Gold: Is this 1980 All Over Again? Not Even Close. (Micro Doc)

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    Over the last half decade or so, as the price of gold and silver have steadily risen, financial experts, advisers and pundits have often argued that gold is a bubble. They said it in the spring of 2008, as gold approached $900 per ounce. Likewise, as gold surpassed its nominal 1980’s high and went above $1000, those same analysts were screaming sell recommendations. To this day, with gold nearing $2000,  they are still all marching to the same tune.

    Headlines for the last three years have been heavily weighted against gold, with every price spike being met with bubble talk. When George Soros said in January of 2010 that gold was the ultimate bubble, the media pounced on it as evidence that precious metals were through. Of course, Soros had been acquiring millions of dollars worth of gold assets (and continues to do so today). His message was completely misconstrued. Gold, like any other asset that involves a buying frenzy, will eventually become a bubble. And given the reasons for why people buy gold – inflation protection and as a hedge against the loss of confidence in government stability – we can be fairly certain that gold and precious metals in general will eventually reach exorbitant levels and “pop.”

    But, as Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends points out in the following micro-documentary, we’re nowhere near bubble territory yet.

    It’s important to note that 1980 was the end of the gold run that started when Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. That was roughly a ten year run up in the price from $35 to over $800 per ounce.

    This, however, isn’t 1980. Our debt-to-GDP ratio this morning hit 101% and is going much higher. We’ve added more federal debt in the last 7 months of 2011 than all of the years from 1776 to 1980 combined. The policy of our government is not to curb inflation is it was in 1980, but rather, to stimulate it, as evidenced by 0% fed funds rates (in the 1980’s it was in the teens!) and the massive monetary printing over the last few years.

    1980, even though the end of the recessionary environment was still a couple years away, is when the people felt confident that crisis of the past decade was coming to a close.

    If you feel like our current economic, financial, monetary, and social crises are wrapping up, then by all means sell your gold.

    But we urge you to consider what Future Money Trends has to say about it before you do.

    Micro Documentary: Gold 1980 Vs. Today

    Despite what the experts in the media and on television tell us, there is no bubble in gold – not yet, at least.

    You see, bubbles require emotionally driven buying (just like bubble pops require emotionally driven panic selling). When all of those family members, neighbors and acquaintances you know who still reject the notion that our economic and social paradigms are shifting; when they start buying gold and silver at rapidly rising premiums and prices (as opposed to their current selling of precious metals to rip off outfits that include  ‘We Buy Gold’ shops) and when they all become experts on inflation, safe haven assets, and gold investing, then it’s a bubble.

    Look around. We’re not even close.

    Gold is going up so long as the governments of the world keep printing money and so long as the public’s confidence continue to deteriorate.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. I’ll give it a shot. First?

        • No, you’re number 2.

          Now with a little bit of luck, nobody will step in you.

        • Ah yes, SHTFPlan the only place were the losers come in first!

          • “Where” are you?

            • Not first, keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent.

      2. I had all my broken earring, chains etc melted into a nugget and hallmarked stamped, better than selling it as scrap I feel.

        I can’t afford to buy gold but am doing well with small bits of silver right now, getting it wholesale in s,mall ingots from 5g to one troy ounce, good prices last week.

        Take care

        • Burt,

          It’s outrageous to see all those “Buy gold” shops to open all over Greece.
          If you walk downtown Heraklion, you will count more than 25 of them, in 3 streets.

          It seems that voltures are making circles around the corpse 🙂

          Be safe Burt, the ride will be spookie.

          • Collect all the scraps and get it melted and marked Manis, worth more that way…insist on watching the melt..or else just keep the scrap yourself until you really have no other options.

            Be safe mate

            • I think you can melt it yourself with a torch and some borax for flux. Or keep it in scrap form so it’s recognizable as scrap gold.

              I like to get my gold for 25c at garage sales, I end up buying some fake stuff which is why I pay very little, stuff that people got years ago, and have little emotional attachment to, “Oh, that old thing” etc., the stuff that’s real I’ve been selling and turning the $ into ammo, the stuff that’s fake I give to waitresses, helpful gals in stores etc I tell ’em it’s fake so they don’t get their hopes up but that it’s nice to wear.

              The US has tons of the “WE BUY GOLD” places too.

            • I never knew that. Thanks for the tip Domestic

          • I am in no way a high rolling metals investor but here is what I am looking for, right or wrong this is what I’m doing and looking for.
            (All scenarios subject to change due to some weird event)
            I’m watching for Greece to imploded and blow most of the EU out into the Atlantic. The informed in the EU will before this time will be heavily invested in short term US Treasuries, converting Euros to the (yuck yuck) safety of the USD protecting their wealth. I think metals will possibly run up a little until the markets start their run up. I have no idea of the numbers but well beyond 13,000. When the market starts to look too juicy, treasuries and metals will sell off getting into the allure of the market. I don’t know what treasuries will do at that point I’m watching the PMs. I expect them to drop into the neighborhood of Gold/ $1200, Silver/$21.25. Before this point I’m buying like a mad mother. Israel hits Iran, Iran hits the 5th fleet, Sarkozy bones Merkil who the hell knows, something “IS “going to crash that market trapping a lot of big money. They have been doing this shit for decades and there is going to be a ton of pissed off rich folks that are going to get burned in this. I have adopted a stance of doing the exact opposite of what they are spewing. If they espouse that PM is in a bubble, FINE I’m waiting for the bottom buying like a cheap bitch and sitting on it like a chicken. We all see this coming if you haven’t made a move by now, stick a fork in yourself, you might be done. Those that are steering this fucked up mess don’t give a flying rats about you and I and our families. Their only concern is themselves. Make a move and try to OUT FOX THE FOX! The more you do now the less you have to do later!

            • The government will be ready when the DOW crashes and takes metals down with it. Will be much more difficult to buy or sell quietly. Quiet energy (pv’s, solar heat, wood, coal, propane, buffalo chips….)

            • Hammer remember it all started in the 1930s with some podunk bank called Credit Anstalt over in Germany or Austria.

          • I’ve been pulling apart family members computers and other gadgets when they brake down for the gold over the years. One of these days I will acid bath it and collect the scrap. Peace

          • Sadly you have a point. More sadly still the valuable high velocity type is not available to me.

            We even have regulations to limit air rifle/pellet guns.

            Bb guns have to be bright colours so you can’t fool anyone with those.(5years prison if you make it look like a real weapon)

            Gas powered nail guns would solve the problem…that’s why we only have electric ones over here okay until the grid is down but no good after that. One day they will realise the bad guys already have weapons, it’s the good guys that don’t.

            Maybe if I ask nicely the zombies will go away…you have to take the piss otherwise you’d go mad lol

            Take care

            • So what happens if you paint a real gun up like a BB gun? LOL!

              *lawmaker’s head explodes from the logical contradiction of it all*

              The message I keep getting over here, especially the past few days, in the MSM, is that we’re essentially all too dangerous to be allowed to walk the streets and more or less everyone should be rounded up like cattle. I mean how else you gonna “nerf” the planet?

            • Why am I anonymous ?

              Ah, questions questions lol

      3. Have been collecting one Tory ounce copper bars also, very very cheap but could come in handy in the future

        • Most of the bars I’ve been seeing have been over priced! Can I ask were you buy yours Burt? Peace

          • Hiya clay,

            Believe it or not….eBay for the little bitty bits, it’s just pennies, bigger blocks, say a kilo, at dealers, can get it for around £8 if I collect. There is a place over here that supplies the jewellery trade, and gold and silver blanks to the US mint that sell internationally, you can buy gold, silve and gems in any amounts, they are now selling to the public, I have been using a little old local guy but he is getting out, would you like the web address or shall I report back as I am giving the new place a try in the next week or so?

            Take care

          • I should have said that the American copper looks good but the postage would kill me lol

            The prices have started to go up a little on ebay of late, hence me doing the bits of silver and such.

            I have also taking to looking at pawn shops, the prices go down a lot when they realise you know how many grams are in a troy ounce lol

            I never use eBay for silver to much “German silver” a friend went mad when I told him it wasn’t silver at all. I was to that motto is if in doubt check it out…he didn’t

            Happy hunting Clay

            • My local banks hates me. I trade in new pennies for older pre 1982 ones in which the copper content is worth more then face value. I’ll take any URL you want to put up, if there’s a chance I can get a good deal. Peace Clay

      4. An investment Broker told me a year and a half ago that gold and silver were in bubbles. Turns out the investment company was telling their sales people(brokers) to say that. Most likely the commission was lower than a Mutual fund…

        needless to say…They were wrong then.

        Just last week the same individual told me that buying gold and silver is for stupid people who never want to retire and live in a tent, once they are homeless and broke…HUH!?!?!

        Anyway, I continue buying PM’s, and only wish I could buy a dump truck full.

      5. God will eventually go past $100,000 an ounce. Not because it’s getting more expensive but because the dollar will become worthless.

        The best way to buy silver is to get junk silver coins. You can buy them for as little as 6% over the spot price and that includes, shipping, and a credit card service charge.

        • BC: If the dollar became “worthless” as you say, then you couldn’t buy an ounce of gold for $100,000 either.

          Not gonna happen. Buy a brain.

          • My peeps: The more inflation that comes to America the richer I get whether you measure that wealth in gold, silver, or platinum; or other precious and base metals.

            The reality is that hyperinflation hasn’t happened and it is not going to happen. If it was I would say so.

            I could urge you to buy every oz of silver and gold you could afford to increase my wealth. I don’t need to benefit at your expense.

            Double digit inflation is not hyperinflation.

            Society is not going to collapse except by Pole Shift, EMP, Nuclear war, or Celestial Event. In a “collapse” or deflationary spiral, which is the real risk now, metal will hold its purchasing power but the price is not going to skyrocket.

            In a deflationary spiral (collapse) many of you will not jobs or income. Every dollar you have then, tucked away in a #10 can will be precious and few.

            Those of you (17 or more) who gave me a thumbs down better look again. Someone is trying to manipulate you (and doing a good job of it) or you are just plain stupid.

            Which is it?

            Am I trying to sell you a newsletter on a monthly basis or special report? Am I asking you for your vote or first born?

            • I agree with what you say.I think maybe you have more insight into the precious metals market than most of us since you are in that field. I can’t afford gold but I do have some “collectible” silver to keep.Also some fiat on hand.

            • durango, I am not trying to be sound obnoxious, but I was just wondering what you meant by your last comment about PM. You said it made you rich? I also dont buy a lot of PM, because I believe ammo for my guns and a can of tuna will be a lot more valuable if something does happen. I have a little silver and do plan on buying a little more. I am just looking for a bit of different advice here.

            • Jim (not Jim): I own a precious metals mine. My purchasing power holds regardless of inflation, deflation, or hyperinflation. So I have no special stake in the outcome and no special ax to grind.

              I am in a win / win / win situation. That’s called foresight.

              For anyone to suggest that gold will be $100,000 per ounce, and that the dollar will be worthless, just demonstrates utter ignorance or propaganda. Take your pick.

              Bernanke is NOT printing too much money. There will not be hyperinflation. He is only replacing the losses for the banks.

              (Not that I like that).

              Every time a home goes into foreclosure, the difference between the mortgage loan amount and new market value at resale, represents “Federal Reserve Fractional Banking Losses” a portion of which (3%) that must be replaced to maintain the banks liquidity ratio.

              Those dollars are DESTROYED by the “de-leveraging” in the real estate market. Those dollars no longer exist.

              Multiply the amount of loss per home times the number of homes in foreclosure, and you begin to grasp the size of the losses.

              For example an average $50k loss per home times one million foreclosures and you have $50 billion in losses; 2 million $100 billion.

              You do the math for the number of foreclosures already, and the number of mortgages underwater. I do not know the average loss per home. It may be greater than $50K.

              To replace those losses,the FED buys US Treasuries at a low interest rate with dollars it creates. The bonds are used to validate their balance sheets(liquidity).

              The low interest rate return is what is providing profit to the banks for operations without lending any money while the de-leveraging works it way through the economy.

              No hyperinflation.

            • Check the math. I meant $500 BILLION, OR One Trillion for two million homes.

        • $100k an ounce, then a loaf of good wholesome, organic bread, the kind your mama bakes, is gonna’ be around $250 to $300. It’s all relative.

          The key with gold and silver, is to protect your purchasing power. If the dollar becomes worthless, meaning no value, then gold and silver will be one of the many forms of exchanges used to acquire tangible assets, i.e. were talking bartertown time!

          PS I’d pay $100K to get an ounce of physical “God”, any day. As long as he’s selling.

        • I had to say this, but god will be worth 1000 bucks? lol I knew what you said

      6. Dirty girl, dirty girl. That money is dirty too!

      7. Folks, can I throw some caution to the wind? I know some/many won’t agree with me, that’s fine but if I can give you food for thought we all win.
        Soros buys gold low then sells high or at least sits on it for a period of time. He isn’t amassing gold as a spectulator, rather to make a prophet by obtaining your wealth(fiat money). The risk is always with the buyer.
        He is an insider and manipulator of other countries wealth and the market.
        Even if gold doubles, so will the normal day to day consumer needs. The manipulators are banking on panic buying of PM which will drive the prices down(especially if the gov’t puts in new regs).
        Most of us will need consumables more than PMs when the SHTF, for however long it will last (which makes us preppers, spectulators also). I’d rather have something than can sustain life than to have PMs that are valued at what ever the seller deems.
        If you have PMs, hold on to them. If you feel the itch to buy, buy silver. Because we’ll be able to manage quanity of silver easier when need to barter with easier than gold. How? There are more small silver coins than gold. Even if you have a tenth ounce of gold(value, apprx.$170.00), how do you get change? Silver?
        More than anything, invest in yourselves and family with items needed to survive day to day.
        The big push is to shrink our savings and make us more dependant on the almighty Gov’t. Then, my opinion, the gov’t will come after our PMs.(opinion based on; every communist, oops,progressive gov’t has done this.
        God speed to you all.

        • Hey DRD: I agree with you about most of the things you said but wanted to add a couple.
          I do buy some metals, not much, but my reasoning for it is this: if the price of metals doubles and so does my living expenses, I am worried that my yearly salary doesn’t or that my bank account doesn’t. If my salary or bank account doesn’t match the rise in living costs I have lost purchasing power which is exactly what inflation does. Metals is a hedge against inflation.

          In the event of total shtf: I don’t think metals will provide much help for me. If I am starving and my neighbor says I can buy that beef cow, he could ask for all my gold, I would pay it. I would rather have seeds and bullets.

          I do think the gov’t will eventually try to seize PM’s. I don’t think they will be successful totally. They may be able to raid deposit boxes in this country, even abroad with certain gov’ts but for the people hiding it in cans in the ground they won’t get it.

          I also buy in case I am one of those “crazy tinfoil hat people”. In case nothing happens in the future. It is like my savings account that I hope accrues interest.

          I am not trying to wave a metals banner for everyone to go buy, that is just my reasoning.

          • mike I forgot to mention that junk silver is a safe buy.

            History tells us that they’ll; take our food to feed their army, our money to equip their army and fund wars, our land to remove us, and our freedom to enslave us.

      8. A quick one.

        The husband returns from the job, and sees his wife to prepare her suitcase.

        – What are you doing there? he asks.
        – I’m going to Vegas for a year. I heard that hookers get $400.00 every time they do, the same thing i’m doing with you for free, she replies.

        Then suddenly the husband starts to prepare his suitcase too.

        – What are you doing there? she asks.

        – I’m coming with you, he replies. I’m curious to see how are you going to pass a whole year with $800.00

        • very funny Manos

      9. Joseph T. Wladislaw: I wish I could read her mind. I think it’s dirty.

        The number of slaves in Greece just increased a couple of generations last night before they go back to the beautiful Drachma.

        • Slim,

          Nothing is finished until the people speak their last word.
          Even slaves can screw.
          Hope for the best man. And above all, be prepared. You may be the last line of defense for the rest of the free world.

          Be safe


          • manos, I admire your spirit! Your attitude of never giving up, and your sense of humor! Stay safe, keep the family close, and keep dodging those tear gas cannisters. We’ll all be with you soon. Godspeed. -okie

          • What is so amazing about it is the Greek Government didn’t borrow real money anyway.

            • That’s the funny thing.
              The famous 2nd package will be given only for the interest of the previous loans and the expiring bonds of 2012.
              And then: Oops, we made a small mistake, new austerity meassures, cut the pensions, cut the salaries, stop eating, and stop breathing, stop peeing.
              What a suckers they are, Slim. 🙂

          • Manos, charity is a hand out


            Friendship is a hand up, the hands of friendship are here if you need them. Remember that.

            • Burt…Off topic here but I love the guy running for mayor of London—Ken Livingstone. He said to a crowd “Hang a banker a week until the others improve”. Does he have a chance?

            • morning JRS

              Ah Red Ken as we call him. Yes he has a chance, he was Lord Mayor before Boris the Berk, all good fun when Ken runs the show lol

            • After all these weeks my comments are in moderation….have I done something wrong Mac?

            • Are you BURT or BERT?

            • Now that was funny!

      10. It occurs to me that the inflating of gold can be deflated by flooding the market with more gold (mined or otherwise). Now I do not have knowledge of how gold is distributed after it is mined, but I can’t fathom the government not having control over this. I could be wrong.
        Here’s a question for y’all.
        1-Can the government deflate the value of gold as I have suggested by flooding the market?
        2-What if money continues to be devalued through inflation (Thank you Congress), and some entity (government or others)then flooded the market with gold, intentionally devaluing it. Is this a possible scenario? 3-Or do I need to stop taking hallucinations?

        All of these questions I have posed remind me of a saying I live by.
        The more I educate myself, the more ignorant I realize I truly am.

        • 1. Governments can sell gold into the market and try to suppress the price of gold.

          Governments can buy all the gold mined in a country under their laws, at a set price; which may not be a world market price. That price could be above or below world market price.

          2. If a government continues to inflate its currency and then flooded the market by selling gold reserves, in a attempt to suppress the price of gold, the market would back up the truck for all it could get.

          Not much point in that unless, under phony, crony capitalism, you are selling that gold to your friends.

          3. Try not to inhale the fumes when you fill up your gas tank. Do that now.

        • I…I hear what your saying about feeling ignorant. When I decided to dump the pretty green toilet paper for PMs, I studied it and felt retarded. I think with the DOW up as far as it is, the scuzzball bankers are trying to lure people back into the market and then pull the pin. The vast majority of gold is held by countries and wealthy people. I don’t think they are ready to fry the small fish yet. Its six of one and half a dozen of the other so I just did what I felt comfortable doing. Gold and silver have been precious to people forever, I can’t see that ever changing. If I’m wrong then I have plenty of lead and brass as well.

        • Neither, he is my disguise lol…knew I would slip up somewhere along the line. that explains the moderation, I hadn’t even noticed.

          Don’t tell anyone ok….I am actually a burtina or bertina….

          I was here before as me but work would not appreciate some of the things I say on here about the crooked system we have, I was actually told to keep my mouth shut so rather than anyone find out about all my postings on here i morphed into Burt…and it was successful until you undid me lol

          I will return to burt forthwith

          • Sorry, above post was for JRS

      11. Anyone foolish enough to have the bulk of their assests in paper(dollars) will soon be in tears as they will lose everything they have. Put your wealth into the things that you would buy with your ink paper.What makes one wealthy is First a relationship with the LORD JESUS, and then Land,Metals,FOOD,ect. All the things God gave to us on the earth, NOT PAPER. Use wisdom and transfer from paper into psyhical goods that you can hold,smell taste, see and use to live. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

        • rock, I agree, for the most part. God and salvation by the blood of Christ should be a priority for everyone. Put your further investment in a small piece of land with water nearby and a small house. Bigger means more taxes. Out in the country is better but too much seculusion without like-minded neighbors could spell disaster if gangs of thieves find you. Food stuffs ,etc.etc. and guns and ammo. I’d rather have my excess funds tied up in lead and copper and bows and arrows. If all those that have everything tied up in gold and silver have nothing to fall back on; what will happen when the dollar is worthless and their gold and silver is based on the Peso and their return is two centavos for every dollar? Or worse; under martial law the gov. takes dominion over all silver and gold? Just saying….

      12. Hello, Mr. Slavo Ive been a longtime lurker and Ive deciced to join my fellow Economic Collapse blog refugees and visit you!!! I enjoy your articles and Im grateful for you taking the time to share the truth with us in this ever increasing world of lies!!! Ill drop in from time to time and keep the good work coming mah man!!!

        • Thx CM. welcome to the party!

          • Mac- did you check his secret decoder ring from a box of Capn Crunch to make sure he’s authentic? (small confession- mine was counterfeit when I joined, but thanks for letting me in anyway! It’s been a blast!)

        • Hello from the UK

        • Welcome!

      13. silver is the better investment go for pre 1965 dimes quaters and half dollars…

        • Hello Wally I may sound like a broken record (what’s that). Agree with you 100%. While ptepping and stocking your shelves please consider monthly purchases of 90% pre 1965 silver coins. You may even want to go with Mercury dimes and Franklin half dollars to eliminate confusion with clad FDRs, Washingtons and Kennedys. The devisibilty and recognized 90% silver coins are the way to store silve value. (MM)

      14. I would also like to thank you Mac for this informative site. It is getting more and more difficult to find any real news sources out there. If you watch/listen to any of the U.S. news all you hear about is the election or whatever they want to let you know about for the day.Was changing the channel tonight and cnn was saying how rising gas prices was a good thing because that means more people are getting jobs and the economy is getting better, REALLY well seems everywhere I travel more and more homes are up for sale by banks and people are feeling more hopeless by the day. Sorry for the rant, just p/o about where our country is heading.

      15. I plan on selling mine soon because I think we have reached the zenith in our area . Besides even IF we have some catastrophic collapse , supplies will be worth more than gold .

        • A little more glib then usual today Rich you feelin OK?

          • I dont know what glib means so i cant answer your question .

      16. Could never speculate on gold and silver. The powers that are far greater than I have way too much control over their ups and downs. To have them for SHTF is a necessity though. If our govt cared about us they’d make a “coin” available to us with real dollar values not $1 for an ounce of silver but like $50 for the same – then people could hoard them and have PM’s to protect them from a falling dollar and a face value to protect them from deflation….if only our govt. cared.

        • You are stuck in a dollar paradyme. When/If this thing goes down, the question will be “How many oz do you own ofAu or Ag”. Physical goods will be priced in oz not dollars. Regards, James

        • Hello Jim, Great post. Fully agree. A PM ‘coin’ should be marked in its troy ounce weight and finess. On the front (obverse)of the ‘coin’ should be a likeness of Lady Liberty and the coin reverse should have a dramatic depiction of the American bald eagle. No more presidents on coinage!! (MM)

      17. Ladies and Gentlemen,
        One does not enter the bakery to buy a loaf of bread with the gold one has,,,,,,but to buy the bakery itself.One does not visit a farm to buy a bushel of corn with gold,,,,,but the farm itself.
        The biflation theory makes since to me cause it’s happening now,,,,items with debt attached will depreciate,houses,and every day items will inflate,food,energy.I may have read the biflation article on this blog.

      18. Jim…”If our govt cared about us they’d make a “coin” available to us with real dollar values not $1 for an ounce of silver but like $50 for the same – then people could hoard them and have PM’s to protect them from a falling dollar and a face value to protect them from deflation….if only our govt. cared.” They do, it’s called a silver eagle.

      19. Gold is a way to preserve wealth. Gold’s rise reflects, in part, the true decline in the value of the USD. The media portrays the USD rising or declining relative to other currencies, primarily the euro. While these two currencies, as well as all others, rise and fall relative to each other, though, they are both declining simultaneously relative to the value of true money. True money is gold.

        The silver market is much more volatile than the gold market. Silver has industrial uses as well as value as a form of money. It is heavily manipulated by traders at COMEX, where huge contracts are traded that could not possibly be backed by physical silver on hand. Buy silver on the dips and sell it on the rises. Take advantage of the price manipulations by going along for the ride. Buy gold with the profit from silver sales. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        A replacement for preps? Hardly. A way to finance preps? Definitely. My two cents.

      20. Does anyone ever wonder where the US Gov’t got all it’s gold? I stumbled on a theory and was curious what others know or have read about the us aquiring gold.

        • Mike, The more important question is, does the US still have any gold? Peace

        • Mike…I’m wondering myself if America’s gold wasn’t handed over to the bankers years ago by FDR. The gold that was ours is now the property of the central banks who have allegiance to no country.I also think much of the central banks gold was taken from Japan after WWII(Black eagle funds?). One thing I am almost certain on is China and Taiwan have WAY more gold than any of us can know.If you are speaking to those “fake” bonds, I think they may be real and they may be ones given to China after WWII instead of them getting their gold back.

      21. Owning PM sounds good now but who’s to say the goverment won’t come in later and tax your pm’s when you cash it in, think about it the goverment always got their fingers in your pocket when it comes to profit.

      22. Mike: We got OUR gold the old fashion way, We stole it!

        1. It was confiscated by Roosevelt; 2. We snagged Hitler’s treasure, including gold; and 3. We captured all of the gold that the Japanese had plundered from all of Southeast Asia during WWII, which was considerable.

        That gold had been melted down by the Japanese, so there were no markings to determine its source of origin. To the victor, goes the spoils.

        Read: Yamato’s Gold. It tells the story.

        • DK: This is just something I read today and found it interesting.
          I read that in 37-38 timeframe Japan who was guided by the rothchilds was a threat to china and SE Asia. So we (the fed guided by Rockefellers) agreed to keep the gold here where it would be safe and in exchange gave them treasury bonds.
          I first heard about the 1938 t’bills on glenn beck a couple years back when they were seized on the Swiss border. But the author says that the elites screwed them over by not giving back gold and claiming the t’bonds were forged.

            • Mike: Yamato’s Gold is an easy one day read. The Japanese plundered all the gold from Nanking China to Thailand from every Temple, Treasury, and Golden Buddha.

              They shipped it back to Japan and melted it down, then buried it in the Philippines, where it was discovered and shipped to the US.

              Marcos was involved in some way and was an American stooge. We kept the gold, Imelda kept the shoes.

        • Actually, most of our gold was purchased at the mint from mine production, California, Comstock, Klondike, Homestake, etc., etc., and coined into money, or received from foreign gov’ts in exchange for war materials, until they went broke and got loans instead.

          • Smokey the numbers don’t add up. We mine less than 10 billion dollars worth of gold a year in this country. In 2010 when gold was expensive we mined 8.9 billion dollars in gold. Around 230 metric tons per year.

          • Smokey: Not really. Yes initially the US Government purchased that for coinage for the benefit of the Uber Rich who owned the mines. All of that coinage was confiscated during the Depression.

            At least it was supposed to be turned in. The Lion’s share of OUR gold reserves came from the Japanese stash which was humongous.

            Asia has been gold oriented for many centuries even as they are now, so there was quite a treasure hauled in by the Japanese.

      23. aat women desire nything thwill always be valuable. that said, the best way to horde precious metals and stones is to buy it in jewelry form and give it to your wife as gifts. you not only prepping for shtf but you will make your wife extremely happy and youll prob get lucky. its a win win

      24. not sure what happened to sentence in last post but,

        anything women desire will always be valuable. that said, the best way to horde precious metals and stones is to buy it in jewelry form and give it to your wife as gifts. you not only prepping for shtf but you will make your wife extremely happy and youll prob get lucky. its a win win

      25. Mike: I am aware of that info and the current court case in Britain. It ought to be revealing. There’s a lot of history out there that should be rewritten.

        But there are so many criminals and too little time.

        • There is also a 1 trillion dollar lawsuit filed in NY. Google “Neil Keenan Lawsuit”.
          I wasn’t aware of the one in England.

          • Mike: I thought that court case was in Britain. I remember the video of Lord somebody describing the case in the House of Lords as it includes the attempt to transfer many trillions of dollars to HSBC from the Fed.

            Kinda vague now but I think they are one and the same. Anyway, it will be worth watching. Someone BIG is going to get nailed one way or the other before this one is over.

            Wouldn’t surprise me if a couple of the principals in this action woke up dead. Hear what I am saying?

      26. Some advise from an old guy:

        IF you are in your secure zone and making your stand, then silver is the way to go. Junk 1964 or earlier US coins.

        IF you anticipate making a run for it then gold is the way to go.. because silver is too heavy and the wartime definition of “wealth” is whatever you can carry with you at a dead run.

        IF you are wealthy and are planning to fly out of the country, then investment grade diamonds are the way to move the most and not have it set off metal detectors… paint them with clear nail polish and say they are cubic zircona (Fake).

      27. Gold is in a bubble as surely as its price is inflating. I would not get caught up in trying to trade in and out of gold or precious metals; at the top of that game, gold will only be worthy a huge pile of worthless currency. I would not try to time the burst of the bubble. I would convert/divest from gold and currency and buy tangible assets – especially staple goods. In the end, neither gold nor currency will be worth anything. Only staple goods and land will be of the most value to people.

      28. When I watched “After Armageddon,” I noticed someone was bartering with an exchange-rate chart in the background. The chart showed a gram of gold equaled 28 Idaho dollars, and other examples like that.

        I’ve been getting a bunch of 2-peso gold coins because they are small denominations (approximately 1/20th of an ounce), easy to barter with compared to a 1-ounce coin. Also been getting 1-gram bars of gold, again for their ease of trade.

        • Not a bad Idea; but the markup on small gold is high. Most people cannot tell real gold from fake. Junk silver will be closer to the Value you need. Remember for a thousand years the amount of silver in a dime was a days pay or more. Copper was used to buy things like food and drink, silver was far to expensive. Like now a silver dimes worth about $2.50. For most of US history 25C would buy a meal. Who will have change for 1/20 oz of gold. That’s why $20 Gold pieces were not even used prior to the 1840’S and they are still in such good shape. You got paid $20 a MONTH, took it to the bank and broke it. They were never used.

          • I agree on the mark-up. I’m just trying to think ahead on what will exchange easy. Plus, considering what price gold has potential to reach, today’s mark-up is tomorrow’s return.

            A 1-oz gold coin is a great thing to have, especially if it was purchased when gold was below 300 bucks an ounce. However, it will be relatively difficult to buy a relatively-small purchase unless people have change to break that 1-oz coin. A 1-gram bar, or a 1/20th ounce coin would be much easier to trade with.

      29. Wow allot of people think they are going to buy stuff with gold and siliver and the cops will make it all fair…You better get ready for surival on your own their will be nothing to buy any where in a week and thats consertive speaking..Can you say welcome to the 18th century law and order back to the person with the biggest gun or most wins Bang Bang Bang no winners just k-ass….

        • Nope to much Mad Max. If it gets to that stage it won’t last long. In that kind of mess: Rwanda; it’s over quickly. So many guns in US any real breakdown will likely be over in a few weeks or months. That’s why you need food etc. If the average person eats one other person you have cut the population in half. So any huge massacre ends shortly. It’s only relatively small scale stuff like the Jews that takes time. If the major population gets involved, It’s over quickly

      30. How the Hell Does the Dow Break 13,000?

        “There is of course no recovery in the US. As we’ve written numerous times, the US economy – the West’s really – is in a metals bull market. Metals bull markets end with junior mining stock blowoffs, just as happened in the late 1970s. We’re several years away from such an event yet.” …

        Oh, but to answer the question there’s this link:

        “Wondering why the DJIA just passed 13K again? Wonder no more: as the chart below shows it is entirely due to the nearly $7 trillion pumped by global central banks into the world stock markets just in the past 4 years.” …

        But… but… the bankers and their fascist friends keep telling us all the money is contained, that it’s all locked up secure in the banks. … Psft, as if.
        More and more evidence keeps popping up showing the money is leaking out into the system.

        One last thing, you can clip off a bit of gold from a small coin to make change, or to use to buy smaller quantities of goods.

        That’s my three bits.

      31. Times are hard for jewellery makers, a company over here has come up with a pretty good solution, they have let it be known that they can supply precious stones, gold et al to “crafters” who make their own jewellery at home. As a result you can buy anything you like, very reasonably, anything from gold grains, wire, single gem stones including diamonds, anything you want and because you are able to buy small amounts costing is not so much of an issue.
        Obviously the more you buy the cheaper it is but it works for me.

        If it gets used during bad times…great, if not, the grand kids get a little Baggie of tangible assets when I am gone. Win win.

        • I’d love the details of this company, esp as I’m a crafter (makes and purchases for investment less suspicious to the authorities).

      32. buy pm’s now… everyone buy now… america is gone… protect your families and yourself financially and physically… what was coming is now HERE!

        welcome to NWO Fascist cfr bilderboybugger Dictatorship by a NWO CIA Puppet Prez! he’s nothing but a puppet on strings… a whore for the nwo…

        If Obummers mouth is open he’s either lying or eatin a hotdog… with no bun! In a all male public bath house in chicago…

        arm up stock up prepare for martial law and then revolutionary civil war!



      33. The point of investing is to make a profit. A lot of gold investors have racked up 200% or higher gains, and would be foolish not to lock that in.

        The amount of physical gold needed for a catastrophe is not more than a 5-10 ounces.

        • So you say. But back when I was buying silver dimes for 30 cents and I was asked why? I said “So I can throw a few to the starving mobs as you carry me through the streets on your backs and I can watch the riots.” Nothing like extra.

        • Oldboy, Many persons who call themselves ‘preppers’ and who purchase gold and silver are not investing in PM’s they are buying a form of ‘life’ insurance for the future. However, no insurance agent is getting a commission off this purchase.

          So whether the PM’s are in a mason jar, ammo can or other secure location, it will be there for them to deal with economic or other crisis’ and possibly past on to their children.

          So I will agree there certainly are PM investors who probably buy and sell to lock in profits. Each persons thoughts, plans and fears for the future will determine the amount and form of PM’s they purchase.

          These words are mine and from speaking to other preppers. (MM)

      34. Gold temporarily spiked today because the CME lowered margins, something I haven’t seen them do in a quite a while. That should help set the stage for a big rally.

        • Shirley that was to allow the big boys to get in and highly leveraged so that when the balloon goes up over the Straits the GB’s can make a killing. Been expecting that bounce for quite some time.

          Excuse the pun, yes it was intended.

      35. The Paha Sapa; Black Hills are confiscated from the Lakota; Sioux to their enemies. Teton River renamed “Bad” River where Lewis & Clark didn’t meet compliant tribe ready to trade territory for peace medals, Teton Lakota always feared and despised by U.S..
        Custer came by thieves road, gold “discovered” Homestake & Hearst followed. Custer died for your sins.

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