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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz with The Wealth Research Group.

    One summer ago, exactly on this date, my wife and I visited the picturesque port town of Portofino, near Genoa on the Ligurian Sea of Italy. It is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean; mega-yachts park right next to the restaurants and pedestrians come up close to check them out.

    We arrived around lunch and walked up to the lighthouse, outside the town, where the most romantic little bar was set up, with its own touch of wizardry and charm. We sipped on champagne (my wife) and white Belgian beer (myself), as we gazed towards the villages of Cinque Terre and the coastline and crystal clear waters.

    At evening time, the place becomes so romantic, as tourists watch the gorgeous sunset.

    I fell in love with Portofino that day, just as blind opera singer, Andrea Bocelli sang in his beautiful voice, when he performed in town a few years before.

    I thought I’d never see anything more beautiful, but I’ve put ALL THAT ASIDE because seeing GOLD $2,057 and SILVER $27.86 is much more EXQUISITE!


    I haven’t been THIS GLUED to the trading screens since I issued the MARCH 2017 alert on Ethereum at $12/coin – just SIX MONTHS later, it was selling for over $1000/coin, a 8,000% return.

    It looks as if markets have realized that the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT have changed in the financial system; everyone has BECOME ENLIGHTENED on the notion that central banks are done with ever RAISING RATES.

    The nature of the retail investor has COMPLETELY CHANGED. Investors are holding onto stocks for a few weeks, before selling them. People are gambling that someone else will buy their ALREADY-EXPENSIVE position for more.

    The only REAL INDUSTRIES that are available at sensible prices are mining and energy.

    Companies can’t have annual meetings anymore, since the people who own the businesses today are already out a month later; IT’S INSANE.

    The retail investor’s strategy is built solely on higher prices and that’s BEYOND UNSUSTAINABLE.

    Bonds are irrelevant, stocks are in a bubble and real estate is going through RENTER STRIKES.

    It’s the PERFECT TIME for gold, silver, and mining shares.


    The sooner it DAWNS ON YOU that interest rates are basically PEGGED TO ZERO, the more money you’ll make.

    This is already our BEST YEAR ON RECORD, yet the 1,000% gains are ahead of us.

    We will reach outer space sooner than Elon Musk – the mining sector is MOON-BOUND!




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      1. Zero hedge is full of posters claiming they’re refinancing to take out equity and drop that into gold. Advice? How to.

      2. In 1849 a 20 dollar gold piece (one ounce) bought a high quality mans suit and was worth (no surprize) 20 DOLLARS.

        Inflation for 170 years has caused that same one ounce of gold to be worth in excess of $2,000.00. This devaluation of our currency over time has allowed congress critters to be irresponsible in their spending of the CITIZEN’s tax money. Continue to vote for Demonrats & you will cause the Mad Max world that will surely result.

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