Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic – Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future

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    I have been writing rather extensively about the ideology of globalism in recent months, primarily because the battle lines between sovereignty and global centralization have never been more defined than they are in 2016.  In the past, globalists have often hidden the true motives of their cult; namely the goal of erasing national borders and all remaining vestiges of self governance.  Normally, they would only pronounce the great advantages of globalization while dancing around the fact that millions of people will not accept it.  Today, however, the globalists have come out in direct confrontation with supporters of sovereignty.

    After the Brexit referendum, a new tone appears to have been set.  The elites have now entered the mainstream media to state in essence that yes, they are globalists, they want total centralization and they are here to fight a philosophical and/or physical battle with those they call “populists” (also known as conservatives and sovereigns).

    When they have discussed globalization in previous years, it has always been presented as some kind of natural progression of events rather than an agenda.  The first secret of elitist propaganda is their constant assertion that globalism is “inevitable;” that it is foolish to fight against it because it is the unavoidable future evolution of mankind.  The fact is that if globalism is so inevitable, the elites would not need to expend trillions in capital and decades of energy trying to fool the masses into accepting it.  If globalism is inevitable, couldn’t the elites simply lay back in their pool-side cabanas, sip their dry martinis and just watch it all unfold on its own?

    Instead, the elites have foisted globalism upon the shoulders of the public, and are by some indications preparing for outright war in order to force us “populists” into compliance.

    The second secret of elitist propaganda is their strategy to disguise centralization as decentralization.  For instance, the new globalist claim is that a shift away from a system in which the dollar is the world reserve currency into a system in which a basket of currencies becomes the world reserve is a move towards a “multi-polar world.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.

    In reality, the basket currency system the elites are pushing for falls under the umbrella of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights.  Meaning a switch away from the dollar into the SDR will result in even MORE centralized power for the elites.  That is not a multi-polar world; it is a uni-polar one.

    It is schemes like this that expose the great weakness of globalism as an ideal — the elites cannot accomplish it without using deception and force against innocents.  Such a philosophy is a failure by default.

    The third secret of globalist propaganda is that they present the system as if it is a “new” idea. This is yet another lie. Globalism is merely another expanded form of centralization (or collectivism), and centralization has been the prevailing tool of cultural control for ages.  If anything, the freely elected governments and voluntary tribalism of constitutional Republics is the newest and most advanced social concept in all of human history.  Such systems present the potential for lasting decentralization, as long as participants remain vigilant to co-option by globalists.

    Sadly, the people of America and the rest of the West have NOT been vigilant for quite some time, and today our experiment in sovereignty is being  twisted, eroded and overrun.

    Some seem to find new hope in the rise of conservative activism like the U.K.’s Brexit movement.  As I explained in my pre-referendum article ‘Brexit — Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?’, these movements are a step in the right direction, but they have a tendency to underestimate the globalist strategy.

    I suspect according to the evidence outlined in the article linked above, as well as the behavior of elites ever since the U.K. referendum passed, that a plan is underway to ALLOW conservatives and sovereign activists marginal victories.  Ultimately, in order for the elites to achieve the long-game of total centralization, they need to fully demonize and destroy their philosophical opponents.  That is to say, they need to make conservatives and freedom fighters out to be historical monsters, and themselves out to be the heroes of the day.  The ONLY way for the elites to win is to fool the masses into accepting and even demanding globalization while casting out conservative principles as dangerous or evil.

    But how would they make this possible?

    It’s simple, really.  They have already set the stage for an international economic and political crisis of epic proportions.  Why not let conservatives and sovereigns take over as captains of an already sinking ship, then blame them when there aren’t enough lifeboats to save the passengers?

    Following this line of thinking was how I was able to correctly predict the success of the Brexit vote, it is the reason why I have consistently argued that the Fed will continue to raise interest rates in 2016 despite multiple signs of a recessionary downturn, and why I believe Donald Trump will be the next president.

    Once instability has run its course, and once the damage is done and the “populists” are blamed, the elites plan to swoop in with globalism as the fix-all.

    The question then arises, if this is the strategy being implemented by the globalists, what can be done about it?

    As with most conundrums, the problem is often the source identifier of the solution.  That is to say, if centralization and the elites behind it is the problem, then decentralization and the removal of those elites from power is the most effective solution. If forced globalization is leading to the ruination of man, then voluntary tribalism may be the cure.

    The issue actually has more to do with individual psychology than geopolitics.

    Human beings have two inherent psychological qualities that can work together, or they can conflict; the need for individual liberty, and the need for community.

    We are social creatures.  We can accomplish great feats by working together, but the ideas for these feats are always born in the imaginations of individual minds.  Without the group, the success of the individual can be greatly hindered.  Without individual minds, the success of any group is impossible.

    The elites would have us believe that individual success and community success are mutually exclusive; that we cannot have both.  This is simply not true.

    Globalists assert that if the individual focuses on his own success, then he cannot focus on the success of the group.  This “conceited” self interest, they claim, will sabotage society as a whole and lead to humanity’s destruction. Therefore, under globalism, the individual must sacrifice his freedom of choice and association; he must sacrifice his right to apply his labors how he wishes, so that the group can supposedly thrive.

    I would assert the opposite.  Because all ideological groups are abstractions and not cultural facts, they are completely dependent on the success of the individual in order to thrive.  While the individual may need help from others, he must be allowed to CHOOSE who those people are.  He also must be able to CHOOSE how his ideas and efforts are realized.  Otherwise, the ideas have no steward, no protector.  Under globalism/collectivism, ideas immediately become the property of the group if they are even acknowledged at all, and the group does not think; the group is not capable of thinking.  The group only has merit as long as the individuals within it have merit.  The group is not real.  And so, under the control of a vaporous collective, good ideas usually die.

    With globalism as the dominant ideology, individual accomplishment falls and thus, the system itself will eventually fall.

    This does not mean that the solution is to end all group interaction or organization so that individuals can go off to to form their own one-man, mini-nation states.  If that is what an individual wishes to do then that is all well and good, but failure is just as likely in that scenario as it would be under globalism.  Instead, the answer may be a return to tribalism, of a voluntary variety.

    Our inherent needs for individual freedom as well as community interaction can in fact work together.  The group does not need to supplant the individual to succeed, each member of the group just needs to share the same goals and understand the merits of those goals.

    If a person does not understand or respect the goals of that group, then he can easily leave, or refuse to join.  As long as it is unacceptable for any group to use force to compel an individual to participate, then there can be no loss of individual liberty.  Under this model, we could see the rise of numerous tribes, and tribes within tribes.  Some of them fleeting, some of them long lasting.  Of course certain universal truths would have to be respected.

    The most common argument against tribalism, whether voluntary or not, is the argument that it will lead to so many conflicting interests that chaos and violence is inevitable.  Wars over resources and property will erupt, some claim, or society will falter into a dog-eat-dog survival of the strongest Mad Max scenario.

    First, I would like to point out that globalization and centralization have not solved any of these problems.  Globalism only seems to lead to more efficient war and death, rather than less war and death, and the sides are less defined.  Under the global elites, people are constantly pitted against each other over false narratives and false flags.  We become pawns that are sacrificed to further their objectives.  I hardly see how this is a superior system.  The only wars ever worth fighting are against centralizing tyrants.

    Second, while tribal conflict is surely possible due to philosophical differences, the promotion of individual freedom, rather than the collective, as the essential element of society makes violent opposition far less likely.

    Freedom is a universal inborn psychological construct.  Almost all people have a sense of it and its usefulness.  In fact, most fundamental moral principles including freedom are shared by people regardless of their cultural backgrounds.  The only places in which freedom is not respected are places in which centralizing elites have propagandized and threatened the citizenry.  Look at almost any totalitarian system and you will find under scrutiny that globalists helped give birth to these monsters from behind the scenes.  When those elites and their influence are removed for a time, there is usually a natural wellspring resurgence of respect for liberty within that society.

    Men and women will organize and rally around freedom without being lied to or threatened.  There are not many ideologies that can make the same claim.  Globalism certainly can’t.

    Third, the next objection from skeptics will be that a handful of controllers under globalism would be preferable to tens of thousands of tyrants lording over thousands of fiefdoms.  Again, these people just don’t seem to grasp the notion of voluntary community or the effectiveness of individual rebellion.

    I would rather face a thousand minor tyrants with minor armies than a tiny cabal of tyrants with a global army.  The difference being that it is far easier to erase a tyrant with a hundred men in my way than it is to erase a global tyrant with hundreds-of-thousands of men and a massive surveillance apparatus in my way.  In a world where individual liberty is paramount and the people are armed, minor tyrants would be so terrified to pursue power they would likely be dissuaded altogether.  The minimal protection they might muster would never be enough to stop every single bullet flying in their direction.

    The idea of voluntary community is so foreign to the public today that it would probably need a catastrophe before such a system is ever adopted.  But, since the global elites have already taken it upon themselves to create the catalysts for an economic and political crisis, we might as well take advantage and rebuild from the ashes with voluntary community in mind.

    The elites never let a good crisis go to waste, maybe we should use the same strategy.

    This, of course, requires that the liberty minded not only survive the catastrophe, but also fight back and remove the elites from the picture.  There can be no voluntary tribes with the globalists in control of the mechanisms of power.  They are themselves, in effect, a bastardization of a tribe that has been allowed through lack of vigilance to subversively and systematically destroy all other tribes.  They have convinced much of the world through chicanery that their tribe is theONLY tribe with merit.

    The propaganda only works to a point, however.  During any breakdown in normal social order, people invariably create their own social order, and they usually do this by forming small tribes.  Families come together, neighborhoods come together, towns come together and so on, and they do this voluntarily, without being aggressively compelled by others.  The natural default of human beings is freedom and tribalism; two things which do not necessarily have to conflict.  Our natural default has never been to pursue globalism or utter collectivism at the expense of the individual; those kinds of machines are products of the treachery of a power-mad minority.

    In the end, globalism is doomed to crash in a ball of flames, but not before the globalists attempt to take everyone else down with them.  It would behoove us to start constructing our tribes now, rather than after the situation has become grim in the absolute.  Through localized production, alternative trade models, local organization for mutual aid and defense, and the principles of liberty, America could become a network of tribes within a tribe; a self reliant system built around redundancy rather than interdependency.

    The globalists?  Well, they will try to stop us.  But at least at that point the sides will be drawn more clearly.  I cannot think of a better war to fight than a war to stop the barbaric trespasses of the global elites.  And when it is all over, I look forward to a more complex and “chaotic” society where collectivist streamlining is abandoned for a wild west of voluntary associations.  A land where tribes roam free.

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      1. Brandon, interesting article as always, but not sure if I can agree with the main theme here. I’d love to think the globalists would give up, but I don’t see that happening.

        • OQ, long time no hear from. How’ve you been?

      2. A great example of “tribalism” was and is being played out in La.You had the Cajun Navy,and now the Cajun Army,1000’s of volunteers just trying to help out their fellow citizens in tough times.I would say to a degree they have told the feds(a globalist tool) to,well….,Fuck Off.

        Brave,the globalist will not give up without a fight but as more say no to serving them,well,down they will go.I will say will be a tough ride/perhaps multi generational but do see it happening barring a full out nuke war/world wide natural disaster ect.,then,even in their bunkers global elites are fucked!

        • The 99% of the world populations, need to hang the Globalists. Ignore their policies and wannabee laws. They are a façade of fantasy, and only the weak obey. Hear that US Military, FBI, do your JOB, your OATH, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and the populations of all other Countries in the World. Tyrants need to be dragged through the streets and hung on light poles as an example. Agenda 21- DOA, Soros- DOA, Rothchilds- DOA


          • And the Fourth Secret of the elietist Globalists, which Is also The Biggest/worst/best kept well Hidden secret to date…..untill the recent past decade or so of internet alt media expose’ of it and them is.

            The You Know Who’s of that Huge worldwide Taboo to name tribe that is best described as..

            “They are themselves, in effect, a bastardization of a tribe that has been allowed through lack of vigilance to subversively and systematically destroy all other tribes. They have convinced much of the world through chicanery that their tribe is theONLY tribe with merit”.

            And while Yes many Globalists are also of the Non-Tribe, goyim membership, it Is, and Has Always been that one small Orig Tribe that has existed primarily to do as spoken of biblically by Christ. In which He said and Told them in John 8:44, that They are of their Father Satan, and his lusts for lies-thefts-and Murders They Shall Do.

            For it has always been and shall continue to remain so that they are at the Very Top Eschelon of Rulership and Control of every agenda, and of all that matters in every detail one can name or state which defines what most folks calls, Society, Nation, Government, and human life itself.

            Once they could gain total control of, First banking and Money aka the Lifeblood of every Nation and prosperity and ability to live life…

            And Second, full controll of first early info forms of Newspapers and Magazines, then of Radio, then of TV, and also of Hollywood which they controlled since it’s inception in early 1900 era. And All of which was Bought or swindled thru their prior massive scam profits via control of banking and money.

            It had opened the gates wide for them to then infiltrate and gain full control of all things Politics and public oficials. Because as most have now figured it out, it is an abject Impossibility for any person to get elected or appointed by one that has been elected, without massive amounts of Both Money and Good Press, or promotional MSM media propagandas mainly thru TV and Newspapers. With Talk Radio comming in at a close next to best media source.

            Whomever owns and controls Money and every MSM form of Information that avergage normal citizens need and rely upon to make various life decisions such as, “who should I vote for”?… and,”Is This new War promoted, a Just War and Right to do or support”?..Untill the recent past Decade or so of new Alt-Online info sources, all that prior existed for any of every citizen within every nation on earth has been primarily TV-Newspapers-Hollywood movies-Radio.

            Control of all That and Money also?…Bingo Globalization or Wars or most Any type agenda that small tribe desires for the entire worlds other or Goyim folks to live under, like it or not…Shall be an easy piece of cake to accomplish. And a fast gander look see at just the Past century of America, and its slide downwards into the grasp of control achieved by that same small elietist tribe we were Warned of since 2,000 years ago…proves it as fact.

            Brandons article is Right smack spot on accurate.

            About the only thing I think he could have added or included is that for those who do comprehend what real True christian christianity and Christ Himself were and are all about, fully revolves around the Basics of a Total Individual persons Freedom and Liberty. And therefore is a necessary component of creating such a new better way or society and america like Brandon promotes.

            And furthermore that, in all of past history or at least past 20-30 centuries of it, there has been Just One main and true and proven workable source and system of true liberty and freedom which had always led to prosperity, peace, happiness, and an overall best ever system for all peoples globally even those who do Not believe nor partisipate in christianity. Has indeed been what Christ promoted all along.

            Never before has any prior peoples in any locations of the world so proved this as fact, than White European Americans, and when the vast majority of them were also Christian.

            Yes one can pick out small eras or sections of the past 500 years of American history to find a few bad apple type areas or eras. But that is due mainly to humans are just Humans and human nature will always inject itself into every nation or system etc and at times it may create bad scenarios. But when taken on the entire Whole, and looked at as the “Experiment in Government” as the usa Founders oft stated it to be…

            What I prior stated of that European Whites and with Christianity as their main source of spiritualness have well proved that They and It have done far better at produceing an entire nation and peoples with much greater of all that folks most desires. Prosperity, Peace, Liberty, Personal individual Freedom, and ability to make decisions as individualas as well as a group as Brandon spoke of.

            Every other area or nation on earth and ever since babylon to today, one cannot locate any other place this has so been proven as fact and true.

            And unless and untill that subvesive eliteist Globalist minded Nation Wrecking control-group named prior is dealt with, and done away with in whatever Best manner works or fits…We and America shall never recover what we had prior. And this IS The most difficult task of all.

            To Convince the vast majority, and especially of the white variety folk, of just whom and what those globalists consist of racially, religiously, and culturaly.

            Even today with 10 to 15 years of internat and Alt media ability for folks to find and learn truth and facts, it still as yet remains The Biggest ever of Taboo and few there be who are willing to openly discuss it, even in very hushed Whispers if that. This Must Change and change Fast if there is to be any type good fix or reset period.

            So Get wized up! and get Busy! and Awaken your neighbor!

            Before it really is too late. Your Grandkids Will profusely Thank You!…or Rabidly Curse You if You fail to observe and accept/learn such vital truth.

            If Pride goeth before a fall?..Then the abject Stiff necked Stuborness to accept truth it also causes, Must rate a close second type woe to that fall eh.

        • False flags will abound. The stage has been set for a nuclear device/s to be detonated in the country. The elitists are just waiting for the right moment to effect the most damage.
          Don’t think for one moment that they will not do anything to remain in power. We are nothing more that an obstacle to overcome towards their goal of world domination.

          Lol, sounds like a cheesy trailer for a film.

          Cheesy or not, it’s true.

          We have to look at the events of the day through different lenses so the designs of our Enemies become clear!

          • One thing we have in our favor is that they are more prone to be superstitious. With them it is more a trait. We know how to learn to seek truth and abandon superstition. Now, if we could only get rid of Christianity, that would be a start.

      3. Warchild, that’s exactly my point. I’m still stacking and praying. I still see conflict between us and the globalists coming and feel it getting ever closer. I’ve even got one of the family coming my way to get the rest of my supplies to take on to the BOL. Was going back in Oct. but looks like I may be bugging out sooner than that. I feel like things will finally come to a head in the weeks to come. I think HCKS may be right about what his scientist friend said concerning the timing. things are not looking good at all.

        • I said all along hicks wasn’t crazy. Some times people think things are too far fetched but they are not . Look at 911 did ya ever think that would happen or even cell phone’s. Dont be nieve it will get you dead like the sheeple

        • Good for you Brave, get the hell out of there and go start a new. Change creates new opportunity. Get there, and get on with a new life now. Pull the trigger and do it. You will feel the chain links fall off your feet every mile you drive to reach your new goal and location.. F-N eh bubba. Let us know…

          I moved to my BOL 18 mths ago, and believe me I was glad to do it in relatively peaceful times and on my terms and on my watch. Those who hesitate get crushed.


          • WWTI, I don’t think it will be much longer the way things are looking. I still think something will happen between now and election day. When I know it’s time, I’ll be gone.

      4. Globalism is international communism at the governmental level. The wealthy nations share their citizens wealth (governments create no wealth) with the less fortunate governments of the world.

        Looking at the above who’s the communist today, Russia or the US?

        • Listen to this Trump speech, and Nigel Farage, the Guy from the UK Trump brought on stage that initiated Brexit and carried it out to win the vote. Its the American Revolution all over again. How to beat the Globalists.

          FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Rally in Jackson, Mississippi with ‘Mr. Brexit’ Nigel Farage (08/24/2016)

          Trump Starts speaking at minute 51 of the Video and introduces Nigel Farage which starts speaking at minute: 1:05

          An excellent Video.


        • In my parents’ day it was called the International Communist Conspiracy. Now it’s called Globalism. Libs are masters at using obfuscating language to mask their true intentions. Is a lib’s mouth moving? Then the son of a bitch is lying.

          • Spot on, Frank

            • ” Libs are masters at using obfuscating language to mask their true intentions.”

              While this is true the controllers at the top are not communists, progressives or whatever they call themselves. The Rockefeller’s, Warburg’s and Rothschild’s that are largely steering the world have no intention on sharing. Global economic homogenization of nations and populations are their goal.

      5. I think that the globalists – at least many of them – actually think they are doing a good thing. How so? They feel that the erasure of national boundaries will end war, and rule by the elites (neo-feudalism) will usher in a new reign of Platonic philosopher kings.

        These people are utterly ignorant, and here is why:

        a.) much of what they believe is based on Malthusianism. If you still believe that old canard, google the Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager. Truth is, minds matter more than mouths. And no, I am NOT saying we should just have unbridled consumption, or a world population of 100 bn (in fact, world population in toto is expected to crest and then start falling very shortly). And the faux BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scam is just one example of the cult of Malthus;

        b.) they never learned the truths of the Austrian School of Economics, where a million decisions made every second by local end users can trump some Soviet style bureaucrat’s decision 5 years after the fact. Anyone hear of Venezuela? Argentina? Zimbabwe? USSR? Mao’s China? Bankrupt Greece? Leftist Detroit, who started down their path to oblivion under Coleman Young, under the leftist Model Cities Prog?;

        c.) But here is the main thing that the they Hitlerys, the Geo Soroses, etc don’t get, in their utter, utter arrogance and ignorance ****absolute power corrupts absolutely****. I believe this was from Lord Acton, and this quote has been around a long time – but they are still too stupid or arrogant to believe it. With de-centralization, mistakes are naturally limited; but the same mistake on a large scale will ruin whole nations, or now the world. The whole philosopher king schtict is, in actuality, a Christian heresy, which denies that man is fallible, and thus – as we see in the US Constitution, inspired by the Bible – requires checks and balances on power. Mr. Soros, Hilary, and their ilk HAVE no checks on their power, and – as you have seen for years with Hilary – are decadent, corrupt and/or deluded. Only now you have this on a global scale. At least Hitler – head of the German National **Socialist** Workers’ party – had checks from other countries. What if there had been no way to check Hitler??? And the supreme irony is that Mr. Soros had to live under Nazism, and now is proving the old maxim that “oppressed people, once they gain power, just put on the robes of their former oppressors.” (And yes, I am well aware Mr. Soros colluded with the Nazis). But this goes much, much deeper than Hilary and Soros. Think the Rockefellers; Kissinger; Brzinski; think the total ownership of the lamestream media by the fascist left, such as Richard Salant, former prez of CBS News stating “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have”, orthe education system almost totally controlled by the Common Core Comrades, in league with their Bolshevik buddies in the PC thought & speech police controlled university campuses. Or my favorite oppressors, the radical homosexual Nazi Brownshirts and their Kristallnachts against mom and pop bakeries, florists and photogs.

        That, mes amis, is why the elite are utterly wrong in a nutshell.

        • What can you do in your world to fight the beast? Drop your cable TV for starters. Stop feeding the beast. Cut off their incomes and urge everyone you know to drop the Grid cord, its all brain washing BS. Why do you pay for Cable when all they spew is lies and more lies?? Wake up people.

          ~WWTI… You know when I was a kid my father said the TV was the Boob-tube. We laughed, but you know, he was absolutely right. Stop being a boob!! Its crack for lazy brains.

          • I got cable when we moved here 22 years ago. Had it for a month, and dropped it for exactly the reasons you mention. Just had Comcast come by my door yesterday and ask if I wanted cable. Told them politely that we simply didn’t need all the lies, filth and political correctness in our home.

            “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.” – Charleton Heston

        • TEST

          TPTB are attempting to mold society into an insect colony. Technology is making the need for a large labor contribution in production unnecessary; China will feel this impact soon. TPTB, through the MSM and politicians always use some greater good as a justification to obtain control as all of those in power tell the masses that, “This is for your own good”. Due to the technological advancements in manufacturing displacing traditional labor some new allocation of wealth must be developed. Back in the infancy of robotics in 1970 auto manufacture, Henry Ford III was told by UAW leader Walter Reuther, “Those robots won’t buy any cars”.

          Society is at the cusp of extreme change.

      6. Here is the other reason the elite are utterly wrong. Cited from an old Fleet Street newsletter from many years ago:

        There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.
        This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.
        The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.
        But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or, wonder where the radical homosexual power move is going to end?)
        Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).

        Fleet Street Letter, page 6, date unknown!

      7. Kevin; That may be why a lot of people prefer Putin to any of our so called leaders.

        • Putin himself is no saint but he certainly is a nationalist attempting to keep Russia out of globalist control.

          • Last Nite a rather new tv show now on dish network sat tv called “VICE-TV”, which by the way is very mostly leftist crap, yet sometimes has parts or segments that one can gain good insight from as to whats going on in those leftist viper snake infested minds.

            The main show segmant showed Russias Putin Vs. Faggs and Dykes etal etc!

            The faggies and lezbos and trasngenders fools were all whinning and crying big time about recent new state laws in Russia which Putin widly called for.

            Basically new state law in russia forbids ANY form Open Display or teachings to small kids of all forms faggotry and dykery etc…So everytime russsian fags and dykes and abject perverts take to russian streets with protest signs and outrageous dress etc same as done in usa by same type perverts.

            The russian cops fast Pounce and arrest the fags!

            Vice tv show interviewed many normal avg russian folks at street level interviews. Also interviewd a few Orthodox Christian priests about all this stuff.

            Main statement from vast Majority russian folks, other than fags or dykes of course, was that “Russia has Regained its former Orthodox christianity as a Nation. It Now consists of at least 87% of russians proclaim self as a christian. And they totally reject and refuse to allow russia and its small kids to become perverted like european and americans are now due to such perverted fags and lezbos and what they promote and Insist upon forceing it into Your Faces!”

            No matter how hard the vice tv crew tried to paint antifag laws and putin as somehow a bad deal or thing?…Everyone interviewed other than russias faggots and dykes and perverts refused to comply or state putin or those laws as bad. Russians are very very Happy they have Putin as leader and have antifag laws on the books being rigidly enforced.

            I do Not Blame them either!

            These faggs and perverts globally Are The number One wosrt ever when it comes to their preaching of Tolerance!

            For they ONLY Tolerate folks that agree 100% with every perverted agenda the fags can dream up. All folks that dares question or dismiss fags as bad or perverted and very bad for nations and its kids etc are bashed totally with zero let up.

            Fags act that way even worse than negroes of BLM marxist groups act. ZERO Tolerance unless You 100% agree with and support and defned Them and their perversions of reality.

            Faggos and dykes et al goes 180 degrees opposite of all of Nature, of natural sex as first designed to be, against God and mankind in all forms of sane normalcy and against all of creation.

            Even dumb Animals and Birds and even tiny almost brainless Insects has enough sense to Know that they are to mate with and pro create with and do sex with the OPPOSITE Sex and only Of Their OWN Kinds!

            Ever Seen a RacoonBluejaybird yet? or a SquirelHawk? or an LionChipmonk Perhaps? No! and yuu Never shall!

            Yet pervert fags and dykes and worse yet are not as smart as insects or animals or birds right?

            Then maybe they should reside in Cages or at some fagdyke ZOO where they can spew their filth into the faces of ONLY them what goes to such a zoo in order to observe such filthy agendas and practices up close personal in their faces eh?

            If all these subversive and anti whitey, anti american and anti christian groups and races and ethnicities keep refuseing to change habits and get rid entirely of said anti agendas and do so asap soon?

            I see a real War aproaching on usa soil…Only this war is going to be the Vast majority, mostly of whites too, that have totally Had it fed up and are going to let their Rifles and bullets do their talking for them for Nobody can argue with nor ignore That type speech eh!

            Hope I am fully wrong…Do not think I am though eh.

            It is 2016, and we have advanced to where Only White Normal Straight Conservative Christian Pro Gun American Folks have been totally Surounded by every type subversive group of whitey haters and unamericans and they are all of The Greeeziest type of subversives.

            To the point that if we ever do start fireing off rifles we can now Aim in a 360 degree circle and always be certain to Hit some form enemys! Bastards surround Us!

      8. This article is excellent and has many of the things I have been saying and reading for decades. And after much research a key point came out in 2009 in a series of articles I read. The point was that the globalist have made the fatal flaw in believing that they have succeeded in building a political and economic infrastructure in which resources can be deployed globally to support their entire scheme at any time or place.

        In 2008 the actions of the U.S. Federal Reserve to prop up institutions around the world with capital and TARP in the U.S. in the crisis worked. Mixed in with TARP the Lehman Bros collapse and the AIG bailout the globalist believed they have seen the worst case and could survive anything in the future.

        Because the financial test in 2008 was so successfully met by globalist, the globalist have accelerated their plans for the last 8 years. The push back from this acceleration are the populist movements around the world.

        What the globalist have failed to grasp is a larger crisis is now looming. It is composed of Credit Default Swaps (CDS), Sovereign debt and Currency wars. This crisis will make 2008 look like a cake walk and will destroy globalism. However, the globalist see it the opposite way that some air will be let out of the economic tires but they can patch it up using central banking the way they did in 2008 and also blame conservatives. This was expressed this week at the 2016 edition of the Fed’s Jackson Hole two-day symposium with comments of 2 to 4 trillion is ready for the next economic problem or maybe it will be NIRP in the U.S.. Sorry it is not going to work for th globalist.

        The reason it will not work this time is countries will be forced to nationalize their weak, pulverized and never recovered from 2008 banks. But this time it will no be loans but bail ins. The bail-ins will trigger the crisis in CDS where “investors” no longer want any part of nationalized banks (because the government will screw the investors). The resulting currency war will be like nothing ever seen before with countries being devalued on a daily basis. This will effectively end globalism since the bank of international settlements will die as a settlement place between central banks.

        When this all goes down I believe we will be tribal….

      9. Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic – Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future

        The “TRIBE”

        Good article … but like most alternative outlets … nobody wants to discuss the Tribe. There is an “Elite” … and most of the genetic makeup is the Tribe … but … it is much safer to call these people THE POWERS TO BE / THE 1% – no need to cower and not reveal who these people truly are … call it for what it is … Political Correctness and other forms of suppressed speech must be abolished.

        People need to stop being afraid of being labeled an anti semite – it is no different than being called a racist … cuz you disagree with the BLM Movement / Immigration / Minorities / BAD Government …

        Call it for what it is … or don’t bother reporting!

      10. The facts are the globalists never fight for anything. They get somebody else to fight so they come out on top. What this means is that we must first identify them. Who are they? Many here have pretty good idea. We need to make this common knowledge even more widespread. Once there is certainty about the so called elites who are mostly rich J*ws we need to get over any apprehension about the correctness of calling a spade a spade. Read “the biological j*w” by Eustace Mullins. Eustace, under the mentorship of a certified genius, and a certified political prisoner and held in a mental ward; Eustace wrote the first book exposing The Federal Reserve. Eustace Mullins is a great man and a genius in his own right. He has many videos and interviews on YouTube including the one about “The Biological J*w”. We can not defeat people who want to murder our children and turn them into sex slaves when we are so timid we can’t even hurt their feelings behind their backs by listening to or reading about them. Let me give you the basic theme of this book. Eustace compares the J*w to a parasite on the rest of humanity. This unflattering comparison is not without merit. Without further ado, let me make my exit. As this pot is starting to boil over.


        • B from CA: I read your and FTW’s Replies After I wrote my reply above…But I am very glad to see that at least a few of us here fully agree on it being past due time to name perps and culprits eh.

          Also I think the word of “termites” very well describes them and their actions when it comes to what they do best, Nation Wrecking.

          Termites sneek into smallest openings, send out alerts to fellow termites to gain entry too, then get busy at work 24/7/365 constantly eating away at the Very Foundations of a House. Untill after 50 years goes past and one day a stronger wind blows across the plains and when the house walls gets hit by wind entire house collapses!

          Only our Nation being like the extention of our Homes, or like one Huge Home for all, has been invaded by almost-Human Termites. That Bore into every section of society and govnt and mainly Rape and Rob the Nations Lifeblood which is the national Money untill bankrupted totally.

          Then work hard to also bakrupt every goy citizen by robbing em blind, all while at same time eating away at every National Foundation of its entire set of ethics and morals and culture, then these termite humans replace eacy societal segment with their invention of Communism.

          But done Via a newer form they call Cultural Marxism and like a termite, first invaded and destroyed usa major universities, replaced good professors with total atheistic kommies and then spread outwards to all of american society and govnt.

          So now after those termites have had 100years to infiltrate america, and another 100 years to get into every nook and cranny office of control and money systems and msm media…200 years now and america is prime for instant collapse upon the slightest wind.

          Somebody! Phone ORKIN Man! and Please tell Orkin to..Send the BIG TRUCKS!

      11. Is this not the same ideology that founded this Great Republic?! Substitute “tribes” for “states” and reread. What a fantastic article, Mr. Smith!!

      12. These so called elites. Are just people who inherited a lot of money. Their corporation managers probably do every thing while they play golf. The corporation is a money craving beast that will stop at nothing to raise profits . And like every out of control beast it must be killed. We just don’t have a gun big enought. Put yourself in their place . The armed to the teeth American must go . One way or another . We are their only and last threat. Expect to be destroyed. One way or another.

      13. It’s simple. Borders,language, and culture. Once that is defeated we are another Roman Empire in the history books.

        • Wojo:

          That is why, iMHO, we must not only be willing to die for the cause, or kill for the cause, we must first and foremost be willing to live for the cause.
          Classical music, increasing vocabulary, both prevent dementia. Learn to play an instrument. Listen to classical music. Read a book. Add a new word to your vocabulary every day.


      14. As I read Mr. Smith’s article and the comments, I keep returning to a train of thought I’ve been having. A matter of scope and range of the overall planning being done. In that process of trying to work out what’s happening and to happen, I’ve come to believe that we have it wrong due to one simple premise. …. That the timeframes involved are merely contemporary.

        We focus on the last hundred years or so to seek guidance for what we should expect, has occurred and should do individually or as nations. But, our foe I fear is much much more longer visioned. That scope, that range of planning is much much longer. Those with that viewpoint see generations as just steps in reaching their goals. They understand fully the need to await technological, medical and all other human-crafted developments. The question becomes more of not some contemporary outcome; rather, whether our species has reached the levels of capabilities needed for their goal’s success.

        Globalism or tribalism? Or perhaps something greater.

      15. We cannot continue the way we are going where we spent lots of money on building things to sell to each other so that they fall to bits instead of lasting and the light bulb is a good example of this.

        Corporate profit for fat cats and the bankers is killing the earth and is killing us rats too or don’t you see the rat race your are living in where immigrants are shipped in to force your rents up and wages down.

        That land under your feet is your if only you had the balls to take it in a group and paying taxes into a system that wants to provoke war with Russian and China is only going to get you killed.

        I think we can fix it all and only need to hang about 50,000 traitors across the world as we take back our freedom but that stuff they are putting into the drinking water is shrinking your balls and turing men into queers and killing our tadpoles

      16. Globalists are as bad as communists. Hang ’em both.

        • Communism is a form of globalism. Marx’s original theories called for a one world government as the only way that communism could actually succeed. This was because it would allow for the end of wars and the wasteful spending on militaries and rebuilding the destruction they wreak.

          • I would phrase it that globalism is communism on an intergovernmental scale.

      17. Tribalism is the natural tendency of humans. This article is spot on, your world becomes your neighborhood during a collapse scenario.

      18. “Look at almost any totalitarian system and you will find under scrutiny that globalists helped give birth to these monsters from behind the scenes.” This is why and how the fall of the United States won’t be a green light for foreign invasion of the same–a tired old boogieman that’s used to supposedly scare individualists from daring to challenge the powers-that-be. All the foreign candidates for pouncing on the U.S. are themselves puppets of and dependent on the U.S. in order to be able to invade the U.S. (and then, only at the behest of the U.S. Government itself, in order to be the excuse for drastic actions by the U.S. Government to corral the people and herd them into compliance with the “defensive” war effort–and whatever other mandates that leads into). That’s how World War II led the U.S. into the current Big Business “Military Industrial Complex”–the obvious outcome of the militarized mobilization of the U.S. for that war who’s protagonists, such as Hitler and Japan’s war government of that era, are said to have been posed as such by U.S. elite interests for that purpose. The best defense of the U.S. would therefore be the elimination of the U.S. and thereby, the elimination of the foreign puppets they have dangling over the people’s heads that threaten and terrorize the people into compliance with their own enslavement to the elites who rule the U.S. (and the rest of the world that’s hooked on the U.S.).

      19. Every organization given time will exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. That is the nature of organization. Understand that.
        Organization centralizes power and wealth. It is built in and in place from the start. A handful of antihuman psychopaths control the centralized power of all the significant organizations. And organizations working together form even bigger more powerful organizations further centralizing power. A good example is the different levels of government that form the USA. City, county and state organized to form this federal monster. The Feds bow to NATO and UN. That is the natural progression of an organization minded people. A world government of total centralized power controlled by a handful of antihuman psychopaths will happen with perhaps a few short setbacks.
        Humanity doesn’t know what hit them in the ass. It takes an open mind and some shaking of the mind control and indoctrination. But this insane hell on earth must be attacked at the level of organization itself. We must recognize the danger of organization then abhor and forbid it. Out of that arises the sovereign individual. That is not the same as the sovereign citizen which involves government and organization. A sovereign individual is one that has no contact with organization because it doesn’t exist in a society of sovereign individuals. Think outside the box.
        Organization and freedom are mutually exclusive. The power is in organization. The psychopath ain’t much one on one. Hillery would be a joke if not for some powerful nasty organizations behind her. Humans have shown no ability to control the organizations they unleash on themselves.
        Organization moves towards devolution. The oldest form of socialization are the social insects who are so specialized the individual can’t survive outside the organization. Humans are knocking on that door right now.
        The sovereign individual is evolution. No mass scale enslavement or crimes against humanity can happen without organization. Stop being organization minded.

      20. “If the U.S. directly issued its own notes of payment to laborers, contractors, and suppliers rather than first borrowing the notes from the central banks, bankers would be no more powerful than plumbers.” ——- Ezra Pound

        The people of the United States are awakening to the fact that the war on terror is being directed towards them, and they don’t like it.

        It’s difficult for the people to overthrow established authority, while the (((Federal Reserve))) and their (((Globalist partners))) feed governments around the world with endless supplies of fiat currency.

        The globalists’ goal of making each nation interdependent for the goods and services is already here, but the true power is the regulation of markets through a single world currency.

        We need to stop ‘Property Taxation.

        Q-: Does taxation favor the rich???

        A-: Yes, taxation favors the rich because of the cost differential.

        It’s still easier for the rich to buy and hoard property already.

        The best way to benefit the poor or lower middle class is to eliminate all tax.

        When you stop paying user fees for your property, with the penalty of forfeiture of property, then it benefits those at the bottom more than those at the top.

        The same idea applies to sales tax, income tax, excreta.

        We need to eliminate all federal collection schemes…
        The government realizes the power of taxation; “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” —- 2nd Chief Justice John Marshall
        The government helps the poor by exempting food, medicine and shelter taxation – it benefits the bottom way more than those at the top.

        Let’s nullify the 16th amendment; remember that one? The 16th amendment is the one which authorizes the federal government to tax individuals on personal income, better known as the “income tax” And by the way, the 16th amendment was never ratified; so in essence the 16th amendment amounts to the unfettered thief on monies that Americans earn.

        Why is nobody addressing this grieves law?

        It’s difficult for the people to overthrow established authority, while the (((Federal Reserve))) and their (((Globalist partners))) feed governments around the world with endless supplies of fiat currency.

        The Answer to the problem is to; End the IRS, and then End the Federal Reserve.

        “If the U.S. directly issued its own notes of payment to laborers, contractors, and suppliers rather than first borrowing the notes from the central banks at interest, (((Central Bankers))) would be no more powerful than plumbers.” ——- Ezra Pound

      21. Most everyone has ideas what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. If only this or that everything would be ok. Eliminate taxes and the Fed, or how about term limitations or maybe a different ism. Oh and dont forget to vote. All kinds of suggestions for fine tuning the system that enslaves us and abuses both humanity and the earth. And while all those suggestions and ideas are talked about and attempted we continue goose stepping to our demise. The overall direction doesn’t change and will not. Doing the same things over and over expecting different results each time is a form of insanity with a bunch of mind control and indoctrination thrown in.
        Before any solutions can happen we must understand that every organization given time will exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top.
        Organization is destroying the earth and its people. None of that is possible without organization. Enslavement and extinction and crimes against humanity can’t happen on a grand scale without organization. Organization and freedom are mutually exclusive. Organization can’t be fine tuned in favor of the people. Organization is the downfall of humanity and the destruction of the sovereign individual.

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