Globalist George Soros Issues DEATH THREAT To Google And Facebook

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, George Soros, Headline News | 10 comments

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    Another elite globalist, George Soros, has issued a death threat to tech giants over what basically amounts to freedom of speech.  Because globalists cannot control the narrative on the world wide web, condemnation will have to suffice…for now.

    Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros slammed Facebook and Google, two companies he’s invested in recently, noting that “the rise and monopolistic behavior” of tech platform companies has become a “global problem.”  Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros, called out Facebook and Google for “exploiting” social environments and causing “a variety of problems.” He even suggested that the companies could be tempted to “compromise themselves” to gain access to markets such as Russia and China.

    “The owners of the platform giants consider themselves the masters of the universe, but in fact, they are slaves to preserving their dominant position. It is only a matter of time before the global dominance of the US IT monopolies is broken, Soros said. “Davos is a good place to announce that their days are numbered. Regulation and taxation will be their undoing, and EU Competition Commissioner Vestager will be their nemesis.”

    “Captain Obvious strikes again,” says Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple sarcastically. “I think Soros is just stating the obvious here.”

    “I’ve been pretty vocal, especially over the past couple of months, as far as how Google and Facebook are going about their ways.  And also, noting that they are not gonna make it out of here unscathed,” Joseph said.  Joseph has seen the writing on the wall before and has predicted the complete fall of many tech giants because of censorship and bias. And we’d have to agree with him.

    “It’s an unbelievable thing, the culture of convenience that drives us to capitulate to self-centeredness, desires…all this kind of stuff. Things that we’ve been, and society’s been engineered to promote instead of values and virtues and all of the things that are important. Those have been engineered out. And instead, what we have now, today, is the social media platforms that highlight and promote those things that are toxic.” Joseph does admit that these tech giants have done some good for society too. Networking, and Google’s search function to find what you need on the internet in fractions of seconds has helped countless people.

    But of course, the real problem is that the tech giants can engineer society in a way that the control freaks never imagined. “Those control freaks are pissed off that they’ve lost the ability to control their narrative, to manipulate people’s worldviews, to influence opinion, to propagandize, you name it, they are upset, ” Joseph says. And Soros is one of those control freaks upset that the goal of the globalists is being hampered by the free exchange of ideas and information.

    Soros is right that the days of some of these tech giants are numbered.  But it won’t be because they aren’t censoring enough, it’s because they censor too much.  And eventually, through all the censorship, propaganda, and lies, will surface the truth.  It might be ugly, and many won’t want to face the fact that they’ve been manipulated, but it will eventually happen.


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      1. This old, disgusting mutt deserves to HANG!!

        • Too late. He reproduced.

      2. Irony, thou name is Soros.

      3. Soros just might be the victim of a terrible accident, if he isn’t careful…

      4. (sarc)

        It belongs to ‘the people’, when Communists take over.

        It’s a monopoly, when populists take over.

      5. As with all people time will solve the Soros problem. He has one foot on a banana peel and he wont live forever. It will be great day for freedom when he shakes hands with the devil

      6. Actually Soros is often right. We may revile the bastard; but, he’s no dummy. His motivation is pure evil and that is often very correct in its wickedness. You cannot corrupt a pure heart. Only those with shadows already on their souls can be led to ruin. Soros is just a Pied Piper for the many rats that masquerade as men and women.

      7. His bank account should be hacked…..

      8. It would be very gratifying to see Soros laying in his own blood with 2 bulletholes to his head.

      9. With enough money to pay an army. You can change things?

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