            Just wanted to stop in for a moment to say ‘Hello’ old friend…I hope all is well with you. Keep on preppin Brother, we’re ALL going to need it soon.


        • Aussie: Went to town gas station at 8pm to buy Milk. Heard on Radio in truck that Hobammy and one of his “Czars” just anounced they are giving Detroit $100 Million Cash due to detroit troubles etc.

          Hobammys Czar guy claimed that the $100 Million in cash was already approved a year ago but somehow “Forgotten of”! Right like they misplaced or forogt to give detroit so much cash for a year now?…More like spur of moment hobammy decision as Most all he does sems to be eh!

          You can count on 75% or more of that cash “Disapearing” into the Pockets of several well placed african black swindlers as fast as the cash arrives in detroit.

          • Off topic…

            Them Guys,

            A few months ago you wrote some comments about New York City. The more I searched, the more I focused on Manhattan. Just thought you might find this interesting.

            New York City has been described as the “economic and cultural center of the United States”. The five boroughs were consolidated into New York City in 1898. The United Nations, Wall Street, the NY Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are ALL located in Manhattan.

            The City of New York originated at the southern tip of Manhattan and expanded northward.

            The area that is now Manhattan was inhabited by the Lenape Indians for many years. The word “MANHATTAN” was translated as “ISLAND OF MANY HILLS” from the Lenape language.

            New York City was the first capital under the Constitution of the United States. In 1789 George Washington was inaugurated, the first U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court assembled, and the United States Bill of Rights was drafted – all at Federal Hall on Wall Street.

            Over the years, Manhattan has had ‘extensive land reclamation’. Much of the natural variation (hills) in the topography has been evened out. Material excavated from digging the subways and other building projects was used as landfill to ‘even out’ and expand lower Manhattan.

            In fact, Marble Hill at one time was part of Manhattan Island. The Harlem River Ship Canal, dug in 1895 to improve navigation on the Harlem River, separated it from the remainder of Manhattan as an island between the Bronx and the remainder of Manhattan.

          • them Guys–have you considered having evaporated milk on the shelf for when you run out?
            I have that and the Gossner’s packaged milk that has been used here after being shelved for a year.
            Yeah, there’s powdered milk, but that’s for when I really have no other choice.

            • KY Mom: Thanks for that info on NY. Maybe there were at one time “7 Hills” and if so maybe NY is really that place spoken of biblically in Rev eh?

              Just Add for that mysterious Whore babylon woman who rides atop that beast City sitting on 7 hills.

              We Know NY being the world capitol of finance and UN etc etc as You stated, is also Owned and Run lock stock and barrel by jewish eliets. NY has the largest number of their tribe in all of america too.

              And the officla name of talmud books is “The Babylonian Talmud”! so perhaps modern day Israel and its zio jew eleits is who that Babylon Woman really is and NY is that City on 7 hills to be demolished in One hour etc eh?

              Not to mention that Massive bronze Beast/Bull out front of wall streets stock exchange buildg eh!!

              Hmmm..City-Hills-Beast-Babylon woman/whore, and NY $$$ men is the real usa controlers that hold DC pupets strings eh. Much to consider. May need rethink all past prophecy experts interpretations too! KY Mom You are swell at finding info out I Must say!

              JAY JAY: I tried canned fake condensed milk do Not like it at all! Never yet tried powerded milk you mention. Maybe I will try that next, Thanks for Your good info too.

              • Them Guys,

                There are some very old topographical maps of the island of Manhattan. (Several were referred to on the internet.) You may find one in a encyclopedia at your local library that may provide some answers.

      18. If and when the straw that breaks the camel’s back arrives, it won’t be over money that the shooting begins. It will be a matter of honor and human dignity. Some things matter more than money to some people… enough people to get the job done.

      19. I agree with you “22wingman”. And besides, it wont matter if they take our money or close the banks at that point, it wont matter if you have cash on hand or not, cause at that point it will probably be worthless any way. Gold, silver, how far you think that will get ya. when they take our money S will htf. Better learn how to barter with necessities.

      20. JOG,

        I truly hope that you will somehow see BI’s question. Your insight on all things solar is sorely missed.

        God Bless,

        • Before JOG left in June, and in his recent return, he has given plenty of insight on the coming events. To focus on only what the PTB is doing and ignore what is coming at us from above will catch 99% of the preppers off guard. The new laws are already in place by executive order and will be implimented on the few survivors when TPTB come out of the underground bunkers they have been preparing and stocking.

          • Howdy GU,

            I beleive we haven’t had the pleasure of a formal introdction yet, consider this sufficient. Your train of thought here mimics mine closely. i fear that many here have developed an unhealthy preoccupation with what the PTB are doing/plotting/schemeing. In my honset opinion it is time to step back from that fixation and ACT.

            Much like the bird supposedly mesmerized by the snake is easy prey therefor….who COULD but spread it’s wings and fly away, we too need to look away from the abyss and simply act, soon. We will speak more in time, here.
            An immediate change of focus is required methinks…

            A pleasure to make your acquaintance.


        • Howdy NP!

          God, it’s GOOD with Y’All again! I missed you guys a BUNCH! How’ things going Brother; what’s things like up in your Neck ‘O the Woods? Things are well here…all is proceeding here at a far faster pace than I had dreamed it might…Gotta go for a bit, I’ll be back for a short while later; got to go hunting tomorrow, time to restock the pantry….via 300 WinMag!


      21. Do not get a bank deposit box, or check off on the IRS tax return the fee deduction for having one. The IRS goes straight for the box at audit time, thanks to being told you have one.

      22. took mine in 08. never recovered. let it rebuilt.

      23. So now it’s “guilty until proven innocent”. Unless of course you are a predator of some sort, then the system will bend every which way to defend your “rights”. Lovely!

      24. Only have $300 to my name let alone in a bank, so not to worried here

      25. Just how the govt wants it to work. You deposit, they withdrawal.

      26. Study Your Enemy What Ever it May Be

        While physical conditioning and a healthy skill set is extremely important for even short-term survival, the mental side of things can’t be swept under the rug without increase the risk of death.
        Be it mountain, man, studying your enemies habits, condition, thought processes (if applicable), strengths and weaknesses, can greatly increase your chance of survival… should you ever come face to face with them. If you live in an area prone to a particular type of disaster like earthquakes, wild fires, heavy storms, or floods, study specifics on survival and preparedness techniques for those types of situations and always plan accordingly. If you’re going on a hike or even to a city you’ve never been to before, take the time to familiarize yourself with a local map and any potential dangers or confusing routes.
        So no matter who you are or what might come your way, study up on potential threats, learn how to cope with them, and you just might survive a little longer than the guy who thought it was a waste of time.

      27. To See Or Not To See

        Binoculars and scopes are “don’t leave home without them” tools that many people forget or never even think of. Having the ability to clearly see incoming threats is kind of like looking into the future. Binoculars, scopes, and other spotting devices can give you the precious moments you need to escape an oncoming threat, alert you to the location of much needed supplies and safe havens, warn you of rough terrain, and give you an overall view of your surrounding area.
        While scouting and early warnings might be their primary purpose, binoculars offer other, non-sight-based advantages as well. Removing a lens supplies you with a lightweight 100% reusable fire starter, the strap can be used as a tourniquet or emergency cordage, and even shards of the metal or plastic housing will work for making small bladed tools/weapons.
        Get a pair of binoculars or a simple scope and keep them in your Bug Out Bag, or at home.

      28. String Survival
        While guitars may be built with music in mind, sometimes they can offer a whole lot more. Whether acoustic or electric, guitars have strings, and these strings can be put to a number of survival uses. Nylon strings are great for lashing, fishing line, repairs, etc., but steel strings are really where it’s at.
        With a stronger core and standard loop at the end, steel strings offer up a durability and useability not commonly found in their nylon counter parts. These versatile lengths of wire can be put to use as snares, saws, fishing lines, repairs, lashing, needles and much more without worry of mechanical failure. Pick some up.

      29. It’s just freaking bizarre. You’re not required to fill out the forms until you deposit over $10,000. And even when not filling out the forms, your under $10,000 deposits are disclosed by the bank, reporting to the IRS whether or not you fill out the form. So how can you possibly not be in compliance if the law says $10,000 plus even under $10,000 it is still being reported?

        I suppose if out of necessity you make an $8,000 deposit and say “I want to fill out the form anyway” they’ll say you CAN’T fill out the form because it’s less than $10,000. It’s banana-republic insanity.

        • If it is cash, make (4) $2000 deposits, not one $8000.
          Different times of course.

      30. @Mac,

        Good article. You start out with “Do you still keep a hefty portion of your savings in a U.S. bank?”

        Heck yeah! Every stinking penny! Do you hear me IRS? Do you hear me State Franchise Board?

        As they can see I have nothing to see. Move along revenuers. Just for the love of God, please just move along.


      31. But if I don’t keep my money in the bank I’ll miss out on my 0.25% interest! Lol!

        • My bank asked me why I don’t put more into my money market account.. I asked “Why should I? your interest rate sucks and there’s no reason to stack more money in it for you to use at my expense”.

          • Then why do you have a money market account?

      32. Look what happened in Cyprus,cleared many folks accounts out by half.When I talked with folks about this they didn’t seem to care as it was just Cyprus.Well,same thing happening in many euro countries now and will soon be here,look into the bills passed there,bank bail ins,not good).Taxpayers were forced to bail out banks(that loan will never get paid off!).Buy goods or services you need,if you have the money buy land,spread out in metals for long term,just have a small account for online shopping ect.I am certainly open to other ideas of protecting wealth so any ideas/thoughts welcome.Live for today,prep for tomorrow.Oh,and have a good weekend all!

      33. I am guessing that these owners were pocketing cash or something of that nature. The Feds prob backdoor “read” there computers and knew what was going on but cannot let there methods out into the public domain. They now have access to 99% of computers that are attached to the internet. Thru the intel I3,I5, and I7 chips they also have access to computers that are turned off with just a power supply attached (battery). They use radio transmissions now to get the info. This is very nasty stuff. Yall watch your backs. It is curretnly illegal for them to hack this info, but we all know that doesn’t matter now does it?

        • Be Informed:

          The worst thing about my state of Oregon is the sick politicians we keep sending to DC. Ron Wyden in particular; jew dual israeli citizen. Don’t need to wonder where he stands, do we?

        • BI–I’m in ky. now for 6 years and not only am I in the cancer state, the county I live in has more cancer deaths than any other in the state.
          Logan County, Aluminum Steel plant maybe??

          • It says Indiana is the least green state. I’m ok with that. Heck, I take it as a compliment.

        • B Bi interesting chart/map. Was surprised to see TN as most corrupt, not the first thing that comes to mind. Drugs, theft, or moonshine but not corruption. But oh well.

          • Mostly Central and West TN. the Eastern isn’t quite as bad( although there have been a few doozies). The three stars in the TN flag stand for the three states of TN, each one is different.

            • Babycatcher55, I’m in Memphis and it’s got to be the most corrupt in the whole state, next to Nashville.

      34. One of my big worries is over this morning. My mother passed peacefully in her sleep overnight. RIP Mama.

        • My condolences to you and your family….

          • Brink,sorry to hear about your mum,glad it was peaceful and she begins the adventure in the next life.I am not sure what the next life is but believe in it only because there is this life.

        • Brinksmom:

          Sorry to hear about your mom. We all know she is in a much better place than the rest of us. God Bless…

          • Ditto..prayers are sent your way.

        • Brinksmom so sorry for your loss.. I list my Dad and Father in law both last month. Like you it is less worry but a huge loss. For our Dad’s it brings peace to know they are in a much better place. Be strong for her.

        • brinksmom – so sorry for your loss, you were a devoted daughter to care for your mom and be concerned about the future for her. My mother passed away in June so I understand the grief and relief combination here. Take care of yourself, I thought it would get better but some days it hits you like a brick!

        • My sincere condolences for your loss.

        • brinksmom, I lost my mother to breast cancer right after Obama first got into the WH. been there, done that, know the feeling all too well. my condolences. She’s in a much better place now. braveheart

      35. A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots

        by Jeff Foxworthy:

        If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

        What a country!

        How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America!

        Amen (thank you Jeff)

      36. See, cops.. were not going to stand up for you when all your buddies are thugs, and your probably one too..

        maybe this cop was justified, but we don’t know that and we don’t trust you boys in blue anymore because of how you have treated innocent people

        you are not helping us, we aint helping you
        at least thats pretty obvious here, careful..tables can turn really quick..maybe the next time something like this is filmed the people do get in to help..but not for the cop..but because of the cop. He should conciter himself lucky that 4 to 5 more guys didn’t jump in and strip him of all his hardware, and send him hand cuffed on his way.

        My point here is not about weather the perp did or didn’t do anything wrong, my point is, things are changing in the public perception of a cops duties, and weather or not the general public sees them as help or a threat, they have created this own un- healthy fear of them,,, but it can change quickly to unhealthy when enough people witness cops getting out of line

        • The courts have repeatedly held that the cops have no obligation to help you. That works both ways.

          • Name one verifiable incident where a court made that ruling?

            • The Supreme Court said that. Someone sued the police dept. for failing to protect them personally when they were robbed or mugged, quite a while ago. The Court said the police have no requirement to protect any certain individual, just ‘society’ as a whole.

              So be sure to have the means of self-defense.

              • Smokey and old guy, the federal and state supreme courts of all 50 states have ruled consistently that LE have no obligation to protect any citizens. when you get into any kind of situation with any animal, you will be on your own and you will have to handle it yourself. you cannot afford to be without some means of self-defense these days. Dialing 911 is totally useless.

      37. “A Scam Of Unmatchable Balls And Cruelty” – Matt Taibbi On Wall Street’s “Triple-Fucking Of Ordinary People”

        wealth is being redistributed in this country
        but it ain’t from the top to the bottom

        the 1% is sucking the world dry


        and with “conservatives” like this on the bench
        what’s to worry ???

        “Blah, blah, blah garbage is how a Supreme Court Justice describes privacy protections”

        This Is What Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Thinks About Your Privacy Rights…

      38. I just started working on saving up my second million, I gave up on the first.

        I’m now starving off the money I always dreamed of making.

        I don’t remember where I read those two lines but they’re stuck in the trivia section of my memory and some of the replies to this article jostled those brain cells.

      39. Most of us are able to put a face to TPTB (politicians, bankers, CEO’s etc…) since their faces are plastered across TV screens and newspapers everywhere praising their good works. TPTB are the evil at the top of the pyramid but, TPTB are not the one’s stealing your money and breaking down your doors killing you, your pets and family members. TPTB simply make the rules. Your friends, neighbors or family members are the one’s stealing your stuff. To most of us, they are faceless bureaucrats who, in many cases, randomly attack us based on patterns “they” decide are suspicious according to some spurious rule concocted by TPTB. Think about this the next time you talk to one of your friends, neighbors or quite possibly a close family member who works for the government and point this out to them. Put THEM on a guilt trip. Educate THEM about the evil THEY are supporting. Probably 95% of government employees (all, local state and federal of every color) are low life bottom feeding scum who are too stupid or lazy to hold down an honest job. They basically are sucking the life blood from us all, after all, it’s just their job, they are only following orders by upholding the laws and obeying the rules. Their paycheck and TPTB depend on them to follow the rules and hunt down and punish all of us that refuse to obey their rules. The truth hurts sometimes so go ahead and give me a thumbs down.

      40. Two personal stories that are somewhat relative to the thread …..

        We tried to refinance our mortgage last year through our bank. The amount of hoops they make you jump through is mind blowing. This bank already had our mortgage we just wanted to lower the rate and shorten the length of term.
        At first they flat out said it wasn’t going to happen, bc house was valued less than the current mortgage. Which doesn’t make sense since they already have the mortgage and all I want to do is save some money by a refi. He said since we weren’t behind on our payments there wasn’t much he could do. (yes he actually said that)Eventually they agree to start the application process after I spoke to and emailed the mortgage guy nearly 6 times.
        They reviewed my bank statements, and I had to prove each and every deposit to my account. Said government requires it to prevent money laundering. For the most part they were our paychecks. But one deposit was for my truck that I sold.
        The guy I sold it to paid cash, I signed over the title to him and off he went. Done deal. Mortgage guy told me I needed a notorized letter signed by me and the buyer stating the purchase price by the end of the week or he would cancel the refi. I told him to go F@#% himself and I’m done with the refi.
        Two months later get a nice letter from the irs stating they are auditing me for that year. And who do you think put that in motion, yup the bank/mortgage assholes.

        Sorry for the long post.
        2nd story:

        My Grandfather had a business, he passed away and ownership went to my Grandmother. Shortly after that happened my Grandmother went to the bank for whatever and was told that all her accounts there had been frozen. She freaked out. Bank couldn’t tell her why.

        She called her accountant and he eventually found out that all her accounts and all assets were being seized and that she no longer had access to any funds both business and personal. She never received any prior notice, the company never received prior notice and the accountant either.

        After investigating the “theft” of her accounts it was determined that another company in the same industry with a similar name had received a federal judgment against them. So the gov took the wrong persons assets. No apology, no sorry we almost caused your small business to go bankrupt, nothing. It cost her over $6k to get it straightened out. Never got the $6k back either. She wanted to sue, but lawyer said there was no chance of winning.

        Bottom line here is that they can take everything in a matter of minutes.

        • Disgusting stories. I feel for you man. I had my account emptied a couple of years ago. Just a few hundred bucks though, nothing like some of the stories above. I quit banks, credit, the whole nine yards. I now operate solely on cash and my business account, which I keep low balance. Business is suffering due to the economy, so I guess if they take that, I will just call it quits.

        • A Molotov cocktail through the wind shield of a GSA vehicle would be repayment of the 6K they robbed.

      41. And now they want your medical records BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Really America your that fu c in stupid?

        • For any veterans that need immediate care.
          tip #1–Tell the ER instantly you are veteran and need a VA hospital.
          The VA will be called and if no bed available(sure this will be the case) you will stay there or be flown to a hospital for your specific needs.
          tip #2—Now, for those that drugs are unavailable, shipment is late or govt stopped supplying(report I got last week).
          Go to the emergency room and law says for 24 hours, you must be given those drugs.
          Do this every 24 hours and maybe the govt. will stop sending your money to other nations and take care of its own??
          To those 9000 medicare patients in Louisiana that are receiving a letter that their drugs are no longer free(but free to illegals, murderers, and convicts), do the same –visit your ER every 24 hours.

          Last tip from a VA doctor.

      42. Do you still keep a hefty portion of your ‘money’ in a U.S. bank?
        Yes, from 12:01 AM till bank opens!!:-)

      43. You guys are funny. This article is not telling the story. Yes, the accounts were seized. Why? In lieu of criminal prosecution they were signed over. A little too generous by the government. Taking real incidents and leaving out huge parts of the story is dishonest. Don’t normally call people liars but wtf?

      44. Maudy keeps her money tucked deep down inside her rubber girdle. She called the IRS so they would send out a big handsome agent to inspect what Maudys’ got.

      45. The police will confiscate any money they consider to be suspicious. The courts have ruled that they only need probable cause to do so. Not evidence of any crime.

        On another subject, I still remember a Minnesota drunk driving case where the driver’s truck was confiscated. He wasn’t DRIVING drunk. He was sitting in his truck in his own driveway and was drinking. An appeals court ruled against him. I saw the story in News of the Weird.

        • There are multiple cases of people sitting in a car drunk who get tickets. It is the law. Constructive intent. Ask brave to weigh in.

          • urban dildo, I’ll weigh in and say you’re full of shit. trolls usually are anyway.

            • Urban dildo ? Hahahahaha. Chickenshitheartbehinda screen. You are a cute little old man and how can I take you seriously.

        • It don’t matter if the ignition Key is in his possession he can be convicted of drunk driving.

      46. There’s long been rumors that the CIA runs a drug operation to fund black ops. I don’t know if it’s true but given the total depravity of the US government nothing would surprise me.

        • About 500 BILLION a year.

      47. ok, so where do you suggest we put the money? i agree that something is coming and it wont be a good thing, but these articles are the same, doom but no answer as to where to go with the money. gold and silver, nope. real estate, nope. stocks? nope. so where? back yard? hmmm, that might work, but if everything tanks, so will the dollar and precious metals. so, i ask once more, where?

          If its not in your POSSESSION you DO NOT OWN IT and its not yours !
          If you keep it in the bank and they steal it …..DONT BITCH !!!

          • hy IF U OWN IT, it ain’t yours either!, stop payin those real estate tax’s, stop payin the personal property tax’s, and see who your “possessions” belong to.

            So when “they” come to re-posses your “possessions” ie house and land and your stuff is burred in the yard, guess who owns those buried “possessions” than.

            That guys right, cause even a small amount on your body can still be confiscated when stopped and shook down.

            Hell even if your a leader of your “own” country it can be taken, it worked out well for Iraq, what chance do you really think you have as a civilian if it got to that point.

            Only scenario I can see coming out ahead is a real disaster, like a asteroid, or a bad plague taking out half the population, maybe than there won’t be enough “troops” or goons with badges and all their fire power left, and YOU survive of course, smirks..

          • That is the point i try to make with friends and family,
            Most dont get it and use the lame excuses,
            “But it wont earn intrest or dividends”
            “If i take it out of the market now i might lose money”
            “But what do i do with it?”
            I dont even bother anymore,
            Like you said, now all i say when they bring it up is “well, dont complain when its gone or you cant access it, and dont call me for help!”

            • Kula — we must have the same friends and family

            • Howdy Kula-Bro!!

              How goes it Friend? Truly…well, I hope! How’s weather down in the Islands lately? Our’s here is begiinning to turn cool…my favorite time of the year. That is not to say that it hasn’t been a bit odd hereabouts weather-wise; when we frist arrived the weather had broke into the 90’s!! Beleive me, for this region that is unheard of, hell, most Folks up here doon’t even HAVE AC…they just don’t need it here. Just wanted to top in for a bit to say ‘Hello’…we’ll talk more later, soon Brother.


              PS: The way things look to be going lately I’ll soon be needing to have you get ALL THAT ROPE ready for shipment…I’m SURE we’re going to need it…very soon. 😉 Adios Bro…

        • Steve for us it goes into improvements in :security, sourcing water on our farm via a new pond,well, installation of solar,additional storage for our food supplies, a root cellar,dental work, some PM’s, tangible items we need which also lower our ongoing cost, and increase our farm value with the added bonus of improving our lives. That is what we are investing in.

          • all good points. i work in the banking industry and if anyone knows how crooked things are its me. i think the investment into more preps and other things like that make complete sense. i keep some at home just in case and i have others scattered about so, hopefully by the time i have the bug out property bought and we are ready to pull the plug and go for it, my money will still be there. all good points, thanks for the input.

            • You should know that precious metals never “tank.” They will always be valuable, especially after a collapse and things return to some sort of normal.

              If you really have wealth after buying years of supplies, guns, ammo, bugout location, etc., then put the excess into trade goods for barter, such as seeds, tools, hardware, etc. If you still have money left, buy some gold and silver for possible future, more normal times.

              I am thinking about possible future trades I might get into, so that I can get the necessary training, practice, tools, and supplies now.

        • It depends on how much money you have. There are different answers for $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000. If I had the money I’d buy a cottage on a glacial lake in northern Wisconsin or northern Minnesota. If I had $10,000 and I was fully prepared I’d put the money in gold and silver.

        • Oh, crap–IF I was rich, and had money in the bank in CDs or savings, etc. I’d give it away before I’d let the govt. assholes have it.
          Geeze–buy your grandchildren cars, homes; give luxuries to your parents; buy a motorhome and see the states and Canada; cruise to Alaska; buy a plane and learn to pilot it; buy/create businesses and put people to work; give to disabled, crippled veterans who can barely make it on the stipends for losing those limbs.

      48. Savings…lol

      49. I sincerely admire the Dehkos for standing up for their rights and pursuing this in court. I wish them well and hope that they succeed in finding justice.

        But I have to wonder whether or not the time for such niceties is well and truly over. Those who kick down doors so that they can steal what is behind them deserve everything that happens to them as a result of their barbaric behavior.

        We are told that the Nazis in 1930s-1940s Germany were BAD people because they did things EXACTLY like this. OK, we get it. It IS bad to do these things. So why is the US Gov doing this? If they are trying to start Civil War, Part II, they are well on their way to succeeding. Does anyone reading this have ANY doubt whatsoever about what Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, or George Washington would have thought and done about such atrocities?

      50. This is outright theft…just like eminent domain.
        Americans better wake the hell up. They live
        in a police state controlled by rothschild khazar ‘jews’.

        Soon they’ll be rounded up in re-eduction camps and chipped. Those who won’t go along will be executed.

        These elite parasites want slaves and a reduction in world population.

        They must be stopped at all cost.


      51. MOLON LABE……..bring it my bitches !

      52. Just TRY and take your money out of the bank when you have a substantial amount in it! They act like you’re a criminal!
        I have a substantial amount of $ in two bank accounts, and I know what it’s like to try and remove any amount above $6,000 at one time. They act like 1), they don’t have enough available, 2), you’re met with frowns from the tellers, then the bank manager when conferred with, frowns and reluctantly explains that those sort of transactions must be planned ahead.
        Sure, that way they can fill out the paperwork to the feds ahead of time.

        So let’s say you close an account of $150,000. You still can’t remove it from the bank. They give you a check which guess what—you STILL have to deposit in a bank!! They will NOT give you cash.

        So then, how can I remove it from the bank? If one buys gold with $150,000 the feds will know about that too, and where to come to get it!

        • About two years ago I was going to attend a auction sale (storage units) and they wanted cash only. So I went by my bank and wanted to withdraw $2000 cash from my checking account. They would let me only have $1,000. stated that you couldn’t withdraw more than $1,000 cash in any one day. So I went every day and took out a $1,000 in cash until we only had a $100 left. That didn’t take very many days. Any how we now only keep enough in the bank to pay the bills that must be mailed off. Gas groceries the light bill ect. are all paid in cash.

      53. It’s like a witch hunt, all they have to do is accuse you, therefore you are a terrorist.

      54. Isn’t it interesting- reading all the comments.
        The people are trying to find ways to exclude government intrusion on what belongs to them as private property (money-etc), and the government is trying even harder to invade your privacy and rights to private property because they want to know what you have that they have no right to know without your permission.? Yet your permission is a 5th amendment right to not persecute yourself since your not sure you have actually followed all of the thousands of laws even lawyers don’t understand.?
        In actuality- we own nothing! We only “use” it. It passes from one hand to another or the illusion of “owning” is there. You don’t own your paid for home. There is a lien against it always, in the form of property taxes. Try and modify your home without permission (permit).
        You don’t own your car. Have it break down on the road and it will be towed by a county or city and be held for ransom until you pay. Find drugs in it and you lose it- all without a trial or process.
        You don’t even own “you”.
        The people in power seek more power and control, and they usually get it. They used to be pretty decent humans, but then they have become totally evil and power hungry. Beyond their authority and rights according to supreme law they accepted with an oath. Their words are empty and souls void, since they have decided to worship power and money instead of God or a “creator” they so willingfully accepted as the maker of “rights”.
        It is a shame people must be so defensive toward a group of politicians they hire to “serve” them.

        • agreed you never totally own anything more than your thoughts & actions. If you have Know How and possess self reliance those skills cannot be taken away. Im also of the opinion there are degrees of ownership of physical things. When you purchase something on credit at first you have very little equity as time that equity increases if you reduce the amount owed or the value increased. Paid for land you actually own the lions share of it and have almost all of the say so regarding it. Location affects degrees of ownership of land. whereI live there are no building codes land use restrictions ect. Our local government is fiscally responsible and we enjoy very low taxes.that makes the degree of ownerhip larger than someplace that has a stifling myrad number of rules ,restrictions & high property tax. I suppose its just depends on how the individual wants to perceive it.

      55. Setup a server and run an online passive income business. There are many payment gateways available. Just make sure your server is not located in AmeriKa.

      56. I was watching the show mountain men on the history channel. Eustace Conway gets a letter and I going on about the sheriff & lawyers trying to take his property. Making it sound as though the evil government was after him. So I researched the show. the fact is he runs a retreat. a person attending was struck in the eye by a rock during a demonstration of a sling similar to the king david used to slay Goliath. That woman lost her eye. She sued and Eustace agreed out of court to pay a settlement of $75,000. He never paid up. Here is a guy that( owns) a 1,000 acres runs a business , has a TV show and the deadbeat wouldn’t pay his obligation. He wasn’t in this instance good to his word. So a lien was placed on his land to force him to comply. He Procrastinated and never paid up until forced to at the very last . And yep He lives in a populated county not far from town. There are restrictions and a visit from code enforcement turned up several violiations & unsafe conditions.

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