Google Rolls Out “Orwellian Nightmare” Technology To Spy On You In YOUR HOME

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 22 comments

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    Google’s new Nest Hub Max is a smart display unit that comes equipped with a 6.5-megapixel facial recognition camera that identifies you and monitors all your actions – inside your own home. And the Orwellian icing on the cake is that it is not equipped with a physical shutter to forcibly prevent it from monitoring what’s happening in your home.

    It’s the first smart home product from Google to include a camera so you can make video calls. It looks like a tablet propped up on its side, and it works similarly to smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo. …

    The Nest Hub Max is essentially a smart speaker that lets you control connected smart home devices, and comes with a display and camera.

    It’s the first smart home product from Google to include a camera so you can make video calls. It looks like a tablet propped up on its side, and it works similarly to smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo. …

    The Nest Hub Max is essentially a smart speaker that lets you control connected smart home devices, and comes with a display and camera.

    It’s not too dissimilar from the Google Home Hub, which Google just rebranded as Nest Hub. The new device has a 10-inch HD screen. It looks like a tablet in landscape orientation that’s propped up on a base. The base contains a speaker. At the top of the device are a camera and microphones. The Daily Dot

    The device allows you to check in on what’s happening in your home when you’re out, and because of its facial recognition capabilities, will detect when you enter the room and provide personalized information to you, such as your day’s appointments, the weather forecast, and so on, reported Natural News.  The camera also enables two-way video calls over Google Duo and comes loaded with the Google Assistant (which has been the focus of a huge number of privacy issues). While all these functions might sound super convenient and fun, the privacy issues raised by the camera and audio functionality cannot be overlooked.

    There are concerns about Google’s face recognition.  The company has struggled to maintain a good reputation. They have proven to be biased toward Communism and authoritarian ideals, big government control over the population, and have even censored those who reject the force and violence inherent in those ideas. Today the face features are only accessible by Google, but what happens when it begins letting other apps and services access your face and you are one of those anti-government dissenters?

    Clearly, there are real reasons to be concerned about Google’s latest tech offering, and those who wish to protect their online privacy might do better to steer well clear of it.


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      1. The millennial youth, and many others will be lined up around the block and beyond to get this technology to save them a step or two.

        Domesticating wild animals took hundreds of years of breeding and training; it’s being accomplished in humans in a couple of generations at maximum. Give the public a rope and they’ll make their own restraints and hangman’s noose.

        • Kevin2, it’s sad but true. Those people don’t realize they have the option to NOT buy that technology. I’ve never even had a home security system or a camera system before because they can be hacked into and they don’t really prevent anything from happening. Plus I don’t want anyone else to see what’s in my home. The sheeple already have their hangman’s noose. It’s only a matter of time until they use it.

        • K2,
          I get a real hoot watching people interacting with their toys.
          I know how this stuff works and it really isn’t all that earth shattering. What I find disturbing is our kids don’t understand this technology.
          Not everybody is going to get the education and experience I’ve gathered over a lifetime, but at least they should understand what happens when they say “Siri, where is the closest McDonalds to me?” and gets an accurate answer.
          I can explain it. I’m sure they can’t.

          • rellik, that is so true. The technology (speech recognition, touch screens, facebook etc.) has been dumbed-down so that today’s younger generations can use it. They have no clue of what is behind it and who is behind it. They are being groomed to be smart fodder.

        • Kevin2, that’s a great analogy. Thanks!

          For decades U.S. government indoctrination camps have been cranking millions of dumb-down Bolsheviks every year. Guess what? Now they are parents. Last Christmas they brought Alexa trojan horses through their front doors. Now they have Nest Hub Max, just in time for this Christmas. These parents are truly today’s useful idiots.

        • Kevin2, I bet you have read both 1984 and Brave New World. Have you read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman? If not I think you would enjoy it.

          Excerpt: “Americans no longer talk to each other, they entertain each other. They do not exchange ideas, they exchange images. They do not argue with propositions; they argue with good looks, celebrities and commercials.”

          • I’ve read both but I’m a tad ashamed to say not in complete entirety. Say both 2/3 skipping portions. Fiction regardless if its enlightening is still fiction to me and hence a tad boring. Non fiction I read front to back, liked encyclopedias as a kid. I stuttered pretty bad back then, ball sports never interested me, one TV in the home, I read. It’s a habit I continued post stutter.

            Most people I’m sad to say are superficial. Their interests have no depth of thought. They don’t know, don’t care and don’t care to know: But they have an opinion. Thats a bad mix for the cocktail of society.

      2. I just received a new HP laptop.
        I now have six computers.
        ( don’t ask).
        The first thing I did was tape up
        the Camera and Microphone.
        I disable any and all ways for
        the outside world to spy on me.
        I own Technology, it does not own me.

        • Rellik, I’ve done the same thing on all 3 of my laptops. Technology will never own me either.

          • I know where the microphone is located but I see no opening to cover. Got the camera aperture covered.

        • I buy my laptops and desktops without cameras and microphones.

      3. first you have to be stupid and get nest installed in your home. if it was mandatory you can use a low tech solution to defeat it. tape a piece of paper over it or block it with a plant or something. there is nothing orwellian about it. fear mongering for nothing. people need to stop accepting victimhood.

      4. Very soon people will be flagged for not buying into this new tech.

        The government will flag you as the enemy.

        Imagine you don’t feel free with the government listening to every conversation, in your house. The government will say what what are you hiding….

        In the former Soviet Union, they had a saying, “the walls have ears”….. Now you are presumed guilty if you don’t buy high tech globalist listening devices, and install them in your own home at your expense.

        In America, the walls have ears, but you have to pay for them, or you are presumed guilty by the state……. But what state is really in control?

        • 1984 – The TV could not be turned off, and it watched and listened to everything anyone did, and was mandated by the government. Yet people pay to have these devices in their homes. Go figure.

      5. From The Gulag of the Mind – August 6, 2019.
        “Befuddled and blind, we wander toward the cliff without even seeing it, focusing on our little screens of entertainment and self-absorption.”

      6. In my area, landlords are putting the online cameras on rentals.

        They never, ever seem to put mail thieves in jail, the booze bottle breakers (up and down the street) or the public urinators (up and down the street.) Needles and spent condoms are found, out in the open.

        Ghetto tenants use it to “catch” whitey on his best behavior, not realizing that it was intended for their landlords to be monitoring the tenants for insurance purposes.

        A military copter is used for medical transport, or sometimes circles around abandoned lots, helping in police pursuits. When a senile black lady escaped, it barked out descriptions, in a garbled drive-though kind-of voice.

        There are whole neighborhoods of lookie-lous who have yet to use it for a humanitarian reason, aside from their war against white people.

        For instance, to find stray dogs, or see smoke where none belongs.

        Imagine if it was a literal community of well wishers, who looked and thought like you and allowed you privacy, where privacy was expected, and don’t blame the helpless tool.

      7. And I have issues with a remote for tv making me lazy!!
        When I read topics as this, those futuristic movies come to mind–you know, the ones that have graphic charts in the bathroom mirror that tell the toothpaste to come out onto your brush–the shades to lift at the windows, etc.

      8. My next phone will be a flip phone…

      9. You can already spy on your neighbor through his flat screen TV. And the FBI won’t do anything about it.

      10. Was in training class yesterday, instructor asked a question of the class. His phone repeated the question. They are always spying.

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