Gold Buying Panic In China: 10,000 People Wait In Line For Their Chance to Own Precious Metals (Stunning Pictures)

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Alt Media Daily, Headline News | 192 comments

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    One day in the near future Americans will finally realize that their money is being devalued at a rapid pace. For the time being the price increases are somewhat muted by official announcements of inflation being under control at around 2% and purported economic recovery on the horizon. The Federal Reserve and the US government are doing everything in their power to maintain a perception of stability.

    But what happens when all the machinations are proven to be fruitless during the next stock market crash and currency crisis?

    That’s when people panic. That’s when they start mass selling assets that hold no true value, and shift their capital to physical goods that store and preserve wealth.

    In China, where the central government has manipulated the currency, economic and financial markets for decades, the people have seen it all before. And they aren’t taking any chances.

    While the paper price of gold and silver may have dropped nearly 25% this year, it’s clear that demand in the real world is soaring.

    If you want to know what it’s going to look like in front of precious metals dealers when confidence in our government’s ability to manage this crisis is finally lost for good, then look no further than the streets of China.

    The following pictures, taken in Jinan in the last 48 hours, depict some 10,000 Chinese citizens lining  up to buy physical gold, providing all the evidence you need for the argument that gold is, in fact, money.

    These are absolutely stunning.

    Panic Buying In China (Photo 1)

    China gold buying (Photo 2)

    China gold buying (Photo 4)

    China Gold Buying (Photo 5)

    China Gold Buying (Photo 6)

    China Gold Buying (Photo 7)

    Images from Caixin via Zero Hedge

    The pictures are reminiscent of Americans lining up around the block during the gold buying sprees of the 1980’s in an attempt to get their hands on physical gold and silver.

    Just as is the case with food, guns, ammunition, Xboxes, and iPhones, when widespread demand strikes it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on the goods you need at a fair price.

    Get yours now, before the panicked masses realize what has happened.


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      1. So does this mean that the Chinese people have lost confidence in their own currency? Are they being told to buy gold because the fiat money is going to collapse soon? Just curious what brought this on.

        • Ditto,
          Curious what the story is behind this, looks like the crowds at any big sale event here in the states, just sayin, kinda like black friday sales or a big wallmart event!
          The asian nations and people tend to look more frantic and cluttered when they have any sort of big event anyway, just normal day to day stuff to be crowded together, no offense meant.

          • A Krueggerand for your thoughts!—–What inflation?

            • For God’s sake people follow the wisdom contained in [My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge] and [Study to show yourself approved…].
              DYODD [Do Your Own Due Diligence] or be like Reagan [Trust, but Verify]

              This was a SALE, much like BLACK FRIDAY, not a panic buy! The only panic was they’d miss the DEAL!


              “…a gold store which sold its products at a price of 299 yuan per gram in a promotion – about 50 to 70 yuan lower than the normal level, in Jinan city, East China’s Shandong province on June 11, 2013. The promotion attracted nearly 10,000 people who rushed to the store despite restricting each customer’s shopping time to 15 minutes.”

              • LOOK!!! in the third row, second guy from the right, it’s Bernake.

              • It doesn’t matter what the reason is.
                Remember that in the provinces Chinese don’t earn thousands of dollars per month.

                So if they have the chance to buy 18k jewelry gold they grab the occasion.
                Be sure those people are not waiting in line to buy some nice jewelry at discount price.
                They are waiting in line to grab some gold, which their government openly supports.

                Let’s do a gold jewelry sale in the USA… Let’s see how many sheeple will line up, not that many I guess…
                Let’s do a sale on Apple products… I bet you will see the same images as above. Of Americans lining up to max out on their 4th credit card!!

              • People crowding around a gold products counter jockey for position to pick up something in a gold store which sold its products at a price of 299 yuan per gram in a promotion – about 50 to 70 yuan lower than the normal level, in Jinan city, East China’s Shandong province on June 11, 2013. The promotion attracted nearly 10,000 people who rushed to the store despite restricting each customer’s shopping time to 15 minutes. While gold markets in the US and Europe saw panic selling, China has just seen a surge in gold sales in the past few months. Chinese households came under the spotlight with their generous purchase of the gold products amid a global fall of the gold price. This is a copy and paste from the article pointed out from “seektruth”. Even the photos in this doom and gloom articles are from the article noted above from ‘Seektruth”.

                • 18 & 24 K gold jewerly is a good choice. If the government tries to outlaw privately held gold at some future point it will probably not include jewerly or collectible coins.
                  Our own history saw the government order citizens to turn in their gold coins, certificates or bullion or face legal penalties ( $10,000 per offense which is about $177,000 today). The newspapers called it confiscation but people were paid some money for what they turned in. Most people did turn their gold in but many held on in hopes that the law would change. It did change, but they held them from 1933 to 1964 when the ownership of private gold certificates was again legal. Thirty one years is a long time to wait to use your money.

          • I have been in a very foul mood the past few days and this jackass was trying my patience saying that everyone should buy into the stockmarket and that anyone that buys into precious metals is a fool, they should buy stocks in gold, platinum, and silver and that precious metals are a fool’s paradise to buy in physical coins, bars, etc, because it was too difficult to sell and you would lose alot of money on the spot and you could lose them in some burglary. I tried to say anyone that has physical precious metals has security, they said there is no better security than a bank.

            I simply told that person to go by some pictures of canned food other necessities because that made just about as much sense. They replied stop being a doomer, nothing is going to happen and everything is going to be just as it always had been. I said look at the Middle East, they said no different from 30 years ago. I tried to explain to them there is a difference, but it was like talking to the wall. Hello wall.

            I truly believe that the majority of the people are so stuck on stupid that you would get a better response from your local alley cat. That is why I enjoy coming here, the people here actually have functioning brains. How can these freaken idiots have their heads so throughly growing into their asses and still walk around is beyond me.

            • You can’t fix stupid.

            • so the guy that you were talking to went full retard. next time take a picture of the dude. so we can see a guy that went full retard.

              • @ OmegaGrayKnight. You know what is even more incredible to behold beyond some dolt finally going full retard? When they look you in the eye and they actually fully believe every last word they are chattering out at you. It is truly frightening to see anyone so conditioned like this, or just plain as dumb as manure. By the way this person works as a financial “advisor”. I know, it figures.

                @ Barterman. Thank goodness that there are a few people left on this world, like on this site, that actually understand what truly has value and what is merely electronic static when this eventually starts.

                • @BI. And let me guess. This person sells exactly what you really need. Paper investment dealers always talk down any asset other than what they sell. PM’s are not the same type of investment as what they are used to selling. The plan is not to hold them a while and ‘make money’ when the market is high. Real PM’s are used as a hedge against wildly unusual events occurring.

            • You are right. Stuck on stupid is a great motto. Most of the folks on this site are aware but there are millions who are dought. Im as prepped as you can get. Standing by in sc.

            • I think the writer is well spoken and I agree. The problem will not be with whether you have a silver dollar, a five dollar gold piece or a hundred dollar bill, if you go to the gas station and there is no gas, you’re SOL. The same for food, meds, doctor visits, car parts, clean water, batteries and on and on. Right now, you can get everything at Walmarts but whats to do when they close down? Gardens are great but harvest is mid Summer to early Fall, then it suck eggs time. Just a few know how to can food and what if they no food to can. Those without will kill for whatever you have stored: Gold, silver, dollars, water, food, meds and etc. If SHTF, then look for the big black windowed busses which promise to take you to shelter, food, security and love and affection. As you pass the chain linked fences with the Razor wire tops, you will know your screwed.

              • You’re truly _ucked as soon as you get near the bus loading area, as you’ll be disarmed, stripped of anything of value, and herded onto the bus. Camp FEMA is not an extended stay hotel. As soon as you’re deemed to be of no further use, you’ll be expelled and left to your own devices, or more likely, liquidated. You’re California dreamin’ if you think the present U.S. government is going to just warehouse you and have to feed you.

                We can all rest assurred the banksters didn’t really mean it when they said out loud that during any future banking crisis they would keep your deposits and hand you stock in a bankrupt bank.

                • One person indicated that the fleeing refugees from Viet Nam and other such places, put thin gold in underwear and were not detected and that is how they brought wealth into this country. Maybe so. But with the detection devices now used, that would be impossible. You will be lucky to keep your belt and shoe laces. The FEMA camps will make Dachau look like Disneyland. Oh, the promise will be safety, lodging, food and, well, a Gitmo like dreamland. The key to understanding all this is the Georgia Guide Stones, erected by a Mr. Christian. There it states that the world population must be reduced to less that 500,000,000. Which means about 7 Billion need to leave earth. Perhaps they have an underground plan for the masses.. I don’t think they hold me in high regards and my assets don’t mean anything to them. I’m sure I’m first to go.

            • You Sir are no fool, posses common sense and have a firm grip on reality. Being in a foul mood is a natural reaction with those attributes. Those that advise not to own precious metals and try to sell you stock and to keep your worthless money in banks would suggest you need medicating but your alright by me.

            • Assuming you live in the U.S., the attitude you saw is a direct result of the “American exceptionalism” mantra that has been drummed into people’s skulls since birth.
              It’s a form of the “it can’t happen here” disease, brought on by decades of having the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency for the world.
              It’s been a great ride but when the dollar is no longer needed for major international transactions like oil, the game will be over and the fairy tales exposed.
              That day is coming but it’s hard to pinpoint the exact timing.
              It’ll be quite ugly when it does arrive, with Americans getting a dose of “shock and awe” that will leave most of them dazed and stunned.
              The dollar will be devalued, import costs will soar, and there won’t be a thing the Fed or elected officials can do about it.
              This outcome was baked into the cake decades ago.
              There’s nothing to fix and nothing to stop, it’s way too late for that.
              The only thing one can do is try to avoid the really large pieces of flying debris.

            • Meanwhile the stupid guy is sitting on half a ton of physical and says that to everyone.

              … you would not believe the number of times that basic concept has happened to me…

            • BI,

              First and foremost thank you for your many contributions and information that you provide for everyone. I greatly value your insight and knowledge.

              Now back to your comment, stuck on stupid is right indeed. I’m at the point now that I don’t even speak with anyone I don’t already know because it’s just so friggen irretating and the vast majority of the sheeple are “stuck on stupid” regardless of the topic, you just can’t have an intelligent conversation with most people any longer.

              Molon Labe

            • informed

              Excuse the abbreviation..

              I too have been in a funk for quite some time and your comment mirrors my sentiments..

              Although I am not positioned to buy at this juncture due to financial situations,we do have the other precious metals stored ..canned,jarred,mylared,and fmj’s…

              When all else fails..they will bring us to war..we are witnessing the exact mirror of Iraq 1 and 2 with Syria while the dollar continues its demise and inflation,unemployment,and the spector of 10’s of millions of illegals entering our nation to improve the economy?…wtf?

              And never mind this new situation to bury the IRS,DOJ,DHS,BENGHAZI,NSA etc etc etc the table..

              We are indeed in perilous times..the onslaught of disinfo and propaganda has reached new heights as never before..

              Your thoughts?

     can’t fix stupid


            • They all have glass belly buttons. That way they can see where they think they’re going….

            • Just remember this, BI…if ignorance is bliss, then these people are the happiest people on the planet! They live in a secluded world, where the good guy always wins, and the prince always gets the princess. If they ever took a look at the true reality of the world, they would die from the shock. Those with an open mind know the truth, they look for it, recognize it, take action based on it. When the dust settles, only those people will be left standing…the rest will be lying in the dirt, still smiling with blissful ignorance.

            • I have found in recent months alot of my customer base is leaving the country. I live in a small town in eastern Va, and I have been very surprised at the numbers that are leaving. It seems that the ones that cant leave are preppers and the ones that can, sell everything and get out while they can. Not everyone is asleep as some may think they just choose not to discuss it any more.

          • It looks like a jewlery sale to me…. 10k,18k… see all the necklaces?

            What did catch my attention was the man in the white hat, in the first pic…. he seems out of place.


            • there’s another white hat in pic #3, can’t see the face though.

            • Ah yes, your referring to the American tourist. He thinks he’s in line for the all you can eat buffet.

              • Lets all book a flight to china so we can buy physical gold plated tungsten… woohoo…


                • why such a long trip, if you have Federal Reserves bars so much closer to you? In fact, tungsten-plated bullion in China was bought from Federal Reserve Bank!!!

          • Eighty years ago today, the government stole America’s gold

            “On this day in 1933…

            You were considered a hoarder and a slacker if you still resisted turning over your gold to the government…

            Roosevelt had only been in office for 101 days and while there was broad bipartisan support for inflationary policies in Congress, it’s safe to say that most of those who voted for FDR never expected him to confiscate private holdings of gold coins, bullion, and certificates.

            Roosevelt called the measure a temporary one (it wasn’t), and he followed it up by invalidating gold clauses in private contracts that obligated payment in gold dollars, which had the effect of devaluing the assets of bond and contract holders.

            Many of these “hoarders and slackers” purchased gold as a hedge against the (Fed-fueled) inflationary boom of the 1920s and then hung on to it during the Hoover years when his crazed and unprecedented interventions in wages and prices caused a normal market correction to devolve into a depression.”

            “By January 1934, Roosevelt increased the dollar price of gold from $20.67 to $35, thus devaluing the dollar by 70 percent while increasing the value of gold that the government now owned.”

            The Daily Crux

            • people didn’t know that an executive order (to hand over anything) had no power over them at that time. it was all bluff but the people fell for it. hope FDR is boiling in feces…….

              • The criminal penalty for failure to turn it over was $10,000. That is $177,000 today. I would say that was a stiff penalty.

          • Kula. This event travels China and large crowds at each event. ( although this could be a line at 7-11 in china). They sell “good luck” “beauty” gold symbols for a ok price. This not not a panic it is an event to draw the crowds. I have been to a Chinese gold event and it is fun for awhile. You soon want to start pushing everyone away.

        • PMs: The ONLY currency that is simultaneously NOT someone else’s liability. Yah. I’d be standing in line too…

        • Gold is not money. At least its not a good money and no one in America should clammer for metals backed currency, as that is a precursor for One World Government and the TOTAL impoverishment of Americans; as OUR gold would follow OUR dollars offshore under the current world economic system aka Free Trade.

          Gold is a great store of wealth and medium of exchange. It is a commodity that everyone should own. I got MINE. You should get one too!

          Engage your employees or be impoverished by them.

          • “Gold is a great store of wealth and medium of exchange.” Isn’t that pretty much the definition of real money?

            • No! I would take gold when I wont take paper.I dont have full faith of the us government…remember, Paper is backed by the us is backed by 357 mag.

            • In my American Heritage College Dictionary, money is “a commodity, such as gold…legally established…” So even though gold is the gold standard for money, if it is not legally recognized, such as having Caesar’s head stamped on it, it is not money.

              It IS, however, a barbarous relic, much admired and beloved by red-haired, cantankerous barbarians such as myself. I will trade strawberry-rhubarb pies for barbarous relics, come the Apocalypse.

              Not sure why DK got so many thumbs down as he is probably right about the NWO comment; gold has been hoovered out of every nook and cranny of our society by the dancing bears with the “We Buy Gold” signs. Has anyone checked Fort Knox or the Fed vaults recently? LOL. Jeebus, we are screwed.

              • Mama Bear; I threw in the “gold is not money” to get eyeballs. 🙂 Gold has been money for 9,000 years. But it is a not a good money today under Free Trade and that is my real point.

                Free Trade has destroyed the American economy and transferred OUR jobs offshore. We subsidize China to the tune of $350 billion a year. That represent the direct transfer of American wealth ….. in dollars.

                If OUR money was backed by metals today, then the Chinese could demand gold in return for OUR dollars, like the French tried in the 70’s and the gold that America owns (pending an audit) would flow offshore too and therein lies the danger of metals backed money under the current world economic system.

                Those of US smart enough to understand the value of metals will own all of the gold (and some silver) that WE can afford beyond OUR other preps.

                Gold has REAL value and doesn’t need to be formally classified as money by Uncle Ben for the smart money (that’s US gold bugs) to hold and own gold.

                Once metal backs money again, and it will; WE will be another step closer to One World Government.

                • “Free Trade has destroyed the American economy and transferred OUR jobs offshore. We subsidize China to the tune of $350 billion a year. That represent the direct transfer of American wealth ….. in dollars.”

                  “….. subsidise China……”

                  Mate, without China and Japan buying US dollars, you yanks would be living in decades past. Your buck would buy you zip and you wouldn’t be able to buy a pizza.

                  China has a need for the US, but the US needs China for its survival.

                  The US has been living on debt for years – wher do you think the money has been coming from?

                  Have a great day all.

                  • ANON, you said: “Mate, without China and Japan buying US dollars, you yanks would be living in decades past. Your buck would buy you zip and you wouldn’t be able to buy a pizza.”

                    Well “mate” that statement shows just how much you understand about the US and Global financial system:

                    SQUAT! 🙂

                    China and Japan “buy” our dollars by taking dollars in payment for their trade goods which are priced in a cheap manipulated fiat that is designed by the PTB to transfer American wealth to Asia and lift the incomes of the historically peasant Asians, while the Global Investment Class profits handsomely at US expense. Then they purchase US treasuries with the excess profit they make; and that is their cost of doing business with US. They can leave anytime they want.

                    The USA was doing fine before WE persuaded China and Japan to join the NWO World Economy; and WE will do fine after Japan sinks beneath the waves and China invades Siberia.

                    I like my pizza from Papa Johns.Mmake it a double cheese, double sausage, with lots of onions and pineapple. Thanks !

            • Guero: Uh, yeah! DK sounds a little confused doesn’t he.

              • Sure, I am confused, and Prescott is “Everybody’s home town!” …… NOT!

                • DK: what the hell are babbling about now? Everbody’s home town, blah, blah, blah?

                  • That’s the motto for Prescott Arizona. Or are you Prescott Bush back from the dead?

          • Better hoard your gold so you can exchange it for fuel in the near future. Black gold will soon be worth more than yellow gold.

            • DK: As in Dr. Samuel Prescott who completed Paul Revere’s ride, you mental midget.

          • Gold is Money.

            Dollars Are Currency.

            • Gold is wealth. Money is currency.

              • A distinction without a difference.

                If currency is not backed by something of value, it is fiat…and therefore intrinsically worthless.

                A currency backed by gold IS money. But still may be subject to debasement.

                • Walt: If fiat were “intrinsically worthless”. You wouldn’t be able to pay your bills, buy your food, or anything else that requires payment.

                  Money has the value that people ascribe to it; even so, does gold.

              • If all of us sit meekly by while the USG eviscerates the Constitution and chooses which part of the Bill of Rights it will observe just for today, why are we so scrupulous in kowtowing to those enumerated powers in I, 8?

                Last time I checked it gives CONGRESS, not the Federal Reserve, the power to “coin money and regulate the value thereof.”

                Money is any relatively rare, scalable, portable, intrinsically valuable thing that any two or more people recognize as valuable for the purpose of exchange.

                Currency is any worthless dreck the tyrant says is currency. They ARE NOT the same thing.

                Pelts, gold dust, tobacco, window glass, wampum, sound timber, firearms, silver in various forms, etc have all been money somewhere.

                Why are we so deferential to “the NWO will decree this and ordain that?” Only if they prevail in the contest that is coming will they.

                If we prevail we can hang the Federal Reserve parasites and decide for ourselves what is money, what backs it and with whom we trade.

                The NWO will do this and do that … ONLY IF THEY PREVAIL.

                For several years I have negotiated with people in a position to decide what they will accept for payment whether that payment will be worthless currency or pm. Have not had too many takers.

                Nothing wrong with the idea. Even bright people with various initials after their names can be brainwashed sheep in areas outside their expertise.

                Congress has the authority to declare what money is. Not the Federal Reserve. So why not as an act of civil disobedience negotiate what you accept and pay in
                your everyday transactions?

          • “Gold is not money”.

            What a joke.

            If gold is not money, what is? Fiat dollars?

            I’ve never seen a more moronic statement.

            Ben Bernanke your uncle or something?

            • I love Ben. He has done a great job making the rich, richer; especially the ones with gold, and the “little people” poorer.

              Sorry that the “little people” didn’t have the education, experience, and foresight to see it all coming and profit from it.

              I sacrificed and struggled a great deal for a very long time to put myself in a position to benefit from the PTB and I am not going to apologize for it.

              Life is about choices. What choices did you make?

        • First off…Yes, I do think owning PM’s is a good plan…However, Having spent quite a lot of time in China in my position dealing with Global Economics I wouldn’t let the photos get your motor running…This is not a mass panic buy…Nor is it what one looks like…There or anywhere else…This is typical of Holiday or Sale shopping…If it were panic buying there would be no children present, there would be more scales than calculators on the counter, currency would be flying about, or worse yet signs rejecting currency would be prominent, and the facial expressions would be that of a grim, stark, lost all hope stare…PM’s are important to incorporate in your preps, but this article using these photos to prop up a point is an UBER FAIL…

          The type clothing and “well kept” shopper look as well as the poinsettias on the steps kinda send off that Holiday mood…Hell ya’ can almost hear the jingle bells in the background over the Muzak…

          Come on Mac, you can do better than that…I’m a fan…I know better…

          Fed Guy 20002

          • What does one really do to prepare for the worse? Surely, I cannot take several hundred thousand dollars out of investments, bonds, stocks and such and buy gold. Where would I put that much gold or silver? Under my house, dig a hole and put it in a mayonnaise jar? What currency should I buy? Euros, Rubles, Pounds, Punts, Batts or Dollars? How much food do I buy, the long shelf life stuff, 6 months, 2 years? Where can I store 500 gallons of drinking water, the bath tub is in use and wouldn’t drink that soup. I wouldn’t look forewords to the internment camps like WWI the Japanese as I think they are one way streets, ins but no outs. I worry why the Homeland Security is buying so many rounds of ammo. When Obama was running both times, no one was allowed to ask questions or obtain proof of who he was. It will be the same when SHTF: Shut up, be quite, take a place in the cue and get on the bus. Everything is going to be all right.

            • BB Mc,

              If you have that much $$ tied up… dont worry you’ll be ok… Just keep your eye out for the green bus… that bus goes to the hotel…


            • @BB , diversify , just a little .
              maybe buy enough silver to pay the property taxes for a year . and maybe a six month supply of freeze dried food.

              its a relatively small investment, but big insurance .
              dont let the government agents catch you with your pants down when they come knockin…. just a thought.

            • If you think you are in a safe location, location, location, pay it off. If you are in a un defensable area. buy a BOL and Stock up. Everything depends on whether you believe the SHTF will happen. All your preps will depend on it. Some at this site believe you are running out of time, others think you have years.

            • You forgot about where do you poop.

              I think there’s an actual answer to that one but at present I don’t believe it can handle the amount of volume the average family of four generates.

              Oh, another great one… that 500 gallons of water is going to have to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 times that if you live in an arrid climate.

              Unless you plan to pour Gatoraide on your garden…

        • I was wondering the same thing. Is it currency devaluation, currency war, a dollar collapse, possible war in Syria or all of the above? I think everything is a factor anymore. Who knows. I think 22 ammo is worth it’s weight in gold almost…. Has everyone seen the prices??

          • It was the Dragon Boat Festival. The rush in the second and third frame was for the rest room.

        • China if I recall got themselves out of debt after WW II. They saved VS accruing more debt and they acquired gold reserves.

          My guess is a financially strong government is backed by individuals with wealth, gold solidifies wealth if the world market were to collapse.

          I hate to admit it but our enemy China is a smart enemy.

          • They’re only the enemy because your government convinces you they are. lol. Obama accuses China of cyber warfare when the DC alphabet agencies are the biggest hackers in the world (well, next to Mossad).

          • Following WWII, China was wracked by hyper-inflation, worthless currency, and internecine war. In 1949, the Communists repudiated all Nationalist debt bonds, thereby “getting themselves out of debt”. Their economy is based on low-wage manufacturing for world export, hidden behind all those office towers in Shanghai and a newly-rich middle class less than 15% of the population.

        • do your homework!

        • I’ve seen in the past long lines to buy cabbage patch kids dolls, and beanie babies. Could it be??? At least I didn’t see any bodies on the floor from the rush to get in the door.

        • The Chinese currency will be backed by gold shortly, and the people know it. Goodbye U.S. dollar!

        • No, It means there is a store in East China having a 25% sale and limiting shopping time to 15 minutes.

        • I just returned from China last night. The general Chinese feeling is that their currency is strong. My general theory on this is that the more restriction the Gov puts on real estate, the more the people want to invest their money in another tangible asset.

          I did not witness any queuing for gold while in China and I visited Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Shanghai. On another note I did witness long lines of BMW’s, Audi’s, etc queuing for gas.

        • Good article but skip the comments- nasty people.

          • That’s why it’s called Fight Club–if you are going to comment there, you better bring your A game. They are hilarious and insightful, if somewhat brutal in their tactics.

        • That’s the beauty of the present fiat system for gold owners and wanna be gold owners. If metals do not back money then there is no logical rationale for gold confiscation. Buy gold. Own gold. Do not join the chorus for metal backed money. Metals backed money is to your detriment.

          Let the bankers have their fiat; just reign it in by engaging your Representatives.

          • Never give it back either..Buy gold ..return lead!

      2. Great
        another article that causes 150 comments like buy physical but first buy everything else. If you can’t hold it ain’t real.
        Watch you’ll see.

      3. WOW, and all this on the same day that Detroit claims it can not repay its debuts and are offering 10 cents on the dollar.
        So what now that Detroit is bankrupt and we are going to war to distract us from the DC mobsters?

        Keep our Faith and family close.

        • I saw that lonelonmum. Did things start drying out there yet? Word has it all the Artic ice will soon be gone and Great Britain will be the new Siberia. I’d say make a jump over here, but there are no greener pastures in a global Death Valley.

      4. what no ‘hat tip’ ;0p

        ya’ bunch of simple simon prepper muthapuckers … do i gotta wipe yur’ bums too ?!

        “the chinese goobernment is buying hoarding 1000’s of tons of gold in preparations to launch a gold backed currency to solidify its own chinese dollar the yuan !”

        *** the chinese goobernment has a chinese national campaign … BUY PRECIOUS METALS CAMPAIGN … GOING ON RIGHT THIS MINUTE IT’S BEEN ADVERTISING THIS to its citizens nationally FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS … DUH !!! ;0p

        when china officially launches their gold backed Chinese Yuan along with russia’s gold backed Russian Ruble… guess what your zog amerikan dolla is worth … Jack Sheeit ;0p .

        ya’ll better open your eye’s

        the chinese are smart thrifty banker bastards and eventually will own the world through ‘financial market development kindness’ toward other nations .


        if you want to survive financially

        BUY PHYZZ !!!

        N.O. ;0p

        • Your so full of shit e. China holds less than a trillion of our debt. We hold our own debt. Still a large number but only 1/16 of the total.

          • china holds 2.6 trillion of zog amerika’s debt

            and climbing …

            you do understand you only see what they want you to see right ???

            and that’s about 3% of whats really goin’ on in the world .

            go drink another bottle of ‘Maddog 50/50′ ya’ alchi winno lush .

            N.O. ;0p

            • 3n3my of th3 Stat3: I don’t think you have a firm grasp of reality. You facts seemed skewed and flat outright wrong. You seem to have a paranoid outlook that everything and everyone is out to fool you as if you were worth the trouble. Actually, none of us have any real handle on what “they”, the string pullers, Georgia Guide Stone Satanic minions have in mind, but it ain’t good and there is nothing we can do about it. Some guy said “limit terms” in congress. No way a congressman or representative will vote himself out of office. Anyway, voting is rigged and we will just have to go along for the ride whether we like it or not.

        • Stop being so abrasive

      5. They are buying gold because they can’t get BULLETS when the SHTF Gold will be worthless very soon; Food Ammo Seeds Water things to stay alive with
        Sell your Gold – buy silver Even in China when your starving do want Gold or a Pig !A Desperation mind set. All wrong thinking. Material things of value won’t be worth squat But what else can they buy to survive? The rats are trapped in a cage called China

      6. And right after the headline down below, it says “gold price falls to 750 an ounce”


      7. Gold and silver – Love you very long time……

      8. I thought they were lining up to buy chop sticks and birth control…

      9. Yes its the paper gold that is being sold off mixed in with manipulation and profit taking.
        The paper gold is getting sold off because people are waking up to the fact that there is not enough physical gold to go back it up.

        Seven years to get Germany their gold back….its a joke.

        I predicted the 12th April Gold and Silver price smash and a gold low of $1377 on silverstackers website, my username menotcrimex

        My next prediction is Gold to go to $1628 and $5554 watch those come true due to economic crisis and expanded middle east conflict.

      10. How come they all look the same…..

        • Except the guy in the white hat… 😀

      11. Kind of off topic but related to what I should do about PM’s:

        So this is my situation: Was engaged, now I am not. I am moving to middle TN within the next month. I have approx. 50K in cash. Should I use part of it to buy a home in middle TN or just put it all in PM’s?

        I am taking ALL of the supplies that I have bought the last two years with me…beans, bullets, band-aids, etc. I don’t really want to move into an apartment with the possible collapse happening any time now but then again, I am a middle aged single woman on her own now so I am pretty much screwed anyway 🙁

        I really value the advice and opinions on this site…what would you do if you were me?

        Thanks in advance,
        Southern Gal

        • If it were me I would go 100% physical gold.

          Another dip may come but be very quick on Wednesday due to the FMOC meeting.

          Dips are the times to buy. Sell quarter your stack at 50% profit 2nd quarter at $100 profit. Then buy your property with these projected profits. And you still have 50% of your stack left.
          Any investment carries risk.

          Good luck

        • Hi S.G.

          Following the advice of many experts, I would rent a house and use 90% of the money on buying Gold, Silver and Platinum. The last 10%, I would buy storable food and supplies.

        • In my head it would make since for you to have a paid for, secure place to live. Not sure what the market is in middle TN? Fixer upper? I was sorta in the same situation your in many years ago. I bought a piece of property and lived in a tent for a year and a half. It was an adventure to say the least… I was younger and had a “I don’t give a crap” attitude though….. No since in have a bunch of PM’s and living in some crappy apartment. I’d have lots more ?’s to really give you a good honest answer. Your far from being screwed! Even by seeking advise here, your way farther ahead than most! Pray about it.

          • how funny…great minds think alike…no? we practically said the same thing and at the same time.

            • we must be smart 🙂

        • I would buy some land there not just a home…you can build/buy a home anywhere but tillable land?? those supplies will keep you going till you can grow and raise food for your self…but supplies will only last so long before they run out. the land will keep producing.You are only screwed if you are a weak wimp…a strong woman can hold her own with anyone…thats why Sam Colt invented the six shooter to make us all equal. Get your defendable 10 acres in the country with a small fixer upper or cabin/polebarn you can live in a trailer or a tent even and buy a small cabin to be delivered for under 10 grand.Good luck and quit selling yourself short.

          • thats what alot of people do up here. Buy 5 acres with a barn or have one built for 7K, put a 25-30 foot fifth wheel RV next to it, then build a cabin or have a snow roof built over the fifth wheel RV. You will be debt free except for property taxes and utilities.

          • If you pay attention you can put up a pole barn , insulate it live in half and have a garage in the other half for about 25000. its not bad i lived in 1 for 10 yrs sold it off and bought upwards as i wanted a ranch. its all here if you want it

        • the plan

          buy land 1 acre , put a small solid 1500 sq ft 2 bedroom home with a fire proof steel sheet roof on it with a raised dry concrete foundation under it with proper drainage and fire break 10 foot crushed stone border around it .

          turn the 1 acre into a farm . bunnies , chickens , goats , fishes and plant raised growing beds every where and aquaponics fish tanks in a sky lighted shed .

          you can do it cheaply by scroungin around for building materials .

          think thrifty as a Scotswoman

          N.O. ;0p

          • 3n3my of th3 Stat3: One acre is 236 feet by 236 feet. By the time you put all that crap you listed, there wouldn’t be enough room for a row of corn much less something to live on. Goats and other livestock need foods, where you gonna buy goat food? At the Coop? It will be gone. A single acre of land has to be on a road so you will have access, that one acre will cost %5,000 minimum. The 1500 qf house will cost 75,000 minimum even with scrounging around. Fishes require a spring fed pond, another $10,000. And, you have no provision for securing 6 to 12 months of long shelf life food. Man, they will take you out before you answer the door.

            • An acre is a 209 foot square, not 236 feet.

              Other than that, you’re right, you cannot live on the production from a single acre of land, unless you are cash-cropping for sale or barter to get the rest of the things you need.

          • That’s a great list, and very doable. Two of my favorite small-homestead books is Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs and The Backyard Homestead. They give plans for self-sufficient homesteads on lots from a quarter acre up to a full acre.

            My last city garden was on a lot that was 1/10 of an acre, which also included a house. I was able to plant every square inch of it and I just used the last jar of tomatoes that I canned from it. No, it didn’t provide everything we needed but it certainly provided a good portion of it.

            Techniques like square foot gardening and growing potatoes in towers can provide a lot of calories in a small amount of space.

            I’d recommend the addition of some fruit and nut trees to your plan above. The microlivestock can dwell harmoniously in the enclosure with your small orchard.

            ~ Daisy

        • Southern Gal, I think the most important prep you could have is land and some skills. If you can find a small, modest but strong house on an acre or more of land, perhaps on the outskirts of a small town with traditional values, snap it up, because you can use it to create value. Start building the soil and gardening; get a starter flock of chickens. If you’re not in shape, this is your hillbilly workout plan.

          Do you have connections in this area? If not, a) join a church and start building relationships and b) get a shotgun and take up skeet shooting and NRA-sponsored classes at a local gun club and start building more relationships. c) volunteer your butt off and demonstrate that you are a hard, dependable worker. But remember to exercise your OPSEC.

          Diversification is key, so it is wise to put a couple thousand into some silver coins. Pre 1964 coins and silver jewlery marked .999 might be appropriate, and with the latter, you can bedazzle the gun club gentlemen with your (OPSEC!) preps.

          What are your plans for a job? Again, look for jobs where you can build valuable skills and relationships, whether applying at a hospital or at the local farm store.

          With self-reliance, land, skills, knowledge and relationships, you are a lot less screwed than a sheeple in a FEMA camp.

          Reading between the lines…I am sorry to hear about the relationship. The right man is probably the single most valuable prep you could have, but the wrong man is probably the most dangerous trap imaginable.

          • Oh yeah…also get a couple of big, protective dogs and do obedience training with them. Plenty of awesome dogs at the pound, and it might be a great place to volunteer. But don’t let the dogs play with the chickens or other micro livestock. :/

        • 1. Get rid of any consumer debt. 2. 3-6 months of living expenses in a credit union. 3. $2,000 cash small bills. 4. Reliable well maintained vehicle. 5. Find a place in the country or at least a small town to buy. I prefer to own even if means having a mortgage. Right now interest rates are +/- 3% and inflation is running at + 10%. A house is a great hedge against inflation. Owning allows you to prep your house at your will.

          • Getting rid of debt is number one. Next, I would rather have pre 1964 silver dollars, quarters dimes .92% silver, very identifiable and tradable. Even with the current fall in PM, Morgan Silver dollars holding up good. A 10 oz. bar of silver would be hard to barter with as compared with 10 Morgan Silver dollars or 40 pre 64 quarters or 1000 pre 64 dimes. The vehicle is questionable because of gas and oil could be $50.00 a gallon if you can find it. Apartments will be death traps and marauders will vandalize everything. Water and electricity could be iffy. Rural farm land would be best if you can protect it from poachers. While you sleep they don’t and will take everything you plant or raise. Varmints will strip gardens bare if given a chance. Forming area security groups with other land owners would be a smart path. Like in the old days, land wars was the name of the game. You watch my back and I watch your back. I think we are in the thick of it and the worst is yet to come. The word coup with the likes of the current Administration is not out of the question. A bug out bag will last three days and get you into a hell of a lot of trouble when your broke, on foot and with a couple of crying kids and a bitching wife. It would be the end of the world as you know it.

        • @southerngal
          your timing is really good…i was thinking about adoption…please forward a photo of your beans bullets and bandaids for consideration!!!
          ps youll be fine, can see it in your writing

          • Dang…you beat me to it, pap.

        • Just start out renting SG. Take your time looking around in your new location.
          Buy some Pm’s so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Pray for
          God to send you some help. It works!

          Keep preppin’

        • I’m with the land/home advice… Debt free.

          “Land, They Don’t Make It Anymore”


        • @ Southern Gal,

          Make sure your Main Battle Rifle is in good condition and zeroed. Ask whomever you ask for firearms advice what perishable parts it would need to stay that way the next 20 years and get them. Hoppes #9 cleaning and lube stuff etc. Basic gunsmith tools from Brownell or elsewhere. Have you some good edged weapons. Ka-bar worked for the Marines in the Pacific. A claw hammer drives nails and straightens two-legged nuts.

          Water and water filtration stuff. Big Berkey and extra filtration. CAT tourniquet and Celox stuff to stop bleeding that nothing else will stop. Aspirin and acetaminophen, anti-diarrheals. Generic pepto-bismol, fiber helper, vitamins. Gauze, hibiclens, first aid tapes. Suture kit. Chinook Medical.

          Ask your pharmacist about rehydration drinks and stock them. Diarrhea and dehydration will kill many.

          Dirty water and epidemic diseases from it will kill millions

          if you have a medical background or are friendly with a health professional ask them about pharmaceuticals.

          Lay in a supply of underwear, socks, shoes, boots, jeans, rain and cold weather gear. The weather won’t stop being foul just because our economy finally crashes.

          Shampoo, bar soap, liquid soaps, detergent: keeping clean means keeping healthy = living to see tomorrow. Comb, brushes, nail clippers.

          Hand tools: good axes, kindling ax (wicked close in), shovels, rake, saws, hammer, screw driver, wrenches etc.

          How will you heat your home and cook? Look into a wood burning stove with cook top. Lopi. flint n steel fire starters, matches, lighters.

          Clean water, long term food, health and first aid stuff, clothes, tools are all more important than pm. Am not saying don’t have any pm. Am saying you can use or trade the foregoing. You can’t drink, eat, shoot or burn pm.

          Find community with like minded people within about half a mile of where you are. Needing to go farther afield than that is going to make you a moving target when that time comes.

          Books, how-to, great books, histories, biographies, atlases, medical reference, botanical, cook books etc. You could do worse than a garage sale set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Paper, pens, crayons for the children. A musical instrument.

          Last but not least, your attitude. In ten words or less, I Will Prevail.

          • Great advice Anon 6.8

            Especially becoming familiar with your main personal defense weapon(s) and making sure they are in good working order. I had a chance to go to an outdoor range yesterday (man, 2 much fun!! I had not shot in many years) and became aware of “lil things” here and there that possibly would have gotten me/family injured/killed if I would have relied on my tools to “just work” in a potential life or death situation. Side note, at the range (had some very interesting conversations with other people/groups there) I got the feeling that I was not alone in my views of our present situation in the US and the world in general (S. Cali is not dead yet).

            NOTES that may be helpful to some:
            -You can occasionally find 9mm from the local Big5 stores (Remington, about $18 for 50), max total of 5 boxes
            -I was not able to get any US made 9mm from the local WallyWorlds, but they did have a good amount of Serbian made. Brand is PPU (fmj, brass, 115gr) about $15 for 50 (max total of 3 boxes allowed). We shot several boxes in various weapons (both handguns and carbine) NO jams, even though my stuff wasn’t as clean and maintained as it should have been. I went back later that night to get more but all gone!
            -They also had Russian made 9mm (steel case), but not sure what negative effects steel case can have on a weapon. About $10 for 50.
            Peace out

        • Southern Gal, if you go west of Nashville about 70 miles, near the Duck River, you could easily buy 10 acres of land for half of your money..probably much “less. Take about $5000 and put in PM. Use balance to improve your land,putting in well septic and getting agree solar panels put away. Go rent and save enough for a trailer or RV. That’s what I would do. If you want to be near people look around small Towns likeCentervilled, hohenwald, Lindsey. Conservative and helpful people. East of Nashville prices are much higher. Good luck!

        • Au rich & look poor. How do you plan on cashing it in? Have you thought that far? Time to get on the train with a ticket and don’t get left behind… You’ll sleep well.

        • Southern Gal. Have you read your Bible ? It says in several places that gold and silver will be worthless…..

          Are we coming into that direct point in the timeline? Don’t know, not sure…no one knows the hour or the day.

          But a little bit of silver and gold to trade with may be a good hedge, and barter stuff – along with Bullets, reloading supplies, communications gear (HAM Radio), food and all the other prep’s preps. (Good bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, ATV, batteries, solar gear etc.

          Your best line of defense is to connect with like minded people….and become part of a community. It will be impossible to survive this coming collapse very long alone.

      12. Black Fri rice day at a Chinese mall…ho hum what percent of the BILLION+ of them are out there? Looks like a checkout at Wally world X 100. My gold is the black dirt thats growing my next 1000 meals. To each their own – keep prepping as you see fit. But keep prepping my friends cause this clock is ticking away. Peace be with you all !

      13. Put your money into tangible goods. Things you need for survival or barter. Get rid of debts.

        • Jim,

          I have no debt except for some student loans. No car loan or credit card debt. Would you buy a home or wait? I just don’t know what to do.

          Southern Gal

          • Rent a trailer home, drive a beater, save, hide it in a distributed or diversified fashion, tangibles first until you have a years worth of food and enough seeds and tools to restart your lives and defend it, then gold and silver for excess savings. Rule number 1, GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM(as much as practical). Learn, gain homesteading and defensive skills…

            Quit keeping up with the Jones, live like nobody else lives, so that afterwards, you can live like nobody else.
            If you can, it would also be prudent, to have another rural place…my primary residence is 15mi from the closest city, on a side road that is easily blocked by dropping a few trees in front of a bridge over the creek.

            It may be too late, but, it may not… I think you have 3 months to 2 years before a currency collapse… max. I think this, because the socialists now have their best opportunity to seize power… which is done by the ‘ordo ab chao’ method; Order from Chaos. Chaos is best done by allowing stupid to flourish until it cannot any longer, then the ‘reset’ comes. In this case, the reset MUST be GLOBAL because the dollar is the world reserve currency, but, gold is the world reserve MONEY. There is a difference.
            (DK, sorry, you’re wrong in this regard. There is a big difference between currency and money. But even you recognize that gold is necessary to overcome hyperinflation and thrive in the process.)

            • Southern Gal,

              Land/home… even 2 acres will beneficial down the road. Don’t get fancy, just what you need. Stay Debt Free!


          • build your own .

            • Folks, here is what I am really talking about when SHTF. You have two problems, actually, many, many problems, but consider this:

              Quantrill’s raiders or Quantrill’s bushwhackers as they became known staged a few raids into Kansas, attacking small groups of Union soldiers, and robbing and terrorising small village communities. Several times they came across their counterparts who were called the ” Jayhawkers “, these were an unruly band of Union militia based in Kansas that used to raid deep into Missouri and many skirmishes broke out between them

              So, besides the Homeland security goons, there will be marauders like Quantrill or the Jayhawkers that will ravish the land like a scourge. Your one acre peaceful paradise will be completely laid to waste. Your 22 cal rifle or 12 gage shotgun will have and be of little use.

              If there is hope, it will be in your relationship in Jesus Christ. Everything we have been discussing in this forum is and has been long prophesied in both the Old and New Testaments. Get out your Bible and read Second Timothy 3:1-9 any version. Indeed, perilous time are upon us. Jesus said in Matthew 24:37 that just before He returns, it will be like it was in the Days of Noah before the flood. To see what he means, go to Genesis Chapter 6 and read what they were up to.. Through it all, keep in mind what DNA is and means. Good luck all…. IF you know what I am talking about, God Bless you, if you have no idea and think this is crap, God Bless you too as you need to make a decision sooner than you think.

          • Southern Gal—you sound a bit panicky

            If it were me, I would rent a modest place for awhile.
            Get the feel of the lay of the land. Relax, and get to
            know a few good people. They are a wealth of info.
            They already know what you will need to know, a nice
            town to live in, reasonable housing, job opportunity.

            Don’t worry about gold yet. Hang onto your cash for
            now. Make your move. Take your time. Relax.

            A decision made in haste, is repented at leisure.

            For what it’s worth…..Good Luck!

          • Water, food, shelter, security, in that order. I have been posting that same formula since the 90s online. That is the best way to prep, and develop the survivalist mindset..

            In other words, evacuating in advance to a rural area with water onsite, the ability to grow and harvest your own food, garner firewood, etc, should be way over having any gold or silver, although that is OK, AFTER you are covered with life’s necessities first.

            Why wait to “bug out” in an emergency? Do it when it isn’t an emergency and you can do it properly, with no risk.

            Evacuate in advance of an emergency, don’t wait until the mass hordes of urbanites and suburbanites relise their living arrangements are completely untenable once anything relating to modern technological life stops.

            Anything, food delivery, electricity, piped in water or natural gas etc. They only have mere days to short weeks to survive then, without massive outside assistance. Most will not if the situation is dire and the assistance doesn’t show up.

            Small regions can go through this because the rest of the nation can afford to offer assistance, hurricanes, etc, offer precedent there, but if it is nationwide..good luck with that!

            Paid off good land, out in the sticks, with any sort of livable hovel (that can always be improved later), at least two water sources on site, garden, woods, etc., is much better than an apartment/condo/crackerbox McMansion filled with prepper junk.

          • SG
            Buy an RV and stay mobile? You could buy a few acres to park it on, cheap taxes to.

            • I think the RV idea sucks. Roads will quickly become impassable if not outright blocked off by the authorities. Your holding tanks are about 40 gallons of clean, gray and black water and you gotta dump it and refill it. Gas or diesel may be impossible to find. A good wind will tip it and replacement tires won’t exist. A lesson to be learned is when Rome fell to the Vandals and all hell broke out. Little fiefdoms grew around strong men who grouped together to defend what they could take. The little people became serfs and semi-slaves. Lesson: Be the tough in the woods and trust no one.

          • If you pay cash up front for the house that would help. If the monetary system goes anything could happen. i’m lucky that my house is paid off and stocked,just hope I can keep and defend it.

      14. Notice how well behaved everyone in the photos is. The smiling children. No baggy pants on the teenagers.
        There is NO WAY you’re gonna convince me this was Black Friday in Oakland. Photo Shop don’t work that well…

      15. Off track here but what the hell happened to Beck’s “it will bring down the entire American political system. It will rock America.”? What a joke of a show he has these days.

        • Beck is history. Everyone knew it was BS before it came out of his mouth. He has a history of crap mouth disease.

      16. The Chinese government, for some time, has been pushing its own people to buy gold. Simultaneously, in the shadows, it has been buying and hoarding gold itself, while setting up the BRICS Development bank, which will bypass the SWIFT system for international trade settlement. This will bypass the banks for trade, and setup a gold backed trade certificate for barter trade. This is known in certain circles as; The Dollar kill switch.

        Believe what ever you wish, but, the Chinese play chess, and America is playing poker, with a pair of deuces… sadly, the whole world knows what’s in our hand.

        The chinese are taking care of their people by giving them a heads up, and have been for some time(at least their Elite in the cities). Americans should pull their heads out of their collective asses and pay attention to what’s happening overseas. Our nukes and military, will not protect us from economic chaos any more than the Roman legions prevented the collapse of Rome.

        People who say China will collapse with us, may be right, but that is why the Chinese have been trying to build a middle class that buys their own goods. The classic mercantile empire strategy from time immemorial…
        (what built America, until we went and got all stupid and gave away the golden goose(our industry), that the rich folks call; Free Trade. Do we now see, that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this Universe?)

        Now you pay The Piper America.

        • The Chinese are playing Go which is more subtle and complex than Chess.

          • Merree,
            I was going to use that reference, but most Americans haven’t a clue what ‘Go’ is…
            (it is chess, on steroids…)

            • There are lots of games throughout the world. Only play the game you are expert at and never play by someone else’s rules. As you learn their rules, they steal your money.

        • PM…”what built America…” CHEAP oil built America and lack of cheap oil is tanking the world economies. No one gets out alive. The ones with the biggest guns may stand last, but they too will fall. Gold will play no part in it.

          • JRS,
            Agreed, oil and TARIFFS… especially when WE were the exporters…
            But, the original rail roads didn’t use oil, did they? We settled the whole continent without oil. Oil, was the 20th century, for sure.
            I am hoping wood, will not be the later 21st century, again. Many people are working to get us off oil… because oil, has many downstream products, and those played out stripper wells will become more and more valuable over time for those products, not to run cars. We need new deep well pumping technology as well…

            • Hugh oil discovery in South and West Australia. Estimates up to 400
              BILLION barrells of shale oil. Saudi Arabia has only 263 billion. Google
              “Officer Basin Oil Discovery” for more info. This could be a game changer.
              Also, Stanley Meyer hydrogen technology is being developed and put into
              production in overseas countries. The USA did a very stupid thing by
              killing him and suppressing the technology instead of running with it. Oil for
              energy could soon become passé. There is also the “Big Eureka” machine
              which could power electrical generators and pumps all over the world soon.

      17. It’s all just, Stupid! A buncha Bulls***. But it is happening and we have to be prepared to adapt to adversity and overcome it. I still say invest in firearms and their respective calibers of ammunition. That’s precious metals in disguise. Alot of people would be quick to over look the value. The further we go more and more of us probably won’t be able to afford “Gold”etc anyway. Guns n ammo make for good trade n bartering etc anyways. Just my opinion though. There’s more flexibility.

        • Oh yes, that’s a great opinion. I prefer some silver in pre-1964 dimes and quarters and a few ounces to pay taxes ect.

          The average person trying to survive will have more use for ammo than gold.

        • Barter will be coin of the realm when SHTF. Sure a 5 dollar gold piece would have great value to those who know what it is and trust it to be what you say it is. But, if you just wanted a pair of boots, what is your gold piece worth? What if I had 20 cases of motor oil, chain saw bar oil and gas mix? When your chain saw is out of gas, your screwed. That 5 dollar gold piece now worth $2,000.00 might buy a gallon of gasoline and some 2 cycle engine oil. A pregnant nanny would be worth more than a 5 dollar gold piece but would be harder to secure. Oh, by the way, you can’t keep goats in an apartment.

        • Buzzfix: Why would you be willing to trade valuable resources such as guns and ammo? Those are items that you will need on a daily basis during any sizable collapse. These things are as important to your survival as are food and water. The exception may be .22 cal ammo which is still relative cheap and easy to store in large quantities. Everyone should have at least on .22 rifle and pistol for small/medium game and varmits. But other than .22 cal ammo, silver, junk silver, and small gold will be back in vogue once dollars paper dies. Larger guns and their ammo are for hunting and for protection against those who would take by force what you’ve stored up.

      18. @ southern gal…..the way I see it that fancy piece of paper ( the dollar ) could be worth ABSOLUTELY NOTHING tomorrow. Would you rather have a safe full of gold/silver in the end?…. or a stack of very expensive toilet paper? Remember..if you buy gold/silver and realize you wished you kept the cash….just go sell it back and get the cash. All you are really doing when you transfer paper money into gold/silver is trading one kind of wealth for another. Think about it this way….. you goto a fancy eating establishment on a cold night… check your coat in at the coat check station and you are handed a ticket. That ticket isn’t your coat is it? no. It’s a promise to give you the coat back at the end of the evening. Same thing with the dollar….it was always backed by gold/silver up until NIXON took us off the gold standard in 1971. That fancy piece of paper known as the dollar was mearly a ticket you held until you wanted your gold/silver out of the bank. It’s not actually gold or silver is it? no. Just a promise to give the gold/silver back if wanted. Our money as you know i’m sure is no longer backed by gold/silver…it’s backed by eh…a bunch of liars. So the bottom line is this…….on a cold night would you rather have the coat? or the piece of paper promising to give you the coat back? Of course you want the coat(gold/silver) right? :>)

        I hope this helps you

        also…you can’t print gold/silver….they are printing money as fast as the printing presses can print it just to stay afloat.

        like N.O. always says… fizz? ( physical precious metals)

      19. When the collapse comes you can have all the gold there is but the question is will you be able to hold it? If there is no law then there are no property rights. Someone better armed and the resolve to take it will. The coming SHTF will not be like most people are counting on. There will be brutality unthinkable in our society.

      20. Chinese people like to buy gold at sale prices. It isn’t the government taking care of them. Gold is part of the culture, its value is ingrained. For them, it is a way to save money and show off….

      21. Same shit new day…my .22 lr are up 400%…my silver is up 200% from date of purchase…so far lead is out performing silver, but I’m not trading either.

      22. I have lived and worked in China and it is a more dynamic and together place than much of the US. Yes, China is not a democracy but they have many economic freedoms and this has made them much more wealthy.

        I would pay attention to what they do: China now has trade relationships with pretty well every country in the world, usually on very fair terms. Countries – such as US allies Australia and Canada – see their future with China and have struck deals to ensure that.

        The world outside the US is very different and it is becoming a Chinese world.

      23. ********************************
        All the random truths I know…
        All these Chinese will drive demand and prices will go up longterm.
        We need to start talking about old age which will hit us all as a SHTF event. That’s why these folks are buying gold. They can hid it from their government.
        I used to be young…now I’m near 50 and feeling it.
        The USD will devalue.
        Silver in 25 years will be worth quite a bit as it’s used in all electronics.
        Too many people….and you know there’s some organization with an evil plan to deal with this issue.
        I sleep better knowing I have some beans and rice that will be good for the next 25 years.
        Glad I got a I might divorce my fat lazy wife. Just like planning ahead…that’s the value. I got one….thinking I might need it. But the 145 lbs bride is not 280. Yuck. So just like gold….the prenupt in my safe will be dusted off in time and used. Never say never.
        The United States has been taken over by Socialist. All the factories have been shipped to China.
        The Rockefeller group and other elites have been brainwashing our kids in the schools and in the books.
        Obama is a socialist plant.
        The next generation will surrender all…as they are complete fools.
        The boomers will try and steal all from anyone. That’s a good reason to buy and hide hold.

        GeoEngineering is really chem trail spraying.
        The skies are not blue anymore.
        There are no more bees and now more flying insects are going away.

        Al Gore is a traitor….Remember all his shit on Nafta.

        911 was an inside job. Don’t believe me…how did building #7 fall? A jet engine passing through one of the towers was not that massive to even take out the corners of the building.
        We are a nation of fools. Just last night I was buying food and at the bar was this aging fuck up boomer who was going on about my generation being conspiracy fools.
        I really hate boomers. They destroyed America. More talk should have been done on the damage their numbers have done to our world.

        This site and the entire internet are being monitored. It always was.

        I have just 8 more years to ride my job out until early retirement.
        At that point.. I’ll go buy some dead boomers house in Clearwater FL and retire…forget about it all.

        Yeah…things are very fubar and only will get world…why…
        Example.. The water. 7.5 billion souls flushing the toilet a few times a day.

        I think we all need to start asking ourselves who the New World Order are.

        Final thoughts….
        It’s all a big shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite in time.

        Looks like all the Chinese are getting a head start buying all that gold.

        I read a gold book. A Korean family came to America. In the wife’s underwear were gold leaf squares. They cashed it in….in the US and bought their store. The Govt. would have confiscated them.

        Gold…the best way to magnify and concentrate your wealth so the govt and boomers cannot steal it.

        The govt. are filled with boomers who are lazy thieves.
        They inherited their wealth and now want yours.

        My fat wife is home…time to hit her with the divorce papers. ha

        • If you’re nearly 50, then you are a boomer too. Boomer cutoff is 1964.

          What has happened to this country has nothing to do with the ages of the perpetrators. Obama is probably only a couple of years older than you are. Glenn Beck may be the same age as you are. Senator Roscoe Bartlett is 87, but is a prepper.

          You may not be a racist but you are an ageist.

          • Archivist: All the Random… is a real moron. First: wanting to live in the Clearwater shows he’s got sh*t for brains. WTSHTF it’ll be graveyard with around 2.8 million folks (Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater) all clawing their way out. Two: If he does hit his wife with divorce papers and he’s making more money than her, he’s going to working well past retirement age rather than retiring early in his little fantasy. I live in a rural county in northern Florida and southern judges hate it when a man walks out on his wife for no good reason. He’s so stupid, I sure hope he didn’t reproduce. The last thing we need is more morons like him!

        • all the random,
          another boomer hater…
          F* you.
          it wasn’t boomers … boy. It was bankers, f* wad.
          They destroyed all of us, not just you.
          Your thinking is shallow, ignorant, and uninformed, emotionally based and off target.
          There are many f*ed up boomers, for sure.
          But, the generations preceding the boomers, set up the Federal Reserve F* WAD.

          I’m tired of being nice to children.

          • Hey there Piper! How you been?
            I like that line- “I’m tired of being nice to children.” I was going to respond to All the random etc, but I better not.
            I do, however, have a few more random truisms to add to the list-

            *Providing more than 5 minutes ‘exercise’ a month in the bedroom will build a woman’s self esteem.
            *Even more important than sex, how she is treated and spoken to can motivate her to see herself as desirable and beautiful. She will also take her overall health more seriously.
            *If she takes her health seriously she will consequently be less likely to tip the scales at 20 stone or better (127 kg). This applies to men as well.
            *Even large woman are often quite beautiful, even ravishing. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.
            *The inner person is more important than the outer one. Both should be exercised to stay fit, but it’s the inner that’s most important.
            *Blaming a particular age group for the problems of society is a sign of intellectual laziness.
            *Emotionally based opinions are those which are too slothful to put themselves in front of a mirror, and see why they are what they are. They don’t seek out confirmation or refutation so that they may be based in truth. It’s easier to raise your voice rather than crack a book.

            ##disclaimer, I am 22 lbs (1 stone or 10 kg)heavier than I was in 1982. That’s nobody’s fault but mine. But still fit enough to tote that barge, lift that bale and so forth. Mrs okie, on the other hand, is exactly the same size as when we wed. I may be the okie, but she’s the one who’s ‘smokin’. No vanity or pride, she just has a love of being active. Her only vice is me. And we didn’t have a pre-nup. We could barely afford the nup.

            • I love you…
              Your lady is so lucky!
              If my man had your mindset I would feel like I was in paradise!

            • rather than have some emaciated vegan trophy whore, a prepper is much better off having a stout sturdy lady at the stead. One who can pull the plow if the mule dies and help you hand whack down a field of crops then process.

              PS don’t be a lazy batch , get your tired useless ass out of that ez chair and pitch in when its time to can, dry, pickle stuffs. if you don’t know what you are doing , then keep it simple SFTU and do what you are told by the wifey.

      24. In Chinese “gold” also means money. Annuity is “yearly gold”. The elderly still call American dollars “American gold”. Pension is ” retirement gold”. Paper currency was invented in China. Chinese have seen collapses of fiat money. Never heard of the 10000-people rush though. Can’t tell from the pictures, but it looks more like a sale.

      25. BI, good afternoon, and I’m all too familiar with foul moods and jackasses. While I can agree investing in PMs is a smart move, I’m afraid it’s way too late for me to invest in them, so I’m still investing in all the other items I know guarantee survival: storable food, water, water purification items, camping supplies, medical supplies, heavy-duty clothing, footwear, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, extra parts for guns, etc. my prepping is still in overdrive. Learning certain skills that will be in demand in post-SHTF are essential. Everyone get everything you can now while these FRNs will still get you something. braveheart

        • My preacher says get all you can, can all you get, and then sit on the can.

        • bh,
          I thought you had all the PM’s you needed? You know, lead, copper, brass…

      26. I’m just waiting for Comex to implode. Then it’s game-on.

        Gun show this weekend in Loveland, Co, at the Outlet Malls.
        9A-5P Saturday, 9A-4P Sunday.

        Yours truly shall attend.

      27. To my non-religious friends here,
        I ask your Indulgence for the following-
        I apologize if I’ve said anything by way of a personal attack. That sort of discourse in never conducive to the free exchange of ideas, nor is it helpful in teaching or learning anything.
        However, I don’t apologize; I can not apologize, for the statements which were simply my own feeble attempts at explaining my beliefs.
        Regardless of one’s world view, there is no need to apologize for holding them. There is, obviously, a great need to be able to rationally explain why such beliefs are held. That’s why Mac’s site, and free speech rights in general, are so valuable to us here.
        In past comments, I have made faulty efforts to explain my Christian views. I have watered them down in order to not offend too many people. That was an error, even a sin, on my part. I shall try not to repeat those mistakes in the future. That doesn’t mean I’ll be thumping my bible more fanatically. It does mean I will try to be more concise, better informed, and less prone to personal attacks.
        And, in the interest of not hijacking the thread, *I will hold my tongue (as much as is possible) and speak only to the matter at hand, whether the article itself, or other prepper/social/political topics as they are presented.*
        There is much we have in common. Particularly about the future of society, and our need to be informed and prepared for the various challenges ahead. We will debate, and often disagree, but we will at least be exchanging information. In that regard, Nina, among others, is an example of a gold mine for us. Even if you disagree with Everything ever posted by a person, at least you have the information. And links to sources where it came from. (By the way, I don’t always agree with Nina, but I’m glad the ideas are posted). Accept or reject it. Either way, it’s there for your consideration.
        Now, having said all that- I must proclaim…

        Richard Dawkins Is A Coward And A Liar.
        This isn’t a personal attack on Dawkins. It’s simply a statement of fact. He spreads lies, therefore he is a Liar. And he is cowardly in that he only spreads lies where it is safe to do so.
        Dawkins says atheists should publicly ‘mock and ridicule’ religion. But he’d only say that in the western world where he can get away with it.
        Mr Dawkins is ignorant of many things, but he isn’t stupid. He knows that his beliefs are not precious enough to him to be defended everywhere. To quote Ravi Zacharias, “I dare him to go to Saudi Arabia and say that.”
        Christians, on the other hand, have been taking their ideas all over the world for centuries. And often dying for them. They believe them so strongly, and are so sure of their veracity, that they are willing to suffer in order that the ideas may be made known. Whether you view Christian tenets as God’s revealed life-saving truth, or whether you see them as misguided fanaticism, the mere fact of the proclaimer’s dedication to those ideas, so strongly held as to be more precious than one’s own life, should give us pause to carefully examine what it is they are saying.

        -end serious comment

        *my pledge to speak less off-topic does not cover instances where world-shaking events are quickly unfolding (such as the coming re-introduction of Twinkies) nor does it preclude me from sharing the story of the 400 yr old martian guy with the flying bicycle who’s headed to the G8 summit. That ought to be interesting….

        • Smokinokie, I appreciate your comments about your faith. A great many of the people who comment here have no idea about religion and salvation. A can of beans, 2 boxes of bullets and a gun are poor company and offer no security when you need the comfort that comes from knowing Christ as Savior. I really cringe when I read Nina’s comments about the Jews, but as you said he is free to post his comments just like I am posting mine.

          • Very well said Okie and CowDoc! Another reason I sometimes mention our Savior and Christian faith (not only here but work and and everywhere in between……using prudence of course): To help strengthen the faithful for the coming battles, we all need a lil encouragement in these most interesting times!
            “Fight the Good Fight” 🙂
            Peace out

        • Amen Smokin.
          We appreciate Mac’s forbearance in our First amendment rights, and putting up with our rants and tangents.

          But, I am getting really tired of the liberals, trols and especially, the boomer haters, so tired, I don’t even care to have a ‘reasoned discussion’ with them anymore, I just want to shoot them. They are evil, but they don’t even know they are evil, for they don’t even know what evil IS. Evil is now good, and good is now evil, it wears down the soul itself…

          So tired smokin, so tired.

      28. I too could use a little advice. I own property about 30 miles from where I live. It is perfect in a lot of ways. Outside of a small community that appears to filled with patriots. I’m considering putting up a cabin and getting it prepared to go to if necessary. The only problem is it is about 10 miles from a nuclear power plant. They are in the process of shutting this plant down permanently but I’ve heard this process can take years. Would the soil be safe to plant food so close to the Power Plant? Does anyone else live that close to one? Are my fears justified?

        • @Sasha,

          Do research on the 1986 Ukraine meltdown in Chernobyl.

        • Sasha I love close to an active nuclear plant, further than 10 miles but still close. We discussed this issue when deciding to come here. We may die because of an explosion but if we do then the whole country may go up with us since they are all around the country. We grow our own food here no problem. You have to weigh the risks and make your own decision. For us better here than California, Illinois, or Maryland, Michigan, all places we have lived.

        • Takes years, never really been done before either. They really have never shut down a big commercial plant and have it be “safe”.

          Anyway, sell property you have, go buy elsewhere that is safer….

      29. ‘How’d you get that big Harley up on the high dive?’ -Ray Stevens (Shriner’s Convention)

        Gormleck, the 400 yr old reporter for the Martian Chronicle (average daily circulation 7 billion), came in on his flying bicycle (a 3 speed Schwinn with chrome handlebars, a banana seat, and little frilly plastic streamers dangling from the hand grips) and filed this report from the recent summit of earth’s economic and political leaders…

        Earth (galactic press)- The festivities started early at the G8 summit held on the neighboring orb. Attendees checked in at the hotel the night before. The lodging house was posh by earth standards, though they are without a teleporter room, and I saw not a single replicating machine anywhere. Who knows how they make their coffee on this backward planet? Do they still heat hydrogen and oxygen molecules and dribble them through ground plant material?
        Once ensconced in their rooms, most visitors began to order meals and, this is quite interesting, large quantities of fermented beverages. Evidently, the action of the alcohol excites certain reactions in the still-developing cerebrums of the humans. In a word, it makes them crazy. And, even more startling, they want to be that way!
        Following this self-imposed distortion of their already limited intelligence, the earthlings do bizarre, inexplicable things. Some are dangerous to themselves and others. Some are quite harmless. All are highly entertaining.
        Among the things I witnessed, one of the most unusual was the alcohol fueled dancing of the members. The lighter skinned dignitaries, already of limited rhythmic ability, began to gyrate comically around the room! This was followed by the US president who, apparently, has at least 50% more dancing ability than the others.
        Later, many of the members relocated to a concrete-lined hole in the ground filled with water. They call it a swimming pool, though it may also be used to make coffee. This is probably why there was a sign warning swimmers not to pee in the water. Most of the dignitaries dutifully followed the order, and crawled out of the pool to go pee on the shrubs.
        Some of the members, losing all fear of being photographed by the media, removed their hairpieces before swimming. Others chose to swim in their false hair…as well as their clothes. One, a man of some apparent stature in the US government, even dived in with his shoes on. After being accused of peeing in the pool (twice) he was escorted back to his room. I learned later his name is Janet Napolitano.
        Toward the end of the evening, the dignitaries were left to fend for themselves. Their security detail personnel had wandered away, most in the company of paid female companions. One of the females, an Australian, was heard to remark, “I don’t take checks, mate.” Evidently, these companions, all very scantily clad, are excellent chess players and were offering private in-room lessons to the security men.
        Following the swimming, and the alcohol, and the chess lessons, the members retired for the evening. Tomorrow, they begin discussions on how to better exploit the planets 6 billion serfs. Details to follow in the next report….


        The under the table exit strategy illegally avoids taxes…but fuck ’em.

        That’s my answer for no dividend and no interest…
        Tax evasion!!!

        Gods money… He made it hat way.
        You chance to screw the International bankers..the final recipients of your income tax.
        Scam if I ever saw one on a global scale. You have to hand it to the Jews they are crafty.

      31. don’t overlook or forget the value of silver as well as gold.

      32. Commentator on FOX just tonight
        About fed ‘pumping the economy’ and that Ben would have to triple efforts if Japan stops their QE.

        ” unfortunately this is a suicide mission for economics. They WANT to get inflation. If they are successful in getting inflation, then the interest rates, the bonds are going to have to go up.that means they are going to lose value,then the whole thing crumbles. They have 5000 baby boomers a day retiring who are pulling all of their money out of bonds and unfortunately it is going to end BADLY.”

      33. @Southern Gal:

        – Get Joel Skousen’s book, “Strategic Location” [3rd edition] to identify a safer locale;

        – Decide where and what land– or whatever you can afford– in such a location;

        – Consider buying a 98-160 sq.ft. house from $8,000. to $26,000., preferably on wheels so you
        can relocate it whenever, whereever;

        – Better yet, for $2,000. buy a brand new Shipping Container and re-do it into a miniature
        house, or, stack two– hire someone to do it for you for a total cost of way less than $10,000;

        – Skeptical? Search the net for new SC’s made into homes– ASTOUNDING!

        – There are a TON of websites on tiny or small house living: www dot thetinylife dotcom is just
        one of many– tell Ryan the Lone Ranger said hello! (He won’t know me by that name,
        though.) [Note: 95% of all tiny home dwellersand enthusiasts are NOT preppers, but are just
        fed up & DISGUSTED with the mortgage system in U.S.A.]

        – Network and advertise on this site to go in on a bigger plot of land where 20-40 small/tiny
        home dwellers can purchase together and share; it sorta reminds me of small towns in the
        Wild Wild West!

        – Trust God. Pray. Live your Faith. Share. Be nice. Better yet, be good. Trust God. Pray.
        Repeat every day.

        Let’s summarize:
        a- study strategic relocation areas;
        b- decide what you can and WANT to afford;
        c- research, research, research;
        d- network, both for information & for other purposes
        e- consider a tiny structure– on or off wheels– so that between it, the land, and your prep
        supplies you are looking at a total of $25,000 TOPS!
        f- don’t think you can do that? Then you haven’t done ENOUGH research, my friend.
        g- Use some of the remaining $25k for a combination of water, storable food, solar, & some
        precious metals.
        h- Note: carefully hide, far from where you live, most of your food, pms, etc. Have Plans B & C.
        i- Trust God, love thy neighbor.

        “Small is beautiful”. – E.L. Shumacher (sp?)

        “The best wars ever fought ever planned ever won were those not even begun.”
        – Sun Zu in ‘The Art of War’.

        “Watch your six, my friends, because IT is watching YOU!” – The Lone Ranger

        The Lone Ranger,

        • Looks like the U.S.’S line for food stamps!

          • INPA says: “Looks like the U.S.’S line for food stamps”

            You are nearer the truth than you know. Look at what the lines were like during the depression. Soup kitchens where what keep folks alive. Then came the WPA and the CCC which helped some then came the War which ended the problem. Once they get most of the U.S. on food stamps, feeding programs and obamacare, then the war will start and those who remain alive should be OK. Not sure who will be in charge and what the new law will be, but Chapter 13 of Revelation seems to suggest a possible path. If you were a German in 1935, you thought everything was perfect and would always be so. Ten years later the world as they knew it was over. Those who refuse to learn from the past are bound to repeat it.

        • Abe lincoln was raised in a 300 square foot home , roughly the size of an mcmansion bedroom.

          he did alright for hisself

      34. There’s only so much metal.

        I read once that if you spread out all the silver..each person would get just one or two ounces.

        For the common man… you should hold enough silver to pay two years of property taxes so you don’t lose your home. Also…if you were smart…you rent the upstairs. I get rent and it never stops. It buys me nice sports cars for the entire family. You get one paid for..then go buy another with the rent payment. The joy of real estate.

        Good luck.

        ps. Don’t bash the guy who hates boomers…the gent is quite right.
        They completely destroyed the United States as we know it and most of them are liberal Dems. who are really commies in disguise.

        One day…when the economy is crap…they will wonder what happened.

        I’ve talked to more small business owners who are scaling back and just hiring family under the table. Small fat and happy. Dems need NOT apply.

        DEMS will be the new second class citizen I predict.
        The repubs and NRA member will be so pissed with them in time….they will be on the outside of things.

        All the wire taping.. it’s the commie way.

        • Horse shit , boomers simply got better slop in the trough ,than following generations. This country was sold down the river in 1913 at jekyll island . Or before that when lincoln told the banksters to choke on a donkey dick , then issued his own currency . Or before that , when some of the first official acts of the founding swindlers . Were to use federal troops to enforce whiskey tax and british bankster rights , shays rebellion . Plus the common americanus assholicus simply fed off the blood sweat and tears of continental soldiers. They were told to fuck off and go away .

          The best , G Washington his own fake ass self , became one of the richest men in america . Sold off land granted unto him by the crown , after the revolutionary war.

          It was a “war” to protect and serve the interests of a small amount of landed gentry and capitalista swine . For the common man , it did fuck all.

      35. Now as I see it, there will be three groups. First, organized authorities such as police, Army, Swat Teams, and other Governmental goons and group two: rioters, vandals, thieves, gangs and burglars and such. And, then the third group: Plain folks trying to live above the fray. With a little preparation, I think one could handle the trash people with a few well places shots. It the uniformed folks who scare me. If you stand up to them, defy them or attempt to evade them, they will make Waco look like a day in the park. Like if you try to walk near area 51. They know where you are before you can see the fences. Get too close and they will flat out kill you: judged, sentenced and executed, NEXT! Does any one remember the Clown in the small airplane who radioed that he was about to enter the Area 51 air space. Went off the air and was never heard of again. Gone. If it ever gets to the points they ask you to identify yourself and then to get on the bus, Jack, it’s over; the end of the world as you know it.

      36. F__K Gold & Silver.
        Buy the one real currency that promotes growth and stability especialy in the troubled times that are headed our way.
        – (( FOOD )) –
        Food will rise faster in value than gold and silver in the very near future and if worse comes to worse, you can eat it. Your investment, JUST may save your life.
        A 50 pound bag of rice cost you $16 to $18 at Sam’s Club or Costco. I predict within two years a two pound bag of rice will bring you $2,000 (or more) (in gold or silver coin)
        Consider the possibilities, the potential and IF all else fails YOU CAN EAT IT. (do that with gold & silver)
        I mean, IF you have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in food, water, water filters, guns, ammo, medical supplies AND have cash left over by all means buy gold & silver but most Americans (that I know) have very limited resources and for them FOOD (and water) is the ONLY option.

      37. I bet the Ali baba vendors are making bank of this stuff.

        It is cheap just in case insurance a few hundred pounds of it in a safe will make even the greediest bandit happy . Happy until they try too sell it and get caught for fraud that is )

      38. And they are buying it in the form of displayed jewelry,lol. I never did understand the whole buy gold thing. As far as i am concerned in a post apocalyptic world gold would be useless. I guess old habits die hard.

        • Lets say, for grins, that you had 100 penny weight (DWT) of gold now worth about $7,000 which is about 5 oz. of pure gold, how would you translate that to 2 dozen eggs, one pair of boots, two gallons of gasoline and some antibiotics? Oh, I know, the “Money Changers”, you’ll remember them from Matthew 21:12. I am sure you can trust them to give you fair trade. I am sure you could buy all of the above for your 100 penny weight of gold. Then what? Oh, I know, go take it from somebody who didn’t buy a large gun and share it with your family. Yea, that works.

      39. This is about Indian Gold, off topic but interesting I think.
        When I labeled the World Gold Council as the “World Paper Council” in a recent commentary; who knew that the WGC was about to add its own exclamation point to that title? But that is precisely what this sham-organization has done.

        As a reminder (since it’s so easy to forget): the WGC is an industry trade-group representing the world’s gold-mining industry, or more specifically, most of its large gold-mining companies. In turn, these gold mining companies (and gold-mining executives) have a direct, fiduciary interest in promoting (and protecting) the interests of their shareholders.

        What this means is that while the WGC itself has no direct fiduciary duty to the shareholders of these mining companies; the WGC members do have such a legal duty. This in turn means that in order for any action (or statement) by the WGC to be legitimate it must at least be neutral toward the interests of those shareholders – and preferably in their best interests.

        This is not what we see today with the shameless pandering in which the WGC is engaged in India. Why is the WGC in India at all, engaged in openly cooperating with the Indian government about its supposed “current account deficit”? It went to the world’s largest gold market to try to trick its best customers into buying paper-called-gold instead of real gold.

        There is no possible, legitimate basis for the WGC’s recent activities in India at all. It claims it is in India to provide some short-term economic assistance to the government of India. What possible valid function could the World Gold Council (a gold-mining trade group) be performing in India – a nation without any gold-mining industry of its own? What possible expertise could it have to offer?

        Further proof of the illegitimacy of the WGC’s conduct is that this entire “issue” here is a fraud. There is no “current account deficit” in India; it is nothing but an accounting sham. For those lacking a background in economics; a current account deficit is ultimately a currency deficit. And this is what proves the issue is a fraud.

        Supposedly, India is incurring a huge currency deficit in swapping the bankers’ paper “money” (one form of currency) for gold (another currency). This is literally like Indians engaging in swapping apples for oranges – and then the propaganda machine begins writing about India’s supposed “fruit deficit.” It is logically perverse.

        It is the bankers who are claiming that India has a current account deficit. These are the same bankers who have always treated gold as a currency with all of their own rules/regulations. This was true even during all the years when the bankers were lying to the public and referring to gold as “a barbarous relic.” Thus it is impossible for the bankers themselves to actually believe that India has a “current account deficit.”

        When bankers talk about gold; we expect them to lie. At the same time that the bankers try to dupe Victims into buying/holding paper instead of gold; the central banks themselves are swapping their paper for gold at the fastest rate in history.

        Yet here we have the WGC prostituting itself in India to serve not the interests of the shareholders of gold-mining companies; but to serve the interests of their real Masters – the bankers. As I noted in my prior commentary; all one needs to do is to look around the WGC website to see who it really serves: there is only two years of data on gold-mining and the gold market; but more than 15 years of bankers’ essays telling us how they want to use our gold.

        Now we have the WGC declaring it wants to “work with” the central bank of India – to con Indians into buying less gold. Naturally, the propaganda machine lacks the integrity to state this openly. Instead we get the usual Weasel Words:

        And lest he have any doubt about what that nebulous statement means; its actual intent is clarified in the following sentence:

        Regular readers are entirely familiar with what all of these “efforts” have been all about: duping Indians into buying paper-called-gold instead of real gold. Understand that fraud is explicitly implied here. How can you “solve” a gold deficit by selling Indians “paper gold” instead of physical bullion? Only if the “paper gold” is simply paper called gold.

        Here the bankers have an unblemished track-record of more than 2,000 years (ever since they were known as the “money-changers”). They always pass-off “paper gold” on their Victims –backed by nothing.

        Understand the chronology here. For more than six months the Indian bankers (and its puppet-government) have waged a propaganda-war on their own population attempting to trick Indians into buying paper-called-gold instead of real gold. It has failed. Apparently no one in India trusts bankers selling paper and calling it “gold.” What a surprise!

        So now the bankers have called in their flunkies from the WGC. Get these gold-mining executives to stand in front of the bankers – and have them tell Indians to buy paper-called-gold instead of real gold. What’s next for the WGC? Presumably sending these mining executives out to stand on the street-corners of large, Indian cities, flogging units of GLD.

        With the actions of the WGC leaving absolutely no doubt as to where its real loyalties lie; one question begs to be answered. Why would anyone hold shares in gold-mining companies belonging to an industry trade-group trying to persuade the world’s largest gold-buyers to buy less gold?

        Would anyone be silly enough to hold shares in a bank, if the executives of that bank went around encouraging people to hold their wealth in physical gold instead of keeping that wealth in paper and depositing it in a bank? The dynamics with the gold-mining companies belonging to the WGC are identical – just reversed.

        There is one notable difference. Following the Cyprus Steal (i.e. government theft of private bank deposits), and with most Western governments having already crafted their own “bail-in” guidelines; we know that no form of paper accounts are safe. No reputable entity would recommend holding paper instead of gold.

        Indeed, this is precisely what is behind the current, unprecedented liquidation of paper-called-gold. The same Big Money which was warned to take their money out of Cyprus months before the rest of the world was surprised with this crime also began selling all their paper-called-gold at precisely the same time. Holdings in the SPDR Gold Trust have plummeted by more than 25%.

        Meanwhile, gold inventories have also plummeted – around the world – as an unprecedented accumulation of physical gold is taking place. Is the WGC cheering this development? No, it’s too busy allowing itself to be pimped-out by the bankers, as they desperately try to find new Victims for their paper-called-gold scams.

        Not only is their no valid pretext for all the moves by the government of India to “restrict gold imports”; but even the propaganda machine itself was forced to acknowledge this would immediately create smuggling problems – which was precisely why India’s government “liberalized” gold import rules 15 years ago.

        If the WGC was a legitimate organization; it would be fighting moves by the Indian government to restrict gold imports. Instead, it is inside India serving bankers. It’s promoting the lie about India’s mythical “current account deficit” (something of no possible relevance to a gold-mining trade group); and it’s (indirectly) participating in the world’s oldest fraud: selling paper, but calling it “gold.”

        Those investors interested in holding shares in gold-mining companies have an obvious choice. Sell all your holdings in large mining companies which have proven (time after time) that they couldn’t care less about their own shareholders.

        Instead, invest in legitimate gold-mining companies: the junior miners. Not only have these companies offered far superior growth profiles in comparison to the banker-serving, gold-hedging senior miners; but they also have far superior track records when it comes to being good corporate citizens.

        With the valuations of these companies at all-time lows in comparison to the price of bullion (and the share-prices of the senior miners); there will never be a more economically advantageous time to move from the seniors to the juniors – and feel good about doing so. Invest in gold-mining companies which are more interested in gold than b

      40. this may be somewhat off subject, however I really want this to be viewed by many. It seems to be the backstory to much of what is happening today. . I know it’s long, (1.5 hrs), but you will be happy to invested your time. It’s a real eye opener.
        I am also in a very similar situation to that of California Gal. Reading all of the advice everyone here has been kind enough to offer has been very enlightening and helpful, so thanks to all for your words of wisdom.

        I have green beans, guns, and gutters (on my house)which makes me the queen of the trailer park.

      41. 10,000 Amerikans wait in line for food stamps. what makes us different than the average chinese? Gee, let me think….

      42. Hate to burst everyone’s bubble on this, but the Zerohedge dude who wrote this really should have noted that the crowd was a result of a special sale (50-70 yuan below spot per gram–about a 20% below spot discount). That’s the reason for the crowd:

      43. I live in China and believe me the picture above is no gold panic buying. I can go to any bank in my small town today and buy all the gold I want.
        The people above are lining up for a SALE. Look at their faces, do they seem panicked to you.
        I have seen Chinese people punch and push each other to buy the leftover underwear on sale. This is not the occasion to push and shove for gold- yet.

      44. I live in China and believe me the picture above is no gold panic buying. I can go to any bank in my small town today and buy all the gold I want.
        The people above are lining up for a SALE. Look at their faces, do they seem panicked to you.
        I have seen Chinese people punch and push each other to buy the leftover underwear on sale. This is not the occasion to push and shove for gold- yet.

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