Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to Neo-Marxist Organization

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Gordon at

    All across America, thousands of publicly funded schools, government schools, have decided to open their doors to the neo-Marxist organization known as the Women’s March, a highly partisan, far-left radical organization.

    They have opened their doors and allowed this organization to “aid” students in staging a “National School Walkout” in protest of your ability to own and possess effective means of self-defense.

    To put in terms that these far-left radicals would rather you not hear, they are organizing your children, using your stolen wealth (school taxes), to march in favor of a police state, to march against your ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense, guns.

    Many schools received letters such as this:

    Good afternoon. This is (name) principal of (Name) Middle School. As many of you have probably heard, the Women’s March organizers are encouraging students to participate in a national school walkout on Wednesday, March 14th, to protest gun violence.

    That line alone “the Women’s March Organizers are encouraging students,” reveals that the organization behind this is the Women’s March. This means that the public schools have allowed representatives of that highly partisan group to go into their schools and aid students in organizing a protest against your ability to defend yourself against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    They do so under the guise of protecting the children from ‘gun violence.’ Let me speak more plainly so you take in the full vulgarity of the tactics these far-left radicals are deploying, tactics the government schools are openly aiding and abetting in strengthening.

    The far-left radicals of the Women’s March are using psychological terrorism to traumatize your children into not only accepting, but demanding, that you have your tools of self-defense taken from you.

    It appears that the far-left radicals of the Women’s March love the police state more than they love your children.  They appear prepared to sacrifice their psychological well-being to achieve their end, to disarm any resistance to their dream of a complete police state where their particular perverted morality can be forced upon you, with government guns.

    The letter continues with a lie, a lie that is made obvious by the admission in the beginning of who is behind organizing this protest of your ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense:

    This walkout is a student-led event that will be monitored by staff to promote safety, accountability, and appropriate behavior.

    No, liars, this walkout is not student-led, it is being led by well-funded neo-Marxists, the organizers of the Women’s March.

    In addition to this lie, this line also admits that school resources will be brought to bear to aid these children in conducting a protest against your ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense, a protest that is being organized by the neo-Marxists behind the Women’s March.

    The school is also allowing the neo-Marxists to use another favorite tactic of tyrants, social pressure. The narrative is that they are simply trying to protect the children from the epidemic of gun violence that is threatening their very lives. As I stated above, this is psychological terrorism that is already damaging our children. But beyond the terrorism, the tactic relies on social pressure to get as many kids as possible to participate in this event. This peer pressure produces an over-bloated display of “support” for the state to take your tools of self-defense.

    After all, who would want to be seen not standing up in support of protecting the children? You don’t want to be called a child hater, do you? Of course, ironically, those who support a further consolidation of force power by the state are ultimately the ones who hate children.

    Those who use psychological terrorism to produce govzombies who will demand that they, along with their parents, be stripped of their ability to provide any real resistance to tyranny are the ones who truly hate children.

    Numerous stories of children telling their parents they plan on participating to avoid being ostracized by their peers have been shared across social media. Other children are confessing they are participating merely because it gets them out of the classroom.

    If you choose not to protest my ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense (to protect you from an epidemic of violence that is not real), then you will be given the option of continuing your studies in class.

    How many children, unless they are BOTH strongly convicted and STRONGLY resistant of peer pressure, will choose not to take part in this support of the police state and this resistance to empowering individuals and free associations?

    In this particular email, the principle of the school added this odd statement about what a “peaceful protest” is, omitting the part that this peaceful protest is anything but, as its aim is to trigger home invasions by government agents for the purpose of confiscating tools of self-defense to make children feel safer from a threat that doesn’t exist:

    A peaceful protest, also known as nonviolent resistance or nonviolent action, is the act of expressing disapproval through a statement or action without the use of aggression or violence. Some of you participated in this type of protest today in the form of a walkout. This type of protest has been used to advocate for a number of different causes including human rights issues, anti-war campaigns, and expressing disapproval of various political/governmental policy issues. Some general methods are boycotting certain products, participating in a march or a sit-in, displaying a particular symbol, and handing out flyers. day.

    To all the School District Superintendents and School Principals that chose to allow their schools to become political platforms begging for the police state and crying out against the empowerment of individuals and free associations, I would urge you to resign your posts immediately as, within the parameters of your own alleged republican democracy, you have violated the law by utilizing public funds and resources to stage a highly partisan political rally aimed at disarming the American people so that the police state may more completely rise.

    Your demonstrated display of willingly using children as human shields to protect your dangerous support of the police state, using your taxpayer-funded positions as School Superintendents and Principals, should be more than enough for any school board to remove you from position.


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      1. They had a child speak on the Milwaukee news about this. The high school girl interviewed said something to the effect, “Since the adults had their time to talk about gun violence, it will be up to the children to get things done.” Now, go back to your bedroom you ignorant Marxist twat.

      2. Well, there are plenty of us ready to reduce the traitor confiscators to useless meat when they come. I’m going to burn some of them alive.

          • Genius, thanks for that vid. It was definitely a pleasure to see a sorry nigger get wasted. That’s what the gun grabbers have waiting for them unless they forget the idea.

      3. Menzo, if this keeps up the streets will be running red with the blood of libturds. They need to forget their ideas for their own sakes. But you and I both know what’s really coming. And those kids will never even question what they’re being told by the feminazis. They’ll buy into it hook line and sinker.

        • I just hope patriots will have their plans A,B,C,D in place before the traitors show up. Trap and kill every damn one of them.

          • Menzo, my plans are already in place. I just wish I didn’t have to use those plans but I know better.

            • No doubt BH. It’s too bad some of our fellow countrymen are scumbag traitors. They do deserve to die.

              • M & DB
                I so sick of this shit!!!!!

                I’m 64 now and I’m afraid for my Grandkids. Out of the 16 that I have 12 are into guns hunting and shooting. When the time come I believe that they will be on the front lines with the Grandad fighting. If it comes to this? Their Grandfather will be very PROUD!!!!!

                Like I tell them. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!!!

                • I agree Sgt. I’ll die for my kids and grandkids if need be. I’m gonna try really hard not to die. I can’t believe what’s happening here but it is.

                  • M
                    Make them die for theirs. The only way to win.


                    • Check

              • Menzo, any traitors I encounter won’t be happy to meet me. I’ll just leave it at that.

      4. I posted a comment earlier about Milwaukee news covering this walkout. They also interviewed a boy who said he was not going to walkout as he thought this was part of an agenda. Kudos to him.

        • They’ll probably plant a firearm in his locker so they can expell him.

      5. Classic Sun-Tzu. Use the enemies (us) time, money and other resources against them, being worth twenty times of their own resources. Even here in Texas, the socialists are strong in certain places, strong enough to participate in some of this rubbish. Watch and remember who does what, my friends. They’ll be back for more later. And they are salivating for another crisis, soon. If any of you are not current with your Pro-Second Amendment orgs. why not? It’s time for the foot work and contacting your Congress. Stretch out your hands and DO SOMETHING. Your anti-gun socialist enemies are.

      6. In the inner city of Chicago, back in the 1960’s, our public high school had a rod and gun club. The Carter H. Harrison Technical High School. Plus ROTC with M-1 Garands. The school was 50% Black. Located just a few blocks north of the county jail. These days, no more rod and gun club and the ROTC can’t have firearms. Probably march with brooms. Hillary’s old vehicles.

        • I went to high school in New Jersey back in the 60’s and we had a small bore shopting team. We met once a week with our .22 target rifles and also had competitions again other high schools in the area. We had an indoor range right in the basement.

          • My high school’s ROTC marched with M14s on the school property, and had an indoor 22 rifle range in the school. We shot 22s for our marksmanship every week. I’m sure that’s all gone now.

            Many of my classmates kept hunting rifles in their cars parked in the school parking lot. No shooting incidents ever happened. What’s different between then and now?
            1) Violent Rap music
            2) Violent video games
            3) Most importantly, mind altering pharmaceuticals, especially antidepressants.

      7. Some believe , Anders Brevik, slowed down the Bolshavik communists , at a summer camp for them? Seems like he got almost all the professors ? With some collateral damage? Although it wasn’t reported like that?

      8. More people are killed every year across America from automobile accidents and prescription drug overdoses than from firearms..Students drive to school and abuse drugs..So who’s going to protect students from the automobile industry and Big Pharma?

        • They do not care about protecting kids. They are using that ploy to take the guns.

      9. This is what we should have seen next:

        As many of you have probably heard, the National Rifle Association organizers are encouraging students to participate in a national school walkout on (pick a day), to support 2nd Amendment rights and condemn those who would infringe upon the constitutional rights of others.

        Think they would have allocated staff to support that one…

      10. Count on it,there will be some violence….testerone will be in abundant supply. you can bet Soros is funding some of this.

      11. The agenda is simple. Get everyone to yield their responsibility for personal (and all other) security to the government. These kids have been hovered over, molly-coddled, convinced they are the most special little snot-noses ever to have existed since the day they were born. Inculcated with a concept that they have rights to …. houses, medical care, education, being clothed, entertainment, food without having to work for any of it… no bloody wonder they think that NOT going to school to protest their lack of security will work to change things.

      12. I look at this two ways.

        #1 How many of us REBELLED against everything the school told us.
        We learned, but did our own thing. We also question the hell out of the teachers.

        #2 You have your kids at home longer than they have them in school. Time to be parents and raise them right. Teach them the truth. In short get off of your asses and teach them yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “Hell”. I raised 4 kids and had guns all over the house. I let hold them when they asked I took them shooting and hunting. Let them help me clean my firearms. Hells bells I even had them help me reload ammo. The kids still to this day talk about it. All of them said that they loved doing it because they got to spend time with their Dad.

        Not one of them ever committed a crime with a gun.

        Even if they get their way about guns there will be too many people still standing to take them away, and they will get their CIVIL war. Gunners against the Non-gunners. Now who do you think will win that fight. It would be like sending in 1000 guy armed with sling shots against 100 guys armed with AK’s.

        Again these are your kids TEACH THEN THE RIGHT WAY!!!!
        Most of us here have already raised our kids, now it is your turn.


        • Sarge,
          I’m a few years younger than you. But I agree,
          parents need to do their jobs. Kids rebel,
          but there are some truths they need to learn
          and parents/grandparents/aunts and uncles are
          the best method of teaching
          those truths, not some PC spouting liberal
          snowflake AKA as an instructor.
          I watch how my daughter and SIL raise their
          son. Very different from what I would do, but
          they are doing good.
          For a time I raised a nephew and nieces. I insisted
          they go through hunter safety classes. I even bought
          the nephew a Daisy red rider and worked with him.
          When they went back to their mom, I kept the BB gun
          and told the nephew he was too irresponsible to keep it.
          They were troubled kids, but at least they
          learned how to be safe with guns. Hopefully they
          pass that on to their kids.

      13. Well a friend of mine and I had a discussion the other day about school shootings. What are the causes and how to stop them. Really it is so easy to stop. A cave man could do it lol.


        1- God and morals removed from school.
        2- Family breakdown caused by socialist welfare programs.
        3- Lack of a strong father figure.
        4- Lack of strong discipline. ( good old ass whippings )
        5- Socialist policies that make children think you win no matter what you do or the effort you give. ( everyone gets a trophy )
        6- Schools being allowed by parents to be the parents
        7- Parents not backing up the schools. My kid is right no matter what
        8- TV being used as a babysitter
        9- Video games being used as a babysitter and the content of the game
        10- The false claim of ADHD and so many children on drugs for it.

        In my day we had hunter safety courses at school. The first day of hunting season most males would not be at school. During hunting season vehicles in the parking lot would be full of hunting rifles and shot guns. If there was a fight then the best man won and generally you became friends with the person you fought. No knives were pulled or guns used. If I got in trouble at school I was so concerned about what my parents were going to do to me. So was everyone else I knew. In the first few years of school we said prayers and the pledge of allegiance. The prayers went away at some point. Not sure what grade but the pledge stayed my whole time in school. Through about the 3rd grade we could get paddled if we misbehaved. As kids we played cowboys and Indians, war, and the police and bad guys. We all had toy guns, bb guns, and later pellet rifles. We through rocks for grenades but knew if we hit each other our fathers would whip our ass. We were taught the value of the life of not only a human but animals as well. We said grace at the dinner table and it was every day at around 530. If I was late I knew I was going to get an spanking.

        I have always wondered. What idiot woke up one day and said this must change. I know it changed slowly but I still am unsure why or how we allowed this to happen.

        • Mike,
          All good comments!
          I got Swats in high school!
          Perhaps I was a little more violent than most.
          I did not bully people but I’d fight with anyone.
          School policy was both fighters got Swats
          regardless of who started it.
          But I was more afraid of what my Father was going
          to do when he found out and I did not
          have a good explanation.
          Fathers are really important to kids, both
          boys and girls.
          When they started handcuffing and throwing
          kids in jail that really changed
          the dynamic.

        • The problem with ass whippings is that now the parents are not ALLOWED to hit the kids or even yell at them, so the control has been taken away from the parents. If they yell or hit the child on the butt even they can be arrested so they are afraid to discipline the kids now. I am in my late 60’s and i remember my dad chasing me around the house with a belt and when he caught me it hurt like hell on my legs, and i’m a female too. I was a brat, but i didn’t misbehave much cuz that belt sure hurt. I remember one time hiding in the attic and he found me. Those were scary days, but i loved my dad and he treated me well and took me everywhere with him like to visit the relatives and i even went to the bars with him and had fun as all the drunks would buy me candy and soda pop. He never left me alone or with a baby sitter. In the 1950’s you could bring a child into a bar. Those are my best memories. I never ever sassed back at my dad either.

      14. How to stop school shootings in today’s world

        Do we have shootings in air ports after security check points?
        Do we have shootings in court houses after security check points?

        If government really cared about school shootings then put in security checkpoints.

        The truth is that it is not about school shootings. The whole thing is about removing 2nd amendment rights.

        • “M”

        • Yes it IS true they really don’t care about the kids. They are using them to remove all the guns. It would be so EASY to put up metal detectors and check all the kids and anyone else going in and an alarm goes off when there is a metal gun. Or how about putting an armed guard at the door? Oh no, lets not make the schools safe – lets make them a gun free zone so anyone with a gun can come in there knowing NO one will be able to stop them. It is a PLAN to take the guns yes. It would be easier to protect the schools and do like the Israelie (sp) people do. They protect their children and citizens.

      15. One other thought about the left using this tactic.

        Every year at budget time the school system will throw a fit if there budget is cut. Most parents support this blindly. After all it is for the poor children.

        The school will in some areas parade kids in front of county administrators. The kids speak and complain about this class, teacher, program, or other things they will lose. Letters are sent home with the children to give to parents about the budget. Then god for bid if the ac does not work. God for bid if kids have to go to a trailer for a class.

        Parents had better wake up.
        I prep because sadly I believe we are past the point of no return. We have been for several years. I just see no way back.

      16. I am sorry about all the post but I guess I am on a rant and venting.

        The poor poor children. In my day we had chores that had to be completed daily. Grass cutting, cutting and splitting wood, getting wood in the house, feeding animals, cleaning the house and our rooms.
        That sounds so horrible doesn’t it. I made sure my sons had responsibilities around the house. Yes including my son with CP. Oh so horrible.

        True Story
        In my dads day he would get up before dawn. Milk cows and feed the farm animals. He would then help get his brothers and sisters ready for school. He would go to school come home and take care of farm animals again. He also had to ensure wood was cut and in the house. He had 10 brothers and sisters. He did not graduate and only finished the 7th grade. He was expected to do this and help from the time he could physically do it. I am not sure what age he started all this but I think he was doing it at 8 years old.
        Really back then the poor male children were more men than most men I know today.

        Where did he end up? After the 7th grade he worked. He worked in a CC camp for awhile. Went to VA beach during WW2. He was building peers. They say he would always stay late and learn about construction, architecture, and reading prints. He ended up moving back to central VA. Starting a company building house’s and when he retired he was up to building schools and larger buildings. Pretty good on a 7th grade education. Almost all of his brothers and sisters followed him to VA beach and then back to central VA.
        The poor children they say today. They have no clue.

        • I thought you were talking about my own father’s life…
          Only the lost the farm during the depression.

          • Molly sorry they lost the farm. My family went through the depression in the mountains of VA. Not sure anyone even wanted that land or maybe they owned it and did not have to worry about things like taxes that we have today.
            People just have no clue today what a tough life really is.

        • And i remember when i was 12 yrs old in 1960 i used to play with these real poor kids across the street. There were 6 kids in the family. They were dirt poor and the house was very shabby. Even the kitchen floor had worn tile and pieces missing, but once a wk the mom made them clean the whole house from top to bottom. They ran around like maniacs cleaning everything as shabby as it was. The mom just stood and supervised. She didn’t lift a finger and the kids never talked back. There were 5 girls and one boy. I was amazed cuz my mom cleaned my room and i didn’t have to lift a finger. I never forgot those poor kids. They obeyed and never sassed back. They were so poor i remember a lot of the times the mom would make a HUGE pot of spagetti or a huge pot of potato salad. I didn’t see them eating much else.

          • Marie

            People talk about poverty today. Poverty in the US today is really not poverty. Now the people across the street from you really knew poverty.

            Oh how times have changed. For the worse to be honest. I know regarding poverty that most considered poor today have tvs, cell phones, and cars. It is just that morals, trust, and people have so changed.

      17. Mike in VA, those were some damn good rants you made and necessary. Very good posts. You just gotta let off steam on occasion.

        • Yes I guess you do. Good to see talk to you Brave.

      18. “Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to (Parents Delegating their Parental Obligations) to (the) Neo-Marxist Organization (Known As Public Education).”


      19. I’m a baby-boomer and I thank the good Lord that I grew up when I did. Future generations of Americans will inherit an America with far greater problems than the America that I grew up in. I really regret this. These people trying to use the government schools like this are the toxic waste of humanity!

        • I am a baby boomer too in my late 60’s. I remember a time in school when we never had cameras or cameras in the stores or in the streets. Kids would play outside all the time until almost dark. The gas stations you never had to pump your own gas and the price was 12 cents a gallon and milk was a quarter a qt and my mom even sent to the store a lot to buy her cigarettes for a quarter a pack and no one proofed me, and a loaf of bread was 25 cents and we had real silver in the money. My mom would win at bingo and bring home a lot of silver dollars! Too bad we never knew how important silver would be and we spent them. Then they took the silver out of the money in 1965 and that’s when inflation started to creep up.

      20. Ridiculous, simply ridiculous.

      21. The citizens of any jurisdiction which uses tax dollars to support these “marches” (except security) should be sued for misuse of public funds, and the people responsible fired.

      22. Will somebody reveal to the snowflakes that the libturd idea of making schools “gun-free-zones” (easy kill zones) caused the NUT-CASES to select schools as targets. The ignorant premise that anybody can be assured of complete safety defies logic. Have the snowflakes ever heard of JOHN F. KENNEDY, RONALD REAGAN, MARTIN LUTHER KING, etc.? How about all the Americans killed on 9-11, in Chicago, in Detroit, in Saint Louis. Life is dangerous. That is why smart kids are taught to look both ways for traffic before crossing an intersection. Smart kids learn to not fool around with gasoline and fire sources. Bright people understand that walking up to the edge of the Grand Canyon might not end well. Intelligent humans understand that places are safer if they include some type of self defense. Use airport-style scanners, allow teachers to be armed and have some trained police presence on campus.

      23. The indoctrination centers we call public schools have not revered our Bill of Rights for many years. Leftists have eviscerated our concepts of “right & wrong”, individual rights, citizenship, and assimilation. We are reaping a generation, with some exceptions, of SNOWFLAKES that have no concept of American heritage, responsibility, and historic government abuses around the world. Keep prepping and God save us all.

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