Global Strategist Warns: “There Is Insane Speculation… Investors Are Fleeing To Safety… A Lot Of Unknowns”

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    Over the course of the last six weeks major companies around the world have reported significant drops in sales and consumer sentiment. By all accounts, the global economy is coming to a standstill. But somehow financial markets continue to hover near all-time highs. That a day of reckoning is coming is a foregone conclusion. Something is wrong and highly renowned global strategist Marin Katusa explains that the insanity is just beginning:

    People have to understand how fast and vicious the money is flowing around. It’s not just the Fed in the U.S., or big hedge funds coming in and out… you have to also consider what I call Dragon Economics… The Chinese effect… Not only does China have a lot of money, but their people have a lot of money and they’re looking to get it out of China. 

    In one day in April more cotton was traded on the Shanhai markets then the whole year previously… it would be enough to put a pair of pants on every person on the planet… in one day.. there’s not even enough cotton for that… In one day enough soy bean traded for 52 billion servings of soy…

    We’re talking about insane speculation that the Chinese money is fueling… In Vancouver crack houses are selling for $2 – $3 million… The Chinese money is desperately fleeing… it moves very quickly…

    There are a lot of unknowns here.

    In the following interview with Future Money Trends Marin Katusa, who happens to be one of the most successful investors in the world, explains the various dynamics of the global marketplace and how the average investor must position their assets now to avoid the destructive fall out to come – and it will come, because as Marin explains it, some 90% of companies out there are valued much higher than they should be:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Katusa notes that while he continues to acquire assets in the resource space, his funds have now unloaded most of their holdings. Explaining the that anyone with a dart board could have doubled their money in the last six months, it’s time to re-balance your personal portfolios and go with companies that have real value, solid management teams and whose business is focused on sectors with the potential to be explosive in the near to mid-term:

    You want to stick with the best in the business. Make sure you take your profits on what you would call your slippery speculations or things that have worked out… If a President is not owning a bunch of stock, you might want to get out of that stock.

    I have reduced my fund to five core positions… I am going long and strong on positions that I believe will go up four, five, or ten times from here because the variables that make a good company are in place.

    And some of those variables include government and central bank intrusion in the financial marketplace, namely negative interest rates, which Katusa explains will have a deflationary impact on most sectors, but could cause massive upswings in other areas as investors shift capital from risky asset classes to safe havens:

    Negative interest rates are going to dry up capital… hence, by definition, will be deflationary in most markets… But within that general macro call you will have pockets of insane inflation… or bubbles.

    …For example, where I see gold going… gold is a money and preservation hedge… there’s a lot of money on the sidelines scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do… the Baby Boomers, for example, have lots of money… so what are they going to do? They’re going to want to put their money where it will be safe…

    Right now gold takes such a small, small piece of that money looking for safety.. if that percentage of global allocation which is 0.15%… if it just went to 0.3% of that Baby Boomers’ money, the price of gold doesn’t double.

    It’s exponential. You’re going to see $4000 – $5000 gold… and we’re talking about just 0.3%. 

    So I think it’s going to be very deflationary but there will be surges in sectors that will be massive bubbles. 

    And while usually restricted to his premium subscribers, in the above interview Katusa shares two of his fund’s core positions with listeners. As you may have guessed, the first is a gold sector mining company:

    I wrote another seven digit check for Brazil Resources just a few months ago… It’s one of the top performing stocks in the resource sector. Why?

    Because it’s the real deal… and when you compare it to any one of the other gold companies it’s not only the most undervalued, but it has the most up-side. There’s a reason why [CEO] Amir Adnani and his management team are buying hand over fist at every financing.

    But it won’t just be precious metals that benefit from massive capital flows. The energy sector could see large spikes as well, and not just in oil:

    Uranium is a victim of the emerging markets and foreign currency… The Fukushima reactors are coming on slower than people expected… then you have the Chinese that are looking and buying now directly from the mines in Africa… The Russians are doing strategic investments.

    Then, what are the Americans doing? Rather than positioning themselves for the future, Obama’s strategy was to sell double the amount of uranium of the Department of Energy’s stockpiles into the markets to fund historic clean ups that have nothing to do with the current producers.

    You’ve had all of the stars line up for what will make a bull market.

    So, what have I done? I have bought another million shares of Uranium Energy Corp. alongside Morgan Stanley and Rick Rule…

    The markets will remain tricky going forward, even for mainstream investment houses and hedge funds. But the fact is, that even during times of crisis there are companies and investments that will not only survive, but thrive.

    Hard assets like food and precious metals that you can hold in your hand will certainly be well worth owning as volatility across the globe sends everything into a tailspin.

    But for those with investment assets like IRA’s, 401(k)’s, and money market funds, there will be opportunity for significant growth even during economic and financial upheaval.

    To learn more about why Marin Katusa is investing in Brazil Resources click here.

    For more market commentary and interviews with leading financial experts like the one you just watched visit Future Money Trends.

    Disclosure: This author currently holds no positions in the companies mentioned but may acquire holdings in the future. 


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      1. I dont understand how more speculation is an individuals solution to too much speculation of the herd unless you are advising a small select few at the very top. what will happen to people’s 4000 pound safes when the conquerors vanquish the mushy, starving opposition? where do you hide your assets in face of vanquishing? arent there metal detectors in china?

        • I have been prepping for a long time. That in and of itself is speculating on a future outcome. I think most people here understand that major changes are coming. We may disagree on how that will happen or to what degree our system will collapse.

          That being said I have food and guns and medicine and ammo and a garage full of other supplies. But at my age I also have investments that I planned on using as I transition more permanently into retiring. I can’t just go out and buy a semi truck of freeze dried food and such.

          With what the Fed is doing thorugh inflation and now negative interest rates, i have been forced into speculating with my assets. my preps are part of my diversification strategy, but not the entire strategy. I appreciate Marin Katusa’s insights here. He works with Doug Casey, who i feel is a straight shooter. Unfortunately, we have to take some risks now, but at least they can be calculated and informed risks. This is just the world we live in now. Nothing is for sure anymore.

          • you are absolutely right, i’m sorry i’m in a facetious mood. This info and the idea of investing in commodities, crytocurrencies and overseas real estate is the best advice, and I prep too, but, the weaker we become, the easier it is to conquer us as a nation. conquering the old fashioned way means that our assets are taken and our culture is wiped out. that still occurs and 200 million carbines pointed in 200 million directions wont solve that problem.

          • Uranium as an investment is a fool’s errand. Uranium mining is highly regulated, the product is insanely toxic and solar energy is now cheaper without the adverse effects.

            What adverse affects you ask ???

            For starters, uranium waste takes 10,000 years to deterioate on a half life basis to where it is no longer lethal to human beings. Breeder reactors will re-process the waste and cut the timeline down to ONLY 1,000 years.

            Who is ging to pay to store than deadly waste for 1,000 years, you, the shareholder ??? YES !!!

            Mini thorium reactors for industrial use are not much better. Until MONSANTO develops a bug that can eat uranium waste and excrete gold, it ain’t gonna happen !!!

            Another advertisement for Brazil Resources. I ain’t buying it and you should not either.If you believe in SHTF, mining STOCKS are the LAST place to be. Buy the metal instead.

            If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. 🙁

            • It is morally reprehensible to mine uranium when it is NOT economically efficent under market forces and is deadly to human beings. When the “revolution” happens uranium miners need to take their place on the wall next to the Gangster Banksters.

              Coal mining would be better. And it doesn’t compete economically with solar now either; and there are advancements in solar energy technology in process that will increase solar cell efficency dramtically. 🙂

              • DK, we could argue the same point for US farming subsidies… How much would a steak cost without government intervention? Thrice the price maybe?

                There is most certainly a problem within this system and how it is managed on a governance level. EVERYONE gets subsidies — from the guy collecting EBT cash, to the medicare/medicaid, to farmers and uranium miners. This is just the reality of the system in which we live.

                Coal mining… we know what Obama did to that industry. And i understand solar efficiency is improving.

                But as I mentioned in the below post, strictly looking at this from Katusa’s perspective, which is generating value for his investors, Uranium doesn’t look bad right now.

            • ““We have two options – either the uranium price goes up or the lights go out”

              – Rule, of Sprott Asset Management”


              Solar is cheaper and cleaner than nuclear energy and the US Taxpayer is not on the hook financially for spills, leaks, and explosions !!! 🙁

              • DK, my only counter point here is that in the near to mid-term (0 – 7 years) there is no way solar is going to compensate for nuclear energy production. Rick Rule et. al. aren’t necessarily out here saying uranium is the most cost effective solution or the most earth-friendly… but it is, in the mid-term, the more viable.

                Solar capacity costs on a retail level are through the roof. Though empirical, the collapse of Solar City market demand provides some evidence that the retail market isn’t ready for it yet… the up front investment is pretty significant. Solar farms, while a good idea as well, are slow to come online and often over budget and underwhelming in terms of the benefits for end users.

                From strictly an investment standpoint, over five years, given the current geo-economic moves by China and Russia, I have a hard time seeing Uranium prices stagnating or falling. When China gets through this depression – a few years maybe? – they will have a rapidly emerging middle class (provided we don’t go World War III). They are going to have energy needs and lots of them. by 2020 they plan to triple their current nuclear energy capacity. They have 13 major plants in production now… and that’s just China.

                Nuclear isn’t going away. And that bodes well for Uranium in general – at least until it bubbles 🙂

                I mean seriously — buy low, sell high… look at this 10 year chart:

                Note: I currently hold no uranium-related positions…

                • ya know guys, a lot of nukes problems are engineering. Fukashima was engineered poorly, ignoring geologists, and using faulty materials and personnel provided by the jap mafia. we can make good nuke power. in the usa, nothing trumps coal with scrubbers. the literature supports this, please look. of course, investments in resources are important, but investments in productive capital are the theme of the wealth of nations, another good book. right now, liquidity should be your main concern especially in the face of the shtf. gold is not necessarily the most liquid, and it doesnt produce and you cant eat it. ya have to think what is wealth, now? not 50 years ago. not even 2 years from now, but now?

                  • “you can’t eat gold”….that’s CODE for “i know nothing(maybe even LESS than that) about inflation/printing too much money….too much debt that can’t be paid back/fiat dollars”….no, you can’t eat gold….but you have ALWAYS…..been able to buy FOOD with gold…..”he with the gold makes the rules”…i’ll take MY chances with the gold, thank you very much….it IS the ultimate money, afterall. go to ANY other country with the shiny stuff, and you’ll get food for gold….it’s the universally recognized MONEY…irregardless of what the bernank says about it.

              • DK, I’ve been trucking for 30 years and out of my entire family including my kids, I’m the only one not college educated. They’re all either engineers, accountants or teachers. I gotta give it to you dude, none of them are as smart as you are. Sometimes when I come on, I look for certain people’s posts, especially you, WWTI and acid. Everyone of you always have good stuff to offer and I’m glad you’re here. Thank you, all of you.

                • Jacknife: Hold the applause. Just throw money !!! 🙂

                  • BTW, the last thing people need are giant corporate solar farms around the world tied into each other. That’s just trading one corporate master for another.

                    What America needs is to turn EVERY HOUSE into a 24/7 personal energy generator to DECENTRALIZE energy generation and storage Some of that energy might be collected by “free energy devices”.

                    This policy would become very useful during times of war, civil unrest, and natural disasters.

                    POWER TO THE PEOPLE !!! 🙂

              • Here are the Facts. Watch this 1 Minute Video. Expand screen to full large screen size.

                This Is How Much Land It Would Take To Power The Entire U.S. With Solar – Video

                ht tp://

                Its a No-Brainer, but just convince the Corrupt Fascist Congress to stop subsidizing the Polluting Oil Industry and jump on the Solar Bandwagon. Just take all the Trillions of Dollars wasted on Global WAR propping up the Oil Industry and put that into Solar panels. We would be pretty much energy dependent as a nation, with decades of free power from the sun. And every aspect of our economy would rise from the ashes.

                Gee… WhoWuddaThunkIt,


                • WWTI, have you missed twice the post I made to you about solar, or are you ignoring it? (both in the last 2 days)
                  It IS NOT FREE.
                  that’s the cliff notes version.
                  And it’ll never be cost efficient in our lifetime or your kids’.
                  It’s that pesky Second Law of Thermodynamics.
                  So please stop misleading people about your free energy farm.

            • Fuck’s sake have you ever tried to power anything using solar?

              What’s it like 4x 300 watt panels in direct Mojave Desert sun to power a tiny window AC?

              Could power the same shit off a tiny little gas tank off a lawnmower, what does that tell you?

              Oh right also how are you storing the energy? Chemicals huh right.

              THORIUM come on!

            • If uranium is so dangerous, why did Hillary make such a good deal with Vlad Putin? Must have lined the pockets of the Clinton Foundation! The Russians now have controlling interest in our uranium mines. How did that happen Hillary?

          • just keep stackin’. all of it will come in handy one day.






          • See DK, we subsidize everything. LOL.

            Why not uranium, too?

            I jest of course, and I am sure you get that.

            Acid, love ya man, and I’d say chill out, but you’ll yell at me… So, thanks for the link 🙂

            • MAC: “Why not uraninium?”.

              We can eat the farmer’s subsidies and these subsidies make food cheaper for all Americans. Subsidies for nuclear energy only increase the profitabilty for the nuke plant owners and shield them from financial liability after an event that destroys thousands if not millions of Americans lives.

              Also because it is LETHAL for at least 1,000 years under the best of circumstances and the waste can create mutations in human DNA. Nuclear energy, at least fission nuclear energy, is more toxic to humans than GMO corn and wheat.

              The earth is moving through a more active planetary cycle with respect to Earth Changes. Most nuke plants are on or near major fault lines. The disasters that will manifest from the BIG ONE in California will be unbelieveable.

              Sorry my friend, Urainiam mining is indefensible until the fuel can be used in fusion reactors. 🙂

                  • from Daily Reckoning;
                    (DK, do you always trust the federal government?
                    Do you remember who’s President?)

                    “The federal government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has just published a report saying that about 40% of the nation’s power could come from solar panels placed on rooftops,”

                    (But more study is needed first)

                    • KUD: No I do not always trust my government. Which is EXACTLY why I do not want the government licensing additional nuclear plants.

                      Solar is a proven technology, as is wind energy. Until recently, the limiting factor(s) has been (1) adequate battery technology to store energy and use it during off peak hours when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining; and (2) mass production of solar cells to lower the costs.

                      Both obstacles have been addressed by the industry.

                      To a large extent that hinderance has been overcome with batteries capable now of seven times the energy density of batteries just a couple of years ago. These batteries are also rechargeable.

                      Fukashima should be the wake up call for the most ardent proponents of nuclear energy. It is polluting the entire Pacific Ocean and killing billions of fish. Sadly there are many more disasters like Fukashima waiting to happen. 🙁

                • BS..
                  from the article:
                  “To be clear, these four-junction solar cells aren’t likely to end up on the rooftop of your home or office anytime soon – they’re harder to maintain and more expensive than the standard single-junction solar cells we’re used to seeing.”

              • ever wonder WHY nuke plants always seem to be on fault lines?…..hmmmm

            • you aint nobody, til acid rips you a new one on shtfplan…..

          • You forgot breeding for profit and intimidating white folks.

        • Everything going as planned by the NWO and the No Borders Illuminati …– they are acting surprised ??? ha Bilderbergs’ meeting coming up in August ….will there be a decision on ‘time schedule’ for Martial Law??? Their “little people” (their words not mine) will find out the hard way …..

      2. No need to worry thing wil be fine. For my shtf effers, get ready for hell on earth. That what I was told last weekend. Get the BOL ready. Clear out while your can. I will be stuck here like most but will presevere and survive jt.


        • yea i guess youre right, arent they looking for safecrackers somewhere like Lybia? who made up, you cant make this stuff up? Honestly, great news though. sailing is a great sport btw and a good aluminum boat can be a great productive asset worth its weight in gold……

      3. Ok sounds like another PM advertisement. You need some, but you need food and water more. My P.Ms now is Brass and lead.

      4. You will realize hell on earth in the fascist shithole fueled by corporate globalist greed big pharma poison and free shit army it’s all coming to a head. As long as you got football porn and beer you will sit back and watch the collapsing shithole melt why your kids suffer from gmo poison food and flouride water. So don’t worry. How’s that Ron I tried you gotta post more I’m getting better. I think.

        • I am wondering how to make a difference? What do we do? I am using my real name, that probably means nothing good for me.
          I am still an American, i think and i am still proud of my heritage and i am awake, but i am very intimidated by the Progressives in power and the one i married. So, what can we do to make a difference Asshat?

          • A long time ago a man named Vern Meyers said: “After you go off the cliff, it makes no difference whether your foot is on the break or the gas.” IMHO we are past the point where you can do much; I figure to vote for Trump, but I don’t think it will help. Beyond that; get ready for the bad times and help as you can. But remember the guys in Vz that gave away a small amount to corn, and started a huge riot for more.

        • Damn good, Asshat, I thought it was Ron at first.
          But you forgot to use “shit-stain”, lol.

          • He also forgot “boot licking.”

      5. First of all- I know gold. I’ ve worn it and it’s substitutes long enough to discern the difference between either- regardless of its markings. How do you hide gold? So easily. Won’t go into details but think about all the brass doorknobs and fixtures out there. Faucets? Sorry. There are soooo many ways to hide things. Hide metal in metal.
        Just a hint about gold. When real gold is against your body for over an hour, it will absorb the warmth of your body in a way that replicas will not. Feels like a second skin. A lovely metal. All that being said, food and antibiotics are more important.

        • neat thank you. yea my mom had arthritis and gold shots for a decade. no wonder she felt to heavy.

      6. Who knows?

        Would be just fine with me if all this prepping was not needed and we all turned out to be just a little paranoid. The thing is. I think our awareness makes the bad guys, the PTB, refrain from some of the really nasty things they would have probably already done. In the end we could easily overcome financial calamity. All it takes is the decision to turn things around. And for the people to remain vigilant.

        More and more I anticipate, not a physical return of Christ, but a return of the Christian values he died to impart to us. That, I believe, is the second coming of Christ.

        Just sharing my thoughts. Please don’t respond.

      7. I think a few gems come through once in a while, and I especially appreciate a comment that I dont want to respond to… thank you. its very calming and reassuring that some know whats going on but dont seem panicked, defensive or apocalypsed out. thats cool. Max Keiser, you hear that?

      8. just to speak to coal, uranium and the like. Im not a much of an investor and I’m broke (not a shoe-shine boy though) but my advice would be to remember that when the shtf, institutions do not linger. things wont stay as they were and new things will fill the gaps left by the gone things. Remember that China owns the productive assets the usa once owned. No, the USA hasnt stopped producing everything, but China may have more potential GDP than the USA will ever have again. Most kids today do not know how to hold a hammer properly. China you will recall, is producing with coal and nuclear. if China comes to our shores, what will be their power of choice dudes? wait, China has already come to our shores, and they are staying for dinner!

      9. Im sorry, but i forgot to mention, if one looks at the science of solar one realizes (my pinky in higher than my nose at this point) that solar power actually needs more oil and energy to produce the panels and the farms that it produces itself, like stupid windmills. payback is a tricky question and the present value of total, i mean all, future costs is astoundingly high relative to benefits. solar sucks, and windmills kill rare birds. engineer the hell out of coal and nuclear and use oil til we have caves to hide in and we will be fine.

      10. Somali Foreign nationals with TB and other people with diseases are INTENTIONALLY Imported into USA bypassing normal public health quarantine procedures.
        This is what YOUR Traitor president has mandated.

        Your TREASONOUS Anti American, Anti Business, Anti Family, ONE WORLDER banker puppet, who has spent two terms as president and done EVERYTHING he can to WEAKEN and DESTROY the moral fiber and financial standing of Americans isn’t through yet. Why is he allowed to finish his term? Why no Impeachment?

        Why isn’t Hillary in Jail for TREASON and national security violations? She compromised intelligence assets and got people KILLED.

        Now You allow these Blue Shirt GOONS to force you to stand in lines like cattle as the TSA laugh and joke about their pretend-make believe-security for public consumption grope circus.

        While the criminal Traitor president lets diseased CRIMINALS and drug dealers cross into our nation at will. NO CONTROL OF OUR BORDERS!

        I’m not prepping.
        I’m not voting.
        My two guns I am selling.
        I will no longer worry about Constitutional RIGHTS VIOLATED Continuously by the criminal politicians.
        “Want my wore out shotgun and broken stock .22? HERE THEY ARE. I won’t need them.
        I AM LEAVING!!

        My money. My Labor. My skills. My Taxes. Will find another piece of dirt to plant my feet and my ass. I will go where my business and money are appreciated and respected.

        Maybe I’ll go to Mexico. There can’t be many people left down there?
        They are ALL in Texas, Arizona, Southern California. Your president ALLOWS this.
        There can’t be many Mexicans left in Mexico. They are All HERE!!!

      11. Come on boy we have been reading these “it’s about to crash” buy gold stories here for years but it never crashes so whats new this time ?

        Yes i know that sooner or later it will blow and no amout if fiat money will buy you an oz of gold but for now i see the fixed paper price of metals being pushed back down.

        Bitcoin is a NO NO and i think we are starting to see encryption viruses popping out of the Tor client software that encripts your hard-drives and wants you to pay for a decryption key using Bitcoins in an effort to force up the value.

        No one here uses Tor more than me and i hate to have to isue this warning but this is what i’ve seen so do take care with Tor

      12. Doom and gloom!…Doom and Gloom!!!!…..DOOM AND GLOOM!!!!!

        …enough already

        This is the umpteenth financial Armageddon article here this month.

        • you DO know yer on SHTFplan, right?

          • Yes I do know…that doesn’t mean those stories are nothing more than Apocalypse porn. I just get tired of the same old retread stories with different titles….many sponsored by gold companies. (BTW, don’t buy Goldline…WAY over priced.). Maybe site has run it’s course….

      13. All I can say is get ready folks.. the trolls call me the doom porn idiot.. nothing he says happens. Now Muduro the Venezuela president just accused the US of flying over his country spying..the military is just checking progress. They use fighter jets and drones over here..

        They are just checking the calapse progress and it effects… this is on eof the best and biggest theater to study it’s effects so that when they callapse us over here, they will know what to expect. And soon you will hear about the gold in Texas and essential then one yet again I talked about succession in 2 1/2 yrs. Sell now it’s 2 years..Once the dollar dies, Texas will have to go to gold and Succeed.. Once you hear that we have succeeded, that when will know what happens next, Jade helm equipment with jihadist and other nationals will be rolling into on I-10, and 290, all over our cities.. I know for a fact that this city will look like Syria in the near future.. that’s why I prep..


        1975-2017 deceased.

        I will be dumbed into a mass grave between now and 2017..

        • I don’t recall saying you like doom porn. I did question your intelligence, writing ability and your association with a fictional scientist. What is a calapse?

      14. Anyone here see the new movie Hollywood dont want you to see ?
        called Amerigeddon

        its only being shown in a select few states and a select few theaters ..

        anyone? if so whats your opinion

        • It’s not playing here where I live. I’d really like to see it. In any event, I’m just gonna keep learning and becoming more efficient with my skills and teaching my son.

      15. Speculators buying US dollars drive up the buying power of those dollars–and that tends to hold down increases in the CPI. Investments in corporations which likely will see an increase in stock prices mean profits from sale of those stocks which then can be used to buy whatever sort of prepping supplies you want.

        I fail to see the rationale in disagreements with Katusa’s views. I generally figure that a guy with a proven track record for making money probably knows what he’s talking about.

        • Deceased.

      16. Just saw two F16’s scrambling over Houston a few hrs and flying extremely aggressively, ripping after burners.. not sure what to make of it, must be test run to possible hit predominantly white areas of the city or possibly a drill of some kind. Did anyone here locally see it or hear what going on..let me know if you all hear anything.. i tell you, something is going on in my city with the recent attacks and fires that took place last month. I think that those damn jihadist are up to something.. you cops need to keep and eye out for this type of shit in our city.. let me talk to a few if my cops acquaintances to get and update. As for you jihadist reading my post you fucks better not screw with my town or city, you may get phucked up..especially since the local boys in blue caught two of you phuck’s two miles from my work..



      17. Explaining the that anyone with a dart board could have doubled their money in the last six months, it’s time to re-balance your personal portfolios and go with companies that have real value, solid management teams and whose business is focused on sectors with the potential to be explosive in the near to mid-term:


        Ya know… when you experts see this magical “double your money with a dartboard” market going on, how about tell people like me huh?

      18. I don’t trust banks, brokerages, or bitcoins.

        I remember admiring my account balances before I got out of the system, and became my own central bank.

        Lots of pretty zeros. But you can’t eat zeros.

        But REAL assets are much more fun to fondle, clean, organize, and stack.

        I hope we all make it through this year intact.

        Our guns are the glue that will hold us together.

        Hang on!

      19. Some messages above talked about solar power and whether it will ever produce more power than it takes to create the panels, electronics, and batteries.

        I believe solar may really take off when someone figures out that if you build solar farms all around the world and connect them all into one huge grid, then you won’t need all the expensive storage batteries. When it’s night here, we’ll be getting electricity from the other side of the world.

        The logistics may be difficult, but it might be possible.

        • Archivist, the only problem with that besides the logistics, is NIGHT. No power is generated.
          Try sending the power to the other side of the planet at night? There’s your logistics problem.
          then there’s hackers and terrorists.

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