Globalists Call For An End To Private Ownership Of All Cars And Trucks

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by J.D. Heyes at Natural News

    The Western elite globalists continue to demonstrate that they abhor the free societies that generated their fortunes and that they continue to thrive in because the power and influence they already have isn’t enough.

    We already know that the World Economic Forum, created and led by “entrepreneur” Klaus Schwab – who has advocated for an end to private ownership of property and privacy – wants to usher in a new period of tyranny and authoritarianism throughout the West that mimics the kind of government ruling China. Now, we learn that a WEF partner has long advocated for an end to private vehicle ownership, which would, of course, force everyone to live in squalid megacities by taking away or controlling all movement.

    “This was allegedly going to solve the fake ‘crisis’ of climate change, which has supposedly been about to cause global apocalypse for 50 years now. But give up your car, you stupid peasant, and trust the experts,” noted PJ Media‘s Catherine Salgado.

    She named the organization and added:

    Arup Group, which is listed as a partner by the insidious World Economic Forum, released a 2019 report demanding that consumption of clothing, cars, electronics, and food has to change – for everyone except the elites, presumably – or climate change will kill us all. The report touts “net zero” carbon goals, totally ignoring the fact that carbon is absolutely essential for life on Earth. Indeed, increased carbon actually helps plants – including food crops – thrive, and humans and animals need it too. But neither Arup nor WEF is interested in objective science, only in a narrative that impoverishes most citizens and gives the elites exponentially more control.

    According to the data, the world has not witnessed global warming over the past eight years, Salgado noted. Moreover, a recent study discovered that CO2 emissions resulting from fossil fuels are insufficient to induce global warming. These findings hold particular relevance to the Arup Group report, indicating that private cars are not on the brink of causing a climate catastrophe.

    Arup, along with its report co-creators and funders – the University of Leeds, C40 Cities, and Citi Foundation – appears unconcerned about the scientific evidence, however, she added. Despite accumulating data that undermines global warming, which was measurable even before the release of their 2019 report, their objective seems to be to foster complete dependence on the elite for transportation.

    This aligns with the World Economic Forum’s proposal of a digital ID/social credit score, which would be required for most activities and purchases, and their vision of a world without private ownership. In such a scenario, all commodities would be subject to government approval, noted Salgado.

    Here are some key quotes from the Arup 2019 report:

    On construction, cities need to change what types of buildings and infrastructure are built as well as what materials are used. On transport, private car ownership needs to end and the shared vehicles that replace it have to use less materials and be longer lasting. Urban residents will also need to adopt a largely plant-based diet, mostly replace flying with less energy-intensive forms of long-distance transport, change how clothes and textiles are consumed and keep electronics and household appliances for longer. 

    C40 cities need to meet their Deadline 2020 commitments so that production-based emissions peak by the early 2020s, before collectively halving by 2030, in order to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2050…this report recommends that C40 cities focus on reducing emissions within six consumption categories: buildings and infrastructure; food; private transport; clothing and textiles; aviation; and electronics and household appliances.

    Wrote Salgado, sarcastically: “No beef or nice clothes for you. You will have nothing and you will be grateful to your beneficent rulers, who totally plan to give up all their comforts too, right? Sort of like how they fly their private jets to exclusive locations to blather about emissions?”


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