Gold Digga: Broke Kanye West Asks Zuckerberg For One Billion Dollars… Fans Start GoFundMe Page

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Headline News | 89 comments

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    The fact that he is Shakespeare, Walt Disney, and Google (his words) embodied as the single greatest rapper of all time aside, one can’t help but laugh at the latest plight of walking Yeezus Kanye West.

    According to reports Kanye is broke. Worse than broke actually. He is some $53 million in debt, presumably spent on furs, cars and booty botox for his wife Kim Kardashian. Just five hours ago, in fact, the West/Kardashian clan announced that they are adding $20,000 worth of flooring and sparing no expense on their new home.

    That, of course, totally explains why Kanye had to hit up Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for a loan. No, seriously, he did.

    And how much money is Kanye looking to borrow?

    Just a cool billion. According to Kanye, Zuckerberg needs to stop donating money to charity to build schools in Africa and help him out instead. Here’s his totally unbelievable Twitter chain:


    But that’s not even the funny part. What adds even more hilarity to the situation is that a GoFundMe page has been started in his name. As of this writing generous fans have donated $862 to help Kanye out. But with the bailout come scores of comments from the general public:


    Perhaps Kanye should have taken up former pharma CEO Martin Shkreli, who just last week offered $10 million to exclusive ownership rights to Kanye’s latest album “Pablo.” (Incidentally, that’s a whole other really hilarious story, as Shkreli apparently got scammed out of $15 million in bitcoins when he tried to buy the album through one of Kanye’s “boys” via Twitter.)

    In any case, God’s Gift to the world is so broke he’s asking billionaires for money so it’s only fitting that we drop Kanye’s Gold Digger track for your entertainment:

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      1. I am seriously disappointed this asshat made your important enough news to publish

        • Sometimes I throw in an entertainment story or two… keeps things interesting 😉

          • My new clothing line has a t-shirt with a picture of Con-Yay, pockets hanging out. Several options are available for the caption beneath, including

            “Go Fund Yourself”
            “Fund You, Motherfunder”
            “Unemployed rap musician. Will speak unintelligibly for money”

            All shirts come pre-stained and sporting that cool hip-hop ‘ready-for-the-rag-bin’ look. Order yours while supplies last!

            • Didn’t he play a part in the movie “Broke Ass Mountain”?
              Probably likes to go fundle himself.

              • Didn’t he also say he had plans to run for potus?

                This punk is just another mutherfunkin loser that has burned out his pea brain.

          • Mac, I can’t help but laugh at this article. NOT at you, but the article. who the hell cares about Kanye west? I wouldn’t even give him the time of day, never mind anything else. This is what can happen when someone has been on a crackpipe for too long. [SARCASM DEFINITELY INTENDED]

          • With so much bad stuff in the world today, it’s good to have a laugh now and then.

          • Why would anyone give money to an ape?

          • MC Hammer, bruh?

          • Thanks mac. This totally brightened up my day. At least I’m not 54 million in debt. Things could be worse. Haha

        • I was just going to say the similar, in a polite way. But, on the other hand, this dark, lost soul represents everything that is wrong with this country, and the West, so I guess in that sense this is an appropriate story for this site..

          • He’s just another imbecile who never bothered to prepare for a future in which he wasn’t making a lot of money off of his “singing” career. He thought his fame would continue indefinitely, never thinking about how short the fame of pop entertainers really is. At best, they have about 10 years of maximum popularity and then it starts to wane. A new generation grows up and starts working and spending money and they want their own stars, not someone who was famous with the last crop of people to grow up and who is now pushing forty or fifty. So, society throws them away and they are good for little more than celebrity reality shows where the rest of humanity gets to laugh at the sad state of affairs of the once popular performer who is now broke and no longer able to afford the cost of his or her addictions. Sorry Kanye, you are not a good investment. You and your racist music are past their sell by date and starting to smell. No one is going to rescue you so you better figure out how to rescue yourself.

            • Jim Morrison of The Doors only had about three good years.

              And this guy ain’t no Jim Morrison.

      2. Kanye West is a total piece of shit. He will be the next M.C. Hammer, broke and forgotten a year from now.

        Nobody will donate to his GoFundMe, as evidenced by the 1/2 million illegal pirate downloads of his crappy music.

        • This will be so fun to watch.

          Coming next i predict, kim divorces him, he becomes a drug addict, does some interview that he explains how he had such a hard life and goes out doing a whitey houston impression off a drug overdose.

          now, i don’t wish heath on anyone; but if goes out anywhere like this; i will smile; he is just such garbage and filled the heads of all sorts of people with garbage.

          • Lena, those peoples’ minds were already filled with garbage just listening to ANYONE’S rap/hiphop. He just added his garbage to the pile.

        • JS, I don’t even consider rap or hiphop to be music. I prefer celtic music myself. Kanye west can go f#$% himself.

          • Yea, I prefer bluegrass or classic country gospel. Those people are true musicians.

            • JS, I also listen to those. Now you’re talking.

      3. No doubt this nation is Done.

        Go Fund Me? Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      4. Why on earth did this a$$hat make news here?

        • Mac, I just had to do it. Sorry. He’s such an a-hole that I felt compelled to post this one.

          • LOL, no worries. And you are right, no love lost for him

          • Mac (that one)
            Gave me a laugh, thanks.

            • Rebecca, as much as I hate rap and hiphop, this article did give me a good laugh. Why doesn’t he just hit up the Kartrashian family for the money? they definitely have it. Those women are so bogus. They don’t even have the good sense to go for white men.

              • Braveheart

                I’ve never listened to him nor have I watched his wife on the tube. Just seeing their photos and headlines on news cites is more than I want of either of them! Mac was funny just making silliness out of this guy.

                • Sorry… news sites

                • Okay, so here’s a question……Does being in a community property state like CA trump a pre-nup if they get divorced? So is kimbutt now responsible for bonehead’s debt?

                  • Hi Foxglove666
                    Usually a prenuptial agreement runs over community property… but… this is the United States and our only relief is a lawsuit. So he could sue. If there is a prenuptial then she will not likely pay. Second issue is that if he walks out of the country with their children… she might pay. Third issue is that she should not pay and he can live at her lifestyle… Barring debtor’s prison… which is pretty much just for poor people. Some people have prenuptial agreements to protect a portion of their assets if one spouse is in a risky field and goes belly up.

          • kanye is the biggest waste of space ever!

        • M NTO

          Gives us somebody to blast for a day or two.

      5. Wonder if he called Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

        Oh, the humanity of it.

        • I have an old outhouse at my cabin up North, I would rather throw a hand full of cash down the hole than help that prick out of a jam. He got himself in it he can get himself out of it. But no the rest of the rapper crew won’t help him either. What a loser

      6. His “Resting ‘Bitch’ Face” will bring in millions over the next decade.

        Sad, but true.

        Bankruptcy, and a new ‘music’ release will have him and his wife above water in a couple of years..

        Just a prediction.

      7. Fund him a one way ticket to somewhere else. Give him a billion? He’ll blow that too.

      8. Hey, give da guy a break already. Just because he is broke, comes from a family filled with Commies and is arrogant as hell doesn’t make him anything less than Crazy Donald Trump! (Except Trump have gone bankrupt 3 more times than West) sarcasm

      9. I do not think he needs me praying for him, the people he owes the 53 million to will be doing plenty of praying for him. Maybe Kim will help him out.

      10. all I can do is hope he tanks so hard that he ends up in the gutter

        and If I was his sow for a wife I would have an issue with him saying “he may still have sex” with that real entertainer and artist Taylor Swift..( im quite sure she can do waaaaay better than him any day in her sleep with rags on her head and would never dream of laying down with that hack )

        he also doesnt want ANY white publication to talk about black music ,, so every one of these publications should give him exactly what he wants ZERO publicity ..ignore this ass hole forever, and let all the other black artists take it out on Kayne for his utter stupidity . please do us all a favor Rolling stone etc et all give this POS what he wants

        I hope Zuckerburg ignores this punk .. he owes him nothing either

        Kanye ‘s 53 million debt needs to become 153million overnight

        until he becomes humble ( wont happen in reality ) this guy needs to be forgotten by all and any supporter

        he is the direct act of entitlement attitudes in this country in a public setting .. In all of our faces of what and how special these jackasses think they are

        his next go fund me should include a tin can and a beat up set of Jeezy Shitty shoes .. dance bitch for this quarter i might give you


          Oh you’re one of those, huh.

          They’re both equally useless IMO.

          • Well I’m not “one of those”
            But if you had to pick who you would rather look at or listen to
            I would think you’d make a wise choice
            But than maybe you wouldn’t

            • Neither????

              Unless you’re talking about the song “gold digger” in which case somebody had to say it…

      11. the comments on Gofundme are hilarious

        I’m sending Kanye a job application
        our local McDonalds is hiring

        • I think a Pizza Hut did this too

          • My company will take him ONLY if he passes a drug test and background check. He’d fail them both big time, I bet.

            • Don’t forget the IQ test.

      12. With all the doom and gloom happening this makes me laugh. He mocks the Lord Jesus and hates White people. Couldn’t have happened to a better person.

      13. He calls it “rap music.” Rap is not music. It’s merely mediocre poetry, no better than what a first-grader might write.

        It’s not even black in origin. It started back in the 1920s as “talking blues.” The first recording was by Chris Bouchillon. The best known performer of talking blues was Woodie Guthrie. Robert Lunn was the best known country performer, known as “The Original Talking Blues Man.”

        • I keep telling myself that Rap music is a fad like computers, too bad it isn’t

        • Archivist, I consider rap and hiphop to be black crap. those people don’t know squat about music.

          • It is mainly the beat.

            without the beat, they could not con the teenagers to spend millions on their crap talking.

      14. How did it get this far? Why wasn’t it stopped loooong before he racked up $53 million in debt. All narcissists have a sense of entitlement, it’s characteristic of the disorder. Although what one narcissist feels entitled to another may not, but all of them have an entitlement mentality. Here it’s bailing his ass out…. to the tune of $53 million.

        It’s the people with this sick entitlement mentality who will be looting and stealing in a shtf (hopefully they are the first to go) because they actually feel entitled to grub off of others and therefore don’t bother prepping.

      15. Silly me…when will I learn?! I just wasted 3 minutes of my life reading about this drek.

        • It’s a great laugh. I have been lol since the first sentence of this article, and every post is great. Thank you to Mac and everyone, I needed this uplift and laugh tonight.

      16. He can go to the crossroads like Howlin Wolf and Robert Johnson did.

      17. He’ll have a comeback tour in a few years.
        Hope he stays broke.

      18. Pro athletes


        Professional bums.

        If everyone in the US gave me ONE dollar…

        GoFundMe page: “Gimme a dollar”.

        • Absolutely not worth what they get paid. Yea they love their fans because they are meal tickets. One of the best times I ever had was going to Chicago and meeting quite a few blues players at different clubs. Those older blues guys are real talent.

          • It really is the “gimme a dollar” effect if you think about it.

            No ONE person gives them anything of very significant value. A tiny smidge of money.

            It’s just that EVERYONE DOES SO.

            If everyone in the US gave me ONE dollar… I’d have over 300 million.

      19. The last time I watched him was on a youtube, heaving around with his ghetto dancers singing something unintelligible in a cloud of stage smoke, with every other word being bleeped out. Talent? My pine tree has more talent than him. His Yeezus shtick was/is offensive to me, not to mention him going up on stage and disrupting Taylor Swift receiving an award. Names his children North and Saint. Complete narcissist.

      20. If it worked, I would start a Go Fund Me page for my bugout retreat. At least then the money would be used for something with some sort of actual utility. Fund this guy though? Why should I pay for him to keep up his lavish lifestyle while I am struggling to fix up a 20 year old truck? Let him find his own damn money and a clue as to how to use it wisely.

      21. Kayne, “Somebody insurance find me money”………

        Old guy with fishing pole, “I got you a dollar”.

        Most of you here probably know the rest.

        • Omg, I can’t stop laughing -too funny. 🙂

      22. WS, I wouldn’t mind a GoFundMe page for my prepping. yeah, I know, I’m just dreaming.

      23. Hey West
        You idiot , zuckerburg’s site to fame is Facebook you idiot , not Twitter

        This guy is a dope

      24. How is this mentally retarded, no talent idiot on this site? Just when you think you’ve found a place on the internet where you’ll never see a Kardasian, this retard, or that horror show that used to be Bruce Jenner, the rear their ugly heads (in their asses)
        I give up….

      25. This is what’s wrong eith America, just reading this garbage about some ignorant street hustler that married some street whore is news. What is wrong with this sick.sick, evil demonic media. It’s truly has to be the.end times that nobody even questions this garbage. To see these hellbound buffoons set up fund me account for this piece of shit is mindboggleing.

      26. Why was my post not shown. This is ridiculous

      27. Gold Digga: Broke Kanye West Asks Zuckerberg For One Billion Dollars… Fans Start GoFuKyerSelf Page

        “Dumb fucking Nigger!!!”

        There … I just said what everybody else was thinking ツ

      28. Looks like sales of thug nigger sh…t rap music is down….what a damn shame and what a stupid useless idiot of a woman like bend over and take up the ass and to coexist with thug thrash Like that
        Kardasian is trash..what a waste of a good body to let herself be seeded by filth like that. I have to laugh.



        Not trying to be racist it’s just that facts are facts.

        • HCKS, LMAO! I have to agree. all the kartrashian women are fools.

          • Yeah and now Bruce is a Kardasian woman too, maybe he she will give him a few bucks to get by!

        • I call them the KarTRASHians.

      29. Well, after reading some of the postings here, I don’t have to say anything else. It’s all been said. And darn good too by a lot of people.

      30. A fine upstanding young man that the Kardashians are proud to have in their family.

      31. http:

      32. Coming soon to a 7-11 near you: Kayne West whipping out his EBT card.

      33. Who is Kanye West??


      34. Oh geez, wipes eyes , EBT card, all of you guys / ladies are the best.

      35. His mom spelled his name that way on purpose
        To throw us off
        Here is the real pronunciation and spelling


        Con ya out of your money , because he’s a no talent hack

      36. Lay off Kayne – you racists.

        He’s just doing what africans do best – feed off whitey.

        Everyday in every way. Year after year after year.


        • leon, if you’re just being sarcastic, OK. If NOT…..

      37. Thanks Mac. There is to much doom and gloom posted all the time. We need a feel good story once in a while.

      38. He’s $53 million in debt, but wants $1,000 million to bail himself out. WTF?

        • Give himself a little “cushion” for a rainy day…lol.

      39. This country is becoming more like the movie “Idiocracy” everyday.

        • Joatmon, I see “idiocracy” every day in real life. Don’t have to see a movie.

      40. All i have to say is… hahahaha… karma just ran his ass over, backed up and did it again…

      41. Hay Kenya, I’m retired with 80% disability, could use a new truck, could you slip me a 100K or so? As I’m white it would be good for race relations, and I might even listen to one (1)of your “songs.”

      42. He blew his money, screw him.
        Zuckerberg is a dumbass if he gives the racist assclown anything.

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