Global Warming Activists Should Be Relieved

by | Dec 18, 2009 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Libertarian author and radio host Neal Boortz has an interesting take on the recently discovered global warming data:

    Look at it this way:  If this was really about global warming you would think that the activists would be relieved, and even angry to find out that much of the information they’ve been fed about a warming world has been manufactured and faked.  You would take comfort in the fact that the earth is actually cooling, not warming. It would be much like being told that you don’t have cancer after all.  You would be relieved.  But if your true motivation has nothing to do with the environment you wouldn’t be so happy.  If your true motivation is the destruction of free enterprise and the promotion of socialism and communism you would see these hacked emails and other proof that the global warming scare has been completely manufactured as a threat to your true goals. You would perceive that threat and react strongly against it.  Watch the global warming crowd and observe how they’re reacting to a cooling earth and evidence of fraud.  Not with relief, but with anger.  That should tell you a lot.

    Also from Nealz Nuze this morning, A Few Little Earth Factoids:

    We, in our present form, have walked the earth for about 120,000 years.  During that time there have been 20 sudden global warmings.  In most of these sudden warmings the temperatures rose by about 18 degrees over a span of 20 years.  Right now the Copenhagen Clowns are freaking out over a rise of 1.5 degrees in 100 years.

    There have been about 142 mass extinctions since life began on the earth about 3.8 billion years ago.  These mass extinctions were not caused by man.  They were caused by nature.

    The above excerpt is attributed to Howard Bloom author of The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism. For some other thoughts to ponder about global climate change, the earth and the sun, click here.


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      1. Gosh, I’ve been reading for 15 years on how mankind is causing the earth to warm. It’s hard to throw all that information out of my mind just because of a few emails. Seems that the earth is entering a natural warming cycle but all the extra carbon put in the air my mankind is increasing the warming. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, deserts are increasing in size… climate change is all around us. The permafrost is melting and releasing massive levels of Methane, a more potent green house gas. If the earth is in a natural warming trend then all the extra greenhouse gases man is pumping into the atmosphere every day, every year, every decade must not be helping the situation at all. It’s reasonable to expect that the extra carbon will make the warming trend worse. Can anyone really think that we can pollute the entire Earth without any consequences?

        Mankind has spread across the world and polluted it in a manner consistent with a hostile bioform such as a virus. The Earth has a infection that is making the host (Earth) sick. Humans seem unable and unwilling as a species to not soil their own habitat. It seems that it’s out of control and the Earth will have to heal itself by reducing the infection somehow.

        I appreciate that the Earth has gone through many changes over it’s history with many different mass extinction events with new species rising up to take advantage of available niches. This is the first time in the history of the plant that one species is ruining the planet for all other lifeforms. One species does not have the right to ruin the planet for all other lifeforms.

        Just when it seems like the world was about to make positive change to limit greenhouse gas emissions we now have climategate and it seems that we’re back to square one. Who was behind the hacking of the emails? ExxonMobile? The emails still do not throw into double the entire body of science on global warming, but it does create more division and doubt in the public’s mind. Exxon funded non-profits all through the 90s with one purpose: delay action and spread confusion…to delay action. There’s been a war waged for public opinion and the public hasn’t been told the whole truth from either side. The public has been played!

        This thing makes me so cynical the humans have the ability to preserve themselves, their habitat, and planet. I believe life will continue on this planet, but it seems that humans are marching towards our own extinction event. Worthy individuals; unworthy species. There’s nothing wrong with humanity; there’s just too darn many of us.

        If you don’t want to believe that human activities can warm the planet then support renewable energy and green building for another reason.  It’s morally right to support the creating of a cleaner environment. I imagine that all of Nature is God’s creation and I imagine that God is weeping at the carelessness in which man has executed his assigned role as Steward of creation.

      2. Greg,
        The emails do throw the entire body of science into doubt, because these missives emanate from the originators of said science.
        The other scientists are ignored by the mainstream news and yourself.
        You have been reading this stuff for fifteen years simply because that’s about as long as it has been being pushed at you.
        In the seventies, we were told to expect another ice age.

      3. Russia just confirmed that the IPCC scientists cherry picked data from Russia and massaged them such that they showed warming, instead of the actual cooling. The writer is correct, even when numerous sources show that the entire thing is the biggest bald face lie and was intended to bankrupt the peons and give it all to the plutocrats, they still complain about not being green enough. Instead of being happy that we are not the cause, they are madder than hell that we don’t stupidly follow their pied piper Gore. Gore is so stupid, he does not want to discuss reality, because he does not know what it is, or could not even figure it out, because he failed science and math 9that’s why he is a lawyer, still folloowing daddy’s footsteps. Gore has done nothing for anyone but himself, even his home state, TN voted for Bush, they know what kind of person Gore really is. these people should all be rounded up and put in a concentration camp and allowed to live without a carbon footprint for a while. NOT, a cell with Bubba, would be much better!

        Any one who follows these nincompoops is an idiot, you all need to go down to Africa and live and hug the tress together and see how long you all last. You are a bunch of ignorant fools to believe:
        1. that a single parameter drives the weather
        2. That a trace gas would have a major affect in ANYTHING
        3. That the source of ALL energy can be ignored
        4. That psychedelic models are worth anything

        Let me let you in on something. when engineers design stuff with millions of actual test specimens and hundreds of millions spent, their analysis models are pretty complete, but are a minimum of 15% off, usually 30% is the accepted range. That;s why we still test the hell out of it.

        With climate, measurement of the simple variables would take decades MINIMUM and there are HUNDREDS of variables! with this amount of uncertainty, the models are worth maybe 1%, meaning that they are guessing on 99% in their foolish models. Anyone who cannot tell the past with their stupid models cannot tell the future….they cannot even predict the weather next month, and no model can predict the weather a year out, not the trend, not anything. So you all bought it hook line and sinker. I am a rocket scientist with multiple degrees, I know these things and have worked on BIG projects for 25 years…this is so easy to see when you know what to look for. the kinds of data that would be required to do real science in this, the surface has not even been scratched! And they all know it, the lying bastards.

        stupid gore with his flat earth and moon landing, tin foil hat stupidity. this is akin to the acid rain stupidity that was stopped dead, when the real science was done and they found that it was no big deal. Same thing here. To believe for a minute that Man can control the weather by more of less of a trace gas is the most stupid thing that has ever been theorized in all of humanity.

        You will get your Green soon anyways. Oil is running out. better buy Oil stocks soon as the price will be north of $10 per gallon for gas in 5-10 years. Mexico is down 30% in output and will not be able to export soon….If global cooling kicks in like the maunder Minimum, you will die from the cold instead. How stupid you will all look while we pile up and burn your frozen bodies to keep us warm!

        Food for thought.

      4. Seriously?  Didn’t we just cover this line of commentary a couple of weeks ago.

        Homework assignment: read Ehrlich’s book, “Population Bomb” and report back with whether ANY of that BULL$HIT he wrote was true.

      5. Greg, Point taken. I have something for you to chew on.
        The Earth may be in one of her warming/cooling cycles, but as stated they have happened quit often during human existence, but MOST before we started using fossil fuels to a large extent. 1850 the earth hit 1 Billion for the first time. 1859 the first oil wells are drilled in Pennsylvania.  For the sake of argument let say it is warming.
        1. Are we contributing enough greenhouse gasses to make it worse?
        2.If we stopped greenhouse gas emissions completely right now, would it help, or would the earth keep warming anyhow? Remember Solar Cycles contribute to a large extent, we are down in the cycle.
        3. Had we stayed at 1 Billion and used the technologies of 1850 still. What would be happening? Would we still be in the same boat?

        Now back to the issue. I want science. Pure and simple. Are WE making it worse or NOT? Well when people LIE and fudge data, then even if they have legitimate science, I don’t believe them, and it casts doubt on it. No integrity. Remember the “Boy who Cried Wolf?” So why LIE? It just makes it worse if it’s the truth. If it’s not the truth, then what agenda do they have? Earth Worship? Gaia is sick? I like Neal Boortz’s point. Something is fishy and any credibility Al Gore (my neighbor) had with me is gone. He LIED about what Dr Wieslav Maslowski said and Dr Maslowski called him out on it. So why are they LYING?

        Here is something else. Remember my Stats on population and oil use? Well we have peaked in oil production, and since we eat oil, it stands to reason that food is going to be more expensive and harder and harder to come by in the future. Wars and famine are soon to follow, especially the poor nations that can’t feed themselves. If enough people starve and oil is more expensive then we will use less fossil fuels, which lower greenhouse gas emissions. It will sort itself out. Sadly, but so.

        To answer another comment. Yes our population has grown past what the Earth will carry, with depletion of oil production. If we were to find several mega fields we could grow more, but then soil erosion and fresh water shortages would then take over. Dead soil needs a lot of fertilizers and nutrients. Soybeans, Rice and even corn need lots of fresh water.

        Interpose population curves on oil production and see what you get. Research how mush FRESH water is needed for various crops. What about soil management. I also forgot how bio fuels are competing with food as feed stocks. Ask any Mexican or any culture that relies on Corn as a staple, how much prices have risen? You won’t like the answer. Ethanol? Uses more energy to make a gallon than it gives. That is just plain stupid.

        The way I see it, we are screwed as a group no matter how you slice it. If it’s not “Financial Meltdown” “Peak Oil” “Climate Change”, before that Nuclear annihilation. What’s next killer asteroid/comet. We need to get off this planet and get colonies going or we may end up like the Dinosaurs.  Start over and NO PROGRESSIVES/LIBERALS allowed. There has to be a DNA test for that.

      6. Why are they lying?

        They are lying because its not about climate change or the saving of mankind. Its about the taxing and control of western civilizations and the tyrannization of the USA.

        I learned a long time ago that when things don’t make sense to you it is because you aren’t see the real agenda. The global climate lie makes perfect sense if you factor in that the environment has nothing to do with it.

        In some cases, real environmentalists have been co-opted, but in the most overwhelming cases, it is simple:  LIE LIE LIE so we can TAX TAX TAX and LEGISLATE. The environment was furthest from their mind. They use it like a john uses a prostitute: for their own selfish desires. They are sick and they are twisted. Now their game of lies, extortion and falsification are over and I believe there is no punishment too severe for the entire traitorous lot of them. I would like to record their screams of pain and broadcast them to the world of corrupt politicians and sleazy government officials with a footnote: YOU’RE NEXT!!!

        Vindictive? Damn right. They tried to inslave my grandchildren. Nothing would be more just than to take Al Whore’s jet out onto the tarmac, lock the brakes, give it half throttle and then feed the dishonest bastards into the front of one the engines. *THAT* my friends, would be the *SOUND* of justice.

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