Gold’s Two Stories: Paper Markets Collapse… While The Retail Public Buys At A Record Pace

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    paper-and-real-goldWe’ve seen some significant swings in precious metals over the last several years and if we are to believe the paper spot prices and recent value of mining shares, one would think that gold and silver are on their last leg. Last weekend precious metals took a massive hit to the downside, sending shock waves throughout the industry. But was the move really representative of what’s happening in precious metals markets around the world? Or, is there an effort by large financial institutions to keep prices suppressed? In an open letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission First Mining Finance CEO Keith Neumeyer argues that real producers and consumers don’t appear to be represented by the purported billion dollar moves on paper trading exchanges.

    With China recently revealing that they have added some 600 tons of gold to their stockpiles and the U.S. mint having suspended sales of Silver Eagles due to extremely high demand in early July, how is it possible that prices are crashing?

    As noted in Mike Gleason’s Weekly Market Wrap at Money Metals Exchange, while it appears that gold is currently one of the world’s most hated assets, the retail public continues to buy at a record pace:

    The paper market is telling one story. But the actual physical bullion market is telling quite another.

    The U.S. Mint has sold over 100,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins so far in July. That’s the highest monthly demand volume registered since April 2013. And that’s just as of this week. There’s still another week left to go before the final sales tally for Gold Eagles comes in for the month of July. It could be one for the record books with 109,000 1-ounce Gold Eagles sold — with bargain hunters purchasing 6% of the U.S. Mint’s production from Money Metals Exchange.

    As for Silver Eagles, the U.S. Mint has given up on trying to keep up with demand. After brisk sales during the first week of July, Mint officials suspended deliveries of Silver Eagles to dealers. Sales of the popular coins are set to resume next week. But we expect the Mint will be unable to get its act together and keep up with demand.

    Listen: Full Interview With Chris Powell Of The Gold Anti-Trust Committee (GATA)

    It’s not clear exactly who is suppressing precious metals or why, but it is quite apparent that prices on paper exchanges are completely disconnected from reality, as retail buyers are taking this opportunity to scoop up gold and silver at prices that are 50% or more off their highs.

    But what happens next? That, of course, is anybody’s guess, but considering current prices and movements within the context of a broader economic crisis, there is a precedent for what we have seen in recent years.

    We need only look back to the recession of the 1970’s.


    You’ll notice that gold saw some significant price movements, not dissimilar to what we’re experiencing today. There were several down swings of 25% or more within the broader gold bull market. Most notably, take a look at what happened from 1975 to 1976. Gold shot up to nearly $200 an ounce, only to be pounded just twelve months later by 50% to a price of just over $100 an ounce.

    As the crisis accelerated in severity into the late 1970’s, complete with gas shortages, job losses and geopolitical tensions, we saw gold explode in value to a high of $850 by January of 1980.

    We’re not necessarily suggesting that gold will follow the exact same pattern. But history does rhyme, and the world again finds itself in serious financial, economic, and monetary crisis. As we’ve noted before, gold is and always has been the historical asset of last resort for preserving wealth. Should the current crisis accelerate as we saw in the 1970’s, the value of gold will likely rise accordingly. We may not be looking at a 700% increase in price like we did from 1976 to 1980, but there is a distinct possibility that we will witness serious gains in real value as crisis and panic unfold.

    You can’t eat gold and silver, of course. If crisis is coming we have always urged our readers to prepare themselves for disruption to credit-dependent commerce systems with reserves of food, emergency cash and other supplies. But having a physical asset with real monetary and barterable value in your possession is certainly an important strategic consideration going forward.

    It’s been said that an ounce of gold could buy 350 loaves of bread in Biblical times. Today, an ounce of gold still buys about 350 loaves of bread. However you slice it, whether the system falls into a deflationary depression like the 1930’s or an inflationary recession like the 1970’s, gold will maintain its purchasing power.

    Though past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results, we have over 6,000 years of history backing gold’s legitimacy as a true mechanism of exchange.


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      1. I see this as a huge opportunity for silver. I bought in 2008 at around $10, and i bought at $30 as price rose. And I am going to buy at $14.

        Silver hit $50 a few years ago. I can see it going to 100 or 150 or more. really depends on how much they screw things up at the fed and government

        • Is there a way to make money on the Yuan move to a world currency this October?

          • BJ: Not for the average investor. The Yuan is pegged to the dollar, within a range. There is speculation that China will increase the range (think Bollinger Bands) that will allow large FX Speculators with deep pockets and HFT algorithms to capitalize on the swings.

            But not you. 🙂

            More than that, current capital controls in China LIMIT offshoring more than $50K worth of Yuan per year for Chinese citizens. This limitation is a violation of IMF WRC Rules.

            The missing $540 Billion FX notwithstanding, China cannot afford massive amounts of Greek Like Capital Flight with an unstable economy. This just two reasons that the much ballyhooed WQRC status for China is NOT likely in October.

            Not gonna happen.

            Double down on silver if you cannot afford gold, and you can afford to hold. 🙂

            • Fat Fingers. 🙂

            • DK- Dumb. The Yuan is not pegged to the US Dollar. Both can move in either direction up or down in stregnth or weakness and not pegged to the US Dollar. Where did you dream this up Dkiddy? Economics is obviously not your strength. An example of something “pegged” would be a variable loan or credit card interest rate pegged to say the Fed Index Rate. When the Fed Intetest rate increases so does the variable card interest rate. Stope spreading dysinformation.

              • Last time dk told me not to do something, a lot of money was made. 🙂

                I got an email off to my buddy Brandon Smith to see if he thinks there is a way to position yourself to make moeny on it…IF it happens?

                • BJ: Brandon is a great Patriot and an important voice for the Liberty Movement. As Vietnam Vet I would let him take my back in a firefight, anytime; but he doesn’t know shit from shinola when it comes to finance, economics, money, and banking.

                  And I say that with all the respect that he is due.

                  But he actually believes that SDR’s are a currency. Its an asset class: a legal construct, but an asset class. It is SPECIFICALLY, not a currency. 🙂

              • WWHTI: The Yuan IS pegged to the dollar within a set range established by the Chinese government. Do your homework dumbshit. Your ignorance betrays your stupidity.

                This peg is designed to keep a currency advantage for its exports. 🙂

          • In other financial news…

            Chinese Stocks Suffer Second Biggest Crash In History, 1,500 Companies Halted Limit Down

            “…overnight China officially lost control for the second time, when after a weak start to the Monday trading session, things turned very ugly in the last hour, when the Shanghai Composite plunged by 8.48%, closing nearly at the lows, and tumbling some 345 points for its biggest one-day drop since February 2007 and its second biggest crash in history!”


          • Every one keeps referring to the Chinese as the up and coming economic power house who is positioning to dominate the world but hopefully folks are paying attention to what is happening with the Shanghai Exchange.

            I have been traveling for the past 4 days from Louisiana to Chicago to Fort Wayne by car and all I see for hundreds and hundreds of miles is very productive farms and fields. There is no drought here. America is still feeding the world and if necessary can feed the citizens of this great nation in a crisis. People are active, many cars are on the road, there are many trucks transporting food and supplies and industrial equipment, and the stores and Malls are full of shoppers. It is hard to see a teotwaki event occuring that would turn this country into an apocalyptic “Mad Max” situation.

            I am all for prepping after what I and others in our region experienced during and after Katrina, but, if for some reason you need to evacuate, you may have to abandon your home, food stores, and supplies that you have worked so hard to accumulate. IMHO, PM and cash in No. 10 cans would be a lot more transportable and useful under those circumstances when you get to your next destination. Diversify and think of all contingencies.

            It will take something almost unimaginable, a catastrophic event or series of events to shut this great country down. I attended a Revive Indiana meeting last night that filled the Colosseum in Fort Wayne. Many Amish folks were there as well. These folks like farmers every where are an amazingly resourceful and resilient people.

            My perspective,unfortunately, is too often skewed or tainted by what I see in the city. Today I am planning to take my children to the Elkhart County Fair, considered one of the biggest County Fairs in the country. It should be interesting.

            Yesterday, I and my boys and daughter worked on starting a camp fire with a magnesium/spark fire starter. It took us three attempts before we got a flame going. It was a great teaching moment in the importance of having more than one way to start a fire. It had rained the night before and we couldn’t readily get dry tinder and kindling. I usually carry matches and lighters and have atleast 4 to 5 ways to start a fire on my BOB. I sure wouldn’t want to have to rub two sticks together. Being able to start a fire quickly under different circumstances is an incredibly important skill to learn and practice. We tend to take this skill for granted.

            God Bless America and it’s citizens, the salt of the earth. I see a lot of kind, good, honest, people in this country!

          • KCNY…is a play on Chinese currency to rise as a world reserve currency.

          • So, where’s all the chatter about Jade Helm and the martial law roundups for FEMA detention centers under all those abandoned Walmarts?

        • The sale of 100,000 coins is hardly a market maker. Hell 5 guys combined could have bought that.

          I will say that I already called this months ago before these articles that Silver Trading was being manipulated. The swingsvof .75 cents in an hpur on a regular dailh basis and close back up. I said it would be a great Day Trade and I could make about $800 a day trading it. Well somebody was doing that. Ans shirtung it on paper to buy up physical at a cheaper price. I said buy on the dips, just like they are doing. Average down and back up the truck on Silver. I say max $10 and it may bounce up from there. If all the hedge funds and everybody covered their shorts, Silver would pop to $20 in a very short period. Then its too late to double your money. Stay alert if you are looking to buy. Lots of ripoffs out there too. Do the math. ~WWTI

        • I sold all my junk silver coins at $42 @ Oz near the high. And I am a chart junky, and look at long term trends and daily momentum trading. I’ve moved stock price and few ticks on trades.
          Its called being the Market Maker in the ask and bid..  

        • Just remember when you buy and sell PMs you are getting screwed both ways. Pay a premium over spot when you buy it, get less than spot when you sell it.

          • Absolutely, Nobama! The only good reason to have coin is to spend it frugally for necessities after paper has been realized to be worthless. Trying to “play the market” by buying and selling specie money in exchange for intrinsically worthless paper is ludicrous.

          • It all depends on who you’re buying from and selling to, and what form the PMs are in.

            If you’re talking ‘numismatic’ PMs, that’s a totally different thing than ‘junk’ silver, private mint rounds/bars, or government issued coins.

            And besides, at the current prices, you better really need the money to be selling.

      2. I’m not seeing any disconnect between paper and physical. I’m seeing them move together in the same direction.

        There is plenty of it available and more people are selling than buying.

        There’s plenty of gold 1 oz bars and coins available on eBay in the 1160 – 1180 range and local coin dealers are sometimes less (with a current spot price of about 1100).

        In fact, I’ve noticed most of those “We buy Gold” sign guys on street corners have disappeared and are starting to be replaced by guys with signs saying “PLEASE buy some Gold”.

        Same with silver.

        If you really want to buy gold and silver, wait a year or so and get twice as much for the same price.

        • “I’m not seeing any disconnect between paper and physical. I’m seeing them move together in the same direction.”

          Shhhhh, paper prices and physical DEMAND are moving in opposite directions.

          “and more people are selling than buying.”

          Please explain how exactly that happens in your head. Back in reality, for every seller, there’s a buyer. You cant sell something to a non-existent buyer.

          • Lot of stuff being offered for sale than is being sold.

            See any shortages anywhere?

            You can get as much as you want and there is still plenty on the market for sale that someone wants to sell but can’t find a buyer for.

            • “Lot of stuff being offered for sale than is being sold.”

              And THAT is the difference between the paper ETF and physical gold. You sound like a dope.

              “See any shortages anywhere?”

              YES, the US Mint in BOTh gold and silver all thru July.

              • Don’t ya just love arguing with idiots! Nice takedown nunya!

              • That’s not a shortage of the metals, that’s a shortage of two specific newly minted coins.

                If you want something on the open market, they’re readily available – even on eBay.

                Maybe you’re one of those that bought at $2000 and are desperately hoping you haven’t lost your money?

                I’m not the dope, those buying now before the price goes much lower are.

                • “That’s not a shortage of the metals, that’s a shortage of two specific newly minted coins.”

                  Yea sure, a shortage from the one of the largest producing mints on the planet means nothing.

                  “Maybe you’re one of those that bought at $2000 and are desperately hoping you haven’t lost your money?”

                  Well, since gold has never been $2000…nope.

                  And sorry, I’ve been buying coins for about two decades, starting when gold was about $300 and silver $9. And the day to day price movements are irrelevant anyway.

                  Are you intentionally trying to show you really don’t know the first thing about what you’re trying to talk about?

                  Back in reality, you’re just poo pooing PMs because you’re low info and broke.

                  • Gentlemen
                    Wouldn’t it be nice for the rest of us who are inexperienced at pm purchasing to learn and listen to both of you without the name calling and bickering. You both have two different ideas about pms and we are listening, but the name calling is childish. Please, teach us…we need to learn and I don’t think there is much time left. Thanks,

        • Funny stuff , Enjoy.

          ht tp://

          It is the best explanation i have yet to see!

        • Purchasing Gold is not to profit like in stock market, it is for preserving one’s wealth.
          That is why the Banksters distort the Gold market downward using paper gold so most Sheeples get scared to change their bank notes to the real money ( Gold ).
          If instead of pricing gold in dollar, one priced dollar in gold that the Federal Reserve is pretending to have, which they don’t ( They can not hand over the German’s Gold because it is not there
          Just do a simple math of dividing the claimed 8000 Metric Ton ( app 250’000’000 ounce ) of the Fed’s gold to the 4.5 Trillion Dollars they made out of digital air between 08 till now, and you easily pass $15000 an ounce price, we are not even talking of all the dollars in circulation.
          Do not be scared, keep stacking , and you will be fine.

          • Doesn’t anyone ever get the feeling that people are being set up for something with the PM markets?

            If PMs were the greatest thing since sliced bread, wouldn’t there be a shortage, instead of a glut, in the world markets?

            If it cost more to produce fine silver products, than they were selling for, why hasn’t the price stayed slightly above the cost?

            None of it makes sense. The more explanations I hear, the more lack of sense it makes.

            I hear about all the demands for PMs for technical manufacturing purposes, yet there seems to be way more than enough to fill the demand.

            We hear how World governments are buying up record amounts, yet, there seems to be more and more available. If hoarding stockpiles by individuals, brings security, there sure seems to be plenty of un-security going around.

            When stocking and hoarding, how much does it take to feel secure? Is there ever enough?
            Just wondering.

            • Agreed

      3. It is just my opinion but never would I own any type of precious metals or jewels for a teotwawki environ. It won’t work, period. If you can’t eat, wear, use it for defense, or medicinal purposes then why bother to bug out with it or take up storage space while bugging in. Leave the cursed stuff alone and keep purchasing what you need to survive. Thanks and I’m glad all of you agree with me.

        • I feel the same way and Martin Armstrong also agrees with you. OTOH, PM’s are for after the SHTF and a new money system is put into place.

          The Chinese have plans for a new currency system, nevermind it’s the same as the current system, it’s just that they’re in charge of the roulette tablet.

          • The way people will get rich is trading their things they have that people need to survive for the others’ gold and silver. Then when (or if) things get back to normal, they have a pile of real money.

        • “It won’t work, period.”

          Low info alert!! Please explain why you think every.single.time economies go into turmoil, people buy PMs and similar assets.

          “If you can’t eat, wear, use it for defense, or medicinal purposes then why bother to bug out with it ”

          *Snore*. Stop trying to assign inappropriate purposes to PMs and then yammering how bad of a choice they are.

          Golly gee beav, I don’t buy food to store value. I don’t buy clothes to eat. I don’t use PMs for shooting. They ALL have their appropriate purposes and saying a PM has no value is idiotically low info.

          • Well, just add it into your stew after shft. I do have to admit gold last a long, long time without oxygen absorbers. And you are 100% correct about the low info, because at this stage of the game anything that does not improve my chances for survival after teotwawki is not on my bucket list. Have a great day and best wishes on your investments.

          • The FDIC only has $25 Billion in insurance to cover $2 Trillion in depositors money in tje banks. Gee what could possibly go wrong there??? Thats why you buy protection insurance in the form of Gold and Silver in the hand as a hedge against theft by TP2B. Remember though, Gold is easier to counterfit with fakes than silver.

          • The guys who belittle PMs usually dont have any money to purchace the metals. Im not running anyone down for not having excess monies to buy PMs, but for making such dumb statements.

            • Anon. Thats uaually the case. Those who slam PM’s cannot afford them or lack the knowledge. Prepping is in layers in all areas including economic. Typically those who begin to see the value go after the low hanging fruit in Junk Silver like blended coins and jewelry. Anytime I buy something, I also consider what is the resale value. Which determines if I see the potential value spread to flip it.

        • TAXED , Ya better hedge yer bets , alittle maybe.
          You own yer home ?
          Maybe you would want to pay the taxes and keep it ?
          So ,some cash and some PM may be the ticket, just sayin.
          Do what ya want , i buy tax foreclosures and flip em , whenever possible , dont matter to me .

          • Hammerhead: Your point is well taken and in a normal shft situation your advice would be spot on. And it may be spot on anyway, I don’t claim to be right. It’s just that at my age and with the trauma facing us it’s better my money is put into food and the other basics. Good luck on the flipp’n and may Christ bless you always.

        • Taxedn2poverty, my only precious metals are lead and brass,in other words, ammo for my ‘ventilation team’ which will be used to defend what I have. My money goes into storable food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping gear, etc., things that I know help me to stay alive. i don’t give a shit about jewelry or any of that other shit myself. I know where my priorities lay.

          • Braveheart: It’s good to know that I’m not the only low info out here. LOL. Hey, what you are doing is exactly what I’m doing and don’t see where gold will do anyone any good in a real no return to normal shft event. God bless and thanks.

        • Precious metals are for an after SHTF scenario. Those who have lots of gold and silver will be buying up everything in sight for pennies on the dollar.

          If you can afford it, you would be a moron not to have PMs.

          • What profit a man to own the world, if he loses his soul?

            I have read the Book, and I can say without a doubt, the man (or woman), that has the most toys….doesn’t win shit, nor take shit with them to the next realm.

            It all comes down to beliefs and good deeds.

        • Easy rules
          1) If it gets bad, cash, food and lead are good.
          2) If it gets really bad, PMs (maybe), cash (maybe), food and lead are good.
          3) If it’s SHTF, Food and lead are good.
          4) After the event/culling and the start of rebuilding, PM’s , food and lead are good.

          • Sadly, for lovers of the world, there is no “after the event/culling and start of rebuilding”. There is only worsening conditions and dying of the flesh, until it is all over, and the new Age begins without PMs, cash, and lead. There will be some food for the new bodies, but we don’t have to grow it. It comes from our Creator.
            A handful of wafers per day and we are good to go. Maybe some cool clean water to wash it down, but that is it. And the best part, there is no doody details to ever worry with, and no thieves to steal anything.

        • My ex’s parents fled Nazi Germany with the clothes on their backs and the gold sewn into the linings. When they got to America, the sold the gold and started a hanger making business. Their primary customers were hotels. They retired rich. It was the gold and the ability to transport that kept some of their wealth intact when they fled.

          The Russian programmers at my work say that Gold and Silver were very effective for obtaining food and other goods during Perestroika Russian. That’s good enough for me.

      4. To me gold is useless a lot of people assume that it will be worth something in a post apocalyptic scenario but I don’t bartering will be the way whether it’s service for service or food for necessary supplies gold won’t be worth shit I’m certainly not going to trade you a cow for a gold bar post shtf I would be more interested in weapons or comfort items that will be in short supply stock up on disposable razors batteries camping supplies disposable lighters alcohol marijuana seeds or non gmo seeds for crops my family is in farming and ranching our gold is standing in four legs in a pasture if you were a welder mechanic or even a carpenter your skills are worth more than gold I could see it being ok to use in the first years following a financial crash but after a while it’s just a shiny rock or pretty jewelry for our wives chicken wire and bailing hay is the new medium of exchange just this Montana boy’s POV

        • “To me gold is useless a lot of people assume that it will be worth something in a post apocalyptic scenario ”

          To me, thinking we’re going into the apocalypse makes your opinion useless. THAT’S NOT GOING HAPPEN FOLKS.

          • NunyaBidness: To me, thinking we’re going into the apocalypse makes your opinion useless. “Next year please have your vaccinations spaced further apart.” If there is a next year for us, because the Apocalypse is definitely on the way, at least for America.

            • Taxedn2poverty, Braveheart agrees and has always believed the apocalypse will come, just don’t know when.

              • The apocalypse will not touch everyone. It may affect everyone; in some way because of friends and family living in the areas hard hit, but there will be areas of protection.

                If your gut says I might be in a flood zone, then better have a good flat bottom handy. If your gut says, I might be in an area of high possibilities of a Tornado, then better have an underground storm shelter. If your gut says, I might be living too close to an earthquake center or Nuclear Power Plant, then move your ass out, asap.

                When the final months and days come, which I see as more than a decade away, the apocalypse will become very real and the shit storms will become worse and worse when the original sin maker is here in his time of reign. He will come as sure as the sun comes up each day.

          • Put an add on Craigs list will buy top dollar Silver with $5 FEE. Place another add and sell the stuff with a $5 Fee.

            Opportunities everywhere folks. It’s PM Fevor!!! Oh yeah be careful not to get robbed. Ha. Conceal Carry. Or do the transactions in a bank.

            • Just got over another hurdle today. All my hard wire electrical is completed in my BOL Cottage complete with porch light. All Off the grid Solar and I now also have a back up controller if an EMP Hits. Powers my A/C and small refridgerator. Yeah buddy… framing out kitchen cabinets. Getting that water well dug next. Country living is great. Abundant wildlife. I think that fat doe just delivered. Suddenly thin with an udder down under. Hope to see some fawns. Deer in FL have babys even in July here.

              • So jealous, but we’re on our way. We figured out our well problem…faulty pressure valve not triggering pump; plan is to upgrade electric service next year and get some Solar going and work towards off grid.

                You’ve accomplished a lot….would like to see you write a series of posts on how you prioritized and tackled your BOL. How many hours a day/ week, problems you ran into and what you did to fix it.

                Keep on keepin on…

          • In a way you are right. An apocalypse is unlikely. If a real one occurs, your food will burn up with you, or any number of other scenarios, which will kill you no matter how hard you try to survive. Most of us here on this site are afraid of our fellow man. That is the biggest problem we face. I can re-build a house. I don’t have the skills to replace the face of a baby burned by a SWAT Flash bang. I can build an ARK that will float on the seas and survive for years. I can’t replace a dog’s heart shattered by a excited cops bullet.
            Prepare, your worst enemy lives next door and votes for Democrats.
            That is what will kill you.

          • You’re a Fuckin tool dude

        • If you have cattle you better have 24/7 guards on them as if they were a Brinks truck and if it gets bad enough you will have to kill alot of people who want to feed their families. Me, I will come to you and purchace a steer with an ounce of gold that you would much rather have than worthless fiat paper. By the way you cant bury cattle to prevent them from being stolen like you can a bag of gold.

      5. EH,enuff with the gold.Metals a good inflation hedge if in hand and your basic survival preps in great shape,gold/silver has survived many empires for thousands of years as a currency,must say we seem to have covered the metal thing a lot lately,any one wanna chat about heavy metal?!

        • Heavy metal ? Just traded my 1970 Duster for a 1969 chrysler 300.
          Now thats heavy metal !

          • Motor metal list,1971 LT-1 350 drop top/1971 442 with W-30 package/1967 Firebird with safari 428 motor/1970Cutlass 350/1969 GTO 400,owned em all at one point or another in me life,wish I kept but one!Wanna go for the 4X4’s metal Era?!

            • Wish id kept my 79 F150

              • Kula,that should be a easy score,even on the islands.I had a 79Chevy 1/2ton/36″ tires/dual quads and exhaust/head intake and outtake matched to intake and exhaust manifodls/cam/,would light up tires in 4 wheel,only did once just to see,damn tires expensive even then!

                I had a e-100 van on a 1974 F-250 4by frame with 33′ tires,empty interior except driver/passenger captains chairs and a kick ass sound system,it was not a toy but a work vehicle!

                • Me above with the chrysler.
                  Heaviest metal owned was a 1946 dodge bro. one and a half ton 4×4 set up for brush fires , complete with boiler plate .
                  Damn slow , but unstoppable .

                  • Tis what overdrive units are for Hammer!I would like that truck but want some highway capability.I almost bought a old chevy panel with the Napco 4×4 kit installed,was the predecessor to Quigley/Pathfinder I guess.

                    • If you ever tried to drive that thing over 45 the military tires woulds flipped ya over!
                      Two transfer cases with two PTO ‘s , lotsa levers to pull inside the cab .Flat head six .
                      Sold it to buy the wife a ring…….. first mistake .

                    • The new 69 300 , now thats a cruiser , long as a battleship and just as heavy. 383 dual quads , sounds sweet.
                      gotta save for a new top , the duct tape blew off , LOL.

                • Im keeping my eyes open for a clean mid 90s 4x van, E350, had one a few weeks ago but had windows, want the cargo van, right now am collecting parts to ditch the electronics and injection in my 96 F350, everybody says im retarded to get rid of the injection but its just more electronic crap to me, want an Edelbrock with a Holly 4 barrel sitting on it and a banks backside, with an excell ignition, then i can pull the gauges and go solid SW mechanicals on insturments. Truck is too clean to sell but too old to keep swapping out OEM parts.

                • Guy had a 79 F350 at the shop the other day getting a safety sticker, wanted 12k for it,,,,
                  Most of them are totally rusted out

                  • Hammer,sounds like a fun ride,hate when the board automatically stops replies hence response here but also going to address Kula,friend had a Runner with 383/727 you get the idea,fun ride!

                    Kula,am with you on the carb thing though f.i. is great on really steep 4 wheeling which I don’t do.The swap of van to F-250 frame pretty easy if your a shade tree(you folks have trees out there?!)mechanic and have the space for project.Gives you a chance to easily work the undercarriage to your liking,chew on a leathery bannana and consider it!

                    • Ive turned a wrench or two, been known to have a few stripped frames layin around

                    • Warchild, I was reading posts from the last article about people using harbor frieght solar panels. That may be fine for a light or 2 but anything else is foolish. Spend the money on crystalline panels, they last twice as long, produce twice as much power per sq. foot, are 5 times stronger and have 20+ year warranty.

                      I run 2 small electric refrigerators and lights, radios, etc. all on solar. I have a 100 lb. propane tank (25 gallon) that has been going for over 2 years now because all I use propane for is the stove and a small on demand water heater. I figure with 5 tanks I am good for 10 years or more. Propane will run out and solar will not and I don’t spend squat on propane.
                      A good set of batteries (L-16) will last 10-12 years if taken care of. It pays for itself in the long run by saving on propane and buying the tanks. I have a backup propane fridge but it just collects dust.
                      A 5K dollar system will allow you to live comfortably and use a much cheaper and safer electric refrigerator, run any power tools, vaccum cleaner, toaster, etc. Relying on propane in the long run is foolish. The only other thing I might want that uses propane is a generator as propane lasts forever.
                      Another thing is if you are off grid go for a 12 volt system. You can use the cheaper more efficient 24 volt solar panels with a MPPT charge controller to charge a 12 volt battery bank. A 12 volt DC system is great because you can use 12 volt lights and water pump and install 12 volt cig lighter sockets for phones, radios, etc. By using the 12 volt system you will not be SOL if your inverter goes out. If you have cloudy/rainy days you just run the fridge during the day and have blue ice packs in the freezer part then at night turn off the fridge and put ice packs in the lower part to keep food cold during the night. This works great just remember to refreeze the packs when you turn it back on.
                      I never got around to coating the deck yet, I will do it this fall. Hope all is well 🙂

          • “The yuan is the black swan”,I like it!

            • I say that China pulls the Plug and ties the Yuan backed by Gold. Months later in Walmart the cleck says would you like Yuan or US Dollars back in your change for your purchase? Hmm. Everything is possible. The US Dollar is cooked.

            • Uh Genius,I hope you know never recommended harbor freight panels!Now,their jewelry tumbler for black powder,damn right/their mini mill/right again!I would say if deck still not stained/coated what have you do a little thinking on what you want,you did do a few samples like I mentioned in hard to see/covered spots,right……?!

              • 10-4 on that WD 🙂

        • Concerning heavy metal, I have all of Led Zeppelin’s recordings. That is the group that heavy metal got its name from. “Led Zeppelin” or “lead balloon”

          • Good stuff!

          • Brother I brought some silver
            I brought a little gold
            I brought a little of everything
            To keep you from the gallows pole

          • Bet you know where that confounded bridge is?

          • Arch,who was the famous musician that said they would go down like a lead ballon?!

            • pete townsend ?

            • Keith Moon of the Who, I believe.

              • Guys,very good and Warchild was,eh,uh,wrong?I actually thought it was James Marshal Hendrix,my bad!Fuck it,hit me with Tull trivia and am a ace as me moniker would suggest!

      6. I keep going back to in a full collapse how much silver you gonna give for my can of pork and beans?
        I try to imagine a partial collapse where money still has value but that wouldn’t be much of a collapse?

        Several times I tried to hit the buy button on silver rounds but I never did….

        Solar power, food stuffs, antibiotics, water filters, seeds, hand tools, bulk ammo and the pea shooters needed hold more value to me…

        Let the SHTF and I’ll be holding on to my pork and beans if ya please…

        • “I keep going back to in a full collapse how much silver you gonna give for my can of pork and beans?”

          I keep going back to – why do you believe that anybody that finds value in PMs doesn’t find value in storing food?



          • Nunya, uh, could you explain how you think commerce as we know it now could continue in any post-SHTF scenario?

            • Brave:
              Good point how is commerce going to work when every body is at home/BOL.?

              I know when the SHTF I’m going to be with my family and group. Where everyone else will be.

              No one at the factory no one driving trucks just how is commerce going to work?

              Will there be little area like in the TV program Jericho? There might be. Only time will tell.

        • 1vet, same here. I only buy what is essential for survival.

          • we have a home paid for in full in town and just paid the majority of the loan here at the farm. I’d rather have land I can farm than rolls of shiny silver rounds…

            and the can of pork and beans too…

            • It is hard to plan for all contingencies. That is where the PMs become important. Maybe you need some scarce medicine and someone else has it who is willing to sell/barter. You could offer him a case of pork and beans or you could offer him a couple silver coins. As long as there are people around you, there will be some system of commerce or barter. Cash/PM is versatile, easy to store and transport. PM will never be worthless and cash will be king for quite a while.

              If you need to move because the nearest nuclear power plant is upwind from you, you can pack up and get the hell out of Dodge. It is wonderful to have dirt, especially arable, farmable land, but, you can’t take it with you. If you had enough PM you might even be able to exchange the PM for some dirt at your next destination. PM unlike cash is not going to lose its value in inflationary times. Transportability is an invaluable asset.

      7. The manipulation works both ways – private accumulation is cheaper but this is the same for Central Banks. Who believes PRoC only has 1600tons of gold by now…!?

        Cost Ave it down and keep calm and buy more .999 1oz silver dollars too while you can. Theres a shortage about to hit the world so you cant go wrong with $14 silver. Watch the dealers mark up over spot as it varies almost daily now…

        Your portfolio should be atleast 50% bullion for Q3/4 and until Q1 2016 and then reassess. The Yuan is the Black Swan for the USD in Sep/Oct and then gold and silver will rise if the USD gets tanked…

        If bullion do prices crater – you will never find physical available for delivery which means you will never be able to take advantage of (or guess) the bottom in reality. How much would buy right now if Silver went to $10/oz or Gold $1000 ?
        Theres still big fish with lots of cash on the sidelines to beat you to it..


      8. The manipulation works both ways – civilian accumulation get a bargin but so does Central Banks. Who believes PRoC only has 1600tons of gold by now…!?

        Cost Ave it down and keep calm and buy more .999 1oz silver dollars too while you can. Theres a shortage about to hit the world so you cant go wrong with $14 silver. Watch the dealers mark up over spot as it varies almost daily now…

        Your portfolio should be atleast 50% bullion for Q3/4 and until Q1 2016 and then reassess. The Yuan is the Black Swan for the USD in Sep/Oct and then gold and silver will rise if the USD gets tanked…

        If bullion prices do crater – you will never find physical available for delivery which means you will never be able to take advantage of (or guess) the bottom in reality. How much would you buy right now if Silver went to $10/oz or Gold $1000 ?

        Theres still big fish with lots of cash on the sidelines to beat you to it..


      9. Stories like this is what causes the panics needed to push metals or whatever. I’d say have a well balanced plan with cash preps metals and property I don’t think you could lose that way. A realtor said to my wife do you wanna sell your house. She said they sold one a few streets over in 7 days. I’m not selling my house that’s paid for to buy another that needs work. I’d say 95 percent of the people that live around here are white. Thank god for that hardly any crime around here. I lived in the city before and it was crime city. Saw my neighbors car sitting on blocks one morn. None of that shit here. I might buy a piece of land out in the rural parts. I’ve thought about this a lot. I figure if I didn’t do nothing with it it would be $ in the bank for later.

        • Buy farmland , and lease it , win win for everyone.

      10. Dollars the bank/govt. will steal,get some land!

        • I bet they will try and steal the land too

          • Harder to take then pushing button at bank,they have to kill you first and police up their dead.

            • Drones make that an easy job with no dead to police up.

              Simply shutting access to the property, along with water and utilities, achieves the same objective with little or no complaints from the general public. Stalin did that to the Volga, surely we can be as good at it as he was.

              • Anon,the pilots(computer nerds)can’t hide forever,and,the public though not as robust has drones,great for spying,will go hunting we get to that point,and yes,realise will not be returning!On a side note,private well/handpump.

                • Warchild,

                  How many acres of farmland can you irrigate with that hand pump?

                  FWIW, a drone pilot is probably the safest combat job there is, and he doesn’t even need to be on this continent to do his job any more than that IT guy with the Eastern accent you call for technical with your computer help does.

                  • For about 500 bux you can put in a solar well pump depending on the depth. 24 volt pump 135.00 ……225 watt solar panel 200.00 …. wire, pipe 100.00. Should work good up to 100 feet or so. Using square foot gardening it would go a long long way.

                  • Where I live, most farms are not irrigated, except by rainfall.

                    • Anon,who said anything about me having a farm?!Small garden perhaps,PVC on wheels hydo,pump will be just fine thank you!

      11. If what Lindsey Williams is saying is true, which I believe it is since ei have heard it personally, is that cash is now unless. Gold, silver, and other minerals are useless also.. according to Lindsey Williams, anyone owning a car, wight payment or a house with payment, will loose that house. It this happens the people are going to go ape sh…t and lose it, then go ballistic. I believe that it’s being done on purpose to cause people to react like that, to declare martin law, plain and simple. The cabal is getting very dangerous and have run out of time. When I look at how dense the population is in my city. I can tell you, that this is going be a very. Very bad outcome. Shtf was a bad thing for me to experience and I was in my own personal calapse. Had it been the real one, looking back now, I know for certain that I would not have survived it. I would have been dead while vultures ate my carcase in grass field of Houston. The question is this, who is going to eat gold and silver post shtf. According to the argentinian Calapse, Fernando Feral showed us that food, water, guns and ammo is still king. Now amount of cash can convince me to five my of food and water then shtf comenses, this is coming sense, and not one with by food will be going me food for my cash. This is a fact of life in my world..

        Now I am prepped out and prepared for the big one.. Still 90% of all the people I see everyday still have not done a damn thing and they have children. This is very disturbing. Everyday are stupid and very irresponsible..the commodities in my opinion is guns, food, ammo water, shelter and moat important of all a strategic location away from the masses. Without these ingredients bases on what I have learned from my friend, is that without these essentials not even us preppers will survive it. The numbers 3-5, 000,000 is still making sense every time I crunch the numbers. When I was in my calapse it came down to food and water, and I had no shelter, , it was food water and shelter evertime.. now I will be getting shot at, crime and violence all over the city, cars not moving from points A to point B, city wide breakdown. This time my friend sli have allies who have war gamed this very event. Anyone who does not prep will suffer badly when the big one hits.. look At Greece, what happened first, the people are caught in what Cliff High from th half past human talks about. THEN THEY GO INTO SHOCK.

        We peepers know one thing, if we don’t get home by this evening to protect you house and supplies the neighbour’s who suspects that you may have things are breaking into your house to take you gonna, food etc. If you get there 3 days late your wonderful neighbour’s begin to shoot at your azz as you attempt to get to you own house, not you have to leave and you prepper allies are getting ready they are also in transit.. ALL SH….T IS ABOUT TO BUST LOOSE..

        They step outside staring into the sky and looking at other around them, caught in in what he calls the COMPLEXIFICATION SHOCK WAVE. NOW FOODNOT WATER, NO PREPS, AND NO PIROR KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT HAPPENED, WHO DID IT or WHY. Your at work, you know what just happened, you tell them, they cabal just hit us with shtf. They ask,why?, you tell them, they ask you why, they keep asking you what would they do that. Your car can’t start, you rich in our TV bug out bag, you have 15-20-35 mike’s to walk.. you just realized that they just EMP – THE F…K OUT OF US. And when you tell them who do it and why it happened, they looks at you and ask these stupid questions. ” why would they do that”..the people are so stupid so uninformed that they are not aware that their are people in the government that wants them.. dead. Now what would I be giving these ideotic peiepl my food and water. What makes me think that they are going to listen me now as they ask me that question right on the model of the complexification wave..

        The end result is still the same for me..i will be leaving the city area, period.. I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT CURENTY TRADE AT THIS MOMENT ONCE IT HITS.. Like Dr Garrow said, people guns guns guns and list of ammo, gold and silver, that won’t mean anything when it hits.. your family and survival is at stake.

        NO HELP FOR NON PREPPERS, F….K YOU NONE PREPPERS L, YOUR ON YOU OWN, WHEN I TOLD YOU TO GET READY, YOU TOlD ME I WAS STUPID AND WORRY TOO MUCH, NOW YOUR IN DEEP SH…..T AND THINK THAT ALL THE PAIN STAKING PEPPERING THAT I HAVE BEEN DOING INIMITED BUDGET was for you, F….k you and your family. My food and water is to trade and help the other preppers families to get access to their skills and supplies as I supply them with things that I may have.. I am sorry my shtf – effers of I sound too harsh, I am not helping non preppers. I don’t have a heart for it. No one came to my rescue when I asked for help in my local shtf event. I was on my own. No food now water, no shelter, I was screwed and only recovery because it was personal shtf. The next shtf that I will experience will be the very nationwide global engineered plan of the luciferian globalist.. this one will be on the less, nasty and merciless. This time I am ready. Even as I type this I am monitoring around the clock, because if it hits right now, my phone will be dead, all of your guys will be on high alert and start moving and implement SHTF PROTOCOL..think this is bunch of crap for some of you agency azz clowns posting o her talking crap the ping crap at me. You cabalist pricks in the inside has implement al Jad Helm to allow them a safe exist to the DUMBS. Usasecurityguard gave us the alert because it’s coming down. USA, if you hear anything, let us know and keep us updated. I appreciate you letting us know what is coming down the pipeline. We all need to have silver an gold just incase, but we just know that if its a bad calapse that it won’t mean jack sh….t when the big one hits.



        When it hit, it hits Like a bitch.

        • What?

          • Who the hell is he calling a ” peeper”? Makes you wonder about what this guy is doing, doesn’t it? Other than that, I got a laugh out of this Ted Kuczinski manifesto.

            • Relax Andy, he’s a Congressman and home for the weekend. Come Monday we’ll never hear from him again. Or he is actually the results of what happens when someone really does go f*^! themselves.thanks

          • Hicks gets really REALLY excited and doesn’t care much for spell check? Of course it could just be all the Molly.

        • Look, Jack Kerouac already did the “stream of consciousness” composing style, and he did it much better.

          • LMAO , nice , COACH !
            I wonder how many remember that ?

            Ranks right up there with “i’m OK , your OK”. HAHAHA

        • HCKS, damn good post, except for one thing. Cash isn’t useless just YET. I’m still using mine to get preps while I can all the way until it becomes useless. when the balloon finally goes up, it ain’t gonna be nice.

        • Prepping covers all aspects of stockpiling, including investmemts including barter or alternative forms of payments if banks close and the dollar crashes. There is no magic bullet to save you, not even religion. So nothing wrong being diversified and have all the bases covered. Yeah get your beans and bullets first then PM’s.

      12. blah blah blah disconnect in price blah blah. This happens very time the price drops. Wait a few weeks and spot will be back down. I am looking to buy silver at 12$ We still have more to drop.

      13. Sick,can you condense that for us posters here!

        • LOL Warchild. I thought I was pretty clear.

      14. Gold is going down. Silver is going down. Copper is going down. Coal is going down. Iron ore is going down. Molybdenum ore is going down. Zinc is going down. Nickel is going down. What we have here is a failure to communicate honestly. Fact is that we are headed into a deeper pit of recession. An incipient “collapse”, which is/will be a collapse of debt = DEFLATION. “Money” will disappear like magic, leaving everyone (but the rich more than most, LOL!) so poor that they can’t buy anything. Demand side of the equation falls close to zero, prices fall like a dropped rock. Gold most of all because it has been stoked for years by these inflation fear-mongers into a serious bubble. I have no sympathy for the market manipulators, nor for their ignorant victims. The natural price of physical gold is probably south of $500, maybe way south. Say, $200 FeRNs.

        • Old Coach thanks for putting into words we can understand. And I’m with you, we are going down. Instead of PMs, the next major boom will just be rust. Thanks for the 3 pointer.

      15. Pinocchio, Snow White and Superman are out for a stroll in town one day.
        As they walk, they come across a sign:
        “Beauty contest for the most beautiful woman in the world.” “I am entering” said Snow White. After half an hour she comes out and they ask her, “Well, how did you do?”
        “First Place,” said Snow White.
        They continue walking and they see a sign:
        “Contest for the strongest man in the world.”
        “I’m entering,” says Superman. After half an hour he returns and they ask him, “How did you make out?” “First Place,” answers Superman. “Did you ever doubt?” They continue walking when they see a sign:
        “Contest! Who is the greatest liar in the world?” Pinocchio says “this is mine.”
        Half an hour later, he returns with tears in his eyes. “What happened?” they asked.
        “Who the hell is Hillary Clinton?” asked Pinocchio.

        • Copperhead, I fell out of my chair on that one. One of the best I’ve ever heard from anyone.

      16. A good friend of mine owns a small coin shoppe, that the Wife Unit works in, so here is some skinny…

        Gold orders from his sources…Shipped within the week.
        Silver orders…One month lag.

        Anything that comes in the door is gone by the end of the day. The only thing in stock is collector stuff.

        Many folks are selling like mad, but the inverse is also true.

        The premium on 90%… AKA junk silver… special orders is insane, and it’s a crap shoot on getting the denomination you want.

        OH, the Wife Unit has first dibs on through the door stuff. Gotta love that employee discount!

        As far as having a cash stash…You bet! Got that..

        • Agreed. My husband has the same issue.

      17. Have a three month supply of paper money on hand just in case. Small bills,nothing higher than $50

        • I’ll get right on that……
          600 bucks should do it.
          Nuthin to buy except electric , when available.

        • I’d lay in a couple boxes of 30-30s. Gonna need ’em.

      18. Another commercial to encourage the sheeple to buy gold. You are nothing more than a whore for the precious metal industry. How much did they pay you for this ad?

      19. Obama cocks hammer on new gun control

        says his ‘Biggest frustration’ as amerika’s puppet prez is inability to make sweeping changes for ‘public safety’

        President Obama told the BBC he has felt “distressed” and “stymied” over his inability to get gun-control passed through Congress, and he will double down on these efforts in his remaining months in office.

        Obama’s comment went to air on the British broadcasting network just hours before a lone gunman shot two people dead at the Grand Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, before taking his own life.


          • Froggy, I just finished the article. Let his minions come for mine and I’ll be locked and loaded. their asses will be toast.

            • Gotta say,obola a great firearm salesperson,probably the best!

              • Warchild, he outperformed Bill Clinton in that role. let the african virus come for them. He’ll be toast.

            • I went to a gun show today. Found 5 vendors with .22LR target rounds but no hollowpoints except for the last vendor I went to who had 8 bricks of hollowpoints. Bought 1 brick of hollowpoints and 1 brick of target rounds. Bought 4 boxes of .380 plus some gun cleaning supplies and 1 new LED flashlight. Shot my wad at the show but was worth it. 2 more gun shows scheduled for my area in Aug. Gotta get all I can.

              • Show in jackson MS August 8/9

      20. children in africa still pan in the rivers and streams for gold flake daily to buy bread so they don’t starve.

        because the money is worth “$0.00” in their failed countries.

        GOT PHYZZZ?

          • Interesting as fish are worth more than a gold flake here I think. Fish is like $22/lb. I guess same there. Or there’s a lot of gold in those creeks. BTW, old timer article said flake is just the way to trace back to the source. I wouldn’t know. Never found flakes!

          • Wow, very disturbing. Venezuela and Argentina on the way… Chip

        • Hey nina, was it time to change your handle again? Why don’t you keep your old name, it’s not like we don’t know who you are, it makes you out to be like a kid, playing silly games.

          • waaaaah much?

            • Not too much nina, but I like your video below, it just go’s to show ya can’t keep a good little Nazi down! But it does show they’ll always be cowards, that will never change. Why not change your next name to Cowardly the Nazi boy, it’s the real you.


        presents latest RAP NEWS VIDEO


      22. We are all guessing and hoping we have guessed correctly.
        PM’s are for wealth preservation and come after life preservation. If we have prepped properly, we have a chance.

      23. Holy Christ—how can anyone allege that consumers of silver are being harmed? Industrial users want low prices and no matter how low, they holler like stuck pigs that the price is gouging to the upside. The market for generations has almost always been for consumers of silver!

      24. Name a fiat currency that has not eventually collapsed – there are none.

        Name a fiat currency that has not been replaced by another fiat currency – there are none.

        So how do you preserve wealth when YOUR fiat currency dies? If the world is full of canibals and zombies then you need ammo and food. But if you ever think that some semblance of order will be restored, and eventually a new fiat will be created, then gold and silver will have value in that new fiat.

      25. just another buy gold article. Think about this what are folks using to buy the gold? The answer is Dollars! If the dollars aren’t worth anything why are the sellers of gold accepting dollars for their Gold?

        • Dollars still buy loaves of bread. As long as they do, there will always be dollars.

          • Dollars buy anything and everything you want anytime you want it. How much you can get for them (prices) may vary, but they’re still the standard of payment in the US and most of the world.

            You can’t say that for Gold or Silver or any other metal. Best you can do with them is sell them to get dollars to buy what you want.

          • What Im trying to say is why are those who already have the gold aint keeping it. they are preferring to sell it for dollars. They aint stupid or dumb or they wouldn’t have that gold in the first place. these articles that tout gold they remind me of a new vehicle salesman. they convince folks that the pretty shiny vehicle is a great bargain. and as soon as you sign the papers that vehicle loses much of its value before the ink is dry. Keep your cash there really isn’t much cash in circulation Spend the cash on beans & bulletts. When 90% are gone nobody will trade food for gold.

            • Why aren’t the grocery stores keeping all their food? Why aren’t the gun stores keeping all their guns and ammo?

              Silly questions.

              Gold sellers probably already have all they personally want. They are in the gold market to buy and sell for profit, which profit they can use to buy even more gold or buy other stuff they need. Exactly the same as people in any other market.

            • Also, the gold doesn’t lose its value like a car does. Gold and silver have been worth approximately the same ever since ancient times. And will still be worth the same 1,000 years from now, if the earth stands that long.

        • Old Guy, a 30-30 Winchester, a couple hundred rounds of catregis and a gunny sack of pinto beans, now that is real wealth.

      26. I’ll keep stacking.

        I lost cash in the dotbomb bubble.

        at least I know this won’t go to zero.

        Then when I can… I’ll cash it in and buy rental property.

        • exactly!

          is my plan as well.

      27. If all people would quit paying their $200 phone cell phone bill, they would have money. Think about that. for a while. I was one of the first people to get a cell phone. My situation was get a new car; keep driving what I had (not to dependable) or buy a cell phone for $9.99 a month. That was in early 1990’s. Who could beat that? That is a far cry from where we are today, kids as young as 10 have apple phone, Samsung 6. That parents are paying as high as $200 a month for 1 phone. Wake up people, all your money is going for phone bills.

        • That’s ridiculous. You can get a smart phone from Verizon with all the texting and data you want for less than $80 per month.

      28. Cash over gold any day get a little silver just for emergencys forget gold to expensive. Cash is king always. I wouldn’t take metals as payment.

        • Asshat, The only good thing about gold is that it is portable. Silver is my #1 choice because it has hundreds of uses and is used up never to be recovered mostly. With gold at 1100 silver SHOULD be 69.00. Very undervalued and getting shorter in supply. Cash will be good for a short while then all bets are off. I like canadian maples because they are .9999 fine and can be used for colloidial silver.

      29. The FED is trying to force gold/silver prices ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… wait for it …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. UP !

        Yes up and FED’s are doing just what OPEC does when it wants oil price to go up, OPEC cuts production and this is why they have stoped selling silver eagles at the mint because they cannot stop the amount of fiat silver exspanding.

        Turning 5kg ingots of silver into lots of little 1oz coins helps the mint to make fiat cash, it’s money for nothing so why don’t they do it.

        if you want to argue that rules for silver are not the same as oil then thats up to you but i can even give you the reason why they are doing this.

        no one trusts stock prices when it comes to collateral but fiat gold/silver was almost as good as real money (Gold/Silver) and the traders have been using fiat silver to buy levaged stock and if the value is allowed to drop then calls will be made and you will see a knock on effect.

        The price disconnect between real gold/silver will continue but for now the trend is down and that’s why zero hedge is doing all it can to sell you it’s metals because they have gone too long on supplies and have been caught with there pants down.

        Another thing, energy costs for the exstraction of metals has crashed due to the cost of oil being so low so that too must have an effect on prices.

        I will start stacking again when silver hits $12oz

      30. A couple months ago as I was getting out of the car at the thrift store I looked down on the pavement in the parking lot and found a small gold necklace type chain. It was marked 14k, not a gangsta rap size, but not one so thin it was hardly visible. I estimate the weight at around 1/2 ounce. Finders keepers, losers weepers. I’m still holding it and don’t know whether to keep or sell before the price falls further. It is the only gold I have. I figure it is not worth much.

      31. Gold and silver are generally bought as insurance against almost anything. If you bought really low and the price is high, you can opt to take some profit and buy back in at a later date. If there is no black swan that catches you with your pants down, that is. Some people don’t believe the real value of gold. I talked to an old timer who had to get across a closed border in eastern Europe in order to survive. Gold was the magic word. He lives today because of it.

      32. Folks a friend is into PM’s and he said watch very carefully what you buy more and more fake stuff is showing up at a lot of here to day gone tomorrow coin shops and the like be very careful and he said that about ALL PM’s. The crooks are thick out there. He said put back what you can afford but DON’T short your PREP’s.
        After the SHTF it will be longer than what a lot of people think before some kind of normal returns. BE VERY CAREFUL.


      33. Off topic comment, American’s are concerned with their health and healthcare. Big Pharma is not, instead totally into the suppression of medical science in order to bury emerging cures and keep the ‘sick care” industry in control. The latest medical tyranny involves using GcMAF treatment. a molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. This substance has cured tumor cancers including breast, lung, prostate, pancreatic and melanoma and turns cancer cells into healthy cells. It also effectively treats a long list of other ailments with no side effects. The USDA has outlawed it. It would make highly profitable Big Pharma drugs and methods obsolete. This eye opening article can be found on today and is titled “Investigation: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF.”

      34. Buy lead it is the most valuable metal. Food,water & fuel are the biggest commodities if survival is the goal.

      35. I don’t care about any PM’s .. I wont be here when the dust settles to “rebuild” any dam way

        I’ll be laying in a pile of my Pm’s

        the only thing that would interest me about gold or silver is how well they would hold up to 2,400 FPS!, and at this point lead is cheaper and doing a fine job so far

      36. What is going on.

        At the time of this post.

        Stock market down over 150 points. Silver at 14.55, Gold under 1,100. Gas around here still at 2.69, and it is down around 48.00. Food still up but the gardens are coming in and people are buying less food from stores. Shouldn’t food prices be going down with fuel prices?

        What happened to Jade Helm? Where did it go. Are they still doing it?


        • Sgt. Hell yes they are doing it. Fooking jets and choppers all over the damn place around my 2nd home. And that is in the middle of nowhere. Day and night grrrrrr.

          • “G”
            I haven’t seen anything around here out of the unusual. Normal traffic to the Guard Ground normal choppers in the air.
            “G” Please keep us up on this the MSM is telling us nothing.
            STAY SAFE MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!

            • Sgt. , I am in the southwest so we are getting it. You are probably safe. I am as safe as I am able to be, thanks 🙂

        I got my I’s dotted and t’s crossed this time punks.

        Now that i got that off my chest, we can have a sensible conversation. Sarge, the numbers you just presented is matching up 100%. Its a Numbers ## cluster f…..k of the end result thats botheing me. Even i just bought a few metals just incase. Its not like plan on going to up to anyone with my metal commodities, to trade for food or water. The New Gold depository may be a pending outcome. I may get my ass shot in the process, if i walk outside in the middle of shtf, nor do i street trad.

        Or is it the fact that Governor Abbot is building a GOLD DEPOSITORY BANK, for us Houstonians to get the oportunity, to safely store our gold and get acces to the new Texas Currency post SHTF EVENT INVETRO STRIKES THE COUNTRY, OR WORLD WIDE SHTF. Its not a wonder that Jade Helm 15 is unloading military equipment in Texas and sorrounding our entire fricking city. I dont think its the economy that they are worried about, it i believe is here, to prevent possibly Texas breaking away to its own “Break Away Civilization, Type One”, as a GOLD, STANDARD economy allowing internationl trade, TO UNWIND from the number, crunching, stretching CLUSTER F….K OF WHAT’s LEFT OF THE ECONOMY as mentioned by Sarge, ” the gas pump, the grocey store, the cost and numbers adjust, etc. Since i just found out that the “gamling Casino” stock market just plunged the hell down and it may dip into below the foundation we stand on witin the next few months. What a bunch of stock tarding morons running all over the floor, tripping over each other like a bunch of idiots.

        Its almost sounds contradictory my part with the my constant doom/bloom/gloom posting. What the hell do i need commodities metals for? Since this whole article is about that discussion.

        The EBT CARD TEST RUN WHILE BACK? Wonder what that was about? How am i going feed my family, my card ain’t working.

        Oh no, its just our imagination. The agency azz clowns trolls think that commenting crap following my post and comenting on my type O errors will silence me. Yes a run on commodities is happeing right now. Everthing is going to happen and its all coming down the pipeline. People i am told, is not going to have any money to buy food in the next few months and that eveyday people are going to start getting hungry all the time. In the 2009-2010 calapse in Houston, while it was happeing, i literally saw women, men, everyone running out of gas on the streets, on the beltway, at intersections, on feeder roads. Lets see what happens next?


        We will see. Unward the the SHTFEVENT HORIZON, 2 months remainding, the countdown has begun.


      38. Silence you? You’ve got to be kidding, you’re the funniest read on this thread! Everybody I’ve shown your posts has a great laugh, you’re a great stress relief for people who’ve had a rough day at work, by all means, keep posting!

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